Hey everyone, it's Emilia again. As a bit of a side project (since at the moment I have three games that I'm writing), I've decide to enact the First Annual Celebrity Games. Want to join? Take a look at the twist and rules, then comment below.


1. Since it is the Celebrity Games, all of the tributes will be reaped from real-life celebrities!

2. Each of the Celebrities will be allowed two weapons in their tribute profiles

3. The Career Districts will be:


1. Each user can enter in two tributes. There will be twelve districts to start, but if we get more users in, we may add more.

2. Your tributes need to have actually existed in real life, but it doesn't matter if they are alive or dead in reality

3. Don't make your celebrities too Overpowered.

4. Celebrities will die. It's the Hunger Games

Tribute Format





Training Angle:

Bloodbath Angle:

Games Angle:


District 1: Modeling

This district only produces the finest looking tributes in all of Panem. These tributes use their looks to distract tributes to gain the upper hand.

District 2: Athletes

GOAL! These tributes are passionate about sports and are the most comeptitive tributes you will ever meet in Panem.

District 3: YouTubers

Now, these tributes received their fame by posting videos of themselves revealing their talents, often for comedic intrest.

District 4: Popular Musicians

This district is likely the wealthiest district of all; their main export is most of the music that you listen to time and time again.

District 5: Authors

These tributes prefer getting the big bucks from creating an escape from reality by using words to suck you into an invisible vortex, whisking you away to another world.

District 6: Reality TV Stars

This district may perhaps produce the most brainwashed tributes of all; Celebrities that get famous by creating TV shows about their lives.

District 7: Actors

This is the richest district of them all, since their tributes rake in the most money from any industry in Panem.

District 8: Non Role Models:

These tributes are the meanest, nastiest tributes of them all, not being good role models for people.

District 9: TV Stars

This tributes are known for portraying your favorite characters time and time again.

District 10: Country Musicians

HOWDY! These tributes produce music that is twangy and sharp and it keeps people doing the two step all night long.

District 11: Talk Show Hosts

These tributes host talk shows, often trying to gain an advantage over everyone they have on their shows by revealing their weaknesses.

District 12: Social Media

These tributes are famous for their popularity in social media (not including YouTube). The hobby of the district: Taking selfies.

Meet the Tributes

District Male Tribute Prefered Weapons Female Tribute Prefered Weapons
District 1 (Modeling)
District 2 (Athletes)
District 3 (YouTubers) Rhett James McLaughlin Sword
District 4 (Pop Musicians)
District 5 (Writers)
District 6 (Reality TV) Dan Howell Blowgun, Sword
District 7 (Actors) Jennifer Lawrence Bow and Arrow
District 8 (Non Role Models)
District 9 (TV Stars)
District 10 (Country Musicians)
District 11 (Talk Show Hosts) Lincoln "Link" Neal Lightsaber
District 12 (Social Media) Phil Lester Throwing Knives, Dagger

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