I got inspired to make my own Hunger Games. I will try to update every once in a while. I hope you'll have a great day.


1. I will make this in my own way; if you don't like that just go to another page. I won't force you to stay

2. I will post a list with odds: The odds will be from 24th to 1st. Why? Because I like it that way.

3. I will start my story at the very beggining of the Games.

4. You are allowded to make 2 tributes.

5. You cannot make 2 tributes from the same District, and only one of them can be from a career district (District 1, 2 and 4).

6. Don't be surpised if The Careers recruits one or two persons from other Districts.

7. Please follow my rules and I hope you all like my games.

8. Excuse my English; It's not my mother-language

Basic facts about the Games:

There are 24 tributes and only one victor. The arena is almost the same as the arena used in the 74th Annual Hunger Games. The tributes are:

District User Tributes Name
District 1 SlappingSquirrels Victory (Female)
District 1 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Pheonix (Male)
District 2 Happy Meadows Natasha (Female)
District 2 CoolCato Mark (Male)
District 3 AW3SOM3 S4MU3L Dimitria (Female)
District 3 Mrweare121 Rickey (Male)
District 4 ~Meatballlover~ Malena (Female)
District 4 Robin040197 Thomas (male)
District 5 Happy Meadows Ingrid (female)
District 5 Whatever It Takes Joe (Male)
District 6 Iluvmiranda Zoey (Female)
District 6 Robin040197 Brann (Male)
District 7 Daveforeva Yesenia (female)
District 7 Whatever It Takes Kori (male)
District 8 Happy Meadows Cerena (female)
District 8 Misytmolla Rye (Male)
District 9 AW3SOM3 S4MU3L Azora (Female)
District 9 SethMorris95 Saul (male)
District 10 FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne Jone (Female)
District 10 Michael Iron Uit (Male)
District 11 Eleni12 Kat (Female)
District 11 Iluvmiranda Dan (male)
District 12 Maybell Rocks!! Jane (female)
District 12 Maybell Rocks!! Nick (male)

NB: "- means that you are free to make a tribute that represents that District"

When you are going to hand over a tribute please use this


Age: (Between 12 and 18)


Appearrence: (Skin color, hair color, fat/thin, etc.)

Weapon: (Maximum 2 weapons)

Strength: (maximum 2)

Weaknesses: (minimum 2)


If you don't fill in for example Weakness, I'll just write something.

I'm not going to use any pictures: Imagination is a nice thing. If you write that your tribute(s) has superpowers, etc. I will make sure to kill him/her the first. The game will start whenever I have all the 24 tributes.

District Name (females first) Age Personality Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknesses Appearrence
1 Victory Gracelynn 17 Pretty, seductive, deadly, nice (for a career) Throwing knives and knows how to use other weapons. Flexible, knows how to get what she wants. Terrified of swimming and being underground.Doesen't have the best aim Long white/blonde hair, light blue eyes, tan.
1 Pheonix Junder 18 He is very strong willed and a bit dim wittted Anyone Very Strong and Fast Not the smartest and a bad swimmer Blonde hair, thin
2 Natasha St. Claire 17 Intelligent, witty, sarcastic, sweet. Dagger or Sword. Physically fit, posseses endurance Bad at navigation, as well as swimming 5'7, tan, slim, black hair (shoulder length), larger nose than average, brown/golde Eyes, Attractive
2 Mark Stone 18 Funny, smart, cool. Axe, throwing knives Running and swimming Afraid of Snakes, easily manipulated Tan, brown hair, green eyes, skinny
3 Dimitria Pod 13 Shy, smart, beautiful, tall Axe, sai, spear Climbing, healing, running emotions, trusting Tall (5'9), beautiful.
3 Rickey Dean 18 careless, sly and mean. explosives, knives Making plans, running Sucks at most weapons, mutts tall, silver hair, white skin.
4 Malena Wavings 16 Sweet, kind, deadly, funny, childish Knife and throwing knives Good fisher, good swimmer. Afraid of spiders, snakes; and other big bugs. Not a very good fighter without weapon. Shoulder long bleach blonde hair and sea green eyes. Lightly beach burnt skin, slim and on the short side. Pretty and cute, 4'11
4 Thomas Quince 15 Kind and nice trident and a Spear climb very well and can jump high Afraid of lightning and doesn’t like insects Black hair, short. Not a very tall boy. Brown eyes.
5 Ingrid Lovette 18 Badass, kind to people she likes, self-confident Bow or spear Aiming with a bow (for Food/tributes), running hand-to-hand, climbing 5'9. Pale white skin, dotted with moles. Lanky and skinny, brown dreadlocks
5 Joe Torza 14 Mean and selfish Not any particilar Nothing special Fighting, climbing, running dark skin, brown hair, thin
6 Zoey Pency 13 smart and secretly worried what everyone thinks of her Spear strength Afraid of blood and gets angry easiley Dark brown hair, brown eyes, 5 feet and 6 inches, large and skinny.
6 Brann Clatch 16 Helpfull and smart. Swords Strength and smart Is a very bad swimmer and a little bit scared in the dark. Brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. Has many muscles and is tall. He has strong legs
7 Yesenia Root 16 Sweet,Nice, Can be vicouis Sometimes Throwing Axes,Axe,Small Knifes Climbing and Running Afraid of blood and she's too loyal Strawberry Blonde,One eye Blue and the other Green, Tall (5'6)
7 Kori Lontz 13 Sweet Anything Small Fighting and blood Fat and light hair
8 Cerena Kablecreeke 16 Naive, childish, sweet Axe or sword Physically fit, camoflauge Hunting, planning 5'5, silky ombre hair in ponytail, average size
8 Rye Dean 17 shy, like his own company, sarcastic. Small sword or knife Fast and a good climber hunting, making food 6'0, pale skin, dirty blonde curly hair. Hazle eyes and some freckles
9 Azora Wheatings 14 Spunky, nice, sweet, kind to everyone, optimistic spear, throwing knives, bow and arrow Running and climbing Spiders, mutts 5'2 , orange hair, freckles, brown eyes
9 Saul Ruains 14 He's pretty nice, untill he's angered then he can become very deadly. Knife and sword Strength and speed His anger and mental stability Tan skin, blonde shaggy hair, very good physical condetion, Blue Eyes and 5'10.
10 Jone DePaul 18 Bitter but Likable. Very sarcastic but quite fun Screwdriver (uses for stabbing and throwing) and Bow Speed and hand to hand combat

Epilepsy and a bad swimmer

Blonde long hair, not tanned, pretty
10 Uit 15 Shy and quiet Spear and Knife Run fast and Go without food for a little while Not very strong. Can't breathe underwater for very long Brown hair and torn up clothes.
11 Kat Syler 13 sweet and shy Slingshot, throwing knives Plants, survival skills bad swimmer and not very strong Light skin, brown eyes and hair, thin
11 Dan Adams 14 Smart, gets jealous easily, confident, sarcastic no matter what situation he's in Sword Fast, good aim bugs and mutts 5'11, blond hair, pale skin, skinny, bright green eyes, attractive.
12 Jane Socha 12 She is a nice person who throws up when she sees blood Spear and knunchucks Hiding, fast

climbing and mutts

She is known as the preety girl in District 12, she has long dar hair and white skin with grey eyes.
12 Nick Lovizio 12 Nice, aggresive, has good strategies Bow and arrow, knife Hiding and a good runner Small and not a good swimmer. Tan, small, skinny, big arms


Tribute Training Scores (1-12) Odds (1-24)
D1F: Victory 10 1
D1M: Pheonix 9 4
D2F: Natasha 9 5
D2M: Mark 10 2
D3F: Dimitria 5 17
D3M: Rickey 5 18
D4F: Malena 9 3
D4M: Thomas 8 7
D5F: Ingrid 6 12
D5M: Joe 3 24
D6F: Zoey 5 16
D6M: Brann 5 14
D7F: Yesenia 7 10
D7M: Kori 3 23
D8F: Cerena 4 21
D8M: Rye 9 6
D9F: Azora 8 8
D9M: Saul 7 9
D10F: Jone 6 11
D10M: Uit 3 22
D11F: Kat 6 13
D11M: Dan 4 19
D12F: Jane 5 15
D12M: Nick 4 20



What a beautiful day here in the arena! We have 24 excellent tributes from all the 12 Districts of Panem. They seem quite ready for the Games so let the Games begin and to all the tributes standing there: May the odds be ever in your favor!



Oh my god! I can't wait to go out there and kill the others. Me, Phoenix, Natasha, Mark, Malena and Thomas are this years career tributes and we all look forward to team up. I hope I get the throwing knives over there. I have to remember that I can't kill the District 8 male Rye and the District 9 girl Azora. It's good to know they accepted to join our alliance, 'cause they did very good at training!



Stay focused Kori! You know what you have to do! Just run away, dude. But that green bag over there is really close! Perhaps I should try grabbing it? I do indeed stand next to two of the careers, but they can't see me as a treath? I hope not.


KAT'S (D11) POV:

I'm not running in there. I'm absoloutley NOT running in there. I know how to survive, I can't risk my life for things I'm able to find. I'll just run the heck away from here!



Come on Nick! You can do it! You are a great runner. The careers will rather kill some of the other tributes than me! And you do have a good strategy, Nick. 20 more seconds to go.



I'll just have to get that knife. Your good with knives. I'll just run in, grab the knife and that purple backpack over there, kill one or two tributes and then run into the woods. I know I can make it. I will be the victor of the 218th Annual Hunger Games!


DAN'S (D11) POV:

Holy sh*t! Only 5 seconds left. Look at the District 8 female, she seems nervous. Perhaps I should attack her? Okay. There's a sword over there. I know how to use a sword. I'm going in for the kill!


LET THE 218th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES BEGIN! (And hey! if your tribute dies; don't be mad at me! Som tributes has to die in the bloodbath: And I've used

Yesenia (D7): She ran towards a backpack and grabbed it. "I just hope theres a weapon, food and a bottle of water in this bag", she thought while grabbing it. She turned around and saw the District 10 male (Uit) running towards her. He had a sword in his hand. He looked at her and she started running as fast as she could. "I knew I should've run into the forrest". The girl from District 11 (Kat) that stood to her left had ran towards the forrest as soon as the announcer said 0. She looked behind her and she could still see that the District 10 boy was chasing her. BOOM... Who was that? She looked behind her and saw that the District 10 boy was still chasing her. Probably one of the career's that killed some of the other tributes.. But what was that? The District 6 female (Zoey) was sitting at the ground right in front of here and looking in a backpack! "I hope this'll work", she was thinking while she ran towards the District 6 girl. She kicked her in her back causing her to trip and ran as fast as she could. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the District 10 male pointed his sword at the poor girl. She turned her head. BOOM... and ran into the forrest.

Mark (D2): Me and Thomas (D4) knew who would be our first victim. The fat boy from District 7 (Kori) was standing between me and Thomas waiting for the clock to turn 0. I looked Thomas and pointed at the fat kid that was actually looking at a bag so I communicated with Thomas, using my hands, that I would run towards the weapons while he would try to strangle the boy. By the time the clock were zero I ran towards the Cornucopia. I grabbed a dagger and some throwing knives and ran back to Thomas. By the time I grabbed them I heard a cannon and just a few seconds after that I heard another one. When I reached Thomas I said: "Hey, Tommyboy! I got you a dagger", and threw a dagger towards him. He smiled to me and turned the back to the fatboy that he had strangeled to death. Or just simply not? As soon as he let him go the District 7 male (Kori) grabbed his feet making Thomas trip and grabbed the dagger that layed on the ground in front of him. The District 7 boy stabbed Thomas with the dagger. BOOM... I reached for my throwing knives immediatly and threw one right in his face. BOOM... "That's what you get for killing a career", I thought. I saw the District 5 female (Ingrid) running towards the forrest but I missed when I tried to throw a knife in her. I think she had a weapon and a bag! BOOM... Holy Diver! How about the others? I saw the District 12 female (Jane) fall to the ground when I turned around and Natasha stood there smiling. Good girl!

Brann (D6): Everyone that was left was almost careers. I had to get the he** away from the bloodbath now! Stupid District 3 girl that took the bag I was gonna have. I suddenly saw the District 1 female (Victory) running towards me. Man, she was pretty. She looked at me but then she suddenly started running to the left instead. Aha. The District 11 boy (Dan) was trying to shot an arrow at her but he missed. She had a sword and she just simply slit his throat. BOOM... She looked at me but luckily I was so close to the forrest that I could just run away. What a day. I heard one more cannon about five minutes after I stopped running and another one a couple of minutes later. Atleast I got a spear. Better than nothing.

Saul D9: Me and Dan (D11) had planned to have an alliance together, but he had just been killed by the District 1 female. The one thing I didn't think of was that I where the only one living person outside the Cornucopia that wasn't a career. No, wait a minute; There was the District 12 boy (Nick) and over there was the District 3 male (Rickey). BOOM.. No more District 12 male (Nick). He got killed by the District 8 boy (Rye) (That had joined the career-pack) I looked at the careers that turned around and looked at me. I looked towards the forrest and saw the District 3 male looking at me. I heard one of the careers, probably one of the males, scream: "The one that kills the other will get permission to join or group". My chance was here. I looked the District 3 male into the eyes. He had a knife and I had nothing except a stone in my right hand. "Now or never", I thought and jumped over him. I hit him multiple times in the face with the rock. BOOM... I had killed him. I had killed a tribute. And I was able to join the careers! I turned around and saw an arrow coming through the air. It hit my right hand but I managed to take the District 3 male's knife and backpack and run into the forrest.



Malena (D4): After the bloodbath we took control over the Cornucopia and got our tents. I was quite sad because my District-partner Thomas was killed in the bloodbath today and Azora (District 9) has been here for me. Azora is really nice. She wasn't really a career but she and Rye from District 8 joined us because they got high training scores. If I don't win I really hope Azora wins. She really deserves it, even though I would've killed her if we where the last two standing. I'm also sad because I didn't kill anyone today; even though I hurt the District 9 boy (Saul). Me and Azora are the only careers without a kill so far so I really hope that atleast I get the chance to kill someone later on. Rye (D8) and Natasha (D2) made some delicious food a little while ago. The best thing about being a career is that we don't split up until each of the other tributes is dead. Speaking of the devil; Rye walked away from our camp about 15 minutes ago and he still hadn't returned. He told me, Azora and Pheonix that he just had to take a piss, but Pheonix didn't hear him at all because he was bragging about how he got first blood killing the District 5 boy (Joe). "How about we check with the others if they've seen Rye", I said. "Well that sounds like a good idea", Azora responded and Pheonix nodded. We told the others and we all came to the conclusion that we wouldn't go look for him in case it was a trap. While we where all sleeping we heard a cannon. The others said it was Rye that killed a tribute but I had a strong feeling that Rye was dead.

Saul (D9): As soon as I were in the forrest I found myself a fine place. A cave. My arm was still wounded and I stayed there and I looked up at the sky in the when it was dark. The District 5 male's picture was the first to appear then the District 6 girl, District 4 boy, District 7 boy, District 12 female, District 11 male, District 12 male and then the District 3 male. Wait a minute? The District 4 male? What? I was quite surprised, yet thankful because someone had killed a career. I stayed up a little more and by the time I fell asleep I was waken by another cannon. I looked up to the sky but didn't saw a picture so I tried to fell asleep again.

Kat (D11): I had found my self a really sharp stone and I walked to the Cornucopia to see if I could find anything forgotten. As soon as I got out of the forrest (The Cornucopia was surrounded by a large forrest) I saw tents. Oh, I was so silly.. The careers always camped at the Cornucopia the first day. I was just about to turn around when something interesting caught my eye; One of the Career males was walking right towards me. I layed down in the tall grass and I heard him coming nearer and nearer and then he suddenly stopped. I laid as still as I could. It took a little while before I was realizing he was peeing and peeked up from the tall grass. Nobody guarded him; He was all alone. I heard he started to zip his pants and then I hit him in the head with my stone. He fainted. I dragged him with me into the forrest and waited for the pictures of the fallen tributes to appear. As soon as they'd appeared I slit his throat using my stone. BOOM... I had killed my first tribute.


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
24th Joe Torza 5 Pheonix Junder 1 1
23rd Zoey Pency 6 Uit 10 1
22nd Thomas Quince 4 Kori Lontz 7 1
21st Kori Lontz 7 Mark Stone 2 1
20th Jane Socha 12 Natasha St.Claire 2 1
19th Dan Adans 11 Victory Gracelynn 1 1
18th Nick Lovizio 12 Rye Dean 8 1
17th Rickey Dean 3 Saul Ruains 9 1
16th Rye Dean 8 Kat Syler 11 1/2

Trivia Day 1:

  • Cerena (District 8 female) and Jone (District 10 female) are not seen during the bloodbath; But they are still alive.
  • Yesenia (District 7 female) has a backpack and are hiding in the forrest
  • The Careers now consists of: Pheonix, Victory, Natasha, Mark, Malena and Azora
  • Ingrid (D5 F) is supposed to have bag and a weapon
  • Uit (D10 M) has a sword
  • Saul (D9 M) has a knife and a backpack which he stole from the District 3 male after he killed him.
  • Saul (D9 M) is wounded in his right arm after Malena tried to shoot him with bow and arrow.
  • Dimitria (D3 F) has a bag
  • Brann (D6 M) has a sword
  • Two tributes has so far been killed by stones.
  • Rye Dean was the first tribute to fall after the bloodbath
  • Two Career has been killed; Thomas Quince (D4) and Rye Dean (D8)
  • Joe Torza was killed first, as predicted by the Game-Makers (He got 24 as odds)
  • District 12 is the only District that have lost both tributes.
  • Both tributes from District 1, District 2, District 9 and District 10 is still alive


DAY 2!

Cerena (D8): Today I woke up early in the morning. I found myself a place that was quite near a lake, so that means I'm not going to die by lack of water. I haven't heard a single cannon today. Perhaps the rest of the folks has alliances and/or has joined the Careers? I could sure need a weapon so I could hunt, even though I suck at hunting. I actually found a bird with an arrow in it so I just have to make a fire so I can eat it. I now realize how much I hate the nature..

Kat (D11): Today I feel bad for killing the District 8 male, but you know; it is the Hunger Games, and everyone except one tribute has to die. Some hours ago, when I was looking for some berries I heard something that sounded like a dinosaure. I hoped that I what I heard was something else but I guess it was a dinosaure because I saw something that really looked like a big T-Rex. Oh my god. I hope theres only one dinosaur mutt. The rest of the day was really quiet and I didn't see anyone of the remaining tributes, even though I heard one cannon today.

Uit (D10): After I heard the cannon I got attacked by a snake-mutt, god bless my sword. I would've been dead if I didn't grab it during the bloodbath. Luckily for me that meant that I didn't have to hunt today, so I made myself a fire and ate the dead snake. It didn't taste very good, but it was better than nothing. The only thing I miss now is water. I'm so friggin' thirsty!

Malena (D4): Today we started hunt for other tributes. We still hadn't seen anything from Rye so we decided that if he was alive he left our alliance so if we met him we would kill him. Mark, Victory and Azora would guard or supplies and me, Pheonix and Natasha would go looking for other tributes. After 2 hours of walking we finally found one of the other tributes; The District 9 male (Saul). He started running immediatley when he saw us and we didn't manage to find him afterwards. We started going but suddenly we heard a huge roar! "What was that", Pheonix said. "I don't know", Natasha said nervously. "That was not a wolf, it has to be something bigger", I said and we all stood quiet too see if we could spot the creature. Suddenly out of nowhere a huge t-rex appeared and we all started running. Unfortunatley Pheonix tripped and we both knew what happend when we heard the cannon. BOOM... Me and Natasha managed to run back to the Cornucopia and the others was quite surprised when we told them there was dinosaur-mutts. No more cannons was heard and two pictures was shown in the sky: Pheonix's and Rye's picture. We now knew for sure that Rye had been killed, I knew he was dead.


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
15th Pheonix Junder 1 Killed by mutts None


Trivia Day 2:

  • There was none tributes that was killed by other tributes that day.
  • Only one tribute died: Pheonix from District 1
  • Pheonix is the first tribute to be killed by mutts and to not be killed by another tribute
  • It's now revealed that the arena consists of Dinosaur-mutts and snake-mutts.
  • It is unknown if Rye from District 8 was killed before or after midnight
  • The Career's now consists of only 5 tributes.
  • Cerena (D8) is near a lake and she only have an arrow
  • 14 tributes remains.


DAY 3!

Brann (D6): When I woke up I knew I had to go get some water and try hunting for food. I hadn't had something to drink in a day and I also needed food. I walked around in the forrest with my spear, looking for animals to kill. I guess I walked around for 2 or 3 hours until I finally spotted a rabbit. I threw my spear, but I missed. "Goddamn it", I said to myself as the hare flee'd. I walked for a little while and then I reached a large tree. I saw a big bird up there and I threw my spear and I actually hit it. The only problem was that it got stuck between some branches so I started climbing up. When I finally reached the dead bird and my spear I saw someone below me. It was the District 10 female (Jone). I thought about throwing my spear at her, but I saw that she didn't notice me so I just waited until she passed by. Suddenly out of nowhere I saw The District 10 male (Uit) sneaking up on her. I prepared my spear, just in case. He sneaked up behind her, swinged his sword and cutted off her head. BOOM... I was just about to throw my spear at him when he suddenly grabbed a bottle that belonged to the dead girl and then he ran away. I don't know where he ran, he just disappeared. I waited for about ten minutes and then I climbed down and ran away with my spear and the dead bird having once again watch a tribute getting killed. I also managed to find some water.

Dimitria (D3): After I heard the cannon I quickly thought about hiding. I had to hide if the career's was looking for someone to kill; They probably wanted to avenge that District 1 boy that died yesterday. I had everything I needed: A bag with food, a large bottle of water, ropes, matches and a blanket. I started towards the cave that I had stayed but was quite shocked when I saw the District 5 female (Ingrid) there. She looked at me and said: "Okay. You found me. I don't have any weapon and you probably have. If you let me go I will remember you and I will stay in debt to you". I didn't have a weapon and I really didn't want to kill anyone with my bare hands so I just said: "Okay, just get out of here". She ran out and I made myself some food and stayed hidden just in case.

Victory (D1): After the first cannon we agreed that I, Mark and Azora would go out to see if we found any tributes to kill. Yesterday was a total failure and we didn't kill anyone; we just lost one of us. We walked into the forrest (In another direction than Malena, Natasha and Pheonix walked yesterday; Afterall we didn't want to meet the dinosaur). When we had walked for about an hour we reached a cliff and just a couple of minutes later we heard a girl screaming and a cannon BOOM... What the heck was that? Mark looked down the cliff and he saw a person laying at the very bottom of it. We concluded that the person commited suicide or just tried to hide from us and then accidentley fell down. We started walking again and we discovered a cave about 3 hours later. We walked in and we saw that the District 9 boy (Saul) sat there with a knife that he hold in his left arm. "Get the H*ll out of here", he shouted. He was injured. He had a bandage on his right arm. I started laughing and Mark laughed too. Mark walked up to him and killed him with his axe while Azora looked away. BOOM... We looked for other tributes but we couldn't find any; So we returned to the Cornucopia. Three pictures appeared at the sky that night: The District 10 female (Jone), The District 7 female (Yesenia) and The District 9 male (Saul), which means that the one that falled down the cliff was either the District 10 female or the District 7 female


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
14th Jone DePaul 10 Uit 10 3
13th Yesenia Root 7 Falled from cliff - 3
12th Saul Ruains 9 Mark Stone 2 3

Day 3 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 7 are now dead.
  • Yesenia was the second tribute to die by "natural causes" (D1 male being the first)
  • It's revealed what Dimitria's bag consist of.
  • Uit now has a bottle of water and a sword.
  • This is the first time anyone has seen Ingrid (D5)
  • District 2 is now the only District where both tributes are still alive
  • 11 tributes remains


Tributes Fallen (Day 1 to Day 3):

Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
24th Joe Torza 5 Pheonix Junder 1 1
23rd Zoey Pency 6 Uit 10 1
22nd Thomas Quince 4 Kori Lontz 7 1
21st Kori Lontz 7 Mark Stone 2 1
20th Jane Socha 12 Natasha St.Claire 2 1
19th Dan Adams 11 Victory Gracelynn 1 1
18th Nick Lovizio 12 Rye Dean 8 1
17th Rickey Dean 3 Saul Ruains 9 1
16th Rye Dean 8 Kat Syler 11 1/2
15th Pheonix Junder 1 Killed by dinosaur-mutt - 2
14th Jone DePaul 10 Uit 10 3
13th Yesenia Root 7 Falled from cliff - 3
12th Saul Ruains 9 Mark Stone 2 3

Tributes remaining (After Day 3):

Tribute District Gender
Victory Gracelynn 1 Female
Natasha St. Claire 2 Female
Mark Stone 2 Male
Dimitra Pod 3 Female
Malena Wavings 4 Female
Ingrid Lovette 5 Female
Brann Clatch 6 Male
Cerena Kablecreeke 8 Female
Azora Wheatings 9 Female
Uit 10 Male
Kat Syler 11 Female


DAY 4!

Brann (D6): I had enough water, and I had my spear. The sun shined and it was a nice day. Yesterday three tributes had died. I was quite hungry even though I ate that bird yesterday. I think my hunting skills has improved, because I managed to kill the first rabbit I saw. I didn't find any more animals; but I found something more interesting. About 20 meters in front of me I saw two of the career tributes; both girls. I had my spear in my right hand and I knew that I could hit one of them; even though I had to flee for my life if I hit. Should I take the chance? I would loose my spear if I threw it but I had the chance of killing a career. Okay, lets do this! The girls still had their backs to me and I threw my spear in the back of one of them. She fell down and I ran as fast as I could. I did not turn my head until I was far away. An hour later I heard a cannon. BOOM... I really hoped it was the girl I hit.

Cerena (D8): I really really hate the nature. I just want these Games to come to an end. I need more food, 'cause luckily I resived matches from a sponsor. I found a couple of rocks that I can use to try throwing at some birds or other animals and I still got that arrow. I've only heard one cannon today and now it's already dark. I have to see if I can kill something to eat tomorrow, now I'll just wait for the picture of todays fallen tribute.

Azora (D9): Victory and Mark said they would guard today so me, Natasha and Malena started walking to see if we could find any tributes. We didn't find anyone. Natasha saw something in a tree so she climbed up to see what it was. Me and Malena stood still on the ground and waited for her to say what she saw. Suddenly when we stood there Malena fell down and she had a spear in her back. She wasn't dead som Me and Natasha did everything we could to stop the bleeding, but after an hour or two she died because she had lost to much blood. We walked back with the sad news and we didn't hear any cannons. I was very sad the rest of the day because me and Malena had started a friendship.


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
11th Malena Wavings 4 Brann Clatch 6 4

Day 4 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 4 is now dead
  • Cerena (D8) is the first one that got something from sponsors.
  • Brann (D6) has lost his only weapon.
  • The Career's now consist of only 4 tributes
  • 10 tributes remains


DAY 5!

Brann (D6): Today is my first day without a weapon. Yesterday I learned that the District 4 female was killed; so I guess I did a good thing throwing that spear. I really hope that a sponsor will send me a weapon. I actually kind of made a spear out of wood, and it seems okay. I'll try hunting with it later.

Dimitra (D3): I've been hiding the whole day. I've got enough food and water so I don't have to come out. Perhaps I should get myself a weapon? I never know when the Careers are nearby and I know it is mutts around here. I heard something that sounded like a wolf some hours ago. But what is that? Isn't that someone outside the cave? Oh god I've got to hide. The person is inside now; I can hear it! Okay, lets have a little peak. Isn't that? Thats the District 5 female (Ingrid)! "Hey", I said. The District 5 female turned around. "Oh, hello". Oh my god! She have a weapon. "I was looking for you", she said. "What for", I said. "I wanted to ask for an alliance; I'm good with weapon, and you've got a bag. We're much safer if we stand together", she said. "Okay", I said and we started eating and we talked about our families back home. I don't really trust Ingird. I don't really trust anyone but myself.. Perhaps I should kill her when we're asleep?

Ingrid (D5): Today I returned to the cave I met the District 3 girl. For one thing only and that was food and a kill. Unfortunaitley she saw me first and the only thing I was able to say was that I wanted an alliance. Oh my fu*king god. Whats wrong with me? I am actually pretty badass. I should've just cut off her head as soon as I saw her. Well, anyways, perhaps I should kill her tonight when she's asleep? I don't really trust her; but I hope she trusts me; 'cause then I'm safe. It was now late and we laid down to try to sleep. No cannons had been fired today.

Day 5 Trivia

  • Ingrid and Dimitra has formed an alliance, even though they don't trust eachother.
  • Day 5 is the first day where no one dies.
  • 10 tributes remains


DAY 6!

Uit (D10): I had found myself a fine place in the woods and I'vd made some kind of a little cabin. I've used time camouflaging it and I'm really happy with it. I just came home from hunting when I hear the cannon BOOM... and once again BOOM... Two people had died in just some seconds. I really didn't know how many that had died; I hadn't counted since I killed my District-partner. I had kind of bad conscience, but I knew that only one of us could survive anyways. Better me than her. That's my strategy; Kill everyone I can. I wonder who died, 'cause I can't remember to have heard any cannons at all yesterday

Kat (D11): I'm so sick of plants and berries and I finally managed to get myself some meat today. I managed to kill a bird with a rock and I then made a fire and ate it. A couple of hours later I heard a cannon and then another one! Probably the Careers that avenges the District 4 girl and District 1 boy I thought while eating. For my own safety I stayed hidden the rest of the day; Just in case.

Azora (D9): Today we ate a delicious breakfast: Egg, bacon and potatoes. I loved being in a group with careers. Well; We where eight people and now there was four of us left. Victory, the beautiful girl from District 1, Mark, the killing-machine from District 2, Natasha, the attractive yet deadly female tribute from District 2 and of course me. Victory was very silent during the breakfast. Normally she would talk along with Mark, Natasha and me but it seamed like something worried her. Right after we were done eating Natasha had promised to learn me how to use a sword. We walked away from the tents (that still was at the Cornucopia) and started fencing. Victory and Mark stayed at the camp. I think they are in love, and are trying to hide it from us. I glanced back at the camp and I saw Victory standing while Mark was on the ground. I turned tmy head around because I thought she was stripping for him. BOOM... Suddenly I heard a cannon and I saw that Natasha ran towards the camp. I turned around saw Victory throwing a knife that hit Natasha in the chest. She screamed: "You traitor" just before the cannon was heard BOOM... I now realized that I was the only one remaining except from Victory and ran into the woods. Now I only had my sword and I feel really bad. Poor Mark and Natasha. I climbed up in a tree and went to sleep.


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
10th Mark Stone 2 Victory Gracelynn 1 6
9th Natasha St.Claire 2 Victory Gracelynn 1 6

Day 6 Trivia

  • The Careers has now split up after Victory betrayed them
  • District 2 is the second District to loose both tributes at the same day (The first being District 12 in the bloodbath)
  • It's revealed that Kat (D11) is a pretty good survivor, due to her being "sick" of eating plants and berries.
  • Uit (D10) has made himself a little cabin
  • Victory (D1) has probably everything she needs, due to Azora (D9) running into the forrest
  • There are now 8 tributes remaining



Dimitria (D3): Me and Ingrid's alliance has actually worked out pretty well so far, but I still don't trust her. I kind of regret that I told her it was okay. The whole time we've just hidden in the cave and made food. That's our strategy: Stay alive and hide. Theres only 8 tributes left now; and all the careers is dead except the District 1 girl. Me and Ingrid don't really know who's left. I know my District-partner died in the bloodbath, and so did Ingrid's. I'm quite sceptical towards Ingrid, I'm so afraid she might kill me! We used this day to do the same as always; hide and eat. We heard two cannons today.

Brann (D6): Today I decided that I would go looking for something to eat. I had my spear made of wood and I stayed near a lake. After a little while I managed to kill a rat. Normally I wouldn't have eaten the rat; but this is a special occasion and I just have to survive. I brought the rat with me back; I knew that two careers died yesterday so I guess it's best hiding in case I meet an alliance or muttations. When I was on my way back to my place something interesting caught my eye: A girl layed on the ground quite injured. She was unconsius when I reached her. I hadn't heard the cannon so I knew she was alive, she probably had been attacked by mutts. Well, afterall this was The Hunger Games and I think she was in pain so I just killed her quickly. BOOM... The girl had white skin and brown hair and was thin. I was unable to remember which District she represented.

Azora (D9): After I heard the first cannon I knew I had to find Victory; she had all the supplies and I had none except a sword. I started walking in the Cornucopia's direction. There she was: Packing supplies in a bag. She had her back to me. Should I confront her, sneak up on her or just let her go? I thought about everyone that had died; especially Mark and Natasha from District 2. I just simply couldn't let her go. But at the same time; I couldn't kill her. I haven't killed anyone so far and she's a way much better fighter then me. "Okay, Azora", I whispered to myself. I sneaked up behind her and raised my sword: I closed my eyes and swung it. BOOM... I opened them and saw Victory laying on the ground with a lot of blood around her. Oh my god. I had killed her. At first I started crying; but then I remberred what she had done to Mark and Natahsa so I grabbed the full bag of hers and ran out in the woods in case someone was heading for the Cornucopia. I decided to sleep in a tree this night as well. The District 11 girl's image where shown at the sky, as well as Victory's. It seems like Victory didn't get her long awaited victory.


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
8th Kat Syler 11 Brann Clatch 6 7
7th Victory Gracelynn 1 Azora Wheatings 9 7

Trivia Day 7:

  • Both tributes from District 11 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 1 are now dead
  • Azora (D9) now has a bag full of supplies
  • We don't know why Kat (D11) was injured.
  • There are now 6 tributes remaining.


DAY 8!

Dimitria (D3): I woke up in the middle of the night; The time must've been around 5 in the morning. I sat up and looked over at Ingrid. There was only 6 tributes remaining now. Ingrid was sleeping tight. I had started to have nightmares about her killing me in my sleep. Oh my god. I wasn't a nervous person; I just can't trust people by a strange coincidence. Perhaps I should kill her? So I would stop worrying? Oh my god! Dimitria!! What the heck are you thinking of? She's the only one that's able to help you and you want to kill her? Perhaps she planned to kill me? I just couldn't go on anymore. I sneaked over to Ingrid and started strangeling her. She woke up; but there was nothing she could do, 'cause I sat over her chest so she couldn't move her arms because I locked them with my legs. I looked into her eyes and I could see that the life was suck out of her. BOOM... I dragged her dead body out of the cave. "I'm sorry Ingrid, but I just couldn't resist the urge to kill you; It had to be you or me", I said as her body was picked up by a hovercraft. Now I had to hide for the rest of the day.

Azora (D9): Tonight I was waken up by a cannon; That meant that there was only 5 tributes left. Holy macaroni! I had the chance of actually winning. I actually believed I would die in the bloodbath before I joined the careers along with Rye from District 8. Now they all where dead. The last career was killed by me actually. Not that I was a typical killer; but I felt I had to at least try to kill Victory not for me, but for Mark and Natasha. I went to sleep; once again and I woke up later. I decided that I would stay at my spot and eat the food that I had in my bag. I ate two apples and drank some water. I just stayed here for the rest of the day, and just some minutes before the pictures of todays fallen tributes I heard another cannon BOOM... I wonderred what happend? I looked up in the sky some minutes after todays last cannon and saw a picture of the female tribute from District 5 appear on the sky as well as the District 10 male. Now there was only three tributes left; except myself.


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
6th Ingrid Lovette 5 Dimitria Pod 3 8
5th Uit 10 Unknown Death Cause - 8

Day 8 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 5 is now dead
  • Both tributes from District 10 are now dead
  • According to Ingrid's (D5) POV from an earlier day she would probably have killed Dimitria if she hadn't been killed first.
  • It's unknown how Uit (D10) died
  • Most of the tributes where using this day to hide so we can assume that Uit was killed by mutts or died by something naturally.
  • There are now 4 tributes left.


DAY 9!

Dimitria (D3): I learned that the District 10 male was also killed yesterday so that meant that there was only 4 tributes left. I had eaten up all my food so that meant I had to go hunting today, whether I liked it or not. My plan was to stay hidden in my cave, but I needed food to survive so I went out in the woods; I had Ingrid's sword so that wouldn't be a problem. I knew I had to pay attention so I could find the way back and so I did. I saw a couple of birds but they managed to escape every time I tried killing them. After a little while I came to a cliff. That's when I heard it.. Someone was following me! I quickly turned around and saw the District 9 female. "Game over", she said while holding a throwing knife in her hand.

Azora (D9): I had to kill her... I just had to kill her. The District 3 girl looked at me. She could either jump down and die, or stay here and get killed. I could see she was scared, but she still had a sword. "Hand over the sword and I'll let you go", I said. She handed it over and begged for me to let her go. "I'm sorry", I said while looking at her, "but this is the Hunger Games and only one person can live". She started crying and begging but I knew I had to kill her. I aimed at her. "Okay here it goes".

Cerena (D8): I suddenly heard that a girl was crying and screaming; so I quickly ran that direction. I saw the District 9 female aiming at the District 3 female with a throwing knife. I only had an arrow, so I just stood there watching; but suddenly I saw a huge creature. A dinosaur-mutt. It started going in the direction of the girls. I could see the District 9 girl turn her head when she saw the dinosaur and before either of them where able to do anything the dinosaur rushed forward to eat them. Luckily (or unluckily) for them the cliff wasn't strong enough for holding to girls and a t-rex. It broke and I saw them all falling down the cliff. BOOM... Only one cannon? What was that? Well, perhaps if they died at the same time only one cannon was heard? I looked down and I saw one of the girls walking away. At least one of them died.

Brann (D6): I had used this day hiding because there was only four tributes left, including me. It was now night and I had heard a cannon today so I looked up to the sky and then the picture appeared. The girl on the picture had orange hair and freckles and underneath her picture it stood: "Azora: District 9".


Fallen Tribute District Killer/Death District Day
4th Azora Wheatings 9 Mutt/fall - 9

Day 9 Trivia

  • Dimitra has to be hurt from the fall
  • Both tributes from District 9 are now dead
  • It seems like Cerena has been more used to live in the nature because shes stopped complaining about how much she hates the nature.


DAY 10!

Cerena (D8): Today I woke up by the announcer. He said: "Hello Tributes of the 218th Annual Hunger Games. This is the tenth day and its just 3 of you that are still alive. From District 3 we have: Dimitria Pod. From District 6 we have Brann Clatch and from District 8 we have Cerena Kablecreeke. Everyone of you is quite near the Cornucopia, and we want some action. Therefore you have 1 hour to get to the Cornucopia to fight, and after one hour there will be mutts after you, if your not in at the Cornucopia. You will now recieve a sword from sponsors. May the odds be ever in your favor." Holy poop on a stick.. Holy macaroni. What should I do? I concluded that the two others would probably rush forward to the Cornucopia so I grabbed my sword that I had got from sponsors and waited.

Dimitria (D3): As soon as I got my sword I decided that I would start walking to the Cornucopia. I had a bad leg from the accident yesterday; so I had to start walking immedeatley. I knew where the Cornucopia was, and even though it wasn't far away I would use a long time walking the distance with a bad leg. I hadn't given up yet; even though I know that theres a big chance that I will die.

Brann (D6): As soon as I heard what the announcer said I grabbed the sword and rushed ahead to the Cornucopia. When I finally reached it I was surprised that none of the girls was there. I thought about a good plan and I decided to hide inside the Cornucopia. I hid behind a crate and waited to see if any of the girls where comming. I guess they both used the same strategy as me because no one entered. So I guess they where hiding outside.

Cerena (D8): Okay, time to go. I started walking towards the Cornucopia. Suddenly I saw a big t-rex! Oh my god! It's more of them!! I started running towards the Cornucopia but there was a huge fence around it!! What should I do? I looked back and saw the t-rex staring at my while it roared! F@#k me.. BOOM...

Dimitria (D3): I had just reached the Cornucopia when there all of a sudden "grew" a fence around it. I heard a cannon about a minute after and the announcer said: "Cerena from District 8 did not make it. She got eaten by a dinosaur-mutt". I knew the District 6 boy had to be here somewhere! The Cornucopia was an open area with woods around it. He had to be inside it! I walked inside and looked for him.

Brann (D6): I laid completly still when I heard she entered the Cornucopia. I heard her steps as She came closer and closer. I held my sword tight, ready to attack. I saw her shadow from behind the crate and I quickly stood up and swung my sword!

Dimitria (D3): I was quite surprised when I suddenly felt his sword only millimeters from slitting my throat. I grabbed my sword and swung it. I closed my eyes while swinging it. When I opened them I saw Brann's head laying down at my feets. OH MY GOD! I HAD WON THE HUNGER GAMES!

Announcer: Congratioulations to District 3 and the winner of the 218th Annual Hunger Games: Dimitria Pod!



Place Tribute District Killed by Day
24th Joe Torza 5 Pheonix Junder (D1) 1
23rd Zoey Pency 6 Uit (D10) 1
22nd Thomas Quince 4 Kori Lontz (D7) 1
21st Kori Lontz 7 Mark Stone(D2) 1
20th Jane Socha 12 Natasha St.Claire (D2) 1
19th Dan Adams 11 Victory Gracelynn (D1) 1
18th Nick Lovizio 12 Rye Dean (D8) 1
17th Rickey Dean 3 Saul Ruains (D9) 1
16th Rye Dean 8 Kat Syler (D11) 1 or 2
15th Pheonix Junder 1 Killed by mutts 2
14th Jone DePaul 10 Uit (D10) 3
13th Yesenia Root 7 Fallen from cliff 3
12th Saul Ruains 9 Mark Stone (D2) 3
11th Malena Wavings 4 Brann Clatch (D6) 4
10th Mark Stone 2 Victory Gracelynn (D1) 6
9th Natasha St.Claire 2 Victory Gracelynn (D1) 6
8th Kat Syler 11 Brann Clatch (D6) 7
7th Victory Gracelynn 1 Azora Wheatings (D9) 7
6th Ingrid Lovette 5 Dimitria Pod (D3) 8
5th Uit 10 Unknown cause 8
4th Azora Wheatings 9 Falling damage 9
3rd Cerena Kablecreeke 8 Mutts 10
2nd Brann Clatch 6 Dimitria Pod (D3) 10
1st (VICTOR) Dimitria Pod 3 Killed: Ingrid (D5) and Brann (D6)


Place District and last tribute that died.
1st District 3 (Dimitria Pod: 1st)
2nd District 6 (Brann Clatch 2nd)
3rd District 8 (Cerena Kablecreeke: 3rd)
4th District 9 (Azora Wheatings: 4th)
5th District 10 (Uit: 5th)
6th District 5 (Ingrid: 6th)
7th District 1 (Victory: 7th)
8th District 11 (Kat: 8th)
9th District 2 (Natasha: 9th)
10th District 4 (Malena: 11th)
11th District 7 (Yesenia: 13th)
12th District 12 (Nick: 18th)



Congratiulations to the Victor!

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