Welcome to the 224th Annual Hunger Games

I am currently writing the another Hunger Games but I'm opening these for tributes now.


1. These games is not decided by, so make those tributes interesting

2. If you wan't your tribute to survive: Read the "Advice"-part!

3. Four (4) tributes per user (Only one career and one tribute per district) 

4. If you've used a tribute in my previous Games, the tribute will not be accepted

5. I do accept tributes from your profile (as long as you tell which one to use)

6. I  will accept tributes from the roleplay wiki

7. I will do Group training and the Games. I will not do reapings as I really hate writing them.

8. I will be needing 28 tributes (Capitol and 13  included, no D0 or D14)

9. Please submit at least one tribute :-)

Advicing your tribute!

You are your own tributes mentor, and you are the one responsible for advicing him/her/them. Tell them what to do, tell them how to behave, tell them anything you can to help your tribute being the victor. The positive thing about giving your tribute advice is that it automatically makes him/her survive as long as there still tributes that didn't get their advice

You should advice your tributes after each day (In the games)

How do I know when you're going to update?: Don't worry; each time I update I'll write in the comments (Because then you can see how long ago I posted) and don't worry about timezones; I use to set the limit for 24 hours, or if I know I've got plenty to do the day after I update I usually give you more than 24 hours.

Will everyone have to wait 24 hours if everyone submitted advice? No, if every living tribute got advice I'll start writing whenever I wanna.

Can I give my tribute stuff through advices?: No, but if you write something you want to give to them I might feel like giving them. (Usually not)

I can't mentor my own tribute because of ... Can my friend mentor for me? If you tell me about it; Yes.

How long should my advice be? I don't care as long as it's not a book and not like this: "to d1 girl. kill evry1 and survive"

This is a typical advice: 

"Lilith: Lilith you have to talk with Colossal. He does not trust Shark and you should also not trust Shark. He is dangerous. I think that Shark will leave with Thekoth, but ignore it. But stay vigiliant!! They can attack you when they are leaving. I think that they are leaving in the night so do not sleep und be ready for an attack. But when they are not attack so ignore it. You have to stay with Colossal he is strong and trustworthy. Protect him."

Advice Trivia:

  • Your tribute will automaticly survive if you send advice
  • Give your tribute(s) advice after each day in the Games
  • Usually you'll get 24 hours (or more)
  • I may update before if everyone advice their tribute
  • You can write down a gift you want to give the tribute, I'll let the tribute have it if I feel like giving it to them
  • A friend can mentor for you; as long as you tell me
  • Tell your tribute where to go, what to do, etc.
  • Start sending in Bloodbath advice after I'm done with the training!!

May the odds be ever in your favor, mentors!


Tribute Template

Name: Be creative

Gender: Male or female

Age: 12 to 18

District: List three districts, in case some of them is taken

Weapon: one or two.. Normal weapons; please

Personality: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Appearance: (Please do not write a book, only words will be fine)

Alliance: Careers, anti-careers, districtpartner, loner or others

Extra's: Do your tribute swear a lot or did your tribute lost an arm? Put it up here; Remember this is optional.



This years arena will be onboard a large ship! There will of course be no crew-members or other people there except for the tributes. The bloodbath will be on the helicopter deck but the Cornucopia will be slighlt different than usual; It will only consist of a roof standing on poles so the Cornucopia will be completly open. The tributes templates will be around the Cornucopia. The ship will not contain other than water (In every sink) and food on the kitchen and in the resturants. 

The Cornucopia is located in the bow of the ship and it will only contain weapons as food and other equipment may be found inside the ship.


Tributes (Short list) and alliances 

District Tribute User
The Capitol Eustacia Perthshire (F) ~glitterday~
The Capitol Gloom Ivy (M) Nightlock Kryptonite
District 1 Elsa Himpshire (F) Andy1854
District 1 Warwickite Jewelly (M) WiressFan21
District 2 Roxanne Samhuel (F) Equestria Gurl
District 2 Luigi Wilkins (M) MyWorld
District 3 Ella Smeter (F) Equestria Gurl
District 3 Leonis Ivory (M) ~glitterday~
District 4 Lina Icen (F) MissRandomStuff
District 4 Riley Apocalypto (M) Nightlock Kryptonite
District 5 Lumina Spectrus (F) Mistfire333
District 5 Jax Griffin (M) Sgirl11
District 6 Gabriella Sosang (F) Equestria Gurl
District 6 Ferris Ferr (M) WiressFan21
District 7 Adantie Charlton (F) ~glitterday~
District 7 Mist Scorchil (M) Mistfire333
District 8 Blondie Genesis (F) Nommehzombies
District 8 Connor Kenway (M) Mistfire333
District 9 Paris Caverly (F) Sgirl11
District 9 Metallum Equitus (M) Mistfire333
District 10 Divinity Emerges (F) LightStone123
District 10 Herb Bivore (M) WiressFan21
District 11 Sunnie Husky (F) WiressFan21
District 11 Denver Dorado (M) LightStone123
District 12 Katherine Laceswitch (F) MissRandomStuff
District 12 Knuckles Ellington (M) MyWorld
District 13 Helena Krisp (D13) Nightlock Kryptonite
District 13 Tails Power (M) MyWorld


Career's: Eustacia (CF), Elsa (D1F), Warwickite (D1M), Roxanne (D2F), Luigi (D2M), Lina (D4F), Riley (D4M), Paris (D9F), 

Anti-Career's: Leonis (D3M), Lumina (D5F), Jax (D5M), Gabriellea (D6F), Ferris (D6M), Mist (D7M), Connor (D8M), Metallum (D9M), Tails (D13M)

Other alliances:

The Capitol and District 13 alliance: Gloom (CM) and Helena (D13F)

District 3 and District 12 alliance: Ella (D3F) and Katherine (D12F)

District 10 and 11 alliance: Divinity (D10F), Herb (D10M) and Sunnie (D11F)

Loners: Adantie (D7F), Blondie (D8F), Denver (D11M), Knuckles (D12M)


Tributes (long list)

District Name Age Personality Appearance Extra information Gender Weapon
The.Capitol Eustacia Perthshire 17 she is like any other Capitol cizten she wears strange clothes. She is very creative person she is also veru cheerful and always has an smile on her face, her hands have to be clean all the time. Her hair is a very light pink but the tips gets darker. Her skin is an creamy colour but her skin is very clear and smooth. She is about 5'5. She is an model for the capitol and districts Bow and arrows, axe Female
The.Capitol Gloom Ivy 13 Gloom is a very mysterious boy, he has always kept to himself and has never really had a social life. He was born with white eyes and white hair which is extremely rare and unusual for someone in District 11,  and in all of Panem. People normally call him Glu because its happier. He is what you would call a 'average' boy when it comes to physical sports and such, but he is very calculating and has a amazing sense of whats to come, some people call him physic, but he is not, he is just really good at guessing the future. He is also very nice when people talk to him, its just nobody really 'wants' to talk to him unless its an emergency or someone has been rejected by a group. Gloom's family own a apothecary shop so he is very good at identifying plants. White long hair, grey eyes, black skin - scythe male
District 1 Elsa Himpshire ? very deceitful. She acts very weak, puny, and incapable of winning, but she is really a malicious bitch. Blonde hair, white skin - Archery female
District 1 Warwickite Jewelly 16 Warwickite is creepy as, when he looks at someone, all he sees is their blood. This also includes that he's bloodthirsty. He's also evil as he will always look at his "prey" and find a way to brutally kill them. He's seriously that weird because he just loves the sound of their pain and misery. long black hair with grey fringes, blue eyes, "6 o'clock" beard Likes wearing black sword male
District 2 Roxanne Samhuel 18 She's a sadistic, selfish brat. She only cares about herself and her accomplishments. Brown long hair with purple fringe, blue eyes, white skin Kind of like Clove Throwing Knives, Knife female
District 2 Luigi Wilkins 17 Quiet, Strange. Rarely speaks, and only listens to other careers. Doesn't really have any emotions or feelings and can kill without a problem. Even though me may seem like some sort of robot, he is smart. Tall, Skinny, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Likes to wear dark clothes - sword, throwing knives male
District 3 Ella Smeter 13  Ella is quiet, but always seems to know what's going on. She knows everybody's secrets and is very smart and strategic. red/orange long hair, blue eyes, white skin - bow female
District 3 Leonis Ivory 18 charming, heartbreaker, jokester he is very tall and built his eyes is an very light blue his hair is an dark brown and his teeth is pure white dated over 100 girls sword male
District 4 Lina Icen 18 Lina is like your typical Career, she's mean and only cares about herself. She has icy blue eyes, pale white skin, and brown hair which she dyed blue streaks in. She is good with traps, her aim is perfect, and she is 18 years old. Trident, throwing knives female
District 4 Riley Apocalypto 17 He is hot, popular and witty, but not arrogant. He is not brutal and evil like most Careers, he has a kind heart and is sypathetic towards younger tributes. He has not trained in academy even though he has had about a dozen offers from the best school in District 4 and has declined them all. He likes to taunt people with his skills and body, he likes to train in privet but in sight of the girls dorm. He did eventually go to the academy when he was 14 and loved it. He is also a good fisherman and likes to experiment with tools, like his most favorite weapon, a Harpoon with a Trident as a projectile. He can shoot even the smallest fish with the Harpoon and also has no problem hitting bigger targets. Grey/brown-ish hair, brown eyes and white skin - Trident male
District 5 Lumina Spectrus 14  Logical, Loyal, Dedicated and Kind. A bit Melancholy however. Being an admirer of Mist Scorchil, she has brown hair about the same tone as Mist with gold highlights. She has icy blue eyes and a slightly shy look on her face. Admires Mist Dagger, Crossbow Female
District 5 Jax Griffin 16 Jax is the sweet, funny, and talkative kind of guy. He's usually happy and the flirty/smart boy in school. Jax is nice and social, but he can kill viciously. Brown hair, green eyes, white skin - throwing knives and sword male
District 6 Gabriella Sosang 12 Gabriella actully murders people and gets paid. She is sadistic and very rude. She's also very cocky. Short, blonde wavy hair and green eyes She has incredible aim, is stealthy, and an amazing fighter. She has never lost anything. Bow poison female
District 6 Ferris "Double F" Ferr 15 Doulbe F is extremely funny, having a unique ability to make anyone laugh. He's also very friendly as he has many friends. These two personality traits make him very popular since he can make anyone become his friends. Also, Double F has been an actor before so he can before very dramatic if he ever needs to in the Hunger Games. Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Is an actor club male
District 7 Adantie Charlton 15 She is hard working and down to earth. She believes that dying is nothing to fear as it happens. Quick-thinking, courageous and logical. She's kind to all unless they deserve to be punished. Dark wavy red hair just below her chest, hazel eyes. Milky skin. She has no friends as she believes everyone close to her will pass away eventually or leave her. knife/ spear female
District 7 Mist Scorchil 14 Calm, collected. He is confident and has the heart of a warrior. He is also a bit sarcastic and he likes philosophy.  5'11 with brown messy hair that reaches a bit past his neck. He has gold highlights on his bangs and his eyes are a hazel brown. A calm look on his face follows. Dreams of being an assassin, heart of a warrior Axe/Tomahawk male
District 8 Blondie Genesis 16 Blondie is a sweet, funny, carefree spirit. She has always been a little stubborn, and doesn't let others push her around. Mostly, she thinks others have just the same rights as she does, and no one over rules each other. She will stand up for others, and protect others she loves or trusts as well. Overall, she has a personality of her own, and her own safeguarded mind. Blondie, although her nickname is Blondie, actually has poofy, jet black hair. She has creamy colored skin, almost like silky makeup, and dark, charcoal eyebrows. Her eyes, almost feline, are a light almond mix, surrounded by long, thick dark eyelashes. Her figure is slim, but features sharp. - ? female
District 8 Connor Kenway 18 A bit naïve, loyal, the heart of a warrior and in control of a strong sense of right and wrong. 6'0, with a strong and heavy build. He has fairly long hair, tied back at all times and brown eyes on a strong looking face. He has a gentle dark skin tone. native american, assassin Tomahawk, bow male
District 9 Paris Caverly 15 Paris can be sweet on the outside, but in the inside she is a brutal killer, especially with her axe. Even though Paris isn't the nicest person, she can be a very good friend. Paris despises the anti-careers. Blonde long hair, blue eyes, white skin - Bow and arrow and axe female
District 9 Metallum Equitus 15 Serious, quiet, a gentleman and a very formal warrior. He is a knight who fights with brutal honor. Mid-Sized, he has blue hair with red eyes. 5'8 and he has the body of a warrior, scars and everything. His skin has a slight tan. - Sword, stealth male
District 10 Divinity Emerges 17 Nice, Friendly but quiet and will only talk to people if they approach her. Doesn't like people who abuse their power.  Long light brown hair, olive green eyes Volunteered for the Games because her family is poor and her mother is sick. During the Games she'll try not to kill, but she will if there is no other choice. Bow and arrows, sword female
District 10 Herb Bivore 12 Herb isn't untrustworthy as he would constantly skip school just to stay with the animals. However, as he skipped school so much, it turned out that he became extremely independent. Plus, he is very shy, rarely talking to anyone in the Hunger Games unless if he somehow gets an ally. However, once you really get to meet him and know him very well, you'll realize how nice he is and how he is always  Brown hair, black skin, brown eyes - slingshot male
District 11 Sunnie Husky 14 Sunnie has four main personality traits that make everyone around her smile at the sight. First, she's very smily as she never lets a smile escape her face. Also, she's very giggly and funny. These are the main ways she'll go when somebody isn't smiling when she does. Finally, she's very positive, which seals the deal to make someone smile.  Brown long hair with blonde fringe, white skin, blue eyes, freckles camoflage, slingshot female
District 11 Denver Dorado 15 Quiet, Shy, Naive, Fearful, Nervous, Short black hair and skin. 5'5 Believes he was reaped because he once saw Peacekeepers accuse a boy of stealing and even though Denver knew he didn't and that it was another boy who did, but he didn't speak up and watched the boy get executed. Since then he believes that every bad thing that has happened to him was because of this. sickle, dagger male
District 12 Katherine "Kitty" Laceswitch 15 She typically hides in the shadows, however Kitty is a friendly, sweet, loyal girl. She is also a joker and loves to pull pranks on other people. Tan skin, browon eyes, dark brown hair,  she usually wears black to stay in the shadows. dagger, sword female
District 12 Knuckles Ellington 16 He mostly likes to just mind his own business. He likes to stay out of all the action. He doesn't really like talking to others so he likes to be by himself and doesn't trust anybody but his family and himself. He won't mind killing others if he has to. Average Sized. Dark hair, green eyes, likes to wear blue clothes - Bow and Arrow, Dagger male
District 13 Helena Krisp 18 Helena is a twisted but humble girl who is not afraid to kill. She loves blood because she finds it veryfascinating, unlike most of the girls she knew that would feint at the sight of a single drop. She died her hair blood red and has retrieved that exact color hair as her own blood. To some people she is very un-nerving because she always talks about different ways to die in a gruesome and sick ways, but to others she is very nice and unique. She has a sister called November and a aunt called Bessy. She loved them and around them, a whole new Helena came out to play, but this Helena was shy and secluded, which was very strange because she is usually very out-spoken. blood-red long hair, red eyes, white skin - Katana Female
District 13 Tails Power 15 Nice, Outgoing. He likes chatting with others, but sometimes he is loud and annoys others. He does have strong feelings, and hates seeing others die. He can be agressive when mad, though. Average Sized, Dark Hair, Blue Eyes - Throwing knives, sword male


Training Day One

Gabriella Sosang, District 6, POV:

I listened to what James, the head-trainer, was saying. I didn't really give a crap about what he said. The first one I had talked with was Ferris (D6) or Double F as his nickname was. I didn't like him very much, and I knew I was way better than him. I had agreed that we would be in an alliance together. The tributes from 1, 2 and 4 was already standing next to eachother to show everyone they where careers. I didn't like Careers, they thought they were the best of all the tributes, and most of them were assholes as well. The boy from 1, Warwickite, seemed to be their leader. As soon as James was done talking Double F tapped my shoulder: "Where do you wan't to go first". The career's had already ran over to the weapon station so I guess that wasn't an option. "How about Plant-identification", I said. "What are those guys doing", Double F said while pointing at some guy I recognized as the male from 7 and some other tributes. It seemed like he was talking to the other tributes. They where over at the gauntlets, and the gauntlets was far away from the weapon station. We walked over and heard the boy from 7 talking: "Let's give those Career's a little surprise by working together". "How about we join these people, Gabriella", Double F said. He seemed eagered, but I have to admit I liked the idead myself, even though I knew I were better than all of them together. 

Riley Apocalypto, District 4, POV:

I shook Warwickite's (D1) hand while saying: "My name is Riley and I'm from District 4". "Yeah, I understood that, you're shirt says four", He said while laughing a little. This guy was our leader. He was very creepy but I guess he's the best leader we can have. None of the girls seems like a typical leader, and I knew I wasn't a leader. Warwickite (D1) started going around in circles. "So this is this years Career's huh". "Let's present eachother for everyone.. I'll start". He placed himself in the middle of the crowd and we all stood in a half-moon around him. This guy really had a weird look. He even had a beard! "My name is Warwickite and I'm from District 1. I'm 16 years old and I've always dreamt about winning the Hunger Games". The girl from 1 was next. This girl really looked like someone from District 1. She had long blonde hair and she was pretty. "I'm Elsa from District 1 and I'm good at archery". She seemed weak and insecure. The next person was litterally pushed out on the floor. He had blonde hair and he sighed. "My name is Luigi and I'm from District 2..". The next person litterally jumped out and she just stood there looking at each one of us. She had long brown hair with a purple fringe. "My name is Roxanne and I'm from District 2.. You're all looking at the newest victor of the Hunger Games". Then Lina walked out. She was my district-partner and she also volunteered during the reaping. "I'm Lina from District 4", she said. Knewing I was next I walked forward and looked at the other's; "I'm Riley from District 4. My weapon of choice is a trident". Suddenly someone ran out from our crowd; A non-career. "My name is Eustacia and I'm from the Capitol", she said while smiling. She seemed like a very sweet girl. "And trust me; you wan't me in your group". "Oh yeah", Roxanne (D2) said. Eustacia (C) didn't say anything. She walked over to the bow and arrows and started shooting at the dummies hitting them in the head. "You're in", Warwickite said.

Knuckles Ellington, District 12, POV: 

I had decided to be a loner since the day I was reaped! The only thing I've done my entire life is minding my own business and staying out of action. I intended to do so in the Games as well. The only person I've talked too is Kitty, my district-partner. I walked pass the large alliance which called themself "The Anti-Careers" towards the plant identification.  "Do you wan't them Career's to win, 12", The leader said. I didn't know which district he was from and I didn't give rat's ass anyways. "I don't give a rat's ass who wins and who dies. Everyone of us will die sometime anyways", I yelled back at him while walking. Why couldn't people just leave me alone? I sat down along with the District 8 female, District 3 female and Kitty (D12). I sat next to Kitty (D12) 'cause she was the only one of them I had ever talked with. I didn't really like new people, I like being alone. Kitty (D12) started talking to me at once and I regretted I didn't sit down by myself. "Meet Ella from District 3", she said. The girl from 3 who sat beside her waved at me and said "Hi". I nodded singnalizing "nice to meet you". "Do you wan't to join our alliance", Kitty asked. "I told you I wan't to go solo", I said. The lady who where in charge of this station came and started talking about plants until the lunch bell rang. I got up and went for the cafeteria. "Just let me know if you change your mind, Knuckles", Kitty (D12) said while walking away with Ella (D3).

Roxanne Samhuel, District 2, POV:

I walked over to our table with my plate filled with fried chicken and soda. Suddenly a girl came up to our table.. "What do you think you're doing", Warwickite said. "Yeah this table is for Career's only", Eustacia (C) said. I had to smile a little by her saying it. She wasn't even from a Career district. "My name is Paris", she said. "Well, Paris, this table is still for Career's only", Warwickite said. "Oh, but I've got news for you guys. I'm from District 9", she said. She seemed like a very sweet girl.. Why would she even want to tell us anything? She was from District 9 though.. The tributes from 9 used to be kind of weird or die early in the Games, except that one guy who took care of the deaf girl some Games' ago. "What kind of news", Riley (D4) asked her. "Well, do you see all those tributes over there", Paris (D9) said. They're an alliance and do you know what they call themselves? The Anti-Career's. And I fucking hate people trying to be better than Career's. If you let me in your group I'll help you kill them in the arena, 'cause I'm good". Damn.. This girl was good at convincing people. "Sit down", Warwickite (D1) sighed. But if you're not as good as you've told us you're not a part of this group anymore", he said. 

Connor Kenway, District 8, POV:

Being in the anti-careers was right. The Career's was a threat and we would try to stop them. Mist (D7) had started talking to me once we got into the training center. He had heard about me being in an Assassin oragnization called The Brotherhood. I am a native American and I've lived my life right outside of the city in District 8. Mist (D7) was good with people and that resulted in many joining our alliance. Mist was the perfect leader. Well, I was the leader, but I don't really like standing out so much so I'm a co-leader, without anyone knowing. I like it best that way. Lumina from 5 was the first one to join us. She and Mist used to be in the same class until Lumina moved to District 5 with her family and Frade, last year's leader of the careers and also her brother. Now we were quite a big alliance. Except me, Lumina (D5) and Mist (D7) we also have: Leonis (D3), Jax (D5), Gabriella (D6), Ferris (D6), Metallum (D9) and Tails (D13). As soon as we were done eating we returned to the training center to get to the weapon station before the Career's got there. 

Luigi Wilkins, District 2, POV:

After a long day with training I started yawning. Most of the tributes had leaved the training center now and the only thing in my mind was my bed. "I think I'll go to bed now", I told my fellow careers and walked away. When I got up I talked with my mentor and escort and then I went to bed. I needed to rest. 


Training Day Two

Ella Smeter, District 3, POV:

I walked out of the shower and started getting dressed. When I was dressed I walked towards the table and sat down. "Dig in, tributes", our escort Frank said. I started eating. "But what if a mutt comes", Leonis (D3) asked his mentor Compton. "Relax, Leonis, just eat for now. We've got time to talk about strategy later". Leonis nodded while drinking some juice. All Leonis had done was talking with his mentor about the Games. I knew he had joined the anti-careers. I think it was smart of me to ally Kitty (D12). Not because she was good or anything, but because the Career's and Anti-Career's consisted of a lot of tributes this year. This meant they would go for eachother, which meant me and Kitty (D12) would most likely get out of the bloodbath alive; since we weren't threats. Dimitria, my mentor, had also told me she survived by not being in a pre-games alliance. Suddenly her voice woke me up from my little day-dream. "You need to head down to the Training center, Ella and Leonis". We walked towards the elevator. "Are you thinking a lot of the Games", Leonis asked me. I looked at his white teeth while lying: "Not so much". We walked into the elevator and looked directly at the girl from 9. "Are you late as well, District 3", she asked while grinning. "Shut up", Leonis said.

Eustacia Perthshire, The Capitol, POV:

The first thing I did was going to the weapon station. There was only two tributes waiting there for me; Elsa (D1) and Warwickite (D1). "Where's the other's", I asked. "Well, we don't know", Elsa said while shrugging. "Here comes Paris (D9) and Luigi (D2)", Warwickite said while poining at them. "Where's Roxanne (D2)", Elsa asked, knowing Luigi knew what was up with her because they where living in the same apartment. "I don't know. She felt sick", he said. Everyone froze. This wasn't good; people started being sick when the Games where about to start! "Hey, here comes Riley (D4) and Lina (D4)", Paris (D9) said. As soon as they came Warwickite started talking to us. "Okay, gang! Today we will lay off the weapons", Warwickite said and everybody looked at him as if he was mad. "Weapons are the only thing we know, but we should learn climbing and plants as well", He said. No one could really tell him he was wrong, even though everyone of us hated plant identfication and all that boring shit.

Tails Power, District 13, POV:

Mist (D7) ordered everyone to stand in a line in front of him and we all did. He started giving us a motivational speak so we would do good in training. I liked that, Mist was a good leader. He had already placed us in groups; He would be the leader and Connor (D8) would be his kind of advisor. Metallum (D9), Leonis (D3) and Gabriella (D6) would be some kind of bosses; While me, Lumina (D5), Jax (D5) and Ferris (D6) would be warriors. I guess this meant we where the people who would follow everyone's orders. I didn't mind being at the very bottom of the list, 'cause at least I was in an alliance with good people as leaders. I guess everything was fine, if everyone kept together. Of course some of us would die at the bloodbath, some of us would die the second and so on, but I think if no one betrays us one of us will experience to be in the same apartment one more time; Not as a tribute, but as a mentor. Last year an anti-career actually won as well! The bell started ringing indicating lunch and everyone started walking towards the Cafeteria. "Hungry", Jax (D5) asked while we walked towards the Cafeteria. "Hell yeah, buddy". 

Sunnie Husky, District 11, POV:

"Over here, Divinity (D10), we're over here", I said as Divinity (D10) looked for our table. She was on her way to the bathroom when the lunch-bell rang so me and Herb (D10) got ourselves a table. "Welcome back", Herb (D10) said when Divinity walked over to our table. "Thanks", she said. Suddenly the voice of the President was heard in the entire Cafeteria: "Attention tributes! Without telling you to much about this years arena; I'll tell you it's small and because of that I've decided that the Games will start tomorrow, so this means you'll start your private training after lunch. Tributes from the Capitol and Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 will meet their mentors outside of the Cafeteria and they will start giving you instructions. Tributes from Districts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 will return to their apartment. May the odds be ever in your favour". Everyone started discussing and talking to eachother loud. It was clear that people didn't liked this and I couldn't say I was thrilled myself. Both Herb and Divinity didn't say a word. We finnished our food and went to the elevator accompanied by the girl from 7 and the boy from 13. 


Training Scores and Odds of winning

District Tribute Trainingscore Odds of winning
The Capitol Eustacia Perthshire 9 5-1
The Capitol Gloom Ivy 5 25-1
District 1 Elsa Himpshire 8 7-1
District 1 Warwickite Jewelly 11 3-1
District 2 Roxanne Samhuel 8 7-1
District 2 Luigi Wilkins 8 8-1
District 3 Ella Smeter 4 35-1
District 3 Leonis Ivory 6 17-1
District 4 Lina Icen 9 4-1
District 4 Riley Apocalypto 9 4-1
District 5 Lumina Spectrus 6 16-1
District 5 Jax Griffin 5 21-1
District 6 Gabriella Sosang 8 9-1
District 6 Ferris Ferr 5 25-1
District 7 Adantie Charlton 5 28-1
District 7 Mist Scorchil 8 8-1
District 8 Blondie Genesis 6 15-1
District 8 Connor Kenway 9 6-1
District 9 Paris Caverly           10 3-1
District 9 Metallum Equitus 7 10-1
District 10 Divinity Emerges 5 29-1
District 10 Herb Bivore 4 32-1
District 11 Sunnie Husky 5 29-1
District 11 Denver Dorado 5 28-1
District 12 Katherine Laceswitch 4 36-1
District 12 Knuckles Ellington 4 37-1
District 13 Helena Krisp 8 8-1
District 13 Tails Power 5 21-1


Day One / Bloodbath

Knuckles Ellington, District 12, POV:

"Just remember to stay focused, Knuckles", my stylist Fifi told me. I sighed while saying: "Don't worry.. I'll do my best, Fifi". "Give me a hug", she said and I hugged her. I was quite surprised about the arena wear; I was dressed up in a sailor costume. "I look like Donald Duck", I said while looking at Fifi. "Good luck, Donald", Fifi said while smiling and I went into my tube smiling back at her. "Do I have to wear this hat", I asked her while the door closed. Fifi nodded and I was sent up to the Cornucopia.

Tails Power, District 13, POV:

I really hated this costume. I was even more angered when I saw that the Career's was dressed up like Captains. The boys had pants and the girls had skirts. The only thing that made me happy was that the loners and the tributes who had joined smaller alliances all looked like Donald Duck, once again the boys had pants and the girls had skirts, apart from their costume were identical. Us Anti-Career's had better costume than them; We were dressed up as sailors, but we had a more modern costume. Everyone had a blue coverall with a matching blue cap. The countdown and I stared at the Cornucopia. There was only weapons there; I guess we could find food and water inside the ship.

Ella Smeter, District 3, POV:

We were actually on a ship. I had to admire the Capitol's imagination for this. We even had costumes. I looked for Kitty (D12) and I was happy when I saw she was quite near me. We had to get off the heliopter platform and into the ship. The Cornucopia was just a roof with weapons underneath it. I made myself ready as the clock went down to zero.

4,3,2,1 GOOOONG

Gloom Ivy, The Capitol, POV:

I ran towards the Cornucopia and grabbed the first weapon I saw; a sword. I looked out for other tributes but I didn't see any. In just some seconds Helena (D13) came and we started running away. "Did you get anything", Helena asked while we were running. "Just a sword", I said while running. Suddenly a trident sailed through the air and hit Helena in the back! She fell down dead. I kept running, I had to get the hell away from here. I felt bad for Helena (D13) dying. 

Herb Bivore, District 10, POV:

Me and Divinity (D10) was very close to eachother during the countdown. The first thing we did was grabbing eachother's hands while running towards the weapons. Divinity grabbed a bow and arrows while I grabbed the first thing I saw; A knife. "Where's Sunnie (D11)", I asked while we looked if we could see her. I then saw her; She was surrounded by Careers. "What do we do", I asked Divinity (D10) as I pointed at Sunnie (D11). "We should run away and don't play heroes", Divinity said. I started running but I felt bad. "I'm going to save Sunnie", I said while running back. "Herb!! Don't", She screamed as I ran towards the Careers.

Luigi Wilkins, District 2, POV:

Me and Elsa (D1) had surrounded the girl from 11. She begged us not to kill her. Suddenly out of nowhere the little boy from 10 jumped up on Elsa's back and stabbed her in the shoulder. Elsa fell down to the ground. The boy from 10 jumped over but Elsa stabbed him. I turned around and looked at the 11 girl. "You almost got Elsa killed you cunt", I said as I swung my sword and killed her. "Go for the Anti-Career's", Lina (D4) shouted and I looked behind for some Anti-Careers to kill. 

'B'londie Genesis, District 8, POV:

I watched in horror as the Career's killed tributes. I knew I couldn't stay here; I had to get away. I grabbed a sword and ran away. On my way away from the bloodbath I saw my district-partner Connor looking at me. I knew he could've killed me but he just nodded his head to me. Good thing he was a man of pride. I ran away from the bloodbath and I got inside the ship. I ran down some stairs and found myself a cabin to hide.

Leonis Ivory, District 3, POV:

Me, Connor (D8), Tails (D13), Jax (D5) and Lumina (D5) had found eachother and got our weapons. We waited for Mist (D7), Gabriella (D6), Double F (D6) and Metallum (D9) when suddenly Double F came runnning. "They've got Mist (D7)". We immediatley ran towards the Career's but were to late. When we got there we saw Warwickite (D1) crushing Mist's (D7) skull with his feet. "We have to get the heck away from here", I said, but Connor (D8) looked at me while saying: "Not without Metallum (D9) and Gabriella (D6). Suddenly the careers turned around and looked at us. "Do you miss someone", Warwickite said while laughing. "We got her right here", The District 4 female said while holding Gabriella aiming at her with her trident. She then stabbed her in the head and the Career's ran towards us. Everyone started running except for Connor (D8). "You're all going to die", he screamed and aimed at them with their tomahawk. I knew he wouldn't stand a chance against all those Career's so I ran back and grabbed him by his collar. "Come one dude. You'll just get yourself killed". We then ran away and found ourselves in the resturant.

Katherine Laceswitch, District 12, POV:

When the Anti-Career's left I suddenly realized that me and Ella (D3) were the only one's left except for Career's. "We got to get the fuck out of here", I yelled to Ella but it was already to late. The Career's had seen us. They ran towards us like they were all lions and we were antilopes. We started running, but suddenly the District 4 male and Eustacia (C) were standing in front of us. "Where do you wan't to go now", the District 4 male said while grinning. I knew what had to be done.. I held my dagger tight as I turned around and hit the first Career I saw; It was Roxanne from District 2. All the other Career's soon forgot about Ella and looked at me. "Run Ella", I screamed as Roxanne (D2) got up. She had an angry look and a wounded arm: "You motherfucker", she screamed as she threw herself over me. We rolled over a couple of times before I noticed that we were falling down into the water! That bitch had just killed us both! I felt myself getting dragged under the ship and I opened my eyes and saw her being two or three meters in front of me. I turned around in the water and saw myself being dragged into the propeller. I closed my eyes and waited for the propeller to cut me into small bits. At least Roxanne would die in the same way as me. 

Denver Dorado, District 11, POV:

I had found myself a suite and suites are quite chill! I had everything I needed! I had a double-bed and luxury; this was quite something different from District 11 and of course all the other Hunger Games. I had barricated both doors into the apartment and I knew I could quickly run away through the other door if someone tried to come in. We all had got a watch before the Games and now my watch started playing the Anthem. Aha! The faces of the fallen! This way we could watch the fallen without going out on the deck.

The Fallen

District 2 - Roxanne Samhuel

District 6 - Gabriella Sosang

District 7 - Mist Scorchil

District 10 - Herb Bivore

District 11 - Sunnie Husky

District 12 - Katherine Laceswitch

District 13 - Helena Krisp

Placing Tribute District Killer District Kills Day
28th Helena Krisp District 13 Riley Apocalypto District 4 0 1
27th Herb Bivore District 10 Elsa Himpshire District 1 0 1
26th Sunnie Husky District 11 Luigi Wilkins District 2 0 1
25th Mist Scorchil District 7 Warwickite Jewelly District 1 0 1
24th Gabriella Sosang District 6 Lina Icen District 4 0 1
23rd Katherine Laceswitch District 12 Roxanne Samhuel District 2 0 1
22nd Roxanne Samhuel District 2 - - 1; D12F 1

If you're tribute has water or food it means they've got access to fresh water and food

Tribute District Allies Hideout What they have
Eustacia Perthshire Capitol Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4), Riley (D4), Paris (D9) Bridge Bow and arrows, water
Gloom Ivy Capitol None Cabin 482 Sword, water
Elsa Himpshire D1 Eustacia (C), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4), Riley (D4), Paris (D9) Bridge Bow and arrows, throwing knives, water
Warwickite Jewelly D1 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4), Riley (D4), Paris (D9) Bridge Sword, water, dagger
Luigi Wilkins D2 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Lina (D4), Riley (D4), Paris (D9) Bridge Sword, water
Ella Smeter D3 None Machine room Dagger
Leonis Ivory D3 Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Resturant Sword, water, food
Lina Icen D4 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4), Riley (D4), Paris (D9) Bridge Trident, water
Riley Apocalypto D4 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4), Riley (D4), Paris (D9) Bridge Trident, water
Lumina Spectrus D5 Leonis (D3), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Resturant Dagger, water, food
Jax Griffin D5 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Resturant Throwing knives, sword, food, water
Ferris Ferr D6 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Resturant Food, water
Adantie Charlton D7 None Lobby Water, fruit
Blondie Genesis D8 None Cabin 204 Sword, water
Connor Kenway D8 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Resturant Tomahawk, food, water
Paris Caverly D9 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4), Riley (D4) Bridge Axe, water
Metallum Equitos D9 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Tails (D13) Resturant Water, food
Divinity Emerges D10 None Laundry-room Water
Denver Dorado D11 None Suite 409 Water, food
Knuckles Ellington D12 None Kitchen Breadknife, food, water
Tails Power D13 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Metallum (D9) Resturant  Throwing knives, food, water


Day 2!

Tails Power, District 13, POV:

Jax (D5) woke me up. "Tails, Connor (D8) has something to say". When I got up I saw that I was the last tribute waking up. Connor (D8) gave me a strict look and Leonis (D3) smiled at me. Not in a bad way but in a "did you sleep well" way. I looked out of the window and noticed the boat was still moving. "Okay", Connor (D8) said, "we all know that our leader Mist (D7) died yesterday. I looked over at Lumina (D5). I had noticed her liking Mist already in the training center. She has cried. "Peace be in Mists memory. He was a great soldier". I looked at everyone and everyone seemed sad. I thought this whole "funeral" was ridicolus. I bet they wouldn't react that way if Double F (D6), Jax (D5) or me had died. "We also lost Gabriella (D6). May she rest in peace", Connor (D8) said. I hadn't really thought about Connor (D8) before but he was quite a good leader. He had a kind of pride which Native Americans used to have. Afterall he was one himself. "As you all know we need a new leader. I'm suggesting Lumina (D5)", Connor (D8) said. Lumina? Really? She didn't really seem like a good fighter and now she was supposed to lead our alliance? I did like her but I think Connor (D8) would've been a much better leader.

Everyone gave Connor (D8) a weird look. I knew something had to be done. "I think you would've been a much better leader", I said. Everyone started nodding their heads and saying yes except Lumina (D5) and Connor (D8). Connor (D8) looked at every single one of us while thinking. "I see the majority want's me as their new leader. I'm honoured by this but I don't really like sticking out to much", He said while removing his cap. "But I will accept your offer. First of all grab food and meet me here at this table. The resturant is a dangerous place to be". I grabbed my backpack, which every living tribute after the bloodbath got from the gamemakers after the fallen was shown on our watches and went to the kitchen".

Adantie Charlton, District 7, POV:

I woke up on the sofa in the lobby. I had survived the first day which was good. I opened up my backpack and started filling it with fruit as well as eating an apple. I had to get to another place; the lobby was quite an open area with a lot of entraces. I walked over to the stairs and started hearing footsteps coming down the stairs some decks above me. I ran into the lobby and hid beneath the desk. I knew I was fucked if the persons looked behind it but I didn't have time to run away and I knew they would've heard me anyways. I hid and prayed to god they wouldn't find me.

Elsa Himpshire, District 1, POV:

When we reached the lobby me and Riley (D4) sat down on the couch. Warwickite (D1) walked over to the map of the boat and took it down from the wall. He laid it on the table in front of the couch and sat down next to Riley (D4). "Paris (D9), Eustacia (CF), Luigi (D2) and Lina (D4) grab some chairs and come over here", he said. The others came over and he started explaining. "I wan't us to divide today into two groups. Riley, Luigi and me will head to this area", he pointed at the back of the ship which mostly was the place where the crew would be. "The rest of you will go towards the bow. Is that clear", he asked. Everyone nodded. "When you're all done killing tributes we will meet here at 8 pm and then we'll go towards the kitchen to find some food". We all went in our respective directions. I was with Eustacia (CF), Lina (D4) and Paris (D9).

Ferris Ferr, District 6, POV:

I was quite angry when I understood that I wouldn't make it to meet Warwickite (D1) to trade some food against a club. Yet I didn't really cared that much because I knew my alliance would not backstab me and Warwickite (D1) would probably kill me whenever he had the oppurtunity. I was also quite happy 'cause Connor (D8) became the new leader instead of Lumina (D5). I had to thank Tails (D13) for that as he suggested it. "We should go hunting for tributes", Lumina (D5) said. "No we've got to get to the kitchen", Connor (D8) replied, "we need food and Double F and Metallum (D9). The only place we can find weapons will be at the kitchen". "Since both me and Double F is unarmed we should go somewhere where we will most likely meet any tributes", Metallum (D9) said. "Where would that be", Leonis (D3) asked and everybody stopped at a fountain at the dance-floor inside the ship. "I don't know. Probably in the water", I said and everybody started laughing. "How about the promenade deck", Jax (D5) suddenly said and looked really happy that he came up with it. "That's brilliant", Lumina (D5) said. "Yeah, it's not really hot outside so the other tributes would most likely be inside", Jax said while looking really proud. "Okay everyone out here", Connor (D8) said and pointed at a glass door leading out to the promenade deck.

"Ferris and Metallum; Stay in the middle of us, in case an attack". I really hated how he called me Ferris instead of Double F. We started walking down the promenade deck when suddenly an automatic door opened up and out came the Career boys. "Oh fuck, anti-careers", The District 2 male shouted looking scared because they was really outnumberred. Warwickite (D1) and the District 4 male went out and placed themselves like they were ready to fight but they looked frightened when they saw they were outnumberred as well. "Run! Run! Run", Warwickite (D1) screamed. The District 2 male ran inside and then Connor (D8) threw his tomahawk hitting one of the two remaining careers in the abdomen. The last one then ran inside. "Let's kill them all", Lumina (D5) screamed but was held back by Connor (D8). "We don't want to risk our lives more than necessarily and we do have another mission. They might bring the girls back so we have to hurry". Connor (D8) then grabbed the boy as identified as being the District 4 male. "Where do you hide", he asked. "Where's the other career's heading". The boy raised up his hand and flipped him off before dying. BOOM! Lumina (D5) grabbed his trident and looked at me and Metallum (D9) saying: "Any of you guys good with tridents". I looked at Metallum and he looked at me. "Just take it", he said, "afterall I did better than you at training". I grabbed the trident and said thank you to Metallum (D9). Connor (D8) then took the dead boys backpack and yelled: "Let's go Anti-careers". We then started walking away.

Blondie Genesis, District 8, POV:

One cannon had been fired and I was terrified of meeting the Career's if I walked out of this cabin. I started getting hungry and needed food so I was forced to leave. I left the cabin and walked further into the corridor. I found a sign that said "<- Cinema, swimming pool, bar & disco" and one saying "Cabins 200-258, restrooms, Crew area -> ". I knew bars used to at least have chilinuts and chilinuts was better than no food at all. I walked the direction the arrow said and found the bar. I started looking for nuts and other food and managed to find a lot of bags with potatochips and different kinds of nuts. Good thing I had recieved my backpack yesterday!

Divinity Emerges, District 10, POV:

I filled up my backpack just in case. I found an empty bottle which had contained soap and filled it with water and put it down my empty backpack. I then put down some pieces of soap and a sheet. Perhaps I could use this later? I found a bucket made out of metal and removed the handle. This wasn't really the best weapon at all but it was better than no weapon. I looked for other things to use when I suddenly saw someone passing by through the little window on the door. I then saw the same girl looking through the window and opening up the door. "Hello there", she said as she walked towards me. She grinned. "Please let me go", I said to the girl I now identified as the District 9 female. "Hell no", she yelled while swinging her axe. I ducked and she hit the washingmachine beside me. I knew I had to either wait for her killing me or attempt killing her as she was blocking the exit. I grabbed some of the powdered soap and threw it in her face. "Oh fuck!! My eyes", she yelled. I jumped on her and pushed the handle in her right eye. I knew I would reach the brain killing her. BOOM! She stopped moving and I quickly got her axe out of the washing machine, grabbed her backpack and ran away!

Gloom Ivy, The Capitol, POV:

I had my sword and had water. I could go a long time without food so I didn't really go out of all from the cabin today. The anthem started playing and I watched my watch.

The Fallen

District 4 - Riley Apocalypto

District 9 - Paris Caverly

Day 2 Trivia

  • Even though not mentioned neither the Career's or the Anti-Career's made it to the kitchen
  • The Career's lost two tributes
  • Paris (D9) was alone because the girls split up
  • Riley (D4) had the map in his backpack so now it's in the property of Connor (D8)
  • A lot of tributes has recieved new stuff today.
  • Adantie (D7) ran away from the lobby when the Career's left.
  • Before running she destroyed a table taking a tableleg. She also destroyed a glass sculpture to get something sharp so she could make a weapon.
  • Ella (D3) is starting to need water
Placing Tribute District Killer District Kills Day
21st Riley Apocalypto 4 Connor Kenway 8 1; D13F 2
20th Paris Caverly 9 Divinity Emerges 10 0 2

Allies written in italic symbolizes being another place than the tribute.

Tribute District Allies Location Stuff they have
Eustacia Perthshire Capitol Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4) Lobby backpack, Bow and arrows, water
Gloom Ivy Capitol None Cabin 482 Backpack, Sword, water
Elsa Himpshire D1 Eustacia (C), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4) Lobby Backpack, bow and arrows, throwing knives, water
Warwickite Jewelly D1 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Luigi (D2), Lina (D4) Lobby backpack, sword, dagger water
Luigi Wilkins D2 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Lina (D4) Lobby backpack, sword, water
Ella Smeter D3 None Machine room Backpack, Dagger
Leonis Ivory D3 Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Cabin 623 Backpack, Sword, water, food
Lina Icen D4 Eustacia (C), Elsa (D1), Warwickite (D1), Luigi (D2) Lobby Backpack, Trident, water
Lumina Spectrus D5 Leonis (D3), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Cabin 622 Backpack, dagger, water, food
Jax Griffin D5 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Cabin 624 Backpack, throwing knives, food, sword, water
Ferris Ferr D6 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Cabin 624 Backpack, trident, food, water
Adantie Charlton D7 None Gymnasium Fruit, water, backpack, broken glass, wooden spear
Blondie Genesis D8 None Cinema Backpack, sword, 17x small bags of chilinuts, 5x bags with potatochips
Connor Kenway D8 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), , Metallum (D9), Tails (D13) Cabin 622 2x Backpacks, map, food, tomahawk, water
Metallum Equitos D9 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Tails (D13) Cabin 623 Backpack, Water, food
Divinity Emerges D10 None Machine Room 2x Backpack, axe, bottle of water, 15x pieces of soap, sheet
Denver Dorado D11 None Suite 409 Food, water
Knuckles Ellington D12 None Kitchen Backpack, Breadknife, frying pan, food, water
Tails Power D13 Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Jax (D5), Ferris (D6), Connor (D8), Metallum (D9) Cabin 624 Throwing knives, food, water


Day Three

Divinity Emerges, District 10, POV:

Earlier today I bumped into Ella (D3). Ella was just as afraid as me so we decided we would ally. I gave her some water because she didn't have any. We had talked a little and she told me she grew up in District 3. She seemed really nice and I was glad to have her as an ally! We decided we would get away from the machine room. We started walking, but suddenly Ella (D3) stopped. "What's that", she said. I stopped too. "What is it", I asked her. "I heard something", she said. "I don't hear anything", I said. Suddenly out of the shadows of an engine part came Eustacia (C) and Lina (D4). We immediatley turned around and saw Luigi (D2) and Elsa (D1) approaching us. I held my axe tight. I knew I would have to use it. I noticed a tear fall silently down to the floor from Ella's face as well. Then the leader walked towards us. Everyone followed him and they came closer to us. He then said: "Dear fellow Career's! We had a poor start but now we will raise again". Everyone started laughing. I wanted to say something but I couldn't. It was so unfair. Me and Ella (D3) had never trained for the Games except in the Training Center. "Let's kill them", Eustacia (C) shouted. "Please kneel girls; and we will make your death quick". I knew I would die anyways so I did what he said. If I tried running away he would kill me anyways.. "Luigi, would you mind", Warwickite (D1) asked and Luigi (d2) walked over and raised his sword. "Waaait", Ella (D3) said, "I don't think you want to kill us". All of the careers started laughing including Warwickite but he suddenly stopped laughing and got a seriously creepy look on his face while saying: "How come". "We've been stalking the Anti-Careers for a while. We know where they're hiding". "Where are they", Lina (D4) shouted. "Yeah", Warwickite (D1) said. "We'll show you. But you have to promise not to hurt me or Divinity". Warwickite grinned while saying: "I swear little girl". I knew for sure everything was a lie but this was much better than getting killed. 

Metallum Equitos, District 9, POV:

We were all heading towards the Cornucopia. Ferris, or Double F as he was called, needed a club. Jax (D5) had given me his throwing knives so I was happy I finally had a weapon. I would've prefered something else but this would do. When we reached the deck we walked over to the Helicopter Platform where the Cornucopia was. We were not lucky. There was absolutley no weapons there. "What the fuck", Jax (D5) said while looking confused. "Are you fucking kidding me", Lumina (D5) said quite frustrated as well. Even Connor (D8) who was normally calm looked worried and angry. "I sure hope the Gamemakers aren't trolling us", Tails (D13) said. "Look over there", Leonis (D3) suddenly said. "It's the Career's! With oh no! They've captured Ella (D3)", He said. It was obvious he cared about his district-partner. On the other hand, who didn't? The tribute you got to know first and spent most of your time with are your district-partner. Even I was sad when Paris (D9) died, even though she was a career. "We should attack them", Lumina (D5) said. "No.. If you all look closely you can see that those two females are captured. They are our enemies just as much as the Career's. What we can do is to give them an advantage. Get over there Metallum and pass a knife to the District 3 girl, perhaps they'll do some of the dirty work. Bring Ferris (D6) with you". "Okay sir", I said as I bowed. They were below us down on the promenade deck. The helicopter platform was one of the highest points on the entire ship. The girls was walking in front of the Careers and I could see they were about to pass a corner. I carefully dropped the knife down so the girl would notice it and had time to pick it up when she went around the corner. And so she did. The first thing she did was taking it and waiting for them. The other girl waited for her. The first Career to get around the corner was Lina (D4). Ella (D3) stabbed her right in the face and her cannon sounded immediatley! BOOM! "Get up", I said to Ferris. He jumped up and threw his trident into the District 1 girls belly. "Come to the Cornucopia and fight the Anti-Careers", I yelled to the Career's. "Yeah, come on pussies", Ferris screamed. They ran away immediatley leaving the District 1 girl alone. She looked at us with a scared look on her face. She hold her hat over her wound on her belly, she then closed her eyes. BOOM! Out of nowhere the rest of our alliance showed up behind the girls. Me and Double F remained upside.

Jax Griffin, District 5, POV:

The girl's turned around and looked really happy. "Thank's for saving us Anti-Careers", the District 10 girl said. "Who said we saved you", Lumina (D5) then said. "Where was the Career's heading", Connor (D8) asked them. "We don't know", The District 3 girl replied. "They was going to find you guys", The District 10 girl said. Suddenly the District 3 girl opened up a door besides her and the District 10 female ran inside followed by the District 3 female. "Let's get'em", Tails (D13) said. "No, we will head to the kitchen", Connor (D8) said and we headed the other direction.

Ella Smeter, District 3, POV:

Me and Divinity reached the resturant and started eating everything we could. I hadn't eaten for days! Food had never tasted so good. We had also escaped both the Career's and the Anti-Career's. Me and Divinty (D10) didn't even talk to eachother; we just ate.

Knuckles Ellington, District 12, POV:

I had left the kitchen and I had brought food with me. I was now hiding inside the little room for the DJ in the disco. The anthem started playing and I knew I looked at the watch.

The Fallen

District 1 - Elsa Himpshire

District 4 - Lina Icen

Placed Tribute District Killer District Kills Day
19th Lina Icen 4 Ella Smeter 3 1; D6F 3
18th Elsa Himpshire 1 Ferris Ferr 6 1; D10M 3

Day 3 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 4 are now dead
  • The Career's now only consists of Eustacia (C), Warwickite (D1) and Luigi (D2).
  • Both tributes from The Capitol and District 3 is still alive
  • The Anti-Career's has becomed the strongest alliance

I'll make the final list later... 


Day Four!

Warwickite Jewelly, District 1, POV:

"When do you want to go hunting for tributes, Warwickite", Eustacia (C) said while checking herself out in the mirror. "One sec girl", I said as I slowly started moving my feet in the sofa. I really hated waking up early in the morning but I guess we had to. I raised up but quickly sat down in the sofa; "I've got a plan guys", I said. Eustacia (C) sat down beside me and Luigi (D2) sat down on the table in front of us. I was actually thinking of killing them both today, but I decided not too, as they both seemed loyal to me. "What's the plan", Luigi asked. "Well, where do you guys think the loners are hiding". Both Eustacia and Luigi looked at eachother. "The cabins of course", I said. They brightened up and grinned. "When will we leave", Luigi asked. "Now", I said and we walked towards the elevators. We took the lift up to deck 4 and while waiting I explained them why we started at Deck 4. "So you see.. Most of the other tributes will not hide in the bottom and top decks in fear that we'll check them out first". Both nodded and we walked out of the elevator. We started opening all the doors. While being in the end of the corridor Luigi opened the last door. "This one's mine", he yelled as he walked into the cabin! "Get the fuck out of here", The Capitol answered him. He had a sword but Luigi had one too and it didn't take him a very long time to dodge the boys attack and stab him in the chest. BOOM! When all of us walked out of the cabins we suddenly saw someone we all hated.

Tails Power, District 13, POV:

All of the Anti-Careers watched as the Career's walked out of a cabin leaving the corpse of Gloom (C). They started running immediatley and my legs started carrying me away as soon as Connor (D8) screamed: "Get them". The one that had falled behind was Warwickite (D1). Me, Jax (D5) and Double F (D6) were the fastest runners so we started approaching Warwickite from behind. He then looked behind and tripped. "Meet me where we slept tonight", he screamed to his fellow Career's. They ran away. "Let's kill him", Double F said. "No, Lumina (D5) want's him", Jax (D5) pointed out. Before I could even say that we should wait for Lumina (D5) Warwickite kicked me in the legs making me fall. I watched as he did the same to Double F and he then shoved his sword into Jax' abdomen. "Jaaaax", I screamed and ran towards his body. "Try to win this Tails. Have a good life buddy", he said as he closed his eyes. BOOM! Suddenly the other's approached us and helped me and Double F up. "Let's get him", me and Double F screamed but Connor (D8) just nodded his head. "Jax Griffin was a great boy. May his soul rest in peace", he said. "Let's do what we planned too; Let's find the power room"

Adantie Charlton, District 7, POV:

I was still in the gymnasium and I were greatful some sponsors had given me some more food. Suddenly the power went out and I immediatley hid behind a weightlifting machine. I suddenly heard someone swearing and I heard a door to my right was opened. There was already dark outside so the room was completly dark. I could here it was another girl who was swearing. I could see her shadow as my eyes had kind of gotten used to the dark. I knew I couldn't risk being in the same room as another tribute so I started sneaking up on her from behind her and jammed my spear in her neck. BOOM!

Knuckles Ellington, District 12, POV:

I walked out of the DJ-room as soon as the power ran out. I was actually very afraid the ship had started sinking or something so I knew I had to get out on the deck. When I got out on the deck everything was dark but it didn't seem like the boat was sinking. I turned around and saw someone in a blue overall and a blue cap, an Anti-Career! I tried stabbing the boy with my breadknife but failed as his sword hit my throat. BOOM!

Ella Smeter, District 3, POV:

Me and Divinity had stayed hidden in the library the whole day and we looked at our watches when the anthem started playing. 

The Fallen

The Capitol - Gloom Ivy

District 5 - Jax Griffin

District 8 - Blondie Genesis

District 12 - Knuckles Ellington

Placed Tribute District Killer District Kills Day
17th Gloom Ivy Capitol Luigi Wilkins 2 0 4
16th Jax Griffin 5 Warwickite Jewelly 1 0 4
15th Blondie Gensis 8 Adantie Charlton 7 0 4
14th Knuckles Ellington 12 Leonis Ivory 3 0 4

Day 4 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 12 are now dead
  • The Career's are staying in the lobby
  • The Anti-Career's are staying in the Disco & Bar
  • Divinity (D10) and Ella (D3) are staying in the library
  • Adantie (D7) is staying in the gymnasium
  • Denver (D11) is still staying in the suite


Day 5 - Part 1: The Feast

Divinity Emerges, District 10, POV:

Me and Ella (D3) both woke up by someone screaming in the speakers: "Attention tributes! There will be a feast in 1 hour. Some of you may think they've got everything they need, but we will advice you to get your bags, tributes. May the odds be ever in your favor". "Oh no", Ella said, "I hate feasts". I had to admit I weren't a huge fan of feasts myself so I said: "Well.. That settles it! We will not attend the feast". "But didn't you hear him? He told us it was important! We can't risk dying because we don't want to get our bags". "Well, I'm not going unless they order everyone to go, or say we will die for sure if we don't attend the feast". "Well I'm going. I'm not bringing your bag with me", Ella said. "I don't care about that. I'll wait for you here. Good luck out there Ella". She looked me in the eyes while saying: "Thanks Divinity". She then walked away. I really hope she'll make it!

Metallum Equitos, District 9, POV:

"Do we have any volunteeres", Connor (D8) asked. We were talking about the feast. I raised my hand and said; "I'll go". I knew someone had to do risk their life and I guess I could risk mine to help so many people. "I'll go too", Ferris (D6) said while looking at me. "You can't do this on your own, Metallum", he said while smiling. "I'll help them as well", Tails (D13) said. We then left for the Cornucopia because we wanted to get this over with. "I'll grab my bag, Lumina's bag and Connor's bag", I said while walking. "I'll grab mine, Tails' and Leonis' bags'", Ferris said. "And I'll throw the Career's bags into the water", Tails said. We were prepared for battle.

Denver Dorado, District 11, POV:

As soon as I reached the Cornucopia I took shelter behind a collapsible lifeboat. I knew I couldn't be the first to run towards the Cornucopia; Even though the area was open (Considering the Cornucopia being a helicopter platform) I wouldn't take the chance of running first. Suddenly I saw someone run towards the Cornucopia; It was the District 3 female. Wow, it really surprised me that she had lived for so long! When she was halfway suddenly three people started running towards her. I recognized them as Anti-Career's because of their clothing. One of the guys threw a knife right at the girl hitting her in the head. BOOM! They then grabbed some bags and I was quite surprised when one of the boys took three of the bags and threw them into the ocean. I was relieved that he didn't throw my bag! They then ran away and I started thinking that I had to wait for the Career's. Then I rememberred that the Career's would've probably attacked them if they were watching so I ran towards my bag; grabbed it and ran away. I opened up the first cabin I saw and I knew something bad was going to happend when I opened the bag and found a lifewest. There was also a dagger in there. At least I got myself a weapon.

Eustacia Perthshire, The Capitol, POV:

After we had gotten ourselves some bags we decided we would go hunting for tributes. We actually had to get our some other bags because someone had taken ours. Warwickite (D1) had been pissed the whole day so both me and Luigi (D2) had been awared of him. While walking through the corridor we suddenly saw an open door and we ran towards it. We were quite surprised when we saw three Anti-Career's in there. "You're surrounded", Luigi screamed as we walked into the cabin. "Oh shit", The District 3 male said while looking at us with wide open eyes. "God damn it", the girl from 5 said. "Well, good job Career's. Now you're just waiting to kill us, right", Connor (D8) said. "No", Warwickite said while grinning evily, "we will wait for the rest of your friends to come join the party". Connor (D8) suddenly jumped up from the bed and kicked Warwickite in the balls causing him to fall down to the floor. He jumped over him and hit Luigi (D2) in the face. He then slapped me, but I stabbed one of my arrow into his belly causing him to fall. The District 3 male and the District 5 female ran past me. "Just get away, Lumina and Leonis", Connor screamed as I stabbed him repetedly in the abdomen. BOOM! "Eustacia help me", Warwickite screamed. He was still in pain after getting kicked in the crotch. I started helping him and Lugi tried too. "Don't just stand there Luigi, kill the rest of them". Luigi ran out of the cabin and I stayed behind helping Warwickite.

Lumina Spectrus, District 5, POV:

As soon as I rounded the corner I waved with my hands towards Double F (D6), Tails (D13) and Metallum (D9). I grabbed Tails which was the nearest and said: "Leonis is behind me and one career is chasing him. Connor is dead". It didn't take long until Leonis (D3) rounded the corner and then Luigi came (D2). As everyone expected he wouldn't notice Tails and when he passed Tails he threw a knife at him hitting him in the head. BOOM!. We then walked towards the machine room with a clear goal in our mind; To sink the ship.

The Fallen (So far)

District 2 - Luigi Wilkins

District 3 - Ella Smeter

District 8 - Connor Kenway

Placing Tribute District Killer District Kills Day
13th Ella Smeter 3 Metallum Equitos 9 1; D4F 5
12th Connor Kenway 8 Eustacia Perthshire Captiol 1; D4M 5
11th Luigi Wilkins 2 Tails Power 13 2; CM, D11F 5

Day 5 Part 1 Trivia

  • Both tributes from District 8 are now dead
  • Both tributes from District 2 are now dead
  • Tributes that got their lifewest's was Eustacia (C), Warwickite (D1), Leonis (D3), Lumina (D5), Ferris (D6), Metallum (D9), Denver (D11) and Tails (D13).

Day 5 - Part 2: The ship starts sinking

Tails Power, District 13

The rest of the Anti-Career's hasted down to the machine room. We had decided to try blowing up the boat so that it'd sink. I didn't really like the idea of maybe drowning but afterall it was a fair way to give Warwickite (D1) and Eustacia (CF) a smaller chance to win. Leonis, which was from District 3 was in charge and he was bossing everyone around in the machine room. "Lumina, go over there", "Metallum do that". All of us had to trust him because if he did one little mistake we knew that the all of us would die in a horrible way. After approximatley 5 hours we were done.. No cannons had been heard as well so there was still no hope of that horrible District 1 boy being dead. "Okay, gather around", Leonis (D3) said and we all did as he said. "As soon as I press this button we have approximatley 1 minute to get out of here and out on the deck. Are you guys ready?". I knew there was a long run to get to the deck, but it was a chance I was willing to take. Everyone screamed yes and he pressed the button. We all ran for our lives as the countdown started. 

Ferris Ferr, District 6

As soon as Lumina (D5), Leonis (D3) and Tails (D13) ran out the door I knew shit was about to hit the fan when the waterproof door shut right in me and Metallum's (D9) faces. I just froze and watched in horror as Metallum (D9) tried everything in his power to open it. "There must be another way out of here", I screamed but Metallum didn't listen at all. He just kept on trying to open the door that wouldn't move. I quickly ran in the opposite direction. I had no time to think about him now. I finally found another way when I suddenly heard the explosion. I just looked in horror as the sea of flames swallowed me.

Denver Dorado, District 11

As soon as I heard the explosion I put the life vest on. I suddenly felt the hole ship cringing to the right and I knew I was fucked when I was trapped inside the cabin. The door was on the left side of the room and I had nothing to climb on in order to get up there. I opened up the door to the balcony and realized I probably had to jump out in the water. I immediatley realized that was a terrible idea when the water came flooding into the cabin and I started floating up to where the door was. I tried opening it up but it was stuck! I didn't give up but soon the water started pressing itself down my throat. Shit! I'm drowning. BOOM!

Divinity Emerges, District 10

Before the ship started sinking the remaining Career's had found me. They had been teasing me this whole time. When the boat started cringing heavily to the left both Warwickite (D1) and the Capitol girl fell and I started running. It didn't take long for Warwickite to get on his feet and starting to run. I threw a throwing knife behind me hoping the odds were in my favor. BOOM! I couldn't believe it! Perhaps I killed him, but I had no time to check. It may have been someone else's cannon. I suddenly felt something sharp enter the back of my skull.

Eustacia Perthshire, The Capitol

"Atleast that bitch got rid of Warwickite for me" I said in the same moment as her cannon sounded. BOOM! I was basically running on the wall now. I knew I had to get the fuck out of here! I suddenly saw a wave coming in my direction and reached for the door "in the ceiling". I managed to drag myself up before the wave washed away the bodies of Warwickite (D1) and The District 10 girl. 



Placing Tribute District Killer District Kills Day
10th Metallum Equitos 9 Explosion - 1; D3F 5
9th Ferris "Double F" Ferr 6 Explosion - 1; D1F 5
8th Denver Dorado 11 Drowning - 0 5
7th Warwickite Jewelly 1 Divinity Emerges 10 2; D5M, D7M 5
6th Divinity Emerges 10 Eustacia Perthshire C 2; D9F, D1M 5

Eustacia Perthshire, The Capitol

I started climbing, running and doing everything in my power to get out of the ship which was basically laying with the starboard side underneath water. As I managed to get out on what used to be the deck, I heard another canon BOOM! I started climbing on the rail. Suddenly I found myself on the "top" of the ship. I scouted to see if I could see any of the other tributes, but I couldn't see them. "Oh my god, they're trapped inside the sinking ship", I said to myself smiling. I put my lifevest on and held my knife tight. There was still tributes remaining and I had to stay focused.

Lumina Spectrus, District 5

BOOM! "I wonder who's the last tribute standing except us two", Leonis (D3) said as we climbed up to the side of the ship that was still above water. It had been a tough run, but we had done it. We lost Metallum (D9) and Double F (D6) right after the explosion and we got split apart from Tails (D13) when running through the ship. Atleast there was still two Anti-Careers left, and I really hoped both of the Careers had died. At least one of them had, if Leonis (D3) was right about the cannons. When we reached the top I was both happy and angry at the same time. Unfortunatley there was still one Career alive, but fortunatley that tribute wasn't Warwickite (D1). Eustacia (C) had seen us, and we had seen her.

Leonis Ivory, District 3

I stayed in the background as Eustacia (C) saw us. "I see you brought your friend", she said as we walked towards her. We had to concentrate on not falling because the "floor" was really slippery. I could she that she had her lifevest on I thought about mine that was in my backpack. "Let's just kill her and be done with her", Lumina screamed as we started jogging towards the Capitolfemale. 

Eustacia Perthshire, The Capitol

I kind of panicked when the two came charging towards me, because I wasn't really prepared. They both had weapons and I only had a little knife and my backpack. "The backpack", I said almost hypnotized. They still had a little while to jog before they could attack so I quickly removed the backpack. I threw it against them and hit the boy from District 3 in the face. He landed on his back and starting sliding towards the edge. Lumina (D5) quickly turned around but she couldn't do anything other than watch in horror as the boy slided over the edge and falled towards the water. "Fuck", he said as soon as he understood that he was on his way overboard. Lumina (D5) suddenly got a wierd face and so did I when the ship suddenly started sinking rapidly. The District 3 male just swam to the surface before being pushed down by the suction from the ship. I put my knife in my knife and jumped off the boat. And so did Lumina (D5)

Lumina Spectrus, District 5

"BOOM!", Is the last thing I recall hearing before i find myself in the water. I have to kill Eustacia (C) now, as she's not concentrated. I open up my eyes underneath the water and sees her not far away from me. I hold my dagger tight and stabs her in the back. She swears, turns around in the water and cuts my throat. I start crying as I sink into the dark, creepy ocean.


Placing Tribute District  Killer District Kills Day
28th Helena Crisp District 13 Riley Apocalypto D4 0 1
27th Herb Bivore District 10 Elsa Himpshire D1 0 1
26th Sunnie Husky District 11 Luigi Wilkins D2 0 1
25th Mist Scorchil District 7 Warwickite Jewelly D1 0 1
24th Gabriella Sosang District 6 Lina Icen D4 0 1
23rd Katherine Laceswitch District 12 Roxanne Samhuel D2 0 1
22nd  Roxanne Samhuel District 2 - - 1; D12F 1
21st Riley Apocalypto District 4 Connor Kenway D8 1; D13F 2
20th Paris Caverly District 9 Divinity Emerges D10 0 2
19th Lina Icen District 4 Ella Smeter D3 1; D6F 3
18th Elsa Himshire District 1 Ferris Ferr D6 1; D10M 3
17th Gloom Ivy Capitol Luigi Wilkins D2 0 4
16th Jax Griffin District 5 Warwickite Jewelly D1 0 4
15th Blondie Genesis District 8 Adantie Charlton D7 0 4
14th Knuckles Ellington District 12 Leonis Ivory  D3 0 4
13th Ella Smeter District 3 Metallum Equitos D9 1; D4F 5
12th Connor Kenway District 8 Eustacia Perthshire Capitol 1; D4M 5
11th Luigi Wilkins District 2 Tails Power D13 2; CM, D11F 5
10th Metallum Equitos District 9 Explosion - 1; D3F 6
9th Ferris Ferr District 6 Explosion - 1; D1F 6
8th Denver Dorado District 11 Drowning - 0 6
7th Warwickite Jewelly District 1 Divinity Emerges D10 2; D5M, D7M 6
6th Divinity Emerges District 10 Eustacia Perthshire Capitol 2; D9F, D1M 6
5th Tails Power District 13 Possibly drowning - 1; D2M 6
4th Adantie Charlton District 7 Possibly drowning - 1; D8F 6
3rd Leonis Ivory District 3 Sinking - 1; D12M 6
2nd Lumina Spectrus District 5 Eustacia Perthshire Capitol 0 6
1st/VICTOR Eustacia Perthshire Capitol - - 3; D8M, D10F, D5F -

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