Hello peeps! This is an RP games written by the Legendary RP Maker, Eli and the Legendary Writer of Fanfiction, Emilia. So, combining our powers, we present you with A Salty Breeze filled with Death.

Introduction (Written by Emilia)

It was a normal day in Florida as Emilia and Eli were walking down the Miami boardwalk, discussing ideas for a new story when they noticed two figures were staring them. One of them had dirty blonde hair with emerald green eyes while the other had brighter blonde hair, but darker eyes. Both of the figures had that glint of evil sparkling in their eyes.

"Should we approach them?" Eli asked Emilia.

"Nah, let them come to us." Emilia replied before continuing to walk. Eli followed her, but his eyes were glued to the eyes of the figure with the dirty blonde hair, like the figure was his idol of sorts.

"Emilia!" Eli shouted at his partner in crime. "Isn't that Marvel?"

At that instant, the figure who Eli claimed to be Marvel turned his face towards the duo.

"Eli, remember" Emilia spoke, sounding like she was a broken record, "whenever Marvel is involved in anything, everyone within a 100 mile radius is in danger."

When Emilia finished her talking, the two figures had magically appeared not 200 ft. away from her and Eli. The two writers screamed and ran away through the alleys of Miami, but wasn't long before the two figures caught up with them and knocked them out by hitting the two authors with police batons. The darkness blurred Emilia and Eli's vision, and the two friends were knocked out cold.

The next time Emilia and Eli opened their eyes, they were greeted by the other figure who was with Marvel Their hands and feet were in chains, making it impossible for them to escape.

"What do you want?" Eli demanded.

The figure laughed. "First of all, you will address me as Iggy. Secondly, we need you and your writing colleague to come up with a games for us to enact."

"Who does 'us' refer to Iggy?" Emilia, who had finally woken up asked.

Iggy walked over to Emilia and gave her a slap across the face before responding to the question.

"Answers will eventually come. Now write, or it will be a bullet through your brain next."

That scared Emilia and Eli enough to stay calm and follow this Iggy lady and enact the games again. Both of them were scared, but they knew they couldn't show it, or they would be dead in a matter of seconds.


The arena is located in the city of Miami, Florida. Instead of the cornucopia being located in the middle of the city, it is located in a small street market that the tributes will be placed away from. So, their best chance of survival is to find the cornucopia. But there is also a treasure chest located in the bottom of the harbor the writers were walking by. What could the chest contain? Treasure? Supplies? Only the retriever(s) of the chest will find out. Also tributes, if you take a close look into some of the cars, they may contain supplies that could save your life...or not.



And that's it, because that is the only rule in RPs XD

Make sure to include...

  • Name
  • Age
  • District
  • Weapons
  • Alliance (Loner or planned alliance)


District and Gender Tribute Age
District 1 Male James 14
District 1 Female Caitlin 14
District 2 Male Nathaniel 17
District 2 Female Cat 13
District 3 Male
District 3 Female
District 4 Male Connor 15
District 4 Female Liza 15
District 5 Male
District 5 Female Billie 15
District 6 Male Erlend 16
District 6 Female Summer 15
District 7 Male Blake 14
District 7 Female Bee 13
District 8 Male
District 8 Female Lexi ???
District 9 Male Zee 15
District 9 Female
District 10 Male Den 15
District 10 Female Marina 16
District 11 Male
District 11 Female
District 12 Male
District 12 Female


TBA for various reasons

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