Hi Guys!!! This Is My First Hunger Games So Dont Get Mad If I Mess Up!


1. No Perfect Tributes

2. Limit Is 2 Tributes

3. Reservations Last 3 Days


1. Meet Me Online For Alliance Arrangements

2. I Will Be Doing Training Session And Score's

3. Idk If I Should Do Chariot Parade Tell Me If I Should


District Name Gender Weapon Owner
D1 Kasey Lonta (12) Female Knives Maybell Rocks!!
D1 Alexander Bliss (16) Male Spear Clove The Best
D2 Belladonna Quimby (16) Female Throwing Knives, Sword District3forever
D2 Jake Monkor (17) Male Sword, Whip Maybell Rocks!!
D3 Electra Volts (14) Female Wire, Axe District3Forever
D3 Rickey Dean (18) Male Knives, Explosives Mrweare121
D4 Perdere "Per" Casey (16) Female Trident, Knife, Spear PeetaPancakes
D4 Thomas Quince (15) Male Trident, Net, Spear Robin040197
D5 Kelsey Parker (16) Female Axe, Sword Asfbn
D5 Nick Russel (15) Male Axe, Sword AsherMizzou
D6 Jone Depaul (18) Female Screwdriver, Bow FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
D6 Brann Clatch (16) Male Sword Robin040197
D7 Yesenia Root (14) Female Throwing Axe, Knives Daveforeva
D7 Alexander Cubioti (15) Male Axe, Spear Pierulesnotyou
D8 Archane Webb (15) Female Blowgun Zakel
D8 Justin (16) Male Mace, Katana Sword VarinEgo
D9 Orianna Rishfeild (17) Female Axe, Mace Deaphalia911
D9 Patrick Diome (15) Male Throwing Knives, Sword Deaphalia911
D10 Fallen Marsop (14) Female Blowgun ITheHungerGames
D10 Casper Gustom (14) Male Sword, Spear IHeartHungerGames
D11 Aleena Unteeagen (16) Female Throwing Knives, Sword Pierulesnotyou
D11 Jessie Birch (18) Male Sword Brocky292
D12 Dust Dickson (17) Female Axe, Mace FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
D12 Banak Clatch(17) Male Trident, Spear Banak Crane


Careers: Perdere (4); Thomas (4); Belladonna (2); Yesenia (7); Alexander (1)

Careers #2: Kacey (1); Jake (2); Dust (12)

Alliance #3: Kelsey (5); Brann (6) ; Nick (5)

Alliance #4: Aleena (11); Casper (10); Fallen (10); Jessie(11)

Alliance #5: Archane (8); Electra (3); Orianna (9)


Arena 2!


Blue = Ocean

Tan = Wheat Fields

Gray = Ice Mountain

Light Green = Meadows

Green = Forest

Orange - Desert

Yellow Spot = Cornucopia


Ocean = Pirahna

Meadow = N/A

Forest = Fog Ghost

Desert = Sand Storm

Ice Mountain = Ice Wolf

Wheat Fields = Burrying Beetles


Archane (8)

I Woke Up Early Today To Get Ready For The Traning Im So Nervous About It. I Walk In The Bathroom And Take A Shower When I Get Out I Look In The Mirror And Braid My Hair. I Walk In My Bedroom And get Dressed As Im Getting Dressed I Hear A Knock On My Door Its My Escort Julie Saying To Hurry Up And Get Dressed I Tell her To Wait Im Doing It.

Yesenia (7)

I Just Finished Getting Dressed I Walk Outside And See My District Partner Already At The Table I Sit Down And We Eat Eggs And Bacon And Milk. Eveything Was Silent When We Finish They Escort Us Down To the Training I Already See Kacey (1) And Jake (2) Talking. There Is Already District 1, 2 ,3 ,4, And Now Us.

Fallen (10)

Im Walking Down To The Training Center As Nervous As Ever And When We Get I See Districts Are There Before Us. I See Yesenia (7) Talking To Electra (3). I'm Walking And Then I See Aleena I Walk Over To Her And We Start To Talk. I Was Really Happy Because I Made A Friend Aleena Is Very Funny And Realy Kind And I Hope In the Arena We Can Be An Alliance.

Orianna (9)

Im At The Training Center Working My Butt Of Its Been 3 Hours Since We Started Im On The Gaunlets Working Very Hard Is Really Hard...... There Im Done Now Im Going To The Jungle Net Climbing Is Really Hard I Saw People Fall. Im On It Wait Ahhhh Damn I Fell My Ankle Hurts So Bad But Its Not Broken Or Twisted Just Sore! They Just Called For Lunch Im At The Table With My District Partner Patrick. Here Comes Archane (8) And Electra (3) They Ask If They Can Sit With Us I Say Yes.

Name District Training Score Odds
Kasey Lonta D1 9 7-1
Alexander Bliss D1 10 5-1
Belladonna Quimby D2 8 9-1
Jake Monkor D2 12 2-1
Electra Volts D3 7 10-1
Rickey Dean D3 3 22-1
Perdere Casey D4 9 6-1
Thomas Quince D4 9 8-1
Kelsey Parker D5 6 11-1
Nick Russel D5 8 8-1
Jone Depaul


5 13-1
Brann Clatch D6 4 19-1
Yesenia Root D7 9 5-1
Alexander Cubioti D7 7 10-1
Archane Webb D8 6 12-1
Justin D8 8 9-1
Orianna Rishfield D9 8 8-1
Patrick Diome D9 8 5-1
Fallen Marsop D10 8 7-1
Casper Gustom D10 6 14-1
Aleena Teeagen D11 7 9-1
Jessie Birch D11 8 9-1
Dust Dickson D12 9 8-1
Banak Crane D12 5 18-1


Are Tributes Owners

1. Soup: $40

2. Insta-Fix (Medicine): $50

3. Blanket: $30

4. Axe: $150

5. Sword: $200

6. Backpack: $100

7. Blowgun: $120

8. Cream For Burns: $100

9. Bow And Arrow: $150

10. Morphling: $200

11. Throwing Knives: $500

12. Knives: $400

13. Machete: $550

14. Food (Bread, Berries, etc): $250

15. Dagger: $150

Owners Start With $2500

Also Send Advice


All Tributes Are Ready Jessie (11) Is Looking At A Sword Yesenia (7) Is Looking An Axe 40,39,38,37,36,35, Kasey (1) "Cant Wait To Leave With Jake And The Rest Of The Alliance" 34,33,32,31,30,29,28 Dust (12) Is All Ready 27,26,25,24,23,22,21 Fallen (10) Is Wearing A Red Jacket 20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12 Alexander Is Looking At His District Seeing That Is Planning To Run 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GONG!!! All Of The Tributes Run Of

Rickey (3):

Im Running As Fast As I Can Trying To Find My District Partner To Kill Her There She Is! I Grab Her And Push Her Im About To Stab Her When I Get Kicked Off By Archane (8)! She Pins Me And Cuts My Face Then I Feel I Sharp Pain In My Neck And Feel Something Warm Everything Goes A Blur BOOM!!

Kasey (1):

I Run Towards The Cornucopia I Grab A Red Backpack And Then Get Tackled By Patrick (9) He Is Punching Me And Hitting My Head Then Someone Comes Its Jake (2)!!! Im So Happy That I See Him He Picks Me Up Tells Us To Run We Run To The Forest Last I See Is Casper (10) Stabing Brann (6) BOOM!!

Justin (8)

Im Running As I Reach There I Grab A Sword And Kill Banak (12) BOOM!!! As Im Running I See Orianna Getting Starngled By Jessie I Grab Jessie And Kick Him Than I Slice His Thigh And Take Orianna And Tell Her "Allies" She Says Yes As We Are Leaving Yesenia (7) Accidently Killed Alexander (7) BOOM!!

Belladonna (2)

I Grabbed A Backpack And Knives I Throw One And It Hits Nick (5) In The Eye BOOM!!! Yay! I Got My First Kill Then I See Jake Snapping Jessie's (11) Neck BOOM!!! I See Archane (8) And Throw My Knife It Hits Her In The Back She Falls Then I Hear A BOOM!!! Yes!

Fallen Tributes

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
24th Rickey Dean 3 Archane 8 1
23th Brann Clatch 6 Casper 10 1
22th Banak Cane 12 Justin 8 1
21th Alexander Cubioti 7 Yesenia 7 1
20th Nick Russel 5 Belladonna 2 1
19th Jessie Birch 11 Jake 2 1
18th Archane Webb 8 Belladonna 2 1


  • All Tributes Who Werent Mentioned In The Bloodbath Are Ok
  • The Careers Took Over The Cornucopia
  • Yesenia Is With The Careers
  • The Alliance #2 Went To The Ocean
  • Careers #2 Went To The Forest

And The Rest..... Wait And See Tomorrow ;)

Rest Of Day 1!!

Kacey (1)

Well Me Jake (2) And Dust (10) We Are At The Forest I Just Cant Forget How Jake (2) Saved Me At The Cornucopia Its Was So Sweet. As We Are Walking I See A Ghostly Figure 3 Acutally They Come Closer I Felt Wierd I Cant Look Awayyyyyy Ahhhhhhh!!! It Burned Me I Look And See They Are Also In A Trans Ahhh! Help

Electra (3)

Me And Justin (8) And Orianna (9) Are Walking And Then We Get To The Beach As We Get There I See Casper (10), Fallen (10) And Aleena (11) So We Hide Then I Hear A Scream I Look Back And They Are Being Attacked By Fish Mutts Aleena (11) Stooped Moving BOOM!!!! Then Casper (10) Started Floating!!! BOOM!!! I Look And Fallen Is On The Sand!!!

Orianna (9)

We Tried But Fallen Lost To Much Blood BOOM!!! Me Justin (8) And Electra (3) Decide To Leave. We Get To The Meadows By Sun Down And We See The Anthem I See All The Tributes That Died. Thats Alot 7 People Died In The Cornucopia Plus Fallen (10), Aleena (11) And Casper (10) = 10 Tributes There 14 Of Us Left.

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
17th Aleena Unteeagen 11 Mutts N/A 1/2
16th Casper Gustom 10 Mutts N/A 1/2
15th Fallen Marsop 10 Mutts N/A 1/2


  • Careers #2 Is Ok But Badly Burned
  • Orianna (9), Justin (8) And Electra (3) Are Close To the Careers ;)
  • Patrick (9) Is In A Cave On The Ice Mountain He Needs Help

Day 2!!

Jone (6)

As Im Walking There The Forest I Hear A Beeping Its A Little Box With A Parachute I Open It And It Says "Relax Your Fine Keeping Doing What Your Doing" Yay! Im Doing Great I Something In The Bushes Its A Ghost Figure I Cant Runnnnn AHHHHHH Sh!t It Burned My Ahhhh I Run But My Hand Hurts It Badly Burned!

Dust (12)

Im With Kasey (1) And Jake (2) We Got Our Hand Burned By A Mutt Wait I Hear A Beeping And Box Comes. I Open It And Its Medicane I Pun On A Little Bit And Give It To Jake (2) And Kasey (1). They Say Thank You And I Say Your Welcome.

Perdere (4)

Well Im With Thomas (4), Belladonna (2), Alexander (2), And Yesenia (7) I Hear A Beeping And Here Comes A Box The Size Of The Both My Hands It Says Perdere I Open It And There Is An Axe! Im So Happy I Finally Get A Weapon!!

Kelsey (5)

Im At The Wheatfields No Backpack Or Weapon! *Beep *Beep* Wait What Is That!! A Big Box!! Once It Lands I Look In There Is A Backpack And A Bow And Arrow Yay! My Backpack Has Rope,Matches,Water,Blanket, Yes! I Could Do A Lot With These!!


  • No One Died Today
  • Patrick (9) Needs Help
  • And We Found Out Where Kelsey Is

Day 3

Belladonna (2)

As Im Sitting Down I Hear A Beeping Noice I Look Up And Its A Box The Sie Of My 2 Hands I Open It And There Is A Dagger And Backpack!!! "Finally I Can Kill The Careers" Starting With Thomas!!! I Throw My Dagger And It Hts Him Square In The Eye! BOOM!! Everyone Starts Running They See Thomas Dead So I Throw My Dagger At Alexander And Hits Him In The Chest!! BOOM!!! Yes! Everyone Startes Running!

Peredere (4)

Belladonna Killed Thomas (4) And Alexander (1) Me And Yesenia (7) Started An Alliance We Are Both Running Into The Desert Its So Hot And We Comes A Sand Storm!!! Ahhhhhh The Sand Its Stabbing Me I See Blood Coming Out Of My Legs!! And Same With Yesenia It Hurts So Much I Need Bandages And Medicane!! SPONSER!!!!! I NEED MEDICINE OR IM GONNA DIE!!!

Kelsey (5)

Im At The Wheatfield When I Feel Something In My Leg I Look And Its A Bug Ewww Ahhhh! Its Peicing My Skin NO!! It Went Inside I Grab My Knife And Cut It Out!! And Stab It Then I See A Bunch Of Tracker Jackers Coming My Way!!

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
14th Thomas Quince 4 Belladonna 2 3
13th Alexander Bliss 4 Belladona 2 3

Day 4

Jone (6)

Im Walking Threw The Forest And Yesenia (7) And Perdere (4) Bump Into Me And Fall They Tell Me To Run As I Get Up I See Belladonna (2) She Throws Her Dagger And It Hits Me In Leg! Ahhhh Since That Was Her Only Dagger I Take It And Stab Her In The Stomach She Scream And Hits Me We Start To Fight She Pushes Me On The Ground We We Begin To Roll Until I Feel Like Im Falling Ahhhhhhh! BOOM!!!

Patrick (9)

Im Slowly Dying Im To Cold Why Wont My Sponser Give Me Something?? I Feel My Eyes Starting To Close NO!!! But I Cant Stop It Im Heart Is Beating To Fast I Can Hear It Beating It So Hard Breathe! I Cant Hold It Anymore My Eye Lids Are To Heavy BOOM!!!

Kasey (1)

Me And Jake (2) Are Taking Showers In The Forest Once I Get Out I Accidently Fall On Him And We Kissed! OMG That Was Amazing Im So Happy I Hear A Cannon And I Turn Around To Make Sure Dust (12) Isnt Dead She Isnt.... Its Sun Down And I Look At The Sky And See Jone (6) The District 6 Female And Patrick (9) The District 9 Male.

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
12th Jone Depaul 6 Falling Off Cliff/Belladonna 2 4
11th Patrick Diome 9 Froze To Death N/A 4


  • All Of D6 Is Gone
  • Kasey (1) And Jake (2) Have Started A Relashionship

Day 5

Yesenia (7)

Im At The Desert With Perdere My Sponser Gave Me So Bandages And Medicine We Decide To Go To The Ocean So We Do Its Like 2:00 When We Get There But Then I See Belladonna. NO!!!! We Fight Belladone Threw Her Dagger At Perdere It Hits Her In The Throat! NO!!!!! I Run Up And Be-head Belladonna BOOM!!! Perdere Is Still Alive I Give Her Insta-Fix Thank God The Cut Isnt Deep She Falls Asleep.

Orianna (9)

As Me And Electra Are Walking I See A Girl On The Floor She Got Stung To Much By Tracker Jackers She Must Be In A Coma As We Get Closer I Hear A Cannon She Is Dead The Something Stings Electra Tracker Jacker!!! I Can See Them Coming We Run I See Electra (3) Screaming She Falls Then BOOM!! Then Something STings Me I Look Back And I Trip!! NOOOOOO I See A Blur And I Close My Eyes. BOOM!!!

Justin (8)

I Hear 4 Cannons Today So I Decide Its Time To Kill I Go And See Dust (12), Jake (2), And Kasey (1) I Go And Stab Kasey (1) BOOM!! Then I Slit Jake's (2) Throat BOOM!!!! I Look For Dust (10) But She Is Gone! Damn Whatever I Did Good! Its Night I Look At The Sky And See Kasey (1), Jake (2), Belladonna (2), Electra (3), Kelsey (5) And Orianna (9) Wow A Lot Of People

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
10th Belladonna Quimby 2 Yesenia 7 5
9th Kelsey Parker 5 Mutts N/A 5
8th Electra Volts 3 Mutts N/A 5
7th Orianna Rishfield 9 Mutts N/A 5
6th Kasey Lonta 1 Justin 8 5
5th Jake Monkor 2 Justin 8 5


  • All Careers Are Dead Expect Perdere
  • 4 Tributes Remain
  • Day 6 Last Day

Last Day! This Was Really Fun!! Thnx For Giving Me Your Tributes

Yesenia (7)

Yay! Im So Happy 4 Tributes Remain! *PA Talking* "Hello Tributes All Go To The Cornucopia We Will Have Our Final Day!" NO!! I Damn He Ruined My Plan So I Get Their I See Perdere (4) We Went Our Seperate Ways Last Night. Dust (10) And Justin (8) There Is A Way Home A Hovercraft We All Run

Perdere (4)

As Im Running I Stab Dust (10) BOOM!!! Then I See Justin (8) Stabbing Yesenia (7) NOOOO BOOM!! I Run Towards Him And We Fight I Tear His Foot He Slices My Arm.....

Justin (8)

Im Fighting Perdere (4) She Slices My Foot But I Slice Her Arm As We Are Fighting I Bang Her Head Against The Cornucopia She Counters By Moving And I Hit My Head As Im There She Is About To Stab When I But My Dagger Pointing Her And She Runnings Into It BOOM!!! OMG I Cant Believe It I Won The Hunger Games!

Death Chart :)

Place Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
24th Rickey Dean 3 Archane 8 1
23th Brann Clatch 6 Casper 10 1
22th Banak Crane 12 Justin 8 1
21th Alexander Cubioti 7 Yesenia 7 1
20th Nick Russel 5 Belladonna 2 1
19th Jessie Birch 11 Jake Monkor 2 1
18th Archane Webb 8 Belladonna 2 1
17th Aleena Unteeagen 11 Mutts N/A 2
16th Casper Gustom 10 Mutts N/A 2
15th Fallen Marsop 10 Mutts N/A 2
14th Thomas Quince 4 Belladonna 2 3
13th Alexander Bliss 1 Belladona 2 3
12th Jone Depaul 6 Belladona/Falling From Cliff 2 4
11th Patrick Diome 9 Froze To Death N/A 4
10th Belladonna Quimby 2 Yesenia 7 5
9th Kelsey Parker 5 Mutts N/A 5
8th Electra Volts 3 Mutts N/A 5
7th Orianna Rishfield 9 Mutts N/A 5
6th Kasey Lonta 1 Justin 8 5
5th Jake Monkor 2 Justin 8 5
4th Dust Dickson 12 Peredere 4 6
3rd Yesenia Root 7 Justin 8 6
2nd Perdere Casey 4 Justin 8 6
Victor! Justin 8 N/A N/A Day 6

Congrats To Justin (VarinEgo) I Will Be Doing My Next Games Tomorrow! So Justin Will Be A Mentor!! Congrats Man! :)

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