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Hitler finds out about The Hunger Games movie cast03:51

Hitler finds out about The Hunger Games movie cast

Template Code Note

Hungergames poster This user has read The Hunger Games
{{Hunger Games Read}}
Catching Fire This user has read Catching Fire
{{Catching Fire Read}}
MockingjayCover This user has read Mockingjay
{{Mockingjay Read}}
Katniss capitolcouture3 This user admires Katniss Everdeen

{{Katniss Like}}
Peeta vfoctober This user admires Peeta Mellark

{{Peeta Like}} i really dont
Gale vfoctober This user admires Gale Hawthorne

{{Gale Like}} i really dont...
Thgexplorer prim This user admires Primrose Everdeen

{{Rue Like}}
Cinna profile This user admires Cinna

{{Cinna Like}}
Rue This user admires Rue

{{Rue Like}}
Finnickodair vfoctober This user admires Finnick Odair

{{Finnick Like}} i really don't... the picture here isn't official
The Hunger Games poster-0001
This user is excited for the upcoming The Hunger Games film.

{{Movie Wait}} I really really am...

can you give me some more ideas for what template i should do (drop by my TP)

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