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Which Tribute Are You?

How would you describe yourself?

  • A. Funny and attractive
  • B. Pretty and glamorous
  • C. Moody, arrogant, and sarcastic
  • D. Pure evil, charamistic
  • E. Smart
  • F. Quiet and reserved
  • G. Very shy and self-conscious
  • H. Insecure
  • I. Paranoid
  • J. Crafty and clever
  • K. Impatient and hot-headed
  • L. Responsible and pressuring
  • M. Reckless but shy
  • N. Willing spirit with strong common sense
  • O. Shy, but athletic, humble in victory and graceful in defeat
  • P. Pessimistic, sweet, and innocent
  • Q. Impatient and always angry for some reason with a straight face
  • R. Courageous, thoughtful, determined and honest
  • S. Pessimistic, smart, not a very good liar
  • T. Quirky-personality wise 
  • U. Know how to show mercy to the right people
  • V. Caring and reserved
  • W. Bold, smart, and good
  • X. Stoic and rational

Do you have a mental disorder (some of the tributes have a disorder, I know a lot)?

  • A-H. No
  • I: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • J-Q: No
  • R: Post-traumatic stress disorder (possible) or some insanity disorder (possible)
  • S: No
  • T: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • U-X: No

What is your weapon?

  • A. A spear to skewer 16-year old girls' hearts, a throwing spear to throw at 12-year old girls' stomachs, a kukri to stab boys with
  • B. A knife to stab 16, 17, 15-year old girls with.
  • C. Machete to slash 12-year old boys' throats, a sword that was never even used
  • D. Throwing knives tp throw into 14-year old boys' backs
  • E. Mines to blow tributes up, which failed
  • F. A sword to make angle caculations with and swipe directions when using it. And electric traps which I never had got to yet.
  • G. A short sword that I'm not that good at using
  • H. A sword that I swing the wrong way
  • I. A sword that I'm good at using and a sickle
  • J: Camoflauge, stealth, and plant knowledge
  • K. Sword that I use to knock people down and then kill them, or hand-to-hand combat
  • L. Serrated sword that can be used for defense, a regular sword that I lift easily enough though people underestimate me
  • M. Spear that I use to knock people down by swinging them
  • N. A throwing axe used to trip tributes but not kill them, a dagger, a tomahawk and throwing knives or bites from my teeth
  • O. Mostly small knives
  • P. Sword that I handle quite good
  • Q. Two-holed sword, an axe
  • R. An axe, throwing axe, a sickle, an arrow (without a bow, has a clear throw with extreme accuracy), and throwing knives
  • S. A pike
  • T. Spear, throwing spears
  • U. Crescent sword for slashing, knives, rocks
  • V. Slingshot
  • W. Spear and knife
  • X: Knife, bow and arrow

Who do you battle in the bloodbath?

  • A: D8 male, D10 male, D3 female, D7 female, D9 female
  • B: D10 female, D6 female, D10 male, D5 male, D6 male
  • C: D6 male, D10 male, D4 tributes
  • D: D9 male, Katniss, D7 female
  • E: Marvel, D7 female
  • F: D4 female, D5 male
  • G: No one
  • H: District 10 female, District 3 female, District 6 female, Cato
  • I: District 3 female, Cato, District 7 female, District 7 male, District 6 male, Glimmer
  • J: No one
  • K: Cato, District 10 male,  District 5 male, Glimmer
  • L: District 4 female, Glimmer
  • M: District 10 male, District 6 male, Cato, District 5 male, Thresh
  • N: District 10 female, District 5 male, District 3 male, Clove, Marvel
  • O: Marvel
  • P: District 9 male, Marvel, Clove, Glimmer, District 5 male
  • Q: Katniss
  • R: District 10 female, District 3 female, District 6 female, District 5 male, District 4 female
  • S: District 7 male, District 6 male, District 6 female, Glimmer, Marvel
  • T: District 7 female, District 4 female, Glimmer
  • U: District 7 male
  • V: No one
  • W: No one
  • X: District 9 male, Clove

What would you do in training?

  • A: Throwing spears at my targets which will recieve a 9
  • B: A bow and arrow which will recieve me a 9
  • C: My skills in multiple weapons
  • D: My throwing knives

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