Hello everyone I have thought up a new idea for a new game concept that is quite grusome and disgusting so here it goes... I give to you... 

The Flawed Ones


It is right after the war of Panem and as you know there are a lot of orphans. To solve the issue of having all of these children with PTSD, from the war and losing their parents, President Orgins decides to hold a "Competition" to lower the population of orphans across Panem. 

This competition consists of each district putting all of their orphans , ages 13 through 18, into a "drawing" split into groups of male and female. On "drawing day" one male and female orphan will be drawn to compete in this "competition" where each orphan will be put into an arena where they will have to fight till their deaths until one orphan is left alive. This orphan then will be transprted out of the arena into a mansion of their own where they will live in a life in wealth, fame, posterity and "happiness"

This "competition" will take place every year until the orphan population is gone


 The Flawed Ones

Orphan template

district (1-12)



age (13-18)


personality traits (3)


optional (not required but will give me more info about your orphan and they might just survive a little bit longer)




alliance or nahhh

appearance (RL picture or description with height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin color, e ct...)

religious beliefs




district name age  gender weapon personality
1 Ka'Davis Jones 18 male chained scythe silent, strong activist in the big stick policy
1 female
2 male
2 female
3 male
3 female
4 Jake Berenson 16 male butterfly knives very flamboyant, sexual, and loud
4 female
5 male
5 female
6 male
6 female
7 male
7 female
8 Garron Destrier 17 male cleaver, sword pleasant, charming, and protective
8 female
9 male
9 Cheyanne Violanta 13 female spear bubbly, talented, and smart
10 male
10 Sprout Bloodmare 16 female cleaver, throwing knives fiery, intellegent, and mature
11 male
11 female
12 Blake Anderson 16 male sword athletic, genius and sneaky
12 female


just like if they were in the midst of the war again they will be in a crumbling city in the arena there will be 24/7 sounds of bomb after bomb being dropped and smoke everywhere just to mess with the orphans heads a little bit more. Bcause the the bombs will be making quite a bit of noise that sound like a cannon the signal of an orphans death will be a DING! instead of a BANG!.

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