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Superipod10's 1st Anual Hunger Games


Welcome to my 1st Hunger Games, I hope I do this right.

First Off I Need:









I Limit up to 2 tributes. Unless I say otherwise. For the sponsor money it depends on how the crowd likes your chariot. I will post the arena after everyone has reaped there tributes so they can't cheat. I will try and post the days every day. (ex. Day 1 First day, Day 2 Day after that, Day 3 Day after that) If You are going to reserve you are only aloud to have it 48 hours 10 tributes left!



District 1 Male: Summanus Mirum

District 1 Female: Calypso Cicre

District 2 Male:

District 2 Female: Sharyi Hafum

District 3 Male: Darius Gregorios

District 3 Female: Skye Stevens

District 4 Male: Splash Blue

District 4 Female: Waterlily Wave

District 5 Male: Flare Thorne

District 5 Female: Fawn Sage

District 6 Male:

District 6 Female:

District 7 Male: Thorn Willows

District 7 Female: Dew Twilight

District 8 Male:

District 8 Female:

District 9 Male: Reserved for InsertRandomnessHere

District 9 Female: Reserved for InsertRandomnessHere

District 10 Male: Halex Calf

District 10 Female: Rena Gem

District 11 Male: Ranger Garlock

District 11 Female:Terena Flowers

District 12 Male:

District 12 Female:

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