The purpose of this blog is to outline and further define the mosters that appear in Fallen Angell's Hunger Games. I will not give away any spoilers to the games so far, only defining monsters that have appeared so far. Of course, that does not limit my bios of the monsters much. So, without further ado, lets be on with the show!

FA's First Games

I'm afraid that I cannot post any images here currently, however, I will post some ASAP.


OK, so it isn't really a vampire. In reality it is the most perfect in a line of geneticly modified humans that are designed to seem like vampires. The markings on their faces are equivalent to a serial number and differ from series to series. It has white and black hair, one red eye, one black eye, and sharper-than-natural canines, or eye-teeth. The red eye has the interesting ability to identify heat sources, allowing it to 'see' possible targets even at night. The black eye, however, sees things normally but has the ability to 'read' body language. This allows it to more accurately calculate how best to strike the opponent. It's eye-teeth are sharp enough to break human skin and to kill opponents. They also double as siphons for transporting blood into a special second stomach where it is safely broken down. They are master hunters and trackers that were inserted in FA's Hunger Games for testing. They can communicate in english, but preffer to communicate with a language that seem to involve mainly screeches, screams, hisses, and higher pitched grunts. This frightens prey and allows them to speak unobservered. The female in the Games appears to be a fashonista. SpyShadow13 23:52, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

Canivorous Mountain Goat---

A mutt that, from a distance, seems to be an ordinary goat, but once you get close enough it shows its modified behaviours. With enhaced speed, this goat can make a comeback from almost any situation. Sharp teeth, not unlike those of a shark, line their mouths. They also have rhino-tough skin, giving them and added advantage. Only one person is currently known to have taken one out. SpyShadow13 23:31, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

Jewish Salamander---

Named due to the fact that its bite leaves a mark similar to the Star of David, these salamanders are one of the most dangerous things for those who stay near the water. They prefer to stay in the rocks, however they will venture into the trees to wait for prey. Armed with powerful long range jumps, these salamanders can take down nearly anything.with the element of surprise. The Jewish Salamander is, quite surprisingly, not a mutt. It was only captured for use in the games. Peppa's mother (name unknown) is proof that these creatures exist in the wild. Speed of death depends on the severity of the bite. SpyShadow13 23:31, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

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