This is only my second games. I wrote the 77th Hunger Games, but unfortunately I got grounded from the computer for a month for some stupid stuff, and never got to finish them. I was going to finish them when If got back on but I was pretty sure that no one is following them anymore, so I decided to read a lot of other games to expand my wicked mind lol. So, I am going to take all of that wickedness and put it into one giant wicked writing. I present to you the 625 Hunger Games, Wicked Games!!

I would also like to give a big thanks to nommyhzambies and her cannibal games. I got a lot of inspiration from these games. I mean they were absolutely the best games I have read. so after you get done with these games please go and read them because they blew my mind!!


  1. There is cursing allowed in the comments. I honestly don't care, so have at it. I will be cussing in the games.
  2. Make the tributes as insane or scary as you want, but if the tribute you entered seems way too nice they will die in the bloodbath, kill themselves, or they will just not be accepted. It is ok if your tribute dosen't want to kill anybody but they should have the sense to defened themselves if that makes sense. 
  3. Please stay active, and please cheer on your tributes.
  4. You can advertise your games in my commsents, but please ask me before you do.
  5. There will not be more than one victor. 
  6. no reservations
  7. no more than 2 tributes per person
  8. If your tribute dies, go ahead blow off steam in the comments. Go crazy make it interesting.
  9. No sponsering, sorry if you dont like it don't enter a tribute miss out on all this wickedness.


There will be 2 family reaped that have 2 or more children from the ages of 12 to 18. The parents will then have to pick one of their children to send to their death in this years quarter quell, and if the parents of the family that is reaped thatn both siblings will have to go into the arena :). It is possible for two tributes of the same gender to be sent into the games from the same district. So just keep that in mind when your entering your tributes.

tribute templat

  • name 
  • gender
  • district
  • backstory
  • age 
  • strength
  • weakness
  • weapon

Add more if you information, please. The more interesting the tribute the more I will get attached to them, and maybe, just maybe they will live longer mwahahahahahahahahahahah.


name gender age district
Alluria Nexus female 15 capitol
Isabella Jacobs female 14 capitol
Carla Romanoff female 17 1
Peter Romanoff male 17 1
Luna Tick female 18 2
halloween smiley male 18 2
Emilia Oswald female 15 3
Thesil Hamel male 13 3
Samantha Fisher female 17 4
abby rosenbaum  female 14 4
Ryan Fetherston male 18 5
cale sassano male 12 5
Randi Dennay female 16 6
keanan horne male 18 6
Selena Kyle female 15 7
misty teen female 13 7
Kye Coate male 14 8
Tona Iwen female 18 8
Jerimiah Grimm male 15 9
alex (clockwork) cloackson male 16 9
Jamieson Erie male 14 10
Irene Watson female 17 10
Sunny Coleman female 13 11
Samuel Coleman male 13 11
Ty McGurran  male 13 12
Cody Melton male 16 12
Kayla Wheat female 14 13
Julian Veritans male 15 13
sky flammer female 14 14
Ellie May female 15 14


City 2
Ok. I know this is a little cliche because of the 73 hunger games but in these games the arena shall be set in a abadoned city. I have three mutts for these games komodo dragons (giant deadly lizard, black mamba (deadly snake), and insects. There will be othe animals in the arena such a dogs and cats but they will not be dangerous. The cornucopia will be a running fountain this will be the only place in the
City 1
arena where the tributes will be able to find fresh water besides the supplies that are in or around the fountain. Don't get me wrong, there is water in the arena other water in the fountain. It's just not drinkable, stagnant puddles in fact,  which are breeding grounds for poisonous bacteria in these games. Dont think im letting the tributes get off scott free with human hunting mutts and posinous water. The tributes will also have to keep in mind all of the bear traps, and tripwirs that send a spear into their temple out of nowhere if you trip over them, I guess it could be used as an advantage or a disadvantage. :) happy hunger games 

arena ware

arena ware color district
tuquoise capitol
gold 1
grey 2
silver 3
dark blue 4
pink 5
yellow 6
white 7
red 8
orange 9
black 10
tan 11
purple 12
dark green 13
light green 14

boys clothing

  • tank top (district color with the district number on the back)
  • compression shorts (district color)
  • sweat pants (grey)

girls clothing

  • sports bra (district color)
  •  tank top (district color with the district number on the back)
  • spandex (district color)
  • sweat pants (grey)

training sessions

Name what they did Score
Alluria Nexus n/a n/a
Isabella Jacobs throw tridents in the simulator then run a 4:37 mile 8
Clara Romanoff throw knives CF simulator and took out every simulation. 10
Peter Romanoff used a axe and a knife in the simulator and killed butally. 10
Luna Tick throw knives in simulator, the cut off the head of a dummy 7
Halloween Smiley  threw scalpels into dummies then "sugically operated" on a few dummies to show that he was going to make this years extra bloody. 10
Emilia Oswald throw a trident in to the head of a dummy then climbs up trees incredibly fast 8
Thesil Hamel smash 11 dummies to peices in 1 minute then 100% on plant ID 11
Samantha Fisher tackle a dummy then stab it multiple times in the hea


Abby Rosenbaum throws spears into the head of three dummies then made a net so thick you couldnt cut out of it in an hour. 8
Ryan Fetherston sets up an electronic trap threw a dummy into it and it liteally disinergrated. 9
cale sassano  start a fire wit two sticks 3
randi Dennay blowgun really horribly 1
keanan Horne stay under water for 3 minutes, and then shoot a bow at a dummy. right in the head of all of them 8
Selena Kyle showed off he gymnastics skills then moved into the combat station with a whip and imperessed, then showed the gamemakers that she could escape out of a net trap using it.  9
misty teen punches dummies  6
Kye Coate throw knives from 20 yards away, miss a couple of the dummies he threw at, then he went and started a fire with some ducktape and a stick. 5
Tona Iwen plant ID 4
Jerimiah Grimm used a sickle in the simulator 6
Alex Clockswork threw knives in the simulator  7
Jamieson Erie sliced the head of three dummies with his sword then throws it across the room into the head of another dummy 10
Irene Watson grabs two cleavers then tackles a dummy slits his throat then throws the two cleavers into two dummies that are across the room while still stradaling the dummy she tackled 11
Sunny Coleman N/A
Samuel Coleman N/A
Ty McGurran climb trees and run a 7:30 mile. 3
Cody Melton Camoflage himself as being dead and decaying, then throws a hatchet into a dummy 7
Kayla Wheat N/A
Julian Veritans N/A
Sky Flammer show stealth  8
Ellie May shoot an arrow at a dummy lands about 2 inches from the bulls eye 5

day 1

Clara Romanoff, District 1

My pedistale rising, and all I can think of is the last words that my stylist, Handro, said to me before the glass tube door closed."Clara remember" he said,"This year is a quarter quell, now you haven't been alive for one of these yet, but the capitol makes them the bloodiest of all the games. So, Watch out up there kid." The words boggle around in my head until the sunlight hits me. It takes a second for my eyes to adjust, but when they do my eyes fix on the magnificent fountain about 100 yard in front of me. its shocking to see that there is no weapons, only bags and a variaty of miscellanious item. My heart drops and so do my eyes, thank god. To my releif there is a belt of throwing knives right in front of my pedistale. I can already feel the cold metal on my fingers. I look over to my right and see Ryan Fetherston(5) in a bright pink tank top and snicker. He looks a over at me in disgust then smirks back at me and points to the foot of his pedistale. I look down to see the crossbow laying on the concrete. I turn away quickly and listen to him chuckle.then i look around to see that the every tribure has a weapon in front of them. 50,49,48,47,46,45,44,43,42,41

Jamison Erie, District 10

My hands are shaking, I cant swallow, and I suddenly have to pee. The sword in front of my pedistale is quite a relief and that I will not have to run into the cornucopia and risk my life to get it, but by the looks of the arena from where im standing there will be no food or water but from the cornucopia. Because why else would there be so much food by the fountain. I know how to use my sword quite well, so I guess i'll grab some food from the fountain and get out of there as soon as possible. I just dont want Irene watson(10) to follow. "haha" whispers halloween(2) getting louder with every word "their all going to die. Their all going to die." 30,29,28,27,26,25,24,23,22,21,20. 

Sky Flammer, District 14

I stand on my pedistale in confusion yet fear beacause I am the only person with no weapon in front of my pedistale. Instead of a weapon there's what seems to be a circular peice of thick metal. I'm guessing it is armor, but why would I be the only one out of the 28 tribut.t..t..ts. Oh my gosh it hits me I look to my right to see Alluria(C) with a mace in front of her. In training I saw her practicing with a mace the entire time. I look to my right to see Irene Watson(10) with two butcher knives in front of her, and yet I saw her training with them in group training. I did't train with a weapon at all. I just traind with Plant I.D., fire making, and sneeking. So, now I understand. Everyone gets their weapon of coice to start out with, but I dont have one so I get armor. 19,18,17,16,15,14,14,13,12, 10

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