• Summer Salmon

    Hello peeps! This is an RP games written by the Legendary RP Maker, Eli and the Legendary Writer of Fanfiction, Emilia. So, combining our powers, we present you with A Salty Breeze filled with Death.

    It was a normal day in Florida as Emilia and Eli were walking down the Miami boardwalk, discussing ideas for a new story when they noticed two figures were staring them. One of them had dirty blonde hair with emerald green eyes while the other had brighter blonde hair, but darker eyes. Both of the figures had that glint of evil sparkling in their eyes.

    "Should we approach them?" Eli asked Emilia.

    "Nah, let them come to us." Emilia replied before continuing to walk. Eli followed her, but his eyes were glued to the eyes of the figure with the dirty …

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