I never got to my old 7th games so here it is

Please give name, age, appearance, weapon, strategy, token, skills, personality, and history


District 12- TehOnlyUmbreon

Samantha CLoud
Coal Black 7
Name Samantha Cloud Coal Black
Age 14 15
Skills Tough and bloodthirsty Endurance, speed, agile, running for long time, heightened sences, fast reflexes, quick thinking.
Strategy Make sure to kill and try to stay well fed and sleep Try to stay hidden, dont go wolf unless your attacked or your hunting, and if there is a full moon try not to howl. stay with alliance.
Weapon Swords Sword or pickaxe
History Samantha grew up in district 12 and hasnt moved ever. when she turned 10 her father created a training area in there basement for her, she would train all the time and most of the time she trained with swords. after training alot she loved killing things. she became bloodthirsty and loved the sight of blood. He has a mother and a father, and 2 brothers, one being older and the other is younger. His mother, her name is alice and shes not like him and his father or hisbrothers. His father is named Blake and his brother is named Silver he's 17, his youngest brother is 13. his father is 48 and his mother is 47. his father does work, but its not enough to support the family so his brother silver and him have jobs. Here's the crazy thing about his family, everyone except his mother is a wolf mutt. heres how it happened: the capitol began taking DNA from wolf mutts and adding it to humans, one being his great great grandfather. its been in our blood. His father is a full breed, meaning hes less human than him or his brothers. They all can morph to wolf form whenever. The bad thing about being part wolf is their loyalty and if they fall in love it wont go away.
Death Bisected Spinal cord severed

District 11- XxXMidgetinaBikiniXxX

Darcy Pohavitz
Sash Bloodhound
Name Darcy Pohavitz Sash Bloodhound
Age 12 18
Skills Darcy's main strength is blackmailing people and manipulating people even thought she is about twelve years old she could do it to anyone also Darcy is good at finding persure points and if she someone conforted her she would have a 85 percent chance of escaping the fight and Finally Darcy is very good with hand to hand combat Sash is good with fire he can make any kind of fires unlike a pyromaniac he has some talent with fire also Sash has a good arm for throwing stuff he can throw a needle or a javelin up to 20-25 feet up in the air and Sash is really agile.
Strategy She will stick with the careers for safety but after awhile she will try to get the careers against each other so when there fighting Darcy will grab as much as she needs and flee from the careers. He will use fire but he will make a small smokeless fire so he wouldn't be found if he does he will thorw a hot coal or a stick that there face grab his stuff and leave.
Token Cindy's phone that she stole but it is broken and it could be use for throwing at tributes plates before the games A paperbag with dog poop (Don't ask why)
Weapon Knife Sash likes to use a wooden javelin since he has been using them since he was about four years old but he is also good with Throwing needles also Fire.
Personality Darcy is very preppy, since her daddy owns the best academy in district eleven Darcy loves being the alpha female of her clique but on then inside Darcy is very kind and she does not act like it Because she does not want her friend to think that she is some type of pussy. Darcy not would bully anyone unless if they are really poor or of there not wearing the best clothes if they aren't Darcy would be there worst nightmare since she made a girl comment suicide. Sash is well a mental child. Sash was not retareded in anyway or had something wrong with his brain it's just that he loved fire since he was about six years old he was a pyromaniac that means he loved setting stuff on fire so people thought he was suicidal since he had alot of thrid second or first degree burns on his body. The second thing about Sash is that he was a troble maker since he loved burning stuff and he likes burning other people's stuff and he loves to destroy stuff since he loves destroying stuff that's why Sash does not have any friends they all thing that he is high off morphing or on drugs.
History Darcy has a wonderful life, she is very rich since her father owns one of the best schools in panem since it has one of the best teachers there. Since Darcy goes there she is very poplaur since she is the owners daughter so pretty much life was prefect for her but she had her moments like that one time when Darcy was alone with her friends in her big house since she was having a sleep over party with her friends and her parents decided to leave her with there Spanish maid named Rita. Everything was going well until her friends here'd a Bang And a ear splitting scream. So Darcy and her friends decided to run down stairs to see what the hell was going on, so it turned out it was Rita's dead body. Darcy pretty much had no idea what was going on since she was about seven years old at the time but she was not scared of any dead body and it was her maid anyways so she did not care. Unformatly when her parents came home they thought that Darcy was the one who killed Rita so they decided to punish Darcy by making her move into her uncle Stan's house which has about four rooms and a huge orchard field in there backyard so the only stuff that Darcy has is her chothes that she brought and five hundred dollars since her parents felt sorry for her, but she still came to the same school. Luckly for Darcy nobody knew that she was living in a orchard farm house since her parents never told anyone but Darcy was still mad about the whole thing so she bullied more younger kids everyday and started to blackmail people to do stuff for her but there was this girl who she bullied everyday, her name was Cindy. Darcy and her friends bullied her in anyway possible it was not because of her outfit or any thing like that it was because that she was the killers daughter and Darcy knew since she saw him with Cindy everyday and he has the same hair color and the same color of eyes as her and Darcy hated her even worse since she got framed for it and he got away with it. One day Darcy went over board with the bullying by taking Cindy's phone and it turned out it had a lot of naked pictures of Cindy so Darcy had an idea to send the pictures to everyone who was in Cindy's contacts and she did but a week after Cindy hung herself and the police knew Darcy was behind so she was forced to volunteer or that she would go to prison. Sash used to be a normal boy, his Dad's job is to make time bombs and inventing new bombs that was this Mom's job to but she also made landmines. Sash's Life started to became interesting when he was at school, one day Sash was with his two friends outside so he found two sticks he started to rub them together since he was bored after fifteen minutes of him rubbing sticks together, he made a flame when he made a flame he was exicted since Sash was a dumb child he begin to chase his friends around with his burning stick.After that stunt everyone was scared of him they would not even dare to talk to Sash because they were scared that Sash would hurt them, but after his tenth birthday he felt like crap since nobody would talk to him and he felt like a parasite since people would stay away from him but that did not stop him from being a pryomanic. After that day from school he decided to burn down a peacekeepers house with his girlfriend Helga that I forgot to tell you about she was not a pyromaniac but she was desperate for a boyfriend so she picked Sash as her boyfriend it was all fun and games until Helga got burned, on the bright side Sash never got caught but a few years later after Sash's death he decided to end it all by burning his parents house and he started to kill people since he was depressed, His mom and dad were alive but they moved to district three and Sash lived on the streets. He struggled to Survive from the streets and decided to volunteer not Because he hated live its Because he wanted to become weathly and he also wanted to kill.
Death Chest was crushed Inhaled toxic smoke

District 10- Angry Birds12

Amanda Richards
Everest Strong
Name Amanda Richards Everest Strong
Age 15 18
Skills Amanda is like the animal whisperer. She can calm any animal down and tame it. Amanda is also skilled with a pitchfork and knife. Amanda is strong from years working on a ranch and knows what plants are safe to eat by testing it out on some cattle. Everest is a brave tribute who is ready to win the games in any way possible. Everst knows how to use a pitchfork (trident, they're practicly the same thing) and will learn to use a spear in training since it is similiar to a pitchfork. Everst is strong and is good with hand-to-hand and close combat. Everest is also a quick thinker in a fight. Everest is also quiet and good at hiding.
Strategy Amanda plans to flee the cornucopia after grabbing the closest things to her plate. After that she'll try to find some animals to tame/ride to make up for her lack of speed. Set up camp as far away from the cornucopia as possible and make sure no one finds her by making fires only at sunset, making little/no noise and finding a concled spot. Grab a good weapon and some supplies at the cornucopia and then flee. Secretly follow the Career pack and kill them one by one when their seperated or only one is awake. After he's killed about three or they've figured out what's happening, get as far away as possible.
Token None None
Weapon Pitchfork, knife. Pitchfork (trident), spear, knife.
Personality Calm, kind, carefull, cautous. Smart, likes to take things slow. Wise. Smart, brave, strong, never gives up. Inspiring, giving, kind.
History Amanda works at a ranch where she rides horses everyday, Amanda has a love for animals and sometimes lets a few livestock escape the day before slaughter. Amanda also worked with a pitchfork by moving hay. Amanda sometimes tested out plants she found i nthe woods on animals to see if they were safe to eat. She is an only child but is not spoiled. Everst has always had to work hard in life. He had to start work in the ranches since he was little to support his single mother. Everst is not the best in school so he has to work extra hard to get good grades. When Everst was reaped he knew he had to come back home to his mom.
Kills Velour Calico, Samantha
Death Throat was slit Hit with hurlbat

District 9- Mistymolla

Freya Field
Finley Grain
Name Freya Field Finley Grain
Age 14 16
Skills She is fast and athletic He is strong and can climb very well and is good looking
Strategy She will hide and will try to steal from other tributes He will hide and kill anyone he sees and try to get the carrers off gaurd and kill them very slow
Token Little locket with family in it Special pin
Weapon Throwing axes Sword
Personality She is a kind and caring girl and she loves nature and animals but she does have a bad temper and hates to be insulted He is tough and mean and he is brutal and he has a big crush on Freya since he first saw her when they were younger and does not know where she went untill he saw her on the train
History Se grew up as a shoemakers daughter, they were well off untill her dad had stole some money and got publicly excuted and she lost everything so she went to live in the most beautiful meadow in the district, she was amazed by the beauty and freedome and stole a tent and lives in there. But one day the field was set on fire and she moved into the darker and more dense part of the forest and lived there but she has to go to reapings to lower down suspicion but she has to take tessera so she can have food supplies to live off of and she does steal and is sly so can steal fast and swift and if she wins she will make the districts all better places

He has had a crush on a girl named Freya Field since he was young and was distraught when she went missing, he lived a normal life untill a fire came and killed his younger sister Ava and he became a brutal killer and has wanted to shd blood since she was killed nd he killed the person who started the fire and has killed bad people for a price by the mayor and he is good a traking down people and when he is reaped he plans on traking down the tributes and killing them but he will die for Freya.

Death Speared through the eye Speared with pitchfork
Kills Everest

District 8- The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

Calico Chamois
Velour Coudre
Name Calico Chamois Velour Coudre
Age 15 18
Skills She has great accuracy, and an amazing throwing arm. She is quite agile, and vey stealthy. She also has a natural talent of moving through the trees. He is very accurate, able to shoot small things from long distances. He is pretty strong, and decently fast. Hasnt got the best stanima but can go far in short distances.
Strategy She will hide on the edge of the careers, spying on them. And stealing supplies each day. And maybe pick a few of them off. He will attack the careers, and try and take down a few before fleeing. Then spend the next few days healing before repeating.
Token Pale Silver make-up set A small silver orb
Weapon Ice Pick and Throwing Axe Crossbow and Bow
Personality She is very spoiled, and I mean spoiled. Always wanting everything to herself, making her very selfish. She loves to make others feel bad, maybe as she isnt the best so she needs to demote others, to make herself seem good. She is quite intelligent though. He is very active, and not that intelligent. Having never gone to school. He is very kind, if not a bit selfish. He is very active, and hyper naturally.
History She was brought up in district 1, where she learned to be spoiled, but also she learned to fight. After that she moved to the capitol, at the age of 8. She learned to do her make-up and look perfect, she loved the capitol, and hated it when she was forced to move to district 8. She absoloutely hated district 8. She was still rich but she was forced to go to school, and mix with people she names peasents. Since she was so rich she had to take out no tesserae, therefore she never thought about entering the arena, and the games. But even the odds are twisted, and after 3 years of avoiding the games she was reaped, Luckily she still remembered some of the stuff from District 1, and is kind of strong. Being brought up in 8 was hard, since his family was rather poor he had to carry 4 jobs, and sadly didnt get to attend school. He woke at 7am to go to his first factory job. He got off at 5pm and went to work at a shop till 7pm. Then till 10pm he helped sew and create clothes at a shop. Finally from 10pm till 1am he helped a bunch of kids clean up some of the richer houses. Like maids. Leaving him with 6 hours of sleep before doing this again. Many years he contemplated volunteering but never pushed himself to, but sadly on his last reaping he was reaped. With no volunteers.
Kills Amanda
Death Stabbed in the chest Decapitated

District 7- EHKnight

Thistel Foxbell
Thorn Darkwater
Name Thistel Foxbell Thorn Darkwater
Age 12 18
Skills She is a fantastic sneak and incredibly strategic, she is good at predicting what her opponent will do next. She knows how to hunt and to track game. She has great knowledge about poisonous and edible plants, and how they differ from eachother. She can jump and swing from tree to tree without making any noise at all, and is a fantastic spy and eavesdropper. Her natural sweet and helpful personality makes it easy for her to make allies, and she good at detecting betrayal and traps. As stated before, he has trained to compete in the games as he planned to volunteer when he turned eigthteen. He has taught himself how to survive in open wilderness, and he knows a great deal about nature, it´s resorces and dangers. He is very fit and strong, and can wrestle any opponent to the ground. His arms a incredibly strong, so strong that he can kill a weakling with one well aimed punch. He never backs down from challenges, and is determined to death. He is a fantastic people manipulator, he can scare the living shit out of even the toughest of careers. He knows how to act in public, so sponsors won´t be a problem at all.
Token The red rose she keeps in her hair. A small leather box with a lock of Aurora´s hair, the last thing he has left of her
Weapon Thistel is often out in ine woods for days to end, so she obviously had to learn some combat skills to fend off the wilderness. She is best with the bow, she can keep her arrows steady and accurate even if a huge, rabid wild dog is running at her. She has learned all about the different poisonous plants, and she often kills game by poisoning it´s drinking water. Her last weapon is the blowgun, but she has just began to use it. She mashes a deadly mixture of toxic plants and dips her darts in the juice. One clean shot and it´s good night. He has trained for the games, so he is able with almost any weapons, except the bizarre ones like catclaws or screwdrives. He has specialized in throwing axes, he is a real killer with them (excuse the pun). He can also fight with axes at close range, though he prefers maces when he is at swinging distance to another tribute. I don´t think words count as weapons, but he is incredible at both manipulating and cussing out others.
Personality Thistel is a sweet and kind girl with sympathy for everyone and everything. She is always helpful and understanding, and she never lies. She wants everyone to be happy, exspecially people who are nice to her. She loves nature almost as much as she loves her family, and she often dissapear into the woods of District 7 for days. Just when people are beginning to get worried, she always appears again. If she sees others alone or ignored, she will run to their aid and befriend them. She is very afraid of large crowds though, as well as the games. Thorn is a sadistic bastard clean through. He loves the prospect of killing and anothers death at his hands. He is an active satanist, he likes to sacrifice living creatures to Satan. In the arena he will give each death at his hands to Satan. He is straight through evil at times, and loves manipulating people and crowds. His mind may be cracked and works in strange ways, but he is sharply intelligent and enjoys playing crazy mind games to others. One of his deadliest weapons are his vocabulary; he can make anyone hurt with his wonderful array of choice cursewords and hurtful phrases. He loves seeking out trouble, and getting into fights.
History She was born in The Capitol, but she and her parents had to run away when she was five. Her parents was the leaders of a rebel group trying to assassinate President Snow. But the group had been found, and all the members exept Thistel´s parents was executed on live television. They fleed through the contry, before finally seeing District 7 in the distance. They decided to go into hiding there, and starting a new life. But when the fence to District 7 was visible, two hovercrafts suddenly appeared over them. The hovercrafts began to shoot flamethrowers, and they buned Thistel´s parents to crisps at once. This was what sparked up her great fear for fire. They though they had killed Thistel too, but she had cleverly hid in a small grove. Then the hovercraft disspared, and Thistel buried her parents charred remains in the forest. After that she was moved to an orphanage. The matrons there quickly grew fond of her, as did all the other children and everyone in District 7. Nobody understood where cute, nice little girl had come from. Many made up myths that she was a guardian angel. And in some cases she was, always helping out in every way she could. He lived in District 7 with his parents and two years younger sister, Aurora. He and Aurora didn´t like theri parents too much, they were both drunks and didn´t care for their children. But they were close to eachother, so they managed. He and Aurora worked in the woods, chopping down lumber day and night. But they enjoyed work, it distracted them from their lazy parents. One day Aurora returned from school with a boy, they had apparently gotten together behind Thorn´s back. Thorn didn´t trust Aurora´s boyfriend, he didn´t want her to get hurt. He spent all his spare time stalking them, protecting Aurora he claimed. One day he floowed them as they were having a picnic by the big waterfall in District 7. Aurora´s boyfriend lead her to the edge of the waterfall, and Thorn through that he would psuh her down. He jumpe dout of his hiding spot, and ran at them. He pulled Aurora away, and shoved her boyfriend down the waterfall. The poor guy was acually supposed to propose to Aurora, but instead his corpse got pulled by the currents in the river, forever lost. Afer that, Aurora broke all contact with her brother, and moved into a different part of District 7, never wanting to talk to Thorn again. Thorn began drinking, he felt a little bit more sympathy for his parents now. To set his mind off things, he got into satanism, and often killed animals and humans to sacrifice them to Satan, his parents included. When he was eigthteen, he volunteered for the games, to kill more and bring honor to Aurora. He thinks that if he win, she´ll talk to him again.
Kills Shoko, Thorn, Taylor W. Coal
Death Neck chopped open

District 6- Daniel17

Taylor Axel
Revenus Locke
Name Taylor Axel Revenus "Chase" Locke
Age 17 17
Skills Very intelligent, she is also quick, simply because she has been fleeing from bullies her entire life. His tactical brilliance, precision, and overall knowledge may help him win the Games. He is also very skilled with swords and knives. As good as Cato in fact. He is very fast, as he is used to hit and run. However, he is only mildly muscular.
Strategy Stick with Chase Chase's strategy is to hit and run.
Token None He chose a lapis lazuli necklace given to him by his deceased mother.
Weapon Crossbow He has 2 Hook Swords and 5 knives.
Personality Taylor is sweet and intelligent, being second in the District to Chase, she is modest and trustworthy, always ready to help out the needy. Chase is brilliant, crafty and kind. He is also too selfless for his own good. He is also a dreamer. He is shy and quiet, but that may change during the games...
History She's really beautiful, but unpopular due to having brown hair, her only friend being her boyfriend, Chase, who sees her for what she has on the inside. Chase loves her very much, despite her rough past. She was raised by two drug addicts that were very abusive. After his parents were slaughtered, Chase moved into the woods of District 6, where he learned which plants were edible and which weren't. He later came back to District 6, where he was reaped.
Kills Pirate, Finley Sash
Death Shot with an arrow. Guts ripped open

District 5- TheMysteriousGeek

Drew Summertime 7
Ash Green 7
Name Drew Summertime Ash Green
Age 18 18
Skills Weapons (Any) Axes, Genius, Plants, animals
Strategy Kill, Join Careers? Kill tributes, Join Careers?, gather plants and animals.
Token A axe pendant (taken away) A piece of grass
Weapon Any Axes
Personality Sadistic, Cruel, Brash Quiet, Quick minded, Helpful.
History Was trained for the games by a desperate victor, but the victor forgot to teach her about plants/ animals. Her dad gathers the food on the table, and he taught her elder brother to do it when he was dead (The dad) His mom is addicted to morphine and his dad does all of the hard work. One day, his dad died, and the mum commited suicide. All he had left was a baby sister. He vowed to look after her, and so he did for 10 years. He also taught his sister how to gather plants and kill animals.
Death Her neck was cut open Hooked in the head

District 4- Prezziesnow9704:)!

Coral Reef
Pirate Mast
Name Coral Reef Pirate Mast
Age 17 12
Skills Swimming, fighting, trident, running, finding food Killing, Torture, Intimidation, Weapons, Creepieness


Token Dried Seaweed woven into a bracelet A piece of his fathers Boat he took whilst he sunk it.
Weapon Trident,Knife,sword Everything
Personality Nice, Kind but can be manipulative and ruthless when need be. Brave. Evil, Cruel and just psycotic.
History Nothing unusual. Had a normal life. Both parnets were doctors at the asylum, with her mother being critically injured by Pirate. She ended up needing a prostetic arm. Coral decided that she would teain and volunteer if Pirate got reaped so that she could extract revenge for her mother. He is a pure Psyco. He was given warning from the D4 peacekeepers because he caught 3x his fishing Quoata,  but not because he was such a good fisher, but because he liked killing so much. WHen he went home that day, the peacekeepers were waiting with his mother and father. His father started to give him in trouble, so Pirate took his mothers Bread Knife and slit his throat infront of the peace keepers. They drew their guns on him and he threw it at one and killed the other with the chopping board. Then to make a scene he killed his mother by putting her head through the glass part of the front door. He was admitted to the asylum but over the 3 months he was their he killed 15 doctors most with simple tools like his toothbrush and a plastic spoon The Mayor decided to get rid of him and rigged the reaping so that his name was on every slip.
Kills Ash, Chase
Death Impaled by shrapnel Head split open

District 3- AxedFox

Nyoka Spade
Shoko Black
Name Nyoka Spade Shoko Black
Age 16 15
Skills Nyoka's a great killer, obviously she hasn't killed before, but she can tell she's going to be great at doing so. Nyoka's studied and participated in martial arts, and she's also quite strong. She can fight, and believe it or not, she's practiced with a large variety of guns. Shoko's a skilled knife thrower. He's been throwing knives since he could waddle, and believe me, he's good at doing so. Possibly better than careers, well, definitely. Shoko's also an outstanding climber, which is rare for District 3 natives. He can also set up decent snares and electricity traps.
Strategy After grabbing weapons and supplies from the cornucopia, she'll roam the arena solo. She'll take down any obstacles in her way of becoming victor, and we'll work hard in the act of executing the careers. Nyoka will try earn sponsors too, and will also manipulate others, for example, allying with someone, only to stab them in the back. He will quickly grab a few things from the cornucopia, the head for the surroundings. He'll steer clear of Nyoka, as he knows that she's a force to be reckoned with, and like Nyoka, he'll go solo. Shoko will attend feasts and other invitations from the gamemakers, and will avoid the careers for the whole games. If cornered by them, he'll take down as many as he can. 
Token A black and white ying yang necklace, her name is embroidered into the pendant with glittering, onyx stones. A small broken dagger (taken away)
Weapon Nyoka can swing meteor hammers with ease, and can strike a heavy blow with this weapon. She's also not bad with grenades and firearms. Can wield reaping hooks and small scythes, and can throw war axes. Shoko is great with knives. Jagged or blunt, big or small, it doesn't matter, he's a natural with these glistening, deadly instruments. He prefers long, jagged knives, and can throw and slash greatly. Shoko's also not that bad with war hammers, infact, his brother won one of the six past games with a war hammer, and Shoko's practiced with it ever since.
Personality Nyoka is quite bloodthirsty, honestly. She's threatning and intimidating, and if looks could kill, she would have murdered many before the games even began. She's ruthless and doesn't think twice about anything, she'll kill for survival. Shoko's kind. On the outside. On the inside, Shoko's careless and brutal. And the inside will show during the games. He'll have no mercy, just like Nyoka, and he'll try very hard to win the games. He's a fighter, and he never gives up. Ruthless, almost. Shoko's ready to slice away threats and win the games victoriously.
History Grew up in District 3, and boy, did she hate it. She never bothered learning about electricity, and instead began taking martial arts classes. Nyoka became very succssesful in martial arts, and many would watch her as she showed off her deadly acrobatics. She got into the wrong crowd at school, and became the leader of the pack. She was rude, infact, she was almost drunk with the passion of tormenting others. Everyone despised her, and she ended up with no friends apart from her "sidekicks", who eventually ditched her. Nyoka barely cared about the fact that everyone hated her, and studied on her main goal, martial arts. After years of training, she was reaped for the Hunger Games. She could only grin as she mounted the stage, knowing victory was hers.  Shoko grew up with an average life. He had a group of friends back home, and he wasn't bullied at all. You could say he was popular, but he liked to stick to a small group of people. Shoko has been in all of Nyoka's classes, and he knows what she's like.  He's always avoided her as much as possible, but Nyoka couldn't stop flirting with Shoko. Then Nyoka became sadistic, and instead of hitting on Shoko, she began glaring at him with disgust, nudging past him as if he were filth. Shoko couldn't have cared less, really. His older brother won the games later on, and handed down his war hammer (which he had used in the games) to Shoko. Shoko then practiced day and night for the games.
Kills Misty, Coral, Richard
Death Suffocated on CO2 Stabbed in the heart

District 2- BeautifulMistake

Taylor White 7
Callisto Evergrow
Name Taylor White Callisto Evergrow
Age 14 18
Skills She is an excellent tree climber. She can be very quick and has very good concentration. She is a fast swimmer and has really fast reflexes. Callisto is a very good and fast runner. His limit is 70 yards. Being that he has good stamnia and doesn't get tried easily. He is very good at climbing any type of tree like a professional. He has a very superior and useful knowledge of edible plants. He can reconize every poisounous plant from 2 feet away.
Strategy She will stick with the Careers and kill all the tributes she can get her hands on. then she will pack up her things and leave the Careers. Then she would rely on her skills and live on by herself. He will dash into the cornucopia very quickly. There he will pick up the nearest weapon and start killing every tribute he can get his hands on. 
Token A necklace None
Weapon Spear and bow and arrow Throwing spears
Personality She is a very loving girl. She cares for her family and closest friends. She is kind with everybody but only to hide her true nature. She is polite and shy too. But if you get on her nerves, bug her, threaten the people she cares about she will turn into a vicious monster that is cruel and has no mercy. He is a very cruel person. He loves watching people suffer and always thinks of himself first. If he sees somebody dieing he will go to them and finish the job. He is also very ruthless and will swipe at anyone who messes with him. He can be a bit merciful when he sees little kids in agony as he thinks they deserve a good happy life.
History  Taylor grew up being loved. Her parents adored her and treated her well. She has kind friends who where always there for her. But she always hated that she was teased for something she didn't do and was blamed for it and called a weakling.  She wanted to prove those people wrong and waited for a chance. Years later her older sister got reaped and Taylor wasn't old enough to volunteer. She stayed home crieing silently looking at the TV and watching her sister become a monster. She started to despise hurting people and would often stick up for those people. One day at home she saw her sister battling with the last tribute. She felt glad and mad that her sister would win. So her sister got killed and her family went through intense pain. Then everybody started saying talking really bad about her family because they failed to win. Everybody she knew now though that everybody hated her. She volunteered for the games to show those people that she was not a weakiling and would win the games to bring pride to D2. Callisto always wanted to be a good person. but he never got the chance. He lived happily with his parents but sometimes he stayed with his aunt. His aunt mocked him and beat him. He would come home to his mother covered in bruises. He lied and told his mother he had tripped and accidentally hit himself. His mother was skeptic so she left him with his aunt. Instead of leaving for work she spied throught the window. She saw what was happening and was horrified. She barged in and accused the aaunt. The aunt fought her unti l his mom was stabbed. She died living him an orphan. He was forced to live with his aunt and he kept getting hit. He got closed to dieing and tried to keep getting reaped every year to escape his life. After several failed attempts he volunteered at the age of 18.
Kills Callisto Darcy, Drew, Freya
Death Stung by hornet Speared with pitchfork

District 1- ViniciusDeAssis1999

Misty Bull
Richard Jensen
Name Misty Bull Richard Jensen
Age 16 18
Skills Knives and Axes, Speed, Hair Aim, Brute Strenght and Speed
Strategy Stick with the Careers and attack the other tributes. Kill the weaker tributes
Token A little pink heart. None
Weapon Bow and Arrow Throwing Axes
Personality She is sexy, sweet and adorable with know peoples. With the others, she is very cold. Rude, tough and cold.
History Misty grew up in one of the richest families in the entire Panem, but she was very sad because she lived alone with her older sister, one of the richest women in the district. Her father was died by Peacekeepers when he tried to help a little girl who was reaped and her mother killed herself when Misty's father lost his poor life. Misty sank in a deep depression, but it changed when she went to the Career Academy of her district. There, she won a lot of true friends and her skills with bows and knives. She loves her friends, and she is very protective about them. In the school, Misty is very popular with the boys and she likes when the boys are enchanted by her. She also become the main singer in her personal group of music, The Ladies Of One. Richard born in a poor family in the center of District One. When he turned nine years old, he escaped away from his family because he hates his father. Ricard entered in Tefferia Mayla's house, an old, but muscular and pretty strong, lady that adopt him as a child. There, she learned all her skills to him, mainly the ones with axes and physical strenght. When Ricard turned twelve years old, Tefferia signed him up in the Career Academy. In the academy and in the school, he does not have a lot of friends. He trusts only in his true friends. He can be cold with everyone, except the beautiful girls.
Death Stabbed by Shoko Impaled with shrapnel


Arena 7 New

Arena (tilt screen back to see Quadrant 2)

This arena is set up like the four seasons. Quadrant One is the fall one. It is mostly a polluted swamp with unhealthy water and bacteria and lamprey mutts. Surrounding it is reeds and sharp grass. In the back is a presure sensitive bright light. Quadrant 2 is the winter one. It contains a large mysterious iceberg in the center. In the lower left is blue ice (frozen mixture of sewage and disinfectant). There are several patches of soft snow that will slowly suck you in if stepped on. Theres also a thin sheet of ice where the narwhal mutt lurks under. In the back are large snow dunes with large ice blocks in front on cold plates. Quadrant three is the spring one. It's primary feature is a large peculiar tree nearly impossible to climb. Next to it is a berry bush with berries that are toxic except the outer shell. Also, a mushroom with a fragile cap on a spear. A very rare and valuable lotus flower is protected by two red hot metal rings. There are five red flowers that absorb any gas. Behind them are geysers spewing toxic steam. Fourth quadrant is the sandy summer quadrant. Here lies the Cornucopia. Also theres a palm tree with coconuts and a very shallow puddle. There's a top heavy surfboard on a hinge. Lastly there are cacti there.



Blue Hoodie


Black Undershirt

Elastic Cuff Sweat pants Gray Heather

Grey Sweatpants

Yellow ribbon sash

Yellow Sash (stitched onto hoodie)


Animal Mutt Abilities Picture
Lamprey Mutt Powerful sucking abilities (can suck out entire organs)
Lamprey Mutt
Asian Giant Hornet Have extremely powerful stingers and are quite large. Its venom goes through the bloodstream burning everything it touches.
Asian Giant Hornet Mutt
Narwhal Mutt Swim fast and have a steel horn
Narwhal Mutt

For each tribute you have 2000 to spend


Bow and 1 Dozen Arrows- $425 and $50 per extra arrow

Small Knife- $250

Large Knife- $325

Sword- $950

Scimitar- $1000

Meteor Hammer- $500

Grenade- $2000

Spear- $525

Club- $375

Nightstick- $350

Trident- $750

Pitchfork- $800

Mace- $300

Whip- $200

Axe- $600

Rope- $150

Blowgun and Dozen Darts- $350 and $40 per extra dart

Tomahawk- $400

Scythe- $750

Ninja Stars- $75 per star

Glass Bottle- $100

Crossbow- $1500

Sickle- $775

Chain and Hook- $800

Hurlbat- $825

Labrys- $700

Scimitar- $850

Switchblade- $360

Flail- $325

Pickaxe- $1000

Hook Sword- 900


Shield- $750

Armor- $1500

Helmet- $375


Air Matress- $850

Sleeping Bag- $500

Pot- $300

Hypodermic Needle- $175

Inhaler- $100

Painkillers- $450

Pharmacy Medicine- $675

Capitol Medicine- $1250

Gauze- $300

Backpack- $475

Flint- $225

Pillow- $100

Night Vision Googles- $750

Swiss Army Knife- $750

Lantern- $800

Flashlight- $700

Blanket- $250

Binoculars- $450

Fiberscope- $600

Chariot Rides



Chariot Design

1 Both tributes are dressed as ancient rulers. Misty is dressed exactly like Cleopatra except instead of crooks, she is holding spears. Richard is dressed as Julius Caesar The chariot is a goldish-amber color and is diamond studded. It also includes a canopy. The wheels are made of platinum with a thin outer aluminum ring.
2 Both tributes are wearing bandanas. Taylor's is red and Callisto's is blue. Other than that, they are dressed rather normally. The chariot is made of bronze sheet metal with a lance on the tip. The lance has the number 2 engraved on it. The wheels rim is covered with rounded spikes.
3 Shoko is dressed like a cyborg. The entire left side of his body is covered in white robotic technology. Technology includes wheels on the bottom of the left food and a gun for a hand. Nyoka is wearing a robotic exoskeleton. The chariot has a screen on the back showing the final battle of my third Hunger Games. The video is distracting the audience from the outfits the tributes are wearing.
4 Coral is wearing a sparkly teal dress with a translucent black belt filled with water. Pirate is dressed like Poseidon. The wheels of the chariot look like water wheels. The chariot itself is scaly like a fish with water spouts shooting water.
5 Both tributes are wearing full body black suits. The suits include a spectrum web design with red in the center and purple on the outside. The chariots are powered by turbines attached to the wheels. The chariot itself is made of aluminum with wire coils spinning on the inside.
6 The district 6 tributes are dressed as airplane workers. Chase is dressed as a pilot and Taylor is dressed a stewardess. The chariot is transparent (it's made of indium tin oxide a transparent metal). It looks black because it is filled up with crude oil. Also two wings resembling airplane wings protrude from the chariots.
7 Both tributes are dressed in ghillie suits that also partially cover their faces. The chariot is covered in leaves making it look similar to the ghillie suits the tributes are wearing.
8 Calico is dressed in a long, baggy, sparkly, silk red dress. Velour is wearing clothes made entirely out of Mockingjay feathers. The chariot is shaped like a normal chariot but it is covered in polyester. The wheels are covered in nylon.
9 Both tributes are wearing shady tweed trenchcoats. Freya is wearinng a dark brown fedora and Finley's fedora is light brown. The chariot is green and has crop circle designs covering it. Large leaves hang over the chariot making it kind of hard to see the tributes
10 Everest is dressed as a zookeeper with live birds (a cardinal and an osprey) on each forearm.  Amanda is dressed in black and yellow striped clothing and a beekeeper hat. The chariot seat is covered in an artificial grass rug. The chariot design is of cow print. 
11 Both tributes are wearing clothes made completely out of ox fur. There are two horns sticking out the back of the shirt. The chariot is designed in the same colors as camouflage, but not the same design. Except the wheels which is the normal color.
12 Samantha is dressed in scrubs and is wearing blue compression stockings. Coal black is wearing prosthetic makeup and clothes that make him look like a drug addict. The chariot has a large red cross on the back. Also, the wheels are set up the same way a gurney's wheels are.

Interviews: Flicka Geisen


Question 1

Answer 1

Question 2

Answer 2


If you had to place your bet on anyone other than yourself, who would you bet on the victor being? That's pretty interesting, because I never stopped to think about that. Thinking properly, I would bet in Everest. Something I saw in him is different of what I saw in the other tributes. If the Career alliance were to break up or not happen at all, would they still be able to be the Final 6? I don't really know. My alliance seems stronger than past year, but I have to keep in my mind that one day, we will end up breaking apart. And yes, I think all the career tributes are pretty strong and confident about their victory, however, the other tributes seem pretty much a threat and it could slow down our movement. My answer is basically, a somewhat.


How long could you last in the Hunger Games without getting any of your own supplies? I will be sincere to you. I would not last longer than 3 days without supplies or sponsor gifts. That's about it. When you were entered into the Hunger Games, did you have an immediate plan to win or did you decide to wing it? Plan to win. That's about it.


Your motive for being in the game was to bring pride to District 2. Which tributes contributed to that pride being corrupted? Cato, Flint, Enobaria, and Clove no doubt. Those tributes made all of District 2 look like uncivilized savages. Cato had no problem killing his allies even if they were trying to help. Clove helped plan the death of a 12 year old. Enobaria is the most savage for ripping someones throat open with her teeth. Flint killed for the enjoyment of it and manipulated. Do you believe the Cornucopia would be effective as shelter? Why or why not? Of course it would be. It perfectly shields you from weather and the way it's designed can keep in the heat. Also, since it's so dark inside there it'll be harder for other tributes to see you inside it. The only real problem is getting in there inconspicuously.


According to my sources, you have had a history of abuse. Would you inflict any of those abuse tactics on someone you're killing? Of course I will, not only will it release my hatred, but also show them I'm not afraid to retaliate once I win. Do you believe it's possible for a Career Tribute to be rejected from the alliance, and if yes how should that person feel? Only if that person is a detriment to the alliance, but I know I'm not so I have nothing to worry about. They should take that to see how they pathetic they truly are.


Do you believe it's possible to have too much power in the Games? Well, it depends on your gameplay really. I do think it's possible, but definitely not for the majority of the players. The other tributes can't all be strong, lethal and ruthless like me, can they, Flicka? Why do you believe District 3 isn't a Career District if computers are so popular? Computer skills won't get you far in the games, will they? There aren't computers in the actual arena so that's why I think District 3 isn't a Career District. I think you can only be a Career District if your District industry does something that's helpful and useful for when in the games. But I'm confused, District 1 tributes make luxury items for the Capitol, and most of the tributes from 1 are weaklings anyways. Oh well. But hey, not all tributes from 3 are underlings.


They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. With this being a literal life or death situation, is that a good idea? Well, it's definitely more wiser to look out for your enemies, as you can take in their strengths and weaknesses and compare yourselves to them. But in this situation, friends and allies are irrelevant, you don't know if they're going to stab you in the back the second you let your guard down. I'd definitely look out for both, friends and enemies. Do you believe the two tributes from the same District are more likely to get along with each other than other players even if they never met? In some cases, yes, and in some cases, no. You never know who you're dealing with. I'm definitely afraid of Nyoka and I've barely even met her. I think I trust the careers more than her. And in other cases, the tributes may both be really friendly and trustworthy, other times they can both be bloodthirsty savages. So it always depends on the tributes' personality.


If you had to do it, what would be your last resort for a weapon in the arena? My last resort for a weapon in the arena would be a knife. I know you can throw them but to me they dont seem very practical. Of course I will be carrying one anyway but all you can really do with them is slash and stab. And they are very close range so you would have to be VERY good at close quarters combat. Call me a chicken all you want but I would rather carry a weapon that will garuntee my safety a bit more. Your outfit for the chariots wasn't as complex as the others. Do you think that ironically drew more attention to you? Yes I do because you know what they say uh, simplicity works. I di appreciate the intricate designs the ither stylists have dressed the other tributes in but I think the fact that that my dress didn't have any intricate designs made me stand out from the crowd. Also because of the bright colours and the contrasts that my stylists have used I feel that we stood out far more than the other tributes with simpler designs.


What do you think is the stupidest thing to do in the games other than let tributes know where you are? I think that the stupidest thing a tribute could do was tuna away form the cornucopia. I know it carries certain risks but when you think about it unless you've got some good sponsors then you are going to die. The main priority is a weapon because not only can you defend yourself with it you can also kill animals to get food. Either that or trying to kill the careers because in most cases we are usually the most skilled so will kill you all... The Capitol has considered using past victors as future Gamemakers. Is that a good idea and why or why not? No I don't think it's a good idea because they could begin to weave in a plan to realease the tributes and cause a third rebellion and I want to kill them all not let them live...


How mad are you that your token got restricted? Absolutely- That's my lucky symbol, plus I could have killed tributes with that thing! It ain't fair, look some tributes are allowed necklaces, which they could use to strangle people! Do you think it should be allowed for a victor to live in Victors' Village in another district if they want to? Yeah, it should be, if the victor's village in your District is absolutely packed, and there is no one to k... I mean talk too.


Who do you plan to win the Games for if both your parents are dead? For the people of District 5 and the Capitol. I need to make sure Drew does not make it back, and I want to fight for the Capitol. Which tribute would you want to be your final opponent the most? I don't really mind, they all want to kill me and become the victor anyways. As long as it isn't Drew, I will be fine.


If someone is riding the coattails to get further in the Games, does that person's ally have more reason to kill them? It really depends. Usually those types are parasitic, but if they're young and innocent, no. Do you think it's a good idea to stock up on as many weapons as possible at the Cornucopia? It's risky, but I'll muster up the courage to get those supplies.


What method of death would you most prefer to have inflicted on you in the arena? I just want an honorable death, I want to die helping the others in this arena, except the cruel ones. No preference of weapon, if that's what you mean. While getting gifts from sponsors is good, is there any bad time to receive it, if so when? In the middle of a battle, someone could just take it and use it against me.


District 7 has a very lucky history in these games despite not being a Career District. Does strengthen or worsen your chances of victory this year? I don't know, maybe? Maybe it's because In District 7 we practice with axes a lot so we can become strong lumberjacks? But I have not trained with axes so that is one advantage I don't have. But I have other skills which will make it even again. What benefits and detriments come with you being the youngest tribute this year? Well, since I'm so small, other tributes may want to target other tributes they see as a bigger threat. I may not be strong, but I am fast as the wind and I can move silent without effort. Those are skills larger and older tributes don't have, but I excel at. But me being so small I'm not as strong and there's a lot about this world I don't know of, and may never know of.


Being a satanist, do you believe in voodoo to help you win these games? No, I don´t do voodoo, if that´s what you were thinking. Satanism is so much mroe than just simple secrifices. It´s all-powerful and forgiving Satan that is the senter focus. Sure, I sacrifice to Satan, but that doesn´t make me a voodoo-mystic. Are you embarrassed to be the oldest tribute this year and be paired up with the youngest? Bah! I don´t even care, though I have to admit it sets District 7 in a bad light. Thistel is a pathetic weakling who won´t last ten seconds in the games, and I will personally make sure for that.


Do you think keeping a good appearance during the game will help you get sponsors? Well, as you can see I am smoking hot, but keeping this looking this good will be tricky, but I am sure there will be one glorious, handsome, rich man who will sponsor me some make-up so I can make a spectacular appearence when I win. If you could take only one thing from the Cornucopia what would it be? Well, I would love a backpack that had food and medicine...well just any medicine really, it is so hard to get someone to sponsory you that much.


Is staying silent better if you have already made a bad impression in the Games or should you try to fix it? really depends. I would try and fix it, as if the citizens hate you the gamemakers will probably try and pick you off, and you will not survive long at all. How does being in a textile industry District give you an upper hand in the games? We are tought to work with detail, focus on the small things, sewing the tiniest details, which can help us survive as we will notice the details, the plants that have been nibbled, the footprints of animals. We also deal with a high amount of accuracy, which can help with us pin-pointing the weaknesses.


If you had to choose any other one of your family members to go into the Games instead of you who would you choose? I would choose my older bro, Hamish because he is big and strong and is also smart and will have a good shot at winning but i am better at all those things(will laugh). How little food could you go with if the games went say 9 days? Well it really depends, i am good at getting food but going without it... well it is possibly about 4-6 days because i am used to going without food. 


Do you believe having Career alliances ruin the theatrics of the Games if they win? Yes!!! it ruins the fun and you will have no surprises like that game a few years ago when the District 5 female won and she was not a carrer and she was one of the biggest victors in history and she got a low score and people love her more than a Career. Is making shelter next to the water source a good idea so you don't have to waste more energy and require more water or a bad one because many tributes may go there?

I think it's a good idea but you have to be on good watch and i would go if i were good at traps, witch i am and it would really help or i would just look for a simple stream and camp there it really depends on the arena and i am also very confident.


How are you able to plan a strategy if you don't know too much about the arena and tributes beforehand? Making strategy would have to be subtle planning beforehand. If you are too specific and part of your idea doesn't work in the arena, you could be screwed. Does slaughtering animals on a farm make you feel less uncomfortable about killing humans? Not really, I feel guilty when I have to slaughter it. So overtime it would be a little easier for me, but the guilt would get worse and that could hold me back.


What is the lowest placement possible you would expect to place? Honestly, 24th I have no clue what my training score is yet so I need to keep an open mind about my potential placement. I'll have a better idea of my potential placement when I see my score. If working on a farm is such hard work, how come it's not uncommon for District 10 tributes to die early? Humans are more civilized and tactful than animals so trying to treat a tribute like an animal is clearly idiotic and doesn't give them the potential to win, but I'm planning to change that.


What flaw of yours will cause you the most predicaments in the Games? The biggest flaw I have really is that I am small. I don't get that what your really asking. But if your small like me you could get your neck snapped or a lot of things could happen but I am not that weak I saw some strong twelve year olds getting there neck snapped at games soo.. Yeah... If you dominated the entire Games how long would they last for? Not even one entire day. I wouldn't be surprised if they named me victor at the Cornucopia


If you were to accidentally run into the entire Career alliance, how many could kill until you get killed? Well It depends.If they are weak punks or those stereotypical stong ones but I don't mean to brag but, I think I could kill all six of them with FIRE! But I think I can only kill two out of six of them to be honest. Would you be surprised if you died of fire in the arena if you could be surprised when dead? Well I would not be suprised at all. Since I am a pryomanic I could even Fucking burn myself which I do everything day (Will show burn), so Yeah I wouldn't be Shocked at all.


How come none of the tributes seem to hesitate about sleeping when the easiest opportunity to kill is during sleep? Sleep is key to survival, I mean without sleep you could die, sure without it you could last longer, but sleep will help. Being a medicine District, do you believe you could heal yourself from a stab wound to the lung? Yes, i know much about healing, so I know how to heal most wounds. i feel I could heal a stab wound, if the right herbs were around.


Does having the most surviving tributes in one District after the second Rebellion inspire you to do better? Yes, it inspires me to do better, and hopefully bring another victor back to District 12. What would be the arena ideal for you? An ideal arena for me would be something underground or mines, because back in District 12, i work in the mines.

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Misty 11
Richard 5
Taylor W. 10
Callisto 1
Nyoka 4
Shoko 10
Coral 4
Pirate 2
Drew 1
Ash 3
Taylor A. 1
Chase 9
Thistle 9
Thorn 2
Calico 3
Velour 5
Freya 12
Finley 12
Amanda 7
Everest 6
Darcy 10
Sash 1
Samantha 9
Coal 8


Day 1- Lucky Number 7

"Let the 7th Hunger Games begin." announces Reggie Funnell. The gong sounds and the all the tributes make a run for the items at the Cornucopia. Sash is the first there and stupidly decides on gathering anything that has to do with fire including a mesh torch, flint, gloves (to protect his hands), and a machete and makes a run for it, but not before cutting off a piece of a strange looking cactus with the machete.

Calico and Everest make it surprisingly far towards the Cornucopia and get their hands on the same sword. They start fighting over it before someone comes and kills both of them. Calico yells "Give me that I actually deserve it." Everest panics and accidentally cuts Calico's hands with the sword causing her to let go. Everest takes this opportunity to shove the sword up her diaphragm and lung causing her to collapse and bleed out  through her mouth nose, and chest wound.

Darcy makes it right towards the center where she sees Callisto. Thinking she's stronger than the Career tribute she punches him in the gut. He cringes for two seconds then says "Your pretty headed, let's see if we can fix that." He tosses her to the ground then jumps right onto her chest crushing it killing her in seconds. Callisto gets his hands on some of the best equipment like a crate of food, a canvas tent, sheath of five spears, the only crossbow, a hospital first aid kit and an air mattress.

Coal and Thistel are fighting. Thistel really doesn't want to fight but the only way out involves maneuvering through at least ten tributes all much larger than her. Coal punches Thistel in the throat causing her to fall to the ground right next to a bag of throwing knives. She tries stabbing his foot, but he somehow shrugs it off. Coal grabs the mace to bludgeon her with, but he suddenly collapses to the sand with a gash in the back of his neck and she sees Thorn with an axe. Thistel says "You saved me?" Thorn responds "I only did this because I knew you would have to return the favor later so don't expect my help again, got it." Thistel is intimidated, but is able to get out "Okay." 

Amanda is running as far away from the Cornucopia as she can with a blow dart gun, large knife, and backpack. She notices Velour looking at Calico's dead body and is tempted to see if he's okay. "Are you okay?" Velour knows the old saying "The killer returns the scene of the crime." and he automatically assumes Amanda did this. "You did this didn't you?" Amanda honestly replies "What are you talking about I would never do that." Velour exclaims "Liar!" He hits the button on the switchblade and slits her throat. Amanda starts bleeding profusely. In her last seconds of consciousness, she swings her knife and Velours neck and gets more then she bargained for. She accidentally decapitated him. After he collapses dead, she loses consciousness and is left there to die.

Freya and Finley are running together with Finley protecting Freya with his dagger. Chase accidentally gets to close and gets his shoulder stabbed, luckily not too deep. Chase flips off Finley and makes a run for it to avoid getting killed. Freya asks "What happened?" Finley arrogantly tells her "I saved your life."

Taylor A. got pretty impractical supplies because she only grabbed from the outside. They are a bag of crackers, a one inch spike on a small square, and a small pillow. She meets up with Chase who reprimanded her worthless bounty and got more helpful supplies like a sleeping bag, backpack, and knife. Taylor A. asks "Did you get a crossbow?" Chase shakes his head. Taylor A. asks "Who got it then?" Chase holds up two fingers and she screams "Callisto!" Chase shushes her and she apologizes and says "We're screwed if he finds us here."

Misty has a great bounty and is on her way to the Career's rendevous point. Shoko, who already has a few decent items, surprise attacks Misty by stabbing her between the eyes. Pirate witness this and with his titanium hook on a chain, he pursues Shoko. Pirate tackles the male down to the ground and stabs him with the hook through the back of his head and out his eye. "Take that, bitch." Right as he's leaving he looks back and realizes something. "Hey wait a minute, Shoko's hair is blonde and the kid I killed had black hair." He flips his victim over and sees he didn't kill Shoko. He had actually killed Ash Green of District 5. Pirate says "Whatever, he had no chance anyways." and leaves him there.

That night, Shoko meets up with Nyoka and he brags to her "I took down a Career and got away with it." Nyoka high fives him and asks "How?" Shoko responds "I stabbed her in between the eyes." Nyoka, not impressed, asks "Why were you so merciful towards her?" Shoko explains "I wanted to make her suffer more, but given how much supplies I stole from her and how many tributes there were at the Cornucopia, I had to make that sacrifice." Nyoka demands "I'll let this one go, but make your next victim suffer, even if it's someone as weak and useless as Thistel." Shoko asks "Why should I waste my time with her? She couldn't kill a tribute asking to die." Nyoka agrees and wants to see what Shoko stole. Nyoka goes through the stuff "Night vision goggles, air mattress, bulletproof vest, I don't know why would we need that, Capitol meal, helmet, labrys, gauze, and oh my god is that what I think it is." Shoko looks and is excited. "Those Careers have no chance."

Freya and Finley decide to part ways. Finley goes to the spring quadrant and Freya to the fall quadrant.

The Careers meet right in the center of the arena. Callisto impresses everyone with his bounty. Taylor W. exclaims "Wow, you're awesome." Callisto replies "I know, what did you guys manage to scavenge." Pirate goes first. "I got a lantern, four gallons of water, a Capitol meal, fireproof blankets, machete, metal wire, and other stuff." Coral goes next "I got a tent, a large gym bag, binoculars, a fiberscope, a jug of rubbing alcohol, wire, and a barrel of freeze dried apples." Taylor W. says "Gauze with tape, an anchor fire shelter well camouflaged, water canteen, sunscreen 60 SPF, a flare gun, Sash would be so jealous, and some gym bags." Richard goes last "Trident, meteor hammer, body armor, three crates of food, Swiss army knife, iodine, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and a propane tank." Callisto tells them "A reasonable amount."

At 11:57 PM, seven cannons fire. At 11:58 PM, the dead tribute's faces are projected into the sky and people respond. Sash: "I knew I'd outlive her." Callisto "I'll destroy whoever weakened our alliance." Everest: "Why Amanda?" Samantha: "So much for my guard dog." Drew: "Now I know when District 5 wins it won't be some sissy boy." Thorn: "Thistel still owes me big time for taking him out." Shoko: "One down and 5 more for me to destroy." Nyoka: "Or me." Taylor: "First day over." Thistel: "I was expecting ten to die now I know I'm in even more danger.

Day 2- Leaving Your Mark

Drew is sitting in the spring quadrant right by the tree griping about the crappy supplies she got at the Cornucopia. "All I got was a stupid empty bottle, dagger, suture, and whip. What am I supposed to do with these supplies." She looks around an dan idea pops into her head. Drew ties her whip to her dagger. "Perfect, now I can take them down from far distance, I'm a genius." She starts swinging the whip around to practice for when she goes on a rampage. Right above her, her sponsor gift of an axe plummeting fast, too fast. The parachute had a large hole in it and falls right on Drew's head knocking her unconscious. She got lucky though, her dagger landed two inches from her neck and she lived.

Sash is waiting for the right time to strike, ironically in the winter quadrant. He has all the right components for his fire. his mesh torch is in the holster of the belt he got at the Cornucopia. Sash hopes to get his calling to unleash his attack. A silver parachute comes down to him with a strong wooden staff and an aluminum spearhead. Sash had received his wish. The spear could be made red hot. Sash takes his flint, mesh torch, gloves, cactus branch, and spear and heads towards the Careers.

He creeps over and sees them sleeping with no one guarding. Sash mutters "Idiots." He takes out his flint and decides to drawing the tributes to them. The sun was rising soon and he had very little time. He goes after the anchor fire shelter. Sash believed that it was a normal tent. For ten minutes, he strikes the flints trying to ignite the tent that Taylor W. is hiding in. He gives up and goes to Callisto who is sleeping with his fireproof blanket. Once again it all ends up for naught. Sash is stuck and thinks of going for someone else. He looks around and finds the propane tank on top of many other supplies. Sash knows very well that a propane explosion will kill him too, so he decides to use his cactus branch to throw at the propane tank. He uses his flint to ignite the cactus branch. The sun is almost up and Sash starts panicking trying desperately to get thepropane tank. Finally is able to shake it off, but ends up knocking down other supplies. The racket wakes up Coral and she discovers Sash and believes he's trying to steal from them. Sash puts the spearhead to the flame making it red hot. He starts fighting with Coral and knocks Coral to the ground. Just when it seems he has the upper hand, she kicks his leg and takes the spear to stab him where she kicked him. Sash runs knowing the other Careers will awaken. By the time Coral gets back up, Sash is long gone. 

Taylor A. and Chase are resting by a large patch of ice in the winter quadrant. Chase goes to wake up Taylor A. and she tells him "I never slept, it's too cold to go to sleep." Chase decides to go to the autumn quadrant  and Taylor agrees. Chase and Taylor spend two hours trekking through the cold trying not to encounter any tributes. Once in the autumn quadrant, the go through sharp reeds that cut their skin and make them bleed. After getting past that obstacle, Taylor A. tries to take a drink of the polluted water and Chase slaps her hands "What's wrong with you?" "I'm thirsty." They both collapse from exhaustion and wake up and hour later. Taylor screams. Sash, who had found them and was waiting for them to wake up, was staring right to her eyes. She shakes Chase until he wakes up. 

Sash says "Didn't like the wake up call? Don't worry, you'll never one again. He pulls out his flaming cactus branch ready to strike. Their only weapons are close range required and they know with his fire, they'd be screwed. A silver parachute falls down and Sash arrogantly says "Oh how nice another sponsor gift for me, looks like we have a fan favorite." Taylor A. catches the parachute and declares "It's for you Chase." Chase discovers a pair of hook swords in their. Chase yells "I said not to do that in the interview." A few seconds later he smiles and decides to fight Sash. With every slash of the hook swords, Sash blocks with his cactus branch. Sash hopes that the metal will conduct the heat and burn Chase, but they are dashed due to the insulated handles. Sash thrusts his branch between the swords and Chase hooks onto his arm with the sword and swipes it to the side. Chase notices Sash is limping and aims the hook right at the spear wound and pulls back knocking Sash to the ground. In too much pain to get up, Sash starts flailing his arms and legs like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum. Chase tries to hold back his laughter and knocks Sash's torch right into his face.

Sash starts screaming in pain, but not just from the fire burning him. The cactus he made the torch from was a Firestick cactus that was altered by the Capitol to double it's burning effect. The toxic sap blinded Sash and burned his face, and got him to stand up. Chase is starting to worry. Sash is about to blurt out something, but accidentally gets his branch too close to his face and inhales it. He starts suffocating from the burn wounds to his trachea and alveoli. He falls dead and his cannon fire. Taylor A. is too horrified to do or say anything. She and Chase agree to take refuge in the spring quadrant.

That evening, Taylor A. and Chase are restng by a large flower and Thistel says "Hey guys." They wake up startled. Thistel apologizes "Oh sorry, did I wake you up? I'm sorry." Taylor A. crankily asks "What do you want?" Thistel explains "This is gonna sound stupid, but here I go. It's quite clear the Careers have the upper hand here. Not just them, there are other sadistic psychos crawling in this arena." Taylor A. interrupts "We know, we encountered one earlier." Thistel continues "I know I'm going to lose, but I don't want the winner being a sadist. I think we need to make an alliance with some the other tributes in order to prevent this. You are two of them. I made up a list of people I believe aren't sadiss and deserve to win. What do you say?" Taylor A. answers "I see where your getting at, but how are we going to take down all of them?" Thistel answers "Alone, we can't, but together maybe we can take them down." Chase asks who the tributes are. Thistel responds "Everest, Shoko, you, me, and Taylor A." Taylor A. tells her "There's no chance of us winning like that, but we have no other choice." Pirate was secretly listening in and warns the Careers of the plan.

Shoko and Nyoka are resting in the winter quadrant and Thistel sneaks up to talk to Shoko. "Listen, I'm gonna be quick to the point. We need to take out the Career alliance and we need you to help us in an alliance to take them down. Along with some other psychos." Shoko answers "So you want me to betray Nyoka to take down an alliance we might not beat? Okay I'm in." Shoko comes along with them to find Everest who's in the summer quadrant. They get to Everest and Chase offers to talk to him. He comes right back and Thistel asks "What he say?" Chase replies "He agreed on one condition, he's not gonna stand any coattail riders." The alliance of five goes to the Career tributes to take them down.

The Career alliance is prepared for them. The alliance of five is armed and ready. Chase makes the first attack with a knife thrust to Coral's neck which she quickly dodges. Thistel uses her throwing knife to cut Callisto's arm. He goes to break her neck, but Everest swings his sword at Callisto's leg. Shoko swings his labrys at Taylor getting her shoulder. Callisto takes his crossbow and shoots an arrow at Everest hitting him right above the patella. Pirate swings his hook around Chase's legs and pulls him to the ground. Pirate flips him over and he stabs him in the stomach with his hook. Taylor A. sees this and borrows Shoko's labrys and right after Pirate uses the hook to rip Chase's abdomen open, she slams the labrys against his head, splitting it open, killing him instantly, and his cannon fires. Taylor A. goes to check on Chase. She asks "Are you okay?" Chase spits up blood, dies, and his cannon fires. Taylor A. tries to hold back crying, and Everest gets the alliance to retreat.

They meet up in right by the large flower in the spring quadrant. Taylor A. is devastated over and is crying. Everest tells her "Look Taylor, I know you're upset over Chase's death, but at least on of you was guaranteed to die so isn't it better to just have it over with." Taylor A. is even more upset by that comment. Shoko decides "Okay look, it's clear that together this might happen again. Let's just split up and wait a day or two for the number of tributes to go down and the Careers to be weaker." Everyone is okay and they split up except Taylor and Everest who stay put.

Shoko goes back to Nyoka. "Hey Nyoka guess what. I got into an alliance to help take down the Careers with 4 other tributes." Nyoka is infuriated, She yells "How is that good news those people are a waste of your time and you have practically led them right to us." Shoko interrupts "I'm not really going to ally with them. I used this attack to gain their trust. I'm waiting to get all of them with the Careers again so I can take them all out with this." Shoko holds up a grenade and says. "Thanks to Misty we have our path to victory right here." Nyoka demands "Okay, but don't get too close, okay."

At 11:58 PM that night the dead tributes faces are projected into the night sky.

Day 3- Facing the Consequences

For the past few days, Samantha has been waiting in the back of the autumn quadrant. She is slowly dying of dehydration because of the polluted swamp water. She only has iodine, a hypodermic needle and a backpack which contains three apples, a small pillow, and gauze. A few times she thought of drinking the iodine. She has reeds collected to make a fire and goes to look for something to help her make the fire. While looking, a silver parachute comes down and she finds a sword. Samantha is clearly happy. With this, she can make a fire to boil water that could kill the bacteria in the swamp. She uses her remaining energy to look for flints. she gets to about the middle and discovers Sash's Flint and extinguished cactus branch. As she crouches down a green sea lamprey mutt attaches to her stomach and starts trying to suck her guts out. Samantha starts screaming in pain, but she cuts the lamprey in half causing the lamprey to fall off. She takes the flint and cactus branch. The branch burns her hand and she runs back to her shelter and dunks her hand in the water. Samantha is about to start gathering weater when she realizes, she has nothing to boil the water in. Soon after, she gauzes her wound.

Everest and Taylor A. are still sitting at the tree they rested at the night before. Everest asks Taylor A. "You feeling better now." Taylor A. responds "A little." Everest explains. "Okay good. Listen I'm going to go now, but I promise that we'll unleash another attack on the Careers. We have to do it soon though, the three remaining tributes are probably bulking up and they have enough food and water to last months." Taylor A. asks "Okay, wait what supplies do you have?" Everest answers "A sword, pitchfork, 2 Capitol meals, a gallon of water, shield, air mattress, and a blanket." Taylor A. says "Lucky you, break a leg." Everest leaves and mutters "I will to the Careers."

Thistel is resting in the summer quadrant near the Cornucopia sweating her brains out. Thistel says to herself "All I have are throwing knives, a bowl of fruit, and a pint of water. I guess after I'm done the fruit I can shatter the bowl and use the shards as cutting instruments, but how can I get a better weapon." A silver parachute floats down to her. Inside she discovers a blowgun and a dozen darts in there. Thistel now feels safe enough to ge tout of hiding and she moves to the winter quadrant.

Shoko and Nyoka are resting in the winter quadrant. They are both admiring their sponsor gifts. Shoko got a scythe and Nyoka got a steel meteor hammer with a titanium shield. Shoko tells Nyoka "Today's the day." Nyoka guesses "The day one of us wins." Shoko responds "Close, today I'm going to use my grenade to take out the two alliances." Nyoka replies "Your grenade?" Shoko says "Okay our grenade." Nyoka tells him "Don't mess this up or I'll laugh at you when you die." Shoko gets mad "What do you mean when I die?" Nyoka responds "Well duh everyone knows I'm going to win." Shoko insults her "How could you possibly win? You got a 4 for a training score and I got a 10, it's clear I'm going to win." Nyoka counters with "How do you know I would lose from that? By getting such a high training score you just set yourself up as a threat and people will want to take you out earlier so your not their final opponent." Shoko arrogantly tells her "So admit I'm strong. I'm going to go gather the alliance and when I return you better lose your attitude." As he leaves Nyoka mutters "Hypocrite."

Everest and Shoko run into each other and start talking with Everest starting. "Hey have you seen the rest of our alliance?" "No Everest. have you?" "Yeah I saw Taylor A. earlier today and I told her we need to attack the Careers again, are you in Shoko?" "Definitely, I was actually going to say the same thing to you." "Hey Shoko, what are you holding behind your back." "Oh this? It's a grenade I stole from a Career on the first day." "Why were you hiding it?" "I didn't want you guys to be afraid of me and not trust me. I'm using this one to take out Callisto. He's clearly the most dangerous tribute." "I suppose, I just need to find Thistel." "Well good because here she is."

"Thistel! It's me Everest." "Oh, hi, what's going on?" "Listen Taylor A. is really scarred by Chase's death and I feel she'll get closure once she sees all the Careers die so I want to unleash another attack on them to take them all down at once." "Is that the only reason?" "No, they have enough supplies to last months out here so they're probably bulking up and practicing knowing we're going to return. Better we get them at their earliest point, right?" "I guess, but why are you so sure we can beat them all this time? Last time each alliance lost one member and Pirate's supplies leave more for the rest of the Career pack." "Shoko here has a tool that can take them all down at once." Shoko holds up his grenade and Thistel flinches. "Everest, doesn't that seem a little dangerous he could take out both alliances." "Don't worry Thistel, he's really thinking of using it on Callisto the most dangerous." "Oh, okay. So where's Taylor A.?" "She's at a tree. Why do you have a new weapon?" "Sponsor gift." Shoko brags "I got one too, this scythe." Thistel whispers to Everest "I'm starting have my doubts about him."

At the middle of the Arena, the Career pack are bracing themselves for another impact. Callisto is doing push ups, Coral is sharpening a spear, and Richard is preparing the crossbow. Callisto starts talking "Okay, listen, last night was a failure. We lost Pirate and now the Career pack is cut nearly in half. We need to figure out a way to take down that alliance." Richard mentions "I got gauze incase one of us gets injured. And Thistel is really weak so we shouldn't worry about her." Coral mentions "Everest is probably limping right now so he should be easy. Shoko we should worry about he has the labrys and he got a 10 and you got a 1, Callisto." Callisto says "I just did that to look weak." Richard sarcastically replies "Yeah nice job keeping up that act in the arena." Callisto grabs Richard by the neck and threatens "One more comment and your will go flying and not with the rest of your body. Kapisci?" Richard nods his head. Taylor W. points out "What about Taylor A.? She killed Pirate." Callisto tells her "We took down Chase, she's probably a wreck right now and she got a 1."

Back at the alliance of five, (now four) the four gather to plan out their next moves. Shoko sits on the edge of a mushroom cap which splits open revealing a sharp point. Shoko says "Thank god I wasn't sitting in the middle." Thistel asks "So what's our next move?" Taylor A. suggests "I say we show no mercy and kill them all in one hit." Thistel responds "Let's call that Plan B, they're probably  preparing for us as we speak." Everest responds "Maybe we take out Callisto first. After all, he's the most dangerous left." Thistel answers "Okay, but that's not a full plan. We need to do something like each take on one of them. Like I take on Taylor W, Taylor A. takes on Coral, Everest takes on Richard, and Shoko blows up Callisto." Taylor decides "I think that sounds like a decent plan. Wait, did you say blow up Callisto?" Thistel points out "Oh yeah, Shoko has a grenade." Shoko says "Let's go, it's getting dark."

At the Career Pack, Taylor W. is anticipating an attack. The alliance of four is hiding behind the tree.  Thistel demands "Okay, we spread out and take down are target." The Career Pack sees the alliance moving in.  Callisto shoots an arrow at Everest's chest, but he deflects it with his sword. Taylor W. swings her axe at Thistel's throat to which she ducks. Thistel tries to broomsweep her legs, but fails. Afterwards, Taylor W. swings her axe and ends up cutting Thistel's shoulder open. Thistel shoots a dart right into Taylor W.'s carotid artery, but Taylor W. got lucky. The dart hit at the right angle so it acted like a plug and didn't cause her to bleed out. Taylor W. was aware of this and didn't pull the dart out.

Taylor A. is somehow able to overpower Coral and pushes her into the propane tank. Everest slashes Richard with his sword in the calf causing him to trip onto the propane tank. Shoko sees this as an opportunity since everyone is near the propane tank. He pulls the pin out and throws it. Thistel, Taylor A., Callisto, Taylor W., and Everest run. Richard starts to get up and walk away and the grenade explodes blowing up the porpane tank as well. Coral and Richard are barraged by the shrapnel from both explosions. Everest gets shrapnel in his hand and calf, Taylor gets one piece in her fore arm, and Thistel gets shrapnel in her arm and shoulder. Two cannons go off signifying Coral's and Richard's death. Everest and Taylor A. are amazed, but Thistel is angry. "You almost killed us." Shoko nervously responds "What do you mean?" Thistel replies "You saw us right near the propane tank and that's when you threw the grenade, you're a liar and a backstabber." Shoko arrogantly replies "What are you going to do about it? You're only twelve." Thistel jams a throwing knife in Shoko's chest. It doesn't kill him, but lands 1 centimeter from the heart. Shoko laughs and Thistel hammers the knife with her fist driving it into his heart, he collapses and a cannon goes off. Thistel says "Oh my gosh, what did I do?" Everest tells her "You did the right thing." Callisto then threatens them "Okay, leave us alone and we won't kill you." Thistel, Everest, and Taylor A. run away.

At 11:58 PM, the faces of the tributes who died are projected into the sky. Nyoka sees Shoko's face, laughs and says "I knew he would be stupid enough to get himself killed."

Please note: I had come up with this day idea before the incident in Boston and couldn't find any way around it. I'm truly sorry.

Day 4- Their Own Fault

Samantha is in day 4 of her dehydration. She is very dizzy and is considering drinking the polluted swamp water. She lights a fire using some reeds and her cactus branch. Simultaneously, a silver parachute come down for her giving her a pot. She gets some water and boils it to kill the bacteria.  Once all the bacteria is killed, she tries to drink the water and spits it out remembering it's scalding. She uses some of the water to put out the fire. After 20 minutes, she drinks the entire pot of water. She tries deciding her next move when Finley comes in with a knife to attack her. He is battered and bruised. She stabs his cheek and runs away. Finley to throw his knife at her. It misses her, hits the forcefield, and comes back at him with the handle striking his forehead.

Finley has had it tough these past few days. No tributes have found him, but the elements of the arena left they're mark on him, literally. In the summer quadrant, he tried sleeping on what looked like a defoliated bush, it was really the Firestick cactus Sash had gotten his branch from. It caused severe burns on his body and he only felt relief when he jumped in the nearby swamp. In the fall quadrant, he had been cut open by the sharp grass and the lampreys sucked a lot of blood out of him. In the winter quadrant, he thought he was starting to catch a break, until he fell i several holes that nearly sucked him under. He went to sit on ice and it was beyond colder than he imagined. In the spring quadrant, he found a rare lotus flower and as he went in to snag it, he stepped on a red hot circle burning his bare feet. Today while running to the fall quadrant, he had run into a cactus.

Nyoka has lost Shoko and now needed to rob someone of their supplies. She had to think of a way to get more supplies since she actually has to work for them now. Shoko lost his grenade and scythe his battle with the Careers. She knew whoever killed Shoko would have the best supplies. She goes to the Career Packs believing she can rob them. She approached them and Callisto confronts her. He tries to shoot her with an arrow, but she deflects it with her shield. Nyoka then hits Callisto in the chest with her meteor hammer. Callisto loses it, he takes his sword and knocks off Nyoka's shield with it. He then severs a tendon in her arm. She makes a run for it and Callisto shoots an arrow into the back of her leg and out her kneecap. She makes it to the autumn quadrant and finds something she can use, the mesh torch Sash had. She goes for it and sees Finley going after it. She pulls out the meteor hammer hoping to kill Finley. The severed tendom makes her miss and knock hm out instead. Nyoka gets the mesh torch and flints and runs.

Drew is fully recovered from her knock out incident with the parachute. She still blames the Capitol for the parachute not opening, but the axe was worth it. She gets her dagger whip and in her arrogance, decides she won't need her axe, to fight Callisto. She approaches the District 2 tributes with her dagger whip. Callisto mutters "Why are all the tributes here such idiots?" He approaches Drew and she starts spinnning her whip and says "You have met your match I hope you like losing." As she is spinning her whip Callisto apathetically grabs his sword and places it in the path of the whip. The whip goes through the sword, and the severed string tied to the dagger spins around and cuts her neck open. She collapses bleeding. With her vocal cords severed she mouths "You cheated." Soon after, her cannon fires and Callisto calls her an idiot again.

Taylor A. is with Everest  trying to work out a strategy. Taylor A. asks "So what happens when it comes down to you, me, and Thistel?" Everest answers "I don't know. I did promise my District I'd win for them." Taylor A. responds "I lost the love of my life so I should." Everest stops "Okay let's stop before we shorten our alliance down to two people. Let's just wait and see what happens. We already lost two people in the alliance, who knows who else will be gone." A silver parachute comes down. Inside is a crossbow with 3 arrows. Taylor A. quickly knows it's for her and says "Three arrows? What a rip off."

Nyoka was in big trouble. While in the autumn quadrant, Thistel had decided to take down District 3 by raiding her site while she was gone. Thistel had stolen the labrys, helmet, air mattress, night vision goggles and remainder of their food. Nyoka decided to search for Thistel to kill her and get her stuff back. Luckily, she has the mesh torch and flints so she had a flame to help her see in the dark arena. She assumed Thistel would be in the winter quadrant since she thought she was too weak to make it from the autumn quadrant to the spring quadrant and the summer one would be too hot for her. She starts getting really tired. Nyoka decides to take a short nap by a large ice block. She puts her torch on the ice block and goes to sleep. She wakes up not able to breathe and finds herself in a cloud of carbon dioxide. She had forgotten to extinguish her torch and a twist of fate she had placed her torch on a dry ice block. The fire caused sublimation and the dry ice released carbon dioxide. The warmer gas caused a chain reaction that sublimated the other blocks. Nyoka was quickly losing air. She tries to get out, but is lost. She finds the fresh air and is trying to get to it quickly. She held her breath to avoid inhaling carbon dioxide. She almost makes it to the fresh air but starts getting woozy. Thistel sees her and Nyoka desperately asks her for help. Thistel desperately wants to help her, but knows if she does Nyoka will kill her. Thistel whimpers a little and says "I'm sorry." She leaves and Nyoka passes from lack of air. She sucks in carbon dioxide and suffocates and soon her cannon fires.

At 11:58 PM, the dead tributes faces are shown projected into the sky. Upon seing Nyoka's, Thistel tries to hold back crying out of guilt.

Day 5- Changed Forever

Callisto decides to sneak away from Taylor W.  and goes to the winter quadrant. He has something evil cooked up. He goes to an area with very thin ice. Using his sword as an ice pick, he puts a large hole in the ice. He knows in the water below, a vicious narwhal lurks waiting to attack. Knowing the narwhal's diet, he takes a fish from his Capitol meal to attract the narwhal. If Callisto plan works as he expects it to, three tributes live will be lost in the process. He sneaks over to Finley, stabs him and smears his blood forming a trail from Freya to the narwhal hole. Ironically, the stab made Finley pass out from blood loss instead of waking up from shock.

Taylor A. is at the tree shooting arrows at it with her crossbow. Everest comes over and asks "What are you doing?" Taylor A. responds "Practicing my crossbow skills." Everest thinks "By doing that, you would be blunting the arrows every time they hit the tree. If you try to hit someone, it may not go through them ad will be ineffective." Taylor A. asks "How do you think we should take out Callisto?" Everest decides "All I can think of is taking down Taylor W. so he'll have no one who can protect him, but I know killing her can provide the opportunity for him to kill us. Have you seen Thistel?" Taylor A. responds "Yes, she was raiding Nyoka's campsite last nght." Everest tells her "Well Nyoka's dead so we don't have to worry about her.

Freya wakes up after her nap, smelling blood. She sees blood near her. She believes it is Finley's since he's the only one who knows where she is. She decides to follow the the trail.  ''Freya brings a knife just in case she runs into a tribute. She soon finds herself in the winter quadrant. Freya is confused now.  No cannon's ever went off that day and the trail ends in the winter quadrant with no splatter or anything. She suspects this is a trap and runs. Freya collides with a big tribute who says "So, who did you think was bleeding?" Freya frightfully whispers Callisto.

Callisto is without a weapon. Freya believes that since she does have one and she got a 12 she will beat him easily. Freya thrusts the knife at Callisto's neck. Callisto responds by grabing her arm, flipping her, and disarming her. He takes her knife and threatens her with it. "Follow me and I won't kill you." Freya starts walking alongside Callisto. She asks "Where are we going?" Callisto responds "You'll see." They go to the hole Callisto made earlier in the day. Callisto knocks her feet out from under her making her face go in the hole. Stunned from her fall, she is unable to get up and the narwhal comes up and spears her eye and the tusk comes out the back of her head. Her cannon fires. Callisto thinks "Time to frame Everest." He grabs a hair he stole from Everest and leaves it near Freya's body. He then carves the name Everest in the ice and leaves.

Finley has heard the cannon, he runs to see if it was Freya. When he gets there, he notices she left her campsite. He also notices the trail of blood. Finley follows it seeing Thistel, Everest, and Taylor W. along the way which concerns him more. He finally finds Freya's body seconds before it is taken by the hovercraft. Finley is devastated. He looks around for clues to who killed her. He sees Everest's name carved in the ice. Oblivious to the fact no one would be stupid enough to write their name at a murder scene, he blames Everest and swears revenge.

That night, the Gamemaker makes an announcement. "Attention surviving tributes, tomorrow is the feast. This feast I'll be a little different the others. To find the location you must solve this. Four cycles all join in one. Here your access is limitless. Tomorrow though, what you find here will be limited." Taylor A. asks "What the hell does that mean?" Callisto and Taylor W. know what it means. The feast is in the middle of the arena. In other words, where they are. They know they can't take on 6 tributes at once and the remaining will be more interested in taking their supplies than what's at the Feast. They decide to move their supplies to the Cornucopia where they can be shaded. This is a task that will take all night.

That night, the only tribute who died that day, Freya, has her face projected into the sky. Finley swears vengeance on Everest.

Day 6- Feasting on Blood

Thistel is under anxiety. She is scared of the more violent tributes like Thorn. Last year, the Cornucopia exploded killing 62.5% of the remaining tributes so she knows that anything could happen. All Thistel can hope for now is either she's the first one there or that Everest and Taylor A. are there. For they are the only people she is close to trusting. She makes sure she has everything ready for the Feast. Her chromium helmet with a foam padding is tight but not too tight, her blowgun is loaded, she has her labrys, and her throwing knives are in their packaging. When she gets to the feast she is shocked.

Callisto and Taylor W. are exhausted. They have spent the entire night moving their supplies. It was worth it though now that they don't have to worry about their supplies getting stolen Callisto realizes he should've just stuck around at the feast to be first to get there. As they are going they are shocked by what they see. Not just because of what's there, but because they are the last to arrive, or so they think

Taylor A. is hopelessly lost. She never deciphered the clue she was given and had decided to go to the Cornucopia where the Feast was held the last few times. She is very dissatisfied when she arrives because nothing is there. She goes to find Everest when she finds something better than a Feast. She has found the Career's unattended supplies. Taylor A. starts rummaging through the supplies. She takes some stuff she'll keep, some stuff to give to her allies, and some she'll take just to piss them off. She is careful though not to take too much that it becomes a load. She has now ensured victory in her own mind.

Everyone arrives at the Feast and notices a big pile of sand. Thorn sees a sign right by it and reads it aloud. "To get your supplies, you will have to depend on hard work and luck. In the sand is three bags that will contain supplies that will give you a higher chance of survival. Break a leg, literally." After he finishes all the tributes there start dashing to the pile. Thistle has the lead until Thorn cuts her off and yells "Time to pay up."

Thistle asks "What?" Thorn explains "On the first day, I saved your butt from Coal. I killed him and told you that you owe me. Now it's time for you to repay." Thistel asks "How could you use your own District partner like that?" Thorn mockingly tells her "Aw well too bad. This is your own fault for being stupid enough to actually wanting to help.". Thistel tells him "Stupid fault? I made more friends here than you ever had or ever will make. And my friendship with them helped us take down 2 of the most violent tributes." Thorn interrupts "Oh, shut up. You made friends and now you will have to turn against them to be equal with me. Kill your own alliance." Thistel replies "what makes you think I would ever do that." Thorn brags "Don't you get it? I only used you to get further in the game. I knew I'd make the weakest one owe me. You are the weakest one here. I spent days stalking you to try to make you repay me in a way for you to look. Ad in front of everyone. Everyone knows you have no chance of winning. You are pathetic and gullible and now you need to repay me by turning against your own alliance and help me win." Thistel starts crying a little and slams her labrys into Thorn's neck severing all blood vessels. He falls back and starts bleeding. Before he dies she tells him "The fact you used me like that means I repaid you already. I will make sure you can never use anyone like that ever again." Thorn's cannon fires.

Taylor W. goes to get the buried bags and Callisto holds off the other tributes. He exhausted from the hard labor from the previous night. He sees Finley screaming "I'm gonna destroy you." He stabs Everest in the shoulder and Everest asks "What did I do?" He answers "Killed the love of my life Freya, duh." It doesn't even take two seconds for Everest to realize he's been set up by Callisto. He elbows Finley's black eye and runs to kill Callisto. Everest swings his sword at Callisto'stomach. Too tired to fight back, Callisto dodges, but gets a minor laceration in his waist. Everest continues swinging and discovers one second too late that Samantha was right behind him. Everest's sword cuts clean through Samantha and bisecting her. She instantly collapses dead.A cannon fires. Taylor W. has found a bag and runs away with Callisto.

Thistel tries to make up for lost time and start excavating through the sand. She has trouble not being hit by falling sand. She digs to deep horizontally and gets buried alive. Everest sees this and immediately goes to rescue her. He saves her just in time and Thistel got one good thing from being buried alive, a bag. She offers it to Everest as thanks for saving her. He denies because she got buried alive to get it so she deserves it. She tries to reason with him, but he insists she keep it.

Everest goes to try to find th last bag. While digging he finds one, but Finley got to it as well. They start struggling over the bag. Finley tosses sand into Everest's eyes allowing Finley to snag the bag. Everest goes back to the tree, but Taylor A. isn't there. He finds her near a large flower with more stuff than he can count. He asks "Where'd you get all this?" Taylor A. replies "I "bargained" with the Careers during the feast." Everest exclaims "They'll kill us." Taylor A. says "We'll camouflage it. Go get Thistel I wanna ration this out with her."

The Careers return to discover their place has been heisted. Callisto quickly discovers that Taylor A. did this since she wasn't there. He promises to kill her. They check to see if she stole anything of value to them. Callisto quickly realizes his crossbow is gone. Taylor W. discovers their tent and air mattress are gone. They also discover that most of their food was stolen and some water. Also three first aid kits, a sword, two axes, chain and hook, body armor, medicine, lanterns, gym bags, and fiberscopes were all stolen. They look in the bag Taylor W. retrieved at the Feast. They see a fiberscope, machete, Capitol Meal, coagulants, grill lighter, and kerosene. Callisto asks "Do you think anyone did as good as us?" Thistel had gotten two throwing axes, a CPR kit, a camouflage supplies case, map of the arena, fireproof blanket, and bug repellant. Finley got a hurlbat, meteor hammer, gallon of water, pickaxe and ninja stars.

At 11:58 PM the faces of Thorn and Samantha are projected. ===Day 7-Gender Bender All the tributes decide to make it the last day. They meet up at the Cornucopia. Everest and Callisto start dueling to the death. Everest tries to use his sword on Callisto, but Callisto knocks the sword out of his hands. Everest decides to pull out his secret weapon, a pitchfork. Callisto blocks every attack Everest throws at him with his sword. Everest makes his thrust and Callisto hits his sword against it. Both are disarmed. They run to the weapons to kill each other. Callisto takes a pitchfork to the chest and his cannon fires. Taylor W. has made her first kill.

Taylor A. asks "Why did you do that?" Taylor W. explains "I knew Callisto was using me to get further so I knew he had to go. All of you had failed to kill him so I decided to do it myself. I knew he'd never expect me to turn on him especially while he's in combat." Everest says "Thank you so much, can I have my pitchfork back now." Finley exclaims "I don't think so." Finley hits Everest over the head with a hurlbat hard enough to shut down his central nervous system. A cannon fires. Taylor A. tries to perform CPR on him. She thinks she hears a pulse, but it's her own. The hovercraft takes Everest away and Taylor A. decides to stay true to their alliance and kill the psycho, Finley. She takes Everest's pitchfork and chases him with it.

Finley is surprisingly scared. They make it to the winter quadrant and Finley thinks the cold weather will save him. They go to the location Freya was killed. Finley tries to suppress the painful memory. The memory is so painful, the narwhal punctures its tusk through the ice, up his foot, and through his leg. He tries to get away, but the tusk renders him immobile. Taylor A. finds Finley. Finley tries to reason with her out of desperation. "Do you think Chase would want this?" This makes Taylor A. angrier and she says "He was part of my alliance to eliminate sadistic psychos like you. So yes!" She thrusts the pitchfork into Finley killing him instantly and a cannon fires.

Taylor A. returns to the Cornucopia. Thistel tells Taylor A. to run and she asks why. Thistel explains Taylor W. has lost it and decides having taken down Callisto, she deserves to win and will do anything to prove it. She promises to hold her off Ns sacrifice herself if necessary. Taylor A. refuses. Taylor W. says "Big mistake." She takes a coconut off the tree and throws it at Taylor A. Before it does, Thistel throws an axe which slices the coconut open to reveal a hornet mutt inside. The hornet is infuriated at Taylor. It starts chasing her. She tries to outrun it, but trips which allows Tito sting her to death. The cannon for Taylor W. fires.

It's down to Taylor A. and Thistel. Neither knows what to do. Thistel insists on dying for Taylor because she lost Chade and thinks she deserves it. Taylor responds "I want tobe with Chase though. If I die, I will. You deserve to win more than mr. You came up with the alliance that took out all the psychotic sadists. Thanks to you the winner will be sane and not a threat to society. They agree on staying in different quadrants and let the Gamemakers take one of them. Thistel goes to the winter quadrant and when she sets foot on the narwhal's ice, it tries to spear her. She flinches and slips. The narwhal continues its attempt to spear her, but she keeps dodging. Taylor goes to the autumn quadrant. In the swamp, she slips and feels a pain in her stomach. The lamprey has latched onto her. She takes the crossbow and tries to angle a shot at it. Thistel is stunned from a hard fall and the narwhal comes to stab her. Taylor's crossbow fires. A cannon fires. The winner is declared for the 7th Hunger Games. Taylor had accidentally shot herself in the gut with an arrow after the lamprey hit the trigger other crossbow. Thistel Foxbell is the winner. The cannon startled the narwhal and got its tusk in her leg.



Placement/Tribute How they died
24th. Calico Chamois Everest stabbed her chest
23rd. Darcy Pohavitz Chest crushed by Callisto
22nd. Coal Black Thorn severed his spinal cord
21st. Velour Coudre Decapitated by Amanda
20th. Amanda Richards Velour slit her throat
19th. Misty Bull Stabbed between the eyes by Shoko
18th. Ash Green Stabbed with a hook by Pirate
17th. Sash Bloodhound Inhaled toxic smoke
16th. Pirate Mast Taylor A. split his head open
15th. Revenus "Chase" Locke Pirate ripped his guts open
14th. Coral Reef Impaled by shrapnel
13th. Richard Jensen Impaled by shrapnel
12th. Shoko Black Thistel stabbed him in the heart.
11th. Drew Summertime Had her throat slit
10th. Nyoka Spade Suffocated on carbon dioxide
9th. Freya Field Stabbed through the eye by a narwhal
8th. Thorn Darkwater Thistel chopped his neck open
7th. Samantha Cloud Bisected by Everest
6th. Callisto Evergrow Taylor speared him with a pitchfork.
5th. Everest Strong Hit with hurlbat
4th. Finley Grain Speared with pitchfork
3rd. Taylor White Stung to death
2nd. Taylor Axel Shot with arrow
1st. Thistel Foxbell Winner

After the Games

Thistel needed surgery to remove the shrapnel from her arm. She has a lot harder time trusting people after Shoko betraying her. In Victor's Village, she learned of Terra's experience in the Games and feels lucky she came out with her limbs. She is haunted by memories of the brutality of her opponents and seeing her closest ally slowly lose her mind and feels guilty for Taylor A.'s death.

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