Hello everyone! This is Emilia here with a normal-ish games of sorts. These games are the first games in The Cryptic Games


1. 4 tributes per person (this may change, keep in mind)

2. No flame-wars in the comments please

3. No reserves as well

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Weapons of Choice: (3 max)





RL Picture:

Tributes for the 385th Hunger Games!

District Male Age Preferred Weapon Female Age Preferred Weapon
Capitol Eleon 18 Traps, Voice Alana Willows 18 Throwing Knives
District 0 Dimitri Kerr 15 Dagger, Awl Winter Glacius 15 Trident, Throwing Knives
District 1 Sebastian Glaze 17 Axe, Throwing Axe Nina Blossom 16 Mace
District 2 Blaze Mason 17 Sword, Throwing Knives Monica Wynd 14 Blowgun, Curved Blade
District 3 Quentz Electrison 17 Spear, Mace Taylor Astrid 17 Fists
District 4 Dylan Murrow 17 Trident, Throwing Knives Chasodie Melon 18 Trident, Twin Swords
District 5 Easton Silverbead 16 Spear, Knife Amaya Selene 17 Spear, Mace
District 6 Tiberius Smitt 13 Serrated Sword Ruby Burn 12 Dagger, Knives
District 7 Timmor Cove 15 Axe, Hand-to-Hand Amethystia Thall 15 Spiked Mace, Throwing Axes
District 8 Saibi Deller 12 Axe, Throwing Knives Amira Blodwen 14 Bow, Scythe
District 9 August Rose 18 Axe, Mace Amity Rose 14 Knife, Throwing Dagger
District 10 Tyler Clifton 18 Bow, Knife Sonya Fire 17 Butcher's Knife
District 11 George Grain 18 Sickle, Sword Alexandrite Bohemia 14 Bow, Sword
District 12 Kassandros Siegfried 16 Longswords, Laserswords? Blossom Breeze 15 Throwing Knives, Blowgun
District 13 Ryan Dennis 18 Sword Marilyn Dawn 17 Katana
District 14 Colton Thorne 18 Knife, Sword Christina Parthenon 17 Spiked Mace

Alliances and Training Scores


Alliance Name Members
Careers Alana Willows (Capitol), Sebastian Glaze (1), Blaze Mason (2), Monica Wynd (2), Chasodie Melon (4), Tyler Clifton (10), Colton Thorne (14), Christina Parthenon (14)
Anti-Careers Dimitri Kerr (0), Nina Blossom (1), Easton Silverbead (5), Alexandrite Bohemia (11), Marilyn Dawn (13)
Loners Eleon (Capitol), Amaya Selene (5), Timmor Cove (7), George Grain (11), Ryan Dennis (13)
Nice Alliance Winter Glacius (0), Taylor Astrid (3), Dylan Murrow (4), Tiberius Smitt (6), Ruby Burn (6), Amira Blodwen (8)
Small Alliance Amethystia Thall (7), Sonya Fire (10), Blossom Breeze (12)
Therium Alliance Quentz Electrison (3), Saibi Deller (8), Kassandros Siegfried (12)
Sibling Alliance August Rose (9), Amity Rose (9)

Training Scores

District Male Score Predicted Placing Female Score Predicted Placing
Capitol Eleon 7 18th Alana Willows 9 6th
District 0 Dimitri Kerr 6 19th Winter Glacius 5 17th
District 1 Sebastian Glaze 11 1st Nina Blossom 7 10th
District 2 Blaze Mason 8 7th Monica Wynd 10 4th
District 3 Quentz Electrison 8 9th Taylor Astrid 6 20th
District 4 Dylan Murrow 7 16th Chasodie Melon 9 5th
District 5 Easton Silverbead 7 15th Amaya Selene 5 27th
District 6 Tiberius Smitt 6 22nd Ruby Burn 4 31st
District 7 Timmor Cove 6 21st Amethystia Thall 5 28th
District 8 Saibi Deller 5 29th Amira Blodwen 4 32nd
District 9 August Rose 8 11th Amity Rose 5 26th
District 10 Tyler Clifton 9 8th Sonya Fire 7 12th
District 11 George Grain 7 13th Alexandrite Bohemia 6 25th
District 12 Kassandros Siegfrid 6 29th Blossom Breeze 6 24th
District 13 Ryan Dennis 7 14th Marilyn Dawn 6 23rd
District 14 Colton Thorne 10 3rd Christina Parthenon 10 2nd

Pre-Games POV

Taylor Astrid's POV (District 3)

"Attention tributes; you have 60 seconds to say farewell to your stylist before entering the tube."

I couldn't believe that the games were happening. I should have been on somewhat of the positive side, but instead of watching the games, I was in them. Such is the life for anyone between the ages of 12 and 18. Oh well.

The reapings were as clear as mud in my head. One moment I was standing witht the girls my age, confident that I wouldn't be chosen until I was reaped. The nicest girl in the country was reaped. My district partner volunteered for a little boy named Milo. Quentz seemed nice, but now wasn't the time to reflect on the past. If I was going to survive the bloodbath, then I had to get into game.

My stylist, a girl who was only a few years older than me, looked into my face and had tears dripping down. She was sad that a girl like me had to go into the games. But there was nothing that she could do about it. I gave my stylist one last hug before walking over to my tube and hopping inside it, being lifted to whether I was going next.

Sooner than expected, I saw sunlight staring me in the face. For miles, all I could see was rugged mountains and pine forests. The two tributes beside me, the 4 male and the 12 male looked confused. I didn't really need a weapon since I had my iron fists. But memories of my dead siblings came flooding back to me as the coutdown began to another games. My hopes of living started to shed away.


Amaya Selene's POV (District 5)







As soon as the primary gong went off, some tributes leaped off their platforms and went running towards the cornucopia. Like some others, I went running off towards the cornucopia. Since I was on my own, I would need a weapon or some supplies to help survive. As I was picking up a pack, I heard a cannon go off. Someone's already died, no big suprise there. My eyes looked towards the cornucopia as I heaved my pack over my shoulder. The Careers weren't in the cornucopia and instead outside maiming tributes. Noticing their absence, I ran as fast as I could and grabbed a spear. Before I could run to the outside of the cornucopia, I felt a whistle through the air as a knife that would have gone right through my head landed on the cornucopia, just grazing my ear. Before I got injured by anyone else, I ran off.

Sebastian Glaze's POV (District 1)

My eyes smiled in satisfaction as Chasodie pulled out her trident from Amira's chest. First death of the games, though they didn't come by my own hand. Until of course, I saw my chance. The boy from 13 came running towards the cornucopia, probably in search of a weapon. I saw my chance. Using my brut strength, I tackled the boy down and sent my hatchet through his heart.


At the same time, Monica was cursing because she had just missed killing off one of the loners by a hair. Christina had sucessfully maced my district partner's throat, and another cannon went off. BOOM! Tyler and Blaze, meanwhile, were scowering the area when they saw a musclar dark-skinned teenager and both of them attacked at the same time. Alana and Colton were stabbing another little girl with ginger hair and not letting her go away easily. Finally, Monica came running up behind the male from 11 and threw a knife to his head. BOOM! He fell down dead. And after being stabbed by multiple sharp objects, we let the girl from six bleed out, just as Tyler mauled down the boy from 8 with his knife and stabbed him BOOM!

But, from out of no where, a desperate boy came running through our alliance and stabbed Tyler with a sword before running off. Most of the other tributes had left the bloodbath anyway, so I went through the supplies to find something to heal him, but before I could, his cannon went off. BOOM! along with Ruby's cannon. BOOM!. The bloodbath was officially over.

Day 1

Timmor Cove's POV (District 7)

The bloodbath was over and night had fallen in the arena and I grabbed my supplies along with a knife i foud on the ground of the cornucopia. I guess maybe it was a good thing that I was a loner because then, maybe I could have a better chance at surviving and winning the games.

But thinking how many cannons went off for how many people who were good and just, but also their killers. Why did the Capitol have to bring the games back? That what was on my mind as I drifted off into a deep slumber filled with dreams of sawdust that made me feel extremely homesick. What could I do though? I had a choice to be in these games, and I had made that choice tonight by running into my tube and standing up on my platform. Some choices that lead me to a place that most certainly held death, but some could lead to me walking out of here alive.

Day 1 Summary

The Fallen

  • District 1: Nina Blossom
  • District 6: Ruby Burn
  • District 8: Saibi Deller
  • District 8: Amira Blodwen
  • District 10: Tyler Clifton
  • District 11: George Grain
  • District 13: Ryan Dennis
  • District 1: Nina Blossom
  • District 6: Ruby Burn
  • District 8: Saibi Deller
  • District 8: Amira Blodwen
  • District 10: Tyler Clifton
  • District 11: George Grain
  • District 13: Ryan Dennis

Alliances as of this day...

Alliance Name Members
Careers Alana Willows (Capitol), Sebastian Glaze (1), Blaze Mason (2), Monica Wynd (2), Chasodie Melon (4), Colton Thorne (14), Christina Parthenon (14)
Anti-Careers Dimitri Kerr (0), Easton Silverbead (5), Alexandrite Bohemia (11), Marilyn Dawn (13)
Loners Eleon (Capitol), Amaya Selene (5), Timmor Cove (7)
Nice Alliance Winter Glacius (0), Taylor Astrid (3), Dylan Murrow (4), Tiberius Smitt (6)
Small Alliance Amethystia Thall (7), Sonya Fire (10), Blossom Breeze (12)
Therium Alliance Quentz Electrison (3), Kassandros Siegfried (12)
Sibling Alliance August Rose (9), Amity Rose (9)

Day 2

Winter Glacius's POV (District 0)

The sun flashes as I open up my eyes. Coming from the frigid District 0, it's nice to feel sunlight through my clothes for once instead of frostbite. I've always dreamed of going on a vacation to one of the tropical districts, like District 4. But I didn't intend to have my beach-like weather ruined by the fact that only one of us will ever get out of here.

As I stand up, the rest of our alliance wakes up to the bright sun. Some react the way I imagined, except for Dylan, the boy from four. I guess he's just used to the sun, being from the most tropical district in Panem. Eventually, everyone wakes up and faces the bright sunlight along with myself. I didn't notice, though, that our day was about to be rained on.

We spend the morning looking for supplies, until we were suddenly ambused by Quentz and Kassandros. It happened so fast though. One minutes, we were walking, the next, I heard voices and awoke to two older boys, one normal looking and a not normal looking one rummaging through our supplies. All I could think about though, is trying not to get killed.

"Oi!" I piped up, and the two boys turned to me. My mind raced. I had to be careful what I said, because it could get my alliance and I killed. "Um, I've heard rumors of a mutt coming this way!" I gasped, faking though, because anything at this point could get my alliance killed.

"How come," the normal boy speaking to me, "You aren't lying to us? How can we believe you?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little puppy wolf behind the boy with the hot pink hair, coming towards him. "Actually you can't. Because it's about to slaughter you both."

As soon as I finished talking, the wolf mutt bit the not-normal looking boy, instantly killing him. BOOM!

The normal boy crumpled and fell beside his ally. I took the precious time he was wasting to get out of my trap. Eventually, using a little dagger I found, I cut myself free, only to see a rampage going on. The normal looking boy unsheathed his sword, and with one murderous glance in his eyes, darted towards me in the net. I could think of no other reaction than to curl up into a ball and close my eyes. Time passed, and I heard a scream that surprisingly wasn't my own voice.

It was Taylor's.

I opened my eyes, and I glanced over Taylor to find a stab wound through her heart. she crumpled, and I found myself crying over her corpse as her cannon went off. BOOM! After mourning over Taylor's body, I stood up and brushed myself off. The girl scarified herself so that I could live, and for that, I could never repay her. Then, I heard another scream, but quite distanced this time, coming from the direction of the cornucopia. It was from the Careers. All I had on my mind was one question: What happened?

Christina Parthenon's POV (District 14)

So, after a well-rested sleep in-between Sebastian and Colton, I decided it was to go hunt down some tributes. The guys in our alliance were ok, I guess. But I have seen much hotter guys back in my own district. I decided to claim Colton, my district partner, as fresh meat. We had flirted last night, but the morning seemed different somehow. Why though? As I was preparing supplies for going out, I noticed Alana and Colton talking. Usually I would pass it off as normal conversation, until they started to lean into each other, coming close to kissing each other.

I felt fury coursing through me like a wildfire. How dare she try to kiss the guy I claimed as my significant other? My thinking started to cloud, and I was overcome with thoughts of revenge. Before I knew it, I came up behind Alana and nailed her in the head three times. She crumpled to the ground, injured. She screamed "Christina, we're allies! Don't hurt me!" But once I had started, I couldn't stop. I kept clubbing her until I heard a cannon go off. BOOM!

As Alana laid dead on the cornucopia floor, everyone else looked genuinely shocked. Chasodie was the only one with the gumption to come up and face me. She slapped me across the face, hard.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" Chasodie yelled at me. "We're allies Christina. We get bored. Not every guy is yours." She shoved me to the ground. "Deal with it."

My face formed into an insane happiness. Chasodie wasn't making me mad, yet. But, judging from her reaction, she wasn't done with me yet. "Too bad. I won't be told to "deal with it" by some loser from District 4."

Once I mentioned that, Chasodie gave me a death stare, but all I could do was laugh. she wouldn't hurt me, and I can see it in her eyes. "Monica, grab your knives. We're leaving to go on a hunt."

"I don't think so." I replied, coldly with an intent to kill. I threw my mace at little Monica, and it hit her spine, shattering all her vertebrae. She screamed in pain, but all I could do was laugh. At this point, I didn't care. All I wanted was for me to be the only girl left.

Chasodie charged me. I thought she was going to cower out, but instead, she sliced her sword through my right shoulder. I yelled in pain as the wound bleed, but then I hear my ribs cracking. She had taken the end of her sword and was punching out my ribs, one by one. "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW PAIN? WELL, HERE IT IS! NEXT TIME I SEE YOUR GODDAM UGLY FACE, YOU'RE GONNA DIE YOU LITTLE BRAT! DID YOU HEAR ME? DIE!"

And with that, Chasodie grabbed her large pack and ran off, but all I could do was laugh it out. She'll be the dead one the next time we meet.

Easton Silverbead's POV (District 5)

Our alliance had a rather uneventful day, as we found no tributes around. We decided to stay put for a bit, that was, until we saw Chasodie.

Her eyes were trembling with fear from an incident that must have occurred earlier on today. But from her expression, I could tell that it wasn't pretty. But, like any Career would, she was trying to hide away the pain. The alliance feared that she was here to kill, but instead, she had a question:

"Easton, this sounds nuts, but could I join you alliance?"

"Uh..sure" I replied, getting distracted by her face. She was pretty, but for a Career, she seemed like a good kid. With a Career in our graspe, I feared that our days would be interesting from now on.

Day 2 Summary

The Fallen

  • Kassandros Siegfrid: District 12
  • Taylor Astrid: District 3
  • Alana Willows: Capitol
  • Monica Wynd: District 2

Alliances as of Day 2

Alliance Name Members
Careers Sebastian Glaze (1), Blaze Mason (2), Colton Thorne (14), Christina Parthenon (14)
Anti-Careers Dimitri Kerr (0), Chasodie Melon (4), Easton Silverbead (5), Alexandrite Bohemia (11), Marilyn Dawn (13)
Loners Eleon (Capitol), Quentz Electrison (3), Amaya Selene (5), Timmor Cove (7)
Nice Alliance Winter Glacius (0), Dylan Murrow (4), Tiberius Smitt (6)
Small Alliance Amethystia Thall (7), Sonya Fire (10), Blossom Breeze (12)
Sibling Alliance August Rose (9), Amity Rose (9)

Day 3 Part 1: Love and Cliffs

Chasodie Melon's POV (District 4)

The morning couldn't come any quicker at all, at least in my opinion. My eyes opened to blue skies and birds flying overhead. Lying next to me was Easton. What had happened last night that caused me to be the Anti-Careers? Then, I remember my fight with Christina. That Career girl was going to be killed personally by myself.

The rest of the alliance was asleep except for Easton, and since he was the deemed "leader" of the alliance, I sort of wanted to get to know him, I guess.

"Um, Easton" I started, "Well, I don't know you that well. You know that I'm a typical career kid with a kind heart. What about you?"

Easton smiled before replying, "All you need to know about me is this."

What happened next was unexpected. Easton gave me a light, soft kiss on the lips. Me, I was genuinely shocked. He liked me? Hell, he was actually cute and nice. Was I in love? Or was it all a set-up? The look in Easton eyes afterwards confirms the former; he actually liked me. But, our romance moment was interrupted by fierce screaming;


Who is was from, I didn't know and didn't want to find out.

Eleon's POV (The Capitol)

Sonya. Amethystia. Tiberius. Blaze. That is all of the tributes that came for their little "exercise". Boy, they were in for a different kind of pain then they expect.

"Well, hello tributes," I started to persuade them. "Weren't your alliances a little... boring? Well, let's change that." With a smile flashing across my face, I set my plan in action.

"I've climbed down this mountain, and I discovered down below a land of goodies and fun. Problem is, I need you four to go down and get it for me. All you have to do is jump off the cliff and get it. Then, the four of you will all win."

Sonya, Amethystia and Tiberius all jumped. But Blaze was reluctant.

"Are you sure Eleon?" Blaze threatened me.

I chuckled. "Oh yes. NOW JUMP!"

Once Blaze jumped off, four cannons went off as I grinned and walked away. I just convinced four tributes to commit suicide. Winning the games couldn't be that hard, could it?

Rest of Day 3 Summary

During the afternoon of Day 3, the Careers went tribute hunting and found the Nice Alliance and the girl's alliance aligned. Blossom ended up being killed by Christina. In turn, Colton was tridented by Dylan. Eventually, the two alliances left. Christina and Sebastian, alone at this point, found Amaya, cornered her down and killed her.

So, The Fallen for Day 3:

Sonya Fire (10)

Amethysia Thall (7)

Blaze Mason (2)

Blossom Breeze (12)

Colton Thorne (14)

Amaya Selene (5)

Day 4 Summary

This day was the massacre of a lifetime; the feast. the Careers were out hunting for more tributes while loners and other tributes attempted to get supplies at the cornucopia. the first death of the feast was Timmor, when he accidentally drank poison, thinking it was water.

Easton and Chasodie lead the Anti-Careers, but all of them were taken down during the feast except the two lovebirds. Marilyn died from an axe thrown by Spring, who was quickly dispatched by Alexandrite. Then, Alexandrite was killed out of vengeance by August, who then proceeded to kill Dimitri in the process.

Meanwhile, Eleon was dispatched by Dylan, but not before Eleon made Winter jump off a cliff. Quentz eventually fell prey to the Careers. Then, with some sneaky tactics involved, August killed Sebastian before the last Rose sibling was killed by Christina.

So, The Fallen for Day 4:

Timmor Cove (7)

Marilyn Dawn (13)

Spring Rose (9)

Alexandrite Bohemia (11)

Dimitri Kerr (0)

Winter Glacius (0)

Eleon (Capitol)

Quentz Electrison (3)

Sebastian Glaze (1)

August Rose (9)

Day 5

In the morning, Dylan woke up infected by a fatal disease from the poison air and died.

Back at the cornucopia, Easton and Chasodie together dispatched Christina and lived happily ever after as lovers and victors!

Death Chart

Placing Tribute (District in Brackets) How They Died When the Victim Died
32nd Amira Blodwen (8) Trident in the chest by Chasodie Melon Bloodbath, Day 1
31st Ryan Dennis (13) Hatchet to the heart by Sebastian Glaze Bloodbath, Day 1
30th Nina Blossom (1) Mace to the head by Christina Parthenon Bloodbath, Day 1
29th George Grain (11) Knife to the head by Monica Wynd Bloodbath, Day 1
28th Saibi Deller (8) Stabbed by Tyler Clifton Bloodbath, Day 1
27th Tyler Clifton (10) Sword to the heart by Quentz Electrison Afternoon, Day 1
26th Ruby Burn (6) Bled out from multiple injuries Late Afternoon, Day 1
25th Kassandros Siegfried (12) Bitten by a wolf mutt Moring, Day 2
24th Taylor Astrid (3) Stabbed in the heart by Quentz Electrison Late Morning, Day 2
23rd Alana Willows (Capitol) Mace to the head by Christina Parthenon Afternoon, Day 2
22nd Monica Wynd (2) Mace to the spine by Christina Parthenon Late Afternoon, Day 2
21st Sonya Fire (10) Jumped off cliff Afternoon, Day 3
20th Amethysia Thall (7) Jumped off cliff Afternoon, Day 3
19th Tiberus Smitt (6) Jumped off cliff Afternoon, Day 3
18th Blaze Mason (2) Jumped off cliff Afternoon, Day 3
17th Blossom Breeze (12) Bruise to the temple by Christina Parthenon Afternoon, Day 3
16th Colton Thorne (14) Tridented by Dylan Murrow Late Afternoon, Day 3
15th Amaya Selene (5) Bled out from multiple wounds from Christina and Sebastian Evening, Day 3
14th Timmor Cove (7) Drank Poison Morning, Day 4
13th Marilyn Dawn (13) Axe to chest by Spring Rose Morning, Day 4
12th Spring Rose (9) Arrow to the lung Late Morning, Day 4
11th Alexandrite Bohemia (11) Axe through the head by August Rose Late Morning, Day 4
10th Dimitri Kerr (0) Axe in the chest by August Rose Noon, Day 4
9th Winter Glacius (0) Jumped off a cliff Noon, Day 4
8th Eleon (Capitol) Tridented by Dylan Murrow (4) Afternoon, Day 4
7th Quentz Electrison (3) Bled out from multiple stab wounds Late Afternoon, Day 4
6th Sebastian Glaze (1) Axe to the temple by August Rose Evening, Day 4
5th August Rose (9) Mace to the temple by Christina Parthenon Evening, Day 4
4th Dylan Murrow (4) Disease Morning, Day 5
3rd Christina Parthenon (14) Bled out from stab wounds Morning, Day 5
1st Chasodie Melon (4) N/A N/A
1st Easton Silverbead (5) N/A N/A

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