I have a friend on an old site who did these so I decided to start one here.

The rules are simple.

Enter your predictions of the placements and the difference between their actual placement and your prediction is how many points you get (so if you predict Vytas will get 7th and her gets 16th, you'll get 9 points) and like golf whoever has the least points in the end wins.

Also we'll have some other predictions to guess on in the seasons and if you get those right you get point reductions:

The categories are:

Number of Hidden Immunity Idols FOUND: If right you get -3 points

Number of castaways when the tribes merge (including the returnee(s): If right -4 points

Difference between tribal immunity wins (like one getting 5 and the other gets 3 the difference is 2): If right you get -5 points

Connor's Prediction

20th: Tyson

Points: 19



Points 3



Points: 1


Laura B.

Points: 5



Points: 1

15th: John

Points: 2

14th: Kat

Points: 0

13th: Tina

Points: 9

12th: Monica

Points: 10

11th: Hayden

Points: 4

10th: Rachel

Points: 8

9th: Marissa

Points: 8

8th: Vytas

Points: 2

7th: Caleb

Points: 2

6th: Katie

Points: 2

5th: Laura

Points: 1

4th: Rupert

Points: 16

3rd: Aras

Points: 7

2nd: Gervase

Points: 1

1st: Ciera

Points: 4

Immunity Idols Found: 2 (Correct: -3 Points)

Castaways when merged: 11 (Incorrect: 0 points)

Difference between immunity wins: 4 (Incorrect: 0 points)

Points: 102

Wes's Prediction

20th: Rupert 19th: Laura B. 18th: Colton 17th: John 16th: Caleb
15th: Rachel 14th: Candice 13th: Hayden 12th: Kat 11th: Aras
10th: Brad 9th: Laura M. 8th: Ciera 7th: Tina 6th: Katie
5th: Marissa 4th: Vytas 3rd: Monica 2nd: Tyson 1st: Gervase

Immunity Idols Found: 3

Castaways when merged: 12 (Correct -4 points)

Difference between immunity wins: 4

Good luck and most importantly don't fight

Thank you

TotalDramaRox97 "It's time to choose the loser" 21:40, August 21, 2013 (UTC)

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