1. These Games will be my first Games that won't be decided by

2. I'll need 28 tributes (D13 and Capitol will be included)

3. You are your own tributes mentor; so your tribute will have a better chance of winning if you send advice!

4. How to make me like your tribute; I like interesting tributes, give them an original name, I like new tributes much better than tributes used over and over again.

5. Do not use tributes that you've used in my previous Games.

6. I do not like perfect tributes, no one is perfect!

7. I will accept 4 tributes from each user, but only one career tribute per user. (Yes, this have been changed. There's now 4 tribs per user)

8. Please use this standard when submitting tribute:


District: List two districts, in case one of them are taken

Gender: male or female

Age: 12 to 18

Strength: Maximum of 2

Weaknesses: Minimum of 2

Weapon: Please list 2

Personality: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Appearence: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Backstory: (Please do not write a book)

Bloodbath strategy:


9. If you read this you have to submit a tribute


Meet the tributes of the 220th Games!

Tributes (Short list):

District Gender Tribute User
Capitol Female Yenna Sunflo Jsm13athome
Capitol Male Burgandy Rip AxedFox
1 Female Amelia Lockhart Katniss Jane Mellark
1 Male Josh Eagleye Bluefire16
2 Female Quinthia Sandstorm Write46747
2 Male Brick Bombard LightStone123
3 Female Synch Mirage IHGWIKI
3 Male Cyber Bytes The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
4 Female Tidal Fynn The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
4 Male Antero Lisin Wesolini
5 Female Illuminate Sensorium The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
5 Male Lopperise Noll Hungergamelover2121
6 Female Senner Leif Thena.airice14
6 Male Levi DeCruz EvilhariboMadness
7 Female Imogene Odana Wesolini
7 Male Cashel Breeze AxedFox
8 Female Amanda Hawks Bluefire16
8 Male Malek Rath EvilhariboMadness
9 Female Hopeabelle "Hope" Whittle EvilhariboMadness
9 Male Shawn Lane Write46747
10 Female Hailey Ricktor Bluefire16
10 Male Colt Cook LightStone123
11 Female True Miaell IHGWIKI
11 Male Baton Ridge IHGWIKI
12 Female Ember Blaze LightStone123
12 Male Pyro Vuldren The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
13 Female Capri Pinore Cloveismywife
13 Male Kallum Briget Thena.airice14

Tributes + facts:

District Tribute Age Weapon Strength(s) Weaknesses Appearence Gender
Capitol Yenna Sunflo 13 Bow and arrow Tree climbing, making allies Swimming hunting Blond hair, Blue eyes, Small, Pretty Female
Capitol Burgandy Rip 18 Axe, mace climbing, hand-to-hand Swimming, long-distance weapons Blonde short hair, tanned skin, maroon eyes and a muscular figure Male
1 Amelia Lockhart 17 Throwing axe Climbing, camoflague Her temper, going without food Blonde Hair, Grey Eyes, Cyan eyes, Slim, Beautiful Female
1 Josh Eagleye 17 Sword, spear Smart, cunning Anger, over-protective Short dirty blonde hair, blue green eyes, muscular Male
2 Quinthia Sandstorm 12 Spear Great climber and tackler Slow, afraid of dogs, swimming Blonde flowing hair, tiny, black eyes. Female
2 Brick Bombard 17 Sword Strong, fast Can't swim, overconfidence Large and muscular, black hair, ice blue eyes, tall Male
3 Synch Mirage 18 Spear, sword Technology, quick Bad swimmer, slow, makes a lot of noise Dark hair, light skin, light brown eyes. Female
3 Cyber Bytes 17 Sword and mace Technology, strong Can't swim, afraid of water. Black hair, brown eyes Male
4 Tidal Fynn 17 Bow and arrow, throwing knives Stealthy, amazing swimmer not the strongest, hates direct confrontation Black hair with blue stripes, yellow eyes Female
4 Antero Lisin 17 Trident, sword Running, swimming Can't climb, bad at making fire Tall, green eyes, brown hair. Athletic Male
5 Illuminate Sensorium 15 Whip Strong arms, great runner Can't swim, slow Red hair, green eyes, glasses. Female
5 Lopperise Noll 14 Sword, Spear Can jump VERY high, can climb ANYTHING Is a very picky eater, Gets bruises alot, Left arm is broken at the moment (It will be able to taken off a Day 4) Chocolate Brown hair, Blueish-green eyes, freckels all over his skin, is skinny, and is short Male
6 Senner Leif 13 Anything she has trained with...knife and wire. Very intelligent, plant knowledge Very shy, doesn't speak her mind, swimming Ginger hair to her shoulders, large green eyes, rounded face, freckles Female
6 Levi DeCruz 17 Sword Power, Physical Strength Has to be the best, not the best runner. Short blonde hair, browny-grey eyes, tall and muscular. Male
7 Imogene Odana 16 Axes and bow and arrows Climbing trees, plant identification Can't swim, not fast Long wavy blonde hair, cyan eyes, freckles Female
7 Cashel Breeze 17 Throwing axes, bow and arrow Good accuarcy, outstanding strength Swimming, too protective Short brown hair, blue eyes, tanned and slim Male
8 Amanda Hawks 16 Knife, sword Clever, strong Bad climber, not a long-distance runner Dirty blonde hair, ponytail, blueish eyes Female
8 Malek Rath 17 Sword, throwing knives Physical Strength, aim He can't climb and he has a thing where he won't kill a twelve year old tribute Tall, muscular, ebony hair, tanned skin and grey eyes. Male
9 Hopeabelle "Hope" Whittle 14 Mace and bow Fast and beautiful Isn't very smart or strong Long blond curly hair, green eyes Female
9 Shawn Lane 16 Mace, scythe Fast runner, can go for ages without food Combat, swimming Palest hair possible, with the darkest skin and bluest eyes Male
10 Hailey Ricktor 16 Sword, spear Good at tracking animals/humans, tough Not a good swimmer, long distance running Straight blonde hair, blue eyes Female
10 Colt Cook 15 Barbed whip. spear hand-to-hand, strength Too trusting, slow Blonde hair, blue eyes, thin, kind of tall Male
11 True Miaell 12 Axe Good swimmer, quick A threat, not a very good runner Dark skin, light brown eyes, light brown hair, tall, skinny Female
11 Baton Ridge 16 Scythe Strong, quick. Bad Swimmer, Hard to Trust, Bad Climber Black Skin, brown eyes, Brown hair, meadium weight, tall Male
12 Ember Blaze 16 Throwing knives, machete Fast, good climber Water, melee combat, darkness Bright ginger hair, vivid green eyes. Female
12 Pyro Vuldren 12

Dagger and Knife

Good eyesight as it was always so dark. He can also survive in high temperatures. He is terrified of water and can only drink when he is super thirsty. Black hair, green eyes Male
13 Capri Pinore 16 Knife, Blowgun Brute Strength, Running Swimming, Climbing Trees Long black hair, brown eyes, freckles, thin Female
13 Kallum Briget 14 Wire, or mines (knowledge of) Techological knowledge, persuasive Slow, low stamina, rubbish reactions Reddish brown hair with a toxic yellow fringe (a result of a chemistry experiment gone wrong!), rounded glasses, grey eyes, quite chubby face. Male


Careers: Amelia (D1), Josh (D1), Quinthia (D2), Brick (D2), Antero (D4), Amanda (D8)

The Big Alliance: Synch (d3), Cyber (D3), Illuminate(D5), Lopperise (D5), Malek (D8), Hopeabelle (D9), Capri (D13)

Capitol-alliance: Yenna (C), Burgandy (C)

District 4 and 6 alliance: Tidal (D4), Senner (D6)

District 7-alliance: Cashel (D7) and Imogene (D7)

District 10 and 12 alliance: Hailey (D10), Colt (D10), Ember (D12), Pyro (D12)

District 11 and 13: True (D11), Baton (D11), Kallum (D13)

Loners: Shawn (D9) and Levi (D6)



The arena will be a very nice arena. It will consist of dry climate, but not very hot. There will be alot of beaches, caves and sand. The Cornucopia is at a beach so the tributes will be stunned when reaching the arena.

Training Scores

Tribute District Training Score (1-12) Odds
Yenna Sunflo Capitol 5 20-1
Burgandy Rip Capitol 7 10-1
Amelia Lockhart 1 8 8-1
Josh Eagleye 1 11 2-1
Quinthia Sandstorm 2 9 6-1
Brick Bombard 2 10 4-1
Synch Mirage 3 6 14-1
Cyber Bytes 3 6 14-1
Tidal Fynn 4 10 4-1
Antero Lisin 4 8 8-1
Illuminate Sensorium 5 6 14-1
Lopperise Noll 5 5 20-1
Senner Leif 6 6 14-1
Levi DeCruz 6 8 8-1
Imogene Odana 7 5 20-1
Cashel Breeze 7 7 10-1
Amanda Hawks 8 9 6-1
Malek Rath 8 8 8-1
Hopeabelle Whittle 9 6 14-1
Shawn Lane 9 4 22-1
Hailey Ricktor 10 6 14-1
Colt Cook 10 6 14-1
True Miaell 11 6 14-1
Baton Ridge 11 7 10-1
Ember Blaze 12 5 20-1
Pyro Vuldren 12 6 14-1
Capri Pinore 13 8 8-1
Kallum Briget 13 6 14-1

Bloodbath / Day 1 ~ To Kill, Or To Get Killed

Cashel (D7): Here I was, on my platform. I was the first one that came up from the Launch Room and I watched as the other tributes came up. The second to come up was the District 12 male. He didn’t really look like a threat, and I knew that he was only 12 years old. He looked around at the arena and he was, like me, quite surprised and stunned because it was beautiful. He looked at me and our eyes met, well that’s at least what I thought because I couldn’t really see his eyes because he was standing on a platform far away from me. The third tribute to appear was the girl from 8. She was a good fighter and I knew she had joined the Careers and she was strong. Her District-partner was also a strong tribute and he looked more like a Career than a regular District 8 tribute. I was surprised that he didn’t join the careers. The girl from 8 looked at me and at the boy from 12. I had heard that the boy from District 1 was her brother and he was also this year’s strongest tribute. Me and my District-partner had agreed to participate in the bloodbath but we would try to get away without killing anyone. I think it was a good idea that we had an alliance together. More and more people had started reaching the arena and the girl next to me, I think she was from District 5 or 9 looked around amazed and I suddenly started realizing that perhaps this was the last time she was amazed, and this was the last minutes of my life.

Cyber (D3): The clock had started counting down to zero and I looked around. There was an ocean behind me and in front of me the Cornucopia laid. There was white sand and I knew a lot of people would die, because sand was very hard to get a grip in when running. I saw that Capri from District 13 was next to me and she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, because we were in the same alliance. I regret that I joined an alliance, I don’t really like being with people. I really hoped that if I was going to die I would die somewhere else than here. I really hated water and I wanted to be as far away from water as possible. It should’ve been a machine that cured one from phobias. I looked up and saw that the clock was almost zero so I started getting ready to kill, or to get killed.

Whats shown on the screens:

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

All the 28 tributes run away from their platforms immediately. Josh from District 1 grabs Levi (D6) in his shirt making him to fall down to the hot sand. Shawn (D9) runs away from the Cornucopia. Synch (D3) grabs a knife. Quinthia (D2) grabs a backpack and runs into the Cornucopia. Cashel grabs a backpack and Imogene (D7) grabs some axes and they run away. Josh (D1) hits Levi (D6) in the head making him to faint and starts running. Cyber (D3) grabs a sword and looks around for tributes to kill. Amelia (D1) enters the Cornucopia. Malek (D8) grabs a spear and throws it at Cyber (D3). BOOM. Brick (D2) kills Hailey (D10) with his sword. BOOM. Tidal (D4) and Senner (D6) runs away. Colt (D10) throws a spear into Pyro (D12). Pyro (D12) falls to the ground screaming and Colt (D10) removes the spear making him die. BOOM. Burgandy (C) grabs Yenna (C) and starts running away but Antero (D4) sees them and throws a trident hitting Yenna (C) in the head. BOOM. Yenna’s (C) body hits the ground and Burgandy keeps on running with tears in his eyes.

Malek (D8) spots Quinthia (D2) and runs towards her. Quinthia (D2) is startled and she chops off his right leg with her sword causing him to fall. She stabs him in the stomach. BOOM. Amelia (D1) smiles to Quinthia (D2) as Levi (D6) wakes up behind her (Amelia). He jumps on her (Amelia) but she kills him with her axe. BOOM. Lopperise (D5) grabs Synch (D3) and points at a place. Synch (D3) nods and Lopperise (D5) runs away. Ember (D12) faces Capri (D13) and she jumps on her. Synch (D3) yells to Hope (D9) and she runs away with Illuminate (D5). Capri (D13) stabs Ember (D12) repeatedly and the cannon are heard. BOOM. Colt watches and runs when he’s realizing that his alliance is all killed. Synch (D3) runs towards Capri (D13). Amanda (D8), Josh (D1) and Brick (D2) walks towards True (D11), Baton (D11) and Kallum (D13) and they starts running immediately. Amanda (D8) starts chasing True (D11) and kills her. BOOM. Kallum (D13) and Baton (D11) runs away. Synch (D3) reaches Capri (D13) and starts yelling to her and pointing in the direction where the rest of their alliance ran. Suddenly they are surrounded by Careers and Synch (D3) starts fighting them while Capri (D13) runs away after being commanded to. Synch is killed by Josh (D1) immediately. BOOM. Her cannon signalize the end of the bloodbath.

Burgandy (C): I sat down and looked for a place to stay hidden. I found this little cave where I could at least sleep for tonight. I had a backpack and a dagger, so I wouldn’t necessary die tonight, if I stayed here. Talking about the devil, it was already dark outside and I knew that the cold wouldn’t be a problem; because there was even hot at night. Suddenly the anthem started playing and they showed the tributes that died today. I counted 9 dead and I started thinking of my District-partner Yenna. I looked up to the sky and said: “Every citizen of the Capitol; don’t be sad, I will try to win this thing, not because of my family the Capitol or not even for my girlfriend; I will win this for Yenna Sunflo". I was actually surprised that the boy from 8 was killed because he looked like one of the biggest threats.

Capitol – Yenna Sunflo

District 3 – Cyber Bytes, Synch Mirage

District 6 – Levi DeCruz

District 8 – Malek Rath

District 10 – Hailey Ricktor

District 11 – True Miaell

District 12 – Pyro Vuldren, Ember Blaze.

Placed Tribute District Killer/Death-cause How long they survived
28th Cyber Bytes 3 Malek Rath (D8) 28 seconds
27th Hailey Ricktor 10 Brick Bombard (D2) 58 seconds
26th Pyro Vuldren 12 Colt Cook (D10) 1 min. and 39 secs
25th Yenna Sunflo Capitol Antero Lisin (D4) 2 mins and 8 secs
24th Malek Rath 8 Quinthia Sandstorm (D2) 2 mins and 52 secs
23rd Levi DeCruz 6 Amelia Lockhart (D1) 3 mins and 1 sec
22nd Ember Blaze 12 Capri Pinore (D13) 5 mins and 8 secs
21st True Miaell 11 Amanda Hawks (D8) 6 mins and 23 secs
20th Synch Mirage 3 Josh Eagleye (D1) 11 mins and 34 secs.

Day 1 Trivia:

  • Both tributes from District 12 are dead
  • Both tributes from District 3 are dead
  • The bloodbath was going on for 11 minutes and 34 seconds.
  • Colt Cook (D10) lost his whole alliance (3 tributes)
  • It seems like Josh (D1) didn't know that Levi (D6) wasn't dead or that he forgot he didn't kill him
  • Malek Rath (D8) is the only tribute that killed someone in the bloodbath that would die in the bloodbath
  • Shawn (D9) is the only one of the tributes that doesen't have anything at all (Except his clothes and his tribute token, if he have any).
  • Burgandy (C) is reveiling that the arena isn't very cold at night.



Day 2 ~ More fallen tributes

Josh (D1): I woke up by Brick (D2) saying: “Josh! We need to go hunt for the remaining tributes. Meet us outside of the Cornucopia, Quinthia (D2) made breakfast”. We had camped at the Cornucopia, and this year’s careers consisted of me, my District-partner Amelia, the District 2 tributes, Antero the boy from 4 and my half-sister Amanda (D8). I actually volunteered because of Amanda. Well, no one was really surprised because I’m a typical career. Amanda’s District-partner called Malek was also a typical career, but we didn’t ask him if he wanted to join. He attacked Quinthia and she actually managed to kill him. She is strong for being a 12-year old. I opened up my tent and looked over at Antero’s (D4) tent. His District-partner Tidal was very special for being from District 4 and she did not want to join the Career alliance. She was a good fighter; but I really didn’t care because I would’ve said Malek (D8) was a bigger threat than her. I liked this year’s Careers. I was the leader and Brick (D2) was the most eager one. We ate some food and started walking away from the Cornucopia. There aren’t really a lot of places to hide except in caves and stuff. There is a lot of water here and a lot of sand. There’s some mountains and even some bushes, the temperature isn’t really that much, my guess would be around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Baton (D11): Me and Kallum (D13) are sharing some water together while we talk about how we can avenge True’s (D11) death. “We should try to kill some of the careers”, Kallum says while he yawns. “Tired”, I’m asking him. “Yeah, I stayed up all night making traps out of the wires and things from my backpack”, he says while drawing a smiley in the sand. “You shouldn’t be so obsessed with those traps, Kallum, you sound like you’re from District 3”, I say while I laugh. Suddenly we hear laughter and we see the career tributes ahead of us. “Duck”, I say but Kallum grabs some stuff while saying: “It’s too late; we have to make a run for it”. I grab the rest of the stuff and starts running. I know that Kallum isn’t the best runner but I can still see he smiles while running; and I’m starting to wonder if he is crazy. BOOM. I turn my head and see one of the careers laying on the ground. “Don’t you ever make fun of my traps again”, Kallum says when we’ve stopped and I smile back to him.

Colt (D10): I was wandering around on a beach and looking for something when I heard the cannon signifying the death of some tribute. I killed one tribute yesterday, and that was Pyro (D12) from my alliance. I don’t know how I could be so stupid but I didn’t notice it was him until it was too late. I sat down on the sand and said as I knew I was getting filmed: “Dear District 12, I killed Pyro by an accident and I’m terribly sorry. Please don’t blame District 10 for that mistake, which was my mistake, so blame me instead”. When I turned around I saw the Big Alliance. Well, they weren’t actually big, because 3 of them was killed during the bloodbath and one of them was killed by a team-mate in the bloodbath so I guess he just betrayed them. He was killed later though. The girl from 5 seamed to lead the alliance as she stood in the front. To her right was the boy from 5 and to her left was the girl from 13. The girl from 9 stood beside the District 13 female. “Okay, I do have a sword and you seem to need more people. My alliance was killed in the bloodbath”, I said. The girl from 5 looked at me while saying: “Malek from 8 betrayed us in the arena by killing Cyber (D3), why wouldn’t you do the same”, she said. “After all he killed the boy from 12, I saw that”, The District 9 girl said. I knew I was fucked. From this moment I was fucked straight up my ass. “Okay, Colt”, I thought, “They’re going to kill you, so let’s try to kill some of them too” I swung my sword towards the girls from 13 and 9 but and a cannon was heard. BOOM. Followed by a pain in my chest and the District 5 girl smiling to me as I fell down on the hot sand and my life started to flow out of my body. BOOM.

Imogene (D7): Cashel (D7) ran back to our camp. “Are you okay, Imogene”, he asked. “Yes”, I answered while smiling to him. He smiled back. Me and Cashel had found ourselves a little place inside a kind of a wood. It wasn’t really what we would call woods back home in District 7, but it was the closest thing to woods here and we were both sure that this was a nice place for finding animals, and that not so many tributes would go in here in fear of mutts. We had everything we needed and we hadn’t met a single tribute since the bloodbath. We didn’t have a lot of food so we switched which one of us who would go hunting and stay guarding the camp. “You should go before it gets dark”, Cashel said and I nodded while I grabbed some throwing axes and walked for a little while when I saw something interesting that caught my eye; a camp. A boy was laid on the ground and he was sleeping. It was the boy from 9. I saw him during the bloodbath, but he ran away immediately. I felt sorry for him because he was alone so I decided I wouldn’t kill him. I stayed hidden behind some bushes and threw a rock at a tree and he raised up immediately. He wasn’t sleeping at all, he just pretended he was. Suddenly I saw a parachute coming down towards him and he saw the same too. The parachute got stuck up in a tree and he started climbing up while he was swearing. He grabbed the parachute but then he actually tripped and fell down to the ground landing on the neck. BOOM. Well, at least that was good for me, I thought while I took the parachute and headed back to Cashel (D7)

Tidal Fynn (D4): Senner (D6) was a great girl! I liked her and we had become good friends. We had found us a nice little cave near the water and we had stayed inside today. It was dark outside and we headed out to see today’s fallen. We sat on a rock and looked up in the sky. “Do you think we will make it back home”, Senner asked me. “Of course”, I said and winked to her. “Why didn’t you join the careers”, she asked. “Shh”, I said as the anthem started playing.


District 1 – Amelia Lockhart

District 9 – Hopeabelle Whittle, Shawn Lane

District 10 – Colt Cook

Placed Tribute District Killer How long they survived
19th Amelia Lockhart 1 Kallum Briget (D13) 2 days
18th Hopeabelle Whittle 9 Colt Cook (D10) 2 days
17th Colt Cook 10 Illuminate Sensorium (D5) 2 days
16th Shawn Lane 9 Falled from tree 2 days

Day 2 Trivia:

  • Both tributes from District 10 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 9 are now dead
  • It isn't relieved which career who is killed by Kallums (D13) traps until the portraits are shown
  • It's not relieved which if Capri (D13) or Hope (D9) who was killed until the portraits are shown
  • Imogene (D7) relieves that theres a little forrest in the arena.
  • Amelia Lockhart (D1) is the first career to die
  • Shawn (D9) is the first tribute to die that haven't been killed.


Attention, tributes (sponsors)

For everyone that still got a living tribute: Now it's time to start giving your tribute(s) advice for what they should do the next day. Tributes who gets advice has a lower chance of getting killed than tributes who did not get advice! I'm not doing sponsorship these Games, but the tributes might get gifts if I wan't them too (so you if you absolutley want your tribute to get something special, just ask for it and then I might give it to them if I'm in a good mood! May the odds be ever in your favor!


Day 3 ~ Don't Regret

Lopperise (D5): We lost Hope (D9) yesterday but we managed to kill Colt (D10). We had the biggest alliance out of all but now we were only 3 tributes left. It was me, my District-partner and the leader of the alliance Illuminate and Capri from 13. Each one of us had weapons and we all had enough food and water, but I got this nice idea yesterday that got stuck in my head and that is that we should spy on the careers. Capri (D13) told us all about how she volunteered because she wanted to get away from District 13 when I said it. “Are you mad”, Illuminate said, “they will kill us”. “They will not only kill us”, Capri added, “They will cut out our guts and eat them”. “How about we just try”, I said. Illuminate looked mad and said: “You can go if you want, but if you do so don’t come back to us”. I started thinking but I didn’t want to risk my alliance so I told them I would stick together with them. We started talking about everyone from our alliance that was dead; Cyber from 3, he seemed allright and then we had Malek from 8 that betrayed us by killing Cyber (D3), luckily for us he got killed later during the bloodbath. Synch, the girl from District 3 that was supposed to lead us, but she sacrificed her life to Capri (D13). And yeah; there was also Hope from District 9 that died yesterday. We didn’t really move at all this day.

Amanda (D8): We were going to hunt for other tributes today and so we did. Everyone was affected by the death of Amelia (D1) and me and Josh tried to cheer everyone up. Brick (D2) was all right and didn’t really care, Quinthia (D2) had forgot all about her and talked about how she wanted to kill some more tributes, she was very tough for being 12-years old, I’m actually a little afraid of her because she’s kind of twisted. Antero from District 4 was the quietest one and he didn’t say much unless he was spoken to, but he was always nice and everyone liked him. He seemed to be the one most affected by the death of Amelia (D1). We had walked for a little while when all of us decided that we would sit down and have some food. I sat next to my half-brother Josh (D1) and I could see that Brick (D2) didn’t really like us being siblings. He didn’t say anything but it was just the way he looked at us. Suddenly Antero (D4) raised up and Quinthia (D2) too and they started running away. “What did they see”, Josh asked. “I don’t know”, I answered and Brick said: “There’s a boy over there”. Quinthia threw her spear and she hit him in the stomach and then Antero stabbed him in the chest with his trident. BOOM. Quinthia started swearing and Antero laughed at her for stealing her kill.

Tidal Finn (D4): Senner (D6) and I had spent the day walking and at least we came to a place where we hadn’t been; a little forest. “Perhaps there’s water in there”, Senner said while we walked towards it. I liked Senner (D6) but I actually regretted that I said yes to form an alliance with her. She asked a lot of questions and she seemed very happy to be in the same alliance as me. I was a nice girl so I didn’t really tell her but I knew we could help each other. We walked in this forest and I found a little whole filled with water. Me and Senner (D6) started drinking from it immediately, but I had this feeling that we weren’t alone. “You wouldn’t mind keeping guard while I fill this bottle, Senner”, I asked her. “Of course not”, she said and placed her head between two trees. I filled up the bottle and whispered: “Come on, Senner, I’m done”. She didn’t move. I turned her around and I saw an axe stuck in her face, but she still lived. I knew I couldn’t save her and I started fleeing when I saw the boy and girl from 7. The boy threw another axe at Senner (D6). BOOM. I started regretting that I regretted I said yes to be in the same alliance with her.

Kallum Briget (D13): It was evening and me and Baton (D11) had just chilled today and tried not to meet any tributes; Mission accomplished. Yesterday I killed a tribute with my traps; and it wasn’t a normal tribute it was a career tribute; Amelia from District 1. I was kind of proud that I had accomplished to make a successful machine/trap. I’ve calculated that if I get Baton to help me with some traps for two days we will be done surrounding us by traps! “Listen”, Baton (D11) says and I look up to the sky while the anthem is played.


Capitol – Burgandy Rip

District 6 – Senner Leif

Placed Tribute District Killer How long they survived
15th Burgandy Rip Capitol Antero Lisin (D4) 3 days
14th Senner Leif 6 Cashel Breeze (D7)

3 days

Day 3 Trivia

  • Both tributes from Capitol are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 6 are now dead
  • Tidal Finn (D4) is now alone
  • Antero Lisin (D4) has killed both tributes from Capitol
  • Senner (D6) didn't die before she got a second axe in her body.


Tributes left, alliance and odds

Tribute District Alliance Current location Odds
Josh Eagleye 1 Careers Near the Cornucopia 2-1
Quinthia Sandstorm 2 Careers Near the Cornucopia 5-1
Brick Bombard 2 Careers Near the Cornucopia 3-1
Tidal Finn 4 Alone Near Forest 8-1
Antero Lisin 4 Careers Near the Cornucopia 3-1
Illuminate Sensorium 5 D5M & D13F Beach 11-1
Lopperise Noll 5 D5F & D13F Beach 15-1
Imogene Odana 7 D7M Forest 21-1
Cashel Breeze 7 D7F Forest 19-1
Amanda Hawks 8 Careers Near the Cornucopia 5-1
Baton Ridge 11 D13M Some other beach 12-1
Capri Pinore 13 D5M & D5F Beach 11-1
Kallum Briget 13 D11M Some other beach 17-1


Deathlist so far

Placed Tribute District Killer How long they lived
28th Cyber Bytes 3 Malek Rath (D8) 28 secs
27th Hailey Ricktor 10 Brick Bombard (D2) 58 secs
26th Pyro Vuldren 12 Colt Cook (D10 1 min and 39secs
25th Yenna Sunflo Capitol Antero Lisin (D4) 2 mins and 8 secs
24th Malek Rath 8 Quinthia Sandstorm (D2) 2 mins and 52 secs
23rd Levi DeCruz 6 Amelia Lockhart (D1) 3 mins and 1 sec
22nd Ember Blaze 12 Capri Pinore (D13) 5 mins and 8 secs
21st True Miaell 11 Amanda Hawks (D8) 6 mins and 23 secs
20th Synch Mirage 3 Josh Eagleye (D1) 11 mins and 34 secs
19th Amelia Lockhart 1 Kallum Briget (D13) 2 days
18th Hopeabelle Whittle 9 Colt Cook (D10) 2 days
17th Colt Cook 10 Illuminate Sensorium (D5) 2 days
16th Shawn Lane 9 Fallen from tree 2 days
15th Burgandy Rip Capitol Antero Lisin (D4) 3 days
14th Senner Leif 6 Cashel Breeze (D7) 3 days



Got an idea of making District-odds. (Please tell me what you think about it!)

Districts that have lost both tributes:

Placed District
14th District 12
13th District 3
12th District 10
11th District 9
10th The Capitol
9th District 6

Districts still in the Games:

District Tributes left Odds of having a victorious tribute
District 1 Male 5-1
District 2 Both 3-1
District 4 Both 4-1
District 5 Both 9-1
District 7 Both 10-1
District 8 Female 5-1
District 11 Male 14-1
District 13 Both 7-1


Day 4 ~ "I guess I'll never know"

Quinthia (D2):

I hadn’t fallen asleep yet when I heard some of the others starting to wake up. I held my spear tight and I saw a shadow reaching over Brick. I knew it, they were going to try to kill us. “Not today bitch”, I yelled as I threw my spear in the shadows head. BOOM. Brick woke up. BOOM. I saw Amanda (D8) run away and I looked at Josh (D1) and Antero’s (D4) body. “Shit just got real”, Brick said. “Thank you”. “For the one and only District 2” I said as I high fived him. We packed some things and ran away from the scene. “We got to hide”, I said, “Those cannons must’ve wakened up everyone else”. Brick agreed and we found a place with some bushes to hide. We just sat there and I started thinking of poor Antero, everyone liked him, yet he was killed by another career. Brick and I agreed that their plan had to be that they would kill him and Antero first, because they were the biggest threats.

Lopperise (D5):

I woke up by two cannons followed by Illuminate and Capri. We started talking about what happened when we suddenly noticed that the beach were full of crabs. “Why the fuck is there crabs everywhere”, Capri asked and I shrugged. “They’re disgusting”, Illuminate said and she was quite right, they kind of looked like they were monsters. Monsters? Perhaps, oh no! “THEY’RE MUTTATIONS”, I said and we started running away. Capri ran to the left and Illuminate to the right and I kept running straight ahead until I got to some kind of forest or something. I ran for a little while when I suddenly fell in a deep hole. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. My alliance was split up and I was caught in a hole, god damn it! Suddenly I heard a boy’s voice and he said: “I told you my trap would work”. Some other guy said: “I really hope there’s something to eat down here like a deer or something”. I saw a black boy and a boy with glasses looking down at me, the black dude where from District 11, I remembered him. “I know you think I’m mad now, Kallum, but I didn’t expect a tribute to fall in this trap. “Should we kill him”, the boy with the glasses said. I suddenly felt a sharp object entering my body: a spear thrown by the boy from 11. “Yeah dude, it’s the Hunger Games”. I looked at him. “Sorry boy, I hope your District is proud of you”, I started crying while I thought of District 5. “I guess I’ll never know”, I said as I closed my eyes. BOOM.

Tidal (D4):

I had decided that I would go to hunt for District 7 tributes today to avenge my ally Senner (D6). When I was getting close to the forest I saw a rabbit running inside it and an axe hitting it. I saw the girl from 7 and I aimed at her with my bow and arrow I shot and I hit her straight in the chest. She fell down and I saw the boy run towards her. “Time to pay bastard”, I said as I shot another arrow but it missed his head by just a few inches. He dragged the girl inside the forest and I walked away before she died; I knew he would leave the forest when she died. A couple of hours later I heard a cannon. BOOM

Amanda (D8): Josh is dead, Antero is dead and the careers have split up. I killed Antero but Josh was killed, I knew it was too early to try to kill the others. The anthem was played and I looked up in the sky while waiting for another day of these shitty Games.


District 1 – Josh Eagleye

District 4 – Antero Lisin

District 5 – Lopperise Noll

District 7 – Imogene Odana

Placed Tribute District Killer How long they survived
13th Josh Eagleye 1 Quinthia Sandstorm (D2) 4 days
12th Antero Lisin 4 Amanda Hawks (D8) 4 days
11th Lopperise Noll 5 Baton Ridge (D11) 4 days
10th Imogene Odana 7 Tidal Fynn (D4) 4 days

Day 4 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 1 are now dead
  • The careers has now split up
  • Quinthia and Brick have founded an alliance
  • "The Big Alliance" has now split up
  • There are 9 tributes left in only 4 days, this years tributes are bloodthirsty!


Attention tributes! (sponsors)

You have to give your tribute(s) advice now. Tributes with advice will not die (Only if theres someone who didn't get advice). I know this may be unfair, because Ive been gone for so long, but right now I'm mercyless. May the odds be ever in your favor! You all have 24 hours from now, g0g0g0!


Day 5 ~ "He looked like a fucking animal"

Tidal (D4): I woke up in a cave that I hid in yesterday. I packed my stuff ate some berries and started walking. Yesterday I killed the girl from 7. It felt great, even though I didn’t manage to kill the boy. My plan was to sneak back to the forest to see if I found him, and so I did. I spent approximately 30 minutes in the forest but I couldn’t find him and it was not a very large forest so I assumed that he had gone away. I made myself a little camp and I thought that I should relax and take a break until tomorrow, and so I did.

Kallum (D13): Me and Baton where on our way to check another of my traps that went off a couple of minutes ago. When we reached the trap we were happy that we had finally caught an animal; a wild hog. I killed it and Baton made us some good food. While I was eating I looked over at Baton. I was indeed glad he was my ally, yet I wasn’t because I knew he was stronger than me and he could kill me whenever he wanted. The only reason he stayed with me was because of my skills at making traps. Two tributes had been killed because of them and a lot of animals, so I showed myself to be quite handier than he predicted. Suddenly I felt a sharp object against my throat and I heard a voice saying: “One more move, District 11 and your partner will be dead”. I looked at Baton and Baton looked at me. “Cashel from District 7”, he said while holding his hands up like they did in old western-movies. “Do any of you use the bow”, Cashel asked while pressing the axe deeper into my throat; I would be dead in seconds if he had raised it a few millimeters, but I managed to tilt my head a little up. Baton was as calm as a lamb and said: “I know you and your District-partner where close dude, but if you team up with us I promise to help you avenge her”. Cashel let go off me I turned around and I looked at his face; he looked crazy, really crazy. “Tell me who did it”, he said. I knew Baton didn’t know who killed her but he was a pretty good liar. “The boy from 2”, he said. Cashel turned around immediately and before Cashel was able to ask if we know where the District 2 male was hiding Baton threw his spear right in his stomach. “Oh my fucking god”, I said, “Thanks so much”. “Your more than welcome, Kallum, that boy was crazy”. “Yeah did you see his eyes, he looked like a fucking animal”, I said. “Yeah”. BOOM.

Amanda (D8): I just heard the cannon that hopefully signified the death of Quinthia (D2) or Brick (D2). The only thing that crossed my mind was my brother. I missed him so much, I really did. I just wished I had died instead of him. I have a backpack and a weapon so I know I’m going to survive if I’m able to stay clear of other tributes. I’m just hoping for the best now and I know I have to win for my half-brother Josh (D1).

Illuminate (D5): Only one cannon had been heard so far; I guess that’s a good thing. Me and my alliance had split up yesterday because we got attacked by mutts, the one that saved me and Capri (D13) my district-partner Lopperise was killed by them. I felt kind of bad for him because neither Capri nor I liked him, yet he sacrificed his life to protect us. I started walking towards some caves while I thought of Capri (D13) from my alliance. We had kind of split so I didn’t know if I would kill her if I saw her or if I would be friendly, I concluded that I would kill her because she would probably do the same to me if she met me. I didn’t meet Capri but I met her District-partner and the boy from 11. They didn’t see me so I waited until they had climbed up a little mountain that was lying near a beach and then I threw a knife over it and I heard one of the boys screaming. I started running in fear the other one would attack but I guess he stayed because he wanted to try helping him. I really hoped the boy I hit would die but he didn’t.

Brick (D2): Me and Quinthia (D2) had walked around trying to find Amanda (D8) and other tributes for the whole day but we didn’t find any. It was soon evening so we had made our camp for tonight. BOOM. Another cannon? Who died? The anthem started playing and today’s fallen was shown.

Day 5 – The Fallen

District 7 – Cashel Breeze

District 13 – Kallum Briget

Placed Tribute District Killer When they died
9th Cashel Breeze 7 Baton Ridge (D11) Day 5
8th Kallum Briget 13 Illuminate Sensorium (D5) Day 5

Day 5 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 7 are now dead
  • Cashel (D7) went crazy after his District-partner was killed
  • Illuminate (D5) avenged Lopperise death without knowing it
  • Amanda (D8) is shown to be weak without her brother along.
  • There are 7 tributes left: D2m, D2f, D4f, D5f, D8f, D11m, D12f


Day 6 ~ "I thanked her, hugged her and then I killed her"

Baton (D11): Today I woke up by the game makers. “Dear tributes of the 220th annual Hunger Games, we will have a feast in approximately 2 hours at the Cornucopia and we hope all of you will attend. We know what each one of you needs Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor”. I was disgusted. There had been a lot of deaths and yet they wanted more blood? What a bunch of crazy people. I knew what I needed other than food; I needed something I could make traps out of. I wasn’t really a trap-maker but Kallum (D13) taught me some good technics. I had to go to that feast because I wanted those things.

Amanda (D8): I was already quite near the Cornucopia when I heard the announcer saying something about a feast. I had the most brilliant plan ever. I would hide outside the cornucopia and wait for the hovercraft to come and then grab my bag and take whatever’s there. I started to find a good hiding place while I waited silently. Suddenly all the bags stood on podiums. They were all marked with district numbers and there were 6 bags. One for District 2, another one for District 4, District 5, District 8, District 11 and District 13. That meant it was at least 7 people left including me because I knew both from 2 where alive. I was just about running to get my bag when I saw Baton (D11) getting his and my bag! I had no plans of killing anyone today but I needed my bag. I ran after him screaming stop. He stopped and I shoved my sword in his chest. BOOM. I took both of the bags, turned around and there stood the girl from 13. She slit my throat and I fell down to the ground. Everything started fading away. I died. BOOM.

Brick (D2): Me and Quinthia just arrived the cornucopia and we waited to see if someone was going for their bags. Suddenly a girl ran and grabbed her bag, and then she ran away. She was quite fast so me and Quinthia went to get our bags as well. Suddenly an arrow came through the air and hit Quinthia in the stomach and I threw myself down on the ground. “Quinthia, are you all right”, I asked. “Oh my god, Brick, it hurts! It fucking hurts”, she said while she was in pain. “I don’t want to die, Brick, I’m going to win this”, she said. I knew she didn’t have a chance. “Behind you, Brick”, she suddenly screamed and I turned around and saw the girl from 5. I grabbed my sword and killed her immediately. BOOM. I turned around and saw Quinthia. I thanked her, hugged her and then I killed her. BOOM. I didn’t like killing her but I had to. She was badly injured and I knew she wouldn’t make it anyways.

Tidal (D4): I got my bag today so I was happy. I also managed to get a kill hitting the girl from District 2 with an arrow. The anthem was played and I looked up in the sky. The girl from 2, the girl from 5, the girl from 8 and the boy from 11 was shown. That meant there was only 3 tributes left and I knew both of my opponents were strong.


District 2 – Quinthia Sandstorm

District 5 – Illuminate Sensorium

District 8 – Amanda Hawks

District 11 – Baton Ridge

Placed Tribute District Killer When they died
7th Baton Ridge 11 Amanda Hawks (D8) Day 6
6th Amanda Hawks 8 Capri Pinore (D13) Day 6
5th Illuminate Sensorium 5 Brick Bombard (D2) Day 6
4th Quinthia Sandstorm 2 Brick Bombard (D2) Day 6

Day 6 Trivia

  • Theres only three tributes left
  • Both tributes from District 11, 8 and 5 are now dead.
  • Quinthia (D2) was hurt by Tidal (D4) and then merdy killed by Brick (D2)


Day 7 ~ "Thats the sickest thing I've ever seen"

Tidal (D4): There was only three people left including me and I knew today was the day I would die or win. My plan was to get Capri (D13) and Brick (D2) to fight and then kill the one that remained. The only place I knew I could easily find them was at the Cornucopia. The Cornucopia was a very open area so I knew I had to hide well. When I came there I couldn’t see anyone; but I knew they would come. Suddenly something happened!

Brick (D2): I had waited at the Cornucopia for hours and I was sick and tired of everyone hiding, therefore I ran into it and screamed: “Come on and fight you sissies! I know you’re hiding here somewhere”. I went inside of the cornucopia and there I found something interesting!

Capri (D13): “Fuck fuck fuck fuck”. Brick had found me, how come I hid inside the Cornucopia? I’m so stupid. I started dueling with him as fast as I could in order to hit him, but he easily dodged me. He swung his sword and he hit my left arm. I had a wound now, but it was just a cut. I started to look for a possibility to flee, but he was to strong; he managed to take my sword and now I was defenseless. He grabbed me and threw me in the wall, just at the time he was going to finish me off; an arrow hit him in the chest. Tidal.

Tidal (D4): Both of them were now injured and Brick dropped his swords immediately and looked down at the arrow in his chest. I smiled to him, but then I noticed his eyes. He was furious! Suddenly he grabbed me and pushed me to the ground. “Now you’re going to pay, bitch”. He grabbed my throat and pushed his nails down, and I couldn’t do anything about it. Holy cow, the pain!

Brick (D2): I was furious, I dug my nails under her skin and ripped up her whole throat; I guess I looked like an animal; but hey! The Capitol wanted a good show, didn’t they? The blood came out of Tidals throat like when you turn on water in a sink. BOOM.

Capri (D13): That’s the sickest thing I’ve ever seen before. I actually felt kind of bad for Tidal. Brick was sitting there with his back against me. I knew this was my only shot. I grabbed a sword and stabbed him in the back. BOOM. I couldn’t believe it; I had won the Hunger Games!!

Announcer: Congratulations to District 13 and the victor of the 220th annual Hunger Games; Capri Pinore.

Placed Tribute District Killer Kills
1st Capri Pinore 13 None 3; D2M, D8F, D12F
2nd Brick Bombard 2 Capri Pinore (D13) 4; D2F, D4F, D5F, D10F
3rd Tidal Fynn 4 Brick Bombard (D2) 1; D7F
4th Quinthia Sandstorm 2 Brick Bombard (D2) 2; D1M, D8M
5th Illuminate Sesorium 5 Brick Bombard (D2) 2; D10M, D13M
6th Amanda Hawks 8 Capri Pinore (D13) 3; D4M, D11F, D11M
7th Baton Ridge 11 Amanda Hawks (D8) 2; D5M, D7M
8th Kallum Briget 13 Illuminate Sensorium (D5) 1; D1F
9th Cashel Breeze 7 Baton Ridge (D11) 1; D6F
10th Imogene Odana 7 Tidal Fynn (D4) 0
11th Lopperise Noll 5 Baton Ridge (D11) 0
12th Antero Lisin 4 Amanda Hawks (D8) 2; CF, CM
13th Josh Eagleye 1 Quinthia Sandstorm (D2) 1; D3F
14th Senner Leif 6 Cashel Breeze (D7) 0
15th Burgandy Rip Capitol Antero Lisin (D4) 0
16th Shawn Lane 9 None 0
17th Colt Cook 10 Illuminate Sensorium (D5) 2; D9F, D12M
18th Hopeabelle Whittle 9 Colt Cook (D10) 0
19th Amelia Lockhart 1 Kallum Briget (D13) 1; D6M
20th Synch Mirage 3 Josh Eagleye (D1) 0
21st True Miaell 11 Amanda Hawks (D8) 0
22nd Ember Blaze 12 Capri Pinore (D13) 0
23rd Levi DeCruz 6 Amelia Lockhart (D1) 0
24th Malek Rath 8 Quinthia Sandstorm (D2) 1; D3M
25th Yenna Sunflo Capitol Antero Lisin (D4) 0
26th Pyro Vuldren 12 Colt Cook (D10) 0
27th Hailey Ricktor 10 Brick Bombard (D2) 0
28th Cyber Bytes 3 Malek Rath (D8) 0
Placed District Longest Surviving Tribute
1st District 13 Capri Pinore (VICTOR)
2nd District 2 Brick Bombard
3rd District 4 Tidal Fynn
4th District 5 Illuminate Sensorium
5th District 8 Amanda Hawks
6th District 11 Baton Ridge
7th District 7 Cashel Breeze
8th District 1 Josh Eagleye
9th District 6 Senner Leif
10th The Capitol Burgandy Rip
11th District 9 Shawn Lane
12th District 10 Colt Cook
13th District 3 Synch Mirage
14th District 12 Ember Blaze

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