Hello everyone! It's Emilia here with my first User RP games!



The arena for my User RP Games is an abandoned town sqaure with a fountain shaped cornucopia, a clock tower, the Town Hall (consisting of three floors; the bottom floor is reception, the other two floors are covered in offices), the Marketplace (which has a market on the lower floor and little shops on the second floor) and the Fountain (which opens when you make a wish and throw something into the fountain)

There isn't any physical mutts. Instead the mutts invade your mind (at the gamemaker's discretion) and make you insane. The only way to get rid of them? Go to the top of the Clock Tower and touch a clock hand.


No God-Modding. It isn't fair and I will determine when someone has died and/or God-Modded. You get two warnings: first time, it will be a warning, the second time it will be a mutt invasion, the third time will result in your death.

Difference between God-Modding and not (using Summer's example)

CORRECT WAY TO RP: In this situation Summer is going against Katniss.

Katniss: I put Summer into a chokehold, tightening my grip on her.

Summer: Gasping for air, I claw at her arms before remembering the knife in my pocket. I take it in my right hand and then attempt a stab to her leg.

Owner: The knife pierces Katniss' theigh, wounding it.

Katniss: Yelping in pain, I pull out a throwing knife from the bloodbath and throw it, aiming it for her chest.

Owner: Katniss' shot misses.

Summer: Dodging it, I pull out my crossbow and quickly load an arrow into it before sending it flying, hoping it hits her where it will be most fatal.

Owner: The arrow lodges into Katniss' skull, instantly killing her. BOOM!

This is completely the right way. One, you let the person reply to what is happening. Two, you're using words like "attempt" and "aiming", allowing the owner to say what happens. Third, you aren't injuring or killing a player off without permission. This is the right way to rp and may earn you a sponsor gift from the owner.

INCORRECT WAY TO RP: Once again, Summer is going against Katniss.

Katniss: I put Summer in a chokehold, laughing as she pleads for me to let her go. "Please Katniss!" She says, and she struggles to get out of my grip. Out of nowhere she pulls out a knife and stabs me, and I stumble back before throwing my knife and it instantly hits her eye. She screams and I finish her with an arrow to the heart. "I'm sorry," I say, and she looks at me with one last word. "Screw you." BOOM! I run off.


If you are inactive for one day (in my books), you will be stricken down with hunger/dehydration or disease. If you are inactive for that day as well, YOU DIE!


Also, keep the alliances to no more then five people (so that we don't have the issue where more then half of the tributes are travelling around with each other)



Age: (12-18)

District: (1-12)

Alliance: (if you would like one)

Weapons: (2 max)

(If you've read all the rules, then comment your favorite TV Series)


District Male Tribute Age Female Tribute Age
District 1 Marvel (err... Eli) 14 Catlin 14
District 2 Nathaniel 16 RANDOM N/A
District 3 Blake 12 Jen 13
District 4 Joey 12 Eden 13
District 5 Connor 14 Marina II 14
District 6 World 14 Summer 15
District 7 Sable 14 Bee 13
District 9 RANDOM N/A Clara 13
District 10 Viktor 16 Marina (Whale) 16


Alliance Tributes
Da Perf Alliance Nathaniel (2), Eden (4), Whale (10)
The Blissful Serpent-Cats Alliance Summer (6), Bee (7), Viktor (10)
TehSalmonForever Alliance Marvel (1), Blake (3), Jen (3)
Mashup Alliance Joey (3), Sable (7)
WolfGoshi Alliance Catlin (1), Connor (5)
Loners Marina II (5), World (6), Clara (9)

Death Chart

24th: District 8 Female (Throat Slit by Sable; Day 1 Bloodbath)

23rd: District 12 Female (Knife to the head by Eden; Day 1 Bloodbath)

22nd: District 9 Male (unknown causes; Day 1 Bloodbath)

21st: District 11 Female (shot in the heart by Marina; Day 1 Post-Bloodbath)

20th: District 2 Female (Battleaxe to the skull by Blake; Day 1 Post-Bloodbath)

---Congrats, you have survived the first day---

19th: Clara (mind muttation; Day 2)

---Congrats, you have survived the second day---

18th: District 11 Male (pwned twice by Blake and Eli; Day 3)







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