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  • I live in At Hogwarts during school months, Camp Half-Blood in the summer and District 3 the rest of the time.
  • I was born on December 3
  • I am Female
  • Srish3211

    This is an RP Blog for the The Demigod Games. I know I have two other Games going on, so these games won't actually be starting until at least one of my other Games end.

    It is time for the 4th Quarter Quell. President Snow appears on the screen to read the Quell Twist from a slip of paper.

    "In the 1st Quarter Quell, the Districts were required to vote for the Tributes who would fight in the Games."

    "In the 2nd Quarter Quell, as a reminder to the Districts that two district citizens died for every Capitol citizen, the Districts were required to send twice as many Tributes as usual."

    "In the 3rd Quarter Quell, as a reminder to the Victors that even the strongest amongst them cannot defy the Capitol, the Tributes were reaped from the existing poo…

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  • Srish3211

    This is an RP blog for the 76th annual Hunger Games.

    The war is over. The rebels have won, and the Capitol has fallen. The rebels have decided to hold one last symbolic Hunger Games – exclusively for the Capitol.

    There will be 30 children reaped from the Capitol – 15 girls and 15 boys between the ages of 12-18. They will have to fight to death and in the end; the remaining Tribute gets the life of what a normal victor would get.

    We will have the interviews and the Private Training sessions. We will, however, not have any chariot rides because they were such a flop in my last games, and we don’t really have themes and districts. Neither will we have Reapings.

    • Only four tributes per person.
    • You will have to be active handling your tributes.
    • I will …

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  • Srish3211

    This is an RP blog for the 63rd annual Hunger Games. You can present your Tribute however you want - as star-crossed lovers like Katniss and Peeta, it is entirely up to you. You will post your RP in the comments, and I will edit it into the main blog.

    • A person can have as many tributes as they want, but they will have to actively roleplay all the tributes.
    • When in a fight, you cannot simply say "And the other tribute died." The other tribute has to agree. But the tribute who is supposed to say cannot say "I will not die." everytime. If the Tribute has received a fatal wound and can find no way to cure it, I will add the Tribute to the death list.
    • For stuff like the interview and the chariots, you have to give your by the end of one week after…

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