Welcome to my 222nd annual Hunger Games

1. These games will not be decided by, so make those tributes interesting

2. I'll need 28 tributes (District 1-13 and the Capitol)

3. You have to send advice to your tribute; If you give them advice they will be saved that day as long as theres still tributes left that didn't get their advice.

4. 4 tributes per user (Only one career per user!)

5. Tributes used in my previous games will not be accepted

6. No perfect tributes

7. Make your tributes intersting :-)

8. Use this tribute template

9. Don't complain when your tribute dies

10. Only one career per user!

11. I may accept "on my profile"

14. I'll do 1 day of training and then the Games.


District: List two districts, in case one of them are taken (Remember that only one of them can be a career)

Gender: male or female

Age: 12 to 18

Strength: Maximum of 2

Weaknesses: Minimum of 2

Weapon: Please list 2

Personality: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Appearence: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Backstory: You don't have to write a backstory, I won't mind if you choose not to

Bloodbath Advice:


15. If you read this you have to submit a tribute!



The arena will be wet, and cold during the nights. The Cornucopia is located where the black dot is. The surroundings are the same as seen on the picture.?



Advicing your tribute!

You are your own tributes mentor, and you are the one responsible for advicing him/her/them. Tell them what to do, tell them how to behave, tell them anything you can to help your tribute being the victor. The positive thing about giving your tribute advice is that it automatically makes him/her survive as long as there still tributes that didn't get their advice

You should advice your tributes after each day (In the games)

How do I know when you're going to update?: Don't worry; each time I update I'll write in the comments (Because then you can see how long ago I posted) and don't worry about timezones; I use to set the limit for 24 hours, or if I know I've got plenty to do the day after I update I usually give you more than 24 hours.

Will everyone have to wait 24 hours if everyone submitted advice? No, if every living tribute got advice I'll start writing whenever I wanna.

Can I give my tribute stuff through advices?: No, but if you write something you want to give to them I might feel like giving them. (Usually not)

I can't mentor my own tribute because of ... Can my friend mentor for me? If you tell me about it; Yes.

How long should my advice be? I don't care as long as it's not a book and not like this: "to d1 girl. kill evry1 and survive"

This is a typical advice: 

"Lilith: Lilith you have to talk with Colossal. He does not trust Shark and you should also not trust Shark. He is dangerous. I think that Shark will leave with Thekoth, but ignore it. But stay vigiliant!! They can attack you when they are leaving. I think that they are leaving in the night so do not sleep und be ready for an attack. But when they are not attack so ignore it. You have to stay with Colossal he is strong and trustworthy. Protect him."

Advice Trivia:

  • Your tribute will automaticly survive if you send advice
  • Give your tribute(s) advice after each day in the Games
  • Usually you'll get 24 hours (or more)
  • I may update before if everyone advice their tribute
  • You can write down a gift you want to give the tribute, I'll let the tribute have it if I feel like giving it to them
  • A friend can mentor for you; as long as you tell me
  • Tell your tribute where to go, what to do, etc.
  • Start sending in Bloodbath advice after I'm done with the training!!

May the odds be ever in your favor, mentors!


Meet the tributes of the 222nd annual Hunger Games

Short list:

District Tribute User
Capitol Hester Riva (F) Wesolini
Capitol Wren Plake (M) Emilykean1998
District 1 Jules Vanity (F) Nommehzombies
District 1 Zaphire Beux (M) District3
District 2 Annabelle Thorne Emilykean1998
District 2 Sebastian Hive )M) Nommehzombies
District 3 Petra Mines (F) District3
District 3 Compton Onaway (M) LightStone123
District 4 Cassandra Oracion (F) PumPumPumpkin :3
District 4 Travis Touchdown (M)


District 5 Romy Salem (F) Foxface D5
District 5 Octavian Silvercrest (M) LightStone123
District 6 Glade Frost (F) Nate777
District 6 Gerrit Khone (M) Nate777
District 7 Yasmin Veleno (F) Wesolini
District 7 Jack Cayman (m)  Mistfire333
District 8 Laila Bennet (F) Sgirl11
District 8 Lucin Cansil (M) Wesolini
District 9 Miley Myers (F) Andredeleon19
District 9 Jake Price (M) TheFireJay
District 10 Mallory Smith (F) ~glitterday~
District 10 Tribute boy -
District 11 Ally Mya (F) MissRandomStuff
District 11 Trent Korey (M) MissRandomStuff
District 12 Annastacia Bios (F) District3
District 12 Kodai Hitogoroshi (M) Mistfire333
District 13 Piper Quinn (F) Nightlock Kryptonite
District 13 Harley Swoop (M) Nightlock Kryptonite

Tributes left: 2 tributes: D2M, D10M

Tributes + facts

District represented

Tribute Age Weapon Strength(s) Weaknesses Appearence Gender
The Capitol Hester Riva 17 Claws, Knives  She has trained in her life. She is quite skilled with claws which she would use as her main weapon in the arena. Her parents gave her lots of information about tricks into the Hunger Games. Her career training made her physical strong. he may have the strength but swimming and climbing are the things she can't do. She has trouble with getting supplies out of a natural environment. Like all Capitol citizens Hester's appearance was quite important for her. She dyed her hair blue and had a dark color of blue dyed around her pony. She has dark, blue eyes. She has whitened her skin with an operation. She loves to wear short skirts and short tops. She always wears the same colored Icy Blue make up. Female
The Capitol Wren Plake 17 Knives, spear fast, smart, strong getting attached to people and afraid to lose them, his lover at home and family that he misses a lot handsome, black hair, green eyes, muscular and tan skin Male
District 1 Jules Vanity 16 Chained beartrap, knife er strenghts revolve around manipulation, and speed. She learns to control people to do her bidding, whether it would involve being a friend, or going into more romantic situations. But she also uses a unique weapon that she is skilled with. A chained beartrap. She would sneak behind her enemy, and throw it at there lower abdomen, sticking firmly into there back. Then she would pull her enemies toward her, and once she had them under her feet, she would use whatever excess weapon she had to finish the job, or let her enemies bleed out. She has a very high ego. So she hates she fact of her appearance being ruined in any way. She also is not a very good swimmer, almost drowning when she was 5 years old, made her never want to go back into the water. The last fear, would be tracker jackers, which is scarring for her, because her little brother, at 3, was stung to death, playing near the fence on the outskirts of the district. She has curvy, thick blonde hair, that is usually on left side of her head, or in a ponytail (arena). She has soft, twinkling brown eyes, and glowing, healthy skin. Her figure is built very slim, and slender. She has a very structured face, with a small, arching nose, and high cheek bones. Her eyebrows are acute lines running above her head. Female
District 1 Zaphire "Zaph" Beux 17 Dagger and spear Strong and good at climbing Swiming and not good with plants Black hair with very dark brown eyes, muscular, white skin Male
District 2 Annabelle Thorne 16 bow and arrows, knives smart, climbing trees, fast and determined her love for the Capitol boy (Wren Plake), hard to trust people and can be stubborn sometimes blonde, blue eyes, tall, curvy, beautiful Female
District 2 Sebastian Hive 18 Butcher Knife; Hurlbat secure, confident, and sadistic psychotic person within Blonde hair, white skin, thin Male
District 3 Petra Mines 17 Any kind of Knifes and traps/electroniques fast runner, plant indentification and very cruel Swiming and scared of thunder Dark Brown hair in a bun, light green eyes, white skin, thin Female
District 3 Compton Onaway 16 Spear, traps intelligence, climbing Running, Overconfidence He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Very pale skin. Male
District 4 Cassandra Oracion 15 Tridents and throwing axes Manipulator, good fighter Afraid of water and she can't climb Blue long hair, green eyes, slim, white skin Female
District 4 Travis Touchdown 18 Katana, wrestling He earns respect easily and is a leader figure to many. He is a very experienced killer from the ranked matches he partook in and got first rank in. Arrogant, is sometimes a loser. 5'11, He has a skinny face and body. His eyebrows look like hooks from an angle and signs of excess grinning show on his cheeks. Male
District 5 Romy Salem 15 poison blow darts,throwing daggers small, can climb tree to tree with no problem easily distracted, cares too much,timid and will run away when intimidated She has ash coloured hair that's cut very ridgid and layered.Her eye's are a turquiose at times and at others a soft baby blue. Any shade of blue or grey her eyes are that colour at some point.She has ivory coloured skin and soft blush lips.Height:5'0" Female
District 5 Octavian Silvercrest 18 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Marital arts, parkour Swimming, Killing young kids He has black hair and icy blue eyes. Very muscular and tan. Male
District 6 Glade Frost 15 ? Runnig, swimming Hand to hand combat, almost every weapon White skin, green eyes, black hair in ponytails, slim Female
District 6 Gerrit Khone 14 sword / knives climbing, swimming He is afraid of the games and dying Brown long hair, thin, white skin, purple eyes Male
District 7 Yasmin Veleno 17 Poison, Knives, Awl She is totally not afraid of killing others. She is used to it and would prefer her actual strategy. Poison and then stabbing in the heart. Her plant identification is also super. She knows every plant, which ones are poisons or not, which ones you can eat etc. She gets obsessed with killing that she actually becomes ruthless, meaning that she might run into an alliance and killing one tribute. She will be on her own against at least two people. Her physcal strength isn't great so she might be an easy target for those who fight with brute strength.  Yasmin has long, green hair which curls down. She has blue eyes and usually wears her dark red/browinsh lipstick. Her eyes will be shadowed by some white, bleuish make up. Her lip is pierced. Female
District 7 Jack Cayman 18 Sword, dagger He can get creative and gory with weapons. His tall size and silence intimidates most people. He can take quite a lot of hits too. He is also very strong. He doesn't see himself as a leader and won't jump at chances for a greater reputation. He also tires easily and his stubborn attitude puts himself in bad sitations. Tall and bulky, 6'6. He always has an angered look on his face, almost appearing to be made of stone. You could say he looks like a monster that was turned into a human. Male
District 8 Laila Bennet 16 Throwing daggers, Bow and arrows Speed, Aim Not good with identifying plants, Killing the youngest children in the arena, Cimbing trees Laila has long dark brown hair with light brown at the ends. She has green eyes and dark eyelashes. She also has freckles under her eyes and on her nose. Laila is kind of tanned and has deep dimples. Female
District 8 Lucin Cansil 17 awl, knives  Lucin is a really good talker. Most of the time he manages to talk people into other things. Also Lucien knows how to use a awl because it is like a needle. He is strong. Lucin hates it to be alone. He needs to spend his time with someone else. When he is alone he is afraid of anything that could happen, making him an easy target. Lucin is from an urban district so swimming and climbing trees are difficult for him. He also can't kill twelve year old, thinking about the life they could have had without these games.  Lucin is a tall boy from District Eight, having an height of 6'4. He is pretty muscular. He has grey eyes. His hair is black. His hand are covered in scars because of his work in a clothing factory. Male
District 9 Miley Myers 15 Knifes, Bow and Arrows. She has good aim, She is fast. Allergic to some plants, Asthma Black hair, brown eyes. She has freckles, She is skinny. Female
District 9 Jake Price 16 Sword, hand to hand combat  strong , knows edible plants reckless and greedy black hair with white fringe, tan, thin, grey eyes Male
District 10 Mallory Smith 17 death star Bow and arrows Sneaky Hunting She is bad at swimming and she can make enemies fast. she has brown hair nice tanned skin some freckles and dimples when she smiles and talks Female
District 10 Gamzee Makara 17 Clubs, Bow, sledgehammer, fear, creativity. On one side, he is friendly and very protective of his allies. He is tall, skinny and agile so that makes him a speed professional (no drug pun intended) When he is stoned he is very peaceful, so he leaves himself right open to an attack. Being capricious, a warning might not even make sense and endanger him and his allies. 6'3 with messy black hair. Tall and skinny with a carefree look on his face. He likes clowns, so he sometimes puts on clown makeup. Male
District 11 Ally Mya 15 Poison, knife Making Friends, Speed, and you can always trust her. She's also pretty smart when it comes to berries and poisons. Ally absolutely hates spiders and is afraid of them, and she is not very brave. She also REALLY likes Trent. Pink hat, black long hair, black skin, green eyes, freckles, thin Female
District 11 Trent Korey 18 Spear, trident Strength, He's considered "hot" by lots of girls, and his temper when he gets mad will help him in the games Trent is terrible with lying and alibis, really anything that has to do with that. He's also afraid of the dark. Brown hair, brown eyes, black skin, muscular Male
District 12 Annastacia Bios 16 Poison and axe Plant knowledge, Fast, Stealth Swiming, Not Strong Brown long hair, white skin Female
District 12 Kodai Hitogoroshi 17 Whip, brute strength He is fast, bloody fast. He knows all the weak spots on the human body and on other animals, and has his teeth as a weapon in case the cornucopia isn't an option. The mind of a killer gives him the advantage in plotting attacks, and he can also cure poison from animals and plants. He can't stay quiet and might blow his own cover, he isn't very good at dodging ranged weapons either. His insanity puts himself in danger as well. 5'9, white hair about neck length that is black/gray eat the ends. Hair is spiked in a punk-like style and he has spiked teeth from him manipulating his tooth growth to look and work like a crocodile's. His eyes look a bit deranged as well. Male
District 13 Piper Quinn 18 Bow and arrow Her stealth, her loyalty and her running  Fire and Harley dying Red long hair, blue eyes, thin, tan Female
District 13 Harley Swoop 14 bow and arrows He is smart and fairly small and incredibly stealthy He has gained a great emotional attatchment to Piper and would hate to see her die, he is also not that strong but is strong enought to handle a bow and arrow Green hair, green eyes, glasses, small, tan skin Male


In-game Alliances

Careers : Hester (CF), Zaph (D1M), Annabelle (D2F), Sebastian (D2M), Compton (D3M), Travis (D4M), Trent (D11M)

Leader: Sebastian

Anti-careers(Larger alliance that everyone can join): Jules (D1F), Cassandra (D4F), Jack (D7M), Jake (D9M), Miley (D9F), Mallory (D10F), Gamzee (D10M), Ally (D11F), Kodai (D12M)

Leader: Cassandra

District 5+3 alliance: Petra (D3F), Romy (D5F) and Octavian (D5M)

District 8 alliance: Laila (D8F) and Lucin (D8M)

District 13 alliance: Piper (D13F) and Harley (D13M)

Loners: Wren (CM), Glade (D6F), Gerrit (D6M), Yasmin (D7F), Annastacia (D12F)


Trainingscores and odds

District Tribute Training score Odds
Capitol Hester Riva 9 6-1
Capitol Wren Plake 5 34-1
District 1 Jules Vanity 10 4-1
District 1 Zaphire Beux 9 4-1
District 2 Annabelle Thorne 9 5-1
District 2 Sebastian Hive 11 2-1
District 3 Petra Mines 5 27-1
District 3 Compton Onaway 8 8-1
District 4 Cassandra Oracion 9 6-1
District 4 Travis Touchdown 10 5-1
District 5 Romy Salem 5 26-1
District 5 Octavian Silvercrest 6 22-1
District 6 Glade Frost 5 34-1
District 6 Gerrit Khone 6 32-1
District 7 Yasmin Veleno 7 14-1
District 7 Jack Cayman 9 6-1
District 8 Laila Bennet 6 26-1
District 8 Lucin Cansil 6 25-1
District 9 Miley Myers 5 32-1
District 9 Jake Price 6 16-1
District 10 Mallory Smith 5 32-1
District 10 Gamzee Makara 8 7-1
District 11 Ally Mya 4 19-1
District 11 Trent Korey 11 3-1
District 12 Annastacia Bios 4 38-1
District 12 Kodai Hitogoroshi 10 4-1
District 13 Piper Quinn 6 23-1
District 13 Harley Swoop 4 29-1

The Night Before The Games

Zaphire Beux, District 1 POV:

I looked out of the window and then I turned off the light. I walked over to the bed and laid down. Tomorrow was a big day; The day where a lot of people would die. I was so excited, I had been excited this whole day. I couldn't wait until the Games started. My team was also great; as the careers used to be. Our leader was Sebastian from 2. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, and he would always behave like a gentleman and he was a really good fighter. The girl from 2 seemed like a good fighter as well. We also had Travis from District 4. He seemed okay and he always weared his sun glasses. The girl from District 4 and my district-partner Jules had joined another alliance. I couldn't really understand why. Therefore we had let other good fighters join the careers like Hester from the Capitol, the girl which had to love the color blue, Compton from District 3, the pale boy who did well at training and Trent the big black boy from District 11. I was still a little worried about the other big alliance; 'cause they had a lot of good fighters beside Jules (D1) and Cassandra (D4)..

Lucin Cansil, District 8, POV:

I had mixed feelings about tomorrow. Laila, my district-partner, had agreed to be my ally and we really had no plan for tomorrow except we would try to keep together during the bloodbath. Laila seemed like a good ally and I really hoped I could trust her.

Jake Price, District 9, POV: 

Me and my district-partner Miley had talked. We would do anything Cassandra and Jules told us to. They where from Career-districts so they would probably know a lot more about the Games than any of us. Afterall we where both from District 9, and District 9 citizens wasn't really the biggest fans of the Games. I felt kind of safe; 'cause I was in a big alliance with a lot of good fighters. First of all there was Jules; the beautiful girl from District 1, our leader Cassandra was from District 4 and she was quite pretty as well. But most important; Both of them where killers. We also had Jack (D7), or Stone-boy as I used to call him. He was huge and he looked like he was made out of stone! Then there was me; just an average boy from District 9, my district-partner Miley, she seemed like an okay fighter. The boy and the girl from District 10. The girl seemed like an okay fighter but the boy would always seem.. hmm.. stoned? He did get a good training-score so I guess he was a good fighter. The girl from District 11; Ally seamed weak, but who am I to judge? And last we had Kodai (D12).. He was crazy.. He would always burst out laughing at random occasions.. I kind of feared him; but I was also glad I was in the same alliance as him. Miley (D9) told me she thought Cassandra (D4) would want us to attack the Careers, but I didn't know.

Harley Swoop, District 13, POV: 

I had allied Piper (D13). My best friend and my secret crush who was unforunateley reaped. I volunteered to save my brother. I was really scared about tomorrow. There was two groups I feared and that was the Careers and the "Anti-Careers". They where both the biggest alliances of them all but if me and Piper where lucky they would both plan attacking each other.

Romy Salem, District 5, POV:

The Capitol bed was warm and good. Tomorrow I wouldn't have one. I had allied Petra (D3) and Octavian (D5). Petra was pale as everyone else from District 3 and she had brown hair in a bun. She seemed like a nice girl and she had told me and Octavian (D5) she was good at making traps. Octavian (D5) on the other hand was very tan. He had black hair and icy blue eyes.

Wren Plake, Capitol, POV:

I really started to wish these Games where never invented in the first place. My district-partner Hester didn't really mind at all, 'cause she were with the Careers. I was all alone out there. Well, I wasn't the only one being alone out there, there were plenty of other loners. The girl from District 6 with pigtails was also alone, along with her Districtpartner Gerrit. Yasmin (D7) the girl with green hair and the lip-piercing and also the girl from District 12. I fell asleep and started dreaming some dreams that maybe the last dreams I'm ever dreaming


The Bloodbath

Miley Myers, District 9, POV:

I tried not to cry, but I just had to.. Frank, my stylist, hugged me and told me everything would be okay. Suddenly the voice ordered me to get in the tube and so I did. As soon as I came to my template I looked at my surroundings. The arena looked cold, wet and the first thing I thought about was that I had to keep warm at night. I really hoped we would manage to take control of the Cornucopia as we had planned. The Cornucopia was filled up with all kinds of weapons and crates and bags and stuff. I looked to my left and I saw the District 5 male, District 8 female, District 13 male and the Capitol girl. To my right stood the District 6 male, Jake (D9) and the District 3 girl. I suddenly looked at the clock and saw there was only 12 seconds left!

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG

Mallory Smith, District 10, POV:

I ran as fast as I could towards the Cornucopia and the first thing I needed was a weapon. I couldn't see any death stars but I did manage to spot a bow with arrows! I ran over to it and grabbed it. Now I had a weapon! I looked around for tributes and the first tribute I spotted was the girl from District 6 laying on the ground while the girl from 2 stabbed her. This was my chance. I targeted the girl from 2 and shot an arrow right in her skull. She fell over the other tributes corpse and I started looking for others in my alliance. 

Gerrit Khone, District 6, POV: 

I managed to get a bag and no one had tried to kill me yet! I ran inside of the Cornucopia and started looking for a weapon. I grabbed a sword but as soon as I grabbed it I heard a voice from behind: "What the hell is this, are you trying to rob us". I turned around and saw the boy from 3 standing there. "If you let me go I'll give you all my stuff", I said but the boy just started to laugh. Suddenly the boy from 13 ran up to him and tackeled the career towards the ground! I didn't waste a second; so I ran the heck out of there, when I turned around I saw 13 boy being stabbed. I guess the boy from District 13 was stronger than he predicted. 

Compton Onaway, District 3, POV:

"Fuck", I said as I got on my feet. The boy from 6 got away, but I managed to kill the boy from 13 so I was quite happy the boy from 6 didn't attack us both. "Thinking you'll get away killing Harley (D13) do you", a voice said and as I turned around I saw the girl from 13 aiming at me with her bow and arrow. I suddenly saw Zaph (D1) sneaking up behind her and grinned. "Yeah I do", I said as Zaphire (D1) slit her throat. "Thanks man", I said as we high-fived. "Let's go kill someone from the big alliance", Zaph (D1) said and we ran away from the Cornucopia. 

Laila Bennet, District 8, POV: 

Me and Lucin (D8) had finally found eachother and we knew we had to get out of there. "I saw the girl from 12 run away", Lucin (D8) said, "perhaps we should think of doing the same". I looked around and saw a lot of people fighting. The alliance with the District 5 tributes and the 3 girl stood in front of the girl from 7. Suddenly the girl from 7 jumped over the 5 girl and stabbed her and then ran away! The others started to help the District 5 girl but it seemed like she was dead. The girl from 7 ran into the forrest and disappeared. 

Octavian Silvercrest, District 5, POV: 

The girl from 7 had just killed Romy (D5). Now the alliance just consisted of me and Petra (D3). Suddenly I saw the guy from District 2, Sebastian, walking towards us. He grinned like he was a psycho. "We better run", I said to Petra (D3) and we started running. When I looked back I saw Sebastian (D2) stabbing the guy from 6 while smiling. That guy seemed like a gentleman but he had to be the most psychotic killer of them all! I felt sorry for the District 6 boy. Me and Petra (D3) ran into the forest and we didn't stop until we was inside of it. Suddenly someone jumped over Petra (D3) and I reacted immediatley. I beheaded the boy from the Capitol. We started to run further into the forrest. 

Trent Korey, District 11, POV:

There where only two alliances left; The Careers and the Anti-Careers. Me and Sebastian (D2) knew who would die next. Our biggest threat of them all: Stone-boy (Jack from District 7). He was huge and he had to die. We ran towards him and I jumped in front of him saying: "Hey there stone-boy". He immediatley swung his sword but it didn't take long until Sebastian (D2) jumped up on his back and placed his butcher-knife right in the giants skull. It didn't take long until the other careers was there and we started attacking the anti-careers that were alone. Travis (D4) ran over to the boy from 9 and killed him immediatley. 

Jules Vainty, District 1, POV: 

Me and Cassandra agreed that we had to get out of here! We got everyone from the alliance that we saw and ran into the forrest. We had to realize that the battle were lost. As soon as we got into the forrest we started talking. The giant from 7 was dead along with the boy from 9. The girl from 9 had no one seen so I guess she was dead as well. I really didn't think about the tributes from 9, 'cause they wheren't actually the best fighters; but I was really sad that Jack (D7) had died because he were one of this alliance strongest members. "Hey! You guys", Gamzee screamed. We all turned around and saw Ally (D11) laying dead on the ground with an arrow in her heart. "Who did this", Cassandra (D4) asked. "The girl from 8", Gamzee said while he looked furious. 

Sebastian Hive, District 2, POV:

Everyone of the career's had surrounded The girl from 9. "Hester (C)! Compton(D3)! You wouldn't mind tieing her". Both of them did as I asked. "Now where is your alliance, little girl from 9", I asked. "I don't fucking know. If I knew why would I be here", she said. "Should we keep her or kill her", Trent (D11) asked. "Just kill her Trent", I said. Once again my alliance did as they were told. 


"Aftermath/The Fallen"

Cassandra Oracion, District 4, POV: 

My alliance had camped in the forrest and we had to realize our plan about taking over the Cornucopia had failed. The anthem started playing and I looked up in the sky to watch the fallen triutes


The Fallen

Capitol - Wren Plake

District 2 - Annabelle Thorne

District 5 - Romy Salem

District 6 - Glade Frost

District 6 - Gerrit Khone

District 7 - Jack Cayman

District 9 - Miley Myers

District 9 - Jake Price

District 11 - Ally Mya

District 13 - Piper Quinn

District 13 - Harley Swoop


The Fallen so far

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
28th Glade Frost 6 Annabelle Thorne 2 1/Bloodbath
27th Annabelle Thorne 2 Mallory Smith 10 1/Bloodbath
26th Harley Swoop 13 Compton Onaway 3 1/Bloodbath
25th Piper Quinn 13 Zaphire Beux 1 1/Bloodbath
24th Romy Salem 5 Yasmin Veleno 7 1/Bloodbath
23rd Gerrit Khone 6 Sebastian Hive 2 1/Bloodbath
22nd Wren Plake Capitol Octavian Silvercrest 5 1/Bloodbath
21st Jack Cayman 7 Sebastian Hive 2 1/Bloodbath
20th Jake Price 9 Travis Touchdown 4 1/Bloodbath
19th Ally Mya 11 Laila Bennet 8 1/Bloodbath
18th Miley Myers 9 Trent Korey 11 1/Bloodbath

Day 1/Bloodbath Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 6 are dead
  • Both tributes from District 9 are dead
  • Both tributes from District 13 are dead
  • Both tributes from District 1, District 3, District 4, District 8, District 10 and District 12 are still alive
  • The Careers now consist of "only" 6 tributes (1 of them died)
  • The Anti-Careers consists of "only" 6 tributes as well (3 died)
  • Sebastian (D2) seems to enjoy his power in the alliance
  • The entire "District 13" alliance was killed.
  • 8 tributes died in the bloodbath, 2 was killed in the forest during the bloodbath and one was killed right after the bloodbath


Day 2! 

Gamzee Makara, District 10, POV:

We lost a lot of people from our alliance yesterday and I was so mad that I didn't get a single kill in the bloodbath. I had to calm down.. It felt really stressed so I waited for everyone to fall asleep; 'cause there were only one way to calm myself down in times like these: Weed. I knew it was a bad way to calm yourself down; but it was the only thing that worked for me. As soon as I got up from the sleeping bag I heard a voice saying: "Going anywhere". The crazy punk from District 12 looked at me while smiling. I started thinking I should say something about going to the bathroom, but I decided he could use some as well as me. "Come on, Kodai (D12), join me", I said and the boy followed me. It was pretty cold outside so I immediatley regretted that I had gotten up from the sleeping bag. "What's this", Kodai asked as I rolled the joint. "It's weed. It makes you calm down", I said. He looked at me and laughed. That kid was really creepy. "Puff, puff, pass, you know", I asked Kodai and he nodded. I fired the joint up and pulled the smoke down in my lungs. I did it once again and now I could feel the good effect. I started getting dizzy and I smiled immediatley. I loved being high, anything maked me laugh and all my senses felt 10 times stronger. I could hear anything if I really focused. We finnished the joint and started talking. "So, what do you feel about the alliance", I asked Kodai. He just started laughing. I guess he was stoned out of his mind. BOOM! "What was that", Kodai asked. We ran over to the alliance and everyone was awake. "Did you guys just kill someone", Cassandra (D4) asked. "No we where out walking", Kodai (D12) said and we both started laughing.

Petra Mines, District 3, POV: 

I had used the whole day making traps and I was actually sick of it. Octavian (D5) had helped me but he wasn't really that good at making traps. Well, we did indeed have a plan and we both knew it could work. We had made very many traps so people sneaking up on the fire would be killed. "Okay, are you ready", I asked Octavian and he smiled to me as he nodded. "Just get away Petra, I'll light the fire right now", he said and when I reached our meeting point he was already there. "How did you get here before". "Parkour, Petra. The trees are my friend", Octavian answerred before I could say the word "me". Now we just had to wait for cannons. If people weren't killed by the traps they would get killed by eachother. 

Lucin Cansil, District 8, POV: 

Me and Laila (D8) decided we would go check out this fire thing. We wouldn't approach the people there but just watch them and maybe try to kill them with bow and arrow if they weren't many. We sneaked around but all we could see was a fire in the middle. "I think it's a trap", Laila whispered. "Yeah, let's get out of here", I said and started to get out of the forrest. BANG! I suddenly felt a terrible pain in my legs and I knew what it was. Mines. It had to be one of the tributes from 3. "Oh my god, are you okay Lucin", Laila (D8) asked. I opened my eyes but I soon knew I wouldn't when I saw the face of Laila (d8). "Your legs! They're gone", Laila (D8) screamed. "Laila.. Get the fuck out of here", I said. "They will come looking for me". I gave her a hug and she ran away. I really hope she wins these Games. I closed my eyes and knew I would never open them again.. By my own of course. 

Trent Korey, District 11, POV: 

BOOM! "Yeah another one died", Hester (C) said. Sebastian (D2) smiled, Zaph (D1) and Travis (D4) laughed and Compton (D3) started guessing who it was. We had seen the fire but we knew it was a trap. We hadn't really done anything at all today. We had just chilled at the Cornucopia. It was so nice to be a career. All we did was chilling while the other people did everything in their power to survive. They where loosers, while we were survivors Sebastian had said. Well except from Annabelle (D2) who was killed at the bloodbath.. The anthem started playing and everyone stared curious up in the sky!

The Fallen

District 7 - Yasmin Veleno

District 8 - Lucin Cansil

Day 2 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 7 are dead
  • Petra (D3) and Octavian's (D5) plan was a sucsess; at least they killed one
  • Yasmin's (D7) death isn't known by any of the other tributes until her picture is shown
  • Yasmin (D7) is the first to die of natural causes
  • Laila (D8) is now alone after Lucin (D8) was killed
  • The Careers didn't kill anyone/or attempted to kill anyone
  • The Anti-Careers didn't kill anyone as well
  • Annastacia (D12) seems to be kind of forgotten by the others
  • District 1, 3, 4, 10 and 12 still got both tributes.


Dead tributes (Day 2):

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
17th Yasmin Veleno 7 None: Froze to death - 2; Night/ Morning
16th Lucin Cansil 8 Petra Mines 3 2; Evening


District odds

Placed District
14th District 13
13th District 6
12th District 9

District 7

Districts still in the Games

District Tributes left Odds of having a victourius tribute
District 1 Both 3-1
District 2 Male 5-1
District 3 Both 6-1
District 4 Both 3-1
District 5 Male 9-1
District 8 Female 14-1
District 10 Both 8-1
District 11 Male 5-1
District 12 Both 8-1
The Capitol Female 6-1


Day 3!

Petra Mines, District 3, POV:

I knew the Career's would be out hunting today so I had a very good plan: I would sneak up to the Cornucopia and make traps. Well I thought it was genious, but Octavian didn't. "No Petra, we can't risk it", He said. I started explaining that they would be gone hunting nad stuff and suddenly he agreed. "I'll join you if I could be a scout", he said. Well, I guess it was better having him as a scout than being alone. We packed up our stuff and headed for the Cornucopia. 

Hester Riva, The Capitol, POV:

Sebastian (D2) had desided we would go out hunting for tributes today. Well, Compton (D3) had been ordered to stay behind and Zaphire (D1) was also commanded to stay behind since Compton (D3) would set up traps and also make a mine-field. I knew Sebastian (d2) was up to something, we all knew. He gave me, Trent (D11) and Travis (D4) a set of handcuffs and said: "Don't loose them. We're going to catch some tributes alive today" He said while grinning. We all putted them in our pockets and started walking. Normally I would've stayed behind, because of my blue hair, but I manage to dye it black with paint. When we got into the forest something interesting caught our eye!

Kodai Hitogoroshi, District 12, POV:

All the Anti-Careers, well at least the ones who were left, talked about our family back home. Suddenly the Careers jumped out of the bushes while saying: "Hands up, don't move". I really wanted to try killing them but I knew they would've killed me instantly if I even tried moving my little finger. The boy from 11 walked up to me and placed handcuffs on me. Then they putted some on Gamzee (D10). Right after they had put handcuffs on Gamzee (D10) the boy from 4 said: "We don't have enough handcuffs for them all". "Well, the girl from 1 and 4 has to come with us. Kill the girl from 10". I turned around and looked at Mallory's (D10) face as Travis (d4) walked over to her. She jumped on her knees and begged him for letting her go but he didn't even blink when he placed his katana into her skull. BOOM! 

Travis Touchdown, District 4, POV: 

We started walking out of the forest with our prisoners. They all complained and told us we could just kill them and stuff. I really didn't understood why. Well, I killed the girl from 10 and she was the only one of them who wasn't really a threat. I guess Sebastian (D2) had a great plan. When we reached the Cornucopia Compton (D3) and Zaph (D1) met us. Compton (D3) showed us where the mine-field where and we dumped them in the middle of it so they couldn't escape without knowing the secret passage. "Now let us see those traps, Compton (D3)", Sebastian (D2) said. Compton started showing us around where the traps was. There was all kind of around the Cornucopia and some of them killed you while others trapped the person. "This area over here is the only place where there's no traps", Compton (D3) said and pointed at a place with some bushes. "That's really good", Trent (D11) said, "because I really need to take a piss". He walked into the bushes and suddenly we heard a scream BOOM!. We saw that Trent (D11) was impaled by something made out of wood. "Are you trying to kill us", Sebastian (D2) said while grabbing Compton (D3) by the neck! "You motherfucker! You killed Trent", He said. He was furious. "No! I've been with him the whole day", Zaph (D1) said as Sebastian threw Compton to the ground. "I would never betray you, and if I had I would've ran away as soon as possible", Compton screamed as Sebastian raised his sword. "Is this true", He asked Zaph. Zaphire looked at the horrified boy from District 3 while nodding. "Yeah.. I guess some of the other tributes are good with traps". Sebastian stretched out his hand and helped the boy up. We all knew that if Zaphire (D1) wanted to get Compton (D3) killed at that moment he would. I now knew I could trust him.

Annastacia Bios, District 12, POV:

I had no idea why the Career's wanted prisoners. Perhaps they just wanted to kill them in a cruel way? No one knew I knew everything about everyone in these Games. I knew where Laila (D8) hid and what she was up to, I knew where Petra (D3) and Octavian (D5) where and what they where up to and I knew that Compton (D3) was almost killed for what Petra (D3) had done. I loved how no one knew about where I was, or what I was up to. I guess I am very stealthy. The anthem started playing and I looked up in the sky to see the faces of the fallen. 

The Fallen

District 10 - Mallory Smith

District 11 - Trent Korey

Day 3 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 11 are now dead
  • Both tributes from Districts 1, 3, 4 and 12 is still alive
  • Petra's (D3) plan worked. 
  • We don't know why the Careers wanted prisoners
  • Jules (D1), Cassandra (D4), Gamzee (D10) and Kodai (D12) are the prisoners
  • Zaphire (D1) is shown to be loyal towards Compton (D3) 
  • Annastacia reveals that she knows everything about every tribute.
  • No mutts have been seen at all, due to the Games being "exciting" as they currently are.
Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
15th  Mallory Smith 10 Travis Touchdown 4 3/day
14th  Trent Korey 11 Petra Mines 3 3/evening


Day 4!

Zaphire Beux, District 1, POV:

"Wake up", Sebastian (D2) said as he opened up my tent. "Get dressed and meet me outside of the Cornucopia", he said as he walked towards Compton's (D3) tent. I wonderred what he wanted, but I got dressed and walked towards the Cornucopia. I was surprised to see that everyone was there. "Okay my fellow Careers. You may wan't to know why we didn't kill Anti-Careers", Sebastian said. "Yeah", Travis (D4) said and the rest of us nodded. "Well, my plan is, that we'll use this tributes to fool the others out of their shield". Everyone paid attention. "So that's why you didn't kill them", Hester (C) said. "That's genius", I said while smiling to Sebastian (D2). "The first one of them I wan't dead is their leader which is the girl from District 4", he said. I kind of agreed. She was a career that joined the Anti-Career's. What a shame for District 4. Well, Jules (D1) was a shame for District 1 for joining them but at least she wasn't the leader. Everyone walked over to the prisoners. Each one of them sat with their backs leaned to eachother. We told the prisoners to look down at the ground and close their eyes, they did as they were told. Compton (D3) walked over and got the girl from District 4 and we told them they could see again. They knew if they had tried to peak we would've killed them instantly. We brought the girl from 4 with us to the Cornucopia. "Make a fire, and leave the girl on the ground along with a backpack. Hide and wait for tributes", Sebastian said while grinning, "Travis (D4), you'll stay here with me. The rest of you will go". I was glad I was one of the people who would get away from the Cornucopia. Hester (C) looked angry at both me and Compton (D3) while Compton (D3) looked kind of scared. I guess they wanted to stay. 

As we walked towards the forest, Cassandra (D4) begged us to let her go. Compton (D3) walked first as he knew where the traps was. Then me, Cassandra (D4) and Hester (C). We found a great spot and I grabbed her by collar of her jacket. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, but it didn't affect at all. If it was a cute boy on the other hand I would've started regretting. I think it was smart move to not tell anyone that I was gay. I hit her in the head with a rock and she fainted. We placed her up to a tree so it looked like she was sleeping and put the backpack and the knife next to her. We then started the fire and climbed up a tree waiting for other tributes. 

Laila Bennet, District 8, POV:

As I came closer I saw who it was. Cassandra the girl from 4. What a dumb mistake! Haha, she had started a fire and then falled asleep. I knew she was one of the stronger tributes so I lifted up my bow and aimedat her. "Steady, steady, there", I whispered as I let the arrow go. It flew through the air and hit Cassandra straight in the head! BOOM! I smiled and started dancing and ran over to get her backpack and knife when suddenly a spear came through the air and hit me in the stomach.. Oh god! I should've known this was a trap! Lucin (D8) died the same way. I fell down on my knees and looked up at three careers. "Nice throw, Compton", the girl said. "Fuck you, Compton", I said as I closed my eyes. BOOM!

Annastacia Bios, District 12, POV: 

Those Career's was more clever then I thought. 2 kills in less than a minute. Well, I really had no time for standing still. I ran towards the Cornucopia. I knew exactley what I would do. When I reached it I saw that the three anti-careers sat in the middle of the mine-field talking about if that was Cassandra's (D4) cannon. I picked up a stone and aimed for the mines. I threw it! BANG! Everything was surrounded by black smoke. I ran away before the other careers was back.

Jules Vanity, District 1, POV:

I opened my eyes and found myself laying in some kind of bushes. My left leg hurt and soon understood why: The whole leg was hurt by the flames in the explotion. I got back up on my feet and started to understand that I had been very lucky. "Hey, Jules!! Over here", a familiar voice said. Kodai the crazy boy from District 12 was just some couple of meters in front of me. He seemed like he wasn't hurt at all. We started running into the forest when we suddenly falled down in a hole! Kodai (D12) fell down first and I could hear him scream as he got impaled by some spears at the bottom made out of wood. BOOM! I felt down as well but luckily I landed Kodai's (D12) body just giving me some wounds. Now I had to get out of here! I needed a rope or someone helping me. Holy shit.. I was doomed. I started regretting I had ditched the careers. 

Travis Touchdown, District 4, POV:

I ran towards what was left of the "prison", as it was called by us careers. I saw Sebastian (D2) laying on the ground quite hurt. "I thought I could do it, Travis. I really thought I could win this thing", he said while shaking. "Shh, dude. You did well. Who would've predicted this", I said as I comforted him. I felt kind of bad for him. This was one of the most uncool ways of dying in the Hunger Games. Almost as dumb as falling from a cliff or something. Suddenly the others came and it didn't take long before they understood what was going on. "Travis will be your new leader", Sebastian (D2) said as he closed his eyes. BOOM!

Octavian Silvercrest, District 5, POV:

Me and Petra (D3) had been making traps today. Now we laid in our sleeping bags and talked. Petra was sure she had heard five cannnons but I tried telling her there only were four. Petra (D3) was really a great girl. If I died I really hoped she win. The anthem started playing and I looked up in the sky and prepared myself to proove her wrong!

The Fallen

District 2 - Sebastian Hive

District 4 - Cassandra Oracion

District 8 - Laila Bennet

District 12 - Kodai Hitogoroshi

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
13th Cassandra Oracion 4 Laila Bennet 8 1/Morning
12th Laila Bennet 8 Compton Onaway 3 1/Morning
11th  Kodai Hitogoroshi 12 Compton Onaway 3 1/Day
10th  Sebastian Hive 2 Annastacia Bios 12 1/afternoon

Day 4 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 8 are dead
  • Both tributes from District 2 are dead
  • Hester (C) was angry because she were unable to dolk one of the careers in the back as she was out "hunting" with two careers (Which has also become friends)
  • Both tributes from District 8 died by doing the same mistake
  • Annastacia (D12) is shown to be very smart
  • Jules (D1) is trapped in a hole along with Kodai's (D12) body. 
  • Jules (D1) also has wounds from the explotion
  • The Explotion was kind of a failure as it only killed one person
  • Travis (D4) is now the Careers new leader. 
  • Gamzee (D10) survived the explotion, but no one knows how he is or where he is.


Day 5!

Jules Vanity, District 1, POV:

When I woke up I suddenly realized I had to get out of the hole. I had slept on Kodai's (D12) body so I wouldn't get hurt by the spikes. I started thinking how I would get out from the hole. I saw some bushes right at the edge.. I knew that if I jumped up and grabbed them I would be able to drag myself up. But I also knew that if the bushes couldn't hold me, I would fall down on the spikes. I had to the take the chance. I knew the Careers would find me sooner or later and I knew they would kill me. They didn't make the same mistakes twice. I jumped up and grabbed the bush. I immediatley felt they wouldn't hold me but I managed to grab the edge and dragged myself up. Phew.. Now I had to run away. Perhaps I could find Gamzee (D10). I didn't have anything at all, and I still had my handcuffs on so I needed help. And Gamzee (D10) and I were kind of allied, being the only tributes left from the anti-careers. And I needed medicine for my burnt leg. And yeah, I knew I had to try kill the girl from 12 as she seemed to be the smartest of us all.

Annastacia, District 12, POV:

I knew I had to stay hidden today. There's only 9 tributes left. It's me, the girl from the Capitol along with Travis (D4), Zaphire (D1) and Compton (D3). The girl from 3 and the boy from 5 also remained along with the boy from 10 and the girl from 1. One of us would be the victor, and I would do anything I could to become the victor of the 222nd annual Hunger Games. I climbed up a tree and waited for tributes to walk by. I couldn't take any chances at all today.

Travis Touchdown, District 4, POV:

I gathered all the careers right after we had eaten. "We need to go hunting", I said. "We could split up", Hester (C) said right after. Zaph (D1) and Compton (D3) just stood there and listened to what I had to say. "How about you and Zaph (D1) goes over there, while Compton (D3) and I go over there", I said as I pointed in two directions. "No", Zaphire said. "There's to many tributes left for us to divide". Compton (D3) nodded. "Okay, you guys are right", I said as I suddenly started thinking about the girl from 3 and her traps. The girl from 12 was also a smart one and we also had the boy from District 10 and the District 1 girl. The only one I didn't really see as a threat at all was the boy from 5. I ordered everyone to go in one direction but everyone stopped as we reached the place where the traps was. "It's okay", Compton (D3) said. I didn't put any traps here. "Don't you remember what happend to Trent (D11)", Zaph said. We all froze and memorized how the poor boy died. I knew someone of us had to walk first and I knew who it would be. I grabbed Hester (C) and threw her in the bushes. I knew there had to be a trap there. Suddenly she jumped up from the bushes and stabbed me in the abdomen repidiatley with her knives while screaming: "Let's see who dies now motherfucker". I felt down to the ground while I started to feel the taste of blood in my mouth. I felt so cold.. BOOM!

Compton Onaway, District 3, POV:

I saw as Hester (C) rised up next to the body of Travis (D4). That girl was more sick than I would've ever imagine. Before I could even blink I saw Zaphire (D1) raising his sword towards me. I ducked and he missed me! I wonder why he would try killing me! I wasn't the one who just killed an ally. He then suddenly turned around and hit Hester (C) in the shoulder. I threw my spear but I missed his head by some inches. He then ran off. I looked at the ground and saw Hester (C) laying there. I could kill her, but I didn't manage to do it. I helped her up and walked towards the Cornucopia while helping Hester (C) too. I found some medicine and tried to heal her. After I had put bandage on her shoulder and stopped the bleeding. After a couple of hours she finally asked: "Why did you help me. You could've just left me there or let him kill me". I looked at her and shrugged. "You wheren't the one breaking up the alliance. Travis (D4) tried killing you and then Zaphire (D1) turned on us". She laughed. "Dude, this is the Hunger Games, not the alliance games. There's only one winner". I looked up at the ground while I sighed. She was right.. "Well, I knew I would probably die the moment I was reaped. And if I'll win, I will rather win with pride and not by being a coward". She just stared at me. "I guess.. Uhm.. Thank you" she said.

Petra Mines, District 3, POV:

Only one cannon was heard today and me and Octavian (D5) had been guessing who died the whole day. The anthem started playing and I looked up to the ground to catch a glimpse of the fallen tribute.

The Fallen

District 4 - Travis Touchdown

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
9th Travis Touchdown 4 Hester Riva  The Capitol 5/afternoon

Day 5 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 4 are now dead
  • Jules (D1) managed to get out of the hole
  • Jules (D1) has no supplies and her leg is hurt. She also still wears handcuffs.
  • Gamzee (D10) isn't heard or seen at all today, but he's still alive. It's not known if he's hurt or where he is. He still wears handcuffs too
  • Hester (C) is shown to be a brutal killer.
  • Zaphire (D1) only has a backpack. Along with his sword
  • Compton (D3) is shown to be caring and loyal as he helps Hester (C) instead of killing her.
  • Both Hester (C) and Jules (D1) is hurt and we can assume Gamzee (D10) is hurt too.
  • The alliances are now: Octavian (D5) and Petra, (D3). Compton (D3) and Hester (C), while the rest of the tributes are loners (Zaph, Jules, Gamzee and Annastacia).


Day 6!

Zaphire Beux, District 1, POV:

The first thing I knew I had to do when I woke up was to make a trap. Well, it wasn't really a trap but I would try to fool one or two tributes by leaving false tracks. I started ripping up my jacket and placed it on the ground next to a tree. I climbed up the tree and waited. I had to be pacient if I would kill a tribute and I knew would manage to do so. Suddenly I saw a tribute coming! I couldn't believe my own eyes! It was Annastacia (D12). She was like the most stealthy and smartest tribute of us all! I aimed at her with my spear. It was now or never. Suddenly she stopped and then she looked right up at me saying "Do you think I'm stupid" while laughing a little. I was way too shocked to manage talking back.. "I could need an ally", she said. "I'll help you if you help me, bigboy". I didn't really know what to say, but then I rememberred that I was armed and she wasn't. "Haha, I'm a career. I was raised for killing you and the 26 others" I said. "Why would I be in an alliance with you". She suddenly turned around and I understood why, there was something in the bushes. She started run away but a large wolf-mutt jumped in front of her. "Help me", she screamed. "I'm sorry, District 12, welcome to the Hunger Games", I said as the wolf jumped over her. BOOM! So, the Capitol where in a hurry, huh? Good thing I am in a tree.

Petra Mines, District 3, POV:

One cannon was fired and I immediatley reacted. "Quick", Octavian said, "We have to get up in the trees". "Let's get out of here". We both knew it was mutts. We had heard them growling and if there was one thing I had learned from THe Hunger Games was that mutts and careers could never be trusted. Octavian quickly climbed up a tree and I reached for his hand when I suddenly felt something dragging me down. I landed on the ground and quickly got up. Luckily it wasn't a mutt, but the person I saw was still a threat; Jules, the beautiful girl from District 1. Well, she used to be beautifull, now she was full of wounds. She jumped over me and pinned me to the ground. "Is that tears I see, District 3", she asked as she lifted up her knife. Suddenly something jumped over her! Octavian! "We're two and you're only one", he said. "But I'm a career", she said and stabbed him. He fell to the ground and looked at me with tears in his eyes. "Don't tell me I didn't try saving your ass", he said while closing his eyes. BOOM! I started crying and I felt anger filling up my entire body from within. I jumped over her screaming: "You killed Octavian you whore". She grabbed my wrists and rolled me over. Now she had the advantage. She pushed her knife to my throat and smiled while saying: "Yeah, I killed your little boyfriend.. And now I'm killing you". I felt the cold blade of the knife pushing into my skin. I prepared to die.. Suddenly out of nowhere something jumped over her. In the confusion I thought about Octavian, but I was disappointed to see that it was a wolf-mutt. I ran for the tree and climbed up. I heard her screaming loud screams as the wolf started eating her. Suddenly the screams stopped and she died. BOOM! I looked over at Octavian's lifeless body and cried.. Why couldn't he just get up and smile to me while saying he was okay...

Gamzee Makara, District 10, POV:

I ran as fast as I could through bushes. I had a mutt after me and I knew would be their food if I tripped. Well, you know what they say; Speaking of the devil. I had to smile a little of the irony as I felt to the ground. I felt a large beast landing on my back. I grabbed my club and hit the animal in the head making it to fall to the ground. I had killed it! I knew I had to get away from the ground. I climbed up a tree and I knew I wouldn't see any tributes today. I had a bag of weed, and I really felt like smoking it. I opened up the bag and smelled it. I almost got dizzy just by smelling this stuff. I had to calm down, and well yeah... Fuck it. I found some paper and started rolling a fat joint. I found a lighter and lit it up. As soon as I got the smoke down in my lungs I felt the good feeling of starting to get high.. Well, not only high, by this amount of weed I would get pretty stoned. I started laughing and listening to all the sounds which you didn't even notice when you were zober. "Oh man.. I love this shit", I said as I smiled.

Compton Onaway, District 3, POV: 

Me and Hester (C) had climbed up a tree some couple of hours ago. After a mutt almost killed Hester we understood that best place to be was up high. Hester sat there eating. She hadn't done anything the whole day except eating. Suddenly she stopped and looked at me. "Hester? What is it", I asked. "Did you do this". "Do what??". She was very pale. "What's the matter", I asked. "Fucking Annastacia, that's the fucking matter" she said as she felt down from the tree. As soon as she hit the ground the cannon was heard BOOM! I wonderred what killed her. The toxic food or the fall. I was so thankful that I hadn't touched the food. The anthem started playing and I looked at the sky while the anthem started playing..

The Fallen

The Capitol - Hester Riva

District 1 - Jules Vanity

District 5 - Octavian Silvercrest

District 12 - Annastacia Bios

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
8th Annastacia Bios 12 mutts - 6/morning
7th Octavian Silvercrest 5 Jules Vanity 1 6/afternoon
6th Jules Vanity 1 mutts - 6/afternoon
5th Hester Riva The Capitol Annastacia Bios 12 6/night

Day 6 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 12 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 5 are now dead
  • Both tributes from The Capitol are now dead
  • Annastacia (D12) is the first tribute to kill someone after she died
  • It seems like Petra (D3) and Octavian (D5) had gotten emotinally attached


Day 7, a victor is crowned

Compton Onaway, District 3, POV:

As soon as I woke up I knew what I had to do! One of us would become the victor and the last battle usually took place at the Cornucopia. Therefore I knew that if I was the first to go there, I would have a huge advantage. I climbed down from the tree and ran towards the Cornucopia. I had no time to loose!

Petra Mines, District 3, POV:

I know I can win. I know I can! For Octavian (D5) I said as I climbed down the tree. I knew what I would do. I would make more traps. There was no way I could take them down physically. Both Gamzee and Zaph were quite strong and Compton was still a boy. I started making traps when I suddenly spotted both Gamzee and Zaph! Oh dear! I ran for the tree and climbed up!

Zaphire Beux, District 1, POV: 

I had found Gamzee (D10) and we made an agreement that we would ally. Now we had the girl from three trapped up in a tree. "Get down!! Or else we'll kill you slow and painfully, District 3", Gamzee (D10) shouted. She looked terrified. I started laughing and Gamzee joined me as he found it funny too. "If you won't come down, I'll come after you", I yelled. "She doesen't stand a chance", Gamzee said. The girl started climbing higher and I jumped up in the tree as well. I started climbing and I was much more faster than her. "Ready, Gamzee", I shouted as I grabbed her leg.

Gamzee Makara, District 10, POV:

I started laughing! This kill would be fantastic! The Capitol would love this!! Zaph grabbed Petra's leg and threw her down from the tree. They had to be at least 5 meters up in the air! She fell down while screaming threw the air and I raised my sword! She made a horrified expression as she landed right on the sword. I impaled her but she didn't die. I grabbed a knife and started cutting out her guts slowly. This girl would have to suffer! Haha, I loved this!! BOOM! When she died I turned around and saw Zaph staring at me. "You're sick dude", he said as he rolled his eyes. We agreed we would go to the Cornucopia.

Compton Onaway, District 3, POV:

I heard someone coming closer to the Cornucopia and when I heard the voices I heard it was Zaph (D1) and Gamzee (D10). That meant Petra was dead. I really had hoped it was either Zaph or Gamzee who had died instead. "Comptoooon. Where are you", Zaphire shouted. Both of them was cowards! They where both the strongest tributes and they had to ally to kill me and Petra? We were like the weakest tributes.. I hid inside the Cornucopia, knowing that they would come in looking for me. Suddenly I saw them outside. Gamzee (D10) turned around and smiled looking me directly in the eyes. "Hey, man, please don't kill me.. Zaph is a way bigger threat than me". "We made a deal", he said while walking inside. "Hey, Zaphire, guess who I found", He shouted and Zaph quickly came along. I walked backwards without turning my back to them further into the Cornucopia. They followed me. "Come on you guys.. Kill eachother! You now have the oppurtunity". They both laughed. "Don't worry, Compton", Gamzee said. "We're gonna kill you nice and slowly just like we did to Petra". I suddenly stopped and looked Gamzee directly into the eyes. Even though I didn't really know Petra that well, she was still my district-partner and she was the first of the tributes I got to know. "You dumb bastard, maybe if you wheren't so obsessed with killing you would've survived", I said as I lightened up a matchet and threw it on them making the whole ground catching fire. "I hope you both rot in hell you cruel psychoes" I said as I watched them both burn to death.

Congratulations to Compton Onaway from District 3 as the victor of the 222nd Annual Hunger Games!

Placing  Tribute District Killer District Day
28th Glade Frost District 6 Annabelle Thorne District 2 1/ bloodbath
27th Annabelle Thorne District 2 Mallory Smith District 10 1/ bloodbath
26th Harley Swoop District 13 Compton Onaway District 3 1/ bloodbath
25th Piper Quinn District 13 Zaphire Beux District 1 1/ bloodbath
24th Romy Salem District 5 Yasmin Veleno District 7 1/ bloodbath
23rd Gerrit Khone District 6 Sebastian Hive District 2 1 / bloodbath
22nd Wren Plake TheCapitol Octavian Silvercrest District 5 1 / bloodbath
21st Jack Cayman District 7 Sebastian Hive  District 2 1/ bloodbath
20th Jake Price District 9 Travis Touchdown District 4 1/ bloodbath
19th Ally Mya District 11 Laila Bennet District 8 1/ bloodbath
18th Miley Myers District 9 Trent Korey District 11 1/ bloodbath
17th Yasmin Veleno District 7 None; Froze to death - 2/ Night/ morning
16th Lucin Cansil District 8 Petra Mines District 3 2; evening
15th Mallory Smith District 10 Travis Touchdown  District 4 3/day
14th Trent Korey District 11 Petra Mines District 3 3/evenening
13th Cassandra Oracion District 4 Laila Bennet District 8 4/morning
12th Laila Bennet District 8 Compton Onaway District 3 4/morning
11th Kodai Hitogoroshi District 12 Compton Onaway District 3 4/Day
10th Sebastian Hive District 2 Annastacia Bios District 12 4/evening
9th Travis Touchdown District 4 Hester Riva TheCapitol 5/afternoon
8th Annastacia Bios District 12 mutts - 6/morning
7th Octavian Silvercrest District 5 Jules Vanity District 1 6/afternoon
6th Jules Vanity District 1 mutts - 6/afternoon
5th Hester Riva The Capitol Annastacia Bios District 12 6/night
4th Petra Mines District 3 Gamzee Makara District 10 7/morning
3rd Gamzee Makara District 10 Compton Onaway District 3 7/afternoon
2nd Zaphire Beux District 1 Compton Onaway District 3 7/afternoon
1st VICTOR Compton Onaway District 3 Kills: 5; D1M, D10M, D13M, D8F, D12M - -
Placing District Longest surviving tribute
1st District 3 Compton (Victor)
2nd District 1 Zaphire
3rd District 10 Gamzee
4th The Capitol Hester
5th District 5 Octavian
6th District 12 Annastacia
7th District 4 Travis
8th District 2 Sebastian
9th District 8 Laila
10th District 11 Trent
11th District 7 Yasmin
12th District 9 Miley



District 6

District 13



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