Hey everyone, it's Emilia (Summer bee 13). You might recognize me from the other wiki (The Hunger Games Role Playing Wiki) or you might not. Anyways, I'm going to write a games on my blog here. This will be my first games on the Hunger Games Wiki and the third games I have written. If you don't know me and my writing style, here is my first complete games:

So, I'm starting a games on my blog here. I hope that you enjoy this games!


-Reserves will last for 24 hours

-Four Tributes per person

-I'm also including Districts 0, 13, 14 and the Capitol. If you don't know what districts these are, here is a link to them: (District 0) (District 13) (District 14, this is a Career District) (Capitol)

-Format if aren't going give me a link:





Prefered Weapons: (Two preferred weapons max.)


- Don't cry when your tributes die. There will only be one victor anyways


Meet the Tributes

Name District Age Gender Weaponry Training Score Odds
Issac Blade 0 16 Male Trident, Blade 6 30-1
Lunar Sun 0 16 Female Throwing Stars, Hatchet 4 41-1
Konami Aretino 1 14 Male Fists, Trident 10 6-1
Sydney Zaelia 1 15 Female Bow, Switchblade 10 7-1
Uzi Kystrel 2 15 Male Machete, Throwing Knives 11 3-1
Alexandrite Bohamia 2 14 Female Bow, Sword 9 10-1
Tommy Harns 3 14 Male Throwing Knives, Blowgun 5 37-1
Petra Mines 3 17 Female Knives, Traps 5 36-1
Nick Flower 4 15 Male Katana, Cheese Sword 2 1,000,000,000-1
Amber Seaside 4 16 Female Trident, Sword 9 11-1
Matt Hamil 5 15 Male Sickle, Short Sword 8 16-1
Evie Vermillion 5 15 Female Javelin, Mace 4 39-1
Harvey Free 6 14 Male Knives, Spear 5 34-1
Nina Cortese 6 16 Female Throwing Knives, Twin Swords 5 35-1
Aspen Lorelle 7 16 Male Axes, Bow 7 20-1
Alona Lorelle 7 13 Female Axes, Bow 6 25-1
Favian Thread 8 15 Male Twin Swords, Spear 6 26-1
Chakra Fatalis 8 17 Female Dagger, Scythe 7 23-1
Connor Smitherson 9 14 Male Scythe, Hand-to-Hand 8 15-1
Eva Fenir 9 14 Female Curved Sword, Shrunken Stars 6 26-1
Jakub Kunnson 10 14 Male Sword, Spear 4 39-1
Millie Lakeside 10 12 Female Hunting Knives, Blowgun 4 45-1
Eli Winersin 11 14 Male Axe, Sword 7 22-1
Taronja Diada 11 17 Female Poison, Sickle 7 20-1
August Rose 12 18 Male Mace, Axe 6 28-1
Lyrie Eratical 12 16 Female Curved Sword, Throwing Knives 3 50-1
Jonah Dare 13 14 Male Dagger, Knife 5 34-1
Artemis Moonsliver 13 13 Female Bow, Double sided knife 8 14-1
Radient Tayz 14 16 Male Throwing Knives, Fists 8 12-1
Zoey Proasheck 14 15 Female Axe, Katana 7 19-1
Luke James Capitol 17 Male Bow, Knives 9 9-1
Aurora Grace Capitol 12 Female Trident, Throwing Knives 4 47-1


Alliance Leader Second-In-Command Other Members
Careers Luke James (Capitol) Uzi Kystrel (2) Konami Aretino (1), Amber Seaside (4), Zoey Proasheck (14)
Anti-Careers Charka Fatalis (8) Eli Winersin (11) Issac Blade (0), Lunar Sun (0), Alexandrite Bohemia (2) Eli Winersin (11), August Rose (12), Artemis Moonsliver (13)
Friendly Female Alliance Sydeny Zaelia (1) Evie Vermillon (5) Nina Cortese (6), Millie Lakeside (10), Aurora Grace (Capitol), Eva Fenrir (9)
Friendly Males... and a Female Aspen Lorelle (7) Connor Smitherson (9) Alona Lorelle (7), Favian Thread (8), Jonah Dare (13), Radient Tayz (14)
The Small Alliance Matt Hamil (5) Petra Mines (3) Tommy Harns (3), Harvey Free (6),
Loners NONE NONE Nick Flower (4), Jakub Kunnson (10), Taronja Diada (11), Lyrie Eratical (12)

Arena and Twist

The arena is a doll house, with the cornuicopia being in the kitchen.

  • The overview of the entire arena
  • Map of the Dollhouse

So, for the twist:

Tributes will be shrunk by a proper working shrink ray and then placed in the kitchen of the dollhouse (which is the Cornucopia). Tributes will have to watch out for two mutts in the arena. One is the crushing hand (which is a little girl attempting to grab the tributes) and the other is the girly voice (a little girl trying to coax the tributes into jumping off the roof of the dollhouse and dying.) Once a tribute dies, they become a doll in the dollhouse.

Day 1: The Pink Bloodbath

Nick Flower POV (District 4)

20 seconds. I counted in my head. I was shaking with nerves, just waiting to go into the arena. The odds were indeed not in my favor. But, my mentor, even as frustrated was, seemed to still be hopeful for me to do well in these games, to survive and become victor. I had the lowest training score, but I still had faith. Eventually, I entered my tube and started to be raised until the arena.

There must have been a speaker or something in the tube, because I heard a coaxing voice that sounded like a little, spoiled Capitol girl. Her voice almost reminded me of Aurora, but much more annoying. It was quite distracting. Eventually, I had to close my eyes in order to block out the sound. Then, I heard a click that confirmed that I had reached to the arena. I dared to open my eyes and I certainly gasped loudly.

I was inside a dollhouse, similar to one that my family had. Except, it looked HUGE! Like giant sized. The other tributes were as confused as I was and I saw some distaste from the male Careers about the entire house being hot pink. I was still shocked at how realistic it was. Then, I looked into what would have been the fruit bowl and my jaw dropped. Right inside the middle of the fruit bowl was a beautifully orange cheese sword. Eventually, everything else didn't matter anymore. I had to get the Cheese Sword. If I got that weapon at least, at could have a chance.













Artemis Moonsliver: District 13

As soon as the gong goes off, I'm on my feet scampering across the wooden table, reaching for a bow. But hot on my heels is Sydeny from District 1. I grab the bow and run for the back of the Cornucopia, hoping that I lost the girl from District 1. Elsewhere, Eli had managed to retrive a sword and was trying to impale my district partner, Jonah. Usually, I would have gone and fought off Eli in Jonah's defense, but Jonah was too annoying to be saved.

Approximately twenty feet away from me is Uzi who has managed to impale Lyrie with his sword, killing her on impact. Also, Nick was having some sort of duel with Jakub, but it didn't look all that spectacular. After grabbing a backpack, I climb down the table and meet up with Issac, August and Lunar. We wait for the bloodbath to pass.

I hear yet another cannon and see Eli climbing down to meet us. On the wall, I see a picture of Jonah alongside little Aurora Grace who Eli must have killed with his sword. Charka hops down from the table and meets up with us. But, before we can escape, Issac collapses on the ground with an axe sticking out from his back. I looked up and saw Zoey picking up her axe before running back to the cornucopia. Alexandrite hops down from the table, but hot on her heels is Taronja. I draw my bow and shoot Taronja in the heart and she collapses on the floor. Then our alliance runs off upstairs to get away from the bloodbath.

Konami Aretino: District 1

Zoey climbs back up onto the table with fresh blood on her axe after killing one of the Anti-Careers. Do those peeps really think they have what it takes to win the games? They certainly don't in my opinion. Nick and Jakub are still going in their extremely un-epic duel. I take one look at Uzi and we know what to do.

I take my trident and stab Nick in the back and he falls dead. Then Uzi attempts to stab Jakub, but Luke, our cocky leader beats him to him and Luke throws a knife into Jakub's back before Jakub collapses dead. Then nimble Nina runs away, but not before Luke shots her in the back with a bow and she falls dead. Luke grins and waks away from his latest kill. Crap, our leader is bloodthirsty. We're doomed.

Alona Lorelle: District 7

Our small alliance ran away from the bloodbath and it seemed like a smart decision. We snuck to the living room and decided to camp there because we are fairely close to the cornucopia, but we are still quite hidden to other tributes who don't know where to look next. We abandoned anyone who wanted to participate in the bloodbath. As we start to make camp, one lonely Harvey sneaks up behind me. I turned around, only to see that he is trying to strangle me, since he has no other weapon.

I scream for help and try to break free, but Harvey only makes his grip tighter until I can't breathe. My brother Aspen, enraged, storms over to Harvey and choke slams him, therefore killing Harvey. Then my brother flashes the alliance a little look like: don't hurt my sister or you won't live to see how it ends up. I would rather not have too much protection, but seeing how fast Harvey could have killed me, I figure that a little protection is fine.

Day 2: Jump and Roll

Evie Vermillion: District 5

I wake to the sound of cooing baby noises. Why did my alliance ever get the idea to stay in the nursery? I advised greatly against it. The idea came from Eva herself to stay in the nursery, but the baby sounds were starting to drive me insane. Just as I was about to go insane, I saw a doll-like version of Aurora sitting on the window. She was coaxing me to do something.

"Do you want to see a pretty view? Aurora started. "Just go up to the roof."

I looked at the doll in a strange way, then made myself climb to the roof. Even from the nursery, it was a long and tedious climb to the top of the arena, one climb which I thought that I should have avoided.

Once I was on the roof, I looked ahead of me and saw what must have been the most beautiful thing ever: A orange sun wrapped in a sea of pink and yellow. But I had a strange obsession with the sun, like it changed me. I wanted the sun for myself, and myself only. So, taking the dummy route, I jumped off the roof, launching myself towards the beautiful sun.

Once my feet were off the roof, I immediately regreted the decision. But the sun was so close, I could hold it. I wanted that feeling more than anything else, the feeling to hold onto the sun.

But, I didn't get to live to see that day. As soon as I thought I had the sun in my hands, I crashed against a wall and fell about 100 ft. until I hit a hard floor. My head had hurt, I fractured many bones in my body and I felt like jelly. Only when I looked beside me did I see another body who was starting to form into a doll that looked like Matt. I slipped into darkness and felt a transformation, like my body was being imbedded in fine china.

Tommy Harns: District 3

Petra and I wake up double cannons. We look at each other in concern before talking. Matt and Harvey were dead, leaving us two alone in an alliance. We looked up at the roof from our alcove area in the attic. We could screams coming through the other side of the door, but we weren't sure who they belonged to. Petra and I decided to see who was making all the racket through the other side of the door.

We saw Radiant. He was running away from a little hand that was obivously trying to grab him. He was screaming like a little girl, and Petra couldn't help but chuckle and I joined in. There was something about seeing a 16 year old boy screaming like a little girl. Eventually the hand grabbed Radiant and started to choke the life out of the little boy. That's when Petra and I stopped laughing.

A cannon went off as we saw Radiant being remade into a bloody doll. Petra and I looked at each other in concern. The dollhouse didn't seem so fun anymore.

Zoey Proasheck: District 14

It was already late evening in the arena. The careers were lead by a bloodthirsty foe that the rest of us wanted dead. The four of us decided that we needed to kill Luke.

I grabbed my axe, Amber and Konami grabbed their tridents and Uzi grabbed his machete. We decided to encircle Luke. He was sleeping, so we thought that we had the upper hand, but then Luke smilied and suddenly woke up, jumping on his feet, cocking his bow at the four of us. I thought that he was aiming at us, but instead little Alona was sneaking into the cornucopia to grab some supplies when Luke shot her, then kicked her dead, lifeless body around.

The four of us saw our chance. We took as many supplies as each of us could handle and ran off to the office of the house, putting as much distance as we could between Luke and us I dared to look back once more at our old bloodthirsty leadeer and saw that he had slaughtered Lunar with his knife. I turned my back to Luke and kept running.

Alliances as of the end of Day 2

Alliance Leader Second-In-Command Other Members
Careers Uzi Kystrel (2) Amber Seaside (4) Konami Aretino (1), Zoey Proasheck (14)
Anti-Careers Charka Fatalis (8) Eli Winersin (11) Alexandrite Bohemia (2), August Rose (12), Artemis Moonsliver (13)
Friendly Female Alliance Sydeny Zaelia (1) Eva Fenrir (9) Millie Lakeside (10),
Friendly Males... and a Female Aspen Lorelle (7) Connor Smitherson (9) Favian Thread (8)
The District 3 Alliance Petra Mines (3) Tommy Harns (3)
Loners NONE NONE Luke James (Capitol)

Day 3: The Hand of Death (Literally)

Favian Thread: District 8

I woke up sunshine in my one workable eye. Connor and Aspen were still asleep. I was troubled by a mysterious dream. In the dream, there was a darker girl holding my hand, telling me that I would be ok and that she would never let go. For the life of me, I couldn't remember her name. But she was a gorgeous girl.

After a while of pondering my dream, I heard the sound of little footsteps tiptoeing on the floor nearby. I followed the sound when I can across a silver haired girl. My first instinct was to go and slash her into bits. As I charged the silver haired girl, I grabbed my spear and threw it towards the silver haired girl, but a little blonde stepped in front of my spear and took it into the heart. She collapsed, dead. Then, the silver girl just stood back and smilied at me. Then, I felt enclosed in a net A boy with a sword came up to my face. Just as he was about to stab me, he collapsed, dead on the ground. A little hand had appeared and it was coming towards me. Then, a blonde girl pulled a rope that made the net go to the ceiling in order to escape the hand of death.

Alexandrite Bohemia: District 2

A smilie crept up my face as we enclosed the boy from 8 in the net. Charka insisted that he was important to our "plan" that we were going to execute tomorrow. We figured out that the mutts switched places. One day, it would be the voice in the morning, then the hand in the evening. This morning, the hand came out first, so we assume that the voice is coming in the evening tonight, when we would release Favian and he would be coaxed to jump off the roof.

Apparently, it was a clever plan, because our plan worked perfectly after capturing little, convincing Eva and having her take the spear in the heart. We were killing off tributes without really killing them ourselves. As Anti-Careers, we had to be clever in order to succeed.

Amber Seaside: District 4

The afternoon came rather quickly, at least in my opinion. Splitting off from Luke was the best thing we did, but now Luke was going to look for us and wouldn't be satisisfied until he saw all of us dead. The our of us little Careers were kind of like the Brady Bunch.

We sat in the attic for the entire afternoon, only leaving when I heard an ear-piercing scream that definetly belonged to a girl. I dared to peek through a little alcove in my window. I saw Petra's body, mangled like she had been squished to death. Then, the hand suddenly went away, which was replaced by a convincing voice that lead a brain-washed Millie to the roof of the dollhouse. I dared to take a little peek, so I snuck up to the top of the roof where I saw the most horrible thing possible: A beautiful sunset. Little Millie saw the sunset and jumped towards it. Then, I screamed her name as I tried to go after her. Then, I found a little hand grasp my ankle. It was Tommy. He looked up into my eyes as to say: you need to live. Then, the cute kid jumped off the roof after Millie.

I hurried as fast as I could back to the attic, panting when I heard footsteps come from a corner. I hid behind to see who it was. The tribute that was sneaking around happened to be Luke. I peered down the hallway. The door of the attic was right there. I could make it. I sprinted as fast I could, headed for the door with Luke hot on my heels. He pulled out a knife and attempted to throw it in my back, but I had managed to somersault through the catflap back to safety. The other Careers saw my startled look on my face as I explained to them what had happened.

Day 4: A Tea-Party of Death

Uzi Kystral: District 2

I suddenly woke up, panting after having the worst dream possible. I was being chased by a little girl who held a pink invitation. After waking up, I saw that the invitation had somehow made it's way to me. The invitation was for a tea-party. I woke up the other tributes to tell them about the invitation to the tea-party. The invitation said that the tea-party would be held in the kitchen. So the four of us Careers grabbed our weapons and went downstairs to the kitchen.

When we came down to the kitchen, we saw that that the table was set up for a tea-party. We navigated our way through the teacups when suddenly, I heard a familiar scream. It was Zoey. She had gotten a lone arrow through her heart and I turned around to see Alexandrite running away. I caught up to speed with her and pushed her off the edge of the table and she died. Then, suddenly I heard a scream coming from upstairs. It was poor Favian who had been caught inside the net and then the ropes must have choked him or something similar.

But this wasn't a time to stop and cry. The tea-party has begun. And everyone was fighting for their lives.

Alliances before the Tea-Party

Alliance Leader Second-In-Command Other Members
Careers Uzi Kystrel (2) Amber Seaside (4) Konami Aretino (1)
Anti-Careers Charka Fatalis (8) August Rose (12) Artemis Moonsliver (13)
Friendly Males... and a Female Aspen Lorelle (7) Connor Smitherson (9)
Loners NONE NONE Luke James (Capitol), Sydeny Zaelia (1)

Sydeny Zaelia: District 1

I cowarded inside one of the teacups on the table. Even though I wasn't part of the Careers, I could still fight like heck. My only issue: Probably nine other people outside of this haven wanted me dead. I had to replay my options. Either I go out into the storm of the tea-party, or I stay in the teacup like a coward. My gut didn't want me to die as a coward, so I decided to face the music and join the tea-party.

Even though I ust have been in that cup for about five minutes, I already saw the dead mangled body of August Rose at my feet, a trident sticking out from his chest. I see Amber running to grab the trident back from his body. I looked around and saw one of the Careers, likely Konami, holding a cheese sword. Really? Doing what I have done best, I send a arrow flying towards him and it hits my district partner in the temple.

Charka Fatatlis: District 8

I turn around and see the desperate boy from District Nine charging me. I pull out my dagger and stab him in the heart. He falls down, dead. I get up and see that my fellow comrade Artemis has been slashed to death by Amber. But, I have an advantage: Amber doesn't notice me coming up behind her and slitting her throat until she falls down, dead.

Next, beside me, I see Sydeny shooting an arrow into the heart of Uzi and suprising, it hits him in the heart and he falls dead as well. Sydeny starts to charge towards me until I see on very familiar figure stab her in the heart: It's Luke James.

I turn around and see a desperate aspen escaping. I have a feeling that if anyone has a chance to beat this monster, it's him over me. As soon as I see Luke going towards Aspen, I turn on my adrenaline and run towards Luke, tackling him down in the process. All Luke can do is smile at me, at least until I punch his pretty boy face. Then he rages. I see that Aspen has escaped now, but if I let Luke go in the furious atate hes in, then he would massacure Aspen. I decide to do the brave thing.

Luke raises his knife towards me before before saying "Such a pretty face. Too bad that you have to die." Apparently, if you think of one tribute that has died, yet means something to someone that is still alive, then the person will help out that tribute. So, as I bled out on the floor, I thought of the only dead tribute that could help Aspen get rid of Luke once and for all. Alona Lorelle.

Day 5: One Last Goodbye (The Finale)

Aspen Lorelle: District 7

After escaping the feast last night and having Charka sacrifice herslef so that I could live, I felt very unprivilaged and unrewarded. Then, as I woke up suddenly, I saw the doll-like orm of my sister watching me. She didn't seem to start with the creepy voice act on me at all, but instead voiced out a plan.

"Aspen," Alona start, "We're going to convince Luke to jump off the roof. Understood?"

I gave my doll like sister a little high ive before hearing Luke banter: "Come out ya little coward from District 7." I gave my doll-sister one last nod before running out of the room.

Luke passed by my sister, who started to talk to him. It looked like he was trying to fight it, but instead, he was certainly being brainwashed into going onto the roof.

As Alona kept convincing Luke to jump, I watched as Luke took one steady look at Alona and jumped off the roof and straight SMACK! into the wall. I looked up to see Alona in her doll-form, but she was gone. I sat down on the roof of the dollhouse as I let the Capitol take me back home.

Epilouge: One Last Time

After a week of solid fun playing with her new dollies in the doll house, the little girl knew that it was time to send away the dead and bloody tributes back to each district's respective families. When one of the men asked her what her name was, he girl took the doll of Luke James and squished it in her hand. "Adelaide Turney." The little girl replied.

-27 years later-

Adelaide sat inside her office, contemplating a childhood memory of having an extra thirty two dolls to squish or to watch as they somehow killed one another. Placing her head on her lap, Adelaie drew the blinds shut and opened up the top drawer of her desk as she grabbed the doll of Luke James and squished it, wishing for him to come back to life. The doll grew into a real-life teenage boy, strong and arrogant. Adelaide took one look at him and figured that he would make the perfect general. They smilied at wach other as Luke went downstairs to figureout the Capitol army's next move. Then, Adelaide aced her closed blinds and thought: I showed some compassion for someone one last time. Now, lock away compassion for another rainy day.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Name (District in Brackets) How they died When they died
32nd Lyrie Eratical (12) Impaled by Uzi Kystrel Day 1 Bloodbath
31st Aurora Grace (Capitol) Stabbed by Charka Fatalis Day 1 Bloodbath
30th Jonah Dare (13) Impaled by Eli Winsterin Day 1 Bloodbath
29th Issac Blade (0) Axe in the back by Zoey Proasheck Day 1 Bloodbath
28th Taronja Diada (11) Arrow in the heart by Artemis Moonsliver Day 1 Bloodbath
27th Nick Flower (4) Trident in the back by Konami Aretino Day 1 Bloodbath
26th Jakub Kunnson (10) Knife in the back by Luke James Day 1 Bloodbath
25th Nina Cortese (6) Arrow in the back by Luke James Day 1 Bloodbath
24th Harvey Free (6) Choke-Slammed by Aspen Lorelle Day 1 Post-Bloodbath
23rd Matt Hamil (5) Jumped off the roof of the dollhouse Day 2 Morning
22nd Evie Vermillion (5) Jumped off the roof of the dollhouse Day 2 Morning
21st Radiant Tayz (14) Squeezed by the litle girl's hand Day 2 Noon
20th Alona Lorelle (7) Shot by Luke James Day 2 Evening
19th Lunar Sun (0) Stabbed by Luke James Day 2 Night
18th Eva Fenrir (9) Spear in the heart from Favian Thread Day 3 Morning
17th Eli Winsterin (11) Crushed to death by the hand Day 3 Morning
16th Petra Mines (3) Squished to death by the hand Day 3 Late Afternoon
15th Millie Lakeside (10) Jumped off the rood of the house Day 3 Evening
14th Tommy Harns (3) Jumped off the roof into the house Day 3 Evening
13th Zoey Proasheck (14) Arrow in the heart by Alexandrite Bohemia Day 4 Late Morning
12th Alexandrite Bohemia (2) Pushed off the table by Uzi Kystral Day 4 Late Morning.
11th Favian Thread (8) Strangled by the ropes Day 4 Noon
10th August Rose (12) Tridented by Amber Seaside Day 4 Afternoon
9th Konami Aretino (1) Bow to the temple by Sydeny Zaelia Day 4 Afternoon
8th Connor Smitherson (9) Stabbed in the heart by Charka Fatalis Day 4 Late Afternoon
7th Artemis Moonsliver (13) Slashed by Amber Seaside Day 4 Late Afternoon
6th Amber Seaside (4) Throat slited by Charka Fatalis Day 4 Late Afternoon
5th Uzi Kystral (2) Arrow in the heart by Sydeny Zaelia Day 4 Evening
4th Sydeny Zaelia (1) Stabbed by Luke James Day 4 Evening
3rd Charka Fatalis (8) Stabbed by Luke James Day 4 Late Evening
2nd Luke James (Capitol) Jumped off the roof of the dollhouse Day 5 Noon
1st Cedar Lorelle (7) NO ONE NO ONE

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