Welcome to the 1st Symscons Hunger Games. This is the re-do at the failed 12th Hunger Games. I will be using the same tributes so no need to enter any more tributes. But we still need a few more stylists. I will not be posting interviews or reapings though. I will also choose aselect few to be Gamemakers with me. The announcer for this Hunger Games will be Scons Walkfly, whose brother is the Head Gamemaker this year. The colors this year are gold and black.More infromation below. Happy Hunger Games! And May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.
Lunaii cuby

Examples of a Lunaii Doll and a Cuby body


For the tribut
1st symscons games

A promotional Poster for the 1st Symscons Hunger Games

es faces I will be using standard Lunaii Dolls. For the tribute Parade I will use full size Cuby Dolls. Here are some examples of Lunaii Doll Faces and Cuby Doll Full Bodies:


This is something new I am doing. I will select some people to be Gamemakers. I will invite them by sending a message to their page. There are only four spots open so be good.

Name Position
Syms Walkfly

Head Gamemaker

Lexie Mellark Assistant Gamemaker
Caysie Marinas Head of Arena Lanscape
Jake Dane Head of Traps and Mutts
Riley Horwood Head of Pre - Arena Events and Training



The arena this year is quite spectacular. It is a tropical island in the shape of a semicircle. it has sandy beaches and thick tropical jungle. There is a volcano on it that could erupt at any moment. The cornucopia is on a small island aways off from the main island. there is only one of each weapon, but there are alot of supplies. The pedestals are a bit aways south of the cornucopia standing alone in the water. There are flotation devices in the water near the pedestals for the tributes who can't swim. There is a narrow bridge from the cornucopia to the main island that is only about 2 feet wide. There are several smaller islands north and west of the main island.

Mutts and Traps

There are three dangerous mutts living in the arena. The most dangerous mutt in this arena is called an Ignis. It lives in the jungle. This mutt resembles a dragon in some ways. This muttation breathes real fire and has extremley sharp claws. It can snap the strongest tributes neck with one light punch. Another mutt that resides in the jungle is called the Pericolosom. It is a hybrid between a lizrd and a bird. It also has sharp claws and teeth . The Pericolosom is very strong. There is also a mutt that lives in the water surrounding the islands. It is called a Trahunt. It is a mix between a lion and analligator. This mutt has fur all over it but it is a very fast swimmer. It can also run very fast on land. It mainly will go on the bridge connecting the cornucopia to the main island. Each time a tribute dies, the volcano will erupt. The next time, a tsunami will happen on one side of the beach.

1st symscons map

A mapof the arena for The 1st Symscons Hunger Games

Tribute Outfits

The outfits that tributes will wear in the arena are very light this year. They consist of a light T - Shirt and Navy Green shorts so they can swim easily, run fast in the jungle and withstand he tropical heat. They also have sturdy brown shoes. As usual, tributes are allowed to take one token from their district with them into the arena. Each one is different though. The color of the shirt is different for each district. Here are the colors:

District Shirt Color
One Crystal Purple
Two Stone Gray
Three Neon Green
Four Ocean Blue
Five Nuclear Purple
Six River Redhttp
Seven Forest Green
Eight Mitten Magenta
Nine Harvest Gold
Ten Cow Brown
Eleven Carrot Orange

Coal Black

Tribute Parade

Welcome to The 1st Symscons Hunger Games Tribute Parade!1st trib parade

  • District 1's Costumes
  • District 2's Costumes
  • District 3's Costumes
  • District 4's Costumes
  • District 5's Costumes
  • District 6's Costumes
  • District 7's Costumes
  • District 8's Costumes
  • District 9's Costumes
  • District 10's Costumes
  • District 11's Costumes
  • District 12's Costumes
Hello, this is your host, Scons Walkfly and I will be announcing this years Tribute Parade. Enjoy the costumes, because the stylist and the Gamemakers have worked hard to bring this show together. SO Without further ado, let the Parade begin!

District 1

First up we have Our Distict One Tributes, Matt Coupe and Skye Walker. They are dressed in a very luxurious, but battle ready outfit. Matt's gold tunic is covered in feathers and is sparkling with jewls. The sleevless top really shows of his muscles. They both have long, furry, golden capes trailing them. I see the Roman influence here also. Matt is wearing a golden olive wreath on his head, the sign of a dominator. He looks like he will dominate these Games. Now Skye looks shyer, but being from district 1, she probably is trained. Her outfit is basically the same as Matt's, but in dress form. On her head she has a feather headdress. These tributes look strong and proud!

District 2

Next up we have District 2 Tributes John McKinney and Zara Lancaster. Ok Well i'm not very Impressed here. This stylist doesn't hae much imagination. These tributes have a simple block of stone as their costume. Wait, They seem to be dissapering into thin air. Now this is genius. These tributes look like they are about to go to a fancy dinner. John is wering a silver, shiny tuxedo. Zara has an elegant dress on. She also has a sparkly jwel piece in her hair. I will sure remember these tributes.

Distirct 3

Oh Here come District 3 and they sure look electrifying, if you know what I mean. The tributes thisyear are Derek Trike and Kimmy Gadgte. Bolts of Lighting are bursting out of them. Derek's tuxedo is covered in lighting bolts and gears, showing the distirct's technonlogy. Kimmy, the poor girl, is deaf. I wonder how long she'll last in the arena. She is wering a short silver dress with black markings. She also has the lighting bolts around her. Quite Dazzling!

District 4

Next up we have the Distirtc 4 Tributes Harvey Free and Magsy Weatherdroop. I always look forward to Distirct 4 because they have such charisma and they do quite well in the Games. Oh I can almost hear the waves now. Wait, I do hear them. Whenever the tributes move, it sounds like the ocean. Harvey looks a bit shy, but mabey he's just pretending. Both tributes have nearly identical outfits. A long, blue silk tunic with wave designs o it. They are leevless. They have blue sandals and a shimmering cape flowing like water behing them. Harvey has a simple blue headband. Magsy has a very intricate hairdo, reminscent of the fishing knots on Dictrict 4. I've heard that sh'e the prettiest ribute in the arena. Her tunic is missing a shoulder to show more skin. I am going to say that I am not dissapointedd.

District 5

Next is Distirct 5, Power. And the tributes Blake Everpose and Cassandra Belladona sure do look powerful. Blake has on a slive tuxedo jacket and some black slacks. He also has a silver bowtie and shoes. He has a slight shimmer to his body as well. Both tributes are wering intricate looking crowns. They are silve and the little spikes on them resemble electricity poles. Their whole bodies are flowing with electricity and spaks are flying off of them. Emilea has a simple ruffled dress that goes a little past her knees. Her transparent heels also look like they are flowing with electricity. THese tributes surely stuck in my mind.

District 6

Here come the Distict 6 Tributes Rick McKinney and Nessie locket. They are moving a bit faster than the other tributes, being transpotaion District. Rick McKinney is John McKinney's long - lost brother, or so I've heard. Rick and Nessie are dressed in classical engineer's outfits. They have a simple red shirt and dark blue oveerallls and a cap. They are also wearing tall boots. Nessie is extremley beautiful. Her overalls are very short, catching the attention of all the boys in the audience. I think these tributes will do very well in the games. I wish them good luck on their journey.

District 7

Next up is Distirct 7 Lumber. The tributes are Tyler Gold, heartthrob ofthe arena, and Daisy Parris. Distirct 7's costumes are usually my least favorite beacuse they wear the same thing every year. But there is something a bit this year. Tyler Gold surley is very good looking and I can hear the girl's screams from here. I think they are trying to show as much skin and possinle without making him compleley naked. He has a skimpy little outfit made of leaves that show his huge muscles. Oh turn your head away! How scandolous!. OK Moving on. Both tributes have wreaths made of leaves and a battle axe in their hand. Daisy has on a straples greens sparkly dress. I can't tell if it's made of leaves or fabric. The both have brown belts with a golden buckle around their waist. I wll really remember this year.

District 8

Welcome the Distirct 8 Tributes Tyler Orphenson and Emilea Banos. Their Costumes sure do reflect the Distirct s Textiles. Their outfits are made of all sorts of materials. They sort of look like pajamas from here. Tyler has on a purple, blue, orange and green shirt and pants to match. He alos has a cap. Emilia has a little sleevless dress the same as Tylers. She also has a massive bow in her hair. Both tributes are lacking shoes, just like Distirct 7. Not one of my favorites, but still good.

Dstrict 9

Here comes District 9, Grain. The tributes thisyear are Aaron Henry and Serenelle Hanswer. I've heard that these two are in love. And by the looks, they are. They are smooching up a storm, gainin a lotof cheers from the audience. Now, on to their costumes. Aaron is wering a jacket and pants that look like they are woven out of grain. He also has a wreath made out of grain on his head. Serenelle has a skintight bodysuit the same material as Aaron's. On her head is an intricate crown. We wish the best of luck to these tributes from Distirct 9.

District 10

Next are the District 10 Tributes, Tristan Jmaes nad Hawk Patter. Their outfits sure do represent livestock.The are dressed like cows! Tristna shas a cow print shirt and pants. Hawk has on a cow print dress. Both of them have cowbells and a rope around their neck. They also have matching cowboy hats and boots. Wait, what is this I see. I see miniature cows flying everywhere. Oh, Isee, they tributes are shooting them into the audience with mini cannons. These tributes will be very memorable.

District 11

Next we have the District 11 tributes Jacob Thresh and Skyler Hewitt. I have to say that these costumes are quite ugly. Jacob is wearing a fruit and vegetable print suit and a matching top hat. Skyler has to bows in her hair and a matching dress. Both tributes look quite glum and uninterested in eachother. I have to say that I am very dissapointed.

District 12

Let's all welcome our last tributes. From District 12, Coal Seedar and Redd Jones. These tributes are on fire. No they really are on fire. ARe they supposed to be. I think so. How genius. Both tributes are englfed in a bright flame. They look like they are going to attend a ball soon. Coal has a tuxedo dusted with coal dust. And Redd is dressed in a strapless, elegant ball gown. Her hair is in an intricate hairdo. I think that this was the highlight of the show folks.

Well, that ends this years tribute parade. We hope you enjoyed the costumes. We hope you wtach out for them next year. Who knows, mabey toy can become a stylist. Happy Hunger Games! and May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!


If you are a mentor, try to get sponsors for your tributes. Mentors cannot sponsor their own tributes. If your tribute needs something, contact your sponsor and they will see if there is enough money. Money is based on your Training Score. It is $10 per number. You can also send a message with the item. To just send a message, it costs $10.

Item Type Item Price (in dollars)
Food Apple 5
Food Soup 10
Food Broth 8
Food Water 10
Food Small Meal (2 days) 30
Food One Loaf of Bread 20
Food 5 District 11 Breads 30
Food 12 District 3 Breads 40
Food 5 District 4 Breads 30
Food Crackers and Dried Beef 20
Medicine Bandages 20
Medicine Tracker Jacker Medicine 40
Medicine First Aid Kit 40
Medicine Cut Medicine 50
Medicine Burn Medicine 70
Supplies Tarp 10
Supplies Backpack 20
Supplies Rope 15
Supplies Tent 70
Supplies Sleeping Bag 50
Supplies Blanket 40
Supplies Jacket 70
Supplies Tapper 30


Net 40
Weapons Dagger 15
Weapons 5 Throwing Knives 25
Weapons Spear 40
Weapons Mace 40
Weapons Rock 25
Waepons Machete 60
Weapons Sword 65
Weapons Bow and 5 Arrows 80
Weapons 10 Arrows 45
Waepons Disc 80
Weapons Axe 70
Weapons Throwing Axe 75
Weapons Wire 15
Weapons Slingshot 20
Weapons Dart Gun with 20 Darts


Tibute Chart

Here are the tributes for this year.

District Gender Name Age Training Score Sponsors Money Placement in Games
1 M Matt Coupe 16 9 22nd
1 F Skye Walker 12 4 16th
2 M John McKinney 17 10 Panem21 21st
2 F

Zara Lancaster

17 9 AshtonMoioLover $90
3 M Derek Trike 18 7 $70
3 F Kimmy Gadget 12 5 Pendillumna $50
4 M Harvey Free 12 6 Ms.finnickodair $60
4 F Magsy Weatherdroop 14 8 Ms.finnickodair $80
5 M Blake Everpose 15 0!! 24th
5 F Cassandra Belladona 16 7 $70
6 M Rick McKinney 17 7 $70
6 F Nessie Locket 15 6 Katelyn.danita 23rd
7 M Tyler Gold 16 9 Wiki Contiributor $90
7 F Daisy Parris 15 7 AshtonMoioLover $70
8 M Tyler Orphenson 13 5 17th
8 F Emilea Banos 15 5 18th
9 M Aaron Henry 17 8 $80
9 F Serenelle Hanswer 16 7 $70
10 M Tristan James 13 6 $60
10 F Hawk Patter 16 8 $80
11 M Jacob Thresh 16 7 19th
11 F Skyler Hewitt 16 5 20th
12 M Coal Seedar 14 9 $90
12 F Redd Jones 13 6 TheOneandOnlyDistrict3 $60
  • District 1 - Matt Coupe
  • Disrict 1 - Skye Walker
  • District 2 - John McKinney
  • District 2 - Zara Lancaster
  • District 3 - Derek Trike
  • District 3 - Kimmy Gadget
  • District 4 - Harvey Free
  • District 4 - Magsy Weatherdrop
  • District 5 - Blake Everpose
  • District 5 - Cassandra Belladona
  • District 6 - Rick McKinney
  • District 6 - Nessie Locket
  • District 7 - Tyler Gold
  • District 7 - Daisy Parris
  • District 8 - Tyler Orphenson
  • District 8 - Emilea Banos
  • District 9 - Aaron Henry
  • District 9 - Serenelle Hanswer
  • District 10 - Tristan James
  • District 10 - Hawk Patter
  • District 11 - Jacob Thresh
  • District 11 - Skyler Hewitt
  • District 12 - Coal Seedar
  • District 12 - Redd Jones

The Games

Day 1

Welcome to The 1st Symscons Hunger Games! I can tell by the arena that this year will be quite memorable. The water is choppy and the sky is overcast. Oh wonderful, the tributes are emerging from the tubes. There is some commotion around Blake Everpose's(5) tube. He is hysterically thrashing around. He has thrown himselfof of his pedestal at 57 seconds to start. BOOM! First tribute dead before the Games even start. The tributes look very confused, being surrounded by water. The Career tributes look very sure of themselves. GONG! Coal Seedar(12) jumps off and takes off swimming immediatley. Magsy Weatherdroops(4), and Zara Lancaster(2) are close behind him. Nessie Locket(6) also jumps off immediatley and graps a flotation device and starts swimming fast in the other direction, awat from the Cornucopia. The rest of the Careers jump of behind Coal(12) Magsy(4), and Zara(2). Nessie(6) is eaten by a Trahunt. Rick McKinney(6), Tyler Gold(7), and Daisy Parris(7), all jump off at the same time. It looks like Tyler and Daisy have formed an alliance. Rick speeds ahead of them. Half of the tributes are still standing on the pedestals. Derek Trike(3) grabs a flotation device and heads for his district partner Kimmy Gadget, to sneak up on her from behind and drown her. Harvey Free(4) starts swimming away from the cornucopia. Coal(12) is the first to reach the cornucopia. He grabs a backpack, a disc, and a backpack. He then hides behind the cornucopia. Harvey(4) is attacked by a Trahunt, but escapes and grabs a flotation device by him. Magsy(4) reaches the cornucopia and waits at the mouth for the other Careers. Zara(2) and Matt(1) reaches the Cornucopia next. Magsy grabs a trident and Zara grabs a set of Throwing Knives. Coal(12) fires two arrows and one hits Matt(1) in the neck, killing him. He then starts running across the bridge at top speed. Harvey(4) reaches the beach and hides in the jungle. Derek(3), reaches Kimmy(3) pushing her right onto a flotation device, where she speeds away. Derek then starts heading for the Cornucopia at a marvelous speed. Rick(6) meets up with Derek(3) forming an Alliance. They reach the cornucopia and join the careers to make up for Matt(1) and Harvey(4). Derek grabs a spear and Rick grabs a Sword. Then Derek snd john(2) get in a fight about the spear and Zara throws aknife at Derek(3) but accidentally hits john(2) in the heart. Rick(6) gets mad but Derek(3) calms him down. Kimmy reaches a small island east of the big one and makes camp there. Daisy and Tyler(7) reach the island and hide in a tree then they "settle in". Aaron and Serenelle(9) call to eachother to meet up. They grap flot. devices and jump in. Skyler(11) hears them and decides to kill them she jumps in. Jacob Thresh(11) gets the same idea and drowns Skyler. Then he heads for Aaron and Serenelle, but just before he reaches them gets eaten bya Trahunt. A qurter of the tributes are stillon the pedestals. Coal(12) reaches the island and runs into the jungle and climbs up a tree. Cassandra(5) is sad that her District partenr died so she decides to stay on the pedestal until she starves. Emilea(8) thinks that maybe she can sneak past the Careers, so she gets a flot device and heads for the Cornucopia. She dives underwater as she gets closer but her eyes are closed so she can't see. Derek(3) spears her underwater. Aaron and Serenelle(9) reach a larger island northwest of the main island. They find a cave and... yeah. Skye(1) suddenly gets a bright look on her face. She jumps in the water and heads toward the island. She looks like she jsut woke up from sleep. Hawk(10) is yelling to Tristan(10) to be allies with him. So they meet in betweenand then Tristan tries to strangle her but she punches him in the face and he gets abloody nose. Meanwhile: the Careers are fighting over whether or not to stay at the Cornucopia. It looks like someone might get killed, but they decide to go to the island. They come across some Trahunts, but Zara kills them with her knives. Tyler O.(8) decides that he might starve on the pedestal, so he grabs a flot. device and heads to the island. He soon gets attacked by a Trahunt and he dies of blood loss before he reaches the shore. Redd(12) sees the Careers leaving the cornucopia and sees her chance. She takes off for the cornucopia. Hawk(10) catches up with Skye(1) and they reach the island and venture into the jungle. Coal(12) decides to find water, and he soon ventures upon a pool. The Careers decide to set up on the beach, full of coconut trees and far from mutts. Redd, reaches the cornucopia, then grabs a backpck and a knife for protection. She then grabs a flotation device and swims to the north shore of the island. Tristan(10) reaches the shore and sneaks past the Careers. While in the jungle, Coal(12) spys Skye(1),and Hawk(10), a ways off. He throws his disc at Skye, killing her. He shoots at Hawk, but she runs away. The first day is over. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Eight dead.


The Careers have lost John(2) and Matt(1). Harvey(4) and Skye(1) did not join the Careers. They are camping on the South Shore and are well supplied.

Rick(6) and Derek(3) have joined the Careers.

Kimmy(3) is alone on a small island. She is tired, sick, and thirsty, She is fed.

Harvey(4) is badly injured on the East shore ner the jungle. He is hungry and Thirsty.

Cassandra(5) is still on her pedestal. She is hungry and thirsty.

Tyler and Daisy(7) are in the jungle and not hungry from fruit in the jungle. They are thirsty. They are allied.

Aaron and Serenelle(9) are on a large island. They are hungry, but not thirsty. They are allied.

Tristan(10) is on the outskirts of the jungle. He is hungry, thirsty, and alone. He is injured.

Hawk(10) is near Coal(12) in the jungle. She is thirsty.

Coal(12) is alone in the jungle near a pool. He is fed.

Redd(12) is alone on the north shore. She is thirsty, but well supplied.

Day 2

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