Hello everyone! It's Emilia here with my second games on this wiki and my fourth games in total between the two wikis! Since the Great Suffering Games Saga is almost finished, I've decided to do another games just to keep things fresh. These games have a special twist which you will hear about below.

The Twist

The Twist of these game (if you haven't read the title) is that ALL of the tributes for these games will be composed of just Females. No male tributes are being reaped for these games.

Also, these games are a selection games, so let me know if you want e to use your female tributes in these games. Since this IS a Summer bee Selection Games, expect some choices of tributes that users normally wouldn't use.

The tributes who die in these games will be selected by Forum Vote. How will this work? Read below.

Forum Vote

So whats forum vote? Basically, you vote for which tribute you want dead, who kills them, how they die and if the killer had any help killing the tribute. Forum Votes happen once a day, so pay attention to the blog post here and the coments to find out if your tribute died.

How do you vote? Click on the link below to cast your vote!


1. These games have changed into a selection games, so let me know in the comments if you want me to use your tributes!

2. Stay Active, Post Advice and your female tribute will likely win!

Users who's tributes I'm using


District Name Age Preferred Weapon
Capitol Amity Grace 15 Trident, Bow
Capitol Avery Hollis 15 Bow, Knives
District 1 Anais Morrisa 16 Warhammer, Flail
District 1 Alexandrite Bohemia 14 Bow, Sword
District 2 Angelina Stotch 17 Dartgun, Blowgun
District 2 Daria Storm 18 Sword, Machete
District 3 Electra Harrt 16 Whip, Sword
District 3 Bryony Fawn 14 Electronics
District 4 Mary Pacifica 13 Trident, Knives
District 4 Ava Zachard 18 Poisoned Darts, Claws
District 5 Cora Sparks 13 Throwing Knives, Scythe
District 5 Honeysickle Ash 13 Sword, Axe
District 6 Phoenix Deyanira 14 Throwing Knives
District 6 Catie Oplit 15 Wrench, Dagger
District 7 Spring Rose 16 Throwing Knives, Spear
District 7 Violet Rosegrass 16 Axe
District 8 Miyako Sada 17 Bow, Dagger
District 8 Intarsia Silket 17 Bow, Dagger
District 9 Fay Kariliah 12 Slingshot
District 9 Calliope Antio 17 Curved Sword, Crossbow
District 10 Sonya Fire 17 Butcher's Knife
District 10 Fawn Talons 16 Scythe, Throwing Knives
District 11 Goddess Diamond 16 Claws, Poison
District 11 Boni Gernt 15 Whip
District 12 Sadia Nightshadow 12 Spear
District 12 Amaryllis Skylark 14 Dagger, Throwing Knives
District 13 Artemis Moonsliver 13 Bow
District 13 Carmine Morrisa 16 Warhammer, Mace


Alliance Name Members
Careers Avery Hollis (Capitol), Anais Morrisa (1), Ava Zachard (4), Honeysickle Ash (5), Carmine Morrisa (13)
Anti-Careers Alexandrite Bohemia (1), Angelina Stoch (2), Electra Harrt (3), Mary Pacifica (4), Spring Rose (7), Miyako Sada (8), Artemis Moonsliver (13)
Youngster Alliance Bryony Fawn (3), Cora Sparks (5), Sadia Nightshadow (12), Fay Kariliah (9), Amaryllis Skylark (12)
Mashup Alliance Amity Grace (Capitol), Catie Oplit (6), Calliope Antio (9), Sonya Fire (10), Fawn Talons (10), Boni Gernt (11)
Loners Daria Storm (2), Phoenix Deyanira (6), Violet Rosegrass (7), Intarsia Silket (8), Goddess Diamond (11),

Training Scores

District Name Training Scores Odds
Capitol Amity Grace 9 10-1
Capitol Avery Hollis 8 12-1
District 1 Anais Morrisa 9 8-1
District 1 Alexandrite Bohemia 8 13-1
District 2 Angelina Stotch 9 6-1
District 2 Daria Storm 11 3-1
District 3 Electra Harrt 6 24-1
District 3 Bryony Fawn 7 23-1
District 4 Mary Pacifica 7 15-1
District 4 Ava Zachard 11 3-1
District 5 Cora Sparks 6 26-1
District 5 Honeysickle Ash 8 15-1
District 6 Phoenix Deyanira 5 37-1
District 6 Catie Oplit 7 24-1
District 7 Spring Rose 5 32-1
District 7 Violet Rosegrass 7 19-1
District 8 Miyako Sada 4 42-1
District 8 Intarsia Silket 3 48-1
District 9 Fay Kariliah 4 45-1
District 9 Calliope Antio 7 20-1
District 10 Sonya Fire 7 20-1
District 10 Fawn Talons 6 24-1
District 11 Goddess Diamond 4 46-1
District 11 Boni Gernt 5 29-1
District 12 Sadia Nightshadow 5 33-1
District 12 Amaryllis Skylark 7 21-1
District 13 Artemis Moonsliver 7 19-1
District 13 Carmine Morrisa 10 5-1

Let the Games Begin!

Since all the training scores are now in, let the games begin!


Artemis Moonsilver's POV (District 13)




I take a quick look around the cornucopia. I see a bow close to the inside of the cornucopia, close to a pack. Perfect. All I had to do was out-run my opponents and I would make it there in time before anyone else would.




I take a look at the competition around m. On my left is Carmine, my district partner, smiling away like she doesn't have a care in the world. Flanking my right is little Cora from District 5. I take a breath and re-focus my attention to the bow.





As soon as the gong went off, I was on my feet, going for the bow. After I grabbed the bow and pack, I also found a little hatchet that I picked up as well. I hear a BOOM! come and find little Amaryllis dead, stabbed straight through the heart with a trident. After that happens, I see the "lovesick girl" from seven approach me to try and take my hatchet. I devised a quick and clever plan.

Anais Morrisa's POV (District 1)

I hear a quick BOOM! ring in my ears and I see the silver haired girl removing a hatchet from one of the other tribute's necks. Being in the arena with just girls allows all of us to show our true inner nature as fierce, tough warriors. Afer those two quick deaths, I grab my warhammer and chase down Catie from 6 when I suddenly her a very familiar scream.

It was Carmine, and she was in trouble.

From the looks of it, the little girl from eleven whipped Carmine in the temple a few times and Carmine got a big blow to the head. She was falling to the ground and I ran to catch her in my arms.

"Carmine!" I whispered, "You're going to make it out ok, don't worry!"

"Anais," Carmine groaned, "I'm not gonna make it out. Don't let me die in vain, ok?

And I started to cry as I heard Carmine's cannon go off. Even though it was right in the middle of a brutal fight, all I could think about is letting my sister go.

Sadia Nightshadow's POV (District 12)

As soon as the gong had gone off, I grabbed a pack and spaced myself away from the action. I was going through what was in my pack. A Swiss Army Knife, a little bottle of poison, some cracker-jacks and nuts...


I dared to peer through the trees and I saw the purple haired girl cradling what was her dead sister. Her cannon had just gone off and the blue hooded girl had snapped had snapped a little girl's neck like she was some sort of stale cracker. BOOM!

Then, just as I turned back to my pack, another cannon went off.


This time around, it was the blue-hooded girl that was killed. Her own district partner had tridented her through the heart. After that action, everyone but the careers and the dead bodies ran off into the jungle. I saw my alliance of the little girls come towards me with what supplies they had. Only now, had the gaes begun, just as the sun was setting due to the evening arriving.

Day 2: Dissolving of the Careers

Amity Grace's POV (Capitol)

I wake up to sunlight in my eyes. The rest of my alliance has been up for a few hours now, and they're talking about some plan to go and find the Careers. Gosh, do you really think that we could beat them that easy? A red head, a girl looking for vengeance, and a insane tribute. We didn't stand a chance against them.

We went walking towards the direction that we thought was the cornucopia until we saw the lonely Phoenix walking around, acting like she didn't have a care in the world. She hadn't noticed us yet, which I guess was a good thing. We gathered into a little huddle as we discussed what to do. Then Fawn, quick as a feather, snuck up behind Phoenix and slit her throat with her dagger before walking back to our alliance as Phoenix's cannon went off. BOOM!

As we kept making our way towards the cornucopia, it was close to noon time and our alliance stopped to take a break when we saw the Anti-Careers coming close to us. What were we going to do?

Angelina Stotch's POV (District 2)

Our alliance was walking through the thicket of the woods, trying to find any loners to pick off in the forest when we heard a cannon go off in the woods. Must be the careers. The cannon didn't sound too far away, so we decided to follow the sound of the cannon.

We walked for a few hours until we came face-to-face with another alliance: The Mashups and Misfits. We all gave a little chuckle and Artemis started to come towards the alliance and was threating to murder them all. We all readied our weapons, waiting to fire, with Artemis leading the charge.

But, it was Sonya who struck first, throwing her spear into Artemis's heart and she fell down, dead. I used my dartgun to try and shoot down Sonya, but I just scraped her shoulder, but she still howled in pain. Our alliance had a bigger threat; the Mashups. That is, until, we see Goddess going towards the cornucopia, with determination in her eyes.

Goddess Diamond's POV (District 11)

I was a girl on a mission: trying to set the cornucopia on FIRE!!! Of course, it might be impossible, but it was worth a try.

So, I made my way to the cornucopia, keeping an eye out for anyone else. Eventually, I reached the Cornucopia. The grass around the cornucopia had become dry and brittle, perfect for setting a fire. I pulled out my matches and strike one, lighting it, then dropping in the grass about five meters in front of my hiding spot. Thankfully, the wind was on my side as the fire surrounded the Cornucopia and I heard the familiar screams of three girls. One of them, the purple haired one, tried to walk through the fires, but she burned to her poor, little death. BOOM!

Then, the axe girl tried to avenge her death, but she got shot down by a whizzing arrow leading to the back of her head. She fell down, dead as well just as the last career grabbed whatever supplies she could and ran through a small narrow opening in the fire. The Careers were dissolved and dead, and now the games were about to get interesting.

Alliances after Day 2

Alliance Name Members
Anti-Careers Alexandrite Bohemia (1), Angelina Stoch (2), Electra Harrt (3), Mary Pacifica (4), Spring Rose (7), Miyako Sada (8)
Youngster Alliance Bryony Fawn (3), Cora Sparks (5), Sadia Nightshadow (12), Fay Kariliah (9)
Mashup Alliance Amity Grace (Capitol), Catie Oplit (6), Calliope Antio (9), Sonya Fire (10), Fawn Talons (10)
Loners Avery Hollis (Capitol), Daria Storm (2), Intarsia Silket (8), Goddess Diamond (11),

Day 3: Preperations for the Feast

Cora Sparks's POV (District 5)

My eyes slowly open to lush trees that have been cringed with some burn marks. I heard screams in my sleep, but do you think I bothered to wake up to them? Heck no.

The rest of us younger girls share some nervous talk about the faces we saw in the sky that night. Phoenix's and Artemis's faces didn't suprise me being up there, but Honeysickle's and Anais's did. Does this mean that the Career alliance is gone? My eyes filled with dread, until I saw a sweet blonde girl walking towards us. It was Mary, dagger in hand, being obivious to the fact that we could clearly see her. I readied my knife and threw it and the knife landed in her heart and she collapsed, DEAD!! BOOM!

I started to cry, because now, instead of feeling like an innocent little soul, I've become a monster in the making. My alliance, I know, would support me and help me, but I didn't want them to get too close to me or I might kill them. I needed to push them away.

Daria Storm's POV (District 2)

A cannon whips me awake. Someone's already died? Wonder who it was? That doesn't matter, as I gather the provisions that Avery and I neutrally share. Then, I realize that Avery is gone! Oh boy, I wonder what got her out of here?

I go for a little walk around, and then I suddenly hear a cannon go off. BOOM!. Then I see Avery in the distance with her trident, coming back towards me. It's coated with blood, so I figure that she's killed someone.

"Who was it?" I dare to ask.

Avery grins before replying: "It was the little girl from twelve. So innocent though. I'm surprised she survived as long as she did."

I give Avery a little high-five as we sit at the base of the tree, until we see the anti-Careers moving out. They must have found someone. Avery stands up, like she wants to kill, but I hold her back. They weren't after us, so then, who were they after? My answer was confirmed as soon as I smelt some smoke.

Miyako Sada's POV (District 8)

As soon as Alexandrite smelt the smoke, I knew that we had found Goddess, the one that our entire alliance wanted to kill. How could a girl from eleven obliterate the Career alliance? That, we were about to find out.

We continued to walk, until I heard a grasp. I didn't dare to look back. We had lost Mary this morning by doing just that. We figured that Goddess had something to do with the murder, so our alliance was off to find a flamethrower.

By the time evening came, we had found Goddess. She was sleeping peacefully in flames. Spring took out her axe and stabbed her repeated amounts of time in the chest until she heard a cannon go off. BOOM!

All of us took a deep breath, but then were heard an announcement:

Announcement of the Feast

Tributes, tomorrow morning, there will be a feast. The cornucopia will be refilled with weapons and supplies. Come and dine at the feast, where it might as well be better to die. But if you don't come and you survive, you'll be punished anyways.

Alliances after Day 3 and Feast Plans

Alliance Name Members Feast Plan
Anti-Careers Alexandrite Bohemia (1), Angelina Stoch (2), Electra Harrt (3), Spring Rose (7), Miyako Sada (8)

Alexandrite: Is NOT attending

Angelina: Is attending

Electra: Is attending

Spring: Is attending

Miyako: Is attending (just grabbing a few good items)

Youngster Alliance Bryony Fawn (3), Cora Sparks (5), Fay Kariliah (9)

Bryony: Is attending

Cora: Is attending

Fay: Is NOT attending

Mashup Alliance Amity Grace (Capitol), Catie Oplit (6), Calliope Antio (9), Sonya Fire (10), Fawn Talons (10)

Amity: Is NOT attending

Catie: Is attending

Calliope: Is attending

Sonya: Is attending

Fawn: Is attending (Being sneaky)

Loners Avery Hollis (Capitol), Daria Storm (2), Intarsia Silket (8)

Avery: Is attending

Daria: Is attending

Intarsia: Is attending (Pulling a Foxface)

Day 4: The Feat Commences!

Calliope Antio's POV (District 9)

The gamemaker's announcement rings in my ears from last night. There will be stuff at the Cornucopia, but everyone will have to suffer the price. But the price of what, I ponder. Our alliance that is heading to the feast says goodbye to Amity as we make our way back to the Cornucopia.

The four of us walk to the cornucopia, talking about strategy and such when I see Intarsia grabbing a rather large pack of food and starting to run. I wasn't going to let her get away THAT easily. My instincts kick in and I aim my crossbow for her skull and the arrow lands square in the back of Intarsia's head.


The feast has begun, and everyone is rushing for supplies. I manage to grab a duffel bag filled with God knows what. Spring runs towards me in an attempt to steal my bag, but she is shot down with an arrow in the head by the last career Avery. I run out of the cornucopia and wait for my allies. But it isn't looking all that pretty for anyone.

Bryony Fawn's POV (District 3)

As soon as I grab a small green parcel, I attempt to run away, trying not to look at the action that is going on. Spring just died, and I hear another cannon go off for little Cora. If you go to the feast, no one is safe at all. I see Cora's head rolling towards me and I scream a little as I back right into Miyako.

We both look at each other in suprise. She attempts to run, but I find an electric dartgun in my bag and I shoot it towards her back. It lands square in the spine and Miyako starts to shake like a madman before giving out to the shock in her body.


I breath a little sigh of relief, that is, until I see Sonya coming towards me. We tangle, and I attempt to punch her in the gut several times before I feel a poke, then the darkness swallowing me away to a far away land. Then, I float away as my cannon goes off.

Fay Kariliah's POV (District 9)

I sat in the tree and waited. And waited. Finally, Amity and I as mutal allies decided that no one would be escaping the feast this route. That is, until I spotted the red-headed Career Avery that I decided to attack.

As Avery slowly snuck up along the path, I quietly slipped down the tree and threw a knife towards her leg, causing Avery to fall doen in pain. Then, I pull out my signature whip and I start beating the poor Avery to death until I hear her cannon go off.


I sighed with relief and turned around to see the dead body of Daria Storm grace the path due to a trident that killed her. We smilied at each other as I asked the fateful question that could very well get you killed in these games:

"Allies Amity?"

"Allies Fay."

I smilied as the moon shone down on us and we fell asleep.

Allies as of Day 4

Alliance Name Members
Anti-Careers Alexandrite Bohemia (1), Angelina Stoch (2), Electra Harrt (3)
Capitol and 9 Alliance Amity Grace (Capitol), Fay Kariliah (9)
Mashup Alliance Catie Oplit (6), Calliope Antio (9), Sonya Fire (10), Fawn Talons (10)

Day 5: A Dance with Death

The following tributes were the tributes that were the "unstable" tributes for this day:

Amity Grace

Alexandrite Bohemia

Electra Harrt

Catie Oplit's POV (District 6)

Our alliance woke up to the sound of a morning bird song. I rubbed my head. None of us had seen Amity after the feast, so we assumed that she had died or something. But today, apparently, was supposed to be VERY special. Question is, what was it? The final part for the annoucement of the feast had been You survive, you'll be punished anyways. But what did it mean? I only understood this fact, that is, until we were ambushed.

One of the girls that was some sort of loner was running towards us with a sword in hand. She sort of went through us all, like she was searching for something or someone. Then, that's when it fell apart.

Calliope tried to attack her, but instead, she got a sword through the heart. BOOM! Calliope was down. I started to cry, realizing that she had just been reunited with her brother, but now she was dead. Oh, the despair I felt!

The girl must have noticed me crying, because she came up towards me and commented on my crying. "You little coward! I'll have you're head!" Now, I didn't know that she was serious or not, so I decided to try and run away from the girl who was chasing me.

Turns out, that was an EXTREMELY bad idea. She held her whip and whipped me in the leg, causing me to fall down. Next, I felt a sharp sword cut through my neck, but it was much deeper than a slash; it was a beheading. Before I drifted off into sleep, I heard a robotic voice comment:

Electra Harrt is now stable. I repeat, she is stable.


Fawn Talons's POV (District 10)

Seeing the deaths of Calliope and Catie in front of my eyes started to make me tear up a little bit. Sonya tried to comfort me as best as she could, but we both knew that it wasn't in her nature to do something like this.

Seeing as it was just us two with some supplies and weapons, Sonya and I decided that we should do a little "tribute hunting". We manouvered our way through the forests of the arena, spreading a little chatterr about life as we went through the thicket of trees. Even though we were from the same district, we held very different lives from each other.

After walking through the forest for a few hours, we came across a small little alliance and I saw the back of Fay's neck, and I knew that I had my target. Question was, how were we going to draw her away from the thicket of the forest? I wasn't sure until Sonya gave me an idea. We were looking through our pack and found a box of matches that I had gotten from the feast. All it took was a secret grin to put our plan into action.

I lighted the end of my match and I burned the edges off some of the plants to get the other two tributes to notice the shinged edges of the plant. We repeated this pattern until we got to a clear close to the cornucopia. When they didn't notice, I continued back up the path until I went back to where Fay and her ally were camping out and I set fire to a tree.

As soon as I set fire to the tree, the two of them came running towards me. A rustle had taken the Capitol girl in a different direction, but Fay kept following me. Once I arrived at the clearing with Fay, Sonya threw her knife at Fay and the thick knife landed in Fay's temple. BOOM! Her cannon went off. My ally and I gave each other a high-five before picking up our supplies and coming back into the forest.

Alexandrite Bohemia's POV (District 1)

After finding out that I had become unstable, I decided to seperate from my alliance for the day so that I wouldn't hurt them if it came to it. They meant too much to me at this point in the games.

I spent a day wandering through the forest, listening for cannons and looking for tributes. I had heard two cannons at this point until I accidentally made a rustling noise in the forest and I heard the footsteps of someone following me. I noched my bow and found myself to staring in the face of Amity Grace.

She tried to run away, but I hit her leg with an arrow and she fell. As I went up to continue shooting her, Amity tripped me and we started a little fistfight. I had the strength advantage over Amity, but Amity was lighter and quicker with her motions than I was, so we continued to roll around and punch one another.

BOOM! The sound of a cannon stopped our fighting momentarily. We were both not exactly sure who the cannon belonged to, but I took a chance to test my luck.

"Well, well Amity," I responded with a bitter taste in my mouth, "There goes your little ally then. You're all alone, and it's just you and me now. You're all alone."

"Heck no!" Amity replied, preparing for another fight, "I have a family to go back to! You don't Alexandrite! You never will!"

The thought of a tribute daring to insult my dead sister made me fill with rage. How DARE she have the right to even try out that move on me. While Amity grinned, I kicked her hard in the temple a few times until she was in pain. Then, I noched my bow before I spoke again:

"I do have a family to go back to, you just don't care to see it through. But unfourtuantely Amity, you won't have a family to go back to."

I raised my bow and shot Amity in the heart, not regretting a single action.


Both of us had a dance with death tonight, but fortunate for me, my dance kept going on.

Amity Grace has died. Alexandrite Bohemia is now stable.

Allies after Day 5


Day 6: The Final Showdown

All the tributes get a message in the morning: "For the five who are still alive, you must return to the cornucopia for a final showdown to determine the victor of these games. May the odds be in your favor!"

Angelina Stotch's POV (District 2)

I arrive at the cornucopia to see something that looks like a horror-style forest. There is cobwebs and dead tree roots everywhere around the cornucopia. I see Sonya and Fawn looking at the area the same way as well. We all look shocked, that is, until I feel a sever on the back of my leg. I turn around to see the girl from 3 grinning gleefully. I scowl and go after Sonya with my dartgun, shooting her multiple times until her cannon goes off. BOOM!

Everyone looks scared at the body of Sonya, expect for Electra. Gosh, she's been like a career since yesterday with her two kills. I haven't seen my other former ally yet.

I winch as the pain in my leg increases. Electra and Fawn are off fighting on the sidelines, and it's not long before I hear another cannon go off.


Fawn lies still on the ground, and it's just me, Alexandrite and Electra left. My leg still throbs with pain as I make my way towards the inside of the cornucopia. That's when I make my big mistake. Alexandrite is sitting inside, waiting for me. She snickers at me before shooting me down with her bow. I feel poison seeping through my lungs as I fall down to the sound of a cannon. My own this time. Guess the third cannon isn't always the charm.


Electra Harrt's POV (District 3)

I hear a cannon bounce off the cornucopia. Either Alexandrite or Angelina is dead. Soon enough, I see a mass of bright, colorful hair pop out at me from every angle. Darn. I thought that I would have to face the weak tribute instead of her. Oh well. Without thinking, I charge the girl and tackle her at her waist and we both fall.

At the moment, I was on top of Alexandrite, trying to throw punches wherever I could. But what I didn't realize about Alexandrite was her strength and she soon threw me off her body and was charging me again, this time a weapon in hand. I grabbed a knife and we collided once more.

She charged me with impossible speed, but I was able to get a good kick on her, Electra style. I wanted to show the Capitol how all tributes from the out-lying weren't weak. But then I thought again. I had mercessily killed to show everyone how I wasn't a target. Question was, why did I want to win so bad?

Alexandrite Bohemia's POV (District 1)

Electra's kick hurt like heck, but I couldn't stop fighting for whatever I had left. My sister, my family, my district. I wasn't going to go this far just to be killed meekly.

I found Electra snickering, but the look on her face quickly left once I tackled her down. She took her knife and attempted to stab me in the heart, but I got my shoulder in front just in the nick of time. Death's dance was coming closer and closer.

Until I had a revealation: I had to win. I needed to avenge my sister and winning these games would be the best way to keep her sacrifice for me alive. I held up a poison arrow and closing my eyes, I pinned down Electra and stabbed her in the lung with my arrow. I had tears in my eyes, but no regrets.



"Congrats to Alexandrite Bohemia on her victory! The odds were in her favor, and she trampled them. Good job!"

Death Chart

Place Tribute How They Died When They Died
28th Amaryllis Skylark (12) Tridented by Ava Zachard Bloodbath
27th Violet Redgrass (7) Beheaded by Artemis Moonsilver Bloodbath
26th Carmine Morrisa (13) Whipped in the temple by Boni Gernt Bloodbath
25th Boni Gernt (11) Neck snapped by Ava Zachard Bloodbath
24th Ava Zachard (4) Tridented by Mary Pacifica Bloodbath
23rd Phoenix Deyanira (6) Throat Silted by Fawn Talons Day 2 Morning
22nd Artemis Moonsilver (13) Speared in the heart by Sonya Fire Day 2 Afternoon
21st Anais Morrisa (1) Walked through a fire set by Goddess Diamond Day 2 Evening
20th Honeysickle Ash (5) Crossbow in the back of the head by Calliope Antio Day 2 Evening
19th Mary Pacifica (4) Knife in the heart by Cora Sparks Day 3 Morning
18th Sadia Nightshadow (12) Tridented by Avery Hollis Day 3 Noon
17th Goddess Diamond (11) Axe in the chest by Spring Rose Day 3 Night
16th Intarisa Silket (8) Arrow to the head by Calliope Antio Feast Morning
15th Spring Rose (7) Arrow to the skull by Avery Hollis Feast Morning
14th Cora Sparks (5) Beheaded by Daria Storm Feast Late Morning
13th Miyako Sada (8) Electrocuted by an electric dart shot by Bryony Fawn Feast Noon
12th Bryony Fawn (3) Stabbed in the heart by Sonya Fire Feast Afternoon
11th Avery Hollis (Capitol) Whipped by Fay Kariliah Day 4 Evening
10th Daria Storm (2) Tridented by Amity Grace Day 4 Evening
9th Calliope Antio (9) Stabbed in the heart by Electra Harrt Day 5 Morning
8th Catie Oplit (6) Beheaded by Electra Harrt Day 5 Morning
7th Fay Kariliah (9) Knife to the temple by Sonya Fire Day 5 Late Afternoon
6th Amity Grace (Capitol) Arrow to the heart by Alexandrite Bohemia Day 5 Evening
5th Sonya Fire (10) Dart to the brain by Angelina Stotch Day 6
4th Fawn Talons (10) Stabbed in the heart by Electra Harrt Day 6
3rd Angelina Stotch (2) Poison Arrow to the lung by Alexandrite Bohemia Day 6
2nd Electra Harrt Poison Arrow to the lung by Alexandrite Bohemia Day 6
1st Alexandrite Bohemia NO ONE Day 6

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