• South Carolina

    The Chasm Games

    February 15, 2016 by South Carolina

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to this wiki, and decided to start my own games! I plan on updating every day if I am able to, and I hope to entertain and please you all as well as increase my skills as an independent writer.

    I need you as a submitter to be completely detailed with your tributes. I am planning on making this a very detailed games, I need to know how your tribute is, what they do and how the act. I can't have things like "my tribute is smart, and strong" or "weak, doesn't like to fight."

    • You need to give them a backstory!
    • If you would like to submit a tribute from another site just leave the links in the comments.
    • You will also need to submit a lunai! I am not accepting real life photos as they usually differ in size and appearan…

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