I'm sick of being treated like the obvious unfavorite of chat

Chatmods let me be bitched at by other users but if it's done to any other user, they get kicked or banned.

Everything I do there is wrong only if I'm the one who does it

The biggest offender of that last part is Caylin

She got mad at me for giving Dani a nickname (one she admitted was fitting earlier) but is okay with others making nicknames

She says I can't call her Caylin but everyone else can

Now she's laughing at me for getting in a fight with my friend

Example: Some people (ie. Dani & Oli) on chat are jerks to me for not knowing when they are joking

I am sick of how some of you guys ousted me as the one who can be treated like crap on chat without any consequences but I can't get away with asking one user to be less mean to me.

I know the Wikia rules and I can report you guys for mistreatment of others

I'm not asking to be treated like a saint I just want people to grow up and treat me as an equal to everyone else on chat

And another thing I'm blamed for everything that happens on chat even if more than one person was at fault, everyone pins the blame on me and no one else.

This next one is kind of ironic but none o my complaints are taken seriously no matter how blatant they are on chat people just say I'm butthurt, but no I'm not I'm sick of being treated this way I'm just as human as everyone else on chat. Even if the manner is serious (like someone talking inappropriately) no one cares if it happens to me, they care if it happens to anyone but me.

TotalDramaRox97 "It's time to choose the loser" 03:05, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

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