Welcome to my 221st annual Hunger Games

1. I am currently writing another Games but it is coming to an end so thats why I'm "starting" these now

2. These games will not be decided by, so make those tributes interesting

3. I'll need 28 tributes (District 1-13 and the Capitol)

4. You have to send advice to your tribute; If you give them advice they will be saved that day as long as theres still tributes left that didn't get their advice.

5. Only 4 tributes per user (its been changed from 3 to 4 and still only one career)

6. Tributes used in my previous games will not be accepted

7. No perfect tributes

8. Make your tributes intersting :-)

9. Use this tribute template

10. Don't complain if/when your tribute dies

11. Only one career per user!

12. I don't accept "on my profile"


District: List two districts, in case one of them are taken

Gender: male or female

Age: 12 to 18

Strength: Maximum of 2

Weaknesses: Minimum of 2

Weapon: Please list 2

Personality: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Appearence: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Backstory: (Please do not write a book)

Bloodbath strategy:


13. If you read this you have to submit a tribute!



The arena will be in a little valley surounded by mountains, forrests and a lake. The Cornucopia is in the middle of the valley so tributes will have to run up small or large hills to be able to hide. The red dot on the picture is where the bloodbath will take place and where the Cornucopia is.




Advicing your tribute!

You are your own tributes mentor, and you are the one responsible for advicing him/her/them. Tell them what to do, tell them how to behave, tell them anything you can to help your tribute being the victor. The positive thing about giving your tribute advice is that it automatically makes him/her survive if theres tributes that didn't get their advices.

When you should give tributes advice: After every day.

How do I know when you're going to update?: Don't worry; each time I update I'll write in the comments (Because then you can see how long ago I posted) and don't worry about timezones; I use to set the limit for 24 hours, or if I know I've got plenty to do the day after I update I usually give you more than 24 hours.

Will everyone have to wait 24 hours if everyone submitted advice? No, if every living tribute got advice I'll start writing whenever I wanna.

Can I give my tribute stuff through advices?: No, but if you write something you want to give to them I might feel like giving them. (Usually not)

I can't mentor my own tribute because of ... Can my friend mentor for me? If you tell me about it; Yes.

When should we start advicing our tributes for the bloodbath? Before I get all of them, I will also give you guys some time after I get them all (24 hours or more)

How long should my advice be? I don't care as long as it's not a book and not like this: "to d1 girl. kill evry1 and survive"

May the odds be ever in your favor, mentors!


Meet the tributes of the 221st annual Hunger Games

Short list:

District Tribute User
Capitol Luna Comette EvilhariboMadness
Capitol Thekoth De Saint-Exupery EvilhariboMadness
District 1 Lillith Anbitres Ougi-kun
District 1 Colossal Atlas LightStone123
District 2 Metallix Gleam The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 2 DJ Kantoon Write46747
District 3 Ruby Hyrglass EvilhariboMadness
District 3 Ares Jones EvilhariboMadness
District 4 Massie Block Eleni12
District 4 Shark Storms


District 5 Daegon Whitewave Write46747
District 5 Raden Whitewave Write46747
District 6 Swift Mage The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 6 Thias Feyuz Wesolini
District 7 Carya Glabra Wesolini
District 7 Kenneth Gorpes Ougi-kun
District 8 Kara Mainsly Matia506
District 8 Randy Clane Write46747
District 9 Igraine Avena Wesolini
District 9 Lofton Gifford LightStone123
District 10 Katriona Greystone Annamisasa
District 10 Jake Lance Bluefire16
District 11 Amaryllis Heart The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 11 Kevin Quince Robin040197
District 12 Natasha Grey Annamisasa
District 12 Ignis Carbo The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 13 Serena Alumina Ougi-kun
District 13 Wes Quince Robin040197


Tributes + facts

District represented

Tribute Age Weapon Strength(s) Weaknesses Appearence Gender
The Capitol Luna Comette 13 Throwing axes Aim, speed Not that intelligent, close combat Straight brown hair with some blonde/lighter brown highlights, blue-grey eyes, slightly tanned skin and is 5'4. Female
The Capitol Thekoth De Saint-Exupery 18 Sword Charm and speed Isn't strong, has to be admired by someone Spiked blue hair, slightly tanned skin, brown eyes, very slightly muscular, is 6' Male
District 1 Lillith Anbitres 17 Bow and arrow, throwing knife Plants, athletic Strength, swimming Lilith has long blonde hair and her pony is black. She has sapphire blue eyes and has an athletic build. She has a pale skin. Female
District 1 Colossal Atlas 18 Axe, mace Strength, speed Swimming, managing his anger Tan skin, blonde hair, blue eyes Male
District 2 Metallix Gleam 16 Bow and arrow Accurate, climbing Close range weapons, brute strength Black long hair, blue eyes Female
District 2 DJ Kantoon 18 anything Amazing fighter, fast Climbing, plants Blackest of black hair, eyes, and skin. Tall Male
District 3 Ruby Hyrglass 15 Throwing knives, technology Speed, intelligence Trusts everyone, underestimates herself   Female
District 3 Ares Jones 16 Throwing knives and axes Intelligence, aim Close combat and isn't strong Slightly longer than short brown hair, pale skin, greeny-grey eyes, light freckles across his nose, slight muscles and is 6' Male
District 4 Massie Block 15 Throwing knives, trident Swimming, running sometimes she is over too confident, climbing Red long hair, green eyes, white skin, thin Female
District 4 Shark Storms 18   He is a good swimmer and a fast runner. Mean, plants Spikey brown hair, Sea blue eyes, muscular, 6 foot Male
District 5 Daegon Whitewave 12 Whip, darts swimming, plants Can't speak, not strong Flaming red hair and eyes, frail Female
District 5 Raden Whitewave 18 Trident, tickery climbing, fast plants, his sister hurt Flaming red hair and eyes, muscular and strong Male
District 6 Swift Mage 12 Mace, dagger Fast, stealthy Arrogant, easiley hated Blonde hair in pony tail, green eyes, pretty Female
District 6 Thias Feyuz 12 Knife and dagger Very fast, knows ho to start a fire Can't swim, doesn't know much about edible plants Thias is short boy. About 4'9 He has brown hair and has lots of freckles in his face. He is rather skinny and he always wears a blue bracelet on his right arm. He has green eyes. Male
District 7 Carya Glabra 16 Throwing axes and knives She knows how to climb and She also knows to heal She can't make fires and She isn't a good hunter Appearance: Brown hair, 5'5, She has blue eyes, light skin. Female
District 7 Kenneth Gorpes 15 Axe, sword Strength, plants Swimming, does not eat meat Kenneth has short brown hair and his bangs is bleached blond. He has a well-trained body and has emerald green eyes. Male
District 8 Kara Mainsly 12 Throwing knives, dagger Running, climbing, nets, plants Strength, combat, mutts, spiders Red long hair, red eyes, thin Female
District 8 Randy Clane 15 Brute strength, anything Strong Stupid Fat, green hair. Male
District 9 Igraine Avena 15 sickle She is used to hunger. She came from a poor family. Her size makes it easy to hide from other tributes. She has Astraphobia, the fear of lighnings and thunders. She fears fire since it almost ruined her life once. She has long blonde hair. She has large blue eyes. Her skin is tanned because she worked out in the fields of her father's farm. She got burn wounds on her back. She is small, being 4'9. Female
District 9 Lofton Gifford 16 Spear, sword Running, Climbing, lazy Hand0-to-hand combat, killing Light brown hair, hazel eyes, average size Male
District 10 Katriona Greystone 18 Sword, axe Brute strength, running, Trusting others and making allies, loud, usually has a long fuse but if you really set her up then you are in big trouble cause she can't control her anger when she loose it. 195 cm tall and has a lot of muscels. Her hair color is red and reaches her shoulders. She has grey eyes. Female
District 10 Jake Lance 15 bow and arrow, hand to hand combat Hunting/fishing, plants can not swim Short brown hair, 5' 6" Male
District 11 Amaryllis Heart 16 Sword and mace Brute strength, plants Swimming, climbing Red long hair, green eyes. Female
District 11 Kevin Quince 12 Trident and net Swim and run fast Claustrophobic, will get crazy when his brother is hurt Black long hair, blue eyes Male
District 12 Natasha Grey 15 Throwing Knife Sneaking, stealing Brute Strength, socializing Black long hair and grey eyes like people from the seam. She is skinny but not just bones and she dosen't have that many muscels Female
District 12 Ignis Carbo 14 Anything Very strong, athletic Has to be the best, doesen't like making friends Brown hair, thin, blue eyes. Male
District 13 Serena Alumina 17 Blowgun, knife Stealth, plants Strength, swimming Blue long hair, blue eyes, thin Female
District 13 Wes Quince 15 Throwing knives, trident Afraid of spiders, bad swimmer Hiding and camoufalge Short black hair, Brown eyes. Male


In-game Alliances

It's time to start thinking of who you want your tributes to ally with. I'm thinking of having a Career alliance along with another "large" one and some alliances which consists of 2 or 3 tributes.

Just tell me in the comments if you want your tribute to be in the larger alliance, an alliance which consists of two tributes or if you want him/her to go solo. If you do not comment I'll assume you want your tribute to be alone.

You can choose who too ally, but if the creator tells me he/she does not want to be allied with your tribute, I'll listen to that.

I know some of you have tributes from outlying districts that you would like to be careers; if so just ask for it and I'll decide if I want him/her to join them (I will take a maximum of 2 tributes to join the careers; most likely I'll let one of them in)


Careers: Thekoth De Saint-Exupery (C), Lillith Anbitres (D1), Colossal Atlas (D1), DJ Kantoon (D2), Massie Block (D4), Shark Storms (D4 and the leader).

Anti-Career alliance: Swift (D6), Carya (D7), Lofton (D9), Jake (D10, leader), Kevin (D11), Wes (D13)

6 and 12 alliance: Thias Feyuz (D6) and Natasha Grey (D12)

7 and 8 alliance: Kenneth (D7), Kara (D8)

District 5 alliance: Daegon (D5), Raden (D5),

Capitol and District 3 alliance: Luna (C), Ares (D3), Ruby (D3)

Loners: Metallix (D2), Clane (D8), Igraine (D9), Katriona (D10), Amaryllis (D11), Ignis (D12), Serena (D13)  




DJ (D2): My District-partner Metallix was really weird and she didn’t talk too much. She told me she wouldn’t join the careers earlier today, and I couldn’t really care less. She was weak and I knew I would kill her, at least I wanted too. Me and Metallix was escorted to the training center and I didn’t really listen to what the trainer said, but I knew the rules anyways. After she was done the girl from District 4 came towards me. “Hi, I’m Massie”, she said. “I’m DJ from District 2”, I said and we shook hands. “Let’s meet the other careers”, she said and I followed her. I shook hands with all of them. The girl from District 1, the boy from 1 and the boy from District 4 seemed cool, along with Massie (D4). I knew that either me or Shark (D4) would be the leader of the careers, because Colossal and Lillith didn’t seem like quite the leaders, and neither did Massie. “Who’s the strongest of us”, Shark asked. “I don’t know”, I replied. I grabbed a sword and started tearing up a dummy. The same did Shark (D4) and Lillith (D1) stopped us. “Okay guys, how about you guys lead together”. Together? Was she dumb or something? I couldn’t lead the careers together with some douche from District 4. “That’s okay for me”, Shark said. It was not okay for me so I just said: “Nah, you can lead us Shark”, and I saw that he became very happy. So what? He would probably die soon anyways. I looked at the other tributes that were training; everyone seemed weak. Suddenly Colossal (D1) pointed over at a boy tearing up a dummy with a sword. “How about we ask him to join us? He seems strong”. We walked over to him and he turned around and smiled. “Hello ladies, and hello gentlemen”, he said with a strong Capitol-accent, “my name is Thekoth and I’m from The Capitol”. “You’re in”, Shark said, “You’re good”. Thekoth smiled and started talking to Colossal. They then started asking me about why Metallix didn’t join us and I told them she was weird and that she didn’t even volunteer and she sucked at most weapons. They laughed and we started showing off our skills to each other.

Kevin (D11): After the man was done explaining the rules I went looking for my brother Wes. He was the male tribute for District 13. My mom and I moved to District 11 due to her and my father getting divorced so that’s why we were from different districts. “Hi Wes”, I said to him as soon as I saw him. “Hello Kevin”, he said while he smiled. “We should get some more people in our alliance”, I said. “The boy from 10 seemed strong”, Wes continued. “Let’s ask him to join us”, I said. “Yeah, but we shouldn’t lead the alliance, let’s tell him to lead it, because he looks like a leader and I don’t want too much attention”, he said. I nodded and we walked over to him. He already talked with the girl from 6, the girl from 7 and the boy from 9. I presented myself and Wes as he always gets shy when meeting new people and it didn’t really take too long until we all got along pretty well.

Ruby (D3): Me and my District-partner Ares had become friends and we had agreed even before the Games that we would make an alliance. Right after Harry (The trainer) was done explaining the rules we went over to the gauntlet. The girl from Capitol was before me in line so I waited for her to finish. Suddenly she tripped and I grabbed her, preventing her from falling down to the ground. “Oh dear! Thank you.” “Ruby”, I answered her, “My name is Ruby and I’m from District 3”. “Oh, I’m Luna”, she said and we shook hands. After we were done at the gauntlet me and Ares took a break and suddenly Luna came along. “Do you mind if I join your alliance”, she asked. I looked at Ares and he looked at me. “No”, he said while smiling. I didn’t mind either. We started talking and then she started talking with Ares. I looked at the other tributes. The girl from 2 was alone, the boy from 8 was also alone, and the careers consisted of the boy and the girl from 1 and 4 along with the boys from District 2 and the Capitol. I saw the boy from District 6 and the girl from 12 together and I saw another big alliance that consisted of the girl from 6, the girl from 7, the boy from 9, the boy from 10, the boy from 11 and the boy from District 13. That alliance along with the careers had to be our biggest threats. I also noticed that the boy and girl from District 5 was using sign language to communicate.  

Training Scores:

Tribute District Score Odds
Luna Comette Capitol 5 24-1
Thekoth De Saint-Exupery Capitol 10 4-1
Lillith Anibitres District 1 10 7-1
Colossal Atlas District 1 9 5-1
Metallix Gleam District 2 4 27-1
DJ Kantoon District 2 11 3-1
Ruby Hyrglass District 3 6 17-1
Ares Jones District 3 8 5-1
Massie Block District 4 9 6-1
Shark Storms District 4 11 3-1
Daegon Whitewave District 5 3 35-1
Raden Whitewave District 5 8 8-1
Swift Mage District 6 6 16-1
Thias Feyuz District 6 4 38-1
Carya Glabra District 7 6 17-1
Kenneth Gorpes District 7 7 6-1
Kara Mainsly District 8 5 30-1
Randy Clane District 8 3 31-1
Igraine Avena District 9 5 25-1
Lofton Gifford District 9 5 25-1
Katriona Greystone District 10 8 5-1
Jake Lance District 10 7 13-1
Amaryllis Heart District 11 7 14-1
Kevin Quince District 11 7 13-1
Natasha Grey District 12 8 9-1
Ignis Carbo District 12 9 7-1
Serena Alumina District 13 6 16-1
Wes Quince District 13 7 10-1


Day 1 ~ "Where will I go?"

Metallix (D2): I walk in the tube and is raised up to the arena. I’ve never ever been so nervous before. I look behind me and I see mountains. The Cornucopia is in the middle and all of the tributes are around it. Behind the Cornucopia is a lake and to my left and right there’s forests. Where will I go?

Announcer: Welcome to the 221st Annual Hunger Games, tributes. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Seen on a screen in the Capitol: The camera films the Cornucopia and everything in it/surrounding it as the timer starts. Thekoth (C) and Igraine (D9) are seen. Jake (D10) and Ares (D3) are seen. Swift (D6) is seen biting her lips. A backpack is seen. Carya (D7), Ruby (D3) and DJ (D2) are seen. The timer is seen: 47, 46, 45, 44. Daegon (D5) and Clane (D8) are seen. The Cornucopia is seen by the air. Lillith (D1) is seen looking at Wes (D13). Kenneth (D7), Kevin (D11), Kara (D8) and Thias (D6) are seen. The timer is seen: 29, 28, 27, 26.. Lofton (D9) is seen making himself ready to run. Metallix (D2) is seen looking at a backpack. Shark (D4) is seen looking at a trident. A sword is seen. The timer is seen: 9, 8, 7. Raden (D5) is seen looking to his left. Katriona (D10) scratches her head. Ignis (D12) makes himself ready to run and Luna (C) looks nervous. GONG!

Everyone runs towards the Cornucopia. Thekoth (C) jumps over Ruby (D3) and starts beating her. Igraine (D9) grabs a backpack. Raden and Daegon (D5) run away. Clane (D8) grabs a knife and a bag. Massie (D4) grabs a trident and looks around for tributes. Clane (D8) runs away. Ignis (D12) grabs a sword and bumps into Shark (D4). Shark (D4) swings his sword but misses. Ignis (D12) runs away. Thekoth (C) breaks Ruby’s (D3) neck. BOOM. Igraine (D9) runs away with her backpack. Jake (D10) grabs a sword. Massie (D4) sees the big alliance and throws her trident hitting Swift (D6) in the stomach. Swift (D6) collapses and dies. BOOM. Kenneth (D7) grabs a bag but is attacked by Natasha (D12). Ares (D3) and Luna (C) grabs a backpack and a weapon each. Kevin (D11) sees DJ (D2) and attacks him. Serena (D13) flees. DJ (D2) buries his sword in Kevin’s (D11) face. BOOM. Kenneth (D7) stabs Natasha (D12), she falls to the ground. Kenneth (D7) and Kara (D8) runs away. Colossal (D1) grabs Metallix (D2) and stabs her multiple times in the abdomen. BOOM. Lillith shoots an arrow straight in Luna’s (C) face. BOOM. Ares (D3) flees. Thias (D6) flees. The rest of the big alliance is attacked by the careers. Katriona (D10) flees. Shark (D4) swings his sword and hits the leader Jake (D10). BOOM. Carya (D7), Lofton (D9) and Wes (D13) run away. The Careers starts going through the rest of the supplies and about 30 minutes later Natasha’s cannon are heard. BOOM.

Announcer:This year’s bloodbath is over, counting 7 deaths. Let’s take a look at the dead tributes and where everyone else is and what they have.        

Tribute District Location What the tribute has With who?
Thekoth Capitol Cornucopia Everything he needs Careers
Lillith 1 Cornucopia Everything she needs Careers
Colossal 1 Cornucopia Everything he needs Careers
DJ 2 Cornucopia Everything he needs Careers
Ares 3 Forest Food, bottle, backpack, knife Alone
Massie 4 Cornucopia Everything she needs Careers
Shark 4 Cornucopia Everything he needs Careers
Daegon 5 Near the lake Nothing Raden (D5)
Raden 5 Near the lake Nothing Daegon (D5)
Thias 6 Forest Backpack, matches, water, medicine, 3 arrows Alone
Carya 7 Forest Axe Lofton (D9) and Wes (D13)
Kenneth 7 Near the lake Backpack, axe, pain-killers, bread Kara (D8)
Kara 8 Near the lake Nothing Kenneth (D7)
Clane 8 Forest Knife, bag, food, rope, wires Alone
Igraine 9 Near the Mountains Backpack, matches, pain-killers, water, food Alone
Lofton 9 Forest Sword, matches, backpack, water Carya (D7) and Wes (D13)
Katriona 10 Forest Backpack, food, water, matches, wires, rope Alone
Amaryllis 11 Near the mountains Nothing Alone
Ignis 12 Near the mountains Sword Alone
Serena 13 Near the forest and lake Nothing Alone
Wes 13 Forest Spear, rope, pain-killers Carya (D7) and Lofton (D9)


Katriona (D10): It started to get dark so I climbed up a tree before I could go to sleep. I managed to get a backpack at the bloodbath today that contained food, water and some other things I need to survive. The anthem started to play and I looked up in the sky to see the faces of the fallen! Only 7 people had fallen? Then the gamemakers would set up mutts to attack us, feasts and other things that could kill us.

The Fallen

Capitol – Luna Comette

District 2 – Metallix Gleam

District 3 – Ruby Hyrglass

District 6 – Swift Mage

District 10 – Jake Lance

District 11 – Kevin Quince

District 12 – Natasha Grey    

Placed Tribute District Killer How long they survived
28th Ruby Hyrglass 3 Thekoth De Saint-Exupery (C) 12 seconds
27th Swift Mage 6 Massie Block (D4) 17 seconds
26th Kevin Quince 11 DJ Kantoon (D2) 29 seconds
25th Metallix Gleam 2 Colossal Atlas (D1) 32 seconds
24th Luna Comette Capitol Lillith Anibitres (D1) 39 seconds
23rd Jake Lance 10 Shark Storms (D4) 1 min and 03 seconds
22nd Natasha Grey 12 Kenneth Gorpes (D7) 26 minutes and 34 seconds


Day 2 ~ "Kiss my toes"

Raden (D5): Daegon and I had survived the first day out in the Games. Amazing! We didn’t have anything at all, but Daegon was skilled with edible plants, so we didn’t really mind. We were also hiding quite near the lake so we wouldn’t die of thirst either. Speaking of the devil; I think I’ll go down and drink some water right now. I signalized to Daegon that I where going and she nodded. Poor Daegon, she was only 3 years old when the accident happened. Me and Daegon grew up in a poor part of District 5 so we used to train a lot in case any of us had to compete. Our parents always said that if were reaped we had to win. I managed to cut Daegon’s tongue out when she was only 3 years old. Since then she couldn’t speak. She was also reaped for these games and of course I volunteered! I would always protect my little sister. My parents knew that I had no intentions of returning back home to District 5 alive. I would sacrifice my life for my little sister. I drank some water and got back to Daegon. “I received a letter from our mentor”, she said in sign language. “He wrote that the boy from 8 would give us some supplies”. What kind of kid was that District 8 boy? I had noticed he was fat, so I actually expected him to die in the bloodbath. He had to be incredibly stupid.

Carya (D7): The whole group where quiet today. Yesterday the careers had targeted us in the bloodbath and they killed 3 of us including our leader Jake (D10). I missed Jake and so did my team-mates. Every single one of us liked him. Wes (D13) was mourning over his brother Kevin (D11) who died. He seemed kind of grumpy so both me and Lofton (D9) didn’t bother him so much. Lofton was also in a bad mood. Swift (D6) had also fallen, but no one really cared about her because no one really liked her that much. We were in the forest when we heard voices and people walking and laughing. “Careers”, Lofton (D9) said while pointing in the direction of the voices. “We should run”, I said. “Hah! Run?”, Wes (D13) laughed, “that’ll definitely make them see us”. “Then what the hell should we do”, I said angrily, “fight them??”. “Are you mad? Hide of course”, Wes said and we climbed up a tree and waited as they came closer and closer.

Amaryllis (D11): I stayed up near the mountains. No cannons today? I couldn’t really believe it. It started getting cold up here in the mountains so I decided I should try to make a fire, after all I wouldn’t freeze to death. I started trying but I failed. It looked much simpler in the movies! Suddenly I heard steps behind me followed a male voice saying: “Hello there”. I turned around and saw Ignis from District 12. “Please don’t kill me”, I shouted. “I’ll give you anything, I’ll do anything”, I said.

Ignis (D12): The girl from District 11 kneeled in front of me and I kind of liked it. The feeling of seeing someone so scared they would do anything to you. “Kiss my toes”, I said. She kissed them instantly. Haha, that’s so humiliating. Her parents had to be afraid when they saw this on TV. “Couldn’t we ally”, she asked. “After all you are from 12 and I am from District 11”. I grabbed my sword and cut her head off. BOOM. How dare she ask me for an alliance? “Stupid bitch”, I mumbled as I walked away.

Thias (D6): I woke up from someone arguing. Yesterday I lost my ally Natasha from 12 and I escaped the bloodbath with a backpack. I tried to climb up in a tree to sleep but I failed and fell down and hit my head. I guess I just fainted because I couldn’t remember anything else. The tree was big so I peeked on the other side. Careers. They were here so I knew I had to lie extremely still if I wanted to live. Suddenly they stopped. Shark (D4) said: “Anyways, if someone doesn’t like me as a leader you should just tell me here and now. “I think I had been a much better leader than you, Shark”, the boy from 2 said and walked up to him. The girl from 4 backed away and so did the boy from Capitol. The District 1 tributes did the same. “Come at me bro”, Shark (D4) said. Both of them looked really strong. DJ (D2) made himself ready to fight looked at everyone and then started laughing. “I was just kidding Shark, relax”. “Good for you”, Shark said and they started to walk away. The girls from District 1 and District 4 were walking behind and I heard one of them whisper to the other: “I think DJ really meant that”. “Yeah, I don’t feel safe around him”. Suddenly I felt something hit my head. Oh my god, bird crap. “Shit”, I said and then they came towards me. Oh no! The boy from 1 grabbed me and the boy from the Capitol helped him holding me. “So, so, so, what do we got here”, Shark (D4) said. “The boy from 6, sir”, the dude from the Capitol answered. Shark turned around to the two girls and looked over at his district-partner. “Ladies first, don’t disappoint me Massie”. “I won’t”, she said as she stabbed me in the stomach with her trident. BOOM.

Lofton (D9): We had all hid well because the careers didn’t notice us. We decided to go up to the mountains because the careers where on their way out of the forest when we saw them. “Look over there”, Wes (D13) said and we all stopped. “What’s that”, Carya (D7) asked. Oh no. It was my district-partner. We went over to her all holding our weapons. I did not want them to hurt her. Even though I noticed she didn’t like me I still liked her. Not like a girlfriend but she seemed like a nice girl. I knew I couldn’t tell my alliance to not kill her, because then they would turn on me. She was surprised when we came towards her, but she didn’t flee. We stopped and we just looked at each other awkwardly. Wes (D13) stepped forward and stabbed her in the leg with his spear. “Stupid girl”, he said as he laughs. Suddenly something black jumped over Wes (D13) and it bit him in the throat. BOOM. Me, Carya and my district-partner started to run but the wolf-muttations where too fast. Carya (D7) climbed up a tree fast as lightining and helped me up, it wasn’t hard to see that she was used to trees in District 7. They jumped over Igraine and started eating her. Her screams was awful. BOOM. I think I'll never ever forget them if I make it out of here alive.

Ares (D3): I had tried to avoid other tributes the whole die because I needed to rest. My allies Luna (C) and Ruby (D3) died in the bloodbath so I was kind of sad today. But I knew I could win! I had the strength needed! The anthem started to play and I looked up in the sky.


District 6 – Thias Feyuz

District 9 – Igraine Avena

District 11 – Amaryllis Heart

District 13 – Wes Quince

Placed Tribute District Killer When?
21st Amaryllis Heart 11 Ignis Carbo (D12) Day 2
20th Thias Feyuz 6 Massie Block (D4) Day 2
19th Wes Quince 13 Mutts Day 2
18th Igraine Avena 9 Mutts Day 2

Day 2 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 11 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 6 are now dead
  • Ignis (D12) is shown to be cold-hearted
  • Carya (D7) says that Jake (D10) is missed by all in their alliance
  • Carya (D7) also says that the careers most likely targeted her alliance in the bloodbath
  • Just as Katriona (D10) fears on day 1 the Capitol has put mutts in the Games because the bloodbath wasn't really that "bloody"
  • Lofton (D9) is shown to care about his district-partner, even though they wheren't allies.
  • The Careers feels kind of threatened by DJ (D2)
  • Wes (D13) is the first tribute killed by mutts/naturally



Day 3 ~ "He betrayed me"

Katriona (D10): Yesterday I got attacked by a mutt, but I managed to run away from it. I knew it since the end of the bloodbath; the Capitol wanted more blood. I was sick and tired of the Capitol being so bloodthirsty. Why did they even make the Hunger Games in the first place? I started walking away from the forest; I knew I had to get out of here because the forest was full of mutts. I had to get up to the mountains; I didn’t really think there were too many mutts up there. I walked for three hours until I met this boy…

Clane (D8): My mentor had asked me to give my supplies away to the District 5 tributes. Why? Because my mentor thought I was weak? I knew I could do this alone; but I kind of had to do it, because he or she told me too. I tried to reach them yesterday but I couldn’t find them and I had to climb up in a tree to avoid the mutts sent out by the Capitol. I was kind of tired when I met this girl. She looked at me and I looked at her. Perhaps it was the girl from 5? I didn’t really know any of the tributes or where they were from. “Okay, I’m a nice guy”, I said, “Where are you from”. The girl looked like she wanted to run away. “Ten”, she said, “I’m from District 10”. “We could ally”, I said. “My name is Randy Clane and I’m from District 8”. She walked towards me. What should I do? I grabbed my knife and jumped over her; slitting her throat. I was now just as bloody as a new born child. BOOM. I had killed her. I had killed a tribute. Not that I really cared. I kept walking.

Serena (D13): I sneaked around the lake when I finally saw a boy and a girl. They were chatting together so they seemed busy. I needed something to eat and something to drink and I knew I could manage to steal something. I snuck up behind them and grabbed a piece of bread. I was thinking about killing them but I just couldn’t. I would not kill anyone just because I had the opportunity. I ran away and I don’t think they noticed anything.

Lillith (D1): Every one of us was quiet today. Even Shark (D4) was quiet. I knew why; the boy from District 2 had kind of started to get very unpopular among us. He was very quiet today too and I knew he was kind of afraid we would turn our backs on him. I wouldn’t do it as long as the others didn’t do it. None of us where in the mood for killing tributes today so we stayed at the Cornucopia; hoping for tributes to come to us but no one came.

Carya (D7): Me and Lofton started walking towards the lake. We knew there was fish in it and we would do our best trying to catch some. We needed food. I could see that Lofton was affected by the death of Wes (D13). He wasn’t as happy as he used to be and neither was I. Suddenly out of nowhere we saw the girl and the boy from District 5 drinking water from the lake. “What should we do”, Lofton said. “Kill them”, I said. “The boy looks strong”, he said and gave me a worried look. “Better kill him now than never”, I said and I started running towards them with a tight grip around my axe. Lofton (D9) followed me. Suddenly the boy turned around and threw a rock that hit me in the head. I fell down and the world turned black. “Wake up girl”, the boy from 5 shouted to me. “What do you want”, I said angrily. I noticed he had my axe. The girl stared at me in the background. But where was Lofton? “Where’s Lofton”, I said. “He wasn’t as dumb as you; he ran away when I threw that rock at you”, he said while holding up a rock with blood on it. He walked over to me, and I swear to god that if I wasn’t tied I would’ve attacked him already. He slammed the rock in my head and the world turned black once again. I knew I was dying and the only thing I couldn’t get out of my mind was Lofton’s face. He betrayed me! BOOM.

Lofton (D9): I knew she shouldn’t have attacked them. And I guess that was her cannon. I was now alone. In just 2 days my whole alliance was gone. I tried to tell Carya (D7) to not attack them but she didn’t listen. I felt guilty, yet I knew she would’ve attacked them no matter how much I tried to tell her she shouldn’t. The anthem started playing and I looked up to the sky and saw today’s fallen tributes.


District 7 – Carya Glabra

District 10 – Katriona Greystone

Placed Tribute District Killer When?
17th Katriona Greystone 10 Randy Clane (D8) Day 3
16th Carya Glabra 7 Raden Whitewave (D5) Day 3

Day 3 Trivia:

  • Both tributes from District 10 are now dead
  • Lofton (D9) is now alone
  • Even though not mentioned: Serena (D13) stole bread from Kenneth (D7) and Kara (D8)
  • Serena (D13) is shown to be a good stealer
  • No one got attacked by mutts today


Day 4 ~ "I tried to move; but I couldn't"

Colossal (D1): Today I woke up by Lillith (D1) and Thekoth (C) talking to each other. “I don’t really know if we can trust him”, Thekoth said. “Shark’s (D4) been talking about being worried that DJ (D2) will turn on us, I’ve tried to tell him we can trust him and he seems to not be that worried now. “That’s good”, Lillith answers, “Wake up Shark and DJ then I’ll try waking up Colossal and Massie. I pretended to be asleep when she came over to me. “Good morning sunshine”, she said. “Oh, you waked me up Lillith”. As soon as the others were awake we ate some breakfast and then we started talk about what we would do today. Massie suggested that we should go up to the mountains while Thekoth suggested we should go looking for tributes along the lake. Shark decided that we would go around the lake so we started going. We went for hours but we didn’t meet a single tribute; I guess we should’ve followed Massie’s advice.

Kenneth (D7): Suddenly I noticed them; the Careers. Me and Kara (D8) had done well and had plenty of supplies, but I knew it would be the end to our dreams of returning home if the Careers spotted us. We hid behind a large rock as they passed by without seeing us. Haha, stupid careers. “I’m thirsty”, Kara said and I knew she was safer at the camp than down by the lake. I went down and started filling my bottle with water.

Daegon (D5): I had this strange feeling the whole day that something would happened. Being deaf had its advantages; I could sense when something was wrong. I kind of smelled it in the air. Raden (D5) knew me and I had told him that from the very beginning of the day. Suddenly I saw a boy at the other side of the lake and he saw me too, but we were way too far away too attack each other, so I just snapped my finger so Raden would come. “He’s the boy from District 7; he won’t attack us, that’s allright”, he said in sign language. So I just ignored him. Suddenly I felt some kind of vibration in the ground and I didn’t believe my own eyes when I saw what happened! The whole mountain on the opposite side of the lake collapsed. It all happened very fast and the last thing I saw from the District 7 male was him running away as stones as huge as houses rolled towards him. I think he managed to escape, but I am not sure. I know for sure that no one on that side got away without getting hit by at least one rock.

Ignis (D12): I knew I was fucked when the mountain started to collapse. I tried to run away but I didn’t have a standing chance. I fell down as the mountain started collapsing feeling my bones getting broken one by one as I hit rocks when I fell. I finally landed in front of the lake and I tried to move; but I couldn’t. I knew it. I had probably broken my back. I stopped thinking about my back when I saw a rock as big as a car falling down towards me. I couldn’t move away so I just waited for it to hit me. BOOM.

Serena (D13): I was kind of lucky during the time the earthquake happened because I fell down a ditch and it was blocked with stones, instead of me getting hit by them. I also managed to dig a hole just as big as my hand but that was enough to see the fallen tributes as the anthem started playing. I was quite shocked when I learned that only two people were killed in the earthquake, but I knew a lot of people would die from injuries and lack of oxygen after being trapped underneath stones.


District 8 – Kara Mainsly

District 12 – Ignis Carbo

Placed Tribute District Killer When?
15th Kara Mainsly 8 Earthquake Day 4
14th Ignis Carbo 12 Earthquake Day 4

Trivia Day 4:

  • Both tributes from District 12 are now dead
  • Even though not mentioned; Kara (D8) died before Ignis (D12)
  • The earthquake happend on the left side of the lake
  • Kara's (D8) cannon wasn't heard because of all the noise the earthquake made
  • Living Tributes on the left side of the lake (Affected) is Thekoth (C), Lillith (D1), Colossal (D1), DJ (D2), Ares (D3), Massie (D4), Shark (D4), Kenneth (D7), Clane (D8), Serena (D13)
  • Tributes on the right side of the lake (Not affected at all): Daegon (D5), Raden (D5) and Lofton (D9)
  • Serena (D13) is sure that people will die of injuries caused by the earthquake.


Day 5 ~ "He turned around slowly and grinned evilly while saying: "Shh"

Clane (D8): I was buried beneath rocks. I couldn’t move an inch and I knew I wouldn’t make it. I had just heard the anthem so I knew it was a new day. I was quite sure I wouldn’t win the Hunger Games from the moment I was reaped; but I was so far, there weren’t a lot of people left. Suddenly I heard a voice: “Kara? Is that you? I know you’re not dead, the gamemakers have it all wrong”. Kara? I wasn’t Kara but I knew who she was. She was my district-partner. Suddenly the boy started removing rocks that had fallen over me and I started to get a hope of actually getting helped. It didn’t take long until he had buried me out. The boy looked at me with a disgusted face and said: “Dude! You’re alive, oh my god”. I looked down at my stomach and saw that my guts were cut out by the rocks. “Don’t kill me”, I said while breathing heavily, “I’ll wait for someone to send me medicine”. The boy looked at me and then he said: “Okay, dude, but you know you will not get your medicine right”. “Just leave me alone”, I yelled at him and he backed away. “I’m sorry District 8”, I said as I took my last breath. BOOM.

Thekoth (C): The first cannon made me kind of wake up. I was paralyzed about what just happened but then I remembered that I had to get away. I wasn’t really buried at all but my knee hurt. I got up and looked around me. There were stones, stones and more stones. Everything was covered in rocks in all shapes and sizes. I had heard three cannons and I knew more people would die. BOOM. I looked around me but I didn’t really see anyone. “Thekoth! Over here”. That was a familiar voice and I looked around and finally I spotted Shark (D4). “Are you okay, sir”, I asked him and he nodded while he smiled. I was kind of his right hand now and I knew he would listen to me. I wondered why he smiled though “Let’s go”, I said, “we have to find the others”.

“Yeah”, he said and started to walk while looking for other careers. Suddenly I saw another one while Shark wasn’t looking. It was DJ (D2) and he had a large rock over his legs so he couldn’t move. I didn’t know whether or not I should tell Shark about it; because he and DJ didn’t quite like each other. As I walked closer to DJ I saw that he had wound in the chest and that he was dead. “Shark! Oh my god they killed DJ”, I said. He turned around slowly and grinned evilly while saying: “Shh”. I started to laugh too hide my fear. Shark had started to show me how evil he was and I knew I had to stay as his right-hand man. “So what”, I said. “I knew you would’ve killed him anyways”, I managed to say while walking with him. “Not a word to the other Careers, Thekoth, not a single word”. “Yes sir”, I said while I was thankful I had gained his trust. Suddenly Lillith (D1) and Colossal (D1) ran towards us. “Thank god you’re okay”, Lillith said as she approached us. “Have you guys seen Massie (D4)”, Colossal asked and we both said no. “Oh, and we haven’t seen DJ as well”, Lillith added carelessly. “We haven’t seen him either”, I added quickly while Shark shrugged.

Serena (D13): I woke up in the ditch the early in the morning. I started to dig the hole bigger but there was still a lot of work left. I dug the whole day and I knew I had to be careful so the rocks wouldn’t fall down at me.

Massie (D4): I didn’t know where the other careers were but I actually wasn’t hit by any rocks because I immediately ran for the lake and swam to the other side. I knew there were tributes on the other side and I wanted them dead. Not only to show the Capitol how deadly I was but also to show people that I could survive on my own.

Lofton (D9): I was keeping an eye on the District 5 tributes. I knew I could get into trouble but I just had to watch them. They were using sign-language to communicate and I was kind of fascinated by it. I knew the boy had volunteered to protect his deaf sister and I kind of admired him for that. Suddenly out of nowhere the boy from 5 screamed: “I know you’re watching us boy”. I didn’t know what to do. Should I get the heck out of here or should I go down and talk to them. The boy and the girl didn’t have a weapon so I concluded that I had the advantage. “Okay, you got me”, I said as I walked towards them while holding my sword and hands in the air. “I’ll kill you if you even try to do anything”, he said. “I come in peace”, I said as I approached them. “Okay, you’ve been spying on us the whole day, what do you want” the boy said. “I.. I don’t know”, I answered him. “My alliance was killed”. “How do we know we can trust you”, the boy said suspicious. I suddenly remembered Carya’s (D7) axe and opened my back pack. I threw the axe on the ground next to him. “Here you go”, I said. He grabbed it quickly and smiled. “Thanks”, he said while he looked at his axe. “You know I can easily kill you now”, he said while smiling at me. What should I do? I was so stupid. “My name’s Lofton”, I said, like that would stop him from killing me. “Well, my name is Raden and this is my sister Daegon, we’re so pleased to meet you Lofton from District 9”, he said sarcastically.

He held the axe tightly and walked towards me. Suddenly he stopped and then he coughed blood at me. He fell to the ground and I saw the girl from District 4 standing behind him. “Surprise” she said while laughing. I grabbed my sword. She suddenly grabbed Daegon and threw her to the ground and just before she was able to slit her throat I stabbed her with my sword. BOOM. Daegon (D5) looked at me while crying. She was covered in blood from the girl from 4. She looked at me like I was going to kill her but I didn’t have any intentions to kill her. "Don’t kill her”, Raden shouted angrily. I turned around and saw him lying on the ground. Daegon ran over to him and he used sign language again. “Lofton (D9). Take care of my sister. She’s good with plants”, he said as he closed his eyes. BOOM. Daegon started crying and I felt bad for her. Here I was with a deaf girl that was also my new ally. Great.

Colossal (D1): We had just made at the Cornucopia again when the anthem started playing. We were all sad when Massie’s picture was shown in the sky. I tried to not care so much when DJ’s picture appeared.

District 2 – DJ Kantoon

District 4 – Massie Block

District 5 – Raden Whitewave

District 8 – Randy Clane

Placed Tribute District Killer When?
13th Randy Clane 8 Earthquake Day 5
12th DJ Kantoon 2 Shark Storms (D4) Day 5
11th Massie Block 4 Lofton Gifford (D9) Day 5
10th Raden Whitewave 5 Massie Block (D4) Day 5

Day 5 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 8 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 2 are now dead
  • Clane (D8) was the last tribute to die from injuries after the earthquake
  • Shark (D4) has started to show a very evil side of himself
  • The Careers now consists of Shark (D4), Thekoth (C), Lillith (D1) and Colossal (D1)
  • Serena (D13) is still trapped but she has managed to make the hole bigger
  • Lofton (D9) and Daegon are now allies; even though they barely know eachother
  • Colossal (D1) tried not to show so much concerne about DJ (D2) getting killed.


Day 6 ~ "I swore I would protect her!"

Kenneth (D7): BOOM. I waked up by the cannon. I wondered who died but I didn’t really care anymore after my ally Kara (D8) was killed during the earthquake. I swore I would protect her, yet I failed. I tried to keep smiling and think positive but it wasn’t easy at all. I had food and everything I needed and I was hiding in the rocks so tributes wouldn’t find me.

Shark (D4): I was really tired of the District 1 tributes, but I didn’t want to kill them yet. That’s when I came up with a genius plan! I looked at Lillith (D1). She was laying on the ground relaxing in the green grass. Colossal (D1) was talking with Thekoth (C). “Hey come over here folks”, I said and Thekoth was the first one to arrive; as usual. “We should split up people”, I said and I saw that Lillith and Colossal was a little afraid. Hah, they feared me and that felt great. “What do you mean, sir”, Thekoth said and Lillith nodded in agreement. “Yeah the careers always keeps together until the end”, Colossal added. “Oh, haha, not that like that”, I said while laughing, “Me and Thekoth will check one side and you guys will check the other side”, I said while looking at Lillith. “Okay. Fair enough”, she said. “Where do you want to go sir”, Thekoth asked and I looked at the side of the lake that was affected by the earthquake. “Excellent choice, Sir”, Thekoth said as we walked off. After we had walked for a while I said: “Let’s take a break, I’m hungry and thirsty”. Thekoth started unpacking his backpack immediately. After I had eaten I think I saw something where the mountain used to be. “Wait here”, I said to Thekoth while grabbing my weapon and running away. After approximately 10 minutes I heard a cannon so I guess the tribute I was chasing died by something I returned to me and Thekoth’s little camp but I didn’t see him or our supplies.

Serena (D13): I had finally dug out my hole but I found out it was a great place to hide so I stayed there to avoid tributes. I was just about getting out when I heard someone coming towards me. I stayed down and I quickly recognized the voices; Shark from District 4 and the boy from the Capitol with his awful Capitol accent. Suddenly they leaved and I peeked out of my hole only to see the boy from Capitol sitting there. I saw that he had dropped his sword so I tried to grab it. I made it and I knew I needed water and food but I knew I couldn’t steal it without getting noticed; and now I had a sword. I stabbed the boy in the back. BOOM. I knew the other guy would return so I quickly grabbed the supplies and the body and hid it in my ditch along with myself. The 4 boy returned but he just sweared and walked off. I dragged the body outside of my ditch and waited for the hovercraft to pick him up.

Daegon (D5): Me and Lofton (D9) had finally found a way to communicate thanks to my sponsor! He sent me a notebook and a pen so we just wrote what we had to say. We had kind of become close together, probably just because I needed someone to fill the empty room in my heart after my brother died but actually they were quite like. I missed Raden every second and he kept patting my back and write that I had every reason in the world to cry. At least Lofton (D9) managed to kill Raden’s killer before she could kill me as well. Lofton poked me and I looked up in the sky to get a glimpse of today’s fallen.


Capitol – Thekoth De Saint-Exupery

District 3 – Ares Jones

Announcer: Hello tributes. There are now only 7 of you left and one of you will be the victor of the 221st annual Hunger Games. Do you feel a little sick? Do you feel like you need medicine? What if I told you each one of you is really sick and there will be a feast tomorrow which contains medicine for every single tribute. But beware! If you take too much medicine you will die in a horrible way, so be sure to only drink your own medicine and not more. If you choose to ignore the feast or your medicine is gone I’m sorry to tell you that you’ll not be the victor of these Games, but a victim of the terrible illness of yours. May the odds be ever in your favor, tributes.

Placed Tribute District Killer When?
9th Ares Jones 3 Unknown death Day 6
8th Thekoth De Saint-Exupery Capitol Serena Alumina (D13) Day 6

Day 6 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 3 is now dead
  • Both tributes from Capitol are now dead
  • Kenneth (D7) is sad because his ally died
  • Shark (D4) is "tired" of the D1 tributes
  • Daegon (D5) and Lofton (D9) has become closer than they thought they would.
  • According to the announcer the tributes has a sickness that will kill them if they don't take their medicine
  • There are 7 tributes left.

Day 7 and a little part of Day 8 ~ "We need to get that medicine"

Colossal (D1): We didn’t actually return to the Cornucopia yesterday. Lillith (D1) started talking about Shark (D4) being dangerous and we decided to not go back to him and Thekoth (C). I was very happy that we didn’t return because Thekoth didn’t survive the day and I had no doubts that Shark killed him. We had also learned that the guy from District 3 died and that everyone needed a sort of medicine located at the Cornucopia. I looked over at Lillith. “We need that medicine”, I said. She looked at me, quite sad while responding; “I know, and Shark is probably waiting for us there. I bet he kills everyone that tries to get their medicine”. “I know”, I said while I sighed, “I know, Lillith”.

Shark (D4): I was the first to reach the Cornucopia because “our” camp was here. Well, Lillith and Colossal never returned last night so I guess we had split up now. Once the medicines rose up from beneath the ground I grabbed mine. It was a purplish liquid in a glass-bottle and I drank it immediately. I didn’t really feel anything but I guess I was cured now. I walked inside the Cornucopia and waited for some tributes. Suddenly I saw a shadow from outside of the Cornucopia and I was surprised that I hadn’t heard anything at all. I threw my trident at the shadow and I saw that I hit the shadows abdomen. I walked outside and I saw that the shadow actually was the girl from District 13. She laid on the ground, quite injured and talked about how sorry she was for dying to her family. “You miss your family”, I said and she nodded. “Don’t worry dear, you’ll meet them in Heaven” I said as I threw another trident in her body. BOOM.

Kenneth (D7): I saw how the boy from 4 just slaughtered the 13 girl. How was I supposed to get my medicine while he guarded? I didn’t want to die and I knew I had to be very fast to get my medicine. “It’s now or never”, I thought while I ran towards the Cornucopia. I quickly grabbed my medicine and started running away when he noticed me. He threw a trident after me while he yelled: “No one escapes from me, boy”. I ran to the earthquake-free zone but he was following me. He was fast but so was I! I decided that I wouldn’t give up no matter what happened.

Lofton (D9): I squeezed Daegons hand when the District 4 boy ran off. We ran towards the Cornucopia and grabbed our medicine. Then we ran away, far, far away. BOOM. I wondered who died. It had to be either the 4 or the 7 boy. I really hoped it was the 4 boy.

Lillith (D1): One cannon went off and Colossal was on his way to the Cornucopia, I quickly followed him and grabbed my medicine. We ran towards the forest that was at the lower part of the mountain. I tripped in a branch and fell to the ground. “Are you all right, Lillith”, a familiar voice asked and watched in horror as I saw that the bottle which contained my medicine was broken. What should I do now? I knew Colossal still had his bottle but I also knew I had to kill him to get it! I looked at Colossal and said: “I know exactly what I’ll do. I hope I’ve got good sponsors”. The anthem started playing and I saw the boy from 7 and the girl from 13. I had to get him to trust me, because I had to decide if I should kill him tonight to take his medicine or not. But it was too late I already felt some kind of tingling in my chest and I screamed as it was ripped apart by something invisible inside me! BOOM.

Placed Tribute District Killer When?
7th Serena Alumina 13 Shark (D4) Day 7
6th Kenneth Gorpes 7 Shark (D4) Day 7
5th Lillith Anbitres 1 Illness Day 8

Day 7/8 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 13 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 7 are now dead
  • Lillith (D1) was the only one that didn't get her medicine.
  • 4 tributes remains: Colossal (D1), Shark (D4), Daegon (D5) and Lofton (D9).


Day 9 ~ "I held my knife tight and ran over to him"

Lofton (D9): Another day was coming to an end. I looked over at Daegon (D5) and sighed. Even though we had made it to the final four it still looked like we didn’t had a chance. Daegon was not strong at all and neither was I. Colossal from District 1 was also left. He was strong and he was also a career; which meant that he would not doubt killing us if he found us. But Colossal wasn’t my only fear. There was someone much stronger than him; the boy from 4; Shark. He was a brutal killing machine that wouldn’t show mercy towards anyone. I looked over at Daegon and she slept. I sighed as I thought of the tragic thing that her parents would most likely lose two of their children in these games: The other child being her brother Raden who died some days ago. Suddenly I heard scribbling and turned around and saw that Daegon was awake and she wrote something in her note-book. “Good morning”. I smiled to her and gave her a hug. I didn’t really know what to do at all, after all there was three more people that had to die and we were probably two of them.

Shark (D4): Yesterday was quiet. No one died except Lillith from District 1 and she died right after the seventh day. I started to miss my home and I knew I would return. I still waited for those three pussies that were left to come over to the Cornucopia.

Colossal (D1): I knew Shark had to die before I could think about killing the two others. When I volunteered for the Games I didn’t predict that Shark would’ve volunteered. Who would? The guy was a machine and a merciless killer. I knew I had to get him killed first and Lillith told me that the boy from 9 and the 5 girl had allied. I wouldn’t normally seek them up but Shark wasn’t a normal “condition” so I walked away from the Cornucopia. I knew they probably thought me and Shark was still a team and that we waited for them at the Cornucopia. Then I saw them. I couldn’t believe my own eyes!

Lofton (D9): “Hey there tributes. I will not attack you. Please do NOT attack me”, a voice said and I turned around and saw Colossal. “How come”, I said nervously. “Shark is too strong for me to handle on my own I need help”, Colossal said and he looked ashamed for actually talking to us. “Let me hear your plan”, I said and so he explained.

Daegon (D5): I was on my way to the Cornucopia accompanied by Lofton and the boy from 1. The boy from 1 had made up a plan and I hoped it worked. Lofton patted me on the back and Colossal smiled friendly to me as I walked over to the cornucopia. I made some noise and there he was. The brutal boy from District 4: Shark. He said something while laughing and I threw my notebook towards him. There was only one page left; the other ones were ripped out and he read it. It said: “Please fight me with a sword so I can die by an honorable way”. He looked at me like I was the weirdest thing he had ever seen and walked towards me. I could read on his lips that he said: “If you say so, girl”. I stood there and I was shaking as he came closer and closer. Suddenly Lofton (D9) and Colossal (D1) ran towards him and he quickly stroke back. He hit Colossal in the head making him fall down on the ground and then there was only him and Lofton left. Suddenly he pinned Lofton to the ground and held his sword at Lofton’s throat. I held my knife tight and ran over to him. Lofton saved my life once so I wouldn’t let him down. I jumped on Shark’s back and stabbed him in the head with my knives. BOOM.

Lofton (D9): “You.. You saved my life, Daegon”, I said while she smiled to me. She couldn’t hear what I said but I knew she knew how thankful I was. I turned around and then I saw Colossal. “We did it”, he said as he smiled. “What do we do now”, I said. We do as we agreed. He grabbed Shark’s old sword and laid it on the ground. We shook hands and I gave Daegon a hug. We went to our old templates and stood on them. “Throw away your weapons”, Colossal said. Our deal was that we would decide the winner by arranging our own private little bloodbath with only one sword. “Please give us a countdown”, Colossal screamed after we threw away our weapons. A large clock was coming up from the ground and a female voice started counting down from twenty. I started thinking about how nice way to decide the winner this actually was. Even though Colossal had an advantage he actually gave me and Daegon a chance and I respected him for that. “Ten, nine, eight”, suddenly it stopped. “Attention tributes. We have decided that there may be two victors in these games. May the odds be ever in your favor”. I looked at Colossal and he looked at me. “Okay guys”, he said, “You deserve to win. Kill me”. “Colossal, I really don’t”, I said but before I was finished Colossal screamed: “Just kill me before I change my fucking mind”. He kneeled down in front of the sword. “Just make it honorable. Cut my head off. That’s a quick and an honorable death”. “Thanks dude, I said just before I cut off his head. BOOM

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ '________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________'________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________'________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________'________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Congratulations to our victors Lofton Gifford and Daegon Whitewave from District 9 and District 5”

Placed Tribute District Killer/Kills Day
28th Ruby Hyrglass 3 Thekoth (C) /0 1
27th Swift Mage 6 Massie (D4) /0 1
26th Kevin Quince 11 DJ (D2) /0 1
25th Metallix Gleam 2 Colossal (D1) /0 1
24th Luna Comette Capitol Lillith (D1) /0 1
23rd Jake Lance 10 Shark (D4) /0 1
22nd Natasha Grey 12 Kenneth (D7) /0 1
21st Amaryllis Heart 11 Ignis (D12) /0 2
20th Thias Feyuz 6 Massie (D4) /0 2
19th Wes Quince 13 Mutts /0 2
18th Igraine Avena 9 Mutts /0 2
17th Katriona Greystone 10 Clane (D8) /0 3
16th Carya Glabra 7 Raden (D5) /0 3
15th Kara Mainsly 8 Earthquake /0 4
14th Ignis Carbo 12 Earthquake /1 4
13th Randy Clane 8 Earthquake /1 5
12th DJ Kantoon 2 Shark (D4) /1 5
11th Massie Block 4 Lofton (D9) /3 5
10th Raden Whitewave 5 Massie (D4) /1 5
9th Ares Jones 3 Unknown /0 6
8th Thekoth De Saint-Exupery Capitol Serena (D13) /1 6
7th Serena Alumina 13 Shark (D4) /1 7
6th Kenneth Gorpes 7 Shark (D4) /1 7
5th Lillith Anbitres 1 Illness /1 8
4th Shark Storms 4 Daegon (D5) /4 9
3rd Colossal Atlas 1 Lofton (D9) /1 9
Victor Daegon Whitewave 5 1; Shark (D4) -
Victor Lofton Gifford 9 2; Massie (D4) and Colossal (D1) -

Placed District Longest Survivng Tribute
1st District 5 Daegon Whitewave (VICTOR)
1st District 9 Lofton Gifford (VICTOR)
2nd District 1 Colossal Atlas
3rd District 4 Shark Storms
4th District 7 Kenneth Gorpes
5th District 13 Serena Alumina
6th The Capitol Thekoth De Saint-Exupery
7th District 3 Ares Jones
8th District 2 DJ Kantoon
9th District 8 Randy Clane
10th District 12 Ignis Carbo
11th District 10 Katriona Greystone
12th District 6 Thias Feyuz
13th District 11 Amaryllis Heart

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