• Sydney567

    The 7th Hunger Games

    September 18, 2011 by Sydney567

    Welcome to the 7th Hunger Games. I am President Nine, and hope you have fun this year.

    Tributes are listed below-

    One- Tina Barker and Tony Sharp

    Two- Jane Miller and Darren Smith

    Three- Lisa Maker and Taylor Anderson

    Four- Sydney Crystal and Jack King

    Five- Katherine White and Indiana Hill

    Six- Fiona Carter and John Singleton

    Seven- Madison Parker and Jake Stu

    Eight- Kelly Turner and Aiden Arbor

    Nine- Sarah Gates and Allen Green

    Ten- Eva Martinez and Luke Riley

    Eleven- Gracie Black and Blaze Chrome

    Twelve- Emily and Jake Young

    You, the sponsers, will each get 5,000 dollars to use to sponsor these tributes. Here are the items, listed below-

    Two dozen crackers- 50$

    Beef Jerky Pack- 25$

    Feast (Turkey, apples, cheese, drinks) - 550$

    Poison for other players- 5…

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