Hey!!! This is my games!!! Hope you comment and <3333 them


1. 1 Trib Max

2. Dont kill me if your trib dies


Everyone at the Capitol is waiting very excited to hear the news. President Craler walks up and makes the worst announcement ever. "Welcome everyone thanks for coming I would like to say that I will not re-enstate The Hunger Games. Instead I will put in something called The Torture Games. These will be for worse they tributes will endure far worse objectives maybe painful objectives until on of them says I give up". "Every district will send 1 male or 1 female but in all there will be 6 females & 6 males". The winner will be able to come home and relax and live in luxary and will always be well fed. "Thats it for todays announcement". All of the districts are very surprised and very Afraid.


1. 6 Female & 6 Males

District Name Gender Strenghths Weakness
D1 Kurumu Urucu (16) Female Endurance Climbing
D2 Lulu Johnson (14) Female Speed Water
D3 Johnathan Kohl (17) Male Intelliagnce Mutts
D4 Kailani Kama (16) Female Surfing Cutter Sharks
D5 Janice Withers (15) Female Intelligence Bugs
D6 David Seas (16) Male Swimming Running
D7 Rose Greyser (16) Female Climbing Cant Swim
D8 Clarissa "Clari" Hyland (16) Female Climbing Running
D9 Will Bilter (18) Male Climbing Combat
D10 Zap Core (12) Male Fast Not Strongest
D11 Buddy Harleton (12) Male Running Swimming
D12 Austin Daves (15) Male Killing Hand-To-Hand Combat




District 1

Kurumu Urucu- I wake up and im ready for me to volunteer I put on my mini dress dimond earrings and Jimmy Chu's then I leave I walk down the road and smell purfume the beautiful smell of lavender as we pile in the circle our escort comes and I wait when she says "Ladies first" I scream "I volunteer" I could see my mom is proud and I know im ready.

District 2

Lulu Johnsen- Today is the reapings I get ready and head out. Im very fast so I can win these Torture Games so I walk down and get to the middle the escorts comes and talks about the rules because this is the 1st ever she then procedes to pick the name. I panic so I scream out "I volunteer".

District 3

Johnathon Khol- Today is the first reaping for The Torture Games I dont wanna get out of bed but I manage to get out of bed I leave and get ready in the circle escorts explain the rules then she puts her hand in the bowl and reads "Johnathon Khol" I walk up. INCOMPLETE

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