Welcome to my 223rd Annual Hunger Games.

I am currently writing some other Games but they're coming to an end so that's why I make these now.


1. These games is not decided by, so make those tributes interesting

2. If you wan't your tribute to survive: Read the "Advice"-part!

3. Three (3) tributes per user (Only one career and one tribute per district) 

4. If you've used a tribute in my previous Games, the tribute will not be accepted

5. I do accept tributes from your profile (as long as you tell which one to use)

6. I  will accept tributes from the roleplay wiki

7. I will do Group training and the Games. I'm thinking of including chariot's and interviews as well but I will not do reapings as I really hate writing them.

8. I will be needing 28 tributes (Capitol and 13 included, no D0 or D14)

9. Please submit at least one tribute :-)

Advicing your tribute!

You are your own tributes mentor, and you are the one responsible for advicing him/her/them. Tell them what to do, tell them how to behave, tell them anything you can to help your tribute being the victor. The positive thing about giving your tribute advice is that it automatically makes him/her survive as long as there still tributes that didn't get their advice

You should advice your tributes after each day (In the games)

How do I know when you're going to update?: Don't worry; each time I update I'll write in the comments (Because then you can see how long ago I posted) and don't worry about timezones; I use to set the limit for 24 hours, or if I know I've got plenty to do the day after I update I usually give you more than 24 hours.

Will everyone have to wait 24 hours if everyone submitted advice? No, if every living tribute got advice I'll start writing whenever I wanna.

Can I give my tribute stuff through advices?: No, but if you write something you want to give to them I might feel like giving them. (Usually not)

I can't mentor my own tribute because of ... Can my friend mentor for me? If you tell me about it; Yes.

How long should my advice be? I don't care as long as it's not a book and not like this: "to d1 girl. kill evry1 and survive"

This is a typical advice: 

"Lilith: Lilith you have to talk with Colossal. He does not trust Shark and you should also not trust Shark. He is dangerous. I think that Shark will leave with Thekoth, but ignore it. But stay vigiliant!! They can attack you when they are leaving. I think that they are leaving in the night so do not sleep und be ready for an attack. But when they are not attack so ignore it. You have to stay with Colossal he is strong and trustworthy. Protect him."

Advice Trivia:

  • Your tribute will automaticly survive if you send advice
  • Give your tribute(s) advice after each day in the Games
  • Usually you'll get 24 hours (or more)
  • I may update before if everyone advice their tribute
  • You can write down a gift you want to give the tribute, I'll let the tribute have it if I feel like giving it to them
  • A friend can mentor for you; as long as you tell me
  • Tell your tribute where to go, what to do, etc.
  • Start sending in Bloodbath advice after I'm done with the training!!

May the odds be ever in your favor, mentors!


Tribute Template


District: List two districts, in case one of them are taken (Remember that only one of them can be a career)

Gender: male or female

Age: 12 to 18

Strength: Try making the same amount strengths as weaknesses

Weaknesses: Try making the same amount strengths as weaknesses

Weapon: Please list 2 (NORMAL WEAPONS.. Please: like spears and swords) 

Personality: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Appearence: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Backstory: You don't have to write a backstory, I won't mind if you choose not to. And if you choose to write one; Not everyone volunteers to save their siblings, everyone's family has most likely never compead in the Games and not everyone's parent's are dead.. And please don't write a novel.. Be original if you choose to include this, because I don't mind if you choose not too

Alliance: Careers (most likely not if your tribute's not from a career-district), anti-careers (large alliance anyone can join), loner or one or two specific tributes (Like district-partner)



The Arena will be snowy. The Capitol is sick of "boring deaths" like tributes freezing to death, so each one of the tributes will recieve a jacket that will keep them from freezing to death. So the cold will not be a problem

The Cornucopia will be at on the little island and the tributes will start on the frozen lake. The snow will not be deep so the tributes will not have to worry about deep snow. 

There will be snow and some caves.

The arena wear will be a jacket (which will keep them from freezing), gloves, winterhats and water proof pants as well as warm boots. Their districtnumber will appear on the back of their jackets and on their hats.


Tributes of the 223rd Hunger Games (short list)

District Tribute User
The Capitol Alceia Winterfloer (F) XXToxicScreamxx
The Capitol Julius De Mort (M) District3
District 1 Victoriana Sylvester (F) MissRandomStuff
District 1 Rebel Groots (M) Mistfire333
District 2 Ariana Cruz (F) Sgirl11
District 2 Chester Claws (m) XXToxicScreamxx.-
District 3 Rhine Ellery (f) ArleneLove'sTHG
District 3 Chip Parks (m) MissRandomStuff
District 4 Nerissa Agnelcha (F) Andy1854
District 4 Evan Harrison (M) MissRandomStuff
District 5 Orianna Clockwork (F) PumPumPumpkin :3
District 5 Frade Spectrus (M) Mistfire333
District 6 Ariadne Ballentine (F) Nommehzombies
District 6 Kye Rail (M) XXToxicScreamxx
District 7 Jennifer Woods (F) TheFireJay
District 7 Shade Spectrus (M) Mistfire333
District 8 Olympia Valles (F) Wesolini
District 8 Yoshi Holiday (M) MyWorld
District 9 Allana Darkbloom (F) Nommehzombies
District 9 Noah Bolding Andy1854
District 10 Xenia Bloodhound (F) District3
District 10 Toad Jenkins (M) MyWorld
District 11 Dawn Santori (F) Wesolini
District 11 Sevra Faalu (M) FateTwister
District 12 Alexis Hero (F) ~glitterday~
District 12 Justice Reigns (M) LightStone123
District 13 Eleith Lightstorm (F) District3
District 13 Radiant Tayz (M) Tehblakdeath

Tributes left: 0

Tributes taken: 28: CF&M, D1M&F, D2F&M, D3F&M, D4F&M, D5M&F, D6F&M, D7M&F, D8F&M, D9F&M, D10F&M, D11M&F, D12M&F, D13F&M


Careers: Victoriana (D1), Ariana (D2), Chester (D2), Evan (D4), Frade (D5)

Anti-Careers: Rebel (D1), Rhine (D3), Ariadne (D6), Jennifer (D7), Shade (D7), Xenia (D10), Toad (D10), Radiant (D13)

District 12 alliance: Alexis (D12) and Justice (D12)

District 4 and 9 alliance: Nerissa (D4) and Noah (D4)

District 6 and 3 alliance: Chip (D3) and Kye (D6)

District 5 and 8 alliance: Orianna (D5) and Olympia (D8)

Loners: Julius (C), Alceia (C), Yoshi (D8), Allana (D9), Dawn (D11), Sevra (D11), Eleith (D13)


District Tribute's name Age Weapon Strength's Weaknesses Appearence Gender
The Capitol Alceia Winterfloer 15 Bow and arrows, or daggers  Climbing, swimming Hand to hand combat, speed Blonde hair with icy blue fringe, eyes and makeup. White skin, thin Female
The Capitol Julius De Mort 18 Axes, he uses them when he haves to kill directly Killing habilities, he is kinda smart and knows when to get away from places. Coming from the Capitol he haves no survival habilities Long black hair with red fringe, brown eyes, white skin, thin. male
District 1 Victoriana "V" Sylvester 17 Throwing Knives, Bow Speed, Aim, and Climbing She's loud, and when she lies, it's obvious. She also hates the light. Brown long hair with black fringe, brown eyes, white skin, thin female
District 1 Rebel Groots 17 Anything, mainly hooks, traps and sickles.  He is what most call "scary", so smaller/innocent tributes will clearly want to avoid him. He can make traps with ease and can adapt to many kinds of weaponry in just a few minutes. A king of stelath, his black attire helps him blend with the shadows. However, he is not perfect as wel all know Despite scaring younger/weaker tributes, the careers are his predators seeing as to how blank he can be sometimes. He is very independent and that independence can put him at risk, especially if things don't go according to plan. He is always wearing pure black to fit in with the shadows he can create or find. 5'11, he has fangs due to his very, VERY macabre lifestyle, with two blank grey eyes and a cunning look you would get from a bully after he got you in trouble. Male
District 2 Ariana Cruz 17 Throwing axes and spears Strong, very smart, speed, and hand to hand combat Swimming/climbing, judgemental, loses temper quickly, and a threat to most tributes Blue hair with dark blue fringe, blue eyes, thin, white skin Female
District 2 Chester Claws 13 Spears and a knife Climbing, setting up traps, speed Being alone, hand to hand combat, being picked on Brown hair, blue eyes, white skin, thin male
District 3 Rhine Ellery 15 Knifes, sword Great liar, Fast(physiclly and mentally), Fighting(even with guys), traps Any reminder of past, too nice at times, trust issues. Red hair, one blue eye, one brown eye. female
District 3 Chip Parks 15 Traps, Mines (and also knives) Chip is quite smart. He's also good at making alliances due to his fun personality. Chip tends to overreact to a lot of things.  Brown hair, glasses, brown eyes, white skin, thin male
District 4 Nerissa Agnelcha 16  Axe, Throwing Knives  Agility, Speed, Strength, Cleverness ADHD, Autism, Clumsiness, Occasional Allergies Pale skin, red long hair, thin female
District 4 Evan Harrison 18 trident, spears I am great with tree climbing, I'm very strong, I'm agile, and I am good with plants and berries. I'm also an amazing liar. I am not very good with my aim, and I'm not very good at climbing.  Brown hair with blue fringe, white skin, blue eyes, ring in the right ear male
District 5 Orianna Clockwork 16 Cleaver/butchers knife Orianna is very intelligent and clever, her mind is exceptional in the way that it can predict how others will act and how to respond to their moves. She is also handy with the cleaver, and can do good with some other weapons. She is also pretty fast on long distances.

Orianna is not the top priority ally, as her complete lack of human emotions can be a bit offputting. She isn´t strong and has to rely on strategy and stealth to come off better in a fight. She can´t swim as well.

Black long hair, blue eyes, white skin, thin Female
District 5 Frade Spectrus 15 Dagger, Crossbow He has very evil ways of plotting attacks and using weapons, and he can endure hunger do to very odd eating habits. Frade can scare people away well too, but that only makes up for his low combat stamina. His obsession with demons and mythical creatures makes him no better than an autistic child. He doesn't have tantrums but he gets carried away with his "artwork". Like any member of the Spectrus family, he is also very independent. Frade has short red hair with black outlines and red eyes the color of zombie blood. An angered look mixed with his mood is always on his face (like a mix of anger and happiness or anger and sorrow). Its always anger with something. A scar is on his right eye as well Male
District 6 Ariadne Ballentine 15 Blowgun She is intelligent and sly, thinking of plans and devices, even when she doesn't want to. She is also amazing at plant ID, learning them from the fields back home. She is not very strong or athletic, not really skilled in fighting or running, swimming or climbing. But that doesn't mean she can't. Ariadne has shoulder length light brown hair that comes down in waves. She has sea green, almond shaped eyes, attached to a heart shaped face, and porcelain smooth skin. Female
District 6 Kye Rail 16 Spiked club, throwing knifes Remebering things, creating traps Being alone, swimming Blonde hair with black fringe, white skin, thin male
District 7 Jennifer Woods 18 Axe strong,smart,cute can't camouflage,can't make traps Hot. Curvy I guess?? female
District 7 Shade Spectrus 16 Dagger, crossbow He is as sane as he was before the games, being a tribute with career quality training he had an advantage in combat. He has very good aim with ranged weapons and can fake out people easily. He doesn't show much, but he exposes himself sometimes due to him feeling confident that he will win. He tires easily too. 6'2, Intimidating and looks very hardened/cold hearted. He has long black hair with red outlines and a normal build. A spectral themed Heterochromia makes Shade stand out, one eye being green and the other being purple, they almost glow in the darkness. He has a tired yet strong willed look on his face and you can see that he is ready to fight when the time comes. Male
District 8 Olympia Valles 17 Brains & a katana Olympia is one of the smartest persons in district 8. She knows lots of things about everything, survival skills but also geography. She is very agile which is quite handy in dodging several attacks from other tributes. Olympia’s weakness is that doesn’t have much psychial strength and that makes her an easy target in the games. She also has trouble with climbing tree and swimming. There aren’t lakes in District Five and there aren’t trees where she could climb in. Red long hair, blue eyes, white skin Female
District 8 Yoshi Holiday 14 Sword, Throwing Knives   Smart, Strong, Good at hunting  Not very fast, Bad at swimming, Bad at climbing Average sized. Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, likes to wear green clothes Male
District  9 Allana Darkbloom 17 Knife Swimming, Accuracy, Intellect Brute Strenght, Climbing Black hair, dark eyes, thin, white skin Female
District 9 Noah Bolding 13 Tazer, wrench  intelligence, speed, strength ADHD, Arachnephobia, acrophobia Brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes Male
District 10 Xenia Bloodhound 17 Mace and knifes but she likes the best the long knifes. not scared to kill, knows how to use dead animal's parts, she learns quickly how to use weapons. She isn't the smartest, she never has swimmed,  plant identification brown long hair, red eyes, white skin, thin female
District 10 Toad Jenkins 16 Knives, dagger Fast, Good at swimming, Good at sensing other tributes nearby Not very strong, Trusts others too easily, Size disadvantage Short, Skinny, dark hair, blue eyes, Likes to wear a blue and red shirt male
District 11 Dawn Santori 14 Slingshot, Blowgun Dawn is a good hider. She can hide almsot everywhere. She is so small that spotting her is also hard. She appears to be smart and knows how to evade other tributes. She knows that with this strategy she might have a chance of winning the Hunger Games. She has no psychail strength. She isn't able to fight with people. She can only win if she is armed while the other person isn't. Hand to hand combat fails with her. She has no endurance and is easily out of breath. Her small legs can't take her far.  Dawn is a small girl, 4'11. She is really skinny, you can easily see her bones. Dawn has long blonde hair which is always braided. She has beautiful blue eyes. She tries to look kind by smiling most of the times. She has a scar on her arm. Female
District 11 Sevra Faalu 15 Swords (One in each hand if possible) or a bow/crossbow (preferably crossbow) stealth and survival Doesn´t trust anyone easily, even potential allies. Not the fastest swimmer. Tall, tanned, black hair and light brown eyes. Male
District 12 Alexis Hero 17 sword hand ro hand combat Speed learns quickly form mistakes swimming cant keep sercets climbing Hunting.  alexis hair is very dark brown hair very light brown eyes her akin is slighty tanned she is tall. Female
District 12 Justice Reigns 17 Sword, Knife Climbing, Running Swimming, Plant Identification Black hair, dark green eyes, tall, thin MAle
District 13 Eleith Lighstorm 13 Blowgun and darts She is really smart and is always alarmed and ready to protect herself or escape. She is pretty light so she is fast and she can climb easily. She can control hunger and thirst since she never trusted people that gave her food or water so she grew up knowing how to be hungry and thirsty. Being younger than other tributes she is not really strong, she is always scared that people will attack her and this may drive her to madness. brown "short" hair, green eyes, white skin, thin female
District 13 Radiant Tayz 17 Anything that kills, but prefers throwing knives.  Immune to colds, strong, intelligent, fast. Can catch a fever easier then others, can't swim too well, can't climb too well, has to eat every 4-5 hours to keep his insides from getting too hot. Blonde long hair, brown eyes, white skin, thin male



Allana Darkbloom, District 9, POV:

As soon as the headtrainer had explained the rules, everyone ran to different posts. I hadn't really tried getting to know any of the tributes, the only one I kind of knew were my district-partner Noah.. He was kind of hyper and I didn't really like him. I didn't really wan't an alliance. I had no problem with killing any of the tributes; 'cause I didn't really have any emotions at all. I didn't really know what they where. If you killed someone, why would you feel anything? It's just another person and they would've died one day anyways.. I walked over to the throwing knives and started throwing at the dummies. I had to smile a little when I saw the careers. They were only four people and the guy from 2 was a little kid. Haha, I couldn't wait to kill them all.

Sevra Faalu, District 11, POV:

As soon as the bell rang I walked over to the cafeteria. I grabbed some food and smiled when I saw they where serving pizza. In District 11 pizza wasn't really something which you ate everyday. I saw the alliances sitting down at tables together and it didn't take long until I spotted the "loner table". I walked over to the table and asked Dawn (D11) if I could sit beside her. She nodded and I sat down starting to eat my food. I looked over at the other tables. The first table where taken by the careers. They where only four and they seemed to be talking about strategy. The table next to them was filled with the biggest alliance of them all; The Anti-Careers. They consisted of surprisingly; the boy from 1, which seemed really weird, both tributes from 10 and 7, the girl from 7 was really hot. She looked like a model! The girl from 3, as well as the boy from 13. Oh, the girl from 6 too. The next table was taken by the girl from 4, I didn't really know why she would ditch the careers and the boy from 9. At the other end of the table the pair from 12 was seated. The next table was taken by Olympia (D8) and Orianna (D5) and at the other end of the table the boys from 3 and 6 where seated. And then there were my table. All the loners.. The Capitol pair was here, and surprisingly the girl from 1. I wonderred why she was here? If I were from a career district I would've joined them! My districtpartner Dawn was also here and the girls from 9 and 13.

Eleith Lightstorm, District 13, POV:

As soon as I finished my lunch I went up to the apartment. I couldn't take it anymore. I knew everyone out there would try to kill me as soon as they had the oppurtunity and that they all would stab each other in the back as soon as they had the oppurtunity. I sat down in the couch and I could here my escort and mentor talking: "She should train", my escort said. She was a very posh Capitol lady. My mentor Capri mumbeled that not everyone was made for the games and that she should leave me alone. It didn't take long until Radiant (D13) came. He sat down beside me while saying: "It's about your sister isn't it". I didn't answer him. "You should train.. I know this must be hard but don't give up now". I looked at him. He seemed nice, but I didn't trust him. "Whatever", I said as I walked to my room. 


Training scores and odds

District Tribute Trainingscore Odds
The Capitol Alceia Winterfloer 4 36-1
The Capitol Julius De Mort 9 6-1
District 1 Victoriana Sylvester 9 5-1
District 1 Rebel Groots 8 9-1
District 2 Ariana Cruz 9 5-1
District 2 Chester Claw 7 9-1
District 3 Rhine Ellery 7 12-1
District 3 Chip Parks 5 25-1
District 4 Nerissa Agnelcha 6 18-1
District 4 Evan Harrison 10 3-1
District 5 Orianna Clockwork 4 37-1
District 5 Frade Spectrus 10 3-1
District 6 Ariadne Ballentine 5 27-1
District 6 Kye Rail 5 25-1
District 7 Jennifer Woods 7 12-1
District 7 Shade Spectrus 10 5-1
District 8 Olympia Valles 5 27-1
District 8 Yoshi Holiday 2 53-1
District 9 Allana Darkbloom 8 9-1
District 9 Noah Bolding 4 38-1
District 10 Xenia Bloodhound 8 10-1
District 10 Toad Jenkins 7 15-1
District 11 Dawn Santorini 6 18-1
District 11 Sevra Faalu 5 25-1
District 12 Alexis Hero 6 18-1
District 12 Justice Reigns 4 35-1
District 13 Eleith Lightstorm 4 39-1
District 13 Radiant Tayz 7 15-1


The Night Before the Games!

Chip Parks, District 3, POV:

Me and Rhine (D3) sat at the table. "Remember", our mentor Dimitria said. "Try to avoid the bloodbath at all costs.  "I do wish you good luck in the arena, don't try to kill eachother, sponsors hates that". "Good night", Rhine said. She seemed kind of sad and I knew why. We both knew we would probably not come out of the Games alive. "Good luck Chip", she said while hugging me good night. "May the odds be ever in your favour, Rhine" I said as she went to her bedroom. "You should get some sleep too, Chip", Dimitria said. "It may be the last night in your life". "Yeah, thanks", I answered and went to my bedroom. I undressed and laid down in the warm and comfy Capitol bed. I thought about the Games. Rhine had allied the Anti-careers. Perhaps that wasn't a dumb idea? After all there was only five careers this year. I had allied the boy from District 6, Kye. He was kind of rude but I think he'll be a good ally. He seemed smart and yeah, I guess we'll do okay if we survive the bloodbath.

Frade Spectrus, District 5, POV:

I laid in the bed but I couldn't fucking sleep! I couldn't stop thinking about the Games. I looked forward to slay all the young adults. Pricks. I've always watched the Games and I really think I'm capable of winning. I am allied with the motherfucking careers! Hah! The only alliance I kind of fear is the fucking anti-careers. They're leaded by my own fucking brother Shade (D7). He's a good fighter but the rest of them seems like weaklings. The Career's is kind of leaded by me and the boy from 4, Evan. Evan is strong and I know he'll make a good fucking leader. The girl from 1 joined us as well, but not her district-partner. He seems like a weird fuck. V, or Victoriana, dosen't look like a typical District 1 tribute. But I've seen her bow skills and they are fucking good! I'm sick of her asking me why I swear so much, so fucking what? That's my fucking choice not hers, I think she could've leraned how to shut the fuck up sometimes. Then there was the girl from 2. She was strong and she's also kind of a fucking threat, well a much bigger threat than V. The last one in our group is Chester (D2). I can't believe why he even volunteered, he's a fucking child for fuck's sake. He's 13! It'll be a cold night in Hell if he wins the whole shit. 

Nerissa Agnelcha, District 4, POV:

I'm in an alliance with Noah (D9). He seem's nice even though he's a little hyper, but who cares? I'm also hyper. Perhaps that's an advantage in the games? Well, my mentor and escort told me to sleep so I guess I'll just close my eyes for a bit. 

Alceia Winterfloer, The Capitol, POV:

I know I'm the best of them all. Even though Julius (C) seem's like a crazy idiot I know I can beat him. I can beat every single one of the tributes, even the Careers. I know I'll win for sure. There are many loners and I know almost all of them will die at the bloodbath. They won't survive like me because they're a bunch of wuzzes. Julius, my district-partner is also a loner. He seems like a pretty screwed up guy and I guess I'll wait for him to get killed. Allana, the girl from 9 is a loner too. She seems like a cruel person and she dosen't really show any emotions at all. Dawn (D11) and Sevra (D11) seemed weak as well as the girl from 13. Yoshi, the rather nice guy from District 8 is the last loner but he seems weak as well. They are all going to die. 

Olympia Valles, District 8, POV:

I'm feeling really tired now and I know I've got to get plenty of sleep before the big day tomorrow. Me and Orianna (D5) are allied and I know we'll make a good pair. We've talked a little and we will try to survive the bloodbath. I kind of fear the Career's and the anti-careers but hopefully they'll target eachother. Oh dear, I feel terrible about even thinking that most of us is going to die...

Xenia Bloodhound, District 10, POV:

I'm with the anti-career's and I know we'll do good. I'm not afraid of killing others, afterall I grew up in a family full of butchers. As soon as I get a weapon I'll try to kill the first one that approaches me. The Anti-Career's really outnumbered the Career's. We were eight people! They were only five! Our leader is Shade (D7). He seem's like an okay person, even though he has a purple and a green eye. He's also very skilled with his weapon of choice. I think he'll make a good leader. The "Co-leader" is his district-partner Jennifer. I'm not really a lesbian or something but damn she's hot. Even the girls would do her if she started seducing you! Toad, my district-partner is also in our alliance. I'm glad his in, 'cause if he wheren't and I killed him at the bloodbath my sponsors would've reacted, or maybe whole of Panem. One does not simply kill her own districtpartner unless forced too. We also had the girl from 3 and the girl from 6. They seemed okay. We also had Radiant from 13. He seemed like an okay fighter as well.

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

I'm allied with my districtpartner Alexis. She seems allright though I haven't spoken that much with her. I don't really like speaking with people but I've made myself clear that I will protect her if she protects me and that I will not betray her.


Day One / Bloodbath

Shade Spectrus, District 7, POV:

"Good bye", I say to my stylist Rocco as I walk into the tube. It seemed that the arena would consist of cold weather, because of the winter clothes. When I came up I saw that I was right. All of us were on a frozen lake and the cornucopia was in the middle on an island. I looked to my left to see if I saw any of my fellow anti-careers. I saw Rebel from District 1 beside the girl from District 12. To my right I saw Kye (D6) and Alceia (C). The only thing I worried about was my satanic little brother. He were the only reason why we should fear the careers. That's the only reason we would run away from the bloodbath. I looked at the time and saw there was 20 seconds left. I started examinating the things in the Cornucopia. Sleeping bags, weapons, backpacks, bags, crates and much more just laid there on the ground, or the ice, and waited for tributes to grab them. I looked at the seconds left and saw there was 14 seconds left. 

14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG

Allana Darkbloom, District 9, POV:

I start running. I know what I want. I want the knives. When I get there I suddenly feels that my feets looses the contact with the ground and I'm falling backwards. Fucking ice.. As I start getting up I suddenly sees the Capitolboy running towards me with an axe in his hands. I get up, but I don't have chance; He jumps over me and pushes the axe into my abdomen. He then takes his hands and rips out my guts. I watch in horror and It hurts as hell! I close my eyes knowing I'm the first to fall

Frade Spectrus, District 5, POV:

I grab a dagger and looks for tributes to kill. I see the boy from the Capitol fleeing away, I will never catch up with him. I run over to the boy from 11. I try to jump over him but he easiley dodge me and runs away.. I failed. I turn around and then I see something interesting. One of the members of my brothers alliance sits on the icy ground and goes through a crate. Her jacket has a 6 on it so I guess it's the District 6 female. I run over to her and tap her on the shoulder. She turns around and is greeted by my dagger to her face. I get up and then I finally see the fucker I've been looking for; My own fucking brother. I jump over him and pins him to the ground, or ice. "Hello, brother", I say with a calm yet cheerful voice. "You got me brother, what are you going to do now", he says. "Oh, I won't kill you my dear brother. I'll just fucking hurt you a little", I say while grinning evily. I take my knife and cuts an x in his forehead. "Now you're marked. Next time you're dead". I let go of him and runs away to his alliance

Noah Bolding, District 9, POV:

"Come on", I shout to my partner Nerissa (D4) as she grabs a bag. "What took you so long", I ask as we start to run for the forest. Suddenly Nerissa (D4) falls to the ground. She has a knife sticking out of her bag. "Are you allright", I ask as I start helping her up. "It hurts but I'm not dead", she says. Just when I turn around I look directly at the District 4 male's chest. I back off a little and I see that the girl from 1 is standing behind us. "Finnish her off", the guy from 4 says and Victoriana (D1) takes up a knife and stab Nerissa (D4) straight in her head. "Now little boy, how would you like to die", Evan (D4) asks me while grinning. Knowing I don't have chance I answer: "As quickly as possible, dipshit". He swings his sword towards my neck and then everything became black.

Radiant Tayz, District 13, POV:

I'm standing near the woods on the back of the Cornucopia with Shade (D7), Jennifer (D7), Toad (D10) and Rebel (D1). Since Toad was the last to get here I ask him: "Toad! Where's the others". "I don't know. I saw Rhine (D3) a couple of seconds before I got here", Toad says. "Yeah, and the Ariadne is dead", Jennifer says. "I saw your brother killing him", she says and looks at Shade. "That bastard! Look what he did to my forehead", he says and shows off a large x cut into his skin. Suddenly Xenia (D10) comes running. "Rhine (D3) is on her way to", she says. Suddenly Rhine comes and we starts to get out in the woods. "Ouch, oh god", Rhine (D3) suddenly shouts. And right after that she collapses on the snow dying with knives in her back. We can barely see the guy running away. "His jacket says 8", Xenia (D10) says. "The guy from 8", I say. "That can't be, he only got a 2 as training score", I say. "So that means he can't throw a knife", Xenia (D10) says. "Perhaps he had a bad day at the individual training or the judges didn't really pay any attention", I say as we head further into the forest. "We lost two", Shade (D7) says, "may their soul's rest in peace". 

Chester Claws, District 2, POV:

I look out for tributes to kill when I suddenly spot the girl from 5 and the girl from 8. Knowing they are the last one's in at the cornucopia they start to run. I throw my spear into the back of the girl with 5 on her jacket and the 8 girl runs away. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The cannons signalize the end of the bloodbath.

Victoriana Sylvester, District 1, POV:

The career's sits inside of the Cornucopia and we have set up a fire and we're making cocoa and warming up hot dogs. The anthem starts playing and the five of us heads out 

The Fallen

District 3 - Rhine Ellery

District 4 - Nerissa Agnelcha

District 5 - Orianna Clockwork

District 6 - Ariadne Ballentine

District 9 - Allana Darkbloom

District 9 - Noah Bolding

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
28th Allana Darkbloom 9 Julius De Mort C 1
27th Ariadne Ballentine 6 Frade Spectrus 5 1
26th  Nerissa Agnelcha 4 Victoriana Sylvester 1 1
25th Noah Bolding 9 Evan Harrison 4 1
24th Rhine Ellery 3 Yoshi Holiday 8 1
23rd Orianna Clockwork 5 Chester Claws 2 1

Day 1/Bloodbath Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 9 are now dead
  • Only 6 persons died and only one of them were a male
  • Julius (C) seems to be a sadist because of the way he kills Allana.
  • Frade (D5) dosen't kill Shade (D7) even though he has the chance
  • The Anti-Careers now consists of "only" 6 tributes
  • Olympia (D8) is now a loner because of Orianna's death
  • Both tributes from districts Capitol, 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13 are still alive.
  • There's 22 tributes remaining.


Day 2

Alexis Hero, District 12, POV:

"I found one", Justice (D12) yelled out. "Really", I said quite shocked. I didn't really expect us to find a cave that early. We had only been searching for approximatley an hour. He smiled and started digging away the snow that was in the way. "You shouldn't do that", I said nervously, "people may find our tracks". He looked at me with an odd expression "Oh god. I didn't even think about that". I smiled to him and we started "moving" in to our new "home". As soon as we sat down we shared some food that we had grabbed and started talking about how life was back home in District 12. We both knew eachother back there, we even used to be in the same class. I didn't really notice Justice (D12) that much until he was reaped. We had talked together back home in some occasions but he wasn't really talkactive. I don't know but I had a feeling that the other boys used to be mean to him. I had started liking him, 'cause he was a really nice guy. While I was talking about what I used to do back home he suddenly frowned. He quickly grabbed one of his knives and threw it towards me. I closed my eyes immediatley. BOOM! Wait.. Was I dead now? Did he really kill his only ally? I opened my eyes and looked at him. "We had an intruder", he said while pointing at the body of a girl laying on the ground. I started crying and hugged him. "Yeah, I know I saved your life but we have to get her out of here", he said. He was really a weird yet cold boy.

Olympia Valles, District 8, POV:

I freezed immediatley after the first cannon. Who would die next? Who had just died? I pulled myself together and started walking once again. My only ally Orianna from District 5 had been killed by a career yesterday and I knew that the longer I walked the longer would I distance myself from careers and other tributes. "Are you in a rush sweetie". I turned around while the voice from behind started laughing. The boy from the Capitol, Julius, stood there with an axe in his hands and he smiled. He seemed like a sick person. "Yeah, if you don't mind I wan't to get the heck out of here", I said pretending to be careless that he was ready to kill me. "You ain't going anywhere. You're staying here", he said still smiling. He raised his axe above his head and yelled: "I'll give my District a really nice show. This is for the Capitol!!!". Now I couldn't pretend to be careless. "Listen! I could help you! We could be allies". He laughed and threw a throwing axe in my stomach. I felt down on the cold snow. He kneeled down next to me and whispered: "This will be a little painful". Then everything turned black. BOOM!

Kye Rail, District 6, POV:

Me and Chip (D3) had found a cave and I helped Chip bury mines when we suddenly heard some noise. "Hide", he whispered and we ran into the cave. Suddenly we saw who was walking and Chip (D3) started talking about what would happend if they saw us. "Relax dude, they don't see us". He used to overreact a lot. We watched as the careers walked away. "You need to keep your mouth shut", I yelled to him. "Next time they might hear us". 

Xenia Bloodhound, District 10, POV: 

We all sat around while Shade (D7) explained his plan. "Okay, well, since I'm the leader I guess I'll be making decisions", he said. Everyone nodded. "My plan is that we'll head further into the forest, to avoid the careers". "Avoid?", Toad (D10) said, "We should kill them. They will most likely try to kill us". "I've got a better idea", Shade (D7) said, "We'll catch them". "Why", I said and I could see Radiant (D13) nodding as well. "We should get rid of them as soon as possible", Jennifer (D7) said. "I think I'll have to agree with Jennifer", Rebel (D1) said. "Nono! You don't see what I see", Shade said. Everyone shut up and looked at him. "What is it to see", Radiant said, "I don't want to get killed". "Unlike the careers we actually have hearts. A lot of us are from poor districts and we're raised with a heart. If we capture them, we don't only show the whole of Panem how human we are; We also humiliate the Careers". Everyone started smiling. BOOM! Everyone freezed and saw Rebel (D1) laying in the snow with a crossbow arrow in his back. We got up and grabbed our weapons. "Careers", Radiant screamed and pointed at the boy from 5 who aimed with his crossbow. "RUN", Shade screamed. We can't fight them now! Just run away, they're not really good runners". I started running along with everyone else, but when we ran away from them we noticed not only Rebel was missing. There was also one more person missing.

Victoriana Sylvester, District 1, POV:

I watched as the girl from 7 laid in the snow in front of us with an arrow in the knee. Frade (D5) who obviously was considered as more of a leader than Evan (D4) stood in front of her. "Please don't kill me", she begged. "Oh, fuck, you're so beautiful.. Perhaps this girl should join us", he asked. I watched as all the guys nodded. I knew what was happening and it's called "girl-power". This girl was really beautiful and sexy so there was no way the guys would want her dead. I aimed with my knife and threw one in her head. BOOM! "I'm sorry guys, but this girl was dangerous, even though she was sexy."

Sevra Faalu, District 11, POV:

I was just finished carving a taunting message into a tree when the anthem started playing. I looked up in the sky and hoped that some of the guys had died. Way to many girls had died so far.

The Fallen

District 1 - Rebel Groots

District 7 - Jennifer Woods

District 8 - Olympia Valles

District 11 - Dawn Santorini

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
22nd Dawn Santorini 11 Justice Reigns 12 2
21st Olympia Valles 8 Julius De Mort Capitol 2
20th Rebel Groots 1 Frade Spectrus 5 2
19th Jennifer Woods 7 Victoriana Sylvester 1 2

Day 2 Trivia

  • 4 tributes died
  • Both tributes from Capitol, District 2, District 10, District 12 and District 13 are still alive
  • Alexis (D12) and Justice (D12) stays in a cave
  • Kye (D6) and Chip (D6) is also staying in a cave
  • The Anti-careers lost two members
  • Jennifer (D7) is almost accepted into the careers just because she's hot.
  • Sevra (D11) points out that way to many girls has died and this is actually true; only 6 out of 14 girls are still alive, this means that 9 out of 11 tributes killed is girls.
  • There's 18 tributes remaining.


Day 3

Chip Parks, District 3, POV:

"At least the boy from 1 died yesterday", Kye (D6) said while eating some crackers. "Yeah, the hot girl from District 7 as well", I said. "Yeah.. It's a shame she was reaped. Anyways the boy from 1 wasn't really a career was he", Kye asked. "No.. He joined the big alliance", I said. "Anyways, what's the plan today", I asked him. "Stay in here as long as we have enough food and water". I guess we're staying out of sight then.

Chester Claws, District 2, POV:

We walked through the heavy snow. It wasn't deep, but you still got tired after walking through the snow. Frade (D5) and Ariana (D2) always thought about going hunting for other tributes; and I didn't really mind that. Evan (D4) and V (D1) was kind of in love and they always held eachother's hands. That's very unprofessional considering them both as careers but who was I to judge. After a little while Frade said: "Let's rest, for fuck's sake, I'm tired". I wasn't really very sensitive about people swearing, but this guy sweared all the time. I sat down in the snow and drank a little water. I recognized this place; It was the same place where we killed the girl from District 7 and the boy from 1 yesterday. Suddenly a large net fell down on us and the anti-careers ran in front of us. "We got them", the boy from 13 said. Fuck.. We were now captured by a group of unprofessional tributes which consisted of the boy from 13, Frade's (D5) brother Shade (D7), Xenia, the girl from 10, and the boy from 10. Frade (D5) didn't hesitate; He cut out a hole with his dagger and Evan (D4) started doing the same. "They're escaping", the boy from 10 yelled while the 13 boy threw his spear towards Frade (D5). Frade dodged it and threw his dagger which landed straight in the District 13 male's forehead. BOOM!

Ariana Cruz, District 2, POV: 

I had lost my weapon and I was trapped under the net so I couldn't do anything to help my fellow career's. Evan (D4) and Frade (D5) was out of the net and Shade (D7) yelled to the tributes from 10; "We have to get out of here". Evan (D4) threw his trident hitting Shade (D7) in the leg. He fell down. "Shaaaaaade", the boy from 10 yelled. "Take Xenia (D10) and get the hell out of here, Toad (D10)", he yelled back. They ran away. Shade yelled in pain while throwing his dagger hitting Evan (D4) in the chest. He looked confused while collapsing at the ground. BOOM! I heard V (D1) starting to cry and I felt kind of bad for her, but she was the one dumb enough to fall in love in the Hunger Games. Frade walked towards his brother while smiling. "You won't get away this time, brother", he said. He loaded his crossbow and shot Shade in the heart. BOOM! 

Alceia Winterfloer, The Capitol, POV:

I had seen it all happend and I did everything to remain hidden. Frade (D5) helped the rest of the career's out and they ran away. Yuppi!! This meant I would get a lot of stuff from the dead tributes!

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

"The anthem will start any minute", Alexis (D12) said. "Okay, let's go outside and check who died, but we have to be careful and silent", I said as we left the cave. We had checked that the cave had no other exits and when we got out we looked at the sky.

The Fallen

District 4 - Evan Harrison

District 7 - Shade Spectrus

District 13 - Radiant Tayz

Place Tribute District Killer District Day
18th Radiant Tayz 13 Frade Spectrus 5 3
17th Evan Harrison 4 Shade Spectrus 7 3
16th Shade Spectrus 7 Frade Spectrus 5 3

Day 3 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 4 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 7 are now dead
  • Both tributes from Capitol, District 2, District 10 and District 12 are still alive.
  • Xenia (D10) and Toad (D10) are the last tributes alive in the Anti-Career's alliance
  • The Career's lost their first tribute (Evan, D4)
  • Shade's (D7) plan failed, which cost him and Radiant (D13) their lives.
  • Frade (D5) killed his own brother.


Day 4

Eleith Lightstorm, District 13, POV:

A lot of people had died recently and I knew I could also end up dead, therefore I would start looking for somewhere to hide. After walking for approixmatley 30 minutes I saw a cave. I waited to see if I could hear or see anybody but it seemed like the cave was empty. I held my sword tight as I approached the cave. BOOM! I felt down to the ground and starting crying because of the pain. I heard someone running out of the cave. Chip, the boy from District 3 and the boy from 6 came to the entrance to the cave. "It seems like you caught a thief, Chip", the 6 male said and then he threw a knife in my head. BOOM!

Alexis Hero, District 12, POV:

One cannon had been fired today so that meant another tribute had died. I had decided I would leave Justice (D12) when only 10 tributes were left so that meant that four more people had to die. Justice (D12) sat on his sleepingbag and ate an apple. "Want one", he asked while chewing on his. "No thanks", I said and headed for the exit. I looked out at the snow and the bushes. Suddenly I spotted something which I knew was new. Footprints. The size of them revealed that they were made by a male tribute. Suddenly something grabbed my food and made me trip. Immediatley a person jumped over me and put his hand over my throat. I identified him as the Capitol male. "I know your district-partner is in there with you", he whispered while smiling, "that's why I'm holding my hand over your mouth". He had pinned me to the ground/snow and I tried to get loose but I didn't manage it. "Normally I would've listened to your screams as I tortured you", he whispered while laughing. Suddenly he stopped smiling and opened up his eyes. He then fell down on my chest and I saw Justice (D12) looking at me with his bloody sword in his hands. BOOM! "You're welcome", he said while smiling a little.

Alceia Winterfloer, The Capitol, POV:

Tonight I had camped in a tree right at the place I found all the supplies yesterday. I had to find myself a cave where I could camp. BOOM! I looked around and I didn't really see anyone so I guess the tribute that died wasn't really close. After a little while I finally spotted a cave but I was furious when I saw the tributes from District 10 coming out of it. I needed to come up with a plan.. I could try to kill them but I wasn't really that good with the bow. Then I got an idea. A really good idea; it was risky, but worth the shot. I would shoot an arrow; killing one of them and then try to copy the voice of the girl from 2 and pretending to be yelling to the other careers, so the lart person would be scared and run away. It was worth a shot. I aimed with my bow and looked at the two tributes; Which one of them should I kill, and which one of them should I spare? I decided I would kill the girl 'cause she did better than the boy at the individual training. I aimed and I let go of the arrow. It flew through the air and hit the girl right in the head. BOOM! The boy raised his dagger and looked around confused. "Hey, Frade! I killed one of them, the other one ran inside that cave", I yelled trying to sound like the girl from 2. The boy looked around and quickly ran away. Wohoo!

Yoshi Holiday, District 8, POV:

It had started to get dark and I knew the careers was still out hunting for tributes; 'cause I could hear them. I didn't really wan't to act like a coward but I knew I had to hide; 'cause these guys were killing machine; and I was only a weakling from District 8. I sat high up in a tree when I saw the girl from District 2 walking by. I looked around but I couldn't see anybody so I took I chance; I threw a knife at her. BOOM! I quickly jumped down from the tree and ran away. That was way too easy. 

Frade Spectrus, District 5, POV:

A lot of people had died today and we had also lost a someone. Ariana (D2) had been killed by an unknown killer. I guess it was one of those fucking pricks from District 10. Fuck them! We didn't kill a single tribute and that didn't fucking help.. "I've gotta go to the bathroom", V (D1) said. I had been comforting her all the fucking day 'cause her boyfriend died yesterday. She walked away and then the anthem started playing. "Listen Frade! It's the anthem", Chester (D2) said. "Shut the fuck up and look at the people who died", I yelled.

The Fallen

The Capitol - Julius De Mort

District 2 - Ariana Cruz

District 10 - Xenia Bloodhound

District 11 - Sevra Faalu

District 13 - Eleith Lightstorm

Placed Tribute District Killer District Day
15th Eleith Lightstorm 13 Kye Rail 6 4
14th Julius De Mort The Capitol Justice Reigns 12 4
13th Sevra Faalu 11 mutts - 4
12th Xenia Bloodhound 10 Alceia Winterfloer The Capitol 4
11th Ariana Cruz 2 Yoshi Holiday 8 4

Day 4 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 13 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 11 are now dead
  • Chip's (D3) mines are working
  • Sevra's (D11) death isn't known until the The Fallen are shown
  • Alceia (C) is quite smart; being able to fool Toad (D10)
  • Toad (D10) is the last Anti-Career
  • Frade (D5) and Chester (D2) are the last Career's 
  • Victoriana has left the Careers
  • There's 10 tributes remaining


Day 5!

Frade Spectrus, District 5, POV:

"Are you fucking ready", I asked Chester (D2) as I started poisoning the food that was left. Both of us had filled up our backpacks and we were ready to get fullfill our plan. "Yes, sir. I found some more mines", Chester said. "Allright, you go over there and I'll put some fucking mines here", I commanded and pointed in the direction where I wanted Chester to go. "You activate them by pushing the red button", I said as he walked away. Our plan was to blow up the ice surrounding the Cornucopia so people would have difficulties to get there. If they were desperate enough to swim in the icy cold water there was poisoned food waiting for them. Haha, I am truly a motherfucking evil fucking genius. I started placing the mines on the ice. "AAAAHHH! FUCK YOU", a familiar voice said and I started running in Chester's direction. When I got there I saw what I had feared; Chester was laying on his back in the bloody snow surrounding him. "Fraaade", he whispered. "Saave me". "Who did this to you", I asked. "Come on, get the first aid kit in my back", Chester said. I easily saw that he was done for. "Who fucking did this to you! And I'm not helping you 'cause you're already fucking dead you fucking moron", I yelled. "The District 10 boy", Chester said as he shut his eyes. BOOM! Shit! I guess the anti-careers got their revenge..

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

Just as the first cannon went off Alexis (D12) called for me inside of the cave. I walked in and I was surprised when I saw her holding the Capitol girl by her collar. "Listen! If you let me go I promise not to come back", she said. "And why would we believe you", Alexis said. "I was just searching for food! I'm sorry! I didn't wan't to starve", the girl yelled and I could tell she was frighten. "Shut your mouth you lousy thief", Alexis yelled and threw her to the ground while raising her sword. "Hey! Don't kill her in here", I yelled. We grabbed the girl and carried her outside of our cave. "Please don't kill me", she cried out with her awful Capitol-accent. "Hold her down", Alexis said. I held her down. BOOM! Alexis decapicated her. Damn.. I felt like I were in the middle of an execution.

Chip Parks, District 3, POV:

Me and Kye (D6) ran away from the burning tree and towards the Cornucopia. "Look Chip! There's noone there", Kye yelled out in excitement. "Stop", I yelled and Kye stopped. "This is quite odd.. Look over there", I said and pointed at the snow. "It seems like someone laid here", Kye said while looking at the snow. "Yeah, there's blood to. Which have to mean that someone died and was picked up by a hovercraft", I said. "Damn.. you're smart", Kye said. This had to mean that the place was empty, but before i was able to tell Kye I saw a boy coming out of the woods; Frade (D5)... "Dude! Run! That's Frade and I don't want him to see us", I whispered and me and Kye started running but it was to late; he had already seen us. "Stop for fuck's sake", he yelled, "you're two and I'm one you fucking cowards". "Just keep on running, Chip", Kye said. We both knew that Frade were the strongest tribute of the careers except for the boy from 4. While running we finally saw a cave. "Let's hide in here", Kye yelled. "Are you mad", I asked but he turned left and ran for the cave. Nice being in an alliance with you dumbass I thought as I continued running. I knew that the last thing I wanted to do was to enter a cave; unless it was the same as me and Kye had been camping in. 

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

I was surprised when Kye, the boy from 6 suddenly turned up in our cave. He was exhausted and he laid down on the ground. I swung my sword right into his belly. BOOM! Alexis who had watched the whole thing said: "How come our cave became so popular". I started giggling a little and then got serious. "Let's dump this guy outside along with the Capitol girl". I grabbed the boys shoulders and Alexis grabbed his feet and we carried him out. We laid his body next to the Capitol girl and started walking back inside. BOOM! "What was that", I said and turned around to see Alexis laying dead in the snow with a throwing knife in the back of her head. I held my sword tightly and ran back inside of the cave. Should I stay here, or should I follow the sign and leave while I'm still alive??

Victoriana Sylvester, District 1, POV:

I sat high up in the tree and smiled as I thought about the day. 4 tributes had died and I had gotten one more kill; The District 12 girl. The sad part was that her district-partner ran inside of the cave they where camping at so I didn't get the chance to kill him as well. The anthem started playing and I looked up in the sky

The Fallen

The Capitol - Alceia Winterfloer

District 2 - Chester Claws

District 6 - Kye Rail

District 12 - Alexis Hero

Placing Tribute District Killer District Day
10th Chester Claws 2 Toad Jenkins 10 5
9th Alceia Winterfloer Capitol Alexis Hero 12 5
8th Kye Rail 6 Justice Reigns 12 5
7th Alexis Hero 12 Victoriana Sylvester 1 5

Day 5 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 2 are now dead
  • Both tributes from The Capitol are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 6 are now dead
  • Frade (D5) never completed his plan; 'cause he used the whole day chasing Toad (D10), Kye (D6) and Chip (D3)
  • It's unknown if Chip (D3) is still chased by Frade (D5) or if he got away
  • Chip (D3) and Kye's (D6) plan didn't succeed because of Frade (D5)
  • It's revealed that Victoriana (D1) killed Alexis (D12)
  • 4 tributes died
  • There's 6 tributes remaining


Day 6!

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

I had been hiding in my cave for about 10 hours now. I started thinking about getting out but I knew V (D1) could be there waiting for me. I decided to stay in the shadows and hide for the rest of the day; It may be boring but at least I didn't risk my life like everyone else did. I couldn't stop thinking about poor Alexis (D12) who died yesterday. Well, she had to die eventually, at least I wasn't forced to kill her to be able if we had survived to be the final two tributes standing. People may think what I do now is cowardly done; but hey! I didn't choose to enter these Games; My escort pulled out my name from the reaping ball. I hugged my sword and hoped that V (D1) wouldn't go look for me inside the cave.

Toad Jenkins, District 10, POV:

I ran as fast as I could to find a hiding place but I immediatley stopped when I saw a cave. I was thinking of going inside when I rememberred that everyone would find shelter inside a cave and I couldn't risk my life to check out if it was empty. What I could do, on the other hand, was climbing up a tree quite near the cave so I could try kill the tribute who where hiding there (If there was any). I started looking up in the trees and I was quite surprised when I saw the girl from 1 sitting on a branch and looking in the direction of the cave. She hadn't seen me because she had her back against me. I felt the adrenalin pump inside as I raised my throwing knife. This girl was a career and this meant that she was way more skilled than me; a simple boy from District 10. I had to hit the target; If I missed she would turn around and throw a knife at me; and the odds were high that she would hit at her first attempt. I was thinking about slowly backing away but I knew she could hear me.. I felt more of the adrenalin and threw the knife at her. I missed. She quickly turned around and grinned at me. "Having a bad day, Anti-career", she said. I threw another knife but once again I missed. "Do you think you're going to kill me", she asked. She threw a knife and hit me in the foot. I fell down in the snow and saw her jumping down from the branch she was sitting on. She walked towards me and I crawled backwards. "I was actually going to kill Mr. District 12 who's hiding in the cave here, but I guess you're a nice kill as well", she said. "Please", I begged, "I.. I... I need to tell you something before you kill me". She started laughing. "Yeah, like you've got a huge crush on me or I should let you live because you won't make it anyways". I grabbed another knife and threw it at her and I hit her in the neck. BOOM! I leaned myself over her dead body and said; "No, I wanted to tell you that I always hit my target at my third try, bitch".

Yoshi Holiday, District 8, POV:

I sat high up in a tree when something interesting caught my eye. Chip, the boy from 3, sat down right beneath my tree and he had a lot of unactivated mines in his hands. "It's Yoshi time", I thought while raising a throwing knife. I aimed and it hit the boy right in the head. BOOM! What's up with me getting the easiest kills? I climbed down and took his things. "What should do with all these mines", I thought while looking at the dead boy.

Frade Spectrus, District 5, POV:

That little fucker from 3 had fooled me into the forrest and then ran to the Cornucopia and grabbed my mines. Fuck him! Two people had died today and I was surprised when I heard the gamemakers voice: "Greetings tributes. It seems like this years winner will be a male tribute. There's now four of you left and we all got a little surprise for you. There will be a feast tomorrow; Those of you who don't show up within an hour will be killed by mutts. I will announce the feast tomorrow and the feast will take place at the Cornucopia. Mentor's are also sending you all warm soup and soda. May the odds be ever in your favour, tributes". Fuck yeah! This meant that V (D1) was killed today! I fucking hated that bitch so this was the greatest news I could imagine. I hoped Yoshi (D8) or Chip (D3) where the other tribute to die; Yoshi because he was a threat and Chip (D3) because he was a fucking asshole. This meant I had to get away from the Cornucopia. I camped quite near it and ate my soup. The anthem started playing and Iooked up in the sky!

The Fallen

District 1 - Victoriana Sylvester

District 3 - Chip Parks

Placed Tribute District Killer District Day
6th Victoriana Sylvester 1 Toad Jenkins 10 6
5th Chip Parks 3 Yoshi Holiday 8 6

Day 6 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 1 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 3 are now dead
  • There will be a feast tomorrow
  • There's no more females left
  • There's 4 tributes remaining: Frade from District 5, Yoshi from District 8, Toad from District 10 and Justice from District 12


Day 7!

Toad Jenkins, District 10, POV:

I woke up by the anthem starting to play. Yesterday I got bandage and medicine along with my soup and my leg felt fine now. I was lucky yesterday, I was very close to getting killed by V (D1). "Dear tributes.. The feast has started, but this ain't a regular feast. Each one of you will go back to your first encounter with the arena. That's right tributes; to your old tribute templates. If you're not there within an hour you will get killed" Oh no! This had to mean there would be a second bloodbath!! "If you meet another tribute on your way to the Cornucopia you're not allowded to kill him. You can bring whatever you like to the Cornucopia 'cause there will be no weapons there. And when everyone reaches the Cornucopia there will be a countdown, if anyone try to injure or kill another tribute before the countdown reaches zero you will die a certain death. You all got one hour. May the odds be ever in your favour". This meant I would have to fight Frade (D5), Yoshi (D8) and Justice (D12). This was really not what I hoped for.

Frade Spectrus, District 5, POV:

I left my camp and grabbed my weapons and went over to my template. This really sucked... I hoped some of the others would attack Yoshi (D8) 'cause he was like my biggest threat. I sat down on my template and sighed. After a little while Yoshi came. "Where's the others", He said. "How the hell should I know. I'm just hoping for them trip, or faint or anything that may make them delayed". "Oh, is the big brutal career afraid of tributes from 10 and 12", Yoshi said while grinning to me. "I swear if I could I would kill you right now you fucking cunt", I said while giving him one of my psychotic smiles, "But I will do whatever the Capitol want's me to do 'cause they are our fucking savours". "Dude.. Whatever you say wierdo". 

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

When I reached the Cornucopia everyone were there. I looked at the others and I didn't really know what to do at all.. "Everyone get up at your tribute templates. The countdown will start in 30 seconds". I ran over to my old one and I was ammused with being stationed alone. Toad (D10) was also stationed alone but Frade (D5) and Yoshi (D8) where really close to eachother. The voice started counting down and I prepared myself to attack. I would go for Toad (D10).

Yoshi Holiday, District 8, POV:

As soon as the countdown started I grabbed my backpack and started activating my mines. I got myself ready to throw them whenever the lady said zero. "Zero". I threw a mine at the ice. I knew what I were doing. I would surround myself with mines. I saw Justice (D12) running towards Toad (D10) and Frade (D5) freezed when he saw what I was doing. Hah, I bet he didn't think about me doing that! Suddenly I freezed when he took out his crossbow. Fuck!! I hadn't thought about people having long distance weapons. He fired a shot and it hit me in the shoulder. "Ahhh", I screamed as I fell backwards. I looked behind me and saw myself falling directly onto a mine. I screamed as the mine came closer and closer to my face. BOOM!

Toad Jenkins, District 10, POV:

Justice were just about to stab me with the sword when the first death was confirmed. He quickly turned his head around and I kicked him in the stomach causing him to land on his back some meters in front of me. I looked over at the place where the first person had died and saw Frade (D5) running towards us. Why didn't he run into the woods? Just when I thought about that I saw the entire forrest was filled with bearmutts. Suddenly I saw that Frade didn't run towards us to kill us; He simply tried to outrun the the ice collapsing beneath his feet.

Frade Spectrus, District 5, POV: 

I tried to run but I knew it was hopeless. I felt the ice collapse beneath my feet and it didn't take long until I was completly wet. As soon as I hit the water it felt like thousand knives hitting me at once. I swimmed towards the surface and I was kind of happy when I saw that Justice and Toad was in the water as well. I started swimming towards the Cornucopia which was still standing due to it being on a little island. the only problem was that the water was cold, and Justice and Toad where still in front of me. 

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

I swam up to the surface and gasped for air. The only thing I thought about now was to get to the Cornucopia. I started swimming as fast as I could and I got up from the water. My only problem was that I had lost my sword when the ice breaked. I looked at the water and saw Frade (D5) swimming towards Toad (D10). Toad looked really scared. I ran inside and started looking for a weapon. I was sad when I didn't find one. I turned around and looked at the tributes in the water. Toad was swimming towards the Cornucopia and I could see he had a dagger. "You're not getting away, fucker", Frade yelled at him. Suddenly the ground started shaking and out of nowhere a huge sea-monster turned up right where Frade was swimming and pulled him down beyond the surface

Toad Jenkins, District 10, POV:

As watched the huge monster pulling Frade down I knew it was time to get the fuck out of the water. BOOM! Frade's death were confirmed and I knew either me or Justice would be the victor of these Games. I swam towards the Cornucopia but Justice stood there waiting for me. "I may not have a weapon, but I sure know how to kick", he said while standing near the water. I swam close to him and started getting up but he kicked me in the head and I fell down in the water. I could also see the sea-monster approaching from behind. Then I rememberred my throwing knives. I had to keep it hit. If I missed I knew I would die. Just as I threw my knife I felt the seamonster biting my leg and pulling me down in the cold water. BOOM!

Justice Reigns, District 12, POV:

Just as the sea-monster grabbed Toad's leg I saw his knife flying towards me, but I couldn't do anything.. It hit me in the head and falled down in the water.

Toad Jenkins, District 10, POV: 

I woke up on a bed. "Where am I", I asked a man wearing white clothes. "Are you God". "You are in the Capitol and congratulations with winning the 223rd Annual Hunger Games", the man responded. I couldn't believe what I heard! I thought I was dead!!!

Placed Tribute District Killer District Kills Day
28th Allana Darkbloom 9 Julius De Mort Capitol 0 1
27th Ariadne Ballentine 6 Frade Spectrus 5 0 1
26th Nerissa Agnelcha 4 Victoriana Sylvester 1 0 1
25th Noah Bolding 9 Evan Harrison 4 0 1
24th Rhine Ellery 3 Yoshi Holiday 8 0 1
23rd Orianna Clockwork 5 Chester Claws 2 0 1
22nd Dawn Santorini 11 Justice Reigns 12 0 2
21st Olympia Valles 8 Julius De Mort Capitol 0 2
20th Rebel Groots 1 Frade Spectrus 5 0 2
19th Jennifer Woods 7 Victoriana Sylvester 1 0 2
18th Radiant Tayz 13 Frade Spectrus 5 0 3
17th Evan Harrison 4 Shade Spectrus 7 1; D9M 3
16th Shade Spectrus 7 Frade Spectrus 5 1; D4M 3
15th Eleith Lightstorm 13 Kye Rail 6 0 4
14th Julius De Mort Capitol Justice Reigns 12 2; D8F, D9F 4
13th Sevra Faalu 11 mutts - 0 4
12th Xenia Bloodhound 10 Alceia Winterfloer Capitol 0 4
11th Ariana Cruz 2 Yoshi Holiday 8 0 4
10th Chester Claws 2 Toad Jenkins 10 1; D5F 5
9th Alceia Winterfloer Capitol Alexis Hero 12 1; D10F 5
8th Kye Rail 6 Justice Reigns 12 1; D13F 5
7th Alexis Hero 12 Victoriana Sylvester 1 1; CF 5
6th Victoriana Sylvester 1 Toad Jenkins 10 3; D4F, D7F, D12F 6
5th Chip Parks 3 Yoshi Holiday 8 0 6
4th Yoshi Holiday 8 Frade Spectrus 5 3; D2F, D3F, D3M, 7
3rd Frade Spectrus 5 Sea-monster mutt - 5: D1M, D6F, D7M, D8M, D13M 7
2nd Justice Reigns 12 Toad Jenkins 10 3; CM, D6M, D11F 7
1st Toad Jenkins 10 - - 3; D1F, D2M, D12M

Placing District Female Placing Male Placing
14th District 9 28th 25th
13th District 4 26th 17th
12th District 7 19th 16th
11th District 13 15th 18th
10th District 11 22nd 11th
9th District 2 11th 10th
8th The Capitol 9th 14th
7th District 6 27th 8th
6th District 1 6th 20th
5th District 3 24th 5th
4th District 8 21st 4th
3rd District 5 23rd 3rd
2nd District 12 7th 2nd
1st District 10 12th VICTOR



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