The 77th Hunger Games are the first Hunger Games which involves children, who are related a higher force in the Capitol, whether deceased or not.

Female Tributes

1. Winter - President Snow's granddaughter (age 14)

2. Shimmer - Seneca Crane's daughter (age 16)

3. Vanessa - Claudius Templesmith's daughter (age 15)

4. Daphne (age 13)

5. Erlene (age 17)

6. Frederica (age 14)

7. Olympia (age 17)

8. Maren (age 18)

9. Leonarda (age 12)

10. Sussie (age 12)

11. Shaneka (age 16)

12. Belia (age 13)

Male Tributes

1. Staton (age 18)

2. Santo (age 14)

3. Isreal (age 17)

4. Vincenzo - Atala's son (age 16)

5. Manual (age 18)

6. Warner (age 17)

7. Colton (age 13)

8. Filiberto (age 12)

9. Lino (age 14)

10. Rudolf (age 16)

11. Jae - Caesar Flickerman's son (age 15)

12. Benton (age 16)


Tribute Weapon(s)
Winter Axe
Shimmer Knife
Vanessa Camoflauge & Spear
Daphne Bow & Arrow
Erlene Knife, Axe, Spear & Explosives
Frederica Explosives
Olympia Knife & Spear
Maren Bow & Arrow
Leonarda Camoflauge & Knife
Sussie Camoflauge & Knife
Shaneka Axe
Belia Stake
Staton Knife
Santo Bow & Arrow
Isreal Spear & Injection
Vincenzo Knife
Manual Spear
Warner Camoflauge & Knife
Colton Explosives
Filiberto Darts
Lino Camoflauge
Rudolf Axe
Jae Spear
Benton Bow & Arrow

Training Scores

Tribute Training Score (1 - 12)
Winter 6
Shimmer 8
Vanessa 6
Daphne 4
Erlene 9
Frederica 3
Olympia 10
Maren 8
Leonarda 5
Sussie 5
Shaneka 9
Belia 7
Staton 10
Santo 6
Isreal 10
Vincenzo 7
Manual 8
Warner 7
Colton 5
Filiberto 3
Lino 4
Rudolf 7
Jae 6
Benton 9

Interview Recaps

Winter, a female tribute, tells Caesar that she plans to avenge her grandfather's death by winning the Games.

Shimmer, a female tribute, tells Caesar that she plans to avenge her father's death by winning the Games.

Vanessa, a female tribute, tells Caesar to tell her dad that she will try to win this.

Daphne, a female tribute, tells Caesar she volunteered when her youngest brother was reaped and she plans to return to her siblings.

Erlene, a female tribute, tells Caesar that she is very strong and will win the Games.

Frederica, a female tribute, tells Caesar that she believes that she has a good chancing of winning.

Olympia, a female tribute, explains to Caesar that she is the toughest Capitol tribute ever and she is killed it's not because she gave herself up. And she will start the first Capitol Career alliance.

Maren, a female tribute, explains to Caesar that she will win to avenge her mother's death in the Battle of the Capitol.

Leonarda, a female tribute tells Caesar she will try to win.

Sussie, a female tribute tells Caesar she will most likely not win, but she hopes to make it to half of the competition.

Shaneka, a female tribute only gives a shoutout to her parents.

Belia, a female tribute, who tells Caesar she is in it to win it.

Staton, a male tribute, tells Caesar she has a crush on a female tribute: Shaneka.

Santo, a male tribute tells Caesar he has a crush on two female tributes: Winter and Vanessa.

Isreal, a male tribute tells Caesar a training score doesn't mean they won't do bad in the competition.

Vincenzo, a male tribute is asked by Caesar if his mom is doing alright, Vincenzo tells him he hasn't seen his mom in a year and doesn't know if she's dead or not.

Manual, a male tribute tells Caesar he will win and no one can stop him.

Warner, a male tribute tells Caesar if he cares about his own son and is later punished by Peacekeepers, revealed later.

Colton, a male tribute questions Caesar about the new method of the Hunger Games.

Filiberto, a male tribute tells Caesar his mom is missing after the Battle and he could only find one of his siblings.

Lino, a male tribute begs Caesar to take him out of the Games.

Rudolf, a male tribute tells Caesar he doesn't care if he wins and that death is better than being in Panem.

Jae, a male tribute and the son of Caesar talks about how he will try to win. Caesar cannot show emotion just happiness, because if he doesn't, then, Caesar will be executed and Jae will be killed early in the Games.

Benton, a male tribute questions Caesar if he believes he will win.


The arena has a big mansion which in the center of the mansion is the Cornucopia. The mansion is four stories, which contains twenty rooms. Behind the mansion is a 20-acre wooded area full of trees, no lake and a cliff.

The Games

Day 1 The 24 tributes are launched into the arena. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The 24 tributes are off to the Cornucopia. Although, Benton goes around the house to get in through the back of the Cornucopia. Olympia has recruited Maren, Staton, Manual, Isreal and Frederica as her Capitol Career allies. Shaneka is the first one into the Cornucopia with her speedy legs, she grabs the largest backpack and an axe and heads out towards the wooded area. Erlene gets to the Cornucopia second and vows that Shaneka will be her first kill. Erlene sees Filiberto grabbing a knife and a backpack. Erlene grabs a spear and shoves it into Filiberto's back, he dies instantly. Erlene grabs Filiberto's knife and his backpack and goes to hide somewhere in the house.

When, the Capitol Careers are fighting for supplies at the Cornucopia. Manual sees little Sussie grab a knife and trip, but decides to spare her life. Olympia takes pity on him and kills him with her knife. She is about to kill Sussie until she escapes. Daphne runs, but is too slow to get supplies. Daphne begs Olympia to let her join the Careers, since they are short one person. Olympia takes pity on her as well and stabs her with knife. Daphne dies slowly.

Winter grabs an axe and a small backpack and runs out of the house, but climbs up and breaks a window on the second floor bathroom. Lino finds the lethal injection and injects himself with it and dies. Rudolf tries to kill Olympia, but she is too fast for him and stabs him with her knife, Rudolf tries to reach the medicine in his backpack, but he is too late and he dies. Maren spots Leonarda going upstairs, but decides to spare her life because of her age. Colton enters the Cornucopia through the back and tries to grab one of the larger backpacks, but Staton cuts off Colton's hand, then cuts Colton's eye. Colton collapses to the ground and is obvisouly dead. Belia finds something new, stakes, she takes all of them.

Outside, Jae and Belia come face to face, but they agree to be allies.

The Bloodbath at the Cornucopia is finally over.

Six cannons fire, wow, only six people died at the Cornucopia, it must be a record.

Maren knew that Erlene was still in the house and went to go hunt her. Maren heard racket in the bathroom and opens it to find Winter.

Winter attempts to throw her axe at Maren, but Maren takes her axe and locks Winter in the bathroom. Unbeknowest to both of them, Erlene has seen the whole thing and unlocks Winter and kidnaps her and takes her to the basement.

The Capitol Careers hear a girl screaming and go down to the basement. They see that Erlene has been torturing Winter. Maren takes out her bow and arrow, but Erlene is too fast and runs out the side door. The Careers realize how much pain, Winter is in. They know she'll die. So, Israel takes out his lethal injection and kills Winter instantly. Winter's cannon fires, which makes the seventh death on the first day.

Back in the wooded area, Shaneka decides to spend the night in a tree. Santo runs by and sees Shaneka in the tree, he decides to make a bow & arrow and kill his biggest competition. Santo makes his bow very loudly that Shaneka notices him and throws his axe at him. It cuts up Santo's heart and he dies. Santo's cannon sounds, making it the eighth death. Shaneka decides to move trees before someone sees Santo's body being picked up.

Meanwhile, with Jae and Belia they hear bristling in the woods. They find Sussie injured.

"Please can you give me a band-aid I hurt and cut my knee," says Sussie.

"Sure, but you'll have to be our ally," says Belia.

"Okay, I will," says Sussie.

Jae and Belia treat Sussie's wound.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Erlene tries to get some supplies at the Cornucopia, but she needs to distract them. She soon finds Leonarda climbing the stairs, she begins to go upstairs. When Leonarda knows that Erlene has spotted her, she tries going back down the stairs.

"There you are!!" shouts Erlene.

Leonarda jumps up and tries to run down the stairs, but trips and slips and falls down 15 steps. Leonarda knows that she has broken her hand and has a concussion. Just as she knows it the Careers show up.

"Are you in pain?" asks Isreal.

"YES! I AM!" shouts Leonarda.

"Then, I'll let your suffering end," says Isreal as he injects Leonarda with the lethal injection. Leonarda tries to fight it, but it's too strong and Leonarda dies and her cannon sounds, making nine deaths.

In the wooded area, Vanessa and Warner have become allies. Also Vincenzo and Shimmer have.

The Capitol anthem plays and the remaining 15 tributes look up at the sky to see who has died.

24th Place/1st Dead. Filiberto

23rd Place/2nd Dead. Manual

22nd Place/3rd Dead. Daphne

21st Place/4th Dead. Lino

20th Place/5th Dead. Rudolf

19th Place/6th Dead. Colton

18th Place/7th Dead. Winter

17th Place/8th Dead. Santo

16th Place/9th Dead. Leonarda

Day 2

It's 1AM and Vanessa wakes up to a girl screaming. She finds that Warner is torturing Shimmer.

"Warner, let her go!" shouts Vanessa. But, it's too late Warner slits Shimmer's throat and her cannon fires. Making the first death on the second day and the tenth death total.

"Warner, I was going to have her be our ally!" shouts Vanessa.

"Well, I caught her trying to steal our containers of water, so I had to kill her," says Warner.

Meanwhile, with Vincenzo, he's beginning to worry about Shimmer and believes she is dead because of her cannon, well, he'll know by the end of the day.

It's 7AM when all of the 14 remaining tributes hear an explosion go off next to the mansion. All the Careers become warned and go to investigate. But, Erlene kidnaps Frederica and brings her to the attic. While, the Careers are investigating the mysterious explosion, Erlene steals all of their water containers, their meat and steals two spears and heads back to the attic. The Careers return to find their water, their meat and two of their weapons are gone along with one of their fellow Careers. Olympia declares Frederica as a traitor.

In the wooded area, Shaneka finds Jae, Belia and Sussie. Shaneka decides to distract them and kill at least one of them. She throws a rock about 10 feet away, while, they investiage. Shaneka throws her axe at Belia's hip, then quickly jumps out of the tree and grabs her axe and runs off. What Shaneka doesn't know is that the axe barely cut up Belia's hip and she'll be fine. While, Jae and Sussie are worried, but treat her wounds.

It's 2PM and while Erlene tries to steal more of the Careers' supplies, Frederica attempts to escape, but Erlene arrives and Frederica is tied again.

It's 5PM and Vincenzo has been starving all day and finds berries and is about to eat them until he remembers watching the 74th Hunger Games and watching Katniss Evderdeen and her knowledge about nightlock berries, he decides to keep the berries and use them if he needs to.

Vincenzo hears bristling in the woods. He goes to investigate and hears a cannon. He sees Belia's body, who had eaten the berries. Vincenzo steals Belia's stakes, before her body is taken away from the hovercraft. Marking the second death of the second day and the eleventh death total.

It's 6PM, while Jae and Sussie are worrying about Belia and come to a conclusion that the cannon that fired an hour ago was Belia's and in 6 hours it will confirm it.

Back at the house it's 10PM and Frederica thinks of ways to escape the attic. Erlene comes back from stealing more meat from the Capitol Careers. Erlene tosses a piece of meat to Frederica.

"Why are you doing this to me?" asks Frederica.

"So, when I start to torture you, the Careers will hear and they will see how much pain you are in, they will kill you, so I won't have to," says Erlene.

"What if they don't hear me?" asks Frederica.

"Oh, trust me, they will hear you" says Erlene as she grabs a knife and slightly cuts her cheek and it bleeds slightly. 

"Is that all you got?" asks Frederica.

"For now, but trust me, the worse is yet to come." says Erlene as she tosses Frederica a small piece of meat. "Good night."

The remaining 13 tributes hear the Capitol Anthem and look up to the sky.

15th Place/10th Dead. Shimmer

14th Place/11th Dead. Belia

Day 3

It's 5AM, Jae and Sussie decide to begin looking for food and run into Vincenzo - literally. The three all remain still, but all three of them are ready for what's to happen. 

Vincenzo puts his hand out.

"Allies?" he asks. Jae and Sussie glance at each other.

"Allies." They both say. 

It's 8AM Frederica has been working for an hour trying to untie herself and she manages to do so. She quietly exits the attic and runs downstairs to see her fellow Careers.

"GUYS! You would not believe what has happened to me!"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure we know," says Maren as she grabs an arrow. 

"First of all, Erlene-"

"We don't want to hear it!" shouts Isreal. 

"What? Why not? She was the one who-"

Maren throws her arrow to Frederica's skull and she dies immediately. Her cannon sounds.

Olympia is becoming jealous of Maren as Maren thinks she is the leader of the Capitol Careers.

"Was that necessary?" asks Olympia.

"Why? Did you think it wasn't?" asks Maren.

"She was saying something about Erlene. Maybe she knows - well... knew where she was."

"I'd hate to agree with you, but you're right, but that's one less tribute we have to worry about. Hopefully Erlene is done with her kidnapping."

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