Welcome to the 7th Hunger Games. I am President Nine, and hope you have fun this year.

Tributes are listed below-

One- Tina Barker and Tony Sharp

Two- Jane Miller and Darren Smith

Three- Lisa Maker and Taylor Anderson

Four- Sydney Crystal and Jack King

Five- Katherine White and Indiana Hill

Six- Fiona Carter and John Singleton

Seven- Madison Parker and Jake Stu

Eight- Kelly Turner and Aiden Arbor

Nine- Sarah Gates and Allen Green

Ten- Eva Martinez and Luke Riley

Eleven- Gracie Black and Blaze Chrome

Twelve- Emily and Jake Young

You, the sponsers, will each get 5,000 dollars to use to sponsor these tributes. Here are the items, listed below-

Two dozen crackers- 50$

Beef Jerky Pack- 25$

Feast (Turkey, apples, cheese, drinks) - 550$

Poison for other players- 50$

Antidote- Ranging from 50$ to 1,000$

Sword- 350$

Trident- 500$

Knife Pack (containing 1 dozen knives)- 300$

Pot of broth- 100$

Sleep syrup- 150$

Large Backpack (containing rope, knives, wire, sword, feast, and sleeping bag)- 2,500$

Pot of soup- 175$

Other- 50$ to 3,500$, has to be vertified by me.

I hope you enjoy these Games.

Sinserily, President Nine.

If you want to sponser a tribute, post on the wall what you'd like the sponser and to who. This is NOT a open roleplay. I will be posting the tribute's actions on here.

You each get 5,000$, for the whole Games.



The Chariot from One were made out of pure Saphhire. In gold and crystal were the names of the tributes- Tony and Tina. Both did a stunning job, and the kids from the other Districts got worried. As the first chariot got about 10 yards away from the entrance, the one from Two came.

It was a large, camo military tank with two turrets on top. The two tributes, Jane Miller and Darren Smith, fired blanks into the air. Both were in old, American military outfits that cost over 5,000 dollars each, because they were so rare.

The one from Three was a huge stage. There was a dance floor, and a huge DJ turntable. The tributes from Three were at the DJ turntable, both wearing crooked black headphones and colorful outfits. A dark-skinned boy was on the dance floor, surrounded by other teenage kids dancing. The boy was rapping into a microphone.

The chariot from Four was a... Swimming pool? The two tributes, dressed as fish, swam around. They had a blue object lodged in their throats, allowing them to breath and talk clearly underwater. Seaweed and small fish were also in the tank. There was a bit of green grime on the sides of the tank, giving the appearance that they were in the ocean. The one from Five rolled in.

It was a large, golden chariot. Five, being in the power industy, had lightbulbs glowing all over. It was unimpressive and bland. Even the tributes were lathargic and dull.

The chariot from Six was a convertible car, with awesome white chrome wheels and motorcycles riding around it, like an escort. Then, the tributes pointed up in usion. Airplanes zoomed overhead, pulling banner that said, "DISTRICT NINE" In huge letters. The Capitol people screamed in delight.

The chariot from Seven wasn't reallt a chariot. It was a tree. The massive tree had ants, squirrels, and spiders crawling all over it. The tributes were on branches, dressed in all green. The whole thing was pretty inpressive, and the audience's attention snapped away from the airplanes and onto the tree.

The chariots from Nine and Ten were both brown. Nine's tributes were dressed in hunter's outfits, and the one from Ten was crawling with cattle and wheat. The tributes from 10 were dressed like cows, and both looked annoyed and stiff.

The chariot from Eleven was a meadow, with flowers, wheat, and corn. The tributes skipped around in light green, thin outfits. It was very beautiful.

Twelve's was a ball of rolling fire. The tributes both had long pipes, the ends on fire, and were dueling with them, laughing and grinning. They were engulfed in the harmless flames, and then pulled out flaming swords. It was very impressive.

The chariots rolled into the exit, leaving the Capitol audience begging for more.


As usual, the tributes from 1, 2, and 4 kinda stuck together. Usually, they fought attendants at the sword fighting stations, or chucked spears at targets far away.

The pair from District 12 floated around, spending about an hour, maybe half an hour, on each station. They excelled, though, at swordfighting. The two 16 years olds looked exactly alike, with grey eyes, black hair, and olive skin. Seam look.

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