Hello all citizens of Panem. It's the time of year when we pick a male and female from each of the 12 Districts to battle to the death in The Arena! Our gamemakers insist that this year's games will be the most entertaining, fun-to-watch game ever. I know that all you viewers must be bursting with excitement!


It has been 66 years since the Rebels took over Panem. The new idea of a democracy flourished under President Paylor. Unfortunately, Plutarch Heavensbee was tricked into overthrowing Paylor so he himself could be President. 26 years later, Plutarch was assassinated, and his son took over the role of President. He reestablished the Capitol, The Hunger Games, and took over Panem.


Tributes (M is for Male, F is for Female)

District 1: Starlite Moon F Training Score: 9, Prestige Endstone M Training Score: 11

District 2: Kiera Mellis F Training Score: 8, Karo Mellis M Training Score: 9

District 3: Aisling Copley F Training Score: 7, Trevor Marks M Training Score: 7

District 4: Annliese Tides F Training Score: 9, Waves Odair M Training Score: 10

District 5: Feline Ster F Training Score: 6, Enzo Garcia M Training Score: 8

District 6: Avery Fiddleness F Training Score: 7, Herflex Nome M Training Score: 7

District 7: Lila Woods F Training Score: 9, Jordi M Training Score: 8

District 8: Miku F Training Score: 7, Len Kagamine M Training Score: 6

District 9: Alexa F Training Score: 7, Troy Butten M Training Score: 5

District 10: Kedzie Woods F Training Score: 8, Talon Faust M Training Score: 7

District 11: Feena F Training Score: 5, Garret M Training Score: 7

District 12: Cailse Eisllve F Training Score: 7, Devar Wevrin M Training Score: 6


District 1

Starlite Moon's POV:

I wake up this morning and don't even know why I bothered to get out of bed. It was probably the scariest day of my life, Reaping Day. I have only had my name in once, so there's little chance I will get reaped, but I'm still scared. I'm not feeling that great because I hardly got a wink of sleep last night. I had nightmares about when my brother was reaped. The escort's high-pitched voice still rang in my head. "Your dad's the mayor, Your dad's the mayor, he won't let anything bad happen to you", I thought to myself. I walk downstairs and see my mother. "I've laid out some nice clothes for you to wear", she said. I put them on and we head outside to the Reaping. The escort walks up on stage and says "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here to pick one courageous boy and girl to be sent into the Arena to represent District 1. Let's start with the girls." He picks a name from the Reaping Bowl and reads it. "Starlite Moon", he says. I look around frantically for an escape. I didn't realize how much time I was taking up. "Come on up here", he says. I step up on stage and my mother looks as if she's about to burst into tears. "Prestige Endstone", the escort says. A tall, strong looking boy marches up on stage. We both exchange looks and he keeps a wide grin on his face. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce the Tributes of District 1, Starlite Moon and Prestige Endstone!"

District 2

Karo Mellis's POV

It's Reaping day. The day most of us careers long for. I get out of bed and hurry into the kitchen, where I can smell breakfast being made. "Come on Kiera, it's Reaping day!", I shout upstairs to my sister. "I'm coming, I just need to do my hair", she yells back. I can hardly finish my breakfast because I'm so excited. As soon as I finish, I get dressed and run outside. The escort is already there and people are starting to line up in anticipation of the Reaping. "Let me just say how much of an honor it is for the Tributes to be up here on this stage today", the escort begins. "I'll keep this short and simple because I know how excited you all are", she says. "Ladies first." The escort walks over to the Reaping ball and pulls out a piece of paper. "Kiera Mellis", she says. I am shocked by how confident my sister is as she walks up on stage. "This can't be happening", I think to myself. "Gregory Taurus", the escort says. "No! I volunteer!", I shout. I walk up to the stage. "What is your n-" "Karo Mellis", I say before she can even finish. "Oh", she says. "This must be your sister. How brave of you." After a long pause she continues. "Anyway, Here are your District 2 Tributes, Karo and Kiera Mellis!"

District 3

Aisling Copley's POV

I wake up in terror this morning, my hand clamped down on the ring my father gave me. "It's just another bad dream", I say as I get out of bed. Then I remember, it's Reaping day. I'm half-tempted to fall right back into bed at the thought of the Reaping. As soon as I change clothes and look presentable, I go outside and head towards the Town Square. On the way there I pass Trevor Marks, my boyfriend. "Hi", I say as I walk by. "Hi? Come on Aisling, you got to think of something better than that! Anything!" I arrive in the Square and realize that I'm running late. The escort's already began her speech. "Ladies First", she says as she picks out a name from the bowl. "Aisling Copley." I stop dead in my tracks. I turn back, regretting that I even came today. I could have just slept in and somebody else might have been picked. She reads my name again, and I still stand there waiting for someone to volunteer. Unfortunately, I have no choice. I walk up onto the stage, feeling embarrased that nobody volunteered. Just when I thought nothing could get worse, she walks over to the boy's bowl and picks out a small, white piece of paper. "Trevor Marks", she says. I feel the blood drain from my face as my boyfriend walks up on stage with a look of despair. Then the escort turns to the audience and shouts: "Ladies and Gentlemen, your District 3 Tributes, Aisling Copley and Trevor Marks!"

District 4

Waves Odair's POV

I wake up this morning to a pool of light shining in my window. When I look outside, I see that it's a sunny morning, a perfect day for the Reaping. I walk down three flights of stairs, say good morning to my brother, and head outside towards the Reaping. When I arrive, people are already standing in organized lines, waiting for the escort to begin her speech. I glance over, and see my girlfriend, Annliese, in the crowd. "Welcome, citizens of District 4", the escort says. "It's my favorite time of year again. The time when we pick one boy and one girl to fight to the death in the Arena. I know how boring these speeches can get, so I'll keep this short." He sighs as he walks over to the Reaping bowl. "Ladies first", he says as he picks out a name. "Cassidy Okeanos", he says. "I volunteer!", I hear someone shout. I recognize the voice in a second, and see Anneliese step up on stage. "Ryan Reticulata", the escort says. "I volunteer!", I yell to the escort as I walk up on stage. "What is your name?", the escort asks me. "Waves Odair", I respond. I'm terrified, but my brother gives me a look of reassureance. I just hope that we can somehow both get out alive.

District 5

Feline Ster's POV

I wake up at 8:30 this morning and realize that I only have half an hour to get to the Reaping. I run into the kitchen and make myself some breakfast, but I hardly have enough time to eat it. I put on a red shirt and brown pants and leave my house. When I arrive at the Reaping, the mayor is starting her speech. I don't listen to most of it, mainly because Reaping Day is my least favorite day of the year. Living alone is hard enough, but when the Reaping rolls around, I have even more to worry about. The mayor finishes her speech, and the escort walks over to the Reaping Bowl. "Gentlemen first", she says as she draws out a name. "Enzo Garcia", she says, and a small, 12 year-old boy walks up next to her. He looks as if he's about to faint. I wish I could do something to help him, but I end up just standing there. "Let's move on to the ladies", the escort chimes. "Adrianna Zeus", she says with excitement. I feel a sudden rush of adrenaline, and my hand shoots up. "I volunteer!", I scream to the escort. "My name is Feline Ster", I say as I walk up next to Enzo. We shake hands, and I whisper; "I'm sorry" to him. I tell him it's going to be okay, but I know that only one of us can come out of the Arena.

District 6

Herflex Nome's POV

As soon as I wake up this morning, I change my clothes and run outside. It's a cold, rainy morning in District 6, but anything's better than where I live. There's only one person in my family that still has all their sanity. My parents and the rest of my family went into trauma after my oldest brother was killed in a fire that destroyed the factory that he worked in. He was the only one with a job in my family, and now we have virtually no money. I can't stand living in my house anymore, most likely because I don't know if my parents will welcome me or beat me for no reason. I just can't take it anymore. Then, an idea flashes through my head and I remember something. The Reaping is today. Maybe I could volunteer and get away from my psychotic family. I get up from where I was sitting and waste no time getting to the Reaping. When I get there, the escort is giving a speech. I step into one of the many rows of citizens just as she picks out a name. "Avery Fiddleness", the escort says and a girl walks up onto the stage. "Now the boys", the escort says as she picks out another name. "Albert Metro", she says. "I volunteer!", I shout, and many people turn around to get a good look at me. I walk up on the stage next to the escort, and she asks; "What is your name?" "Herflex Nome", I reply. She gives me a nod of approval and then shrieks; "Ladies and Gentlemen, your District 6 Tributes, Avery Fiddleness and Herflex Nome!"

District 7

Lila Woods's POV

The sound of falling pinecones wakes me up this morning. I go over to my window and see that it's snowing outside today. I get dressed for the Reaping and eat some breakfast. After I'm finished, my mom and I start walking in the direction of the City Square, where the Reaping is held every year. I don't realize how slow I'm walking until my mom points it out. "Lila, it's okay to be scared and nervous, but we at least have to be on time", my mother reminds me. I try to relax, but the thought of getting Reaped scares me. "Don't worry, there's a lot of people in District 7, it's very unlikely you will get picked", my mom says. When we arrive at the Reaping, I'm practically shaking. "Citizens of District 7, we are here today to remind you of the Capitol's dominance over the Districts", the escort says. "I know that you all are anxious for me to get on with the Reaping", she says, and some people in the audience roll their eyes and groan. "We will do the boys first", the escort says, as she picks out a name. "Jordi", she says. A tall, pale boy walks up to her, but she seems confused. "Jordi... What is your last name?", she asks. Jordi whispers something to her and she nods. He stands next to her as she picks out a name from the girl's bowl. I start to feel sweat running down my face as she reads the name. "Lila Woods", the escort says. My parents turn to me and have tears streaming down their faces. I walk up to the stage slowly, and the escort screams; "Citizens of District 7, here are your tributes, Lila Woods and Jordi!"

District 8

Len Kagamine's POV

I wake up this morning and head downstairs. I decide to eat some breakfast, even though I'm really scared for the Reaping today. I don't really feel like eating anything, but I finish my meal. I decide to walk to the Reaping after I put on some clothes and new shoes. I walk past a couple of warehouses that are just starting to clear out for the Reaping. When I arrive, I am greeted by a crowd of people getting ready for this year's Hunger Games. Some Peacekeepers are blocking their way to the stage, afraid they might start a riot. The Peacekeepers have really tightened up in District 8 this year, especially after the rebellions and the war. A woman who appears to be our escort steps up on the stage and starts giving her speech. I'm confused because she doesn't look like she's from the Capitol at all. I get even more baffled when she starts praising President Paylor and talks about how Plutarch Heavensbee, an ex-Gamemaker, ruined our government."Rebel!", a Peacekeeper shouts, and at least five bullets are fired into her chest. She falls back, dead before she even hit the ground. At first, people started cheering. Then, they run towards the Peacekeepers and tackle them to the ground. Gunshots are fired, and most of the charging crowd falls dead. One of the Peacekeepers walks over to the Reaping Bowl, now shattered on the ground, and picks out a name. "Len Kagamine!", he says. I freeze in my place between citizens fighting Peacekeepers. I have nowhere to run, and I know that the Peacekeepers will eventually win this battle, so I walk up on stage. "He's with the Capitol!", I hear a citizen shout, and several bullets are fired at me. I duck under them as the Peacekeeper draws out a name from the girl's bowl. "Hatsune Miku", he says. By the time Miku gets up on stage, there aren't enough rebels alive to shoot at her. If this rebellion doesn't destroy Panem, I don't know what will.

District 9

Alexa's POV

I get out of bed this morning and remember that the Reaping is today. I'm not sure why the rest of District 9 has to be there, couldn't they just stay home? I stop worrying myself and start to eat some breakfast. Rumor has it that there was a minor rebellion in District 8, but I don't believe a word of it. The Capitol was sending more and more Peacekeepers to each District to make sure that something like that doesn't happen. Ever since the war ended, I feel as if the Capitol has gotten a lot more personal with the Districts. There's practically an overpopulation in 11, but ever since the Capitol took over again, there haven't been too many uprisings there. I walk outside to the City Square, where the Reapings have already begun. "Let's start with the boys this time", I hear the escort squeak. "Troy Butten", the escort says as she reads the piece of paper. A tall boy walks up on to the stage, where the escort congratulates him for his courage. "We will now move on to the girls", the escort says. "Alexa", she says. I turn around, wishing that I'd never come to the Reaping in the first place. I start running, but I'm startled when the escort calls me up to the stage. "Come on dear, we don't have all day", she says, looking at me sternly. I have no choice but to walk up there with her. As I'm climbing the stairs, I hear her yell; "District 9, I proudly present this year's tributes, Troy Butten and Alexa!"

District 10

Talon Faust's POV

I wake up this morning at 8:00. I have just enough time to feed the cows, put on some decent clothes, and get to the Reaping. I walk outside to the barn, where I can already hear the cows stomping their feet. I feed the cows and get back inside. It's a hot morning, so I put on a short shirt and some cargo pants. It took me about 35 minutes to feed and milk the cattle, so I guess I should start leaving my house soon. I head outside, walking to the Reaping. When I arrive, I stand next to my family. The mayor and escort perform their speeches and then the mayor leaves, leaving just the escort on the stage. "It's a beautiful morning out, isn't it?", the escort asks. A couple of people nod their heads. "Don't worry, I know what you all want me to get to", he says as he heads over to the bowl. "Why don't we start with the gentlemen?", he asks as he draws a name from the Reaping Bowl. "Talon Faust", he says, and I feel a chill down my spine. My family gasps, but I just walk up to the escort. "You must be Talon", he says, and we shake hands. I nod and wait for my fellow tribute's name to be called. "Kedzie Woods", the escort says. A strong-looking girl walks up next to me and we introduce each other. After a few moments of silence, the escort exclaims; Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, here are your District 10 Tributes, Kedzie Woods and Talon Faust!"

District 11

Feena's POV

A heat wave is what wakes me up today. It's so hot outside, I'm fairly sure that the Reaping will be held inside the Justice Building this year. I change clothes and skip breakfast, mostly because it feels to hot to eat anything. When I walk outside, I see Peacekeepers directing men and women working in the fields to the Reaping. The Peacekeepers stand right beside the swarm of workers, careful not to let anyone slip away in the crowd. A couple of people have tried to escape the Reaping before, and they were all publicly excecuted. The thought of them being hanged haunts me to this day. I find my way to the Justice Building through many crowds, and I get a pretty good view of the stage. The mayor is up on the stage, and the escort is behind him, getting ready for her speech about how the Capitol is higher than the Districts, and any revolution will be put down by Peacekeepers. I'm exactly right about her speech, almost down word-for-word. "Ladies First", she says, and I start to get anxious as she picks out a piece of paper. "Feena", she says, and I feel like I'm frozen in place. I walk up to the stage, my hands trembling. "Okay, we will do the boys next", she says as she picks out another name. "Garret", the escort says, and one of my friends walks up next to me. "I'm scared", I whisper to him. "It's okay, so am I", he whispers back. I'm about to say something else, when the escort's abnoxious voice interrupts me. "Here are your tributes, District 11!", she yells out to the whole District.

District 12

Devar Wevrin's POV

It's extermely hot out when I wake up this morning. I make myself some breakfast consisting of burnt toast and an apple. I decide to sprint over to the Justice Building to get a good look at our future tributes. When I arrive, the mayor is just beginning her speech about how District 12 endangered the life of every citizen of Panem when we decided to join the Rebels. After her speech is done, she hands the microphone over to the escort, who then recites a more boring and Capitol-promoting speech. "Now, let's move on to the Reaping", the escort says as she pickpounding through my shirt and sweat dripping down my neck. I decide to face my fears and walk up to the escort. I keep my thoughts to myself as the escort yells; "District 12, here are your two tributes, Devar Wevrin and Cailse Eisllve!"s out a name from the girls bowl. "Cailse Eisllve", she says. A poorly-fed, skinny girl walks up next to her. "Now it's time for the boys", she says as she draws out another name. "Devar Wevrin", she says. I can feel my heart pounding through my shirt and sweat dripping down my neck. I keep my thoughts to myself as the escort yells; "District 12, here are your tributes!"


Sword: $50

Spear: $35

Bow: $30

Quiver of Arrows: $20

Axe: $40

Tomahawk: $30

Poison: $50

Trident: $40

Knife: $20

Throwing Knives: $35

Greatsword: $60

Mace: $50

Dagger: $35

Hammer: $20

Warhammer: $60

Battleaxe: $70

Baton: $15

Switchblade: $15

Flail: $60

Shank: $40


Light Armor: $90

Heavy Armor: $150

Legendary Armor: $250

Mythic Armor: $500

Weak Shield: $50

Strong Shield: $75

Medical Supplies and Survival Essentials:

Sleeping Bag: $25

Bottled Water: $10

Tent: $30

Disease Medicine (Cures all Diseases) : $40

Wound Medicine (Heals all Wounds) : $50

Note from Home: $20

The Arena

This year's arena is shaped like a large circle. In the center, there is a large meadow surrounding the Cornucopia. Surrounding the meadow, there is a large jungle with massive trees that can be made as a camp for the tributes. Around the jungle is a tundra-like, snowy plain with fresh water.


Beetles: Huge, venom spitting beetles that live in the jungle. They can't fly, but they do walk fast and can chase down prey. The venom can be lethal if you touch too much of it.

Rats: Large, rat-like creatures that often travel in packs. They don't do too much damage, but they are enormously strong and hard to kill. They can be deadly in groups.

Ice Rats: They are pretty much the same as the other rats, but if you are bitten by one, you will eventually die from hypothermia unless cured. (This can be cured by the Disease Medicine.)

Water: This extremely cold water is located in some of the lakes in the Tundra Area. It can kill you in seconds if you step in it, and it is even more deadly when you ingest it. If you drink it, it will significantly lower your body temperature, and you will quickly freeze to death. (This can be cured by the Disease Medicine.)

Blizzard: The Blizzard will occur in the Tundra Area. You can't see through it and it lasts for days. If you are in it long enough, you will most likely starve to death.

Thorns: There is a large, circular bush of thorns that surrounds the Cornucopia. For the first 24 hours of The Hunger Games, the thorns are completely harmless. However, if you don't pick up everything you want at the Cornucopia the first day, these thorns will grab you and kill you if you return to pick up some items.

Day 1

Avery Fiddleness's POV:

All is quiet when the tributes enter the Arena from their tubes. Some look around, searching for possible campsites and good places to hide. Others look directly at the Cornucopia, determined to find a weapon. BANG! The starting gong of The Hunger Games sounds and most tributes start running toward the Cornucopia, including me. Feline Ster, the girl from 5, makes the wrong choice and starts running at Prestige Endstone, the tribute with the highest training score. Feline jumps up to surprise him, but Prestige sees it coming, grabs her wrists, and tosses her aside. Trevor Marks makes it to the Cornucopia first, followed by Devar Wevrin. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Trevor picks up a knife and throws it straight into Devar's chest. The first cannon sounds as more tributes reach the Cornucopia. I grab an axe and swing it at Aisling Copley. It decapitates her, and another cannon sounds. Many tributes rush to finish off Feline Ster, who is still on the ground after being launched by Prestige. The first to get there is Talon Faust, the District 10 Male, who drives a spear into Feline's body. As soon as her cannon sounds, I take off running. My district partner, Herflex Nome, is sprinting behind me. I settle with what I have and keep moving into the jungle, when a cannon startles me. I look back and see Herflex dead, with a spear protruding from his back. In the distance I can see Presige holding another spear in his hand, this one targeted at me. As soon as I see it, I run for my life into the jungle. As soon as he realizes that I'm out of range, Prestige sheathes his spear and turns around to pick off more tributes. I hear two more cannons sound, belonging to Feena and Troy Butten. I run as fast as I can deep into the jungle and never look back.

Day 1 Deaths

24th Place: Devar Wevrin, Knife thrown into chest by Trevor Marks

23rd Place: Aisling Copley, Decapitated by Avery Fiddleness

22nd Place: Feline Ster, Speared by Talon Faust

21st Place: Herflex Nome, Spear thrown into back by Prestige Endstone

20th Place: Feena, Killed by Prestige Endstone

19th Place: Troy Butten, Killed by Prestige Endstone

Day 2

Karo Mellis's POV:

It's just after midnight of Day 1. Us Careers split into seperate groups, and each one is hiding in a different tree. Prestige and I are in one tree, Kiera and Anneliese in another, and Starlite, Waves, and Enzo are in a different one. We each take shifts hunting down tributes, but nobody has found a single one yet. "It's your turn", Kiera tells me, and Prestige and I climb down the tree. "It's a fine night for hunting", Prestige says to me as he counts the tributes that he killed in the sky. He grins and holds up three fingers. "Three, huh?', I ask. He nods, and we keep walking through the night. "Check that out!", Prestige says, and extends his finger out into the distance. In the very thick foliage of this jungle, I can just make out a tiny speck of light. "Follow my back and keep an eye out for mutts", he says as we charge further into the jungle. The speck of light grows larger, until I realize it's a fire, obviously made by other tributes. "Do you think anyone's there?", I ask. "Time to find out", Prestige says as he sends a spear flying towards the fire. As soon as it hits the ground, two tributes stand up and start sprinting away. "You take the one on the right, I got left", Prestige barks as he lets another spear fly. I grab one of my swords and send it whizzing through the air. It connects with the back of one of the tributes and a cannon sounds. I look over and Prestige's spear is in the chest of the other tribute, who is doubled over in pain. A cannon sounds and Prestige grins. "That makes four", he says as we run to see who we killed. When we reach the bodies, I recognize them quickly. My sword is in Cailse Eisllve's back, and Prestige's spear is in Alexa's chest. By the time we reach the tree, the sun has just risen. Prestige and I climb the tree and see a look of relief on our partners' faces. "We were worried about you two", my sister Kiera says. "Why?", I ask, and she looks at me sarcastically. "You two left for hunting, two cannons fired", she says. "We were afraid that the cannons belonged to you guys." Prestige laughs and sits down next to me. "Nice work", he says. "Thanks, you too", I respond back. I'm glad to have friends like these, friends that will viciously murder each other if it comes down to it.

Day 2 Deaths

18th Place: Cailse Eisllve, Sword thrown into back by Karo Mellis

17th Place: Alexa, Spear thrown into chest by Prestige Endstone

Day 3

Waves Odair's POV:

Apart from Karo and Prestige killing two Tributes, we haven't had much else to do. We couldn't find any other Tributes, but we did find some food. The sun was just starting to set on Day 3, when I smelled something burning. I walked over to see what was giving off the smell, when I saw that the jungle was on fire. I ran down to the ground and saw that it wasn't any better. Smoke was rising from the trees, and the jungle was engulfed in a black cloud. I heard something rustle in the smoke, and I threw my trident as far as I could. I went out into the smoke and bent over to grab my trident. Just then, Trevor Marks, the boy from 3, swung an axe directly at my neck. Fortunately, I had bent over, because I probably would have been decapitated. Startled, I stumbled onto the ground. Trevor loomed over me, ready to give my deathblow. Suddenly, a sword pierced Trevor's stomach. He fell over in pain, then turned around to see who had done it. Starlite Moon was standing behind him, grinning. In a fit of rage, Trevor swung his axe at Starlite, thinking that she wouldn't see it coming. Starlite ducked under it and in an instant, gave Trevor a gaping wound on his neck with her sword. Trevor's cannon sounded, and Starlite offered me a hand up. I accepted, and both of us ran as far away into the smoke as we could. The trees started to thin out, and I wondered if it was just the fire, or we were getting closer to the edge of the jungle. My thoughts were answered when I saw Enzo Garcia sprinting in front of us. "Enzo!". I called out to him. "Come on! We're almost out!", Enzo shouted back to me. I followed him out of the smoke, and took in our surroundings. We were now on an icy plain, dotted with small, snowy pine trees. "Are you sure that this is the best place to stay?", I asked. "How am I supposed to know? I just spent the last three nights sleeping in a tree!", Enzo replied back. It was getting late at night, and we needed to find shelter quickly. Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep well tonight, and I stayed up until midnight, hoping that Anneliese's face wouldn't appear in the sky. Fortunately for me, it didn't.

Day 3 Deaths

16th Place: Avery Fiddleness (Killed by Trevor Marks)

15th Place: Garret (Killed in Fire)

14th Place: Trevor Marks (Stabbed by Starlite Moon)

13th Place: Kiera Mellis (Killed in Fire)

12th Place: Karo Mellis (Killed in Fire)

11th Place: Miku (Killed by Jordi)

10th Place: Jordi (Suffocated in Fire)

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