aka Andrea

  • I live in Windy city
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Demigod/Tribute/Wizard
  • I am Excited to visit my best friend
  • SourCandy

    The 1st Olympic Games

    December 19, 2012 by SourCandy

    Hi guys. These are very special games with no Corncuopia, Feast and such. These are not my orginal idea, i just saw some of these around the wiki and i thought making these would be fun. (ALL CREDITS FOR IDEA TO THEMYSTERIOUSGEEK). I hope you partcipate and enjoy these. (If i don't get much participants i will make up the tributes by myself and still include who signed up. So please join!)

    BTW, please join my 100th hunger Games. I really need some tributes.

    • TWO tributes per user
    • Don't get mad if your tribute dies
    • Give advice to your tributes

    These are olympic games so instead of fighting the tributes will compete in various olympic events. The one that does the most poorly in an event will be killed by the highest ranking person in the event.


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  • SourCandy

    150th Hunger Games

    December 16, 2012 by SourCandy

    Everyday in the arena a gong will sound and tributes will be forced to refight the Cornucopia with only 3 deaths. This means that if tributes made it alive they will have to fight again until three of them die. If tributes do not go back the gamemakers will blow them up. They can also be killed by other tributes if they don't obey.

    For every three days in the arena the tributes will have to team up and hunt other teams down until two tributes die. If the tributes do not team up with somebody they will be killed or they will be appointed to a group.

    When they are in groups anything can happen. They can still kill a tribute from that same team as long as 2 tributes die. So there is no shortage of tributes, the Capitol and district 13 will part…

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  • SourCandy

    First Annual Hunger Games

    December 14, 2012 by SourCandy

    And so it was decreed that every year the 12 district of Panem shall send one female and one male between the gaes of 12-18 to fight to the death in a battle of sacrifice and honor.' What do our brand new gamemakers have to start our first games? Well read on to find out!

    For our first arena we have a huge forest in the shape of a circle. There is a volcano in the middle of the arena and small ponds all over the arena. Around the edges there are caves and mountains. Tributes start around the volcano while the cornucopia is settles right on top of the volcano but lava will not explode maybe.









    Karina: 9

    Alec: 9




    Katarina: 11

    Hunter: 11




    Elyse: 6

    Cher: 7




    Lianna: 9…

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