It seems as if alot of people are making these, so I thought I would make one.

How It's Going To Work

I choose all the tributes, but you get to choose who you want to sponsor. The more sponsors 1 tribute has, the better their odds of winning. All deaths are created by, and I will come up with the story.


D1F ~ Angeli Shore

D1M ~ Exor Vim

D2F ~ Ashlar Jeffers

D2M - Strife Trellian

D3F ~ Sirina Neveraz

D3M ~ Fount Yanez

D4F ~ Seine Najera

D4M ~ Marino Cordova

D5F ~ Clout Vines

D5M ~ Verve Adair

D6F ~ Celer Ruiz

D6M ~ Swift Varner

D7F ~ Autumn Rivas

D7M ~ Tom Hawk

D8F ~ Vue Velez

D8M ~ Cuir Dalton

D9F ~ Tawny Quinez

D9M ~ Whit Ostrander

D10F ~ Demi Corodiva

D10M ~ Plutus Demerion

D11F ~ Russet Justus

D11M ~ Sawyer Matheson

D12F ~ Sierra Ladd

D12M ~ Crag Bluff

The Odds

Will be updated soon, choose your favorite tribute!

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