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Tributes of the 37th HG!
District Boy Tribute Girl Tribute Creator
One Canopy Starsos Chandelier Fronum Totaldramarox97
Two Marcan Collcoin Selia Hawthorn Rueflower
Three Digit Starr Lucky Dawn Anon...
Four Hugo Bay Katerina Trissoak Kitty (No account)
Five Alexander Guheelo Aleta Petracca Hungergames fan girl
Six Arizona Evergreen Alice Redfield Newgirl101
Seven Stronton Melich Sedra Alsypse Julian Espinoza
Eight Alex Hood Dakota Hood Awesomeness4eva
Nine Kakeru Satsuki Misuzu Kusakabe Moon Beam
Ten Wolfan Johnson Rosebeam Williams A friend (No account)
Eleven James Haright Rose Angelou Kookykat14
Twelve Gale Hazelthorn Ephedra Charles EphedraCharles

I will post almost every day, although maybe not as much as I did in the 36th - One or two POV's a day, at the least?

  • Canopy Starsos of D1
  • Chandelier Fronum of D1
  • Selia Hawthorn of D2
  • Marcan Collcoin of D2
  • Lucky Dawn of D3
  • Digit Starr of D3
  • Katerina Trissoak of D4
  • Hugo Bay of D4
  • Aleta Petracca of D5
  • Alexander Guheelo of D5
  • Alice Redfield of D6
  • Arizona Evergreen of D6
  • Sedra Alsypse of D7
  • Stronton Melich of D7
  • Dakota Hood of D8
  • Alex Hood of D8
  • Misuzu Kusakabe of D9
  • Kakeru Satsuki of D9
  • Rosebeam Willaims of D10
  • Wolfan Johnson of D10
  • James Haright of D11
  • Rose Angelou of D11
  • Ephedra Charles of D12
  • Gale Hazelthorn of D12

The Reapings:

District one, Chandelier Fronum:

The first thing my fuddled brain can recognize is thunder. Relentless, booming thunder. My eyes wearily flutter open and I automatically let out a groan. A thunder storm on Reaping day. Not good at all. I feel a soft, radiating warmth seeping down my back. My little brother is sleeping next to me. I smile and ruffle his hair. Someday he'll start training, and he'll be strong and brave. My little brother. I slowly creep to the window and look out of the slightly cracked glass. Rain spatters on the pane, a hollow, thumping sound. I sleepily yawn, I am so tired. A bend down to stretch away all the sleepiness. Ahh. Much better. A booming thunder clap startles me, breaking through the sky, splitting it down the middle. I whip my head around to my little sibling. No, the thunder didn't wake him up. Good. I rub my eyes as I feel through my wardrobe for a reaping outfit. My blind hands settle on a cotton dress. I pull it out and examine. It looks fine. And relatively waterproof. Hmph. It's going to have to be VERY water resistant to even survive this weather. As I make my way to the bathroom to change, my fingers flit about, nervously. Reapings. Reapings... I automatically think of my brothers. I hope they won't volunteer when they're old enough. They had better not. Or I swear I'll... never mind.

District one, Canopy Starsos:

My mother holds my brother's hand as we walk to the circle. My father holds my other brother's. Both boys are deaf. Sometimes I wish I were deaf, too, to block out all of the comments I get about my parent's charity work. It's embarrassing to be complimented for your parent's deeds. It feels awkward. Unfortuanately, I'm the lucky one who hears things. The birds, the honks of automobiles, the thunder this morning. I know that it's good to hear, but I'd rather not be humiliated. Wishful thinking, huh?

The day is quite dreary, yet all the citizens in the square are happy. Hey, it's the hunger games! Yay! Yeah, right. I try to keep up with the fast-speaking escort as I signal to my brothers, who watch my hands intently. My fingers flit around like birds. I wonder what it would be like if hands were your only connection to the outside world. "And the boy tribute is..." I sign out. I never finish signing, though. Because the name is my name. Canopy Starsos. And the girl: Oh, the girl! Only my life-long crush. I think I'd rather be deaf than be stuck in this situation. Oh, yes, I'd way rather be deaf.

District two, Fall Manell:

My mother harshly yanks on my hand, willing me to go onward. "Come on, Fall!" Her tone is so... mean. "I-I'm trying" I start. Then, I cough, racking my body from head to toes. My mother gives me a stern look and says, "Now, try not to cough. You'll cough up a lung or something." I almost flinch at her harsh, unforgiving words. She is obviously trying not to show her real emotions. When we approach the square, I get another coughing fit. A cold glare from my mother silences me but leaves an itchy spot in my throat. I look downwards to avoid my mother's eyes. I keep them downcast throughout the speeches and entrances. When they call the girl name, I finally look up. And I know the girl's name. It's my own, "Fall Manell." I wrench my hand loose of my mom's and hobble onstage. Everyone murmurs, not happy about my sickness. "Any volunteers?" twitters the escort. The silence is ear-splitting. Finally, a pain filled voice starts, "I volunteer!" I sigh relief and run back to my mother as I watch the girl go onstage. She may be as young as me. I feel pressure behind my eyes as a wave of gratitude washes over me. This girl is saving my life and risking her own. Her sacrifice deserves winning. She needs to win.

District 3, Lucky Dawn:

Let me just tell you - WORST DAY EVER. And it's only 8:24 in the morning. Since waking up a couple of minutes ago, I have been hit in the head, tripped over my own blankets, and totally messed up my hair. Oh wait, one more thing - it's Reaping day. Aw, man! Well, here I am, at 8:24 in the morning, rushing to get ready for the 9:00 Reapings. Wear this, eat that, brush this, do that. Everything is a blur this morning, huh? At the reasonable time of 8:51, I leave the house. Not too shabby, huh?

Well, the day gets worse. 9:00, I'm at the District square. Saying "Hi," doing friendly stuff. You know. So, escort comes in at 9:05. Escort draws girl's name at 9:12. Girl's name is... WHAT THE-? Really??? The day gets EVEN WORSE. Lucky Dawn. Hmph. Aren't I lucky? No. I storm up on stage. I'm going to do something stupid.... then it hits me. I greet the escort. "Hi!" I say cheerfully. Surprised, she says, "Uhm, hello!" I open my mouth to say something else when BAM! I snatch the wig off her head. She shrieks, and puts her hand out for me to deposit the wig in. Her real blonde hair is falling out of the pins she has it in. I clutch the turquoise wig to my chest and shake my head with a cocky smile. She stomps her foot and screeches. The mayor takes my shoulder and says, "Lucky. Give it back."Then he sighs. Drama queen. I hand over the wig. The Capitol people will either love me or be appalled by me. Either or, I'm happy. The escort puts her wig on, cheeks burning bright red. I giggle and snarkily smile. The escort just glares. I'm still smiling when the boy tribute is called. Digit Starr...? Have I heard that name somewhere? Yes! My parents work for his parents! My token that I'm using is a badge from his factory! Digit Starr? Really? Oh, this is cool! Me and my parent's employer's child - oh, it is on. In a "friendly" way, no doubt. No doubt at all.

District 4, Jen Dean (from my last games):

Can a dead girl hurt? Hurt for her family, hurt for her friends, hurt for the new girl tribute? The girl tribute that she, if she had played it smart, would be training right now? Maybe dead girls can hurt. I know I do. The district is exactly how it was a year ago, when I left it for the last time. I wonder if dead girls can speak. If we can, maybe I can act as a guardian angel to this new tribute. Although, if you ask me, I was no angel. I could tell her things, give her advice. But that I know of, dead girls can't speak. We are silenced by the stitches of death. Strung up slowly, for those like me, or quickly, for those with a quicker death last year. Either way, the stitches hurt. Hurt like my own death, relived. My dull, aching pain is quickly replaced by anticipation. Will the new girl be strong and tough, or a weakling? I must know.

Eventually, I do learn. Katerina Trissoak. She seems okay. More than okay. Better than me. She had a hard look of determination on her face from moment one. And the boy, oh, the boy. Hugo Bay. Poor kid. What could he do? His friend, unable to walk without aid due to injury, was reaped. Was he supposed to sit there and watch his friend die? No. So he did the brave thing, for a thirteen year old boy. He volunteered. When he did, I heard one girl start to cry out, but she stopped herself. Then, she raced out of the square, tears streaming down her face, hand over gaping mouth, gasping for air. This is D4 for this year. A determined girl and a heartbreaking boy. Why can't we just have normal careers for once?

District 5, Little girl:

Why is everyone so sad? I don't get it! I'm not sad. So why's everyone else? I don't know. Everyone is so big, and scary. Really, really big! And really, really scary! I hide behind mommy's leg. She'll protect me from all the people. Won't she? She will. It's so noisy and loud. Everybody's all cramped up together. I don't like it! I get kind of pushed from behind and my red hair flies all over my face. I turn around, separating myself from mommy's leg. Who pushed me? That was mean! It's some big person. He's scary, even if he's not looking at me. I don't like him... and he's scary! I feel tears. I need to get mommy! I start to cry. Mommy bends down and picks me up. "There, there." She coos. But I STILL don't like the people! I bury my face in mommy's shoulder, so I don't have to see all the people. "What happened?" She asks. "I-I got pushed!" I blubber. I think talking is hard. I don't like to talk. Mommy just smiles at me. Why does she smile at me? I push my face back into her. Time passes. I'm getting bored. I think I'll just take a nap...

Huh? Wha's that? Oh, I'm at home. Yay! No more scary people! I'm still in mommy's lap. I'm not sleepy anymore. I wanna play! I tug at mommy's pant sleeve. "Mommy, mommy! I wanna play!!!" I whine. She slowly looks down. Her face is all red and streaky! "Not today, dear." She chokes out. This makes me upset. Mommy HAS to play with me! "Why mommy? Why?" She coughs a bit and says, "Because of The Hunger Games. That's why."

District 6, Unknown:

Little did she know. Little did she know that she would be reaped. That she was standing next to someone who knew her. Or at least, used to. She didn't know. To her, she was only Alice. Nothing else. Just Alice. The person she was standing next to, who she used to know, but didn't anymore, recognized her. That was Alice Redfield! Why didn't she say hello? The person knew why. Alice didn't. So here was Alice, Just Alice, alone in a crowded area. This was apparently a Reaping. Alice doesn't know. She doesn't know what a reaping is, what the hunger games are, anything. Just her name, and what is happening now. Alice likes that word. Now. A word that means almost nothing, because by the time "now" happens, it will be the past. Which Alice doesn't remember. Alice has always hated what she doesn't know. That's why she hates the past. Little does Alice know that in those glass balls, her name is in there, itching to be picked...

Little does he know. Little does he know that his little brother is no longer safe. One strip. What's the harm? Little does he know that his brother will be picked. That he will be faced with the choice of his or his brother's life. Little does he know that he will choose to risk his life. Little does he know that the girl he will be contesting with and against, his worst enemy, will be his best friend in the weeks to come. Alice Redfield. Slightly unhinged, crazy, mad, hostile, mysterious. Alice. Little does he know that within minutes, two words will leave his mouth, two words that are his death omen.

"I volunteer"

District 7, Mayor:

"Mayne?" I call into the Justice Building. Where is our escort? "Mayne?!?!" I call with increasing urgency and annoyance. I swear, if she is adjusting her makeup, I'll - "Yes, Mayor?" I hear a cool voice say. I sigh. Typical Mayne, trying to impress all the time. "Get onstage, you buffoon!" I howl. Her slick smile falls and is replaced by pursed lips and shocked eyes. "Well, you are a buffoon" I say under my breath. I hear the clatter of her insanely high stilettos and her chirpy voice. I wipe the layer of sweat off of my forehead a clutch my papers closer to me. As soon as I hear her voice come to a halt, I walk out of the wide arch of the Justice Building to my chair. I look down the row of chairs, all nine. Escort, Mayor, and seven victors. We're up there, victor-wise, beaten only by the career districts. Ugh. Careers. The bossy, mean killers of the games. When Mayne sits down, I slowly walk to the podium and begin the Treaty of Treason. Gosh, how much I hate doing this. It's pretty much a contract saying, "We kill your kids, you're okay with it, and we squish you to bits if anything goes wrong. I stutter a bit at one point, but no one seems to notice. After that is done, I give up the stage to Mayne once again. Her verve fills the emptiness of the platform. I sigh and close my eyes, waiting for the kids to come up. I hate the Hunger Games. Sometimes, I know the kids. Those years really suck. Suddenly, I hear a groan of dissent rise from the crowd. A young girl is on stage. Very young. She seems unaffected by the crowd and seems happy to be there. Hmm. The crowd silences itself when Mayne picks the boy. A young man by the name of Stronton Melich. He suits his name, well built and ready for battle. For once, maybe once, I am happy with Seven's tributes. Both of them.

District 8, Haley Hood:

I need Dakota! The man is here again! He's here! HE'S HERE! "DAKOTAAAA!" I screech. I don't want him to get near me! "DAKOTAAAAA!" I hear her coming down the stairs and know I am safe. I rush to her and cower behind her. She scans the room. Why doesn't she see the man? "Haley, what's wrong?" She asks. What's wrong? What's wrong?!?! There's the man here! He's back again! "He-he's here!" I splutter. "Who?" Dakota questions. I can sense her growing urgency and annoyance. "The man!" I cry out. Dakota kisses my forehead. "There is no man, Haley. No man here." But there is. He is here. "Why can't you see him?!" I scream. Dakota takes my arm and drags me into the kitchen. "Haley. There is no man there. You are imagining things. Please, Haley, ignore him. He's no harm to you." This makes no sense. "How do you know he won't hurt me when you aren't looking?" I whimper. She just wraps her arms around me and closes her eyes. Well, if Dakota thinks I'm safe, than I am.

I hate the Reapings. I hate them. So many people. So many. They scare me. But Dakota is here to protect me. And Alex, too. He's here. I stand with my siblings, waiting for the Reapings to begin. Suddenly, I see him. THE MAN! "DAKOTAAAAAAAA!" I shriek. She whips around and starts yell-whispering at me. "Haley! There is NO man here. No man. So, if you see him, ignore him, He won't hurt you." I am shocked at her harshness. "Ohkay." I whisper. But that doesn't change the fact that he's there. He's still here. I spend the rest of my time ignoring him, like Dakota says. Then, I hear my name being called. What? "No!" Dakota chokes out. What? "I VOLUNTEER!" Dakota yells. Oh no. My baby sister has been Reaped! This is the man's fault! It's HIS fault! I start to cry. Dakota, Dakota, Dakotaaa..... And then, I see Alex leaving too, his face pale. Alex? ALEX? No! NO! This can't be happening! All I see before I pass out is the man, silently watching me.

District 9, Kakure Satsuki:

I have never liked games. Never. Even in the school yard, when boys invited me to play soccer or other little games, I always refused. I hate games. There is only one game I want to play - The Hunger Games. I wish I were born in a career district, so my family would honor my training the way their families do. My parents are scared of me. I told them I wanted to play in the Games, and my mother fainted. They are weaklings. But I am not. So I am volunteering.

I have never liked games. So at the Reaping, standing in my roped off section, a boy comes up to me, and says, "Man, I'm really nervous." I ignore him. "What are you going to do if you get reaped?" He asks absent-mindedly. I whip around and grab his throat. He gasps, choking for air. "I won't be reaped." I calmly say. "I'll be volunteering." Then, I release him and laugh as he makes a bee-line for the opposite end of our area. I watch as the escort comes out. I chant in my head, I volunteer, I volunteer, I volunteer. The mayor says The treaty of Treason. I volunteer, I volunteer, I volunteer. They are choosing the girl. I volunteer, I volunteer. I think I know her. Seen her somewhere. I volunteer. Finally, they pick the boy. Kakure Satsuki. My name. I won't have to volunteer. As I walk stiffly on stage, I see the boy I choked. He nervously gulps. The girl and I are herded into the Justice Building, and I allow myself to ask the question that I have banished from my mind until now. What if I don't win? But I will. Right? Right. I'm not so sure anymore... why did I ever like The Hunger Games? Why did I ever want to volunteer when there is so much uncertainty in my survival rate? I have never liked games. Not even The Hunger Games.

District 10, Athena Esson:

"Rosebeam! Hellooooo! Rosebeam!" I call out to my best friend. She doesn't hear me. "ROSEBEAM!" I shriek. I swear, half the district looks over. Still, at least Rosebeam heard me. Her cheeks turn a bright crimson as she ducks her head and scurries over. "What do you want?" She says in a hushed, sharp voice. "You don't yell for me across the whole square! That's idiotic!" In my ever pointless manner, I say, "Hi." Her eyes narrow and her cheeks turn crimson again. I laugh as she rolls her eyes and says, "You're a dolt, you know that?" I giggle. Rosebeam is so fun to embarrass, as mean as it is. Rosebeam starts whacking me lightly. I start to laugh. Rosebeam is so hilarious when she's mad. Call me mean, but that's what friends are for, right? I'm still laughing when the mayor starts the treaty of treason. I force myself to stop, but small giggles work their way up from my stomach and wriggle their way out. A tickly feeling blooms in my tummy from the giggles. I really can't help it. But I stop, so Rosebeam isn't mortified to be standing next to me. I wait for the girl's name to be called while I swallow my laughs. Rosebeam and I won't be called. We're upper class, and we're both only twelve years old. We have as little counts as a kid can get. One. I turn to Rosebeam as the girl's name is called. What if it's someone we know? A nervous feeling replaces my laughs and sends a stone into my gut. I hear the girl's name and almost sigh relief, I thought it wasn't her. But it was. Who else is named Rosebeam Williams? As Rosebeam walks onstage, my head grows lighter and lighter and my eyes roll back into my head. My last conscious thought is that Rosebeam Williams is D10's new tribute. The word "tribute" echos throughout my mind. Tribute.

District 11, Rose Angelou:

I feel so lonely. If things were different, Kaya would be here at my house, and we'd enjoy the sweltering weather, able to play in the off-season. But things are as they are, and Kaya is dead. I force myself to remember this every day. I just want to forget. But if I do, I might slip up and ask her parents if she can play or where she is. So I choose pain over embarrassment. I can imagine a life, outside of Panem, where there is food and shelter. And we can all be happy for once. But I live in Panem, not anywhere else. And Kaya is dead. These are the simple truths in my life. My life is a simple truth. Rose lives her, in Panem. Her best friend is dead. She died of starvation. Rose will never see her again. Rose is always hungry, because she never gets enough to eat. Rose will NEVER get enough to eat. Because this is Panem. And there is never enough to eat. Except for in the Capitol. There is always enough to eat in the Capitol. These are the truths in my life, my bindings that make me miserable but keep me from going insane. As I walk to the district square, I add more to my list. I could be reaped. If I am reaped, I will die, because I have close to no chances at survival. I run into somebody while I am distracted. Wow. The square fills up fast and it's packed to the point where my family has to stand in the side-streets. I push my way through the crowd to the roped off section for twelve year olds. I wish Kaya were here with me! But she isn't, and she never will be. Suddenly, time freezes as I hear my name being called. I have been reaped.

I know Kaya would have volunteered for me. She was always stronger, faster, and bigger than me. She would have volunteered because she knew she would have had a chance. But me, I have no chance. So I walk onstage, wishing that Kaya were still alive. I add one more truth to my list: I am going to die.

District 12, Liam Charles, Ghost perspective:

There is one thing I miss more than anything. My little sister. She is almost all grown up now, and keeping my family alive. I always thought that she was a weakling, tiny and scared. That's why I always protected her from harm. She doesn't need protection anymore. She's grown up without me, a woman in a child's body. The Hunger Games tore us apart. I thought I would really win, that I could lift the crown of victory. But I didn't. I died. I broke my family's heart. I had made it so far, for a D12 tribute. I outlasted my district partner. And my ally, too. But I made a stupid mistake and the careers got me. I placed fourth. So close to coming back home. So far away, though. And the price I paid was my sister. Not her, but her childish ways, her cuteness. She is so different. Would she be the same if I hadn't died? I'll never know. But until she reaches the age of 18, she is doomed. In danger. And even I can't protect her from The Games. I watch her as she talks with friends, giggles at jokes. But there is a sadness lurking beneath her. A sad, cold flower, blooming in her heart. I watch as the escort picks the girl's strip. I close my eyes and chant not Ephedra, not Ephedra, please, not Ephedra! But chants never work. It's a waste of my time, so I stop. Why bother? I read the strip before the escort says the name. My heart lurches and I feel light, even for a ghost. The name is Ephedra Charles. My baby sister, the cute, happy one in our family. She shares my fate. But I won't let her die, I can't. She cannot die, and I will make sure of it. And I'll keep the boy, Gale Hazelthorn, alive as well. Because I can't relive my own death, so why should they have to?

Chariot Rides:

The night of the Chariot rides, a survey was passed around technologically. The crowd gave the Chariots ratings out of ten, one, bad, ten, amazing. Here are the results:

District one:

Chandelier was wearing a diamond-design corset, a gold plate short skirt, and knee length gladiator sandals. She had on a huge smile, and was really rockin' the outfit! Canopy had on a tunic-sort thing with different gems covering it. he had on simple flip-flops and a crown of jewels. He looked kind of freaked out about not wearing pants, but he hid it fairly well. Although, there was a consistent blush on his face the whole time... what was that about? Crowd rating: 6

District two:

The girl tribute, Celia, is wearing a baby blue dress that reaches knee length. It has ruffles on the skirt section, and on each ruffle, there are rows of diamond-shaped rocks, like granite and limestone. She also has on lots of jewelry. Marcus, on the other hand, was anything but ruffly! He is dressed in armor with rock plate and a dragon design. When he pushes a secret button, the dragon breaths out fire! The amazed capitol people gave it a 7!

District three:

Lucky Dawn is wearing a shimmery black dress with wires covering it. The wires spark and flash every once in a while. She is wearing black chunky high heels. Digit is dressed in a black suit covered in music chips that blare the capitol anthem. He is wearing earplugs so he doesn't go deaf. The crowd, seeing patriotism, gives them a 7.

District four:

Katerina, our tribute from Four, is looking beautiful in a green dress with sea weed pattern and varying shades of green. The dress is short, reaching mid-thigh. Her originally orange lock is now green, and she wears no shoes. Hugo is dressed in a toga made of the same fabric as Katerina's, and a crown of seashells and seaweed. They look stunning, mesmerizing almost, and the crowd gives them an 8!

District five:

Since D5's industry is hardware, and it's generally hard to get a good costume, the crowd was impressed this year! Aleta had on a wood pattern dress with silver plates on her collar and shoulders. She also had knee high black boots accented with bolts. Alexander is donned in armor made of wood pattern, with a number 5 designed in with screws and nuts. The pleasantly surprised Capitol gives them a 6.

District six:

Arizona and Alice are dressed as doctors. They are in white robes with red crosses and doctor equipment. The crowd is noticeably disappointed, seeing as last year, the chariot was great, and now it's only mediocre. The disheartened duo scored a sad 3.

District seven:

The crowd was in complete awe this year! Sedra was looking beautiful in a floor length dress with no sleeves. It is made of different types of leaves, and is constantly changing the season. The leaves are green one moment, brown, yellow and red the next, and then the dress becomes twigs the next! Stronton wears a shirt and pants of the same style. They both wear crowns of leaves and twigs. They are perched in fake trees, and they throw out candy leaves to the audience. The audience goes absolutely wild and the duo score a perfect 10!

District eight:

Dakota, our D8 girl this year, looks slightly uncomfortable but nonetheless stunning in a dress made completely out of thread! The dress, formfitting and sleeveless that reaches her mid-thighs, is essentially thread wrapped around her. Bobbins and spools hang down like tassels from her hem. Alex, on the other hand, looks happy to be here in the Capitol in his tuxedo, completely covered in spools of different colored string. He looks like a rainbow of happiness! The crowd decides on a 7!

District nine:

Both Mizusu and Kakeru are dressed in black jumpsuits. When they count down from three, and they get to one, the little silver circles on their jumpsuits light up. The lights brighten until strobe lights pop out of them, and they change colors, sparkling and jumping around. The crowd, in hysterics, gives them a 9.

District ten:

Both Rosebeam and Wolfan are cute little cowhands. Rosebeam is wearing a short skirt and blouse along with a vest and bandana. She also has on boots. Wolfan's is similar, but he has on full pants, chaps, and a polo with vest. The crowd likes it but was absolutely mesmerized by nine's, making this one seeming dull in comparison. They score a 5.

District eleven:

Finally, something good! Rosa donned a beautiful dress of a dark red, almost looking like blood. Small fruits dangle off, draping down to her train, which drags behind the chariot. James is wearing a blood-red suit as well, but his is decorated with grains of wheat, and he seems to be... talking to them. The slightly confused capitol citizens give them a 6.

District twelve:

Once again, back to the stupid coal miner outfits, Ephedra and Gale look upset that they are dressed so stupidly. I bet they wish they could eat their stylist. Or not. But it's not much to describe, anyway. Just coal-miner outfits. The Capitol audience, as disappointed as the tributes themselves, give it a 2. (I love you, Ephedra...?)


Okay, so I had one kind of cool POV, but it's before the games begin, so I'll do one training POV.

Ephedra Charles, D12, Training center, 12th floor:

I have never cheated before. Never have I looked at another classmate's paper, never have I peeked at a friend's playing cards. But that doesn't mean I won't cheat. Oh, I will. Because I want to win these games so badly, with a burning fire that scorches me to the bone. It will only die down when I win. So I will. As I poke at my mashed potatoes, I form an idea. "Tessa?" I say, turning to our escort. "Do you have any books I could read?" She laughs in her Capitol accent and says, "Darling, why would you want a book when you're to be focusing on training?" I put on a sad face and sniffle. "Well, it'd remind me of... home. And... and... please?" She sighs and says, "After dinner."

Well, after dinner, Tessa leads me to my room and opens the closet door. I recognize the panel that I ordered food from. She taps the screen a couple times, then backs away. "Here you go, doll. Type in any title and you can read it on the screen." she chirps. "I ought to be going." As soon as I hear the door click, I kneel down to the screen. I type in "Survival Guide" Oh, yes, I'll cheat. I pore over the information, soaking in edible plants and animals. As soon as my eyelids refuse to stay open any longer, I turn off the screen and flop into bed, my head ready to pop. My eyes flicker shut and I know, that oh yes, I'm going to win.

Training Scores:

Chandelier Fronum: 7 Canopy Starsos: 8

Celia Hawthorn: 8 Marcus Collcoin: 8

Lucky Star: 6 Digit Starr: 4

Katerina Trissoak: 9 Hugo Bay: 7

Aleta Petracca: 7 Alexander Guheelo: 5

Alice Redfield: 7 Arizona Evergreen: 7

Sedra Alsypse: 4 Stronton Melich: 7

Dakota Hood: 9 Alex Hood: 7

Mizusu Kusakabe: 6 Kakeru Satsuki: 8

Rosebeam Williams: 5 Wolfan Johnson: 7

Rosa Angelou: 5 James Haright: 1 (He spent his time talking to the spears)

Ephedra Charles: 9 Gale Hazelthorn: 6


The arena is a circle that is eight miles across. What is special about it though is that it's a bull's eye. The first, inner, smaller layer is a sandy shore. This is where the tributes end up. It is very hot here and flat, although there is the occasional rock. The next layer is a sea-type body of water with waves and such. District four will have an advantage here, but the tribute's outfits include a floatation bracelet. After this layer, there is a bamboo forest, thick with the tall green plant. Tributes can make shelters out of the bamboo, and bamboo is not the only plant in this ring. The final ring is a sparse forest, filled with easy to climb trees. There is much food in the forest, but many poisons. Tributes must watch out!

Muttations and such:

Moodbugs are specially programmed to induce a change of habits inside the person it bites. They are about 1/4 inch long and cannot bite people through fabrics, so clothing has to cover all parts of the human body in order to guarantee protection. If bitten, the effects will remain for about thirteen hours if bit by only one of those creatures. The effect is magnified if bitten by more moodbugs, but this is unlikely, since moodbugs stay away from the victim once he/she is affected (unless they bite at around two seconds of the first bite). The effect of the moodbugs' bite starts at about six minutes after the bite takes place. (Thanks, Julian)

Yet another insect/arachnid mutt - a spider. This spider, when irritated or squashed, grows in size, about to the size of 2 watermelons, or... a medium dog, and chases the tribute until either the tribute climbs a tree, kills it, outsmarts it, or tires out. The spider won't eat or kill the tribute, just scare the living daylights out of them. The spider is easy to irritate - so don't be annoying.

And, there's one other mutt, but that is kept a secret... for now.

And nobody cares about poisons, because I prefer people to die in more noble ways - like in battle.

Tribute Outfit:

The tribute's outfit this year is a red tank top, khaki shorts, and over top, a white silk toga. Yes, a toga. Also there's gladiator sandals that reach the ankle, and a small white bracelet with a red cross on it. This bracelet helps the tribute float and keeps them from drowning.

Sorry, guys, I had a picture, but I can't find it. I'll keep searching, and if all else fails, dress up again and take another. :D


Rosebeam Williams, D10, Hovercraft:

Breathe, Rosebeam, breathe. For goodness sake, you can do this. In, out, in, out. I want to scream. So bad, so bad. Why did I have to get reaped? In, out, in, out. I don't want to be a monster in these games. I am no monster. If I win, which will probably not happen, I won't be a monster. I hope. I think about the girl who almost won last year. Bobbin. My mentor, Tinder, beat her. But I can see the sadness in Tinder's eyes, the gait in her walk. And when she wears tank tops, you can see the ugly puckered scar from Bobbin's knife. The knife that killed her. In, out, in, out. My heart pounds in my chest. I'm not sure I can do this. I could be dead, really soon. Lifeless, knife in my throat on the cornucopia field. Like Bobbin, but I won't be almost winning. I'll be one of the first to die. Pitiful, a weakling who didn't even survive the first day. How shameful would that be? Very. Shameful, and dead. What would Athena do, if she saw my body, dead, in the first ten minutes of the games? Not only would she be devastated, she'd be ashamed. That I couldn't have made it longer. That I couldn- oh. I've been zoning out. "Rosebeam...?" says my stylist. "Oh, oh, yeah. What?" She points to the metal plate that I have obviously missed because of my thinking. In, out, in, out. I step onto the plate and my shoes clank. There are little circular metal plates on the top that jangle with every step. Great for sneaking around, huh? I squeeze my eyes shut as the plate lifts upwards. In, out, in, out, in, out... Please, don't let me die. Don't let me die.

Alexander Guheelo, D5, Sandy Ring:

Oh no. No! Oh my goodness, no! The odds are NOT in my favor. Water surrounds me, lapping on both sides. I am a mere five feet away from the water. I can't swim. Not at all. And there's the cornucopia. It's the career's home field. Which of these two evils is the lesser evil? I'm sure both will kill me. I close my eyes and shake my head. I will die. Here, in the bloodbath, because I can't swim, and I can't fight the careers. Why did this happen to me? RING! The gong sounds out, and tributes race away, to either the cornucopia or to the water. I stand on my plate. I can't do this. No. I really can't. I knew I wouldn't have won anyway. So why not here, instead of actually getting some hope that I might survive? All hope leads to is disappointment. I have had no hope. Not since day one. I knew I wouldn't survive. So I stand on my plate, and I close my eyes. I wait for death to come. The girl's dagger is sweet relief. Sucking out the last shimmer of hope and giving me certainty. Certainty. A nice word. Will my family be disappointed in me? Did they hope that I would win? Think again. I won't win. But I will be certain of one thing: I was right.

Lucky Dawn, D3, Sandy Ring:

This is on. I stand here in a ring of children. Who will all be dead, and I'll be a happy little victor. If I could only get a sword. Chaos is everywhere. I punch somebody, I don't even bother to see who. I feel them punch me back, in the square of my shoulder blade. I whirl around. "Oh no, you did not." I say, seeing Digit behind me. He smirks and says, "Oh yes, I did." Then, he attempts to punch me again, but I intercept his throw and twist his arm around. He shrieks in pain, twisting to get out of my iron grip. Then, his face lightens. "Hey, Lucky, guess what?" He says. "What...?" I ask, slightly irritated that he's stalling me from killing him. He whips out his token, a little antennae, from a radio. I smirk and and about to say a witty comment when he jabs the thing into my throat, piercing my skin. "gluckglurg" I choke out. I rip the stupid thing out of my throat and fall to the ground. Digit wipes the bloody silver wire on his silk toga and saunters off. Blood pools onto my pale hand and I feel betrayed, even though I was going to kill him. "You traitor!" I attempt to scream out, but all that comes out is "gloo frayfer!" I drop my head to the ground and close my eyes. A happy little victor? Yeah right.

Wolfan Johnson, D10, Sandy Ring:

"You know what, Mr. Spear? I hate you!" Says some random boy holding a spear. Pathetic. He's talking to a spear. He'll get killed for sure! I run over to him and grab the spear. "Hey..." He begins, but he never finishes, because I spear him in the stomach. I jab him and he's screaming and screaming and thrashing and then... he goes limp. I gasp at his silent, motionless body. I throw the spear to the ground and start slowly walking away. Ugh.... so much blood. So much pain. And I caused it. I am disappointed with myself. I have killed a boy, maybe as young as me, and he was talking to a spear. Childish and stupid. He didn't deserve to die. He didn't deserve to- oof! A foot lands square on my back and I feel a crack that could be my rib. I moan and I hear a voice saying, "Game over, sucker." I twist my head, and get a view of a boy, I think Nine, pointing a spear at my back. "Get. Off." I say, though I know it's pointless. "Well, this is The Hunger Games. There isn't a rule saying I have to listen to you." I scream as his spear goes through me. I see Rosebeam staring in horror at me, gaping, her grip on her supplies loose. "Wolfan-" She starts but I scream, "Run, Rosebeam, just RUN. RUN!" She does so, looking back at me every couple of steps. The boy has loosened his foot hold, so I twist myself and am now on my back. Then I lunge up at him, spear in body, screaming. His face goes from smirk to horrified as I pull out the spear and jab it into him. It's funny, I've made two kills, yet I won't live to see day two. The boy goes limp and I lay there, my breathing heavy and hard. My forehead feels hot and I see little dots and sparkles surrounding things. I close my eyes, to weak to keep them open, and take one last breath before giving up. I can't let myself die, someone will save me. Someone will come. Someone will... right?

Chandelier Fronum, D1, Sandy Ring:

Run. The simplest of commands. I am used to taking commands. I can run. But I don't want to. Why not? Why don't I want to run? I'm not sure. Canopy. I can't find him. Where is he? I must find Canopy. I can't run without Canopy. I shuffle off my plate, looking for Canopy. I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder blade. Yowling, I wheel around. Why didn't I run? A girl with an orangey green streak in her hair faces me. She holds a bloody knife. I feel blood oozing down my back. "You." I say. "You were the one who didn't join us. Wimp." I want to make her feel bad. She doesn't waver at all. Her hard glare like stone washes over me. "Why did you attack me?" I question. She replies simply, "You're a career. I. Hate. Careers. You nasty, evil girl." Her words hurt me. I am a career, and I do kill, but nasty and evil? No. I have no weapons to attack with, so I call out, "CANOPY! CANOPY!" It takes him a while, but he gets here. I am so relieved. He sees my wound and gapes, but I point to where the girl, Katerina is standing. Excuse me, was standing. She's no longer there. I see her dark head gliding effortlessly through the thick, choppy water. I start to see little stars in my vision and I need to sit down. I plop next to Canopy. "Chandelier, what are you doing?" He asks. "I... I don't know." I say, but the words are slurred. I feel... funny." Canopy... what's wrong with me?" I ask. Then I see the empty vial on the ground. The one labeled "Poison." Katerina must have dipped her knife in that. Oh my goodness... Canopy.... I don't feel gooooddddddddd......

Alice Redfield, D6, Sandy Ring:

Thank goodness I remember how to use a sword! I was one of the first to the Cornucopia and I got my hands on this shiny weapon. I like it. It's heavy but useful, and now I have no need to cower and hide. I scan the sandy area once more to check for anyone attacking me. No. But I do see a large boy running after a little girl from eleven. Her short brown hair whips across her face and although she's out-running him, it's not by much. She probably can't swim. This is a distinct disatvantage to her. But, since she looks so sweet and innocent, I will help her. I charge towards the boy and whack him in the side with the broad end of my blade. In retaliation, he jabs me in the gut several times. Then, I see the face of the killer. Arizona. "Oh. Oh my god, Alice! Alice!" All I care about is the girl, who is currently bobbing in the water, using her bracelet to float. Her hollow eyes stare at me, brimming with tears. "Go." I mouth out, and she struggles to swim outwards. I turn back to Arizona."Why, Arizona? Why?" His eyes brim with tears and he says, "I don't know, Alice. I'm not sure. But why does anything happen? Alice, I'm so sorry." My eyes shut, too heavy to stay open. Why does anything happen? Why do The Hunger Games happen? Why is this acceptable? And then, a white light shines, blinding me and evaporating my body. I am no longer Alice. I am the force more powerful than Alice ever was. I am guilt. I am revenge. I am powerful.

Katerina Trissoak, D4, Bamboo Forest:

Tall, spindly bamboo towers over my head, and it makes me feel small. I don't really like to feel small. But now, I can't appear small. I am a killer, and the audience will want me to kill more. To show bravery. And determination. But, really, I don't want to kill. I have morals. I'm not unethical. Wait. I'm being a complete liar. What is it called when you stab a girl with a poison knife? Unethical? Yeah. A stony feeling falls into my gut. I need to get out of here. The bamboo seems to bend closer, entangling me within them. I run, whacking myself with the stalks in my effort. I need to get out of here! NOW! Suddenly, I feel my leg come out from under me and I fall. I look over my shoulder and see a fallen bamboo clump. That must be what I tripped over. I suddenly hear seven cannons, signaling the dead bloodbath tributes. Seven. One more than last year. I guess I'll find out who tonight. The girl I took out is definitely one of them. I don't remember any of the others. Not that I want to. I pick myself up off the ground and dust off the front of my toga, which is now both soaking wet and covered in blackish dirt. Ugh. If I look like this now, what will I look like a week from now, if I even survive till then? After dusting myself off so only the stains of the dirt remain, I trudge onwards. Life in the arena will not be fun, will it?

Rose Angelou, D11, Forest:

I really like Dakota. She's like the sister I never had. But if I want to win, she'll have to die. But we all know I won't win. There are careers and other stronger, larger tributes. I'm not large or strong. But I have Dakota. We're sitting at our camp in the forest. I wonder if there's any more rings to this arena. It's like a bull's eye. Kind of creepy, considering we're the target. I still get weird flash backs of the girl coming to my rescue at the bloodbath. I knew I should have just swam away, not even bothered with it. But I did, and I had what the boy coveted. A set of rather large throwing knives. Thirty of them. Almost too heavy for me to carry.we both wanted them. Badly. And he almost got them. But she came in, and he killed her, then wept as he realized who it was. His district partner, who I could tell he was slightly friends with. But he got over her. I didn't. The anthem plays and I watch the faces go by. The girl from one, the girl from three, the boy from five, the girl from six, and the boys from nine, ten and eleven. James. I never liked him, and he was really creepy, so I'm kind of glad he's gone. But the girl from six. Her frenzied attempt to save me cost her her life. But she still saved me. I'm too tired to stay awake any longer. As I drift off, I see her jade necklace, spattered with her own blood...



24: Alexander Guheelo

23: Lucky Dawn

22: James Haright

21: Kakeru Satsuki

20: Wolfan Johnson

19: Chandelier Fronum

18: Alice Redfield


The careers: Canopy Starsos, Selia Hawthorn, Marcan Collcoin, Hugo Bay, and Alex Hood.

Rose Angelou and Dakota Hood

Ephedra Charles and Aleta Petracca



Mizusu Kusakabe, D9, Forest:

Why me? Why did I get reaped? It's not like I can escape now. It's not like I can run away from the arena. I sit against my tree trunk, tears threatening to spill. Don't think about murder. Don't. I've had enough of that. But these kids... they are either blood thirsty, and a threat, or innocent, and they don't deserve to die. None of these kids deserve to die. But 23 will. 23 kids will die horrible, bloody deaths. I will be one of those 23. I can't win. I really never had any hope that I would. I'll try, but the careers are better trained, better fed. Not me. I stand up, and the tears threaten to fall out of my eye lids. Why me? I don't deserve this. None of us do.

Digit Starr, D3, Sandy Ring:

Yeah. After the careers left, I swam back here and just chilled. I'm getting ready to dig up the land mines, and to use them to my defense. Muahahahah! Just had to use the evil laugh. But now, I'll check what I got at the Cornucopia. I open my black backpack. Let's see... Toothpaste... er... Okay then, there's other stuff. And... socks. Yes, I really need socks when I wear sandals. And the last thing is... a clear tube with a black base. Wait. I recognize this. It's... a blender. A blender?!?!?! You have GOT to be kidding me! Toothpaste, socks and a blender? Oh my... stupid game makers. Well, I'll win, and I don't need any stinking toothpaste! ROAR.

Alex Hood, D8, Career camp, Bamboo Forest:

Why did I even want to join the careers in the first place? So I would have a place of importance in the games? So I would guarantee my safety? Well, it was a stupid choice. We're all being bossed around by this Marcan guy, who I think is younger than me, and all he does is make sure his girlfriend Selia is safe. He doesn't even care that we're supposed to be KILLERS. The D4 boy, Hugo, and I just stick to the back and talk. We're both not really talkers but we manage to talk enough to block out Marcan's newest orders. "So." Hugo says quietly. "What will we do?" Nonchalantly, I reply, "No idea. Follow Marcan's orders, I guess." Hugo laughs, almost snorting. "Follow HIS orders? All he cares about is Selia. We could be dirt to him, for all he cares." My thoughts exactly. "Let's leave them. Tonight." I almost stop breathing when he says this. Leave? "But they'll hate us and try to kill us!" I whisper. "So?" He says without inflection. "I have a plan. And after they see what I can do, they won't bother us anymore." I look down into his amazingly green eyes and I know this kid is too smart for his own good. He's dangerous. And I want him as an ally.

Selia Hawthorn, D2, Career camp, Bamboo forest:

"Hey. Marcan." I say, hooking my finger around his red collar. "We need to talk." Smiling, he says, "Sure, Selia." The smile doesn't reach his eyes. He knows I'm disappointed. Pulling him aside, I start to talk. "Look, Marcan. I know you want to keep me safe. And I'm grateful. I just want you to know that I can take care of myself. You can't only be caring about me. The group needs you too. I know that you don't like them. But sweetie, they want to like you. You want them to like you. If they don't like you, something bad will happen. So, chin up. Care about them. M'kay?" Then, I give him a quick kiss on the cheek. He blushes. "I-I'm sorry, Selia. I just... I just love you too much. I can't see you get hurt. It would hurt me, too." Then, we quickly kiss. Then, we walk back to camp. I survey our careers. Alex and Hugo are sitting together, talking. Canopy is sitting silently with a dull look on his face. These are our careers? We lost one girl at the bloodbath. She was killed by the girl who should have been a career, but had too much pride. Personally, I wish I were her. Free to do what I want, not lagging around with this group of sad children. I wish I were her. Does she wish she was me?

Gale Hazelthorn, D12, Bamboo Forest:

Have you ever noticed that when it's hot, you wish it were cold, and when it's cold, you wish it were hot? I certainly have. It's not making me happy. It's really hot and humid, sticky and clingy. Eew. I could really use some snow right now. Back in district twelve, when it snowed, it REALLY snowed. Drifts as high as my head. And when it was hot, it was nearly scalding. Luckily I didn't get sunburn easily. But I got cold easily. And right now, I need cold. I don't care if my nose freezes or I can't feel my legs. It's too hot. Really, really hot. I trudge along, feeling like I'm going to throw up. I feel dizzy and light. Really dizzy. My mouth is dry and a gurgle escapes my throat. My stomach clenches. This isn't good. I really don't feel normal. It's too hot. Attempting to lean on the thin bamboo, I slide to the ground, and the world promptly fades to black. Too hot...

Arizona Evergreen, D6, Forest:

I am a monster. A monster that killed my own friend. A beast. And I was trying to kill a little girl, for goodness sake! Who am I to be so cruel? To be so cold hearted? To try to kill a little girl, so innocent and sweet, for weapons? And then to kill my friend who was insane and forgetful and sweet? I feel so horrible. So mean and unfeeling. Why? Why did my brother have to be Reaped? Why did I volunteer? Why did I think I could win so easily? I don't know. I don't know how all the victors, who I see occasionally, on TV or at ceremonies, can live with themselves. Did they, like me, kill their own district partner? Was it an accident, like mine? Or did they do it in icy blood, with the greediness that compels you to win? The greediness that swallows you when comparing one life to another? Better him than me? Better Alice than me? I truly don't think that's fair. Why can't we all win? Oh, right. This is the Hunger Games. There's only one winner.

Stronton Melich, D7, Forest:

I feel at home here in the woods, like at home. It makes me feel comfortable, like I'm not in the games. That won't last for long though. The sun slowly sets, and I know there weren't any deaths today. There will be tomorrow, you can guarantee it. The capitol needs bloodshed, and without it they get bored quickly. It won't be my blood though. I'll try to win. And since I've already planned out my strategy, I've got it set. I faired well at the cornucopia. I wonder if that Sedra girl is nearby.... she really freaked me out. Like, seriously, she was a freak. And she practically admitted it herself. I shudder at the thought of her. How did she manage to stay alive? Then, I hear a rustle in the bushes next to me. Gasping, I step back into the darkness, kind of scared. Out of the bush pops a familiar face - Sedra. "Gahhh!" I yelp. I was just thinking about her - and here she is. I am scared out of my wits of this little kid who is like, magical. No, that's not possible. "Um, Stronton?" She says bluntly. "Errr.... yeah...?" I say, attempting not to let my confused voice come through. "Allies?" She says. No! I don't want allies! But, if I don't accept.... let's just say that you should never underestimate your opponents. "Fine." I huff. Sedra squeals and gives me a weird hug thing. I rip her arms off of me. "Err... let's... sleep." I say hesitantly. Man, I have allied with the freakiest child in the games. In all of Panem.





The Careers, Canopy Starsos, Marcan Collcoin, Selia Hawthorne.

Rose Angelou and Dakota Hood.

Ephedra Charles and Aleta Petracca.

Stronton Melich and Sedra Alsypse.


Canopy Starsos, D1, Bamboo Forest:

"Dude. You so cheated, Marcan." I say meanly. "What? No I didn't!" He replies sharply. We glare at each other in disbelief until Selia interrupts us. "Um... boys. Uno time. Not hate fest time." I understand that since she's Marcan's girlfriend or whatever, she has to take sides with him, but can't she see that he's cheating? He's putting down two cards, one hidden underneath the other so that he gets rid of cards faster. I think he might just be venting his anger that Hugo and Alex left last night with our weapons and food and he can't do anything about it now that Selia has a twisted ankle. She was on guard last night when the two ran away but fell asleep, and when she woke up she realized they were gone and tried to do a quick search but tripped over a bamboo stalk. So Marcan can't do anything. Selia can't fight with a messed up ankle and needs a guard and Marcan can't fight by himself and needs a right hand man. And I can't be both places at once. So when I discovered the Uno game today by our tents, I suggested we play a friendly game to vent over. Key word, friendly. But now Marcan's cheating. I can't believe this guy. "He's cheating." I say to Selia, who is examining her wrapped up ankle. "I'M NOT CHEATING!!!!!!" Marcan roars, upsetting birds and probably giving every tribute in the arena clues to our whereabouts. "You know what?" I say madly, standing up and dropping my cards. "I'm outta here." Then I walk away, towards the forest, no backpack, no nothing. I don't need that dork Marcan. All he's done is boss me around and fuss over Selia. "Don't think you'll get one day without meeting up with me, Canopy!" He hisses. Yeah right. He has Selia to tend for.

Digit Starr, D3, Sandy Ring:

Humming to myself, I re-assemble the gun I've already assembled 34 times today. Suddenly, I hear crunching behind me. Shoes in sand. Turning, I hold up my gun in a defensive pose, even though no one bothered to sponsor me with bullets. I'll choke my attacker with it if it comes to that. I whip around and see two boys, one about 17 and one about 13. The 17 looking one holds a spear, and the shorter one holds a sword that looks too heavy for him. They suspiciously eye the pile of land mines I have next to me. I forgot to re-activate them and set them around me! Now they can kill me! Cursing in my head, I step backwards slightly until my foot hits something. The toothpaste. WHY is nothing ever where I need it? The younger one says, "Join us, or we'll kill you." The older one shoots him a dirty look. "What?" The younger one, who has lighter hair says. The darker haired older one hisses, "Um, Hugo, why would you want to invite HIM into our alliance? He's like, a nerd." "So? Nerds are smart. We need smart." While they are distracted, I pick up the toothpaste slowly. "TOOTHPASTE ATTACK!" I scream, squirting it into the older one's eyes. Then, I run and dive into the water and swim away, leaving my land mines and stuff behind. Why am I so stupid sometimes?

Alex Hood, D8, Sandy Ring:

"OH GOD!" I screech, trying to rub the wretched mintiness out of my eyes. "IT BURNS!" Hugo runs to the water and scoops some up, then splashes it in my face. "OH LORD HUGO, THAT STINGS EVEN WORSE!" I scream. He looks doubtfully at our packs and grabs a water bottle. He tips my head back and pours in the water. Sighing relief, I rub my eyes and smile. "Lifesaver." I say. Hugo frowns. "That was our last water bottle." He says sadly. "There's still some left, but..." I smile at him. "Hugo, with our plan, people will be lining up to sponsor us!" Exactly on cue, a parachute drops from the sky at my feet. Hugo gapes and starts stuttering, "H-how did you.. W-what..." I smirk. "See, Hugo?" I say, unwrapping the parachute to reveal twelve water bottles. "One of us will win." I gesture my arms to show everything that the one boy from D3 left behind. "We've got it all. And soon, we'll be impossible to attack."

Gale Hazelthorn, D12, Bamboo Forest:

I don't ever really remember dying. Just laying there, in the hot forest, something left me. A girl, with brown hair and a gentle look pulled me up off the floor. As I looked back, I saw my own body. My chest didn't move. I was silent as the grave. The girl though, kept pulling me away towards her. "Come on," She said. ""I'm Alice. You'll be safe with me." I trusted Alice. She was the girl from.... Six, I think. Smiling, I let her pull me away from the heat, away from my body, away from the arena. I was free. Alice sad one thing before the arena completely disappeared. She said, "Join me, Gale. Join me." And although I'm not quite sure, I think I did.

SORRY GUYS. It's been almost a month since my last update, it's just that I'm really busy.

Stronton Melich, D7, Forest:

"Come on Sedra, don't lag." I say irritatedly. I hear her say something, not that I care, and I just continue walking. She's so irritating, I can't wait till she dies. Suddenly I hear a crash and her screaming. "Stronton!" She cries. "Stronton!" I hear her sobbing and whimpering. I turn and I don't see her. I see a hole. With her voice coming out of it. I walk slowly and casually, somewhat savoring her imminent death. "Stronton...?" She whimpers. I lean my head over the hole and see her laying there in a heap, her left leg twisted at a strange angle and a bone sticking out, she's bloody all over, there are sharp, large thorns everywhere in the pit. Maybe they're not thorns.... they look metal. Tears run down her face and her eyes stare into me pitifully, like a fawn. "Help me. Stronton...?" She cries out again in pain. I smile. "Sorry Sedra." I say, smirking. "This is the Hunger Games." She starts screaming, "No Stronton, please! Please! Help me!" She starts sobbing, but I walk away calmly. Her sounds stop and I wait for a cannon but nothing comes. I turn around and almost scream when a knife is right in front of my face, a bloody hand gripping it. Sedra is balancing on one leg. She must have climbed out of the pit. I open my mouth to say something, but not before she stabs me in the throat. "Sorry, Stronton," She starts in a ragged, bloody voice. "This is the Hunger Games."

Sedra Alsypse, D7, Forest:

His cannon booms and I collapse to the ground, sobbing. "Dear God, help me." I whisper. "Kill me now, please God." He doesn't listen. I lay there on the forest floor, waiting to die, blood covering me. My own blood. I never thought it would end like this. Pain courses through me and I lay there, wishing to die. Die already! I sob and turn over onto my side. I hear a voice, "Oh, God, Ephedra, look at her. Is she dead?" A higher pitched voice says, "No, I don't think so." A pause. "Who's there?" I call out half heartedly. "She is alive!" The first one gasps. "Should we kill her?" "Please!" I cry. "Please kill me! Please..." I whimper. "Please." I hear them muttering for a second or two and then I feel one of them lifting me up. "Don't worry, sweetie." She says, "We'll help you."

I don't want help. I want to die. That was what I was reaped for, right?

(Sorry for being an arse and not updating)

Digit Starr, D3, Bamboo Forest:

After being an idiot and running away after attacking a boy with toothpaste, you wouldn't expect me to get any sponsors. But hey, I do. I get a lot of stuff. A new gun. Actual bullets. Thank God. Grenades, thirty of them. And black clothing. Black? In this heat? Ugh. But I put them on anyway, to show gratitude for my sponsors. I need to get back at those two boys. They stole my plan right out from under me. They took my chance of winning. To get it back, they have to die. And they will. Because I have to win, and I'll do anything to get there.

Katerina Trissoak, D4, Bamboo Forest:

You know, when someone died in the games back at home, I'd always say that I was so sorry for them, and tell their family that I was so sorry. I was lying. In the back of my head, I was always thinking, better them than me. But now I realize, after all this, that anything's better, anything, that sitting around waiting to die. Anything. I could die now for all I care. But knowing that death's imminent, that's what scares me. I'm not afraid of dying. But not knowing when does scare me. So I have to take the games into my own hands. So I either fail gloriously or win gloriously. If I'm going to fail, I'll do it gracefully. So I zip everything up into my water proof backpack and swim towards the sandy ring. Might as well do something, anything.

Dakota Hood, D8, Forest:

"Looks impressive" I say to Rose, pointing to our camp. "Good job!" She blushes and says, "Thanks, but don't forget yourself." I smile sweetly at her. She's so dang adorable. And modest. And honest. God, I wish she were my sister, instead of Hayley. No wait, I can't say that. It's not Hayley's fault she has brain damage. Still. Rose is adorable and I want her to win, to live. She really has no chance but I'm rooting for her. If I don't make it out alive, or my brother, she will. "Rose, will you get the weapons?" I ask. I am greeted by silence. "Rose...?" I say, slowly turning around I try to tell myself not to scream, even if there is a big pack of careers or Rose is about to kill me. Before I can fully turn around, something grabs me from the ankle and starts dragging. Before I fall on my face and plummet into darkness, I discover that screaming may have been the best option.



17. Stronton Melich, D7


Aleta Petracca, Ephedra Charles, Sedra Alsypse.

Rose Angelou, Dakota Hood.

Alex Hood, Hugo Bay

The Careers: Marcan Collcoin, Selia Hawthorne.



Rosa Harbor, D4:

I can't bear it anymore. I can't. I sit here every day watching these games, watching children die, children like me, and it's all I can do not to cry. I have to be strong. Hugo has to come home. And there's nothing I can do to ensure his safety! This is one messed up, sick, twisted lie. The Games are what we all fear. We're helpless little babies, depending on the Capitol, at their mercy. there is nothing we can do. But.... I can't let Hugo die. Breaking my eyes away from the screen, I race upstairs to my bedroom and feel under my mattress. Every month, I save a dollar from my job's savings, and put it under my mattress for safe-keeping. I count the money. $15. Grabbing the bills, I race out of the house, ignoring my mother's puzzled questions, and race to the Justice Building. I run to the Mayor, and shriek at him, "SPONSOR HUGO BAY SPONSOR HIM WITH THIS MONEY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME SPONSOR." Nodding confusedly, he hands me a day three price sheet. I scan with my eyes up to the $15 dollar price range. I can get him..... Shoving the bills in the mayor's face, I say, "Get Hugo and his ally Bullet proof armor. They'll need it. Please." The Mayor nods, and picks up the phone. The only phone in D4, straight to the Capitol. "Sponsorship," He says into the receiver. "Sponsor Hugo Bay and Alex Hood...."

*HEY GUYS* I'm doing the NaNoWriMo, so I won't be writing much on here until December. I'll try, but I have to keep working on my novel! Love you all! --Sparrow

Guys! I'm back! NaNoWriMo is finished! (I got 50k words!) I missed you all so much!


Alex Hood, D8, Sandy Ring:

"Hugo." I say. He turns. "Yeah, Alex?" I point out at a streak of orange and brown floating in the water. "What's that?" He squints to see what I'm pointing at. His confusion turns to terror. "Alex, get the weapons. That's my district partner. She's dangerous. And smart enough to find a way through." The girl's head jets through the water, lightening speed. Those District four kids, the only ones who can swim properly. I turn and run to our pile of weapons. I grab three throwing knives that originally Marcan carried in his short's belt loop. I hold them in my right hand and crouch behind the pile. Hugo sits next to me, breathing shallowly. We sit in silence until I hear the sound of sand underfoot. The girl is here. "On the count of three." I mouth to Hugo. He nods. One. Two. I hear the girl come closer. "Three." I say, and we leap up. The girl screams in horror, whipping out a long bladed knife that gleams in the sun. "Stand back." She growls. "Or I'll kill you both." I smirk. "Two against one." I remind her. She jabs an accusatory finger at Hugo. "You allied with him?" I nod. "Bad decision. He's a sneaky one. He'll kill you before sunset."

Hugo Bay, D4, Sandy Ring:

"Not true!" I protest. Alex looks at me, then back to her. "She's lying!" I say. "Let me join you." She says. There's a pause as we let it sink in. She lies to us then asks to join us? "No." I say firmly. "You're not joining us. Two is enough for an alliance, and even we already know that one or both of us will make it!" Looking at the position of her feet, I say, "And take one more step towards me, I dare you." Her eyes narrow. "Dare not accepted." She backs up into the waves so they brush against her ankle. "Not so fast." Alex says, and he punches her square in the face. Stumbling back with blood flowing out of her nose, she whips around and swims off back to the thick bamboo.

"Well that was odd." Alex says simply.

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