• SpaceMaryam

    The Torture Games

    September 6, 2012 by SpaceMaryam

    Hey!!! This is my games!!! Hope you comment and

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  • SpaceMaryam

    1565th Hunger Games

    August 25, 2012 by SpaceMaryam

    Hey Guys This Is My 3rd Hunger Games All Of Them Are 5 Years After So Brie Pelt And Kachang Mindi Are Gonna Be Mentor Same As Justin From My First Games :) May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favors :)


    1. I Will Go On Profile

    2. 2 Tribs Max

    3. Reservations Last 2 Days

    4. Have To Be Active On CHAT!!!


    1. Meet Me Online For Alliance's

    2. Owners Will Be Sponsers

    District Name Gender Weapon Strenghth Weakness Other Owner
    D1 Thana Melaena (16) Female Dagger, Spear Lying Cant Swim Volunteered, Likes Hunter Grimreaper8080
    D1 Wyatt Barnett (18) Male Dagger, Sword Strong, Killing Climbing, Swimming Volunteered HKTLovesGlimmer
    D2 Yvonne Davis (12) Female Knives, Blowgun Fast, Flexible Cutness, Short Temper Volunteered District3forever
    D2 Thomas Palmer (17) Male Swor…

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  • SpaceMaryam

    The 1560th Games!!!

    August 13, 2012 by SpaceMaryam

    Hi Guys This Is My Second Games Since My Other Games Where So Succesful This Is 5 Years After My Other Games!! And I Will Have Justin (8) From Last Games As A Mentor!! So Join


    1. I Will Go On Profiles :)

    2. 2 Tribs Max

    3. Reservations Last For 2 Days


    1. Meet Me Online For Alliance Arrangment

    2. Again Owners Will Be Sponsers

    3. Have Fun :)

    District Name Gender Weapon Owner/Other
    D1 Martha Jones (16) Female Knife PotatoMan10
    D1 Lion Scrapes (18) Male Sword Robin040197
    D2 Tarelia Anderson (17) Female Throwing Knives Robin040197
    D2 Script Level (18) Male Mace, Axe FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
    D3 Kachang Mindi (12) Female Wire Maybell_Rocks!!
    D3 Jabin Volts (13) Male Knife Maybel_Rocks!!
    D4 Jasmine Cornel (15) Female Bow & Arrow Asfbn
    D4 Titanic Seas (18) Male Trident…

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  • SpaceMaryam

    Hi Guys!!! This Is My First Hunger Games So Dont Get Mad If I Mess Up!


    1. No Perfect Tributes

    2. Limit Is 2 Tributes

    3. Reservations Last 3 Days


    1. Meet Me Online For Alliance Arrangements

    2. I Will Be Doing Training Session And Score's

    3. Idk If I Should Do Chariot Parade Tell Me If I Should


    District Name Gender Weapon Owner
    D1 Kasey Lonta (12) Female Knives Maybell Rocks!!
    D1 Alexander Bliss (16) Male Spear Clove The Best
    D2 Belladonna Quimby (16) Female Throwing Knives, Sword District3forever
    D2 Jake Monkor (17) Male Sword, Whip Maybell Rocks!!
    D3 Electra Volts (14) Female Wire, Axe District3Forever
    D3 Rickey Dean (18) Male Knives, Explosives Mrweare121
    D4 Perdere "Per" Casey (16) Female Trident, Knife, Spear PeetaPancakes
    D4 Thomas Quince (15) Male…

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