Welcome! To! The Panda Games!! This edition of the Hunger Games features 2 people, a male and a female from each district into the 325th Hunger Games. Now, you may notice, this is a Quarter Quell...which means...a twist is involved!! Panem asked China to give them pandas, which they turned into mean (but still adorable) monsters. They will be added into this game to show that innocence can be deadly...oo, and another prove that this games shall be interesting, the gamemakers made a rule for these games: no sponsoring. hehe >:D. (you may leave advice, and the tributes may read them if you wish, but nothing else.)


  • No Spam....
  • No whining when your tributes dies, this is the Hunger Games.
  • Have fun ;)
  • This is my first games, so be patient...
  • Please don't base your tributes off of any Hunger Games character (unless it is a common name).
  • No perfect tributes.
  • Reservations last 2 days.
  • You can have up to three tributes.

Tribute Template











Bloodbath Strategy:


Appearance (lunaii):


Name Age District Gender Weapons User
Spooks Royale 15 1 Male Knife, Staff, Bow Mist
Fennekin Flameheart 15 1 Female Fire/Matches Kacey
Silvanus Justice 18 2 Male Fists, Brass Knuckles Charlie
Metallix Gleam 16 2 Female Bow, Blowgun Charlie
Wario Wade 16 3 Male Dagger, throwing knives World
Marley Lillis 16 3 Female Deer Horn Knives, Brass Knuckles Crtha
Quentin Mudkipmarshtompswampert 15 4 Male Trident, Sword Blake
Struana Tyna 14 4 Female Knives, Trident Liza
Brandon Ivey 15 5 Male Sword, Throwing knives World
Strawberry Sumbre' 14 5 Female Sword, Dagger Jinx
Buck Rockwell 16 6 Male Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
Ophelia Carlile 16 6 Female Brass Knuckles Kacey
Dakota Frosch 17 7 Male Axe, bow Blake
Charlie Linx 12 7 Female Baton, Knives Rebekah
Banette Tsukomogami 15 8 Male Traps, Needles, Knives Mist
Ever Jaesron 15 8 Female Throwing knives Sam
Finn Torres 16 9 Male Sword, Kusarigama Crtha
Saguna Isola 15 9 Female Pickaxe, Whip, Blowgun MIA
Tyler Deadlocks 16 10 Male Heavy Weaponry Blake
Tart Miles 15 10 Female Mace, Knives, Rope Autumn
Lucas Sunsong 13 11 Male Anna
Bayleaf Mangolia 15 11 Female Slingshot, Blowgun Charlie
Willie Fry 13 12 Male Dagger, Bow and Arrow Ichillyfry
Zoey Halst 18 12 Female Throwing Ax YourFavoriteSalmon


The cornucopia is at the center. Surrounding them is a lush jungle that snows every other day. At the top left corner, there are huge, steep mountains that has a river, but this can be misleading because on the outside it looks very lifeless, but there are many trees near the center of the mountains...and only three pandas. At one point on the right side is a spiral tree that is the base for the pandas. It has a unique scent that attracts people because it smells fruity and delicious.

Chariot Rides

District 1

Spooks and Fennekin came down in the chariots waving. Everybody is surprised, though. Because they are the district of luxury, both are wearing sparkly snuggies. Some people laughed, but some people in the audience thought it was a disgrace. Spooks was waving and smiling, getting distracted by a few things, and then waving again. Fennekin was smiling really big, looking really proud. Every once in a while she would chuckle. Then, just a moment later:

District 2

District 2 came! Silvanus was wearing a granite-looking shirt and pants that had streaks of travertine-like texture. Metallix was wearing something of a similar sort, except it was a dress and it had curves gong down it. Silvanus waved happily, while Metallix did the same. She had a tint of nervousness in her eyes, but she quickly flashed it away with a blink.

District 3

Wario and Marley came down next. Both were wearing outfits out of SD cards and little microchips. They were both wearing wires as belts. Wario's outfit was yellow while Marley's was purple. Wario looked confident. Marley looked very confused and started to tear up. Wario nudged her and she started waving.

District 4

Struana and Quentin came down for the fourth chariot. Their outfits were all blue, and they had fish coming out of each side of the collar. Struana had a dress while Quentin had a shirt and short pants. Quentin was waving fiercely and had a slight smile. Struana was humming softly to herself and Quentin gave her a look. Struana grunted and unwillingly waved.

District 5

District 5 had elegant outfits. Brandon had wires all around him with a crown made out of rock. Strawberry had a wiry outfit, too. It was in two pieces, but she did not have a rock crown. Brandon and Strawberry had their arms around each other to show the "power" of District 5.

District 6

Buck and Ophelia came with very long outfits. At the end of their simply orange outfit, it went around the whole chariot four times. Buck was waving and winking while Ophelia was happily waving and blowing kisses to the audience.

District 7

Dakota and Charlie came strolling along next after District 6. Both had wooden outfits with wooden shoes. They both had birds and small mammals in the chariot with them. Dakota was trying way too hard to smile while Charlie smiled. Unexpectedly, Charlie started to cry while Dakota took no notice.

District 8

District 8 was a favorite for most. Banette and Ever had white and red diamond-shaped patterned outfit with diamonds and rubies shining in them. People were cheering for Banette and Ever, which made Banette smile real big because for once he felt attention. Ever smiled really big, too, and gave a bug high-five to Banette, who accepted, even though he didn't like most of the people his age from District 8.

District 9

Finn and Saguna came in the District 9 chariot. They had long, extremely beautiful flowers on Finn's robe and Saguna's long and swirly dress. Saguna's glasses had very beautiful indigo flowers on them. Both Finn and Saguna looked proud and strong.

District 10

Tyler and Tart were wearing were wearing a lightly shaded read color outfits that had jagged parts on them, resembling something like a barn. Tyler waved and almost fell off because he was leaning back too far to see the audience. Tart didn't looked amused and wanted to get it over with. Tyler smiled directly at her and Tart squinted her eyes more. After about ten more seconds, Tart took a huge deep breath and waved and smiled, even laughing at points.

District 11

For the agricultural district, Lucas and Bayleaf wore all kinds of a variety of fruits and veggies. On top of their heads they wore huge dragon fruits on their heads. Lucas tried to look tough, but failed. He trembled a bit and took huge breaths. Bayleaf looked fun and enjoyable as she smiled and waved.

District 12

Bringing up the rear was District 12. Both were wearing deep black outfits and Zoey had a large headpiece. Willie wore a smaller headpiece but was much more complex, with ends being jagged and weird paths, almost like a trail. Zoey looked very sad but did a very good job of hiding it. Willie winked at the audience and jokingly blew kisses as Zoey laughed.

Training, Training scores, and a few details/POVs

Charlie's POV

The first thing I see as I enter the training room is people practicing weapons. But they're weren't just practicing, they were practicing hard. I can use a few weapons, but when I do it doesn't look nearly a quarter as fierce as some of these people. I am a tiny 12 year old. Will I be easy to weed out? I decided to sit down and watch some things happen to know which tributes to avoid...even though I want to avoid all of them. Dang...that yellow district 3 guy is...scary! I think his name is Wario, which I feel is silly because it's such an unattractive name. "Are you okay?" That voice startled me so much I fell down from where I was sitting. It was the quiet yet very kind girl from District 11, and her name is something like Maylee, or something that sounds like that. "Just watching," I replied. She was standing next to a boy my age. "I am Bayleaf," she said. "This is Lucas." I waved to Lucas and he smiled. It was awkward to sit there and smile with all the grunts and all the chaos of weapons and people practicing in the background. "We thought you may want allies," said Lucas. "Oh, that's great!" I said. Bayleaf said, "We were originally going to be alone, but we decided we needed a third person." Really? REALLY? Me? A weak 12-year-old? That quote made me feel special, and I would never forget it.

Tyler's POV

The chariot rides were fun, but I need to get serious. Quentin, Dakota, Strawberry and I were standing around still choosing what we wanna do. I decided just to go to a station with swords, but Strawberry hopped on over. "Dang it!" I said aloud. Quentin and Dakota stared at me. I said, "Quentin, ain't you a career?" "Tots," he said. "No, just kidding, I was just about to ask you if we could make a three-person alliance with Greeny." He pointed towards Dakota's direction. Dakota waved. "Sure," I said. I was getting an alliance! "May I axe you a question?" Dakota yelled. Quentin and I stared at each other. "Uh...sure?" Quentin replied. "I wanna go to the axe station, may I go?" Dakota asked. "Yes," said Quentin and I in unison. Dakota left. "He is good," said Quentin. I wanted to shake my head, but I just unwillingly nodded. I guess I need him for now. I was taking a huge breath to speak when Tart walked over. "Hey, my favorite district partner!" Tart said. "Hey, Mr. Q. Shouldn't you be with Ms. Panda???" she said towards Quentin. She laughed. "Poptart, go away," I said. "Fine, Taylor," Tart said. She walked away from me with her eyes squinted. Quentin looked at me. "Taylor?" Quentin asked. "We know each other back at District 10 and I called her Poptart, so she called me Taylor because she didn't like being called Poptart," I said. Tart isn't exactly the brightest person ever. In fact, she usually doesn't even talk much just makes scary faces at you. I didn't tell Quentin that, I don't fully trust him yet.

Fennekin's POV

Boom! Boom! Fire building is great! I created six fires and some guy came because I had accidentally set the whole station on fire. He fixed it, though. After that, three people gathered around me (Spooks, Silvanus, and Buck) and I showed them some steps to the art of fire building. "Awesome!" exclaimed Buck. "So, you wanna be a career?" asked Silvanus. "Sure," said Buck. Spooks and I gave each other a look. "Well, you're in!" said Silvanus. "Really? Awesome!" said Buck. I scratched my head and made another fire. I clapped at my awesome fire, and then I poked Spooks when he wasn't looking at those gorgeous flames. "We have a lack of careers," Spooks pointed out. "Metallix and Quentin kind of backed out, and I don't know about Struana. I like our group, though, we aren't as terrible-minded as the usual careers." I would never align with the careers, either, but I liked these people because they like fire, too. What he said was odd, usually people at my school said I was terrible-minded. That was usually because they didn't like me, though. "Finn is coming," said Silvanus. "I need to join the careers," said Finn. "My father died in the games; I have to join." "Okay," I said absentmindedly. "I am serious! I am strong," Finn said. Silvanus and Spooks gave themselves a look then looked at me. I didn't know why they were looking at each other so I just kind of waved. "You're in," said Silvanus. He was happy, and so was I, because I made another fire.

Name District Gender Score Why?
Banette  8 Male 11 Very talented with weapons and has unique skills.
Bayleaf 11 Female 7 Very smart and is very good in trees. 
Brandon 5 Male 4 Not very strong.
Buck 6 Male 9 Very good with weapons, but isn't the best with some trees.
Charlie 7 Female 3 Isn't very tough, hides a lot.
Dakota 7 Male 7 Very accurate, not very good with trees and stealth.
Ever 8 Female


Very skilled with throwing knives.
Fennekin 1 Female 5 All she did was build fires, but she did prove to be sneaky.
Finn 9 Male 8 Shwon to be skilled in the arena, unless in water.
Lucas 11 Male 3 Not very tough, but has good reflexes.
Marley 3 Female 3 Cried a lot, but after 9 minutes she got a weapon and threw it at the wall...viciously.
Metallix 2 Female 6 Skilled, but hesitant.
Ophelia 6 Female 4 Not very strong.
Quentin 4 Male 9 Very accurate.
Saguna 9 Female 7 Very skilled. Can easily survivor, very smart, but unsure if she is very vicious.
Silvanus 2 Male 7 Strong, but not the best long distance.
Spooks 1 Male 7 Smart, but not as strong.
Strawberry 5 Female 5 One of the weaker tributes, but is good in the arena.
Struana 4 Female 11 She drew a picture of a panda, then a picture of four hunters. She literally grabbed four weapons and shot one at each of the hunter's heads...
Tart 10 Female 11 Very brutal. She made a dummy saying "Tart" and one of "everybody else" and she took knives and stabbed them. She then innocently skipped away...
Tyler 10 Male 6 Strong, but not too skilled in the arena.
Wario 3 Male  10 Very strong and good with aim.
Willie 12 Male 7 Not too strong, but great medically. He showed us very good remedies.
Zoey 12 Female 8 Very fast and accurate, not too skilled in the arena part.

The Hunger Games :3

Day 1(Bloodbath)

Lucas's POV

My heart is thumping so loud. I hold my chest to make sure it doesn't come out. The counter is counting down so quickly. I don't have time to think. I spot Charlie but not Bayleaf. I started tearing up. Come on, Lucas! You can do better!

Wario's POV

Okay, the timer is at 30. I can do this. Just kill a career, that is my main goal. Come on Wario, do this for your family. Do this for District 3. Come on!!

Marley's POV

I cannot stop crying. Everything is confusing. Ugh, stupid Mom! I could've at least prepared if I had known about this as a child! I have 15 seconds left....

Tart's POV

Let the Hunger Games beign!! Woohoo! This bloodbath'll be amazing. 10 seconds left... I'll kill somebody. Unless it is Tyler, most likely because he'll do what I say when he's alive. I rub my hands together, preparing when...


Silvanus's POV

The first thing I spot is a knife. I run and grab it. Fennekin runs by my side. "Hello!" she says. I nod and we run off as Buck and Spooks join us. Silvanus sees Strawberry, Marley, and Brandon struggling. Before he can react, Buck takes his knife and goes over and stabs Brandon. BOOM! "Sorry, I wanted the first kill," he said. Strawberry runs away quickly into the jungle. Fennekin raises her eyebrow and we continue running. We see Zoey, Willie, and Wario grouping up and having a few more tributes following them. Spooks grabs a knife and tries throwing it at them, but Wario pushes Zoey out of the way and they run into the jungle. Rats!

Zoey's POV

We run into the jungle. We have five people with us including me: Willie, Wario, Ophelia, and Metallix. We are nervous that Metallix is with us since she is from District 2, but Metallix says she doesn't want to be with the careers. Willie and I glance each other nervous looks. "So, you aren't a career?" I asked. "Nope," Metallix said. "You sure?" I asked. "Yup," she said. "If it makes you feel better, I have no weapon with me." She puts her hands up and smiled innocently. "Well, obviously you're with us," Willie said.

Quentin's POV

I run as I gather food and supplies. Dakota barely misses something thrown at him, I didn't have time to see what it was and where it came from. In the distance I see Tart peaking out from behind the cornucopia. She stares intensely at the careers and goes back behind it. I spent so much time noticing that, I didn't notice a spear almost hit me. Buck, that one District 6 guy, barely missed me. Tyler came by my side as Buck threw it again. I tried to warn Tyler, but I was too late. We both didn't notice it. It pierced him in the chest. BOOM! I cursed Buck and went with Dakota into the jungle before anyone noticed.

Struana's POV

I love these games. I didn't see any pandas...but I will be looking. I saw Fennekin and decided to ask her. "Have you seen any pandas?" I asked Fennekin. "," she said. I frowned. "Can you join the careers?" Fennekin asked. "Well, I don't particularly like them," I replied. Fennekin looked as if she slightly agreed. We started running to gather more supplies when she answered, "Neither do I, but the flames chose them so I went with them. I wouldn't necessarily call them careers because..." She broke off. "I am in!" I said. We could have sleepovers and search for pandas! Oh that would be great! I hugged Fennekin really hard like what pandas do. Silvanus came and Fennekin explained that I was in. Then I realized there are still 22 people left. "This is crazy...," I said. "Why?" asked Fennekin's district partner. "This is the Panda Games! It is supposed to be exciting! This blood bath is almost over because almost every tribute is running into the woods!" As I said that, the District 8 team and Saguna from District 9 ran into the jungle. "See what I mean!" I said. Suddenly the District 10 girl came out and she looked real angry. She started speaking. "Hey guys. Thanks for killing my district partner, that was very kind of you. Bucky, if I were you I would watch your back."

Tart's POV

Buck threw the spear at me but I dodged it, hitting Marley who was using me as a shield as she got supplies. BOOM! I didn't feel like saying something stupid so I left. I got so angry. Kill my district partner, thanks. He was the only person aside from myself I would actually talk to. I decided to do something that shows that I am from District 10. I came out of the jungle and held up all my fingers; 10 fingers. I said, "Watch out." To be honest, I was surprised they were still out there. How many supplies to you need? Really?? I just got some grass because I haven't eaten that well for the past few days. Oh my gosh, I need meat....I am from district 10 for crying out loud!

Rest of Day 1

Spooks's POV

Us careers looked at what we each got. Silvanus opened up a bag full of boots. "These are useless," said Buck. I very much doubted that. "There must be some sort of the the gamemakers added additionally. Why would these be here?" I said. "Maybe there is a snowy part of the arena...," said Finn. "Very much a possibility," I said. Silvanus closed the bag. "We should count how many are in there," said Finn. "'Kay," said Fennekin. She grabbed the bag and counted. "5 pairs," she said. "There are-" I counted-"Six of us," Struana said for me. I nodded and Silvanus volunteered to not wear this when whenever this snowy part comes up. Finn put his finger over his lips and pointed and we saw the two District 8 people.

Ever's POV

"So, Banette, I think I've seen you once," I said. Banette had that very familiar look, I mean really, he has a zipper face. How could you forget that? "Nah, never seen you...I don't know. But you're awesome and nice, you know that? I usually hate District 8," he said. I wondered why, but I didn't want to ask. He decided to tell me though. "I was an orphan. These stupid people, my age, too, messed with me because I sat in the corner and I played with my only friend, Shuppet," was the much less explicit version of what he said. "Shuppet seems nice," I said. "Well, they didn't think so. Why can't dolls and people be friends?" I felt a little bad for the poor kid, I didn't realize Shuppet was a doll... "Yea, well, guess what? They murdered him....MURDERED him!!" I felt so bad, I never noticed he yelled. I heard something in the bushes. I looked over.

Banette's POV

Ever looked over at the bushes. I wonder what she saw. If it is a tribute... "I love the wildlife here," she said. "Beautiful," I agreed. I was very hungry, and I noticed a plant with berries that I had seen an enemy of mine eat once. I thought it was poisonous, but she laughed and said it wasn't. "I found berries!" I said. Ever smiled. She gestured for me to get it. I went over and heard a terrifying yell. BOOM! I looked over and saw the District 9 boy run out. I saw Ever lying dead. "NO!!" I screamed. The only person who I can truly understand, the only person that made me realized that District 8 might not be the most terrible District ever! Murdered! Just like Shuppet. I looked at her and shot out tears. All my friends, gone. I screamed out all my thoughts. My face got hot. I calmed down and hugged Ever's lifeless body and I ran to protect myself. I swear, I will destroy that District 9 boy. I am sure of it.

Saguna's POV

Basically I survived the I cannot describe the feeling! I grabbed a bag labeled "Survivor Kit." Nobody noticed me grab it!! Four deaths have 20 people left. I wonder who's not too late yet, and there is still more time for more. If I don't die today, I'll have a bigger chance. Furthermore, the careers aren't even that tough this year. We have a pyromaniac, an extreme panda lover in the Panda games, which has a lot of irony, I guy I heard was royal to the Capitol or something close to that, I guy named Buck, that guy with weird hair, Finn, who is my district partner, and a career who isn't the toughest person ever. The only death I saw was the District 5 guy, Brandon. Man, that was brutal. I mean, really. Grabbing your ally's weapon and killing an innocent guy. After pondering the bloodbath I climbed a tree, got a few scrapes, but that is okay. I wrapped them up with some useful bandages in my survival kit and surprisingly I noticed how tired I was. I went into mid-tree and completely hid myself . I didn't want to be on the top so if anybody was looking at the treetops, they would see my, and intelligently locate the tree I am in and kill me. Don't want that to happen! I then fell asleep, smiling at me surviving the bloodbath.

Bayleaf's POV

Charlie, Lucas and I ran out unnoticed. Lucas was originally planned to get a pack, but he forgot. I showed Lucas and Charlie a few useful plants. They are still younger, so I have to do my best to protect them. Charlie has already fallen twice over a tree root, so I know this will be a tough and exhausting task. Lucas, Charlie and I settled in a tree. We looked down and heard a cannon fire and I saw the district 8 boy yelling. Something must've happened. "I just realized I am still in. How?" asked Charlie. She looked happy and worried. "We are going to be fine," I said. Charlie hugged me and I made sure she was happy. Lucas looked out the opposite direction so I couldn't tell what he was feeling. "I hope all three of us can win," Charlie. "Me too," I agreed. I inhaled deeply and exhaled deeply. I looked around to see anything. Then I heard a scream and I saw a girl with red hair climb up our tree. Charlie looked so scared so I covered her eyes. "Hello? Please don't kill me," whispered the girl. "It is just Strawberry." I now recognized her; the district 5 girl. "What happened?" asked Lucas. "I tripped. I was so scared I screamed because a branch touched my shoulder. I knew my scream was loud, so I got nervous and ran up this tree," explained Strawberry. I knew she was hurrying because her hair was all over her face and she was breathing heavily. "I guess I should go now if you don't want me," said Strawberry. "No, it is fine," said Charlie. I could tell Charlie felt bad for her. Strawberry hugged Charlie and us four talked more.

Willie's POV

Alrighty, we have a cool anti-career group. We have Wario, the brawns, Ophelia, the one who always calms us down, Zoey, my district partner, and me, obviously. We also have Metallix, but we're still deciding if she'll stay with us or not. We wish we could have more people with us but most of them made other alliances. "We should probably target the ones who didn't come with the anti-careers," Zoey said. "Why? We could get them with us," said Ophelia. "They had their chance," Wario said. I gave an evil grin. Metallix was near a tree a few feet away from us and wasn't really paying attention to our conversation. She came back a moment later and proposed a different idea. "I think we should target the careers," she said. "No, they'll kill some other tributes for us and then we'll kill them. We are going to start with some random alliance first," Wario replied. Metallix seamed like she wanted to argue, but she kept quiet and nodded. I gestured for Zoey and Ophelia to follow Wario, Metallix and I as we head off. We were in luck! We found a tree and we heard some voices. Wario shushed us and we listened. He got his throwing knife ready and we heard a boy scream. He quickly aimed and threw it. BOOM! He must've hit someone. We looked inside the tree. We saw it was the girl with red hair, Strawberry, and we assumed that the other people with her ran away. That means 5 tributes are down.

Quentin's POV

Dakota and I found a pack with bacon in it. It had a special heater to keep the bacon warm. Dakota and I were quiet over our ally's death. We explored until a region of the arena where we were far away from the cornucopia. Dakota and I ate until we had enough bacon left to last us until the next few days. A few minutes later we took a nap. I woke up probably an hour....actually I don't know, but I think an hour later and found Tart speaking with Dakota. "DAKOTA!" I yelled. He held his hand out. "Hey," said Tart. "Stop. Just, no. I know you're going to kill me," I said. I panicked for a second. Tart was not speaking, which was very awkward and scary. "What's with the peculiar guy?" Tart asked Dakota. "You!" I said. I stared at her and she shrugged. "I won't kill you if I get all your bacon," she said. I opened my mouth. "What will we get out of this?" I asked. "No death," she said. She raised her eyebrow the way girls do when they don't believe you. "Fine. Since you were nice to Tay I will help you." "Help me with what?" Tart laughed. "I will guide you," she said. She looked at Dakota. "He is fine with me," Tart said. "If we go on I will kill anybody in our path, unless of course you or Dakota get in my way," she said. I knew she was brutal, she wouldn't do this for just bacon. "Have you even killed anybody yet?" I asked. Tart shook her head. "That just makes it even more exciting," said Tart. She laughed. Gosh, it is so annoying when she laughs. I looked at her and took a deep breath. The anthem came on and we looked at the sky. District 3 female, both from District 5, District 8 female, and District 10 male, who was Tyler. "you protected Tay. I know I can trust you. If you trust me, I will hurt..." -Tart paused- "...almost everyone." The way she said it reminded me of a fox, sly and very sneaky. I nodded. "Fine, fine. Here is the bacon. But if you betray one of us, the other one will get you," I warned. "Like sharkies!" said Dakota. "Promise," she said. She munched on the bacon while me and Dakota set up a bed. "Oh, and by the way, that was a great decision. That sky'll be more full, and my bacon belly," Tart laughed at her undoubtedly stupid joke.

The Sky

Once I have all of the tributes then the sky will be up...

Name (first) District Death Killer Overall Place
Brandon 5 Stabbed Buck 24th
Tyler 10 Hit by spear Buck 23rd
Marley 3 Hit by spear Buck/Tart 22nd
Ever 8 Stabbed by sword Finn 21st
Strawberry 5 Stabbed by throwing knife Wario 20th

Still Alive

Name (first name) District Current Alliance Odds
Spooks 1 Careers 17-1
Fennekin 1 Careers 18-1
Silvanus 2 Careers 16-1
Metallix 2 Anti-Careers 25-1
Wario 3 Anti-Careers 12-1
Quentin 4 YouTube Alliance 18-1
Struana 4 Careers 14-1
Buck 6 Careers 10-1
Ophelia 6 Anti-Careers 19-1
Dakota 7 YouTube Alliance 23-1
Charlie 7 Bayleaf's Alliance 42-1
Banette 8 Alone 16-1
Finn 9 Careers 12-1
Saguna 9 Alone 20-1
Tart 10 YouTube Alliance 10-1
Lucas 11 Bayleaf's Alliance 41-1
Bayleaf 11 Bayleaf's Alliance 36-1
Willie 12 Anti-Careers 16-1
Zoey 12 Anti-Careers 16-1

Day 2

Ophelia's POV

It is so cold outside. I am shivering so much right now. I look up and see it is snowing. But why? Why gamemakers? Then I remembered: the boots! Now they make sense. I wake up Zoey and show her the snow. "Wow," she whispers. We drew smiley faces in the snow and wrote stuff like "hi" and "Zoey wuz here." After a fun time of messing 7around, we got cold so we snuggled back into our blanket of leaves. Wario sneezed and woke himself up. Zoey and I laughed. It was fun being around the anti-careers. Buck sure did make a bad decision with staying the smelly careers. I like being with the anti-smelly careers.

Tart's POV

Gosh, I love snow. There are so many things it can make: frostbite, ice, icicles. Ah, so cool. I decided it was time to leave. I was really going to be in an alliance but they made me sleep up in a tree. Really? A tree? Finally they just came up, too, but that still wasn't fair. I jumped off the tree and heard a huge crack. BOOM! I looked down. There was lifeless little Dakota. He must've fell off in his sleep. I accidentally landed on his neck and twisted it in a weird position...oops. I decided since they were nice to Tay I was going to poison Quentin. A harmless death. I found an extremely poisonous berry on the ground, then I found a whole tree of them. I putthem in leaves and added water, snow, and another non-poisonous berry. I mushed it all up. I put it next to Quentin's head and wrote in with a stick on some bark next to it, "From Dakota. Bye ;(". The frowny face looked so much like something Dakota'd do I almost laughed. I decided then to head out.

Saguna's POV

Golly, this snow is cold. Good thing I have a huge leaf to block most of it out! I keep on thinking of Finn and how it must be going for him with the careers. I keep of thinking of horrible things like betrayal or blood. I then decided I needed to do something besides sit in this here tree. I needed to hurt the anti-careers so Finn could go through the game further, as will I. I need a perfect time to set a plan, but when? I need a time that everybody is distracted. I need a time where nobody will expect something. I need a time when nobody is watching. I thought long and hard. Another attack? A diversion? struck me. I know the perfect time. When will everybody be distracted? When nobody will expect anything? When will nobody be watching? Two words: the anthem.

Struana's POV

I made a snow panda then I prayed that I would hopefully find a panda. I called Fennekin over and we discussed about our favorite things. "Fire is amazing," said Fennekin. "Yea. It really is. I love pandas," I said. Fennekin right now is my best friend in these games. "Oh, the irony of being in the panda games," I said. Fennekin smiled and than tapped me extremely hard. "Ahh!!!" she said. I knew something creative popped in her mind so I said, "What??" "What if there was a flaming panda?" said Fennekin. We dropped our jaws and stared at each other. I had never been so inspired in my life. Spooks came over and joined us. Fennekin and I explained our amazing invention. "Sounds pretty neat," Spooks said. "Silvanus wants you two to come over, we're going to walk for a bit." "'Kay," I said. "Coming Silvano!" said Fennekin. We happily walked over and us careers went on an adventure as we tried to find out what we were doing next.

Finn's POV

As we ventured out, I reflected on Ever's death. I shoved my sword into her head. I felt so vicious and I cannot get it out of my memory, it reminds me of my dad's death so much. I try not to cry, not because of Ever but because of my father. I wipe away my tears as Buck turns around. "You okay?" Buck asked. "Yea," I said, my voice shaky. "Aw, poor Finn," he said. "What is the matter? It's not that cold," Buck said. "No, in fact, I think it is that bad. I am having memories of my dead father who died in an arena similar to this, okay? Thank you and turn around," I said. He shut up right away. Dang, I hate Buck. I talked to Silvanus, or Silvano as Fennekin and Struana call him, and he said he is bothered by him. One time we're going to have to kill him for sure.

Bayleaf's POV

Charlie, Lucas and I are still horrified and now we are cold. Charlie cried so I made her a doll out of leaves. We all three played short little games and tried to keep out spirits up, but that was too hard at this moment. Losing Strawberry was hard, even though we knew her for about a minute, watching anybody die makes you want to take your eyes and put them somewhere where they could get cleaned. With all the unhappy atmosphere, we haven't really found time to eat or drink. I found a plant and had Charlie and Lucas eat it. We didn't even have a big appetite, but they still didn't refuse.

Banette's POV

I hate these games. I yelled out. All this snow makes me wanna puke. I hate this. I sat down and drew pictures with a stick of people back at District 8 dying. I smiled and whacked the picture. I got so mad then. I was so mad that I was laughing. I started running. I don't know where, but I did. I heard voices. I got out a knife and I went up the tree quietly. I opened the leaf and screamed intimidatingly. The little girl screamed and my knife was two inches away from her chest when something beautiful caught my eye. It was a doll. Just like Shuppet. Another girl, who I think was from District 11, was so scared that she just let me grab it. "A beauty," I said. I examined it. It reminded me of the murder of Shuppet, of hatred. But it reminded me of Shuppet. The murderous things didn't count anymore. This doll made me smile. the little girl was sobbing and had hair all over her face. Another boy was about ready to kill me, but I could tell he was a bit afraid. I helf up my hands. "Sorry," was all I said. "I love your doll. I used to have one." The little girl still struggled on what to do and say. The District 11 girl just stared at me breathing heavily. The boy had his eyes huge. "Who are you?" the District 11 girl finally asked. "I am Banette, District 8 male," I responded. "I won't harm you," I said. "Oh really?" screamed the little girl. "I am Bayleaf," said the district 11 girl. Bayleaf seamed to struggle with every syllable she said, as if she, too was in shock. I started to feel guilt. "I will stay with you three," I said. "If I wouldn't, I would've killed you by now. I only didn't kill you before because I saw that doll," I said, pointing. the little girl held out her hand. I shook it. I hugged her to show I was harmless to her. "You can stay. I am Charlie," she said.

Quentin's POV

Dang it! I woke up super late. I saw a nice thingy of food lying in front of me. It had a note from Dakota saying, "From Dakota. Bye ;(". Tart and Dakota weren't anywhere to be seen. I looked down. A huge body print was lying on the ground. There wasn't any blood. And then I knew Tart betrayed me. I had that feeling. I knew I shouldn't have trusted her. I sat on that tree for a good half an hour deciding if I should shout or find Tart and kill her. This is revenge, Tart, go ahead and eat it. Those are the words I'll say to her once I find her.

Lucas's POV

Later that day, my alliance heard a noise outside. We realized it was Metallix, the District 2 female, going to the restroom. When she was finished, Banette raised a rock he had just found that was enormous, and threw it at her. It hit her head. BOOM! Charlie gasped. Banette looked at her. "What is the matter?" he asked. Charlie looked around nervously. "Uh, well, I never really liked when people kill other people, it seems kinda wrong," she said. Charlie looked really awkward when she said that. "Well, you know, this is the Hunger Games, and I want our alliance to excel," Banette said. Charlie nodded. I heard yelling. It was from an alliance. It is probably the careers since she is from District 2. But as I look out of a little peephole in the leaves, I see it is really the anti-careers. Uh oh, I guess she isn't really in the careers..."Uh, guys...they're coming," I said. Bayleaf ushered Charlie out of the tree and Banette followed. I went last. One guy yelled out, "I see them!" We ran faster. Everything was a blur. All of the sudden I saw a throwing knife heading strait towards Charlie. No! Not Charlie!! I jumped right in front of her, risking my own life for hers.

Charlie's POV

"NO!!! LUCAS!!!" I screamed. BOOM! No! One of my allies, gone! Just like Strawberry! Banette carried me to a safe place as a knife narrowly missed my head. I pulled it out and cried. We were in some sort of cave thingy and it was cold from the snow. they anti-careers walked right past us as we remained unnoticed. Bayleaf hugged me as I wept over Lucas's death. How could it come so early?? I heard a grunt. My eyes opened wide because I thought it was an anti-career. But no... I looked outside and I saw a panda. I poked Bayleaf. "Ouch!" she whispered. I shushed her and showed her and Banette outside. We slipped deeper into the hole/cave and covered ourselves with dirt just in case the panda took a peak and saw us.

Buck's POV

The careers finally stopped and we made a plan. "Based on who is still in, I think we should target Tart and the Zipper Guy," I said. My plan made sense, seriously, they are two tough people. Probably not as great as me, though. "I agree," said Finn. Finn didn't look me in the eye, he is still irritated. Really, get over it. Like I knew your father died in the games? "Alright. But how do we know where they are?" said Silvanus. Gosh, he asked for a plan, and once I give an idea he doesn't know how to do anything. Is it that hard? "Just go out and find them, that simple," I said. "I say we find the Anti-Careers so we can kill them off," said Spooks. Fennekin pointed at Spooks and nodded. "Find pandas!" suggested Struana. Fennekin changed her mind and pointed at Struana. "Look, are we gonna kill the tough ones or not?" I said. These careers had terrible ideas! "Wario is tough," said Spooks. "I like the idea," said Silvanus. Struana and Fennekin nodded. "We may find a panda on the way," said Struana. "I like it," said Finn. I rolled my eyes. "Fine," I said. I still think Tart and Banette are way bigger threats, but whatever.

Bayleaf's POV

Banette, Charlie and I stayed in the hole for a long time. The panda just slept and every once in a while looked up. "I am used to living in a tree, not a hole!" Charlie complained. The atmosphere was grim because of Lucas's death. He was my district partner, at lovely District 11. When I was little I always had a dream about the male from my district and I hiding. We both won the Hunger Games. I heard of one Hunger Games where two tributes from District 12 won. That ended in a rebellion, but Panem took control over the Hunger Games years later. Oh, I wish those rebellion days lasted longer. Now they have killer pandas in an arena. My friend told me after the Quell was announced that they paid China over 3 billion dollars just to get the pandas. Dang, they sure to want these pandas. Right now i have a one in sixteen shot at staying alive, but I hope I can win it without staying in this hole the whole time. This panda never moves! Banette tried getting out once but it woke up and roared. He didn't see him, so he silently sneaked back in the hole. This is going to take forever! The sky was already starting to get dark.

Wario's POV

I wonder where the weaker alliance went. I managed to kill the little boy. Honestly, I feel a slight guilt in me, but I know that I did it to get further. Metallix died, and even though we didn't care too much about her, she is still an ally. Ophelia wanted to walk around for a bit and find water, and Willie, Zoey and I didn't complain. We followed her. "Is it me, or are these games going so slowly?" asked Willie. I thought about his question, but I didn't feel it. "No," I said. Ophelia and Zoey shook their heads. "But, like, on the first day, only 5 tributes died. 5! My friend's brother was in this thing and 12 people died in the bloodbath, and 6 more followed! Seriously, 8 people are dead." I thought about that and realized it was true. Not very many people out here would I have thought been out here if you showed me the tributes 20 days before this happened and asked me who would've survived. I shook my head. "You're right, we gotta find more people," said Zoey. We all nodded and moved on.

Quentin's POV

This day has been long. I decided just to camp out and sleep in a tree. I haven't found the careers yet, but I will eventually. I am terrified, though. Buck is in the careers. Buck, who killed Tyler. I had an evil thought and I couldn't help but smiling. It contained me stabbing Buck to death and showing the careers what a mistake they made. Then it showed them accepting me. Of course, all that won't happen, me killing a career then being welcomed into a career, but if I had it my way, that's how it would go.

Saguna's POV

I realized it was getting super dark. I want to the border of the jungle where the large field was where the bloodbath took place. I couldn't quite see the cornucopia. I realized that I must cross it. I ran across it with all my might. I didn't want to be seen. About 5-10 minutes later I was at the other side. I knew the Anti-Careers would be over here. About 20 minutes later I realized that I had no plan. Oh golly, I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Right after that thought the anthem played. I watched the faces of the deceased. District 2 female, District 7 male, District 11 male; Metallix, Dakota, and Lucas. I had finally made it to Day 3.

The Sky

  • District 2
  • District 7
  • District 11
Name (first) District Death Killer Overall Place
Dakota 7 Jumped on Tart 19th
Metallix 2 Rock thrown at head Banette 18th
Lucas 11 Stabbed by throwing knife Wario 17th

Still Alive

Name (first) District Current Alliance Odds
Spooks 1 Careers 16-1(+)
Fennekin 1 Careers 17-1(+)
Silvanus 2 Careers 16-1(=)
Wario 3 Anti-Careers 11-1(+)
Quentin 4 Alone 25-1(-)
Struana 4 Careers 16-1(-)
Buck 6 Careers 11-1(-)
Ophelia 6 Anti-Careers 19-1(=)
Charlie 7 Bayleaf's Alliance 40-1(+)
Banette 8 Bayleaf's Alliance 22-1(-)
Finn 9 Careers 11-1(+)
Saguna 9 Alone 26-1(-)
Tart 10 Alone 9-1(+)
Bayleaf 11 Bayleaf's Alliance 36-1(=)
Willie 12 Anti-Careers 15-1(+)
Zoey 12 Anti-Careers 15-1(+)

Day 3

Buck's POV

These games are boring. I want to do something memorable. I got up and left the careers. I was coming back later, so I didn't kill any of them yet. I left on in search for the Anti-Careers. I wanted Ophelia. She went to my school, but I never really talked to her. I did know she liked love stories, though. I grinned. About an hour later I got to a camp. Shucks, it's abandoned. They could be anywhere! I walked until I heard talking. I looked from a tree they were standing behind. It was them! I was so lucky. I knew I could do it! I was even in more luck when it was only Ophelia talking. She was writing stuff down. Perfect! "Ophelia," I whispered. She looked up and grabbed a weapon. "It's Buck." I tried to sound as sad as possible. "Buck!" she whispered. "What are you doing here?" "Fetching you," I said. She looked around and shook her head. "Join us," she said. Before she could continue, I said, "Let me explain. I was with the careers but they tried to attack me. They threatened to kill you, too, and cursed District 6." She looked horrified. "Oh...okay," she said. "I'll leave a note for my allies," she said. "Don't!" I said, forgetting to whisper. "They'll know you're here and track you down." She breathed in heavily. "Okay," she said. "Coming." Ophelia came over. She trusted me, which was great. Ophelia first suggested to get water, and I honestly agreed. I was thirsty. Forget about the Hunger Games, they should seriously call this the Thirst Games at this time.

Quentin's POV

I ate some berries I found. To be honest, I have no idea if they're poisonous or not. I walk along some path a small rodent would've made that had thorny plants along the sides of it. Already in the Hunger Games, I can have a little fun, right? Dang. Looking for the careers is hard. They seem to be nowhere. In fact, I've seen about no one. I shrug. I stop, hearing voices. I duck behind a small tree. I stop and listen, by breath visible. I then realized the voice was me. I am going crazy, I am talking to myself. I also realize that it is not snowing anymore. Thank goodness!!

Spooks's POV

I was going to fetch some water. Fennekin and Saguna offered to join me. This was perfect because I had a good plan. "We should leave the careers," I said. Oh gosh, that felt so good. I knew Fennekin and Saguna didn't want to be with the careers. I knew they would go with me and we could move off on our own. "On one condition," said Fennekin. I knew I could trust Fennekin, so I nodded. "Saguna and I get to name our alliance," she said. "Sure," I said. I thought it would be something much craizer, but I accepted anyway. "Ugh, I have to use the restroom real badly," said Saguna. Her face was getting real red underneath her black and white makeup. "Uh, go ahead," I said. Thanks! is what she probably would've said, but she ran away quickly before she could say anything. Fennekin and I soon found water and we put it in our bucket. We also filled up a few canteens. On the way back, we found a panda lying on the ground. Fennekin pointed and I tiptoed behind it. I looked back and found a cave. I saw three people, and two were really weak. Then there was the guy with the zipper as his mouth, I believe his name is Banette. I felt bad so I left the bucket there. Fennekin scratched her head and I gave her the canteen. She shrugged and we moved on. "We found a panda," she said. "We found a panda!" "Calm down," I said. "I thought Saguna liked pandas." Fennekin looked up. "Oh yea," she said. Saguna met with them a minute later. "That was refreshing," she said. "We found a panda!" Fennekin said. Saguna opened her mouth and dropped to the ground she put her fists in the mud and whispered, "Oh feces!"

Tart's POV

That morning I was hungry so I killed a rabbit and ate it. I was really bored so I made a fire to attract anyone who wanted a kill. Once they came, I would just kill them. I added leaves to make it smoke a lot. Nobody came. Gosh, these games are full of idiots. These deaths are going so slow and it makes me want to laugh. These games are pathedic, and it is time I take control. These games are life or death. I need to kill someone fast. I grabbed a branch off of a tree and snapped it. I really need more sleep. I started walking and I just left my fire there. I breathed heavily and kept walking. I stopped to get some water and I stuck my head in the water. It felt very refreshing!

Finn's POV

I decided to go and find the Anti-Careers. Only Silvanus was still at camp and our buckets were gone so I assumed they were getting water. I treked along a line of trees until  I saw water. Fantastic! Anti-Careers love water! I waited there. Sure enough, here they were, walking to it. I ran down and randomly sliced a girl (Zoey I think...) with my sword. I felt a knife hit my arm so I ran. I ran all the way back to camp. "Silvanus! I killed an anti!" I said. He woke up. "Huh? Where is everybody?" he asked. "Getting water," I said. I was breathing hard because of the pain in my arm. "I didn't here a cannon," said Silvanus. "Of course not, you were sleeping," I said. "I was half-asleep, I could hear things," he said. After he said that, I went back to the moment. I went back and forth, but my memory heard no cannon fire. shoot, she was still alive...

Ophelia's POV

I never thought books were true! Buck got water, food, and shelter for me, three necessities us humans need! I thought he was a snobby career, but I thought wrong. Buck is really nice. We talked a lot. I told him my love for books, but he said he went to my school so he knew. He looked a little familiar, but nothing really rang any bells, but that didn't matter. I wonder how my original alliance is doing. I hope they're well.... Oh well, Buck is cool anyway. I knew eventually I will have to murder him, but that'll come later. In the back of my mind, I know he is an enemy...

Update more soon!!

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