Hey guys my name is Allen and im new on this wiki but I just thought it would be fun to make a hunger games

needs for a tribute









Stratagy for the games+districs they want to be allianced with:



district name gender age weapon token stratagy in games, alliances sponser coin
1 adrian  faberge male 16 javalin, scythe his hat Grab supplies that will last him a week then hide near the Career tributes killing one per night as they sleep. Relax and spare his energy for when it’s needed. Then, allow the other tributes to kill each other until his final opponent remains and then brutally kill them. 3
1 aurelia roba female 17 labrys(double sided axe), machete, mace nacklace Avoid showing her prosthetic leg to avoid people killing her knowing she has the sympathy card. Get decent supplies at the Cornucopia but not an overabundance. Change location once a day and kill anyone near that location to keep herself alone 3
2 todd evans male 18 brass knuckles ring his sister gave him stick with the careers and kill ruthlessly 3
2 analisa latamire female 18 katana none stick with careers and kill furosiously 3
3 damian byte male 14 electricity, chain and hook, dartgun and darts toy handcuffs Grab necessities only within the furthest quarter of supplies from the Cornucopia. Kill someone if threatened, then isolate himself in a tree (or the closest thing to one) far away from other tributes. 3
3 oniudra curant female 16 club, net, sickle none Stay to the outer edges of the Cornucopia and grab only one of each supply she'll need (different foods count as different supplies) Then hide in different areas in the arena that aren't well inhabited (change every other day). Place her net in each place she stays and kill whoever gets caught. 3
4 maul rosenbaum male 17 spear, harpoon gun gold coin stick with the careers till the endunless maul dies then leave  3
4 abby rosenbaum female 14 trident, spear fishing reel stick with careers thill the end unless abby dies then leave 3
5 drake lesley male 13 knife, blowgun, slingshot a peice of solar battery from his home in 5

 Drake will find allies and fight with them. He will not kill a lot, only if necessary. He will try to protect his alliance, but lave it when he reaches top 8. He will ally with tributes from 5,6,7,8 and 9

6 rebekah vale female 13 bow and arrow, trident, throwing knives blue gem  She'll ally Sally Pence. Her strategy will be similar, hide with Sally underwater and surface when she needs to. When attacked, she'll lure her opponents in the water, giving her an advantage in combat. 3
6 owen kelly male 16 bow and intellagence photo of his family He will only go to the middle if he sees it very clear and he will strat runing to a cave and hide.He will wait to the dead tributes are shown for make a good strategy. 3
5 sally pence female 12 dagger, knife, sickle silver She'll ally with Rebekah Vela. She will hide underwater, and surface for air everytime she needs to, which is what her ally will do as well. 3
7 beech aspen male 14 sickle none Form a small alliance and lead and protect them then when there are ten left leave them. protect ficusi 3
7 ficusi galpa female 15 tomahawk pine air freshener Stay in solitary unless being attacked then attack 3
8 matthew good male 14 bow, knife a coin

He will start running to the wood(unless he has something close to him)He will try to find a fruit tree and climb it (if theres any a normal tree).He won,t let anyone climb he,s tree he will wait for the next morning to make a stategy.

8 ciara hamel female 18 axe a thimble pin run strait for the cornucopia, grab an axe and a bag and run then hunt every night her goal is to take out a person every night 3
9 harley portwood male 16 sickle, bow his sister stick with his sister 3
9 amber portwood female 16 sword, bow her brother stick with bro harley 3
10 surrender forrester male 16 knife none try to get a weapon and a bag, try staying away from other tributes besides allies. one you have a bag and maybe a weapon, run out of the cornucopia, and don't attack anyone on the first day. 3
10 rheese charlton female 14 mace locket withe her brother in it run away from the cornucopia unless there is a bag infrot of her or somthing usefull then run and hide 3
11 daniel pacche  male 12 knife none run and hide 3
11 katy twitchle female 16 axe gold ring go to the cornucopia and kill as many people as possible 3
12 eli ulinnes male 17 spear, long sword, scythe an apple eli will stay far away from all of the tributes unless he has an alliance, and  3
12 guinevera bordeaux female 15 sword bow none alliance with the anti careers, or outer laying districts 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 3


My arena

dark circle in middle: cornucopia, no mutts, but it is a crater with a really steep incline to get out. It will really make the unconditioned tributes become tired fast leading to slips and more deaths

plain red: blood lake, blood sharks, also the are foot rope traps that are set up around the outer edges of the lake so if you strp in one it will drag you in and either drown you or the blood shark will get you

red with yellow dots: lava chasm, extremely hot lava, and the brown over the top is a bridge that is very unstable so it might break with to much weight 

grey circles: rocks, snakes,some poisonous and some not, and bears extramly fast, with pointed teeth. also there are glue traps and you are stuck to them until you die of thirst, hunger , predators or sposors can send you an antidote that can loosen you from the trap

light green circles with dark green outter ring: thin forest, cougar muts some puddles of stagnent water no traps

dark green circles with light green outter ring: dence forest, many mutt, many traps like bear traps, and holes with metal spikes in  the botom. also has a lot water and food, easy pray

training scores

name score
adrian faberge 8
aurelia roba 10
todd evans 10
analisa latamire 9
damien byte 7
oniudra curant 8
abby rosenbaum 7
maul rosenbaum 9
drake lesley 8
rebekah vale 5
owen kelly 8
sally pence 6
beech aspen 7
ficusi galap 8
matthew good 6
ciara hamel 5
amber portwood 7
harley portwood 5
surrenderr forrester 8
rheese charlton  8
daniel pacche 3
katy twitchle 5
eli ulinnes 7
guinevera bordeaux 8

gamemaker favorites at this point

abby rosenbaun
rebakah vale
maul rosenbaum
aurelia roba
owen kelly

capitol favorites at  this point

rebekah vale
abby rosenbaum
harley portwood
owen kelly
maul rosenbaum

items for sposor ship

every thing


short sword

medium sword (2 coins)

long sword (3 coins)

harpoon gun (4 coins)

1 spear

3 spear (2 coins)

5 spears (3 coins

chain and hook

5 throwing knives 

10 throwing knives (2 coins)

15 throwing knives (3 coins)

1 tamohawk

2 tamohawks (2 coins)

3 tamohawks (3 coins)


axe (2 coins)

battle axe (3 coins)

labrys (3 coins)

club (1/2 coin)

rock (1/2 coin)

war hammer (2 coins)




bear trap (2 coins)



parka (3 coins)

coat (2 coins)


thin blanket

thick blanket (2 coins)

sleeping bag (3 coins)

fire in a box (2 coins)




loaf of bread (2 coins)


cooked meat (2 coins)

raw meat


slice of cake


turkey dinner (3 coins)


energy drink


instant releif (3 coins)



cold medicin



camoflage paint (2 coins) 

marajuana (2 coins)


fish hook 

fishing pole (2 coins)

tent (2 coins)



fork, spoon, knife


careers the nines the youngins the 7s, 5s and 8s 12 and 10s loners
todd evans amber plentywood sally pence  ficusi galap guinevera brdeaux daniel pacche
analisa latamire harley plentywood rbekah vale drake lesley eli ulinnes katy twitchle
abby rosenbaum beech aspen surrender forrester owen kelly
maul rosenbaum ciara hamel rheese charlton oniudra curant
matthew good damian byte
aurelia roba
adrian faberge


harley plentywood, 9, male

our plates rise to the surface and figure out that cornucopia has been set in a crater this year, and the slope to get out is extremely steep. what better way to get more kills in the bloodbath than to make the tributes tired i mean right. then I start looking for my sister Amber (9f) shes set in her running position eyeballing a sword in the middle of the cornucopia i grab her attention and motion to her that she is to grab a weapon and a bag than meet me at the ledge of the cratershe nods and gets back into her  ready position as for me, I start looking for a bow or a sickle whichever one is closer there is a sickle on the right side of the cornucopia near the mouth and there is bow about 5 yards out of the center of the mouth of the cornucopia I smile and get ready to run for the bow. 59,58,57,56,55,54,53,52,51,.....

Drake lesley, 5, male

the first thing i did when my plate rose was to fid all of my allies we are spread out equally in the semicircle im right in the middle of the semicircle, ficusi (7f)  3 to my left beech (7m) 5 to my right, ciara (8f) all on the last spot to the left, and matthew (8m) 4 from the furthest right pedistale. we agreed on going to the cornucopia, although I was extremely against it, but so be it. we have such a great alliance that well cover eachothers backs just fine. lucky for me there is a small hachet almost right in front of me. i know its not exactly my weapon but I will trade with ciara (8m) after the blood bath. im running through what im going to do over, and over. grab the axe, grab a bag, start protecting my allies. Hoping that ciara (8f) will get me a bow 50,49,48,47,46,45,44,43,42,41,....

aurelia roba, 1, female

I got positioned by drake lesley (5m). i see him eyeballin the axe in front of both of us. i want it, but its a huge risk of fighting him for it. then i start looking for other options. I see a huge battle in the mouth of the cornucopia. ive got it!!!! im going to fight drake (5m) for the axe. really how hard will it be to take it from him. first of all hes from 8, no training. second he got an 8 on his training score; i got a ten, third i saw him in training hes good with a bow and a knife but can't use an axe to save his life, literally, and fourth hes fourteen. ive been trained with an axe. after i take is and kill him i will grab the battle axe, if its not gone and if it is ill just kill the person who has it and take it from him . then ill grab a pack and run grabbing anything i pass along the way. a grin suddenly comes onto my face. then i think to my self "i cant wait to get home. 40,39,38,37,36,35,34,33,32,31,......

surrender forrester, 10, male

when the huge digital clock above the  what seems like paper mache cornucopia my heart sinks to my feet, i suddenly have to pee, my hands are sweating. So i go throught the steps that the doctor in the capitol doctor told me to do for my post-tramautic stress syndromin the games.

1.)take a deep breath in

2.)close my eyes

3.)count to five 

4.)open your eyes

5.)breathe out 

it works somewhat so i get in my ready position to run and grab the knife, protective vest, and bag that are right next to eachother. when i see rheese charlton (10f) waving to me then points at the ledge of the crater where the tail of the cornucopia is pointing to. i know that shes telling me and the other two in our alliance to meet there after we get what we want from the cornucopia. i nod then focus back on being clam. 35,34,33,32,31,30,29,28,27,26,25,24,23,22,21,.........

abby rosenbaum, 4, female

I am leaping up and down on my pedistlale at this point i am so excited theres a trident sticking out of the ground in front of the mouth. i cant wait to hurl it into adrians (1m) stmach then watch him fall to the ground and cough up blood. he deserves it too hes a traitor he deservs it. maul (4m) will take care of aurelia (1f) i smile and get into position 19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,.....

beech aspen, 7, male

i am in a ready position ready to go to the cornucopia there is a sickle on the back ball og the cornucopia with my name written all over it as well as a set of three tomahawks for ficusi (7f) i smile and get ready 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,BOOM an explosion goes off on the pedistale next to me and my ears are ringing, 1,GONG!!!!..... i fall to the grond and feel a crack in my arm and shock of pain surges through my body its extremely hard to get up but i manage then start to run, and so does everyone else

todd evans, 2, male

i leap of my pedistale sprinting to the cornucopia in the back wall to the cornucopia there is a long sword i gtrab it and the district 11 girl runs in and i thrust the sword into her head she falls to the ground with the ground swourd sticking out of her temple i grab it as the district 11 boy runs in screaming "this is for katy" he tackles me to the ground as i drop my sword hes small but extremely strong. he holds my arms down with his feet and his forarm on my throat. hes sobbing with rage as he bring an awl up over his head and with such animosity whispers "this is for katy" but be for he can bring it down he hacks up blood all over my face. he tumbles off of me and maul (4m) says "you owe my bro" as he rips the spear out of the boys ribcage.

owen kelly, 6, male

i make it to the bow and at that same time the boy from 12 and the boy from 9 make it to the bow as well we all wait for a second seeining who will make the first move twords the bow the boy from 12 makes the first move a the boy from 9 takes 12s arm and snaps it like a pencil 12 yelps in pain then 9 takes 12s head and slams it into his knee while he is doing this i grab the bow, the quiver of arrows and a blow gun and some darts the start up the slope but then i see the girl from 3 slaming the girl from 9 into the into the cornucopia wall i lay down the blowgun and darts, knock an arrow, pull back the bow string, then let it fly it lands right into the back of the head of the district 3 girl i grab the blowgun and darts then run up to 9 girl give her the blow gun and darts then grab her hand and say "come on" she reaches down and grabs the sickle that the district 3 girl had, puts it into her backpack then starts runing with me up the hill.

rebekah vale, 5, female

well my allie just got blown to shreds because she hopped off her plate 1 second early so i decided screew it im gong to grab some shit from the cornucopia so i ran in grabbed vest of throwing knives, put it on then the girl from 7 tried to chop my head off with a tomahawk. i ducked right under it grabbed her by the hair put her into a choke hold she was screaming so loud because i was pulling her hair so hard then to get her to shut the hell up i kneed her in the back twice i think i broke a rib the second time i kneed her then i brought out a knife and sliced her throat grabbed the backpack she had on and her three tamohaks then ran up the slope to find the nearest watter source.

adrian faberge, 1, male

i run to the cornucopia to grab a weapon i dont really care what just something to protect my selfe and a bag of goodies but i am confrunted by abby rosenbaum (4f) the 14 year old savaged killer from 4 and new bloody trident. its not like i can run away how would i find food i mean im from district 1 the acadamy oly teaches us to fight. thats it ill just have to kill abby (4f) and take her trident and bag. i go for her throat she doges and kicks me to the ground i get a mouth full of dirt. i look up to see analisa (2f) and her katana ready to take my head clean off abby says "back off anna hes my kill we discussed this" she smiles and say well everything chages when your actually in the games she raises her katana and abby shooves the butt of the trident into analisas nose blood immediately starts pouring out "okay, okay hes yours" then i feel a sharp pain in my thest then i start coughing up blood all over blood and dirt coming out of my mouth then i feel a mouth up against my ear that whispers out the word "traitor" and everything goes black

beech aspen,  7, male

me drake lesley (5m), and matthew good (8m) made it to the ledge of the crater with two bags, a sickle, a pack of 10 throwing knives, and a machete were just waiting for the laidies to make it up here ciara is fighting with the girl from 10, the girl from ten has a mace and ciara (8f) has a battle axe the girl from 10 kicks ciara in the nose then shooved ciara to the ground the boy from 4 throws a spear and hits rheese (10f) in the back of the neck and goes all the way through and the head of the spear comes through the front of her throat blood goes all over ciara, ciara screams, gets up grabs the mace, the axe, and rheeses (10f) backpack as well as ciars own and starts running up the slope the boy from 4 throws another spear it misses ciara and stick in to the side of the crater ciara grabs it and keeps on running she makes it up to us and she yells "go go lets go" i ask back franticly "wheres ficusi?" matthew (8m) says "shes dead the girl from 5 got her" my heart almost stop and ciara says " we have to go!!!" so we go. off into the woods.

guievera boradeaux, 12, female

so rheese (10f) and eli (12m) are dead and we had extra weapons so when surrender (10m) were going to run up the slope with a knife a pack of throwing stars, a spear, and three bags. so we knew we had way too much for us to lug around with us the entire game so when we passed by the knocked out body of aurelia both me and surrender (10m) nod at eachother and each grab one of her arms and bring her up the slope with us.

after the bloodbath finished 8 cannons go off  BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM and imediately after the arena starts getting darker as a sign of the blood bath and day 1 is and the faces of all of the fallen tributes appearfinished and all of the tributes settle in for the night. except the careers for their nightly hunt but that is to come later.

day one standings

tribute district alliance supplies where in the arena kills sponsor coins injuries
aurelia roba 1 guievera boradeaux, and surrender forrester knife, pack of throwing stars, spear, and three bags contense of them is uknown yet southwest of the cornucopia in the light forest none 4 broke rib, and dislocated shoulder
todd evans 2 analisa latamire, abby rosenbaum, maul rosenbaum 5 bags cotense of them is unknown, 3 knives, 3 spears, katana, trident, 2 awls, pair of brass knucles, 2 swords cornucopia none 4 scrapped wrists, broozed led
analisa latamire 2 todd evans, abby rosenbaum, maul rosenbaum same as todd cornucopia none 4 broken nose
damian byte 3 no one hook and chain, full water bottle, wire, rope, empty bag, battery rocks none 4 none
maul rosenbaum 4 todd evans, abby rosenbaum, analisa latamire same as todd cornucopia 2 4 none
abby rosenbaum 4

todd evans, maul rosenbaum, analisa latamire

same as todd cornucopia 1 4 none
drake lesley 5 matthew good, ciara hamel, beech aspen mace, battle axe, sickle, 10 throwing knives, machete, 4 bags unknown contense on the bridge 0 4 none
rebekah vale 6 no one three tomahaws, two bags, vest full of throwing knives walking to the blood lake 1 4 none
owen kelly 6 amber portwood

blowgun and darts, bow and quiver of 12 arrows, 3 bags unknown contense, sickle 

rocks 1 4 none
beech aspen 7 drake lesley, matthew good, ciara hamel same as drake  on the bridge 0 4 dislocated arm, head  injuries that will cause fainting and hilusinations
matthew good 8 drake lesley, ciara hamel, beech aspen same as drake on the bridge 0 4 none 
ciara hamel 8 deake lesley, matthew good, beech aspen same as drake on the bridge 0 4 broken nose, scrape on pace
harley portwood 9 no one hatchet, backpack, loaf of bread walking to blood lake 1 4 bloody fist
amber portwood 9 owen kelly same as owen rocks


4 broken collarbone, broozes cheekbone
surrender forrester 10 aurelia roba, guinevera bordeaux same as aurelia southwest of the cornucopia in  the light forest 0 4 none 
guinevera bordeaux 12 surrender forrester aurelia roba same as aurelia southwest of the cornucopia in the light forest 0 4 nome

night one

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