Hey Guys This Is My 3rd Hunger Games All Of Them Are 5 Years After So Brie Pelt And Kachang Mindi Are Gonna Be Mentor Same As Justin From My First Games :) May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favors :)


1. I Will Go On Profile

2. 2 Tribs Max

3. Reservations Last 2 Days

4. Have To Be Active On CHAT!!!


1. Meet Me Online For Alliance's

2. Owners Will Be Sponsers

District Name Gender Weapon Strenghth Weakness Other Owner
D1 Thana Melaena (16) Female Dagger, Spear Lying Cant Swim Volunteered, Likes Hunter Grimreaper8080
D1 Wyatt Barnett (18) Male Dagger, Sword Strong, Killing Climbing, Swimming Volunteered HKTLovesGlimmer
D2 Yvonne Davis (12) Female Knives, Blowgun Fast, Flexible Cutness, Short Temper Volunteered District3forever
D2 Thomas Palmer (17) Male Sword, Spear Agility Swimming Pic Of Deceased Brother VarinEgo
D3 Rayna Travis (16) Female Wire, Axe Endurance, Smart Brute Strenghth Reaped District3forever
D3 Electroy Manin (13) Male Spear, Axe Very Inntelligent Not Strong Very Shy FITAO
D4 Seama Lerkopo (15) Female Trident, Spear Very Fast Swimmer Climmbing, Aim Volunteered, Will Ally W/ D10 Female Hungergamelover2121
D4 Flicks Marvel (17) Male Spear, Traps Speed, Agility Climbing, Swimming, Making Allies Volunteered For Brother RZN2
D5 Symphony Emerson (17) Female Blowgun, Throwing Knives Coordination, Stealth Killing, Plant Knowledge Finch's Cousin, Token: Blue Chain Necklace Aquastar4infinity
D5 Asper Dell (17) Male Axe, Knife, Sword Very Strong, Knows Plants Cant Swim Calm And Quiet FITAO
D6 September Rollo (18) Female Saber Claws Claw Skills Insecure 129 Pounds EvilhariboMadness
D6 Xavier Woods (17) Male Spear Slient, Fast Water Xavier Is Shy And Has Few Friends Attackcobra
D7 Pine Cherry (16) Female Slingshot, Throwing Knives Hand-To-Hand Combat 12-Year Old Children She Was Reaped And Has No Token Daveforeva
D7 Garret Henderson (18) Male Short Knife, Mace Intellect, Speed Height, Spiders Volunteered b/c dad thought it could make him famous VarinEgo
D8 Roxy Clover (17) Female Throwing Knives, Slingshot Aim, Speed Strenghth, Swimming Reaped, Homemade Necklace RZN2
D8 Josef Wilder (17) Male Crossbow Strong, Smart Spiders His Family Is Poor So He Robbed Attackcobra
D9 Vanity Gloosmar Female Needles Devious, Accuate Not So Strong SHE IS A BEECH THATS GONNA WIN! x3 PlasticGlimmer
D9 Sun Can (15) Male Scythe, Kama Very Fast, Stealthy Isnt Tall Very Bubbly, And Active FITAO
D10 Lorty Gahlope (15) Female Sword, Mace Her 2 Weapons Speed She Has A Crippled Foot She Was Reaped And Will Have And Alliance With D4 Female Hungergameslover2121
D10 Clint Radcliffe (18) Male Sword, Mace, Trident Good Aim, Very Athletic Not A Good Climber, Very Slow He Was Reaped HKTLovesGlimmer
D11 Imogene Odana (16) Female Bow & Arrow Running, Swimming Killing, Making Fire Has A Golden Necklace, Allies: Anyone Wesolini
D11 Dejohn Young (12) Male Trident, Kama Strong, Very Fast Can't Speak, Very Small Quiet Is A Loner FITAO
D12 Layla Cypress (17) Female Knife Observant, Good Swimmer Cats Has 7 Brothers WayfinderOwl
D12 Hunter Jones (16) Male Axe, Sword Strong Heights Volunteered, Loves Thana Grimreaper8080


District 1

Thana Melaena- I Woke Up In The Morning To See My Lavendor Cieling I Remember That This Is Reaping Day Im So Excited! My Teacher Told My Class That I Have To Volunteer This Year! I Wake Up And Take A Shower I Can Feel My Dark Brown Hair Flowing Down Very Shiny And Clean. I Where My Magenta Short Dress And But My Hair In A Bun. I Wear My High Heels And Put My Purple Earrings I Walk Outside And See Other People Al Dresses Up To!! As I Walk To The Lucious Garden Center I Feel The Cool Breeze On My Neck. I Think To Myself What Perfect Weather For The Perfect Day As I Walk I Can Already See My District Partner. Wyatt.

Wyatt Barnett- I Just Saw My District Partner Thana As I Walk Up To Get Myself Pricked. As We Gather In The Center I Can See That Its Almost Gonna Start! I Cant Wait! Here Comes Our Escort. She Has Purple Hair With Long Eyelashes And A Long Blue Dress With Sapphires On Them. She Says "Ladies First" She Picked A Name Ruby Macias Then I Hear Thana Scream Out "I Volunteer" She Then Walks Up To The Stage And The Escorts Says Whats Your Name She Says "Thana Melaena" Then She Picks The Boys It Says "Wyatt Barnett" Yes I Knew Putting My Name In A Dozen Times Will Work!

District 2

Yvonne Davis- I Wake Up And Notice That Today Is The Reaping! OMG I Forgot Im Almost Late I Take A Quick Shower And Notice How Good My Blades Look I Put On A T-Shirt And Leggings And Skirt Over Them With Some Flats. I Put On My Earrings As I Run I Can See That It Hasnt Started But I Run The Prick My Finger And I Get In My Spot. Districts 2 Escort Comes Up And Says "Happy Hunger Games"! And Then Says "Ladies First" She Picks The Paper And It Is A Little 12 Year Old Thats Whining And Crying Oh, My God!! I Scream "I Volunteer".

Thomas Palmer- As Im Waiting I Hear A Girl.. I Think Her Name Is Yvonne Who Screams Out "I Volunteer" Its Nice To Know Im Going With A Mature Girl, Not A Little 12 Year Old Who Is Whining And Crying Because She Got Picked Then Yvonne Says "My Name Is Yvonne Davis" I Now Remember She Herself Is 12 But She Has More Expeirence. Then Our Escort Says "Now Men" She Calls Out "Joe Writingman" I Say "I Volunteer" And I Come Up And Say "My Name Is Thomas Palmer".

District 3

Rayna Travis- Im At The Kitchen Reading My Book When My Mom Says "What Are You Doing Up This Early" I Say "I Couldnt Sleep So I Came And Read My Book. She Says "Well Get Dresses" I Take A Nice Shower We Had A Victor Last Games So We Had Warm Showers. I Got Dressed In A Blouse And Some Jeans Then I Left. As I Got Closer I Notcied Other People Were There Before Me So They Pricked My Finger And I Waited For The Reaping.

Electroy Manin- As Im Walking To The Square I Can See Half Of District 3 Is Already There So I Rush Towards The Pricking Fingers I Wipe It Off On My Cloths And Then I See A Stain As I Walk Towards The Center I See Our Escort Coming She Shows Us The Video About The Rebellion I Heard The D1 & D2 Didnt Get To See It Because They Helped The Capital. "Laides First........ Rayna Travis" I See A Girl Walk Up And Her Face Is Emotionless "Mean Next........... Electroy Manin" I Walk Up Trying To Do The Same Thing But They Can See The Tears In My Eyes.

District 4

Seama Lerkopo- As I Wakeup I Can Smell The Ocean But Its Pretty Early So I Go To The Beach I Take A Swim I Can Feel The Warm Salty Ocean And The Sun's Rays On My I Feel Free! As I Come Back I Notice Is Still Early So I Decide To Take A Long Shower When I Come Out Its Still A Bit Early So I Decied To Get Ready I Put On My Blue Miny Dress And Put Jeans Under Them Then Put My Hair In A Pony Tail I See That Im Right On Time So I Start To Walk Out Once I Get There They Prick My Finger And I Stand In The Middle.

Flicks Marvel- As I Wake Up This Morning I Go Downstairs And Eat Breakfest And Get Dresses i Dont Care About The Reaping Anymore I Have 1 More Year So Im Probely Not Getting Reaped I Spike Up My Hair Will Geel And Put On A Shirt With A Vest And Nice Shoes. As I Walk Down I Can Smell The Beautiful Sea. The Prick My Finger And I Go To Wait. The Escort Comes And Says "Ladies First.......... Marina Backshell" Then I Hear "I Volunteer" A Girl Goes Forward And Says Her Name "Seama Lerkopo". "And Now The Male Tribute Is.......... Flicks Marvel" Im Shocked I Can Barley Speak I Walk Up And Say Nothing.

District 5

Symphony Emerson- As I Get Ready For The Reaping I Put On My Earrings And A Shirt Plus Some Jeans I Cant Help Rememering Finch! My Cousin Who Lost To Nightlock Berries. I Put On My Jeans And Set Out. I Think To Myself I Hope I Dont Get Picked This Year. But I Take That Outta My Mind As I Walk There They Prick My Finger And I Stand In The Middle. The Escort Comes And Shows Us The Rebellion Video Then "Ladies First...........Symphony Emerson" I Start To Cry And Start To Slowly Walk Up.

Asper Dell- I Get Dressed In The Morning And Head Out As I Walk Out I See People Already There So Speed Up I Get My Finger Pricked And Then Wait. Then Our Escort Comes And Shows Us The Rebellion Video Then She Says "Ladies First....... Symphony Emerson" I See The Girl Tear Up And Slowly Walks Up To The Stage. Then She Says Time For The Men I Scream Out "I Volunteer" I Didnt Want A 12 Year Old To Get Pickes So I Walk Up Quielty.

District 6

September Rollo- As I Wake Up I Start To Sing ♫ This Is My Last Yearrrr I Dont Have To Dismay Because This Is My Last Year ♫ Im So Happy I Start Dancing. I Get In The Shower And Then Get Out I Put On A Shirt And Jeans. With Tennis Sneakers So I Walk Out And Get There And They Prick My Finger. The Escort Comes And Shows Us The Video Then She Says "Ladies First........... September Rollo" Im Shocked And Scared But II Smile And Walk Up And Say "Its A Great Honor"

Xavier Woods- I Wake Up And Take A Shower. Then I Walk Down Stairs Silent My Mum Says "Honey Why Are You Always Quiet Durning Reaping Day" Like Always I Dont Say Anything. I Finish And I Walk Down The Street I Smell The Polluted Air But I Just Keep Walking They Prick My Finger And I Move On. They Show The Video And Then Septmeber Rollo Got Picked. "Now For The Boys......... Xavier Woods" I See The Tears Coming And I Cry And Walk Up I Look At My Mum And Dad They Are Also Crying

District 7

Pine Cherry- I Wake Up And Smell The Lucious Forest I Take A Shower And Get Ready I Put On A Tank Top And Jeans And Hoop Earrings Plus Some High Heels And Braid My Hair I Walk Out Going To The Center Where There Stand 4 Tree's They Prick My Finger And I Stand Still The Escort Comes And Shows Us The Rebellion Video "Ladies First...... Pine Cherry!" I Look Up Surprised And Walk Up Pretending Nothing Is Wrong.

Garret Henderson- I Wake Up And Get Ready I Put A Long Sleeve Shirt And A Belt And Some Fancy Shoes. I Walk Outside And See That Finger Pricking I Get Up And They Prick My Finger I Walk Up And Wait. Then The Escort Shows Us The Rebellion Video And Then Says "Ladies First...... Pine Cherry!" The Girls Walks Up Calm And Steady. Then She Says "Its Time For The Men....... Garret Henderson!" I Walk Up And Stand There.

District 8

Roxy Clover- As I Wake Up I Put One My Homemade Shirt And Pants And Necklace. I Walk Outside And See People Walking To the Center Towards The Finger Pricking. They Prick My Finger And I Leave. The Escort Comes And Shows Us The Rebellion Video And Says "Ladies First...... Roxy Clover" I Feel The Tears In My Eyes And Walk Up

Josef Wilder- I Wake Up And Get Dresses I Walk Outside And See Other People Coming To So I Speed My Pace I Get To The Finger Pricking And Then I Move On I Wait Till They Start The Video Its About The Rebellion And How We Got Defeated. She Says "Ladies First...... Roxy Clover" I See A Girl With Tears Walk Up. Then She Says "Men Next....... Josef Wilder" I Can Barely Do Anyting.

District 9

Vanity Gloosmar- As I Wake Up And Smell Fresh Bread My Mom Is Making. I Walk Downstairs And Eat It. I Take A Shower And Get My Clothes On As I Walk Outside I Can Smell The Fresh Bread And Then Gain. I See The Wheat Field Where I Relax. As I Get There They Prick My Finger And I Stand In A Spot. The Escort Shows Us The Rebellion Video And Then Say "Ladies First......... Vanity Gloosmar" I Walk Up With A Smile And Say "Yay! This Is Gonna Be Awesome" But Really Im Dying Inside

Sun Can- As Im Getting Dressed I Hear Something Downstairs I Go And Check It Out And Its Fresh Bread Being Made. Im So Happy! I Havent Had This Bread Since I Was Small I Eat It And Then Leave As I Walk I Can Smell Fresh Sweet Bread. They Prick My Finger And I Move I See The Escort And Then Shows The Rebellion Video Then She Says "Ladies First........ Vanity Gloosmar!" I See This Girl Happy. "Boys Next........... Sun Can!" I Feel Torn But I Just Walk Up.

District 10

Lorty Gahlope- I Wake Up To My Cheeta Print Carpet. I Fell Of. Why Do I Keep Falling! Then I Notice Only On Reaping Day. I Get Ready And Notice I Have Time Left So I Starp On My Boots And Go Outside And Ride My Horse Summer. As I Come I Notice That Im Late They Showed The Video And Our Escort Says They "Ladies First................Lorty Gahlope" Im Shocked!! I Can Barley Move I Bend Down And Cry.

Clint Radcliffe- As Im Getting Dressed I'm So Happy That This Is My Last Year And I Wont Get Picked. I Walk Down The Street And They Prick My Finger. As The Video Plays A Girl Comings Running And Then The Escort Says "Ladies First....... Lorty Gahlope" I See The Girl Bend Down And Cry And Then Walks On The Stage. "Boys Next..........Clint Radcliffe" Im Breathless I Just Walk On Stage

District 11

Imogene Odana- I Wake Up And Smell The Nice Flowers And Orchids I Wake Up And Get Dresses And Put On My Flower Sented Perfume. I Get Ready And Head. They Prick My Fingr And I Stand And Wait. Then Our Escort Comes And Shows Us The Second Rebellion Video. Then Our Escort Says "Ladies First.........Imogene Odana" I Stand Speechless So Scared

Dejohn Young- I Wake Up And Get Dresses I Brush My Hair And Put On A Long Sleeve Shirt And A Tie. As I Walk Down The Street I Greet Everyone. I Walk Up And They Prick My Finger And I Moved Then They Showed Us The Rebellion Video And The Escort Says "Ladies First..........Imogene Odana" I See A Girl And She Is Speechless And Just Walks Up. "Boys Next...........Dejohn Young"

District 12

Layla Cypress- I Wake Up And Smell The Coal...... I Put On A Mini Blue Dress And Boots Because I Have Nothing Else To Wear. I Tell My Brothers Vahn & Lyle To Calm Down That They Arent Gonna Get Picked. We All Walk Together And Then They Prick Our Fingers And We Move On. Our Escort Shows Us The Rebellion Video And Then Says "Ladies First..............Layla Cypress" I Look Speechless And Walk Up I See My Brothers Crying.

Hunter Jones- Im Walking Down The Street When I See My Friend Kelsey Come Up And Kiss Me In The Cheek She Says "I Hope Neither Of Us Gets Picked" I Say "Me Neither" And We Walk Together. They Prick Our Fingers And We Move. They Show Us The Video And The Escorts Says "Ladies First" I Hold My Breathe "Layla Cypress" I See A Girl Who Is Moving Up. "Boys Next........Hunter Jones" Kelsey Starts To Cry She Runs Up To Me And Hugs Me But Im To Shocked To Do Anything.....

District Name Gender Training Score Odds
D1 Thana Melaena (16) Female 9 7-1
D1 Wyatt Barnett (18) Male 10 5-1
D2 Yvonne Davis (12) Female 9 6-1
D2 Thomas Palmer (17) Male 11 4-1
D3 Rayna Travis (16) Female 5 11-1
D3 Electroy Manin (13) Male 6 10-1
D4 Seama Lerkopo (15) Female 8 9-1
D4 Flicks Marvel (17) Male 8 8-1
D5 Symphony Emerson (17) Female 5 15-1
D5 Asper Dell (17) Male 6 13-1
D6 September Rollo (18) Female 5 16-1
D6 Xavier Woods (17) Male 4 20-1
D7 Pine Cherry (16) Female 7 12-1
D7 Garret Henderson (18) Male 6 14-1
D8 Roxy Clover (17) Female 5 17-1
D8 Josef Wilder (17) Male 7 10-1
D9 Vanity Gloosmar Female 9 8-1
D9 Sun Can (15) Male 8 10-1
D10 Lorty Gahlope (15) Female 6 18-1
D10 Clint Radcliffe (18) Male 3 23-1
D11 Imogene Odana (16) Female 4 19-1
D11 Dejohn Young (12) Male 2 25-1
D12 Layla Cypress (17) Female 5 18-1
D12 Hunter Jones (16) Male 6 19-1


All Of The Tributes Just Got Up From There Podium They All Ready. Thana (1) Wow! She Looks Fierce, Layla (12) Is Wearing Black Jacket With Red Stripes. Pine (7) Is Looking At An Axe. Vanity (9) Looks Like She Is Ready To Fight. Xavier (6) Looks Like His Is Going To Run Away. Lets Wait And See 10....9....8......7....6......5.....4.......3.....2...............1 GONG!! All Of The Tributes Run At Once. Wyatt (1) Picks Up A Kinfe And Hacks At Lorty (10) But But She Isnt Dead Just Injured She Gets Up And Then The Josef (8) Picks Her Up And Then Throws Her Down. She Falls Hard And Then Slashes Her Throat. We See That Pine (7) Git A Bag And An Axe And Throws It To Hunter (12) But He Ducks And Its Hights Sun (9). Pine (7) Then Runs Away. Vanity Takes A Needle And Stabs Josef"s (8). We Then See Layla (12) Running Away With A Backpack. Imogene (11) Got Speared By Flicks (4). Rayna (3) Takes Her Wire And Electricutes Dejohn (11). Thana (1) Betrays The Careers And Stabs Yvonne (2) And Leaves With Hunter (12). Asper (5) Is Bleeding To Death By September (6). Symphony (5) Hits Seama (4) In The Head With A Blunt Object. And While Clint (10) Is The Last Person To Leave His Neck Gets Snapped By Thomas (2). BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
Lorty Gahlope 10 Josef Wilder 8 1
Sun Can 9 Pine Cherry 7 1
Joesf Wilder 8 Vanity Glossmar 9 1
Imogene Odana 11 Flicks Marvel 4 1
Dejohn Young 11 Rayna Travis 3 1
Yvonne Davis 2 Thana Melaena 1 1
Asper Dell 5 September Rollo 6 1
Seama Lankopo 4 Symphony Emerson 5 1
Clint Radcliff 10 Thomas Palmer 2 1

Rest Of Day 1

Layla Has A Backpack With Water, Rope, Matches, And Sleeping Bag. As Layla (12) Is Walking She See The Careers And Runs Away But They See Her. As She Is Running They Notice That Layla (12) Is Very Fast Then As Careers Turn A Corner She Is Gone. Meanwhile On The Otherside Of The Arena Symphoney (5) Runs Towards The Cornucopia Because She Knows The Careers Arent There. "Yesss All The Supplies" As She Says That She Hears Someone Coming. She Then Hides Inside The Cornucopia As The Tribute Is Coming Closer She Doesnt Know If They See Her But The Tribute Is Aprroching.......September (5) Has Made And Alliance With Roxy (8) And They Are Both Out Hunting. Roxy (8) September (5) Decide To Call It A Night As They See The Dead Tributes And Are Suprised To See Yvonne The Female From District 2. Roxy Says To September "Thats Very Odd That Yvonne Died In The Bloodbath" "Whatever Lets Go To Sleep".

Day 2

Symphoney (5) she stayed in the cornucopia all night trying to hide from the unknown tribute. She walks out to find The Careers they chaseher around until Flicks (4) jumps on her. Layla (12) is in a tree since she last met the careers. She then hears a beep she looks up and see's bread. She takes it and eats it. As the sun it setting Vanity (9) & Pine (7) have made an alliance they are watching they Fallen Tributes and see Flicks, the male tribute from District 4. "Thats a surprise" " yeah I thought outta all the people he would win??".Hunter (12) & Thana (1) are also surprised to see him their. "Wow. Hunter he did good in the training center".

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
Flicks Marvel 4 Symphoney Emerson 5 2

Day 3

Well every tribute is relaxing until they hear something in the P.A "Everyone in a few hours there is gonna be a 2nd cornucopia with new weapons never before seen." Every tribute huries of. once everyone gets there they get pushed on to a Pod. They have to redo the cornucopia. Everyone waits for 60 seconds then the GONG rings everyone runs people are getting killed left & right. Thana (1) get ambushed by Wyatt (1) & Thomas (2). They beat her up and then slice her thoat BOOOOOM! Hunter gets angry and kills Wyatt (1) but then gets killed by Thomas (2) BOOOOM!!! Rayna (3) leaves with Electroy (3) but he falls and gets speared in the head BOOOMM!!! Xaiver (6) leaves with a backpack and a kana. September (6) & Symphoney (5) are fighting then Symphoney (5) pushes he down and stabs her repeatedly BOOOOOM!!. Roxy (8) & Garret (7) are fighting when she pushed him down and then stabs him in the throat. BOOOOM!!. Vanity (9) & Pine (7) are fighting then Vanity takes her and stabs her with a needle in the neck and then slashed her throat with Pine dying she leaves Pine (7) then throws her Axe and it hits her in the back BOOOOOOM!!! Then Pine (7) dies BOOOOOOM!!!!. Layla (12) leaves with throwing knives and another backpack. Then the bloodbath is over.

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
Thana Melaena 1 Thomas Palmer 2 3
Wyatt 1 Hunter Jones 12 3
Hunter Jones 12 Thomas Palmer 2 3
Electroy Manin 2 ?????? ? 3
September Rollo 6 Symphoney Emerson 5 3
Garret Henderson 7 Roxy Clover 8 3
Vanity Gloosmar 9 Pine Cherry 7 3
Pine Cherry 7 Vanity Gloosmar 3

Day 4

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