OK, this is my first HG. I'll include reapings and the Games. 



District: (list 3 in case of multiple tributes from the same district)








Weapons: (up to 3)

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (if none, write 'solo')

THERE IS NO MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TRIBUTES PER USER! (I will choose based on quality, not the order they appear. I do accept MOST entries.)

District Name Gender Age Height Weapon(s)
1 Jacen Ruthor M 16 5'7" None at this time
1 Jillien Fairburn F 18 5'4"

Blowgun        Stiletto

2 Rodger Dectraina M 18 6'

Sword               Spear                Mace

2 Ivy Willik F 17 5'9"

Bow+arrows  Throwing Knives

3 Harry Fry M 17 5'9" Sword     Spear

Gwenneth "Gwenn"   Warcheck

F 15 5'5"

Sword           Blowgun

4 Will Fletcher M 16 6'1" Bow+arrows
4 Sky Fire F 17 5'5"

Bow+arrows   Throwing Knives     Spear

5 Nick Taylor M 13 5'5" Sword Throwing Knives
5 Cassia Slyara  F 15 5'5" Bow+arrows
6 Malachi Pearson M 16 6'10" Mace
6 Senner Leif F 13 5'2" Sword
7 Joey Graceffa M 18 6'5" Mace     Stiletto
7 Halissa Ketterwilde F 17 5'9"

Mace       Bow+arrows

8 Jake Alexand M 13 6' Mace     Stiletto
8 Janiss Linncourt F 18 5' Throwing Knives Blowgun Stiletto
9 Elias Caldeu M 14 5'4" Spear
9 Serinna Alli F 13 5'1"

Bow+arrows    Sword

10 Thomas Moore M 15 7' Machete Spear
10 Chicha Jeon F 16 5'4" None at this time
11 Jim Connard M 13 6'5" Mace   Machete
11 Hannah Robyn F 12 4'5" Blowgun
12 Finnick Mellark M 16 6'5" Blowgun Throwing Knives
12 Poppy Greentree F 14 5' Blowgun Throwing Knives     Spear

I do reserve spots for 24 hours only.  If yours doesn't get in, save everything. I'll be making more Hunger Games.


(4 clues)

CLUE 1: Weather change

CLUE 2: Parody of the 75th Hunger Games arena

CLUE 3: Section of a town

CLUE 4: The arena is a perfect square, divided into 4 smaller squares. The Cornucopia is right in the middle. There is one section for each season of the year. The weather rotates every 6 hours, so spring becomes summer and you can figure out the rest. The land stays in the same spot, it's only the air that moves. There is a section of a town (with actual, complete houses) in the northeast corner.

I remove a section of the chart when all of that weapon available have been claimed. 

All available weapons
Weapon Number Number Taken
----- 6 6
Machete 6 2
---- 6 6
----- 6 6
Stiletto 6 4
-------- ------ ---- -- --- 6 6
------- ---- -------- ----- ----- 6 6
--- --- -- ------ 6 6


Warm Clothing-$75

Food or water (any amount)-$100/dish

Weapons (anything except crossbows and firearms)-$150/top 5, $250/bottom 3, $350/unlisted

Medical Supplies-$1000

Body Armor (like Cato's in the book)-$4000

TRAINING SCORE GUIDE (cash from sponsors)













During the Games (before they are released), if your tribute needs anything (food, water, medical supplies, or weapons, I will ask you (comment reply) how much you are willing to spend. Once you answer, I will tell you how much you have left. 

Almost everyone is a Career, so I will make 1,2, and 4 the Careers. If you have a tribute in 1, 2, or 4 that you do not wish to be a Career, leave a comment. I will accept up to 10 Careers. If you have a tribute from outside 1, 2, or 4 that you want to be a Career, then leave a comment.

If you're wondering where some of this stuff like the relationships comes from, just check out the profiles in the comments.

I know, the reapings are short. But I don't have that much time, so they kind of have to be. They don't include any dialogue, just the tributes' thoughts. I almost forgot to say this, but everyone has until February 13 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time (I know one of the people who entered tributes is British, and that would be 11:00 PM in England) to discuss alliances in the comments section.


DISTRICT 1-Jillien Fairburn

I wasn't really paying much attention until they called the name. Whoever it is doesn't matter to me, so I volunteered. I knew if I won, I wouldn't have to live on the streets anymore. And if I lost, I wouldn't have to live on the streets anymore, either.

DISTRICT 1-Jacen Ruthor

I wasn't suprised when they called my name. And I also wasn't suprised when nobody volunteered. I'd already told everyone not to because I thought I could win.

DISTRICT 2-Ivy Willik

I really didn't care who got picked, as long as it wasn't Metali Stakin, my best friend. Of course, it had to be her. I was shocked for a few minutes, then I remembered that she was an absolute failure in combat, so I volunteered at the last possible second.

DISTRICT 2-Rodger Dectraina

Well, I was certainly suprised by Ivy when she volunteered. But maybe I wouldn't have to break up with her, assuming she won. That's when they called my name...

DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

I have to admit I was scared when they called my name, but I don't think anyone noticed. It'll be a good chance to practice with those mines like the boy 280-something years ago. 

DISTRICT 3-Harry Fry

So I'm going to be in the Games. Hopefully I'm going to be in an alliance with Gwenn so she doesn't blow me up. She knows about that kind of stuff.


Who cares if I'm in the Games? I'll be a Career, so huge advantage there. I've already killed more than 10 Peacekeepers, so what's 5 good fighters, and 18 wimps? Easy...

DISTRICT 4-Will Fletcher

Competition looks good this year. I'll just be the first to turn on the alliance so I'm the only good one left. I just hope they have a bow and arrows in the Cornucopia...

DISTRICT 5-Cassia Slyara

I really wanted to get into the Games, even if it meant volunteering. So it didn't matter to me when they called my stepsister, Britta Statinsk. I would have volunteered anyway, but I'm not sure if anyone knew that.

DISTRICT 5-Nick Taylor

YES! I got reaped. Now's my chance to kill someone without getting executed. Well, as long as the others don't get a chance to kill me.

DISTRICT 6-Senner Leif

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I got picked. And nobody volunteers. As usual.

DISTRICT 6-Malachi Pearson

Oh, WHAT? They called my name? I was too busy daydreaming until the Peacekeepers dragged me up there.

DISTRICT 7-Halissa Ketterwilde

There is only one person that I definitely did not want them to pick. Me. Not suprisingly, nobody volunteered. I didn't expect my friends to, well because I don't have any.

DISTRICT 7-Joey Graceffa

I might actually have a chance. I'm the biggest one that's been reaped so far. And anyway, Halissa's pretty hot. I might actually have time to start something serious now.

DISTRICT 8-Janiss Linncourt

I've probably got the best chance of anyone. I'll just have to get a weapon, escape the bloodbath, and then hide until I'm in the final 2. Then I will stalk the other person and attack him from behind. Easy.

DISTRICT 8-Jake Alexand

Finally, a chance to kill something other than a bug. 

DISTRICT 9-Serinna Alli

This is my first Reaping because I was very sick last year. I didn't even know about them before now. I always thought the Games were faked. I guess I was wrong.

DISTRICT 9-Elias Caldeu

Ok, whatever. I'm not scared of death because of my religion. I think life after death is better than life on Earth.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

I just volunteered. The bullying is getting so bad, I really don't care if I die. And if I win, then they won't have the guts.

DISTRICT 10-Thomas Moore

Oh yeah, I can totally win this in a week or two. I'm the biggest by a mile, so they'll all be afraid of me.

DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

I'm suprised I got picked. My name is in there exactly once. My brother's is in there 142 times. I definitely have an advantage in terms of size.

DISTRICT 11-Jim Connard

I volunteered for the Robyn boy. Their daughter already got picked, so why should their son have to go, too? I do know that if I win, they are getting half my victors' cash.

DISTRICT 12-Poppy Greentree

Well, winning is better than living in the Hob. And if I lose, whatever happens after death is probably better too.

DISTRICT 12-Finnick Mellark

Well, winning should get me that girlfriend my friends all have but I don't. And one of my ancestors won the 74th, so I know people from 12 can win.


Jacen Ruthor 1 9
Jillien Fairburn 1 8
Rodger Dectraina 2 11
Ivy Willik 2 9
Harry Fry 3 6
Gwenn Warcheck 3 7
Will Fletcher 4 9
Sky Fire 4 10
Nick Taylor 5 9
Cassia Slyara 5 7
Malachi Pearson 6 9
Senner Leif 6 5
Joey Graceffa 7 8
Halissa Ketterwilde 7 5
Jake Alexand 8 7
Janiss Linncourt 8 6
Elias Caldeu 9 7
Serrina Alli 9 5
Thomas Moore 10 9
Chicha Jeon 10 11
Jim Connard 11 8
Hannah Robyn 11 5
Finnick Mellark 12 8
Poppy Greentree 12 6


Careers: D1-Jacen Ruthor, D1-Jillien Fairburn, D2-Rodger Dectraina, D2-Ivy Willik, D4-Will Fletcher, D4-Sky Fire

Districts 10 and 11: D10-Thomas Moore, D11-Jim Connard, D11-Hannah Robyn

District 7: D7-Halissa Ketterwilde, D7-Joey Graceffa

Districts 6 and 8: D6-Malachi Pearson, D8-Jake Alexand

District 12: D12-Finnick Mellark, D12-Poppy Greentree


DISTRICT 1-Jacen Ruthor

I already have a plan. GONG! I dive toward Harry (3) on my right and have him pinned on the ground before anyone else other than the Careers even realize what's going on. He knows I'm going for his neck, but it'll take more than a kid from 3 to stop me. Within seconds, I've snapped his neck. I look around and realize I got the first kill.

DISTRICT 2-Rodger Dectraina

Well, Jacen's excited about this. I see Cassia (5) near me, fighting Chicha (10) for a pack. I grab a sword and stab them both at the same time. Cassia dies instantly, but I don't think I hit Chicha in the same spot. I don't have time to finish her off because I see Malachi (6) grabbing a tent from the top of the Cornucopia and try to stop him. He's faster than me, though, and escapes into the wooded area. I don't chase him because there's good stuff here and crap in there. I turn to kill Chicha, but she's already gone. I see her in another section of the forest, but again, I don't follow her. She's probably going to die anyway.


Wow, everyone cleared out fast this year. The only people left are the Careers. Who cares? More for us. Then I realize how much stuff they got before they left. Just then, I see Janiss (8) climbing the Cornucopia. I don't think I have time to load my bow, so I throw a knife at her. Direct hit. She's dead.



DISTRICT 7-Halissa Ketterwilde

So they only killed three people at the Bloodbath? That just means the Careers will be less likely to hunt us down. "Joey, did you get anything?" He says, "Just some bread. You?" "I got a pack. It's got some water, some matches, and a knife in it."

DISTRICT 4-Will Fletcher

God, we suck this year. Three kills? After five or six hours of going through everything in the Cornucopia, Rodger (2) says "Let's go. Grab as much stuff as you can and bring it with you. We're scouting out the rest of this arena. I ask "But doesn't that mean leaving some of this for the wimps?" He replies "Yeah, but every year the winner wasn't a Career, the Careers stayed here." "Yes, but they've won by staying here, too." He says "Look, kid, if you don't want a spear in your throat, stop arguing." I have no choice but to agree.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

I can't believe I was that stupid. Now I can't walk, and if I can't walk, I can't get food. And if I can't walk, that makes me an easy target. At least I got the pack. I decide to open it and see a large water bottle that actually has water in it and enough food to survive for a week if I'm careful. I find a cave next to a pond, grab some plants, get in, and cover the entrance. Then I hear the voices. It sounds like the Careers, but they don't know I'm in here.

DISTRICT 2-Ivy Willik

We're scouting the area when we find Malachi (6) and Jake (8). Sky shoots Malachi less than a second after I shoot Jake. Well, that makes 5 for the first day. Not as bad, but we could easily do better.


DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

I knew it would be bad, but I didn't expect this. The only reason I haven't accidentally given up our position to the Careers is that I'm with Thomas (10) and Jim (11).

DISTRICT 1-Jillien Fairburn

Well, this is a suprise. There's a town in the arena. It's pretty far away from the Cornucopia, at least a three hour walk. We check it out. It seems safe, so we go into one of the houses and decide to spend the night there. We notice there's food on the table, so Rodger sits down to eat and Sky just grabs a piece of chicken. She collapses seconds after eating it and then we hear the cannon. BOOM! That's when we realize the food is poisoned. Rodger gets up quickly a second before his chair explodes. I don't hear the cannon, so I assume he survived the explosion until I see how much blood is on the ground. I've seen people die after losing half that much blood. He has at most a few minutes to live. BOOM!

DISTRICT 10-Thomas Moore

I'm getting out my sleeping bag when I hear the anthem start playing. I see Rodger (2), Harry (3), Sky (4), Cassia (5), Malachi (6), Janiss (8), and Jake (8). It's unusual to have two Careers die on the first day, but I did hear an explosion pretty close to here. Maybe they triggered a Gamemaker trap.

DISTRICT 1-Jacen Ruthor

Well, there's today's deaths. We didn't get any lights, so we can't go out at night, and it's getting dark pretty early, so we go to bed a bit early. Me and Will (4) get in the beds and let Jillien (1) and Ivy (2) keep watch.

DISTRICT 12-Finnick Mellark

I can't believe the Careers left the Cornucopia. I think it might be a trap, so I grab a ton of rocks and throw them over there. Nothing blows up, no weapons come flying toward the rocks, so I assume it's safe. It is. I grab a blowgun and throwing knives and Poppy (12) grabs a blowgun, throwing knives, and a spear. Then I see Halissa (7) and Joey (7) running toward us. I shoot Halissa with my blowgun and Poppy hits Joey in the chest with a spear. BOOM! BOOM! 

DAY 2 DISTRICT 1-Jillien Fairburn

We had a few minutes until the boys got up to stand guard when I heard the explosion. It came from the bedroom upstairs. Me and Ivy run up the stairs and into the bedroom to find smoking holes in the beds and blood everywhere. Jacen and Will had been attacked by the Gamemakers. BOOM! That one is for Jacen, who died almost instantly. Will is still alive, but we can tell he won't live much longer. His legs have been blown off just above his knees. I reach for his pack because he's the one who got medical supplies, but I realize it was incinerated in the explosion. There's nothing left except some burned fabric and a half-melted bottle of pills. I realize the explosion wasn't normal. No explosion of that size could melt plastic that quickly.

DISTRICT 9-Serinna Alli

 *Snap* What's that? I think, as I turn around. I expect to see another tribute, but instead I see a rather large parachute. I open it and see a blowgun, a bag of darts, a vial of poison, a large box of food, and a large water bottle. I guess someone knew I was pretty far away from a source of water. Thankfully, I already have a pack, but the Gamemakers didn't put anything in it, so I have room to carry everything.

DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

I've decided to join the Careers, but that might not be a great idea right now, based on the large number of explosions coming from their camp. I hear something growling and turn to see a large black bear staring at me. I realize I'm between it and its cubs. It charges at me and I dive out of the way. Unfortunately, I fall down a steep hill. I hear a sick cracking sound accompanied by a sharp pain in my left ankle. I look at it and realize it's broken.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

It's a lot colder here than it was last night. I look outside and see at least a foot of snow. Wasn't it really hot here last night? Then I see the parachute on the ground. I open it and see 25 shurikens, 2 ninjatos, nunchucks, and---is that a medical kit in the bottom? So I might not get stuck in this cave for a few weeks. 

DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

It wasn't this cold last night. And the snow! How did we get this much? Now I wish I'd grabbed that jacket at the Cornucopia. They didn't give us anything like that before the Games started. I see that Jim (11) and Thomas (10) are already up. Thomas was holding several dead rabbits. I didn't know he could hunt. At least we get some food today.  Jim sees something, grabs his mace, and gets up. I hear footsteps, turn, and see Finnick (12) and Poppy (12). They both have weapons, but they don't see us. Thomas throws his spear and hits Poppy in the chest. BOOM! Finnick doesn't see where it came from and keeps running toward us. Then he sees Thomas and shoots him with a blowgun, only to get beheaded by Jim's mace. BOOM! BOOM!

DISTRICT 9-Elias Caldeu

I see a cave that's suspiciously covered up. I draw my knife and pull the plants out of the way, then go in. I turn and see Chicha (10) inside. She turns and sees me, then grabs a shuriken, throws it at me, and hits me in the chest. The last thing I see is Chicha coming to get the shuriken back. BOOM!

DISTRICT 6-Senner Leif

The arena seems to have warmed up by about 50 degrees overnight. Worse, I still can't find food or water. There aren't even any trees around anymore. BOOM! I wonder who that was?

DISTRICT 1-Jillien Fairburn

Will just died. I'm suprised he survived that long after the explosion. There's only nine of us left now. Ivy says she's going to the bathroom. I don't know why she had to check with me. Then, as she opens the door, I hear some kind of weapon. I walk over to see what happened. She has about ten shurikens in her chest. But I see a machine gun in the bathroom and that was not gunfire, so what happened? My question is answered when the "machine gun" shoots shurikens at me. BOOM! BOOM!

DISTRICT 5-Nick Taylor

I haven't seen any tributes since the bloodbath, so I suppose that's good. These first two days have been very violent, which leaves almost no competition for me. Just then, the anthem comes on. I see Jillien (1), Jacen (1), Ivy (2), Will (4), Elias (9), Thomas (10), Poppy (12), and Finnick (12). That leaves seven, including me. And they seem to be pretty good at killing each other, so I could wait until I'm in the Final 2, but I don't want to. I want to kill more than one person.


DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

I've been in the same spot for a while now, probably at least 18 hours. Then I see a parachute falling toward me. When it hits the ground, I open it. I see a medical kit, a sword, a blowgun, a pack of darts, a vial of poison, and some food and water. The code 3M-74 engraved on the hilt of my sword gives me an idea. It's probably just a serial number, but I decide to get back to the Cornucopia and reactivate the mines. To me it means District 3 male-74th Hunger Games. I'm not stupid, so I decide to wait a few days first.

DISTRICT 6-Senner Leif

Just as I think that these will be my last minutes in the arena, I see a parachute hit the ground a few feet away. I open it and see a medical kit, a mace, and some food and water. I don't know why I got a medical kit, but maybe my mentor knows I'll need it soon. I decide to keep it, just to be safe.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

It did warm up a lot yesterday, but we got even more snow last night. Just a few more inches and I'm snowed in. Then a parachute crashes through the snow, adding more room to get in and out, and lands in here. I open it and find only a heavy jacket. That'll be useful in the mornings and evenings.

DISTRICT 9-Serinna Alli

I wake up and see a parachute next to me. It's got a heavy jacket in it, which is suprising. It's been pretty warm so far, but I trust my mentor on this and take the jacket as a sign that it's going to get really cold soon.

DISTRICT 11-Jim Connard

I see two parachutes on the ground. I assume one's for me and the other's for Hannah. I open both and find that they have food, water, a heavy jacket, and a weapon. One has a machete and the other has a blowgun. Obviously, the one with the machete and the larger jacket is mine. I close the other one and wait for Hannah to wake up.

DISTRICT 5-Nick Taylor

I'm walking back toward the Cornucopia when I see Jim and Hannah (11). I grab a knife and wait for Jim to move into range. As soon as he does, I throw the knife at him. Unfortunately, he moves out of the way less than a second before it should have hit him. He turns and sees the knife stuck in a tree right behind him, quickly wakes Hannah up, they pack everything, and leave. I don't follow them.

DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

I don't get why Jim made us leave so quickly until I see the knife in the tree. Once he thinks we're not being followed, we stop and he gives me a parachute. I find food, water, a heavy jacket, and a blowgun with darts and poison. I ask why he gave it to me. He says "We each got one earlier." I'm not sure about why the food is in there, but mentors normally know about this before the tributes. Something's probably getting rid of all the food in the next day or two. I hope it's the weather, not some kind of mutt.

DISTRICT 6-Senner Leif

I'm glad I got those supplies. I've been walking in the same direction and I'm seeing even less life. When it starts to look like a desert, I turn around. I'll need more water to make it back, but if I go a different way, I might find some. Then I hear something, definitely not natural, roaring. It sounds like a cross between a pig, an angry cat, a walrus, and a bear. So this morning hasn't been exciting enough for the Gamemakers.

DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?!?!?!?!? There's a creature that looks like a gorilla except for the claws and teeth that just came up out of nowhere in front of me. I know I can't run, so I grab the blowgun and a dart, soak the tip of the dart in poison, load it, and shoot. I hit it in the eye, but it's alive and charging at me. I reload and shoot again just in time to kill it. I get away from there as quickly as I can (but still pretty slowly), because it might just have been knocked out.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

I hear something large outside. It's not human. I grab a ninjato, carefully dig out the entrance, climb out, and cut its head off. Somehow, it grows two more heads out of the stump left by the old one. So I have to disable the head, not cut it off. I throw three shurikens at once into the left head, then stab it in the heart. Thick, black blood comes pouring out of the wound. I pull out the blade and realize it's half melted, but not glowing from heat. Just as the blood hits my boots, I realize the blood is acidic. I go inside, grab everything, and get out. The acid burns my hands as I'm getting out and completely destroys my boots and socks. At least it's about 80 degrees warmer than it was last night, so I'm not freezing out here. I take the time to closely examine the damaged ninjato and see that the acid not only melted the blade, but what's left is rounded off so it's not any good to me anymore, so I leave it behind.

DISTRICT 5-Nick Taylor

I hear something behind me and turn to see a gorilla running toward me. I reach for my sword, and it hits me as it lands on the sword. I killed it, but then I notice that its blood is acidic. I don't have enough time to move out of the way. BOOM!

DISTRICT 11-Jim Connard

We're setting up camp as we hear the anthem. There's just one death today. It's Nick (5).


DISTRICT 9-Serinna Alli

Well, I guess I got some good sponsors. I just got a bow and 25 arrows. 

DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

I made it to the Cornucopia. I dig up a mine using my sword as a shovel and open it. It's very simple to reactivate and I have it in minutes. Then I think that the Gamemakers might have put some kind of manual detonator to make sure nobody does what I'm doing right now. My suspicions are confirmed when a red light starts blinking. I throw it as far as I can. Good timing. It exploded right after I threw it. Unfortunately, the explosion attracted two of those mutts, including the one I shot yesterday. I know the eyes are not a vulnerable point, so I aim for the heart. The darts bounce right off the creatures without doing anything. I draw my sword and behead one of them. It grows two more heads. I stab it, then pull out the blade. I'm shocked when I notice that it is half-melted. I turn to face the other one, which seems to have disappeared. I hear something behind me, turn again, and there it is, inches away from me. It bites my left arm, then leaves. And I remember that there's only one reason a predator would leave like that: if it knows you're going to die.

DISTRICT 6-Senner Leif

I heard the mutts coming toward me, so I got up into a tree. I saw a whole pack of them, probably about 10-15, go into a hole in the ground. So the Gamemakers decided they made this exciting enough with those mutts. Well, now I've only got 5 other people to worry about instead of 5 people and a pack of mutts. That means less competition for the food.

DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

We haven't heard anything from those mutts all morning, so we think they're gone. Jim (11) finds tracks from the mutts that all go to a certain area, then disappear. He says that this is from the Gamemakers taking them out of the arena.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

Still nothing from the sponsors yet. Usually I get something faster than this. I'm an easy target out here. I discover that I can still use nunchucks if I strap them to my hand and take some painkillers from the med kit. So maybe I'm not entirely defenseless. I realize that I'm in a really good spot for camouflage. I get some mud and leaves and camouflage myself pretty well. I don't think it's as good as Mellark's during the 74th Hunger Games, but it's still pretty good. I hear footsteps and see the two from 11. I wait until the boy is right on top of me and swing the nunchucks straight up. OOHH, that has to hurt. I hit him in the crotch. And these are made of steel...He drops his machete hilt-first into the ground so that the blade is sticking up. I hit him again and he falls forward right into the blade. BOOM!

DISTRICT 6-Senner Leif

I hear the cannon and wonder who it was. By now, I'm back to where I was before I got the parachute. No food, no water. I can only last another two or three days without getting some water, but if I get that, I can go 9-10 days without food. The temperature seems to drop by almost 50 degrees in a few seconds and suddenly I'm caught in a blizzard. I regret not grabbing that jacket at the Cornucopia. I was hoping for the weather to change from that midsummer heat, but I didn't want this! Then I hear the anthem start to play. These days seem to go faster, but that's probably just from fewer competitors, so less fear involved. There's been one death: Jim (11).


DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

I wake up very early to the sound of a cannon. And I don't think it was from combat. I've seen all the other tributes. They never do anything at night, other than sleep. That reminds me of the snowstorms that come through here every 18 hours. I spend the next 15 (painful) minutes trying to get my sleeping bag out so I don't freeze. I bet this is giving those people in my class at school a good show back in 10. I decide to stop thinking about that and try to get some sleep just as the snowstorm hits. It's worse than all the other nights, but those nights, I was in a cave, not outside. I realize that I can use my ninjato now, in addition to my nunchucks.

DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

This is the first night that I really can't sleep. I see Jim die again every time I fall asleep. I know I can't stay up all night, but I don't want to fall asleep again. The arena seems to agree with me as the nightly snowstorm starts.

DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

That snowstorm passed through an hour ago. Now that it's getting brighter, I realize those mutts are venomous. My left arm swelled up to twice its original size last night. I already knew I can't move it. I know I'm in serious trouble when I see all the vultures that have gathered in the area. They annoy me, so I shoot a few with my blowgun. The rest clear out before I get the chance to shoot them.

DISTRICT 9-Serinna Alli

I was right about needing that jacket. We got about a foot of snow last night. I see a flock of vultures land in a few trees in the same spot, so I go to see what they're looking at. It's Gwenn (3), but it looks like she was attacked by those mutts before they left. I guess she doesn't have much time left to live, so I decide to leave her alone and look for the real threat, Chicha (10). After about an hour of looking, I hear someone say "Looking for someone?" I look around, trying to find the source of the voice, but I don't see anyone. The voice says "Down here." I turn and look down to see Chicha, very well camouflaged, holding some kind of bladed weapon. I reach for an arrow, but she stabs me too quickly. BOOM!

DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

Today passed pretty quickly, with how much I was looking for food and water. I hear the anthem and see that two people died: Senner (6) and Serinna (9). Now it's just me, Chicha (10) and Gwenn (3).


DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

So my mentor hasn't forgotten about me. I open the latest parachute and find food, water, and some of that burn stuff from the Capitol. That only shows up every 10 years or so, and never with so few people left. 

DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

I decide to get as much food as possible while I can still move. That might not last long, though, because the whole left side of my body is paralyzed and I feel like something is destroying me from the inside out. Of course, the Gamemakers in charge of mutts had to do that.

DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

I am tracking Gwenn (3), trying to get a good shot with the blowgun. I haven't seen Chicha (10) since the start of the Games, but I think she was the camouflaged person who killed Jim, then seemed to disappear. Then I look up because I hear something in the trees, and see a parachute. I don't care if it's supposed to be mine or Gwenn's, so I grab it and open it. I see food, water, and some kind of armor. I realize that I can't wear the armor and the jacket at the same time, so I put the armor on and carry the jacket. I remember this armor from the 74th Hunger Games, one of the three we had to watch in school because they had multiple victors. The only problems are that it won't protect my hands or my head. The armor gets its first test (and hopefully its last) when I realize that what appears to be flat land is actually a steep, downward slope, and the Gamemakers used some kind of projection system to make it look flat. I fall down the hill, cutting my head on a sharp rock on the way down, but other than that, I'm fine. So it works.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

The stuff obviously works, but not well enough yet. I can move (slowly) and I can use all of my weapons. I decide to go to the Cornucopia to see what supplies are left, and I see Hannah (11) near there. I grab a shuriken, aim for her chest, and throw it. It's a direct hit, but for some reason, it bounces off. She grabs her blowgun and shoots just as I throw another shuriken. The shuriken slices the dart in half and the two pieces miss me by a mile. Again, the shuriken bounces off. She just runs away. I collect the shurikens and see small pieces of what looks like paper, but obviously isn't. I test it by sticking the "paper" to a tree and attacking it, and as I suspected, it's fragments of some kind of armor. Next time, I'll aim for the head. I eventually get there and stock up on everything. I'm disappointed that all the medical supplies are missing, but I assume it was the Careers. I've got enough food for a few weeks, and enough weapons and rope to set up some pretty good traps. I spend the next almost 10 hours putting up as many tripwires as I can, including one that sends two spears through your skull, one that hits you in the back of the head with a bag of the heaviest rocks I could find, and one that drops a heavy log on you. I miss the anthem, but I didn't hear any cannons, so I assume there's still two other people out there.

DAY 7 DISTRICT 11-Hannah Robyn

Gwenn's still alive, suprisingly. I decide to stop following her and track down Chicha (10). It's a little too easy to follow her trail. I realize that she's in the Cornucopia, and when I get there, I throw a bunch of rocks into the field. Good thing I did, because I must have activated 20 different traps. Once I'm sure the traps have all been triggered, I walk toward the mouth of the Cornucopia. She is either not there or knows I'm here. I shoot my blowgun into the mouth, and nothing happens. I assume she's not there, so I go in just to see if there's anything good left. She's in there, and expecting me. She hits me in the head several times with nunchucks. BOOM!

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

So I was right about the armor not protecting her head. Now there's one person left, and judging by the amount of blood here, I could win this just by waiting. Based on the tracks, she was attacked by two mutts, bitten (that's based on the blood), and is out there somewhere, dying. Now should I let her die from those mutts or should I kill her? I decide to follow the trail and see if it's worth it to kill her.

DISTRICT 3-Gwenn Warcheck

I heard the cannon a while ago and wonder if it was Chicha or Hannah. I remember that Chicha's good at killing stuff, but horrible at surviving. Hannah's good at surviving, but horrible at killing. I'm hoping Chicha's alive so I can just hide long enough for her to die from dehydration or starvation. It's been about three days since I got bitten by that thing, and I'm completely paralyzed. Even if my sponsors send me anything, I won't be able to use it. I hear footsteps and try to appear as inconspicuous as possible.

DISTRICT 10-Chicha Jeon

I just found Gwenn, and it looks like it might be a few days before that poison kills her. I grab my ninjato to stab her to death, but decide not to. I put it back and grab a shuriken. I throw it. Direct hit. BOOM!


Place Name District Killed by How
24 Harry Fry 3 Jacen Ruthor neck snapped
23 Cassia Slyara 5 Rodger Dectraina sword in chest
22 Janiss Linncourt 8 Sky Fire throwing knife in throat
21 Jake Alexand 8 Sky Fire arrow in chest
20 Malachi Pearson 6 Ivy Willik arrow in chest
19 Sky Fire 4 Gamemakers ate some poisoned chicken they put out 
18 Rodger Dectraina 2 Gamemakers exploding chair
17 Halissa Ketterwilde 7 Finnick Mellark shot by a blowgun
16 Joey Graceffa 7 Poppy Greentree hit in the chest with a spear
15 Jacen Ruthor 1 Gamemakers exploding bed
14 Poppy Greentree 12 Thomas Moore spear in chest
13 Thomas Moore 10 Finnick Mellark shot by a blowgun
12 Finnick Mellark  12 Jim Connard beheaded by mace
11 Elias Caldeu 9 Chicha Jeon shuriken in chest
10 Will Fletcher 4 Gamemakers exploding bed
9 Ivy Willik 2 Gamemakers shuriken gun
8 Jillien Fairburn 1 Gamemakers shuriken gun
7 Nick Taylor 5 gorilla mutt acidic blood
6 Jim Connard 11 Chicha Jeon falls on machete after getting hit by nunchucks
5 Senner Leif 6 the arena's weather froze to death in a snowstorm
4 Serinna Alli 9 Chicha Jeon ninjato in chest
3 Hannah Robyn 11 Chicha Jeon beaten to death with nunchucks
2 Gwenn Warcheck 3 Chicha Jeon shuriken in chest
VICTOR Chicha Jeon 10 ------------------- ---------------------------------

Current Status
Name District Allies Status
------------------- ---------- -------- dead
------------------- ---------- -------- dead
------------------- ---------- -------- dead
------------------- ---------- -------- dead
Chicha Jeon 10 none VICTOR
------------------- ---------- -------- dead
------------------- ---------- -------- dead


The mutts appear to be gorillas except for the sharp claws and teeth. Their blood is highly acidic and can melt steel in seconds. When its head is cut off, two more grow in its place. When it bites you, it injects a slow-working, deadly venom that takes up to a week to melt your organs (depending on where it bit you, it could take 24-168 hours), starting with nonvital, while staying away from the nervous system until the end so you feel everything. There is no (known) cure once your organs start melting (18-24 hours after the bite).


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