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    The Mockingjay Poem

    January 12, 2012 by StarFighter10

    I made this poem for the movie, even thou its not coming out for 2 months, but I decided to write it, now. Comment on what do you think.

    The Mockingjay's Flight

    I raised my wings and flow through the air

    Watching those I love below me

    As they look up and see

    My everlasting symbol

    Of rebellion.

    As I passed through the meadow

    From which I remembered was

    The sweet lullaby of Rue's

    And the memories that lead me to where I am, now.

    I landed and settled on the shoulder of Katinss Everdeen

    The one who brought me to where I am

    The girl on fire,

    The Mockingjay,

    The start of a new era for Panem.

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