Hi Guys This Is My Second Games Since My Other Games Where So Succesful This Is 5 Years After My Other Games!! And I Will Have Justin (8) From Last Games As A Mentor!! So Join


1. I Will Go On Profiles :)

2. 2 Tribs Max

3. Reservations Last For 2 Days


1. Meet Me Online For Alliance Arrangment

2. Again Owners Will Be Sponsers

3. Have Fun :)

District Name Gender Weapon Owner/Other
D1 Martha Jones (16) Female Knife PotatoMan10
D1 Lion Scrapes (18) Male Sword Robin040197
D2 Tarelia Anderson (17) Female Throwing Knives Robin040197
D2 Script Level (18) Male Mace, Axe FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
D3 Kachang Mindi (12) Female Wire Maybell_Rocks!!
D3 Jabin Volts (13) Male Knife Maybel_Rocks!!
D4 Jasmine Cornel (15) Female Bow & Arrow Asfbn
D4 Titanic Seas (18) Male Trident, Knife CoolCato
D5 Milly Clatch (14) Female Bow And Arrow Robin040197
D5 Allan Raye (13) Male Katana Wesolini
D6 Fiona Gartuche (13) Female Throwing Knives, Knives IHeartHungerGames
D6 Kold Yotree (17) Male Sword IHeartHungerGames
D7 Rose Greyser (16) Female Bow And Arrow Wesolini
D7 Alex Preix (18) Male Sai AsherMizzou
D8 Varin Ego (13) Male Curved Sword, Spike Ball (1st Rubber Then Thrown Spikes Come Out) VarinEgo
D8 Pulchra Ego (16) Female Trident, Knife VarinEgo
D9 Rye Skylark (12) Male Mace, Knife VarinEgo
D9 Feline Madir (12) Female Spear, Knives Robin040197
D10 Pillani Violo (14) Male Scythe, Kama FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
D10 Brie Pelt (14) Female Axe, Throwing Knives Daveforeva
D11 Thresh Lobu Jr. (18) Male Sickle, Sword AsherMizzou
D11 Kendra Hamilton (17) Female Throwing Knives Clove_the_best
D12 Simion Litt (18) Male Throwing Knives FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
D12 Petra Liit (15) Female Axen Knife FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne


Careers: Martha (1); Lion (1); Tarelia (2); Script (2); Jasmine (4); Titanic (4)

Alliance 2: Pulchra (8); Varin (8); Fiona (6); Alex (7)

Alliance 3: Kachang (3); Jabin (3); Kold (6)

Alliance 4: Milly (5); Feline (9); Brie (10), Rose (7)

Chariot Parade

Ceaser Flickerman: Welcome To The Chariot Parades Our Tributes While Arrive Shortly!

Jennifer Quesis: Not Shortly Enough, Here Comes District 1

District 1: Female: Spray Painted Gold With A Lovely Fushia Dress Coverd With Dimonds And Glitter. Male: Spray Painted Gold Too Has His Hair Greased Behind And A Suit With Glitter And Jewelery.

Cearser: Isnt That Eye Grabbing

Jennifer: It Sure Is! Here Comes District 2

District 2: Female: Wearing A Samurai With A Mask Wield A Sword Hair In A Ponytail. Male: Same Thing

Ceaser I Think They Could Have Done Better

Jennifer: I Dissagree This Show Oh Tough They Are

Ceaser: Here Comes District 3

District 3: Female: Silver Dress That Is Sparking! Her Boots Are All So Sparking. Male: Silver Suit With Electricity Coming Out Wearing Gloves. When The Two Put There Hands Together A Line Of Electricity.

Ceaser: Wow That Was Electrifing

Jennifer: Wow Cool

District 4: Female Is A Mermaid Sitting On A Rock With A Crown. Male: Posiden Wielding A Trident With A Beard.

Ceaser: Thats Was Cool

Jennifer: Yup!

District 5: Female Is A Power Line Same As The Male

Ceaser : *Yawn*

Jennifer: Terrible

District 6: Female Is A Car Same As Male

Ceaser: Ouch!

Jennifer: .....

District 7: Female: A Dress At The Torso The Dress Is Wavy Like A Pine Cone Tree. Male: Green Suit With The Bottom Being Brown To Simulate A Tree Trunk

Ceaser: Finally Something Good!

Jennifer: Tru Dat!

District 8: Female Mismatch Dress With Different Fabrics On The Dress: Same With Male Execpt Suit

Ceaser: Cool

Jennier: Hmm

District 9: Female: Has Her Hair Braided With Wheat Grain Dresses With Grain On It. Male: Suit With Grain On It

Ceaser: Nice!

Jennier Cool

District 10: Female: Wearing A Fur Dress With Cheetah Print Shoes Are Brown With Cheetah Print. Male: Zebra Print Suit

Ceaser: Pretty!

Jennifer: Thats So Stylish

District 11: Female: Is Long Dress With Leaves And Flowers. Male A Green Suit

Ceaser: Kinda Boring

Jennifer: I Like It

District 12: All Dressed As Miners

Ceaser: ...........

Jennifer: ..........

Chariot Ranking

Rank District
1st District 3
2nd District 1
3rd District 7


District 4

5th District 10
6th District 9
7th District 8
8th District 11
9th District 2
10th District 5
11th District 6
12th District 12

Training Scores

Name Age District Training Scores Odds
Martha Jones 16 1 9 8-1
Lion Scrapes 18 1 10 2-1
Tarelia Anderson 17 2 9 5-1
Script Level 18 2 10 4-1
Kachang Mindi 12 3 7 11-1
Jabin Volts 13 3 7 10-1
Jasmine Cornel 15 4 8 7-1
Titanic Seas 18 4 11 3-1
Milly Clatch 14 5 7 12-1
Allan Raye 13 5 6 14-1
Fiona Gartuche 13 6 6 13-1
Kold Yotree 17 6 4 23-1
Rose Greyser 16 7 7 9-1
Alex Preix 18 7 8 8-1
Varin Ego 13 8 12 1-1
Pulchra Ego 16 8 10 5-1
Rye Skylark 12 9 8 12-1
Feline Madir 12 9 5 16-1
Pillani Violo 14 10 6 15-1
Brie Pelt 14 10 7 8-1
Thresh Lobu Jr. 18 11 10 6-1
Kendra Hamilton 17 11 6 18-1
Simion Liit 18 12 4 26-1
Petra Liit 15 12 5 24-1


Titanic (4)

60,59,58,57,56,55 I Cant Wait To Go In The Bloodbath Kill Some Tributes!!! 50,49,48,47,46,45,44 I See A Green Backpack And I Spear I Could Use To Kill In The Bloodbath!!! So Exited 29,28,27,26

Feline (9)

Should I Go In The Bloodbath??? No. Yes!. No I See A Red Backpack!!! Its Not So Close But In The Middle 15,14,13,12,11,10 OMG 10 More Seconds!! Im Going!

Rye (9)

I See Feline Eyeing A Red Backpack I Try To Get Her Attention But I Cant Its Now Or Never!! 5,4,3,2........ Let The 1,560th Games Begin!! 1 GONGGGGGGG I Run In The Cornucopia I See Feline (9) Getting The Backpack But The District 12 Male Is Chasing Her!!

Simion (12)

Im Chasing Feline (9) But She Is So Fast I Decied To go Back I See Petra Killing Kendra (11) BOOM!!! Then I See Alex (7) Fighting With Rose (7). But I Guess Rose (7) Is To Cunning She Grabs A Sickle And Stabs Him In The Neck! BOOM!! As Im Running Away I See Titanic Killing Kold (6) BOOM!!

Jasmine (4)

Im Attacking Fiona (6) When The Cornucopia Rises!! And Water Comes Spilling Out!! I Lose My Grip On Fiona We All Get Blown Away By Water!! And I Close My Eyes. I Wake Up At Night And See Te Athem And I See: Milly (4), Kold (6), Alex (7), Kendra (11) And Simion (12). 5 People Died So Thats 19 Tributes Left?!?!?!?!?

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
24th Kendra Hamilton 11 Petra Liit 12 1
23th Alex Preix 7 Rose Greyser 7 1
22th Kold Yotree 6 Titanic Seas 4 1
21th Simion Liit 12 Small Wave C 1
20th Milly Clatch 5 Small Wave C 1

Day 2

Brie (10)

Well I Escaped The Bloodbath With An Axe And Backpack. Im In The Forest There I See Feline (9) And Rose (7) They See Me And Come To Hug!! Me. Im So Happy To See Them Then I Hear A Cannon We All Freak And Run!!!

Tarelia (2)

Well I Just Killed Allan (5) Knife In The Back Im So Happy!!! Well Us Careers Are Walking Then I See Feline (9) Rose (7) And Brie (10) They All See Us And Sprint I Throw My Knife And It Hits Rose Square In The Back She Falls But Then I See Feline (9) Has A Knife And Throws It. AHHHHH It Hits My F**king Thigh!! It Slows Me Down Rose (7) Is There Bleeding They Are Helping Her.

Petra (12)

Im So Sad *sobbs* Then I See Fiona Come And She Says "Allies" And I Say "Yes" While We are Sitting I Hear The Ground Shaking So We Run Out And See Whats Happening Then A Tree Falls And Crushes Fiona (6) BOOM!! Then I See A Rock Coming Towards My Head And Then Black. BOOM!!!

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
19th Allan Raye 5 Tarelia Anderson 2 2
18th Fiona Gartuche 12 Tree Crushes Her C 2/3
17th Petra Liit 6 Rock Crushes Her C 2/3

Day 3

Rose (7)

My Back Is Aching!! So Much Its Hurts! Thank God!!! Brie (10) & Feline (7) Was There To Help Me. Im So Greafull Last Night I Saw Petra (12), Fiona (6), Allan (5). I Dont Know Who Is Next But There Was An Earthquake So Yeah!!. I See A Fog!! I Have To Warn Brie (10) & Feline (9)

Pulchra (8)

Me And Varin Are In A Lake Taking A Bath When I Feel The Water Change And Next Thing I Know Im Sinking Im Just Falling I Cant Get Up!!! I Look At Varin He Is Splashing To Like He Cant Get Up!!! I Start To Close My Eyes Then i See A Hand And It Picks Me Up Then It Gets Fuzzy And Black

Rye (9)

Well I Just Saved The 2 District 8's. First Pulchra (8) Regains Concusionness Then Varin I Say "Allies" And They Say "Yes". I Got Them Food And Water They Must Have Not Eaten Anything For Along Time I Say "Its Time To Move" And They Agree.

Day 4

Martha (1)

Right Now Im At The Cornucopia With The Rest Of The Careers! OMG I See A Fire!! "Lion You Me And Jasmine Go To Check It Out" We Run Then We See Just A Fire Lion Says "What The F*ck Is Happening? Then Tree I See A Tidel Wave This Time Bigger I Get Washed!! AHHHH I Feel I Peirceing In My Back Then I See Black

Kachang (3)

Me And Jabin Hear 3 Canons. Thats Wierd???Next Thing I Know I Taste Salt Water I Scream Out "JABIN!!!!" But I Dont Hear I Reponse I Grab On To A Tree And Dont Let Go Then I Hear A "KACHANG!" I Know He Is Safe. After It Ends I Get Down I Get Back To Him Then I Hear 2 Canons?

Pulchra (8)

We Just Survived That Tidal Wave We Are All So Tired!! From Swimming Me And Varin (8) Eat While Rye (9) Goes And Gets More Food He Comes Back Later With A Fox!! Thank God!! We Eat Then The Athem Plays I See Martha (1), Lion (1) And Then I See Jasmine (4) After Her Is Pillani (10) & Thresh Lubo Jr. (11).

Fallen Tributes District Killer/Death District Day
16th Martha Jones 1 Wave C 4
15th Lion Scrapes 1 Wave C 4
14th Jasmine Correl 4 Wave C 4
13th Thresh Lubo Jr. 11 Wave C 4
12th Pillani Violo 10 Wave C 4

Day 5

Tarelia (2)

Damn!! Half Of Our Careers Are Dead!! Just Me, Script (2), And Titanic (4) Then I Hear A P.A And It Says "This Is The Final Day All Meet At The Cornucopia There I See Rose (7), Brie (10), Feline (9), Pulchra (8), Varin (8) Kachang (3), Jabin (3) And Rye (9). Then I Get Pushed On The Floor And Draged To A Podium And The P.A Says "All Of Us Will Restart The Cornucopia!" U Have 10 Seconds To Run To The Hovercraft To Get Hime"

Rose (7)

9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GONG!!! I Run As Fast As I Can To The Middle I See Script (2) Killing Rye (9) BOOM!!!. Kachang Is Pinning Tarelia And Slices Her Throat BOOM!!!! I Turn My Head Forward And All I See Peach! Im On The Floor Titanic Stabs Me In The Stomach. "Ahhhhhh Then A Few More Times And Everything Goes Fuzzy Then Black BOOM!!!

Jabin (3)

I Just See Titanic Killing The District 7 Female Rose (7) BOOM!!! I Run And I See Script Pinning Kachang I Go And Pull Him Off And Hit Him!! But He Is To Fast And Stabs Me In The Throat I Hear Kachang (3) Screaming And Then The World I Turning Darker And Then Black BOOM!!

Brie (10)

I See Pulchra Killing Feline (9) BOOM!!! NO I Scream And Run Towards Her And Push Of Pulchra (8) And Stab Her In The Back She Screams I Stab Her 5 More Times Then I Know She Is Dead BOOM!!! I Take An Axe And Then Scrpit Throws Himself At Me He Pin's Me And Starts To Hit Me Then I Grab My Axe And Stab His Back When He Turns Around I Hit Him In The Chest BOOM!!!!

Varin (8)

I Know Pulchra Is Dead. I Run And Then Something Tackles Me I Look And Its Titanic (4). He Cuts Me In The Cheek Then I See Brie (10) Takes Him Off But He Is To Fast He Puches. He Jumps But She Sticks Her Axe Infront BOOM!!! She Picks Me Up But Then I See Kachang And Go In the Way. My Chest It Hurts And I Cant Breath

Kachang (3)

I Fight With Brie (8) She Slices My Foot I Stab Her In His Thigh She Pushes Me But I Get We Fight Until She Tripps Over A Dead Tarelia (2) Im About To Stab Her When The P.A Say "Thats Enough We Have Our Victors Brie Pelt And Kachang Mindi

Rank Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
24th Kendra Hamilton 11 Petra Liit 12 1
23th Alex Preix 7 Rose Greyser 7 1
22th Kold Yotree 6 Titanic Seas 4 1
21th Simion Liit 12 Small Wave C 1
20th Milly Clatch 5 Small Wave C 1
19th Allan Raye 5 Tarelia Anderson 2 2
18th Fiona Gartuche 6 Tree Falls C 2
17th Petra Liit 12 Rock Crushes C 2
16th Martha Jones 1 Wave C 4
15th Lion Scapres 1 Wave C 4
14th Jasmine Correl 4 Wave C 4
13th Thresh Lubo Jr. 11 Wave C 4
12th Pillani Violo 10 Wave C 4
11th Rye Skylar 9 Script Level 2 5
10th Tarelia Anderson 2 Kachang Mindi 8 5
9th Rose Greyser 7 Titanic Seas 4 5
8th Jabin Volts 3 Script Levels 2 5
6th Feline Madir 9 Pulchra Ego 8 5
5h Pulchra Ego 8 Brie Pelt 10 5
4th Script Level 2 Brie Pelt 10 5
3rd Titanic Seas 4 Brie Pelt 10 5
2nd Varin Ego 8 Kachang Mindi 3 5


Kachang Mindi And Brie Pelt Will Be I Our Next Games And Mentors!!

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