Quick Intro

And so it was decreed that every year the 12 district of Panem shall send one female and one male between the gaes of 12-18 to fight to the death in a battle of sacrifice and honor.' What do our brand new gamemakers have to start our first games? Well read on to find out!


For our first arena we have a huge forest in the shape of a circle. There is a volcano in the middle of the arena and small ponds all over the arena. Around the edges there are caves and mountains. Tributes start around the volcano while the cornucopia is settles right on top of the volcano but lava will not explode maybe.










Karina: 9

Alec: 9




Katarina: 11

Hunter: 11




Elyse: 6

Cher: 7




Lianna: 9

Hayden: 8




Alena: 7





Alana: 5

Liam: 6





Jayden: 8




Arden: 7

Masen: 6




Ginger: 5

Kenneth: 7




Mia: 8

Jasper: 7




Camille: 8

Payton: 9




Annabelle: 7

Blake: 7

Tribute Gallery

Cornucopia Bloodbath

Coral (District Seven)

If it was up to me i would go back home. But i can't. Instead i'm stuck in an arena where i'm going to have to fight to my death. A quick glance at Katarina and i know she'll be my murderer. At least my parents will have my body to mourn that is if she doesn't chop it up. I've seen her throw in training. She never misses.

I glance ahead at the cornucopia and nearly black out. A volcano!?! We're going to have to fight on a volcano. I guess so. Up ahead i see a blowgun and instantly reconize it for me. I'm good but the girl from one is better than me. If i'm going to have to go home alive i need that blowgun.

Karina (District 1)

I know the girl from seven saw the blowgun. But she ain't going to have it. With Alec, Katarina and Hunter as my team she'll have no chance of getting it. I saw her look at Katarina and gulp. She knows Katarina will kill her. I smile wickedly. I look at the girl from seven Coral i think? She'll die trying to get it.

Twenty seconds and the gong will sound A lot of us will die. Oh god, please don't let it be me. That girl from four Lianna is grinning wickedly and glancing up ahead. So she thinks she can get something, huh? Well little girl you're going to get your bubble exploded.

Liam (District Six)

As far as i know i probably wont survive. Not with that monster Katarina. Maybe she's the real oppentent here and we have to unite and fight her Yeah right, like that will ever happen. A quick survey of the cornucopia tells me i'm a goner. I could run up and get a sword. If i do i'll die. If i run there's a greater chance i won't die.

That's when a crazy idea pops into my head. It's dangerous and i'll end up dead. But if i cna get rid of her it'll be good. I know what to do. I'm ready. It'll probably cost me my life but it's worth it. At least if i die i'll go down fighting for my life and die honorably.

Alana (District 6)

Gong, the gong sounded. I sprint off my plate and run towards the volcano. On the way i pass Lianna from 4 and she looks excited and th boy from 7 a nrevouse wreck. I grab one of the ropes and force myself up dodging the rocks. Finally all sweaty i make it and see a bookbag. Perfect. I run towards the bookbag.


Soembody just tackled me. We roll around the ground and i spot my attacker's face. Katarina from two. She pins me to the ground with her knees and smiles. "Well little girl, how do you want to die?" she asks. i wimper and slowly reach my hand. She notices my movement and pins my hand down. "Clever girl, you can't escape, you're going to die just like all of those idiots over there" she says and tears stream down my face. i reach my other hand and pull her braid. "Ow" she screams. "you filthy little mutt," she screams. I seize the oppurtunity and run.

But she comes after me. That's when the knife flies. I dodge it and trip. Slam. She tackles me. "Bye little girl," she mocks smiling. She pulls a knife out of her jacket and raises it. Mom, it's ok. Please don't cry, i think. That's when i fell the pain. She stabs me over and over until my sight slowly disapperas. I let the black hooded creature take me into the white light and die.

Ginger (District 9)

Oh god. Little Alana's dead. I feel so sorry for her and angry at the stupid girl from two. But she's dead, she's gone. I hav to concentate on myself now. I grab a bookbag and flee.  I freeze and look at the horrible scene evolving around me. Poor Alena, Cher, and Blake just launched themselves at Karina and Katarina. Cher is battling Karina with cher. No surprise there. Karina's fast so to beat her you need two people. But poor little Alena with Katarina, she doesn't have a chance of surviving.

I can see Alena jab her with her spear. She howls in pain and wildly slashes her knife in the air.I gasp, and thank god she missed Alena. Alena tackles her and now they're rolling on the ground. She gets on top of her and nearly stabs her with her spear again but Katarina slashes again. This time her knife catches Alena in the throat. She falls off her and lays bleeding. It pains me to see such a sweet girl bleeding to her death. Finally she stops moving and lays there dead. I come back to my senses and run and flee but get a glance of Katarina spitting on Alena.

Cher (District Three)

Alena's dead but i have to keep fighting. Katarina took her down. In rage, i attack her with my sword but she deflects it easily. "Come on boy, you can do better. Avenge the stupid girls' death," she mocks smiling. I can feel myself shaking with rage. "Cher!" somebody screams. I turn around and Katarina stabs me with the same knife that took Alena down. I can feel my body screaming in agony but i stand my ground. I throw my sword at her but she deflects it with a knife and throws it aside.

Suddenly, i feel the burning pain. Karina grabbed my sword and stabbed me with it. I look down and see the tip of my sword sticking out of my abdomen. I collapse and lay twitching on the ground. I see Katarina jab a knife into Blake's chest. He collapses next to me. Together we take our last breaths.

Katarina (District Two)

It's been two hours after the bloodbath. Right now, i'm sitting on a rock ignoring the pain in my left arm. That stupid girl harmed but luckily for me i throw with my right hand. After seeing that little scene i guess the rest of the stupid tributes left jumping off the volcano. Pity i really was counting on elimination some ten tributes. But it was so funny watching them jump off the damn thing. I thought they could have died but they all survived. Suddenly, i can hear two voices getting closer and closer.

"Are you sure they're not here?" a female voice asks. "Yes, i'm positive" a boy responds. "Then hurry up" she snaps back. I signal to Karina, Alec and to Hunter to grab their weapons and follow me. They get up reluctantly weapons in hand. Then we hide behind a rock. We're luck this top of volcano is designed like a forest and i really have no idea how gamemakers managed to cram trees onto a volcano top. The pair comes up and i reconize the girl from three. Quietly, i get up from my rock knives in hand and the others do the same. "Going anywhere" i ask smiling. They jump and start walking back slowly. I catch the girl saying, "I told you they were here" and i laugh. "Oh but you can't leave so quickly" Alec mocks from behind another rock. Instantly, they spin on their heels towards him. "Oh yes, stay for a while" Karina says. "Yes, stay with us" Hunter mocks smiling. I can tell we're enjoying this and the pair know that they're goners.

Elysn (District Three)

Payton (District Eleven)

Liam (District Six)

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