Hey everyone. In case if you are or are not aware, once upon a time I hosted an RP Games here that still may or may not be active? Well, here is the sequel-ish and this time around, it's a rebellion! And guess who will be joining you? *cough cough myself cough cough*

Story Premise

So, after the RP Games, the evil President Snow sent in muttations to attack the land known as Panem in order to get vengeance because all of the living tributes had escaped the arena. But is everyone against the Capitol? We will see.


1. No Godmodding

2. You can still participate even if you have died

3. When filling out the character form, include an RL Picture


5. Maximum of 4 characters (this may change)

Character Template

Name: (First AND Last)

District: (Capitol-15)

Status: (Victor, Revived, New)

Allegiance: (Either Capitol or Districts)

Weapons: (Maximum of three)


Notes: (This can include possible allies, love interests, blah blah blah, you get the point)

RL Image


Allied with the Capitol

Name District Age Weapon
Robbie Vickers 15 17 Machete, Hatchet
Peacekeeper Cray Cray Capitol 45 P90, Baton
Starla Rosethron Capitol 13 Sword, Throwing Knives
Arianne Lands 9 16 Knife, Meat Cleaver
Riley Carly 3 28 Technology, Smarts

Gallery for AWC (Allied with the Capitol)

Allied with the Rebels

Name District Age Weapon
Emilia Song 2 15 Throwing Knives, Tomahawk
Eli Kruntz 1 17 Spear, Kukri
Blake Makara 3 14 Battleaxe
Caitlin Quester 1 13 Throwing Knives, Axe
Connor Brillance 15 16 AK-47, Meat Cleaver
Summer Evans 6 15 Crossbow, Flail
Edward Willows 7 17 Axes, Throwing Knives
Aria Westbrook 6 16 Crossbow, Bow
Liza Morthill 4 15 Bow, Knives
Wendy "Lady" Pulse Capitol 41 Poisons, Syringe
Nicole Cooper 2 16 Bow, Knife
Marina Whalio 13 16 Bow, Crossbow
Violet Mass 2 12 Hatchet, Knives

AWR Gallery (Allied with the Rebels)


Name District Age Weapon
Bee Clio 7 14 Pistol, Bow
Billie Targaryen 4 14 Bow, Trident
Abigail Ivybrooke 2 22 Sword, Bow
Serena 14 16 Voice, Shrieks
Paisley Oaks Capitol 17 Blowgun, Throwing Axe

Neutral Gallery

Voting Time

Okay, I haven't decided exactly which format this will be in, so let's vote on it!

<poll> How should I write out this RP? Let the Role-Playing happen in the comments Write out the Role-Playing myself like a story </poll>

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