1. You can not send in more than 3 tributes

2. Only one of them can be a career (D1, D2, D4)

3. They can't be from the same District.

4. These Games will include Reapings and the Games

5. District 13 will be included.

6. When you send in a tribute, please use this standard:


Age: (Between 12 and 18)

District (D1 to D13):

Appearrence: (Skin color, hair color, fat/thin, etc.)

Weapon: (Maximum 2 weapons)

Strength: (maximum 2)

Weaknesses: (minimum 2)


Reaped or voulenteered:

7. If your tribute has participated in the 218th Hunger Games I will not accept him/her

8. I will not go to your profiles/links. Why? Becuase I'm lazy, thats why.

9. Once again; Excuse my English; It's not my mother language

10. Almost everything is decided by so don't be sad if something bad happens to the tribute or if your tribute never has a own POV.



Golden thing in middle: Cornucopia

Light green: Open grassy area

Pink = bridges

Dark blue = water

Black stripes = Simple suspension bridge

Grey = Mountain area. Mostly mountains, caves and stones

White = Snowy area

Dark Green = Jungle area

Red = Lava (Will affect tributes only if they comes near it, so it won't affect them if they're at the edge of the island)

Uten navn



Tribute Name User District
Vanity (F) Nommyzombies 1
Scorpio (m) Cato rocks! 1
Rose (F) Cloveygal 2
Script (M) FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 2
Victorya (F) Happy Meadows 3
Empire (M) CoolCato 3
Aqua (F) ShimmeringFire 4
Mark (m) CoolCato 4
Hagla (F) Hungergamelover2121 5
Alex (M) Wesolini 5
Unity (F) Tiaraaaa 6
Raven (m) RavenRT . 6
Brie (F) Daveforeva 7
Zaine (M) RZN2 7
Addy (f) Tiaraaaa 8
Flicks (m) RZN2 8
Jane (F) ShimmeringFire 9
Sun (M) FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 9
Morgan (F) Tiaraaaa 10
Bohan (M) Hungergamelover2121 10
Cherry (F) AW3SOM3 S4MU3L 11
DeJohn (M) FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 11
Rose (F) Wesolini 12
Cassius (m) Cloveygal 12
Jia (F) Happy Meadows 13
Pita (M) CoolCato 13


District Tributes name Age Personality Weapon(s) Strength Weaknesses


1 Vanity Twilight (F) 16 Devious, quick wit, desireable barbed whip Running, accuarcy Brute Force, Swimming Brown hair, blue eyes, sexy
1 Scorpio Black (m) 18 Flirty, ruthless and cocky sword and throwing knives hand to hand and speed. climbing, swimming Dark blonde hair, light green eyes, plae skin 6"7
2 Rose (F) 17 Cocky, sarcastic and courageous. Axe strong and smart short temper and cant swim Pale skin, black curly hair and gray eyes
2 Script Level (M) 18 Very harsh and bruteish

Mace and Axe

Very strong and a great swimmer Not a good climber, not very smart White skin, brown eyes, curly hair (Afro) and beard.
3 Victorya Dolwyn (F) 16 Quirky, mysterious, strange (Funny, sarcastic, fun-loving and sweethearted if you get to know her explosives, knife Very intelligent Hunting, endurance 5'7 , Tan skin, cat-ish face, brown hair,
3 Empire Wires (M) 17 Likeable, smart Wire, outsmarting tributes Running, jumping Making friends, killing people, watching people get killed Ashen skin, thin, black hair
4 Aqua Mirabilis (F) 16 Kind, loyal, friendly, doesen't trust anyone Trident Really good swimmer, smart Not very fast and has trouble killing Straight fiery red hair and light blue eyes. Fair skin and slim.Short for her age. Very pretty
4 Mark Seas (M) 18 Funny, sweet, nice, humble trident, net Running, making girls like him people dying, strategy Tan, blonde hair, thin, very handsome
5 Hagla Yupiya 13 Sneaky and sly knife Is really good at stealing Not very strong, got no training brown hair, brown eyes, thin, small, small ears, flawless skin
5 Alex Johnson(M) 17 Kind boy, helpfull. Sword, knives strength,speed creating fires, being silent, climbing trees blonde hair, tan, blue eyes, freckles, 6'1
6 Unity Poweth (F) 18 Caring to younger tributes, cruel to older tributes (15+) Bow and arrow, throwing knives. Climbing, Hiding. Swimming, being quiet Long waist-length blonde hair, thick eyelashes, shimmering emerald eyes, dark red lips.
6 Raven Emerald (m) 15 Quiet but a bit fierce adversary Katana, crossbow Strong and fast half blind, can't swim Long black hair, deep blue eyes, pale skin, tall, just a bit muscular
7 Brie Root (F) 13 smart, beautiful Axe, dagger climbing, running swimming, dead people beautiful
7 Zaine Tisch(M) 15 Quiet, michevous Spear, traps Speed and climbing Swimming, making friends Tan skin, brown hair, slim.
8 Adonis "Addy" Jones (f) 14 Adonis is sly as a fox, some people even call her "Sly Fox" as a nickname. She is quiet and careful Throwing knives Stealing, being quiet. Fragile, stands out 4"10, ghstly pale skin, blue eyes, auburn hair.
8 Flicks Marvel (M) 17 Outgoing, brutal, flirty Spears, throwing knives Climbing, Swimming Speed, making friends, hunting at night. Tan skin, brown hair, skinny
9 Jane Skye (F) 15 clever, shy, sneaky, smart Stealth and hiding Being like a ninja Can't swim, will not kill anyone! Long wavy brown hair, violet eyes, soft facial feature and average height
9 Sun Can (M) 15 Very bubbly and active scythe and kama Very fast and stealthy Isn't strong at all, afraid of spiders Asian, black hair, skinny
10 Morgan Roan (F) 16 Very quiet but smart. Likes to be in her own company as she gets very scared and anxious around other people. Whip Very fast, stealthy She is not the strongest, afraid of snakes. She has dark brown hair with light brown highlights. Hazel eyes and pale skin.
10 Bohan Undan (m) 14 Charming and friendly Spear and sword Very fast. Has blurry vision, believes he won't win tall, skinny, dirty blond hair, green eyes, tiny ears, big head and big feet.
11 Cherry Fantius 14 Spunky, sweet Axe Climbing Swimming, mutts Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, peach skin, rosey cheeks
11 DeJohn Young (m) 12 Quiet and likes to socialize with himself. Trident and Kama Strong and very fast He can't speak and is very small Tan, black hair
12 Rose Greyser (F) 15 kind, helpfull, emotional bow and arrows, katana speed and aiming Hates being alone, afraid of the dark, Tan, long brown hair, freckles, big green eyes. 5'2
12 Cassius (M) 18 Quiet and non emotional. bow and arrows and knives Quick Small, mutts Tan, red hair, green eyes
13 Jianna "Jia" Saint Rosa (F) 18 confident, doesen't take crap, never quits, doesen't take well to pity, spear or sword Physically fit, great plan-maker Fiery temper, not the fastest runner, 5'10 . Skinny, mexican skin, black short hair (spikes),
13 Pita Cork (M) 14 Funny, likebale Knife, axe. Running, avoiding traps climbing, jumping Brown hair, freckles, skinny



All the Districts will be reaped in a random order. I stil need tributes!!!!

F= Female, M= male. R= Reaped, V= voulenteered, ?= tribute haven't been made yet. R or V with means that the creator never told me if the tribute was reaped or voulenteered and if they don't tell me I will just guess. And yes; I will of course still do reapings, I only made this little list for helping myself.

Reaping order:

  1. District 13 (F= R, M=R)
  2. District 8 (F=R, M=R)
  3. District 3 (F=R, M=V)
  4. District 6 (M=V, F=V)
  5. District 12 (F=R, M=R)
  6. District 5 (M=R, F=R)
  7. District 4 (F=R, M=V)
  8. District 9 (F=R, M=R?)
  9. District 2 (F=V , M=V?)
  10. District 1 (F=V, M=V)
  11. District 11 (M=R?, F=R)
  12. District 10 (M=R , F=R)
  13. District 7 (F=R, M=R)




“Ringringring”, my alarm clock said and I woke up. “Oh no.. Reaping day”, I thought while getting dressed. It wasn’t an ordinary dress I was dressing up in; It was a nice dress in the color of blue. I walked away from my house and got my finger pricked when I got there. I went to the girls section and where the 18 year olds stood. After approximately 30 minutes our escort came on the stage. He was very tall and had a huge grey beard. “Welcome to District 13’s reaping of the 219th annual Hunger Games”, he said while smiling. He just stood there and soon the anthem was played and they showed video-clips from last year’s Games. I didn’t really pay attention to it, but I knew that the victor was from District 3. “Okay. And now District 13; are you ready for the reaping of this year’s tributes”, he asked while smiling. No one answered. “Okay”, he said and put his hand in the girls bowl. “Jianna Saint Rosa”. I was shocked. What The Heck was that? I suddenly started noticing that everyone was looking at me. “Come on up”, the escort said. I couldn’t believe it! I was reaped for participating in something that could result in my death. I knew I could win this thing; I only have to train a little when I get in the Capitol. “Pita Cork”, the escort said and a boy started walking towards the stage. Pita had brown hair and he looked nice. I shook his hand. Bad thing he had to die…



“Flicks get up now! It’s reaping day”, my mom shouted. “Just one minute mom”, I said. “No, Flicks! The clock is already 10 pm”. Oh my god! I jumped up from my bed and got dressed. Shirt and bowtie should be nice enough for the Capitol. I ran into the kitchen and asked mom: “Where are Johnny”. “Your brother has already gone away to the reaping”. I ran out the door and met a peacemaker. “Finger”, he said. He pricked my finger and I walked towards the boys section. Just a couple of seconds after I had stopped the anthem started playing and a video from the 218th Games where shown. After the video was done it showed the tributes that had been reaped from the other Districts. District 13 was the only District where someone had been reaped yet, so we only got to see the two tributes from District 13. A man walked on the stage. He had a huge nose and kind of looked like a clown without makeup. “Hello District 8”, he said. He had a funny voice to. “I will be this year’s District 8 escort”. “As you all know from the previous Games: The female tribute will be picked first. He took his hand down in the bowl and said: “District 8’s female tribute for the 219th annual Hunger Games will be: Adonis Jones”. Oh my god! Addy! I knew her; she used to be my younger brothers girlfriend. She walked up on the stage; I could see she was sad. “The male tribute will be: Flicks Marvel”, he said. No, no, no, no, no!!! Everyone turned around and looked at me. I walked up on the stage. I looked Addy in the eyes and she shook my hand. The escort said: “Wish the District 8 tributes Adonis and Flicks good luck. May the odds be ever in your favor”



“Come on Empire. Let me have the last gum”, my brother begged me. “No way, Kris”, I said. Today was reaping day. My brother had just turned 13 so this was his second reaping. “You’re so stupid, Empire! I really hope you get reaped. I hate you”. “Yeah whatever”, I said and walked away from him. I met some of my friends and we walked together to the reaping. We got our finger pricked and walked over to the 17 year old boys section. Suddenly the anthem started to play and everyone became quiet. There was this film from the last year’s Hunger Games. I recognized the victor. Her name was Dimitiria Pod and she was from the same District as me; District 3. Then we saw the tributes from District 8 and District 13. Suddenly the same girl came up on the stage, and everyone started applauding. We weren’t really happy for the Hunger Games, but we wanted to show our support to her. “Hello District 3”, she said while smiling, “I will be the mentor for this year’s tributes and I will also reap the tributes because the escort wanted me to. Ladies first”, she said. She picked up the little piece of paper and said: “District 3’s female tribute in the 219th annual Hunger Games will be Victorya Dolwyn”. A girl walked towards the stage. She had tan skin and brown hair and she kind of looked like a cat. “And now the boys”, she said. She took up a piece of paper and said: “Kris Wires”. Oh my god! That’s my brother. I looked at him as he walked towards the stage. I knew he was going to die so I made up my mind quite fast. “I VOULENTEER”, I shouted as he walked towards the stage. Dimitria looked confused. It wasn’t normal that District 3 tributes volunteered. “It looks like we have a volunteer”, everyone say hello to District 3’s male tribute for the 219th Annual Hunger Games”. She gave me the microphone. “My name is Empire.. Empire Wires”, I said nervously. "Empire and Victorya; May the odds be ever in your favor", she said and then we walked to the train



I started walking towards the place where the reaping took place. I was so sick of everything.. I really hated the Capitol. I was sick of people, sick of the Capitol and sick of my family. They always complained about things. I was actually quite late and when I got there they showed the tributes from District 13, 8 and 3. The District 3 boy had volunteered for his younger brother. I didn’t have a brother; but if I had I would’ve done the same. Suddenly a young woman walked up on the stage. She wears a purple skirt and a white shirt. “Welcome, welcome to the 219th annual Hunger Games. My name is Hiwolda and I will be District 6’s escort”, she said. She seemed kind of cocky, I feel sorry for this year’s tributes that has to spend their last days with her. She picked up a name from the bowl and said: “Triana Poweth”. A young girl walked towards the stage. She was very thin and had to be 12 years old. “I volunteer”, it said from the girl’s row. A girl ran up on the stage. “Oh! It looks like we have a volunteer this year”, Hiwolda said while smiling. The tribute girl had long blonde hair. “Whats your name, child”, Hiwolda asked. “My name is Unity Poweth”, she said. “Triana is my sister”. “Okay, and now for the boys. Ian Hetfield”, she said. The tribute boy was very skinny and looked sick. My guess would be that he was 12 years old. “Whatever”, I thought, “I’ll volunteer for him; poor boy”. “I volunteer”, I said and the tribute boy went from being quite sad to be the happiest boy on earth. Hiwolda, the escort, started applauding while I reached the stage. “We have two volunteers for District 6 this year: That’s the first time in the history”, she said. She asked for my name and I answered. “Wish Unity and Raven from District 6 good luck”, she said. I was quite surprised that she didn’t use the sentence: may the odds be ever in your favor.



I woke up by the hovercraft flying over my house. “What is the hovercraft doing now”, I thought while lying in my bed. “Reaping day”, I thought. I waked up and got dressed up. I walked downstairs and ate the breakfast my parents had made. My brother was still sleeping. He was lucky; he had just turned 19 so he didn’t have to attend that stupid reaping. I and my sister had to. My parents told us to be nice and stuff and then we went away. We got our finger pricked and then I walked to the girls and watched the screen. After approximately an hour the anthem started playing. It was a video from last year’s games. I saw the District 1 female kill both tributes from District 2, the District 7 female fell down from a cliff, The District 6 boy hunting, then some clips from the bloodbath is shown, the District 1 boy being killed by a mutation and the District 3 girl killing the District 6 boy. After the video a voice says: “The tributes in the 219th annual Hunger Games. From District 13: Jianna Saint Rosa and Pita Cork. From District 8: Adonis Jones and Flicks Marvel. From District 3: Victorya Dolwyn and Empire Wires and from District 6: Unity Poweth and Raven Emerald”. The pictures of the tributes are shown while their name is said. “Good morning District 12”, a female voice says. “It’s time to pick a boy and a girl for participating in the 219th annual Hunger Games”. A woman walks up on the stage. “The female tribute will be: Rose Greyser”. That was me. I just walked up on the stage still in shock. Suddenly a boy walked up on the stage. I was so in shock that I didn’t even hear his name. He was small but he looked older than 18. I shook his hand. I later learned that the boy’s name was Cassius.



“Come on Hagla! I know you can do better than that”, Jenny said. Jenny was my bestfriend. “Screw it”, I said, “I’m not good at putting on makeup”. She started laughing and we walked outside the house to reach the reaping. Once we got there our escort was on the stage and she said: “Hagla Yupiya. Wait what? I had just arrived at the reaping and I was chosen to participate in the Hunger Games? What was that? Everyone started staring at me. Suddenly a saw a peacekeeper walking towards me and I walked up to the stage. “The boy will be Alex Johnson”. A tan blonde haired boy walked towards the stage. He looked strong. “District 5 tributes: May the odds be ever in your favor”, the escort said and we walked to the train.



As soon as I wake up I looked outside the window. I opened it and smelled the beautiful smell of ocean. “Ahh, what a beautiful day”, I said. District 4 has to be one of the nicest Districts to live in. Today was reaping day and District 4 was the first career District to be reaped this year. That was also a good thing about District 4; it was almost impossible to participate in the Hunger Games if you didn’t volunteer. Well, of course some people had been reaped, but most people volunteered. I really didn’t like the Hunger Games and I liked my life so much that I didn’t want to waste it with participating in the Hunger Games. My father drove me to the reaping and they started showing a video from the Games last year. The male tribute from District 4 actually died in the bloodbath last year. His name was Thomas; I went to the same school as him. The female came in 11th place, if I’m not wrong. They showed the tributes from District 3, 5, 6, 8, 12 and 13. Then the escort came up on the stage. He had curly hair and was an African American. He seemed kind of stressed because he didn’t even present himself. “The female tribute from District 4 will be Aqua Mirabilis”, he said. That was my name and I saw that everyone started looking at me. I stood still for a couple of seconds; but no one volunteered. What was that? Perhaps the girl that wanted to volunteer just wanted to wait until the last second. The escort looked confused at the crowd and asked: “No volunteers? Well, then the boys then”. Before he was able to pick up a piece of paper with a boy’s name on it a boy in the crowd shouted: “I volunteer as male tribute from District 4”. “Come up here, boy”, he said. The boy was very handsome and had blonde hair. “What’s your name, son”, the escort asked. “Mark Seas”, he said. “May the odds be ever in your favor Aqua and Mark”. I waited for a girl to shout out that she volunteered, but no one did. Sucks to be me, right?



The sun was shining in District 9. What a beautiful day. I and a couple of friends of mine ate breakfast at a local restaurant. We was actually going to have a sleepover at one of my friend’s house after the reaping so we just wanted to get done with the reaping. We took our bicycles to the reaping and went to the girls section. They had just showed the tributes from District 4 when we arrived. A woman appeared on the stage. She was very small and she had a huge head. She used a long time presenting herself and apologizing that the video had started 10 minutes earlier than predicted. She put her hand down in the female bowl. She stared at the paper for a little while. “Come on”, I thought, “just finish this stupid thing. I want to go back with my friends. “Jane Skye”. What? That was me! A peacekeeper came up to me and grabbed me in the arm and then followed me to the stage. The escort picked the boy: “Sun Can”. An Asian boy came towards the stage. He was thin. I shook hands with him while the escort said: “May the odds be ever in your favor”.



Today was the day I was going to volunteer for the Hunger Games. I am 18 years old and I’ve trained most of my life for this honor, the honor of representing District 2 in the 219th Annual Hunger Games. I ate egg and bacon for breakfast. I love egg and bacon, and this is the last time in a little while I am able to eat it. I say goodbye to my mom, dad and my older sister and walks away for the reaping. When I get my finger pricked I notice that there aren’t really many people there. In approximately 15 minutes a lot of people starts coming towards the stage and they starts playing the anthem and showing the video. I was kind of angry at District 1 because the female betrayed the other careers last year, but I guess District 1 is still the same. Our escort reaches the stage after the District 9 tributes are shown. “Hello District 2”, he says. Everyone starts cheering. It’s not hard to notice that our District really loves the Capitol. “Are you ready for the 219th annual Hunger Games”. Everyone answers yes. “Let’s pick this year’s tributes shall we”, the escort says while picking up the piece of paper, “Heather Anderson”. Before the girl is able to signalize that she is the one who got reaped another girl screams: “I VOLUNTEER. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE”. A girl with black hair approaches the scene. “What’s your name, sweetheart”, the escort says. “Rose”, she says and then he picks a male. “Gilbert Neff”, he says and a little chubby twelve year old walks towards the scene. I smile when I see him and run up on the stage. I grab the mic and say: “My name is Script Level and I volunteer as male tribute for District 2. I can see the little chubby boy is relieved. “May the odds be ever in your favor”.



Today was the day I was going to volunteer for my beautiful District; District 1. My mother and father thought I should wait a couple of years until I was 18 years old, but I knew this is what I wanted, and I knew I could win at the age of 16. I had trained for the Games all my life and I had victors blood in my veins. My grandfather had once won the Hunger Games. I had it in me. I had just eaten when my older brother drove me to the reaping. “Okay, good luck, Vanity. Win for the Twilight’s and win for District 1”, he said. I smiled to him and got my finger pricked. I walked to the 16 years olds girls section. The anthem started playing and the video from the 218th Games was shown. The male tribute from District 1 was killed by a mutation right after the bloodbath last year but the girl came far. She actually killed both tributes from District 2. I was afraid that the District 2 and 4 tributes would go together as allies just to punish District 1 for what they did, but I didn’t really hope so. Our escort walked up on the stage and everyone started applauding. I knew a lot of other girls would probably volunteer so I just screamed it out once everyone was quiet. “I volunteer”, I said. The escort looked shocked and right after I screamed it a boy screamed the same. He had dark blonde hair and was tall. “Well.. I’m sorry kids, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a reaping today, because our tributes volunteered before I was able to reap any tributes. “What are your names”, the escort asked us. “My name is Scorpio Black”, the boy answered. “And my name is Vanity Twilight”. “May the odds be ever in your favor”.



I waked up by my mom screaming that I had to get up. Well, I was not the only one that had to get up; I had a lot of siblings, and 3 of us were going to the reaping. My older brother Will that was 15 years old and my older sister Linda that was 14 years old and me of course, where going to the reaping. I was only twelve and this was my first reaping. I was kind of excited but I was also afraid. Our mother gave us some food, because we had a long way to walk, and it was a known fact that no one in District 11 could afford a car, and especially not the Young-family. My brother asked if I were nervous and I nodded. “It’s going to be okay, DeJohn. They’re not going to pick you”, Linda answered. I just kept walking and didn’t say a word. Well, actually I could not say a word. I couldn’t speak at all, so I just used my body language to show people what I wanted. After 7 hours we finally arrived the reaping. When we arrived the escort was standing on the stage. The District 1 tributes where the last to be shown on the screen before he started to reap the District 11 tributes. “Cherry Fantius”, he said and a girl with blonde hair walked up on the stage. He asked her age and she answered that she was fourteen. He then reaped the boy: “DeJohn Young”. I knew it! I walked up on the stage but Willy ran towards me. “Do you want me to volunteer for you”, he asked. I shook my head. I was the one who got reaped so that was my problem. A peacekeeper grabbed Will and I walked up on the stage. “Hello, DeJohn”, the escort said. “How old are you”, he asked. I just stood there. One of the girls suddenly shouted that I couldn’t speak and that I was 12. It had to be Linda.



I wake up by the rooster. I looked outside the window and I saw at the large pasture. It was another beautiful day in District 10. I got dressed and walked outside to milk the cows. After I was done I got inside and put on an old suit. It used to be my fathers, but he died a couple of years ago and my mother remarried this guy. I liked her new guy but I still missed dad. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we were all right. We wasn’t that poor. We had food and everything we needed to survive. I said bye to my mom and my stepdad and walked away to the Reaping. When I was there I saw the movie from last year. The male from District 10 did really well last year. I hoped District 10 would win this year, instead of District 1, 2 or 4. The tributes were shown. The last District to appear was 11. There was only District 10 and 7 that was left to be reaped. The escort came up on the stage and said: “Good day, District 10, and Happy Hunger Games”. “Ladies first”. She picked up a piece of paper and read out loud: “Morgan Roan.” A girl walked towards the stage. She seemed shy when she was standing on the stage. “Bohan Undan”, she said as she reaped the boy. Almost the same name as I had! Wait a minute that was my name. Oh no.. “Bohan and Morgan, may the odds be ever in your favor”. Yeah whatever we knew we were going to die.



This was my second reaping. Last year my sister was reaped as District 7’s tribute girl. She died. I was quite nervous; it was like I knew I was going to get reaped. If I got reaped I would try to win that thing. Not for the Root family, not for District 7, not for Panem but for my sister Yesenia that lost her life in the Games. All the other tributes were reaped except a male and a female representing District 7. The escort seemed stressed, just like he had waited for this the whole week for this moment. “Brie Root”, he said immediately after the District 10 tributes where shown. Oh god. I knew it!! “Zaine Tisch”, he said and a browned hair boy walked towards the stage. No one volunteered; but what did I expect; this was District 7. No one used to volunteer from District 7.

(Sorry for making some of the reapings much shorter than the others, but I just wanted to finnish them)



District Tribute's Name Training Score (1 to 12) Odds (26 to 1)
1 Vanity Twilight 10 2
1 Scorpio Black 9 4
2 Rose 8 8
2 Script Level 11 1
3 Victorya Dolwyn 3 26
3 Empire Wires 7 10
4 Aqua Mirabilis 9 5
4 Mark Seas 10 3
5 Hagla Yupiya 5 20
5 Alex Johnson 5 23
6 Unity Poweth 5 22
6 Raven Emerald 6 15
7 Brie Root 4 25
7 Zaine Tisch 6 18
8 Adonis Jones 6 17
8 Flicks Marvel 8 7
9 Jane Skye 6 16
9 Sun Can 5 21
10 Morgan Roan 7 13
10 Bohan Undan 8 9
11 Cherry Fantius 9 6
11 DeJohn Young 7 12
12 Rose Greyser 5 19
12 Cassius 6 14
13 Jianna Saint Rosa 7 11
13 Pita Cork 4 24



Brie (District 7):

My stylist wished me good luck. “You should win this thing, Brie. For your sister”, she said and smiled to me. “What were exactly my sister’s last words to you”, I said. “She told me to behave just as nice to the District 7 tributes that would meet me in the future, and so I did”. “Thank you for everything”, I hugged her and then walked into my tube. When I reached the arena I was quite shocked; because the arena looked really nice. We all stood on a grassy area with the Cornucopia in the middle. I looked to my left and saw the District 1 male, to his left was the District 10 female, to her left was the District 6 male and there was a male next to him. To my right was the District 11 male and to his right was the District 13 girl, to her right was the District 12 female and next to her was the District 9 male. I recognized him because he was Asian and next to him there was a tube that was still empty. I started looking after things to reach for at the Cornucopia. I needed an axe.

Announcer: Hello tributes of the 219th annual Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Empire (District 3):

Here I was. In an arena with 25 other teenagers fighting for my life in approximately a minute before I die as one of the tributes in the Hunger Games. I had to get something I could make traps out of. I actually got a high training score, but most likely I would be one of the first people that died. Oh no! The countdown! Only a minute left!! This is going to be the longest in my life.

Robotic female voice: 60-59-58-57-56-55-54-53-52-51-50

Cherry (District 11):

I had to leave this place alive; At least the bloodbath. I got a high training score so I might even have a sponsor. I see some backpacks in the front of the Cornucopia and some weapons too. I need an axe. I’m quite good with the axe, so I guess I should try getting an axe and a backpack. I know I can do it.

Robotic female voice: 50-49-48-47-46-45-44-43-42-41-30

Jia (District 13):

I should run and grab that red over there and that spear. I know how to use the spear and I could need some supplies. I’ll watch my back and try to kill some tributes, hopefully some careers. If I had been smart I could’ve tried to make an alliance with the District 12 male; he looks strong. If I die I know he will at least kill some careers. No, what am I talking about? I am not going to die; I’m going to win this thing. Who’s next to me? The District 9 boy is to my right and the District 12 girl is to my left. The District 9 boy looks smart. Perhaps he’ll survive a couple of days? Okay, Jia, focus now! Only 30 seconds left!

Robotic female voice: 30-29-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21-20

Rose (District 12):

Why didn’t I get any allies in the training? I’m so dumb. Well, I learned how to use the bow back home in District 12 and I know I’m quite fast so this could actually go the right way. I just wonder which bridge I should run over. This is the Hunger Games so I know that the bridges lead to different places. Come on, Rose you can do this!

Robotic female voice: 19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10

Cassius (District 12):

I need bow and arrows and a bag of supplies. I know I can make it and then run over a bridge. Perhaps I should try to kill a few tributes while I’m out there. I can be lucky and stumble on one of the careers. I just hope a lot of people die now.

Robotic female voice: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-GONG.

Alex (District 5):

Should I run away or run towards the Cornucopia. Oh god, it’s only 5 seconds left, I’ll just run away from here. But I do indeed need some supplies.


Raven (Ditsrict 6):

I ran towards the green bag. I grabbed it but unfortunately I ran into my District partner making us both fall to the ground. “I’ve got a bag”, I said. We had gotten good friends and we found out we would make an alliance. She smiled and started running towards one of the bridges. I looked behind and I saw the District 11 male and District 13 male fighting against each other. Suddenly a knife came through the air and I heard the cannon. BOOM. Oh my god. Unity!! She was dead. I looked behind and saw the District 1 female. BOOM. I hope the District 1 girl was had tripped and broken her neck. When I crossed the bridge I ran in too a mountainous area I didn’t stop running until I thought I was safe.

Flicks (District 8):

I wrapped the District 13 boy’s neck a little while after he cut the District 11 boys throat. BOOM. I took his knife and looked around. A lot of tributes where fighting. The District 4 male was running around looking for tributes, the District 3 male ran over the suspension bridge and the District 10 male jumped out in the water. BOOM. Haha, that stupid District 10 boy, one does not simply jumps out in the water during the Hunger Games. I look to my left and see’s the District 9 male falling to the ground while the District 1 male is looking at him. Perhaps that was his cannon? Whatever, I run over the bridge with my knife and ends up in a jungle.

Scorpio (District 1):

I smiled as Sun’s (D9) body hit the ground. My first victim, of many. I just stood there smiled for a couple of seconds until I realized that I could easily become a victim myself I didn’t watch out. I looked to my right and saw Rose from District 2 fight the District 5 male. What happened next is something unbelievable: The District 5 male stabs her and then flees. I throw 2 knives after him and one of them hits him in the back of his leg but he keep running. I run over to my ally, but she just looks at me and then the cannon is heard. BOOM. I look behind me and see the Aqua from District 4 fighting the District 9 female. She kills her with her trident and the cannon is heard. BOOM. She runs over to Mark (The District 4 male) and cheers on him while he kills the District 7 male. BOOM. Theres not many tributes left now. All the careers is still alive except Rose, and then I hear two more cannons. BOOM. BOOM. Suddenly all the other tributes are gone. The Cornucopia are now controlled by careers. Script smiled as he told about how he got the last kill in the bloodbath with killing the District 12 female.

Jia (District 13):

My strategy worked fine. I ran into the Cornucopia and waited there until a lot of cannons were heard and then I grabbed a weapon and a backpack. Someone actually entered the Cornucopia at the time I was about to leave so I threw a spear at her and it hit her in the stomach. Her cannon signified her death. I had seen the girl at the training but I never really checked which District she was from. I ran out (actually unnoticed) and reached a jungle area. I climbed up in a tree and remained there for the rest of the day. Just when I had fallen asleep I was waked up by the anthem. I looked up in the sky. The District 6 girl, the District 11 boy, the District 13 boy, I knew he would die early in the Games, the District 9 male, The District 2 female. I actually got surprised when I saw her face in the sky. Careers used to live longer. The District 9 girl was shown, then the District 7 boy, the District 10 girl, I know learned that the girl I killed was from District 10 and the last picture to appear in the sky was the District 12 females picture. What a day, 9 tributes dead, 17 tributes left.



Placing Tributes name District Killer When they died
26 Unity Poweth 6 Vanity Twilight (D1) Day 1: BB
25 DeJohn Young 11 Pita Cork (D13) Day 1: BB
24 Pita Cork 13 Flicks Marvel (D8) Day 1: BB
23 Sun Can 9 Scorpio Black (D1) Day 1: BB
22 Rose 2 Alex Johnson (D5) Day 1: BB
21 Jane Skye 9 Aqua Mirabilis (D4) Day 1: BB
20 Zaine Tisch 7 Mark Seas (D4) Day 1: BB
19 Morgan Roan 10 Jianna Saint Rosa (D13) Day 1: BB
18 Rose Greyser 12 Script Level (D2) Day 1: BB

Day 1 Trivia:

  • Both tributes from District 9 are now dead.
  • The Careers has the Cornucopia for themselves. They've got everything they need.
  • Bohan, the District 10 boy, was seen jumping out in the water but he didn't die; indicating that the water isn't dangerous.
  • Both tributes from Districts 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 are still alive.
  • Jia (D13) has a spear and a bag.
  • Raven from District 6 has a bag
  • Flicks from District 8 has a knife.
  • Pita Cork (D13) was the only tribute that killed someone before he died in the bloodbath.
  • Everything is decided by, so don't be mad at me because your tribute died, had a bad training score, didn't have a own POV, etc. Happy Hunger Games!


DAY 2!

Flicks (D8): I woke up by human steps. I looked down from the tree I had slept in and saw a girl. I had the knife in my right hand and I had to choose whether I should take the chance and throw it or I should try to sneak down and stab her. There was something familiar with her and I noticed she had a black backpack. I threw my knife and hit her straight in the head. BOOM. The cannon signified her death. I climbed down and started to fear the worst. Perhaps I had.. No it couldn’t be. I turned the body around and discovered it was my District-partner Addy. Oh no.. What had I done? I knew her back home in District 8. I took her backpack and climbed up back in tree with tears in my eyes. The only tribute I didn’t want dead was dead, because of me.

Aqua (D4): Mark (D4) suddenly stopped speaking when we heard the cannon. We had stayed at the Cornucopia along with the District 1 tributes and the District 2 male Script. His District-partner was killed in the bloodbath by the District 5 boy and Script was very angry with him. We would normally been out and kill other tributes but we had a nice plan; some tributes would try to reach our camp at the Cornucopia to steal food and weapons, but if we stayed today the tributes we could kill the tributes that tried to steal stuff. We would go out to hunt tributes tomorrow.

Victorya (D3): I had survived the bloodbath! I was so happy that I could not describe it. I got the worst odds of all the tributes and I had made to the second day. I knew my mother and father was proud of me. My District-partner Empire is also still alive. I’m not a very good hunter so I have decided that I have to try finding Empire (D3) so we could be allies. We talked a lot together before the Games started and we made a promise that we wouldn’t kill each other if we met in the Arena. I know he ran towards the Cornucopia while I ran away, well at least that’s what I think he did. While I’m walking I feel a knife hitting me in the shoulder and scream the loudest I can. I fall down to the ground and open my eyes. The District 7 female. She smiles to me but suddenly she stops smiling and blood starts to come out of her mouth. She falls to the ground and behind her I see Empire! BOOM. He had just saved my life. I hugged him and we started talking about how the first day was. He had run away from the bloodbath, to an area with a lot of mountains in it but he had wandered to the jungle and stole a sword from a sleeping tribute. I and Empire now had a fine little alliance, but we needed some stuff, but luckily the District 7 girl had a backpack.

Raven (D6): I had escaped the bloodbath the day before and I had found myself a little cave. Luckily I had found a bag which consisted of a lot of food and a bottle of water. I guess I could survive a little longer with that. It was now dark and I just waited to see if there were two or three tributes that had fallen today. The anthem started to play and I watched the portraits. The District 8 and 7 girls was dead. I went to bed waiting for the day tomorrow.



Placing Tribute's name District Killer When they died
17 Adonis "Addy" Jones 8 Flicks Marvel (D8) Day 2: Morning
16 Brie Root 7 Empire Wires (D3) Day 2: Afternoon/ evening


Day 2 Trivia:

  • Flicks from District 8 killed Addy by an accident, making her the first person to be killed by an accident.
  • Addy (D8) came in the same place as predicted by the gamemakers.
  • Flicks (D8) now has a backpack and a knife
  • It's releaved that the Careers wants Alex (D5) dead due to him killing Rose (D2)
  • Even though Brie Root (D7) got a 25 in odds, she seems to be quite strong.
  • Victorya and Empire (D3) has now formed an alliance and they've got a sword and a backpack.
  • Victorya (D3) is hurt in her shoulder.
  • Raven (D6) has found himself a cave and has food and water.
  • Both tributes from District 7 are now dead.
  • Districts 1, 3, 4 and 5 is the only Districts that still have both tributes alive.


DAY 3!

Cherry (D11): Yesterday I was quite near the Cornucopia and saw that the careers were still there. I waited until today. I knew they were going away from the camp to hunt for other tributes so I used the opportunity to steal some food and weapons from them. I also stole a bottle. I walked down to the water when suddenly a boy jumped over me and pushed me into the water. He started pressing me under the surface and I knew he would try to drown me. Luckily I had a knife in my hand and I stabbed him immediately. BOOM. I was thinking that the Careers knew something was happening at their camp so I ran over the nearest bridge and I ended up in a snowy area. I did not really have the right clothes; and back home in District 11 it was really hot so I wasn’t used to the cold weather. I decided that I would walk back but I didn’t remembered where I came from. If I just kept walking I knew I would end up somewhere else, because I had been in an area with a lot of rocks in it.

Scorpio (D1): We were in the Jungle when we heard the first cannon. “One less tribute to kill”, Script (D2) laughed and we all laughed with him. We had walked for a little while when Vanity (D1) started complaining about how thirsty she was and Aqua (D4) joined her. We took a break and I made some food for everyone. “I’ll just take a walk”, Mark said and Vanity said she’d join him. I knew it. I had seen it from Day 1 that Vanity was into him, and I had to admit that I was a little jealous of him; not because Vanity is pretty, but because of sponsors. Sponsors and the audience loved love stories and especially among us careers. There was also one more girl; but I knew she wasn’t into getting evolved in some relationship, because she was reaped and she probably thought about strategy all the time. BOOM. What was that? We heard Vanity and Mark coming back from the woods laughing. “Haha, did you see her face when she saw us”, Vanity asked. “Yeah”, Mark answered. “Who was killed”, Aqua shouted. “Oh, we met the girl from District 5 and now she’s dead because of Mark”, Vanity said as she hold her arm around Mark. “Come on”, Script said, “let’s kill some more people”. We started walking and then suddenly a spear came through the air I ducked and turned around. Vanity laid on the ground with a spear sticking out of her throat. BOOM. We ran away as we knew that people or the person that killed her had to be very good at stealth. We reached the Cornucopia about two hours after Vanity’s death; I noticed that Mark was a little sad.

Raven (D6): Two hours ago I killed a career. It felt weird, yet very good. In the morning I had met the District 5 tributes and luckily they decided that they’ll let me in their alliance, if I helped them survive. I showed them my cave and then we walked over to the jungle to find some water. Unluckily for Hagla (D5) she was killed while the three of us looked for water. Luckily for me and Alex (D5) the careers didn’t notice us so we laid a plan for how we could avenge Hagla. We did and I succeeded killing a career making me and Alex the only tributes that had killed some of the career tributes. Right now we were back in my cave grilling some chicken. We both were quiet and didn’t say a word. BOOM. We started talking about who died. I guessed it was the District 3 female and Alex thought it was one of the careers. The anthem started playing after a little while. The 10 male was shown, Hagla (D5) then Vanity from District 1, I didn’t really know which one of the careers I had killed but I actually thought it was the boy from District 4. The girl from District 11 was shown last. “Weird”, I said to Alex, “she got a very high training score”. He just nodded his head.



Placing Tribute's name District Killer When they died
15 Bohan Undan 10 Cherry Fantius (D11) Day 3: Morning
14 Hagla Yupiya 5 Mark Seas (D4) Day 3: Afternoon
13 Vanity Twilight 1 Raven Emerald (D6) Day 3: Afternoon
12 Cherry Fantius 11 - Day 3: Night-time


Day 3 Trivia:

  • Both tributes from District 10 are now dead.
  • Both tributes from District 11 are now dead.
  • District 3 and 4 are now the only Districts where both tributes are still alive
  • Alex (D5) and Raven (D6) has an alliance and have their own cave
  • Cherry's Death-cause is unknown but due to her POV we can assume she didn't find her way back and froze to death.
  • Bohan (D10) was seen jumping out in the water during the bloodbath and it seems like he stayed near the water.
  • There are 11 tributes left.


Tributes left

Tributes name District Kills Alliance/Current location Odds
Scorpio Black 1 1; 9-male Careers, Cornucopia 1
Script Level 2 1; 12-female Careers, Cornucopia 4
Victorya Dowlyn 3 None Empire (D3), Jungle 8
Empire Wires 3 1; 7-female Victorya (D3), Jungle 10
Aqua Mirabilis 4 1; 9-female Careers, Cornucopia 2
Mark Seas 4 2; 7-male and 5-female Careers, Cornucopia 3
Alex Johnson 5 1; 2-female Raven(D6), mountains 7
Raven Emerald 6 1; 1-female Alex(D5), mountains 11
Flicks Marvel 8 2; 8-female and 13-male None, jungle 9
Cassius 12 None None, mountains 6
Jianna Saint Rosa 13 1; 10-female None, jungle 5


DAY 4!

Script (D2): I woke up today by Scorpio and Mark arguing. “Whats up, guys, how come you’re arguing”, I said. “Scorpio thinks we should just wait for tributes to come over here when they run out of supplies”, Mark said. “I’m trying to tell Mark what a great idea it is”, Scorpio says. “Guys, GUYS! Chill. Calm down”, I say while looking at them. “Of course we won’t wait here, Scorpio. We do as careers do each year; we kill all the other tributes by hunting them down”, I said. In the meantime Aqua had woken up too and she nodded her head. “Three against one”, Mark said. “Okay”. We started walking over the suspension bridge that took us to the mountain area. Suddenly the bridge collapsed and we fell down towards the water. “Ahhh”. I woke up by Scorpio shaking me and yelling “Script! SCRIPT! Wake up, man”. I coughed and suddenly I was on my feet. I asked if everyone was okay, and he told me that he didn’t know where Mark and Aqua was. “I knew it”, I said, “They betrayed us”. Suddenly Aqua came along. “Guys, didn’t you hear the cannon”. “I heard it”, Scorpio said. “That was Mark’s”, she said, “I think he hit he hit a rock or something when we fell because he was a great swimmer”. “Whatever”, I said, “that makes it three of us left. Let’s go looking for some tributes to kill”, I said, and then we walked away towards the mountains.

Jia (D13): BOOM. 10 people left. I might have a chance winning this thing. That was a really great feeling. I had received some food and water from sponsors so I had managed to keep alive and I had stayed in the trees at night time. I wondered who had died. I knew the Careers had lost 2 tributes and the boys from 12, 5 and 3 were still alive. I wasn’t really able to remember any others. I stayed in a tree the whole day while looking for tributes to pass by. No one did.

Empire (D3): Me and Victorya was a great team. We had become close friends and we did everything to keep alive. We had a little “base” in the jungle with a lot of traps around it. We hadn’t killed any tributes with the traps but we had killed some animals that we ate. Mostly squirrels.

Alex (D5): Raven and I had just made some dinner when we suddenly heard someone walking around. We saw the boy from District 12 wandering around and Raven suggested that we’d kill him but I said no because he was really big. BOOM. The boy from 12 suddenly fell to the ground with a knife sticking out of his back. The careers walked up to him and took his belongings and they started laughing and they talked about how easy it was to kill him; even though they thought he was a threat. Luckily for me and Raven they didn’t come over to our cave, but turned around because they had to make camp before it got dark. The anthem played in the night and the boy from 4 was shown as well as Cassius from 12.



Placing Tribute's name District Killer When they died
11th Mark Seas 4 None Day 4: Morning
10th Cassius 12 Scorpio Black Day 4: Eavning


Day 4 Trivia:

  • Both tributes from District 12 are now dead
  • District 3 is now the only District where both tributes are still alive
  • Jia (D13) has recieved a gift from sponsors.
  • There are 9 tributes left. (D1 male, D2 male, D3 male, D3 female, D4 female, D5 male, D6 male, D8 male, D13 female)


DAY 5!

Victorya (D3):

“Ahhhhh”, men and Empire woke up by a scream! “What was that”, I asked. He had a very serious face and said: “Oh no, it seems like someone didn’t see the traps”. I felt a bad feeling inside of me when he said that. I didn’t like to see people die, but I knew that Empire was worse than me. He really hated it, and he still felt bad for killing the girl from 7 when she tried to kill me. “But what about the cannon”, I said while looking confused. “Oh my god. Shit”, he said and I could see that he didn’t want to kill anybody, even if it was a mercy kill. “Fine, I’ll go”. I walked towards the traps and I saw that one of them was broken and I also saw some blood. It looked like someone escaped.

Jia (D13):

My leg hurt as fuck. I managed to get out of the trap but I had to hide before the District 3 tributes came over to look who they’d hurt. I managed to hide behind a tree and I heard someone walk away and then I got away. I sat down and started to think about that I had to get some medicine. Fuck District 3, fuck the Capitol and fuck the Hunger Games. Fuck it all! I really hope my sponsor’s would give me anything.

Aqua (D4):

Today we walked to the snowy area but we didn’t find anyone and Script concluded that no one could be there because then they’ll probably freeze to death. We wandered back to the Cornucopia and then we took a last check in the jungle but we didn’t find anyone. Scorpio had started talking about that all the others may have formed an alliance and that they were planning of attacking us. Script started laughing at the idea but I couldn’t get his conspiracy out of my head. I really hoped that they wouldn’t

Raven (D6):

Me and Alex had stayed in our cave but when the evening came I walked out to go hunting. Yesterday we didn’t hunt in fear of the careers. I said goodbye to Alex and walked around while looking for some animals to kill. I suddenly saw a fire and I saw the District 8 male sitting there and trying to get warm. What a idiot! You shouldn't make a fire at the night! I knew what I had to do. I had to kill him. I sneaked behind him and speared him. BOOM. There was actually a dead rabbit next to where he sat I grabbed it. Success! Even though I had to kill a tribute to get it.



Placed Tributes Name District Killer when they died
9th Flicks Marvel 8 Raven Emerald (D6) Day 5 / night-time


Day 5 Trivia

  • Jia (D13) has hurt her leg when activating one of Empire's (D3) traps.
  • The Careers starts to think that the other tributes will allie and then attack them
  • The D8 Male is killed
  • Both tributes from District 8 is now dead.


DAY 6!

​Scorpio (D1): BOOM. I woke up by the sound of a cannon and quickly got out of my tent. I met Aqua and she looked quite hysterical. “Where’s Script”, she asked but I didn’t know. He wasn’t at the camp. “Perhaps that was Script’s cannon”, she said. “Take it easy, Aqua, it was probably just one of the tributes that got killed by him”, I said. She started making some breakfast and we started talking about what we would do if we won. She told me she would spoil her future kids because they could be reaped for the Hunger Games and that she was actually reaped. I was quite surprised that she was reaped, because no one had told me. I told her I volunteered and that District 1’s female tribute volunteered as well. We waited for Script for a long time but he didn’t come back so we headed for the jungle. Perhaps we could kill some tributes or perhaps we could find some fresh water. We had started to have a lack of water and the water that was near the Cornucopia was salt water. When we had reached the jungle the announcer said: “Attention tributes. Each one of you needs something desperately. There will be a feast in an hour at the Cornucopia. The tribute that was killed earlier today by mutts will be shown now. Good luck, tributes, and may the odds be ever in your favor”. Script’s picture was shown but me and Aqua had to start planning our strategy, being the only career’s left for the feast.

Empire (D3): I and Victorya agreed that I would go to the feast and she would stay at our “crib”. I took my knife and started walking towards the Cornucopia. When I got there I was quite surprised because I didn’t see anybody. I sneaked up quite near the Cornucopia and I could see the small bags standing on small podiums. The first one was marked “1&4” and the second one was marked “3”. There was also one marked “5&6” and one marked “13”. Suddenly I saw the boy from 6 running towards his bag followed by the 5 male. They ran to the Cornucopia and quickly grabbed their bag but suddenly the careers were behind them. The 5 male pushed the girl from 4 to the ground and the boy from 1 stabbed the District 6 boy repeatedly. BOOM. The boy from 5 looked terrified and ran towards the bridge. The Careers grabbed their bag and ran after him. There were three bags left; the one for me and Victorya, the one for the 5 and 6 boys and the one for the girl from 13. I looked around but I didn’t see anyone so I ran towards the bag and grabbed it. “Are you in a hurry”, a voice said and I turned around and saw the girl from 13. She had a weapon but she looked weak. “Yes”, I said. “Come on, just let me go; there’s two bags there I only want mine, you can have them both. “But I want your life”, she said and swung her sword. I dodged her and grabbed a wire from my pocket. I jumped on her back and put the wire around her neck. She fell down to the ground immediately. She got really crazy, I bet I would’ve gone crazy too if I got choked by a wire. BOOM. She was dead. I felt so awfully bad for killing her but I had to remember that she would’ve killed me if I didn’t kill her. I grabbed her bag as well as mine and ran away.

Alex (D5): I had just outrun the careers after a failed attempt to get my bag at the feast. My ally had died and I was thirsty as fuck. The anthem started to play and Raven’s portrait was shown as well as the District 13 female. What a day. I started thinking about that I could be dead as well as Raven.



Placed Tributes name District Killer When they died
8th Script Level 2 mutts Day 6; morning
7th Raven Emerald 6 Scorpio Black (D1) Day 6: Feast
6th Jianna Saint Rosa ("Jia") 13 Empire Wires Day 6: Feast



Tributes name District Kills Alliance/Current location Odds
Scorpio Black 1 3; 9-male, 12-male, 6-male Careers, Cornucopia 1
Victorya Dowlyn 3 None D3-male, Jungle 4
Empire Wires 3 2; 7-female and 13-female D3-female, Jungle 3
Aqua Mirabilis 4 1; 9-female Careers, Cornucopia 2
Alex Johnson 5 1; 2-female None, Jungle 5


Day 6 Trivia

  • There are only 2 careers left: Scorpio (D1) and Aqua (D4)
  • There is only 5 tributes left
  • Both tributes from District 2, 6 and 13 are now dead.
  • Alex (D5) was the only one of the remaining tributes that didn't get his bag.
  • Empire (D3) seems tougher than expected.
  • Even though not mentioned: Script (D2) had left the careers in the search of water.
  • Empire (D3) took Jia's (D13) bag because she died, but he layed off the bag for Raven (D6) and Alex (D5) because he knew Alex (D5) was still alive.
  • Even though not mentioned: The Careers took the 5 and 6 bag when they returned to the Cornucopia.


DAY 7!

Alex (D5): I was so thirsty. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was cold, wet, thirsty, and hungry and didn’t really believe I could win. Why would I go on anymore? Perhaps death was the best answer? The only thing that kept me going was the thought of seeing my family back home in my beautiful District, District 5. I had started to forget their faces. I had started to forget the faces of my loved ones. I knew that I wouldn’t made it anyways so I tear up my pants and thinking about how good it will be to end it all. I made a knot put it around my neck. I jumped down from the tree and I started feeling the air get sucked out of me. At least the pain was over, even though I returned to District 5 in a coffin.

Scorpio (D1): BOOM. “I wonder who died”, Aqua said. “I don’t know I replied”. Aqua and I were in the jungle. We were looking for the other tributes when the cannon sounded. “That means that there’s only 4 tributes left”, I said while smiling to Aqua. I knew I would be the one of us to return back to my District. She smiled back nervously; I could see she thought the same as me. We had just sat down when we heard the announcer started to speak.

Announcer: “Attention tributes! There will be two winners of these Games if the tributes are from the same District. I repeat; there will be two winners if they’re from the same District”.

Victorya (D3): I and Empire hugged immediately. Perhaps the both of us could return home? The victor from last year was from District 3 so why couldn’t we win as well? I started thinking of what we could do if we won and how nice it would be to meet my family and friends once again; could you believe it, the girl with the lowest odds was among the top 5!

Scorpio (D1): God damn it! That meant that the District 3 tributes was still alive and the District 5 male was dead. Aqua looked at me. “Bad thing we aren’t from the same District”, I said. “That’s too bad”, she answered. I grabbed my throwing knife and threw it in her stomach. “Not for me, though”, I said as she died slowly. I walked away and after an hour I heard the cannon signifying her death. BOOM. “Let the hunting season for District 3 tributes begin”, I said to myself as I walked deeper into the jungle.



Placed Tributes name District Killer When they died
5th Alex Johnson 5 himself (suicide) Day 7; Mid-day
4th Aqua Mirabilis 4 Scorpio Black (D1) Day 7; Noon


Day 7 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 5 and District 4 are now dead.
  • There is only three tributes left. D1 male, D3 female and D3 male.
  • If Scorpio (D1) dies before any of the other tributes they will both win.



Scorpio (D1): I woke up very early in the morning and walked deeper into the jungle. I suddenly spotted something that could look like a trap so I tried my best avoiding it. I knew that tributes from District 3 (that had survived the bloodbath) used to be smart and they used to make traps. Suddenly I saw them; they just sat there and ate breakfast while they smiled and talked about how they hoped I would get attacked by mutts, so they didn’t had to kill me. If I had been a fair guy I would’ve just killed myself to be a gentleman, but I wasn’t really a good guy so I threw a knife towards them.

Victorya (D3): I felt a sharp thing enter my back and I coughed up blood immediately. Empire jumped up and grabbed his sword. I just laid there. I knew I was badly injured so I just hoped Empire would defeat him. They fought for a really long time but I soon noticed that Empire didn’t have a chance. The boy from District 1 pushed him to the ground and stabbed him in the heart. BOOM. I started crying immediately when I heard Empire’s last scream. Empire had helped me from the beginning, and now he was dead. Suddenly the boy stood beside me. I looked at him and he said: “I’m sorry, dear, but District 3 had their victor last year, its District 1’s turn this year. I started crying because I knew that he was right and all of me and Empire’s dreams was broken.

Scorpio (D1): The girl cried and I raised my sword while saying: “This is the moment when a tribute becomes a victor. This is for Panem and for District 1”. I stabbed her in the head to make her death instant. That was at least the nicest thing I could do. BOOM. I always knew that I could win this thing.

Announcer: Congratulations to District 1 and to the victor of the 219th annual Hunger Games, Scorpio Black!!



Placed Tribute District
26th Unity Poweth 6
25th DeJohn Young 11
24th Pita Cork 13
23rd Sun Can 9
22nd Rose 2
21st Jane Skye 9
20th Zaine Tisch 7
19th Morgan Roan 10
18th Rose Greyser 12
17th Adonis "Addy" Jones 8
16th Brie Root 7
15th Bohan Undan 10
14th Hagla Yupiya 5
13th Vanity Twilight 1
12th Cherry Fantius 11
11th Mark Seas 4
10th Cassius 12
9th Flicks Marvel 8
8th Script Level 2
7th Raven Emerald 6
6th Jianna "Jia" Saint Rosa 13
5th Alex Johnson 5
4th Aqua Mirabilis 4
3rd Empire Wires 3
2nd Victorya Dolwyn 3
1st (Victor) Scorpio Black 1

District's list:

Placed District
1st District 1
2nd District 3
3rd District 4
4th District 5
5th District 13
6th District 6
7th District 2
8th District 8
9th District 12
10th District 11
11th District 10
12th District 7
13th District 9

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