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Please give name, age, appearance, history, weapon, skills, strategy, personality, and token


District 12- Nommehzombies/Jabberjay78

Bradley Heathers


KnightCastle 12
Name Bradley Heathers Knight Castle
Age 15 12
Skills Swords, Climbing, Gathering Swords, Archery, Running, Camoflauge
Strategy Remain undetected for most of the games, unless encountered with another tribute, then try to fight them away. When injured, use some herbs that might heal off some of it, but then tough out the rest. Food and water can be obtained from various parts of the arena. Hide out using camoflauge or in a concealed location. He'll kill whoever he sees with his bow, but doesn't want to fight up close. Try to find one ally.
Weapon Poison Swords Sword
Token Her mothers promise ring None
Personality A gentle and loving spirit, she despises the capitol, and almost refuses to participate in their games. But she is very calm and considerate about her options, not be outright furious and angry. Cheerful and jovial. He is young and innocent and doesn't seem to grasp the concept of the games. Even so, he is determined and a good fighter for a twelve year-old.
History She, just like the rest of District 12, was raised in hunger and poverty. Her and her 3 other siblings, her being the eldest, struggled to get by, with her father always working in the coal mines, and her mother working as a cook in the Justice Building. Even though it is illegal, her mother would always bring her children some bread, even if it meant being caught at prosecuted. Once Bradley turned 15, and after she recieved her teressera and sadly, was reaped for the countless times her names had been entered. Her siblings, not even old enough to volunteer, would have to watch in horror her sister being slaughtered in the games. But Bradley was a calm, collected person, and with her use of swords, quick wits, and plants intellect, she would not be overlooked. Knight has grown up in a very poor family, living in the Seam of District 12. Despite their poverty, Knight's two older brothers are popular, very athletic, and well-liked around town. However, Knight has been scrawny since birth, and has never been interested in sports. Instead, he is obsessed with playing fantasy games, as they are an escape from his poverty-striken reality. He prefers to be enveloped in these games rather than try to make friends or have fun in real life. Thus, he is extremely lonely. He is even ignored by his mother and father most of the time, treated as "just another mouth to feed." Though he is very depressed and lonely on the outside, he always is smiling, as when times get tough, he can always have faith in his fantasy games. When he was reaped, he didn't have much of a reaction, and his family was secretly relieved.
Kills Addie
Death Rolled down a cliff Stabbed in the heart

District 11- ViniciusdeAssis

Raquel pinelea
Arvird autumn
Name Raquel Pinelea Arvird Autumn
Age 15 13
Skills Raquel has a diverse knowledge about weapons or instruments to kill people, but she is highly skille d with axes. With one of them, she can totally destroy someone, cutting them into pieces. Also, she can manage very well with swords, which she works usually. He has two abilities that he can fit very well. The first one is the climbing, in every single place. He can climb a high tree, a small tree, a wet tree, a rock, a high building, everything. The second ability is the plants identification. He goes to the forest sometimes and then, he learned more about edible plants and insects. Arvird is good with hiding too, since she is pretty small.
Strategy While she listens to the countdown over her platform, she will aim at an axe and the other tributes. It is the first opportunity to set her real personality off, so she will dack off her platform and put her hands on a backpack and on an axe. Then, if she sees any career aiming on her, she will lead them to the edge of the Cornucopia and kill the tribute there. Then, she will turn around and run away. Just going with her allies if they meet with her during the bloodbath. He will try to stick with his alliance, grab a backpack and get away quickly.
Weapon Raquel has a diverse knowledge about weapons or instruments to kill people, but she is highly skille d with axes. With one of them, she can totally destroy someone, cutting them into pieces. Also, she can manage very well with swords, which she works usually. Arvird has just two weapons that he can manage very well. The first one is the throwing knifes, since he can throw things with ease. The other weapon is the bow and arrow, because he saves the animals from the hunters using this weapon.
Token One hard glove that she usually uses while she is killing someone A dried leaf that he found on the forest.
Personality Raquel seems like a good and innocent girl, mostly because of Sarah's appearance and fame for being good to everyone. She hides behind Sarah all the time and no one knows what passes through her head. Everybody in the district does not know enough about her, thinking that she is a nice girl. But on the real, she is a ruthless and mean killing machine. She does not have mercy on killing someone, because she thinks that it is the only way to don't get hungry again. She has just one real friend in her entire life, Sarah. Their friendship is not a good one, but they love each other in a friendship way. Raquel can do everything to save Sarah's life and vice-versa. So when Sarah got reaped, Raquel volunteered for her. Arvird is a nice and sweet little boy. He always smiles and he likes to make a shy joke sometimes. When he considers a person as a friend, this person is really his friend, because it is hard to happen when Arvird meets a person. He loves the animals and every single thing that is alive. Fishs, dogs, cats, dolphins, turtles, birds, cows, mouses, bats, every animal in the world. Arvird is shy when he meets strangers, and he talks really low in these situations. Arvird knows that everybody likes him, so it is not a hard mission ask for some food to the animals. Her mother, Areia, hates his life style and she says that if he wants to play with animals, he will be a poor person in the future. But Arvird does not care. He cares about the animals, and just this.
History Raquel was born into one of the poorest families inside the outskirts of her district. Her father was one peacekeeper, considered one of the less cruel ones. However, her mother was one caring and dedicated teacher, which always gives the best of herself to learn what she knows to the kids. In this meanwhile, Raquel started to grow up as a healthy kid, thing that usually does not happen in the place that she was born in. In school, she was one of the popular girls, being cold and calculating and trying to end with the life of the other girls, pranking and bullying them. Her parents totally did not want her to do that on school, but Raquel did not care anyway. She continued bullying the girls for a long while, but when she was just eight years, a twist of fate happened in her life. A rebellion happened during the tour of the president on the district, and rebels managed to kill some peacekeepers, including Raquel's father. Raquel and her mother started to think about what they will have to eat, since Raquel mother's job is not one of the best ones around the district. So, in a desperate form, Raquel killed her mother on the kitchen. It is the only way to survive through it, so she did it. With her mother's money, she managed to live fairly throughout two years, but then, the money ended and Raquel did have to go to the dark side of the district, and started to work with a professional killers company, being one spy of them. But later, she started to do the job just sometimes and then, moved to one alley. On the streets, she found Sarah Clereden. A girl which had the entire family destroyed and rebelled against the mayor's family. Then, she became a great friend of Sarah, painting out Sarah's hair to blue and some pink highlights. Everyone in the district thinks Sarah is a good girl, and they do not know anything about Raquel. Raquel and Sarah started to act as thieves and professional killers, killing everyone that bullied Sarah when she was poor or when she was part of the mayor's family. The cops of her district never suspected of them, because both seem a really innocent person. Arvird is a nice and sweet little boy. He always smiles and he likes to make a shy joke sometimes. When he considers a person as a friend, this person is really his friend, because it is hard to happen when Arvird meets a person. He loves the animals and every single thing that is alive. Fishs, dogs, cats, dolphins, turtles, birds, cows, mouses, bats, every animal in the world. Arvird is shy when he meets strangers, and he talks really low in these situations. Arvird knows that everybody likes him, so it is not a hard mission ask for some food to the animals. Her mother, Areia, hates his life style and she says that if he wants to play with animals, he will be a poor person in the future. But Arvird does not care. He cares about the animals, and just this. Backstory: Arvird has the past that everybody asks to God. He born in one of the richest families in the whole district eleven. His adoptive mother, Areia, was the head nurse in the hospital of their district and Arvird born in one of the births that Areia made in the Nursery of District Eleven. His real mother rejected him, because she has no money to take care of Arvird. He born with no problems, one of the perfect births that Areia usually likes to made. Areia, in that time, has no boyfriends or any male able to take care of Arvird and she decided that she will be a single parent. She will be the father and mother of Arvird. He grew up in Areia's family that is rich and with many kids playing around. Arvird always considered his cousins as his little brothers, because he knows that Areia will not have another children. When he completed ten years old, he found a little cat playing next to the fence of the district eleven and he started to play with the cat. Suddenly, the cat ran away and it found the electric fence. The body of the cat was burned alive and Arvird's best friend, for few hours but it was a friend, has died in front of Arvird's eyes. Then, Arvird started to take care of the animals, always playing with them. Then, he went to the forest sometimes and he surprises the hunters with his bow and arrow. His dream is build a special place just for wild dogs and other animals, but it is impossible because Areia hates animals. He wants to win, because with the money he will be able to build a place for his animals.
Kills Aurora
Death Skull crushed Stabbed through heart and body

District 10- Beetee19

Aurora Mendoza
Name Aurora Mendoza Russell Ferribe 
Age 15 16
Skills Aurora is fairly small for her age (5'1") but she can use that to her advantage, as she is very quick on her feet. She's a smart girl, and, surprisingly for a District Ten girl, she knows how to swim pretty well. Russell will try to use his endurance to his advantage. He is also strong and can easily communicate with other tributes. He will use a bow in training.
Strategy Rely on her interview to charm the public into liking her and pick up sponsors this way. At the bloodbath, grab the closest bow she can find if possible and get out of there. Do her best to find a trustworthy ally, but make sure she holds the balance of power even or in her favor. Find a source of water and hide out during the day. At night, go out if possible and pick off anybody who's given themself away; otherwise remain in camp. Don't be afraid to step up for a challenge, and never, EVER let her guard down. Show off his versatility in his interview. Get into a stable alliance with somebody he trusts and gather just a few supplies at the bloodbath. Find a good source of food and water and pick tributes off from a distance if necessary, avoiding direct confrontation if at all possible
Weapon Preferably a bow and arrow, but she can also use a a knife or sword if necessary. Bow
Token Picture of her father Glasses
Personality Once you get to know her, Aurora can be a really sweet girl who's flirty, funny, and always up for a challenge. She's a great person to be around and she can really grow on you. However, when she gets mad, watch out. She can unleash a firestorm of fury with her words, and she isn't afraid to do what it takes to get what she wants. On the inside, though, she is truly caring and reluctant to do so. Russell is consistently upbeat and optimistic. He knows how to make the best of a bad situation.
History Aurora was born to a middle-class family in District Ten. Her mother was a teacher and her father held one of the one of the most difficult jobs in the district: corraling the cattle into the pen to be slaughtered for meat. He's gotten beat up and bruised countless times while doing so, but he continues to do it because he knows it's what's best for his family and his community. Aurora has a high respect for her dad because of this and carries a picture of him wherever she goes (her token). Aurora and her friends are very tight-knit and spend almost all of their free time together, and she would likely do just about anything in order to protect them from harm. Aurora has one older brother who is constantly watching out for her (David, 17) and she is very close with him as well. She is well liked in school and gets much attention from boys, but she has managed to avoid becoming the stereotypical 'popular' girl of District Ten. Aurora was reaped. Russell lived a fairly typical life back in District Ten. He performed well in school and was a star distance runner at his school. He has a history of being energetic and funny, and he sees things in a good light. Because of this, he is well-liked back home. He will likely use this to try and appeal to sponsors. His friends were torn when he was reaped but are fully supportive of him. While he obviously realizes the dangers of the Games, he refuses to accept a death sentence just yet; he sees the many possibilities ahead of him.
Kills Arvird
Death Neck broke Stabbed through eye

District 9- PrezzieSnow9704:)!

Selena kyle
Harvey D
Name Selena Kyle Harvey Dent
Age 15 17
Skills Agile, Easy to be around, talkative, gymnastics, hand-to-hand combat, manipulation (when needed Killing, Torture, Running, Explosives, climbing, Hunting
Strategy Ally with 1 or 2 people and hen break it off in the Final 8. Join up with the careers and kill as many as possible. Intimidate the careers into following him. Track down and kill Selena.
Weapon Whip or a knife Crossbow, Knife
Token None None
Personality Nice, Friendly, Talkative, won't back down form a fight, determined, fierce if you get on her bad side. Cruel, sadistic, crazy, ruthless, indecisive.
History Selena was conceived through rape. Her mother, unable to keep Selena because of this awful act, left her at an orphanage. She was raised in the orphanage were she developed a friendship with the manager of the orphanage, Lillian Isley. When Selena was the age of 12 Lillian was replaced destroying that friendship. The new manager was a horrible old man called Edward Nigma. He threatened everyone at the orphanage and beat them if they didn't do what he said. One day when Selena was on kitchen duty he came storming in and took the food that they had been preparing for that nights dinner and ate it all. This is when Selena snapped. She grabbed one of kitchen knifes and held it to his throat and told him that Ii he didn't put the food back then she would kill him then and there. Edward being the vile person he was, managed to break free from the hold she had him in and leant against the table feeling cocky and thinking that she couldn't. So she cut off his fingers. As a punishment Edward took Selena dressed her in a leather catsuit and whipped before raping her just like her mother was. That nigh though she snuck into his room, still dressed in the leather catsuit and strangled him with the whip before cutting off his head and sending it too his brother. Selena then found Lillian again and found out she had a adopted a daughter, Holly. Lillian adopts Selena and they all live happily ever after.... For a while. Turns out that Edwards brother was a mob boss. He found Selena, killed and tortured Lillian, tortured Selena before Holly eventually killed him. As Lillian was dying Selena made a promise to the dying woman to look after the 12 year old with all of her heart. Since then Selena has been working in the District from straight after school until midnight trying to make ends meet so her and Holly could live a normal life. She became very good at stealing though and soon quit the job in the district and set herself up as a cut burglar. When trying to steal from an old woman, the woman catches her and tells her she's good but could be a lot better under her guidance. So Selena and Holly moved in with the old woman and learned the tricks of the trade. However fate is not on these orphans sides, because the old woman dies the day before Holly's first reaping and Selena's 4rth. Harvey was a normal child in District 7. He lived in the richer part of the district in a mansion that would rival a victors house. One night Harvey couldn't sleep. He had the feeling something bad was going to happen. He decided to go get some milk to help him get to sleep. He was walking upstairs when he heard a noise. It was ever-so slight but he heard it. The creak of a window. He thought his parents must have left their bedroom window open but he heard it again. He disregarded it and went to bed. He was just getting comfy in his luxury bed, when he heard something else. Two things actually, the squeak of leather and the sound of a high-heel boot hitting their marble floor. And he knew exactly who it was. The cat. She was an incredibly infamous cat burglar who was prowling the streets of District 7, but had been reported in other districts as well. He leaped out of bed and grab something to use as a weapon, and luckily he had a letter-opener by his bed, and a fairly sharp one at that. He made his way out of bed and heard the rhythmic sounds of his fathers sonars and his mothers oft hums. He sneaked downstairs into the lobby. And looked around. As his back was turned he felt something hit his back and he was sent flying. He turned around and there she was. They began to fight, him with a letter opener, her with her claws. She managed to sink her claws into his chest and she thought she had won. But the claws didn't go as deep as she had hoped. And Harvey took this moment to unmask her. And to his shock it was Selena Kyle. She was a girl, in a class 2 years younger than him. Shocked, Selena hit him, making him fall and bang his head off of the marble floor, and left. The last thing he saw of her that night was her standing on a window sill with her fathers money card in her hand. And this was more crucial than you think. Because in District 7 if you own the Money Card you own the money. No questioning the person. No proof. nothing. And that night the dents went from one of the richest families in District 7, to one of the poorest. They were evicted form their house within a month and were given a treehouse to stay in by the district. 4 days after moving into their new home, Harvey's father hung himself from one of the branches of his new home. This sent Mrs.Dent spiralling out of control, falling into a deep depression that she can never recover from. Her body is a carcass of what it used it be. Harvey's mental health began to deteriorate. Rapidly. He began speaking to himself and doing terrible things. He became nasty, sadistic and cruel. And all the friends he once had left him, one by one by one. And that made him worse and worse and worse. And endless cycle. One which he blames on one person; Selena Kyle. He has promised that he will kill her.slowly.Painfully. And he will make her feel the pain he feels Every.Single.Day.Of.His.Life.
Death Stabbed in the lung Head split open

District 8- Teen Derp

Name Alexa Kennedy Furry Anderson
Age 15 17
Skills She is very good at tricking people. She is also good at hand-to-hand combat and can beat a tribute twice as large as her. She can also use hypnosis. He's strong enough to lift and kill a tribute twice as large as him. And don't you dare make him mad because he might make your death long and painful. He can even kill a strong career.
Strategy She will seduce boys by hypnotizing them, then killing them after. While for the girls, she scares them then later use her hypnosis and kill them. She hides in trees. He hides throughout the games, and when a handful of tributes are left, he will kill them viciously.
Weapon Daggers, Knives, Swords, Bow and Arrows, Hypnosis from her eyes Throwing Axe, Throwing Knives, Mace, Sword
Token Blue cap that her mother made. Diamond necklace given by her mother.
Personality She is a bit loner. She is kinda bitchy with people, unless you are a close friend to her. She is very kind and can be truested with secrets. But she is also very smart. She can identify someone who is just fooling her. He's very strong and sly. He is serious and can't be fooled easily.
History She lives in District 8 with her family. People don't want to be near her because they taught she is a psycho because of her power of hypnosis. One day, while she is working in the fields, a wild snake bit her. She yelps in pain. Luckily, someone found her and carried her to the hospital. When she woke up in the hospital, she lost her eyesight. She can't see for at least 2 weeks. But one day, she woke up with her eyesight back. She walks in town an accidentally bump on an old woman. The old woman stares at her eyes for 5 seconds and then got hypnotized and then dies right after. A lot of people saw that event and start calling her a witch, killer and psycho. When she got reaped, a lot of people were happy because the psycho is already lost. He lives with his parents and his younger brother. When the reapings happened, he's brother was reaped, and he volunteered to take his place. His sister died in the Hunger Games.
Death Decapitated Stabbed in the back of the head

District 7- KEWLBEN/HawkWD

Abbie Bentham
Almond Birch


Name Addie Bentham Almond Birch
Age 15 15
Skills Addie is good at tree climbing because all of the citizens in district 7 knows how, She can handle axe properly because she is used to chopping trees and sorts.. She can hide without being seen because she is slim and has a fair complexion.. She also knows how to camoflouge because in district 7 there is a game like hide and seek and you need to paint yourself to be hidden.. Tree climbing, running, hiding, plant identification.
Strategy Addie will play sneaky and clever. She will pitiful so that she will get sponsors. When the games is on. She will try her best to make an alliance and kill some tributes. She will take any risks just to win the games. Climb a tree and hide for the majority of the games.
Weapon Hatchets and Axe. Axe
Token An amber from a tree in her backyard. It is her lucky charm. None
Personality Addie is nice and friendly the way she look but she is not that good because she is outrageous and stubborn. Sometimes she goes crazy and gets out of control and might hurt someone when she is angry. Kind, caring
History She is completely normal but until one day she had a nightmare that in her dream she kills everybody.. She became a bad bad person. She has no friends or any. Everybody is scared at her and thats why she likes to have an ally just to kill them..
Death Stabbed in the heart Orally impaled

District 6- The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

Tundra Mangolias
Petrol Mallard
Name Tundra Magnolias Petrol Mallard
Age 16 18
Skills Tundra is very accurate, and has detailed skill with a small margin of error. She also knows a lot about plants, and can name a wide variety, and knows their poison status. Petrol is very strong, and has amazing power with close range weapons. He is also very skilled in wrestling, and can beat almost everyone. He is also a very skilled swimmer.
Strategy He will keep low, and try and hide from the other tributes, so she will not run into any tributes, and not have to fight, which may lead to her death. He will stick with the Careers, and will act more as a guard for the supplies than go off hunting, but if it comes to it he will hunt for tributes, and will hold no prisoners.
Weapon Bow and Blowgun Axe and Mace
Token Crescent moon necklace None
Personality Tundra is a very solo girls, I mean she will not talk to any other people, as she is scared that they will judge her. She is quite intelligent, but very cautious, and will sometimes hold back from doing what is right, cause it may make someone hate her. He is quite a rough guy, always acting strong, and tough to get the admiration of his peers, and on the inside he is strong and rough, and wants to draw blood. Despite this he is very strategic, and knows a good strategy from a bad one.
History Tundra had a slow and peaceful life, but was actually brought up in District 0. When she was 7, her father was relocated from an astronomary to a small garage, to help in the efficiancy of the small business. Tundra though, did not have such a good first few weeks. The kids teased her at school, due to her appearence. Her jet white hair, and glowing blue eyes, almost signature of District 0, along with green eyes and flaming red hair, made her stand out from the rest of the 6 kids, all with blonde hair, brown or black, with slightly tanned skin. But she learned to live with it, and soon she just melded into the background with the rest of the tributes. The years went by, and her family settled, and everyone was very happy. None of her siblings minded the change, and her younger twin brothers looked almost normal in the crowd, the crowd she saw when she was reaped for the Hunger Games at the age of 16. Petrol faced a slightly rough childhood. His mum was a drunk, and spent all her time drinking, and not caring for her children. This forced Petrol's oldest sibling, Anallisia, had to take care of him and his little sister, while his mum slept in bed all day, and his father worked all day, at a small garage based in the centre of the town. When he got home at night, Petrol and his two sisters were fast asleep, and his mum was passed out. Petrol grew up like this, but when he turned 10, Anallisia left to pursue her own chance at a family. Leaving Petrol and his own sister alone. With his mother. And he just managed to make it till he was 12, before he signed up for tesserae. This was just enough to allow Petrol and his sister to survive, but when he turned 18, his luck had ran out, as he was reaped for the Hunger Games.
Death Stabbed with a bird Trachea severed
Kills Furry Temperance, Knight

District 5- Daniel17

Jay SynaD17
Lark Genalt
Name Jay Syna Lark Genalt
Age 16 17
Skills Jay has great endurance, once getting electrocuted and being unfazed. She is skilled with wires and knives. Lark is very intelligent and tactical in his normal form. He is also extremely skilled with hook swords. In his "Lux mode", he forgoes tactics in exchange for sheer physical strength and the ability to obliterate someones face with a war hammer.  Both forms are incredibly quick, easily outrunning the fastest sprinters.
Strategy Get a wire and a few knives and kill a few people. (If she dies, Lark will go into Lux mode, but will run away beforehand to protect his allies.) Lark will try and get hook swords and a war hammer. After the BB, he will use his knowledge of nature and unpredictability to his advantage. He will try and form and Anti-Career alliance, but won't attack right away. Instead, he'll secretly train with his group until they're fit to fight.
Weapon Wire, knives Lark uses hook swords in his regular form and war hammers in "Lux mode"
Token A piece of a love letter she wrote to Lark A sapphire shard
Personality Tough, no nonsense. Lark, in his regular form, is very kind and generous. He is also quite selfless, almost sacrificial. He would take a bullet to the head if it meant saving someone. In his "Lux form" things get a bit more complicated. He becomes a brutal, albeit not sadistic murderer. He will totally obliterate everything around him until he stops himself. Since he can control his powers, however, he almost never resorts to this mode.
History Jay... has always been tough. The reason for this is that her father was a victor. Even though her father didn't necesarily want her to, she assumed she needed to be tough for her father, especially since her mother died awhile back. When Jay started acting tough, she lost all her friends, all but one. Lark Genalt. She actually considered moving to, say, 2, Lark was the one who stopped her. Their friendship grew. Lark ended up being the only person she can confide in. She found out that the reaping was rigged for Lark, so she volunteered. She kind of is... well... in love with Lark, but doesn't know his secret. It all began with a Hunger Games. A revolutionary idea was thought up by a team of Capitol scientists. They studied a mental victor from 5 that had MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and felt that they could use the unpredictability of MPD to make a genetically altered human that could be used to say, train Peacekeepers. They found the trackers of Revenus Locke and Lux Golde. Lux was a deranged murderer who used war hammers to brutally gouge his opponents. Ultimately, Lux was killed by a Gamemaker rock trap. Revenus (as you know) was a much kinder, more intelligent soul who used the more precise hook swords to kill, albeit only when he had to. (you know how he died) They fused the DNA on the trackers, creating a combination of brute strength and strategy. However, they made one huge, glaring flaw with him. The made him independent. He hated life in the labs, so a few days after he was "created," he broke out of the lab. The guards at the labs quickly recaptured him. He kept attempting to break out of the lab until, finally, the cowardly scientists decided they couldn't handle him, and left him with a noble Capitol family. They didn't love him and treated him like a slave. At that time, he didn't know his capabilities though, and since the DNA base that the scientists used was Chase's, he did as he was told. His family decided that they didn't want him anymore, so they dumped him in some random orphanage in 5. He was very insecure after what happened, but boy did the orphans know (his old family told sent a note with him about his entire past). They would always tease him and call him names like "Science Project" and "Unnatural Abomination." One night, as he woke up at night to get some water, the bullies confronted him. He finally awakened Lux's rage, fully unleashing it on the bullies, nearly killing them. He was thrown out and became a sort of "Robin Hood", stealling from the rich to give to the poor, mastering his power while doing so. He was only caught once. He and a frent planned to steal from a pompous b***h. He, or rather his friend, was discovered by the nightly patrol taking from the stash of money the lady had. His friend was about to be whipped, but the altered boy, who was known by his codename, Lark, took the blame and was whipped, nearly to death, but the people expressed their gratutude to him by healing him. Eventually, the District mayor found him out and rigged the reaping for Lark.
Kills Arvird, Logical, Tundra, Petrol Raquel
Death Winner Hit the forcefield

District 4- Beautiful Mistake/Jabberjay78

Jenna Rod
Name Jenna Rod Leon Rivers
Age 16 15
Skills Jenna has a great plant knowledge and is able to reconize every single edible and unedible plant. She also has good mental strength and physical strength. She isnt bothered by killing either so she is great with killing and weapons. She has a good aim that never fails her adn incredible reflexes.  She is very fast and has good stamnia. She also is very sly and great at stealing from others. She also is great at survival skills and an excellent climber  Hand to Hand combat, Tridents, Spears, Swimming
Strategy She will flee and not fight. She will feed herself by stealing from others and not fight. she will kill when it is necessary.
Weapon Whip and blowgun Trident
Token None None
Personality Jenna is really calm and collected. She never loses her temper or her head under pressure. She is very wry and makes good observations about others. She is very cool and unflappable, calm under pressure and extremely competent. She does things with minimal fuss while displaying grace, skill and dignity. One could say she is the quiet and sly one in a group. she is a silent observer, and is highly analytical and intelligent. She remains cool and calm in every situation and can be highly sarcastic. She can be very dry and witty when she feels like it. She is very loyal but independent. Snobby and Arrogant, Mean. He doesn't care about anyone except for himself. He loses focus constantly and is easily distrcated.
History Jenna was always the oddball. She was the opposite of a bloodthirsty career and always kept to herself. She didnt need to train because she was naturally talented at everything she did. Her parents were always proud of her and taught her to be polite. She was everything a normal girl wanted to be though. She had showed promise in music and her parents entered her in competitions in which she should emerge victorious. Jenna loved her life. But one day at home she was alone. Suddenly she heard the door downstairs creak. She got up alarmed and grabbed a knife. She crept down the stairs saying, "Who's there" while brandishing her knife. At the stairs she saw a tall man. She reconized him but wasnt sure who he was. So she went downsatirs and attacked the man. He stabbed her in alarm but she managed to kill him before she was harmed anymore. She later was filled with remorse at what she did and hid the body. She never told anybody afraid that they would hate her or throw her in jail or maybe even harm her. Another day the same thing happened. This time she didnt get hurt and niether did she kill the man but he escaped. This kept on happening adn she began to call him, "Masked Man". the last time she killed a whole group of them without a scratch and unqrapped their masks. She was horrfied to discover they were peackeepers looking to kill her parents. She hid the bodies and finally told her parents. They instantly discarded her and she was forced to live on the streets. But she snuck into her parents house often proving her slyness. She would steal from them. One day as she picked the lock she heard female screams. Instantly reconizing her mother she ninja kicked the door and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. She followed the screams up to her parents bedroom. There she saw her dad lying long dead adn her mother weeping as she was tied to a chair. By her were several masked man. she froze in fear and ignored it. She attacked the masked men and killed them viciously but they had injured her mother severly. After she was done killing the masked men she sat by her mother who was slowly crying and dying. Jenna also wept as her mother died. Her mother comforted her and apologized for what she had done to Jenna. Jenna forgave her eagerly desperate to save her mother. she called in a doctor but they wouldnt come. Her mother died next to her. But right before Jenna said, "Stay with me" sadly. her mother replied and said "Always". Just then she died and Jenna threw herself at her mother. Weeping at that time the paramedics arrived and found her crying over her mothers lifeless body still holding the bloodstained knife. The officers thought she killed her family but she claimed she was innocent. Nobody took her seriously and she was thrown into jail. When she came out everybody viewed her as a murderer. At the reaping nobody volunteered for her because they were scared off her and were glad she was reaped so if she died nobody would have to worry about her or live in fear she might attack them. Father is a successful fishermen and mother is a marine biologist, whose work is greatly admired by the Capitol. Leon lives in the largest mansion in District 4, and recieves special training for the games at home. His house is stocked with several rooms full of weapons and even a large room designed to simulate the arena. His family often gets special tips on the gamemakers' plans for the Hunger Games each year, giving them a huge advantage in the betting pools. There is also a special room in Leon's house simply for viewing the annual games, and Leon never leaves this room while the games are being aired. Though Leon is homeschooled, he has earned many followers through attending surfing competitions. And those who he is not friends with, he constantly taunts and bullies. One year, when one of the kids he bullied was reaped, Leon stopped any of his friends from volunteering, forcing the scrawny 14 year-old to go to the games. Ironically, this tribute won the games and went on to acheive great fame and fortune.
Death Drowned Hit by copper ball

District 3- EmpressOreo

Name Logical Queen Makeshift "Shift" Oblivion
Age 18 13
Skills Logic is very smart and clever. She has a good knowledge of edible plants and insects and could survive well in the wild. She's an artist and can work well with camouflage and making herself blend in. She's also quite fast, and can run for long distances without tiring easily. Shift is quite agile and flexible; it might be hard for one to catch up to him as he is pretty fast, and he's also small and skinny enough to hide himself in tight, unnoticeable spaces. He's rather stealthy and very intelligent when it comes to designing and working several different types of explosions, as they have been his hobby for a while now. He's very friendly and likeable, and therefore good at making allies.
Strategy Logic will stay with her alliance until the time comes when they're forced to part ways. She will take her share of the alliance's supplies and bid them farewell. For the rest of the Games (or at least for as long as she can continue staying alive) she will remain hidden, only killing any tributes that pose a threat. Shift will participate in the bloodbath, though only so that he can get close enough in order to grab a backpack or some sort of weapon, preferrably wire so that he may construct an explosive if he makes it out of the bloodbath alive. He'll also grab a back-up weapon just in case, like a knife or a dagger, and if anyone tries to attack him, he'll mercilessly stab them through the chest or slice open their throats.
Weapon Intelligence, throwing knives Shift doesn't have talent with most weapons, however he knows how to wield a basic knife, whether it be throwing it from a distance or slashing out at his enemy with it. He can also use a dagger, as it is lightweight and he can throw it easily. However, Shift's most preferred weapons are some form of explosions; he may not be the most intelligent when it comes to basic logic, but he sure is smart enough to know how to work wire and a grenade.
Token Red scarf None
Personality When someone first sees Logic, she's immediately thought to be your typical nerd girl; shy, super smart, quiet, and totally uncool (in the popular girls' opinion). Once you get to know her, however, you'll find that those words aren't true. At all. Logic actually has what it takes to steal the spot of the most popular girl in school. She's sassy, sarcastic, and a bit rude, only friendly and generous towards her friends and family. She is super smart, however (hence her name), and she can't be fooled easily. She's not to be underestimated - even though she's from district 3, she'll kill anyone if they provoke her, especially the Careers. She hates the Careers, and is very tough and badass. Shift is very childish and naive. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he's typically reckless and hyper due to his ADHD. However, he's very optimistic and rarely looks at that dark side of things, which makes him quite friendly and easy to get along with. He hasn't mentally matured over the years whatsoever and he still acts like he's six years old most of the time. He's just a little bundle of energy, always running around and playing games. He tends to trust people just a tad too easily, which could serve as a weaknesses in the Games, however this also mean he is good at making friends and lots of people usually like him, unless he annoys them out of their wits which has happened often before. Shift is quite the oddball, too; although he's young and was raised by a large group of people that don't exactly have manners and typically use a slang in every sentence, he speaks in a formal manner and often corrects people on their speech.
History Logic was born on April 1st (the legendary April Fool's day) to two loving, wealthy parents that had given birth to her sister, Encyclopedia (nicknamed Ennie) only two hours earlier, although Logic was born at 12 a.m. so technically her Ennie is a day older than her. But that doesn't matter. What matter is, although Logic has always been thought to be the "nerd girl" to most of the popular girls in the school, she's always been a player with the boys. She used to be able to charm them with her pretty emerald green eyes and she was one of the first people in her grade to begin dating. However, she started getting bad grades in school because she was near-sighted and couldn't see the board at the front of the classroom. She tried sitting up closer but that still didn't help. When her parents found out about this, they made her get glasses. When most of the boys saw her, they started to keep their distance as if she were some sort of alien. One guy stayed by her side though, and that was her best friend, Rayden. They weren't that close at the time, but Rayden was the only one that didn't care whether she wore glasses or not. They didn't necessairly "like" each other in that way, but they cared deeply for each other. When Logic is reaped for the Hunger Games, Rayden tries to volunteer to protect her, but when he comes up to the stage Logic pushes him off. Shift was born into a large family in the wealthier part of District 3. There was always so much to do in his household, and he rarely got bored. However, one terrible afternoon, he witnessed the murder of his own sister in an alley when she was taking him to the park. He remembers seeing who the murderer was, although he had shot Shift with something that made him pass out, and when he awoke, he forgot everything about what he saw of the murderer. He was devastated, knowing he couldn't help solve the mystery of his sister's murder. To make matters worse, two of his olders sisters were reaped alongside each other into the Hunger Games, and they were both ruthlessly killed in the bloodbath. Around the same time, Shift was diagnosed with several different disorders; ADHD, OCD, migraine, and anxiety, and he was often bullied by others because of these things. He was beginning to feel like he didn't deserve to be on this earth and that he should just throw his life away, as many people would be better off without him. He developed an interest for arts and crafts as such activities normally calmed him when he was upset or stressed out, and several weeks before his first reaping he changed his name from Anthony Oblivion to Makeshift Oblivion, due to his love of creating makeshift objects, and he later nicknamed himself Shift to make it easier to say. His parents got a divorce just a couple months before he decided to volunteer for the Hunger Games, and his mother rarely payed attention to him as she had two baby twins to look over and she decided that Shift was old enough to take care of himself. She didn't even realize that he had asked the mayor to have his name legally changed, dyed his hair, and started to go outside less and less, resulting in his natural tan disappearing; it was like he wasn't even her son anymore and she barely noticed. Shift developed an interest with explosions over the several months since he changed his name, and he would often create his own bombs and stuff in his forested backyard, getting more of a rebellious persona as he tested these bombs out by placing them inside Peacekeepers' headquarters and school buildings. He volunteered when he was 13, although he'll be turning 14 during the Games if he makes it to the second day of it. He doesn't believe he has what it takes, he just can't stay in District 3 anymore, as it is filled with the memories of the death of his family members and that he changed himself completely before deciding to throw his life away.
Death Blasted with steam Decapitated

District 2- XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX

Amme Ilorenzo
Name Amme Ilorenzo Chandler Fishler
Age 18 16
Skills Amme is really strong her hands could snap a neck like a twig and lift up heavy stuff that she can throw a heavy object at a tributes neck or temple Amme is also good at plant infection since she has been learning when she was about thirteen years old and finally Amme is a good climber. Chandler has a really good arm he can Chop off a tree in a flash so he can maybe behead a person in a flash also Chandler is a master of disguises he has a lot of disguises but his main one is Chrissy his Disguises are good to trick people and Chandler is really good acter.
Strategy She will either be alone or with the careers but if she is alone she would climb up as high as she can and make traps around the tree if anyone is caught on the trap she will kill them ASAP and when she is with the careers she will stay with them until day three so when there asleep. she would burn down there camp. He will try and stick with his team members and make maybe if he sees any other teams and if he is close to person who is not on his team he will push them too the dinosaurs and use them as bait and he will try and not too make himself into a huge threat.
Weapon Amme likes to use a sickle since she thinks it would choke people and she is a pro at using a sickle and she loves using a whip but she would not use it because she thinks a whip is bad for combat. Well he is good with most close combat weapons like a sword trident or an axe but unlike most people from district twelve who are good with tridents, he is better using an axe because he has a good arm his arm is so good that he can chop down a tree with one shot since he was training using an axe since he was potty trained but he is not the best with long combat weapons like throwing knives thomahawks and spears because thought he has a good arm it's just that everytime he Uses a thorwing weapon he always misses.
Token A bit of silk with some blood on it. His makeup/His Chrissy wig
Personality Amme used to be very crazy and mental but she became more calm over the years. Amme has a group of good friends that she could trust and she could be nice of she wanted too. Unfortunately she was born with some thing horrible people don't know what's wrong with her or what does she want, people just think that she is just an exorcist child but the truth is that she got cursed by the witch doctor in her district when she was little. But luckily when Amme got older she became more calm since she had her friends by her side. People think that Amme is an exorcist child is because she is very delusional and bipolar since she was born like that before she was cursed and everytime if a stranger walks up to her or comforts her she would Scream or she would pick a fight with that person. Also Amme has low self esteem since what the curse did to her it made her see herself as an ugly person and many people were scared of her and finally Amme could be a little blood thisty and she is still a bit crazy over the years. He is a really nice guy. But there is Somthing Weird about him so Every time on his free time he would go out and dress like a girl and try too flirt with some guys so he is gay but nobody knows his secret so he is very lucky but he is not a cross dresser he just likes to Live a double life but he has about five different girl friends from different parts of the district so he is really fake so he also likes playing with people's minds but overall he is a sweet guy with a big heart but he hates too show it.
History Amme was born too Echo Ocampo and Miguel Ilorenzo. Both of her parents owned one of the richest banks in district two (or Eleven). Before Amme was born somthing bad happened. Her parants rival also owned a bank his name was Athur Dicarpo he was a selfish man who wanted Amme's dad's power and he wanted his money to so he was desperte enought to take a hike all the way to district twelve where a man named "Bundi Nanaki" he is the only witch doctor alive in panem. Since Bundi was dying he let Athur off easy since it was his only item left it an unknown powder so he did not know what it was easy to do all you did to do is pretty much run and blow the powder on the face. After when Echo the power on her a few months later Amme was born (Echo was already pregnet at the time :3). When Amme got older her parents knew why that Amme was acting different it was that the powder had somthing in it to make Amme Messed up but they did not know what is was or why is there daughter acting like that. The stuff that Amme did over the first couple years of her life were bad like that one time when she was in kindergarten, Amme stabbed a kid with a pencil at there neck or that other time when she was about seven that she threw a chair at a teacher. Things became so bad that her parents had too kick Amme out since she was out of control and would try to kill anyone that she sees even her parents. So Amme lived on the streets for a couple years since nobody wanted her and nobody even gave her a coin to help her. So Amme was forced to steal since she was very desperate for Food water and clothes and nobody would even help her unless if thorwing there junk at her would count. Luckily for Amme a young man who owned a career Academy adopted Amme. Then a couple weeks later he signed Amme up for school and he signed up Amme for private training with him, Amme liked school and she came a little sane but she was still very crazy and people were bullying her since they thought she was mental and they would put notes in her locker saying that she should go kill herself and that made Amme almost cry everyday her and look at herself at the mirror and see herself as an ugly person and she thought she looked like a monster but her group of friends thought she was very pretty and she is. A few weeks later Amme found out why she was bullied it was not because how she acted it was because the girls were jealous of her looks since she noticed some guys winking at her and trying to flirt with her, sadly Amme did not have any old photo's of herself or with her family but she managed to walk in with a smile everyday and her friends helped her everyday so she was beginning to have a good life. Until she was reaped and she was still slightly crazy and mental, so Amme's goal is to win the hunger games also to be a better person and she promise herself when she comes back she will get revenge on that man. Chandler was not just a normal popular Career, who lives in District 2 he is really rich since his dad owns one of the best career academy's in District 2 but it all started when he was about six years old, He was watching a old show called Hannah Montana when he was six years old and he was watching it with his eight year old sister named Mandy after when they watched Hannah Montana he asked his dad if he could live a double life,but his bad is so strict he picked up chandler and threw him on a wall and beated him up until he learned his lesson since his dad wanted his son to be Manly and the strongest male in District 2, but when he was about ten he looked in his sister magazine and he looked at all the good looking guys in the magazine and after an hour he started to became a little gay but he was not that gay and when he came too his dad he asked "Hey dad is it ok if I can paint my nails since i seen a girl on a magazine do it can i do it" But his dad said no and he started too put chandler on steroids because he was sick of him being girly and not like the child he wants Chandler to be ,after that in school and the career academy Chandler started too have a lot of friends and a lot of girls have crushes on chandler but before he took steroids he still had a lot of friends.A few years later he was sick of girls Because he thought they were too clingy and creepy so he decided too run away to his best friends house and that's how Chrissy was made After a week at his best friends house he decided too get a wig and loads of makeup and lots of girl Clothes but his friend never knew his Secert after He goes too his career academy and school he would dress up as her He would put on his Fake boobs that he made then he would put on his makeup and his wig and then after he would go too meet other Guys and try too flirt with them but He Became fake since he had about five girl friends at Diffrent parts of district four and he had one boyfriend.When he was about seventeen when he was naked as himself trying too dress up as one of his disguises Since he has a lot of them but Chrissy was his main one, His boyfriend walked in on him and Chandler life was getting ruined all his friends started too insult him and he was getting beat up alot until one day he sneaked in his ex boyfriends house and stabbed him with a kitchen knife to give him brain damage after when the peacekeepers found out he was forced into the next games.
Kills Fell into poison flower bush Trampled by bison
Death Almond Lucifer, Selena

District 1- Axed Fox

Name Temperance Frost Lucifer Storm
Age 17 17
Skills Snake charming. Swimming, tree climbing, hiking, archery, acrobatics, running, poison, stealth, evading strikes, martial arts and dagger throwing.

Lucifer is a magnificent, fast runner/sprinter. He can sprint for twenty minutes non-stop, and he doesn't even break a sweat. He can swivel around objects quickly and elusively, and can easily stop himself when needed to. Lucifer is a great fighter, he's trained in martial arts and kung fu, and he was the first in his kung fu class to earn himself a black belt, he's extremely deadly, and one lethal pound of his fist is enough to knock someone unconsciousness. Lucifer is incredibly strong, and he can lift and throw around objects that are 10-80 pounds. He's deadly, especially in a fight.

Strategy She will put her snake charming to the ultimate test, calling snakes into the arena to guard her. If any tribute kills a snake of hers, she will track down the perpetrator and will torture the tribute along with all of her snakes. Temperance will frequently stop by camps to drop poison in their food and water supplies, and her snakes will do anything she desires. If the snakes are taken away from her, she'll hide somewhere (she won't ally with the careers), and will slay nearby tributes by either taking them on in duel, shooting them with an arrow or launching a dagger into their flesh. Kill people and win
Weapon Her main weapon is snake charming. She will sneak her snake, Luna, into the arena no matter what, but also has other ways of getting hold of snake. By whispering to them. She is the snake whisperer, her hiss can attract snakes from all over the world. If she can't get her hands on a snake right at the moment, she will wield a sword or scythe. But she's pretty good with poison too, and will try attain some during the bloodbath.  Lucifer works well with any weapons used for lashing and throttling with, so leather belts and bullwhips are a must have during the games. Lucifer also works well with swords and long, slender katanas. He can literally throw swords and katanas, and he practices daily for the games. He will most likely roam the scenery with a belt in one hand and a katana in the other, injuring with the whip then finishing his victims off with a tunnel in their windpipe, courtesy of his katana or sword.
Token Her heart hair clips with golden rims. She will somehow get her snake into the arena. Anklet with a sword charm on it
Personality Temperance is fussy and spoiled. She grew up bathing in luxury, and prefers things her way at all times. She's full of herself, bitchy and ruthless. She's sly and conniving, and won't go down without a fight. Lucifer is a mysterious, striking young gentleman who has full respect for those around him. He's very constructive, and he's always giving a helping hand. Lucifer is athletic and always in a good mood. When he's provoked, he's deadly and sly. Lucifer can be sly, elusive and cunning. He's calculating when approached, and he's merciless. Lucifer is very patient. Lucifer is a great, fair competitior, and he won't go down without a fight.
History Temperance grew up getting anything she desired. She has two younger sisters, Cleopatra and Alectrona, who follow in her footsteps of being a spoiled brat. Everyone liked Temperance for her cheerful and kind personality, but Temperance has a skill she shares with no one. Snake charming. Temperance once visited the pet shop for her thirteenth birthday, as she was getting a kitten, and while her mother purchased the kitten she later named Capella, she saw something slithering in a cage. She strided towards the cage, and inside was a majestic cobra. Mesmerised by the angelic snake, she stared into it's eyes with such intensity it lunged for her. Temperance didn't show a hint of fear, she followed the cobra with her eyes, and soon the cobra was hypnotized by the girl infront of her. Temperance unlocked the cage, and the cobra slithered around her wrist and Temperance took it hope. After years of training the cobra in the comfort of her room, she could make it do whatever she wants. She kept it well tamed though, and fed it each day. It's now her weapon of choice, and will take it into the games no matter what the cost.  Lucifer has two younger brothers, Abe (15) and Cosmic (16). They were all in a group named "The Majestic Thunder", a group where they all roam through the woods at night, gathering wolves and them taming them, then stalking through the woods with their companions by their sides. In the group, there are a set of twins named Vexus and Lukis (18), two more boys named Archie (16) and Zenom (18) and two girls named Astoria (17) and Violetta (17). One night, when they were all taming wolves, one wolf they named Warrior maliciously attacked Zenom. Warrior ripped Zenom's throat out, then attacked Lucifer. Lucifer cracked his whip and began lashing Warrior, but was unfortunately had his shoulder crunched into. Astoria snuck up behind Warrior and buried a sickle into it's back. Her black cloak (their Majestic Thunder attire) was peppered with Warrior's blood, and she was ashamed of killing an animal she darely loved. She ran away deeper into the forest, and Lukis chased after her. After an hour, neither of them came back, so Lucifer and Violetta went to check on them. They found their corpses, riddled with wounds, but not just any wounds, cut wounds. That's when they heard the scream, the scream of Archie. They ran back to where Archie, Abe, Cosmic and Vexus were, and saw Vexus' and Cosmic's bodies hanging from trees above, beads of blood showering down onto the thick green leaves below. Someone has attacked their group, and silently killing them off one by one. Lucifer, dreaded by Cosmic's dead body, searched for Archie and Abe with Violetta. After ten minutes of rushing through the forest, realized Violetta was gone. He turned back, and saw her body with an axe in her head, about twenty yards away. He kept running though. And soon, he found Archie's and Abe's bodies. He was never the same, ever again.  
Kills Alexa, Harvey, Makeshift
Death Head got embedded with a tomahawk Stomach cut open by wire


Arena 8
The arena is in the design of a forest consisting of two levels. Each level is separated by a salty river with a high speed current that turns into a waterfall midway at a 500 foot drop. Near the bottom is a tense metal wire. The fish in this river are very hard to catch and vicious. The slopes pathway to and from each level is very steep and has a lot of loose rocks. In the southern upper level is the Cornucopia. North of that are seven triggers that look like rocks that will activate a flamethrower if stepped on.

The northern upper level consists of many traps. There are pit traps covered in heavy foliage, a catapult trap that has a heavy copper ball on the end, and a spikeboard right in front of a tripwire. There is a berry tree with edible fruit, but it also causes a sore throat and diarrhea. There is a zipline that goes through the tree branches.

The lower level is connected by an unstable bridge and houses the mutts. The southern lower level has many trees. There are two flower patchs that contain an allergen that when inhaled will result in an anaphylactic reaction. In the lower middle is a whirlpool. Left of that is a hot mud pit. In the nothernmost part, there is a steep sand slope

The northern lower level consists of nature. In the southernmost part contains for geysers that use water from the river. The river runs off into a brook and goes into a lake teeming with aquaculture and is hard to get access to the water. Northwest of the geysers is a bush of flowers with thorny petals each containing a small amount of poison. Once all of them puncture you, you will die of poisoning. North of the bush is a large plant. Many trees are in this area. One tree stand out from the others and for a good reason. A vine that's covered in flowers wraps around it and the vine contains nitrobenzene (a very toxic substance). The zipline ends here.


Animal Picture Abilities
Unicorn Mutt
Unicorn Mutt
They have exhilarant blinding beauty that attracts its prey. They can run 1.5 times as fast as a normal horse and has a sharp horn that can skewer through a human.
Bison Mutt
Bison Mutt 2
They are extremely large and heavy, though remarkably swift for their immense structure. Their legs are bulky and strong. Their horns are sharp and sturdy. Their dander contains an allergen that will send anyone into a sneezing fit.
Reindeer Mutt
Reindeer Mutt
They have luminescent rainbow lights at the tips of their antlers. They have bulky legs. The mutts are not evil, they love people actually (and not as food), but they are very easy to see.
Quetzal Mutt
Quetzal Mutt
They can screech piercing loud sounds that sound like other tributes voice. They have long sharp beaks. Their feces mixes with their stomach acid forming corrosive excrements. Their tail feathers are spiny and sharp.

For each tribute you have 2000 to spend


Bow and 1 Dozen Arrows- $425 and $50 per extra arrow

Small Knife- $250

Large Knife- $325

Sword- $950

Scimitar- $1000

Meteor Hammer- $500

Grenade- $2000

Spear- $525

Club- $375

Nightstick- $350

Trident- $750

Pitchfork- $800

Mace- $300

Whip- $200

Cat O' Nine Tails- $350

Axe- $600

Thowing Axe- $500

Rope- $150

Blowgun and Dozen Darts- $350 and $40 per extra dart

Tomahawk- $400

Hatchet- $400

Scythe- $750

Ninja Stars- $75 per star

Glass Bottle- $100

Crossbow- $1500

Sickle- $775

Chain and Hook- $800

Hurlbat- $825

Labrys- $700

Scimitar- $850

Switchblade- $360

Flail- $325

Pickaxe- $1000

Hook Sword- $900

Katana- $1000

Rapier- $800

Kestros- $475

Bident- $700

Javelin- $550

Slingshot- $250


Shield- $750

Armor- $1500

Helmet- $375


Air Matress- $850

Sleeping Bag- $500

Pot- $300

Hypodermic Needle- $175

Inhaler- $100

Painkillers- $450

Pharmacy Medicine- $675

Capitol Medicine- $1250

Gauze- $300

Backpack- $475

Flint- $225

Pillow- $100

Night Vision Googles- $750

Swiss Army Knife- $750

Lantern- $800

Flashlight- $700

Blanket- $250

Binoculars- $450

Fiberscope- $600

Fishing Rod- $400

Filled Water Bottle- $300

Filled Water Canteen- $500

Chariot Rides


Tributes Outfit

Chariot Design

1 Lucifer is wearing a blue king robe. The lapels of the robe have a decorated arrange sequence of jewels. The sequence is ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, and repeats in that order. He's also wearing a blue pimp hat. Temperance is wearing a fluorescent orange ball gown that is bedazzled. She is also wearing a sedated boa constrictor covered in indigo feathers. The seats of the chariot are covered in red velvet sheets. The chariot itself has a platinum shell surrounding it. the wheels have blaring white lights reflecting from them.
2 Chandler is dressed like a samurai with a suit that covers his entire body because his stylist thought his crossdressing would scare people. Amme is dressed in a blue gym shirt and dark gray gym shorts. For creativity she is also wearing yellow boxing gloves with finger holes. The chariot is pure black with a thick white stripe going across the middle. on the back of the chariot are two standing punching bags. One is blue, one is red. Also, there are two spotlights between the punching bags.
3 Makeshift tries to fix a computer on the chariot to make himself look intelligent. While trying to fix it, he accidentally causes it to blow a gasket and he pushes it off the chariot fearing it may explode. Logical is wearing a black full body suit with a black hat and black goggles. Instead of wheels, the chariot is moving from a conveyor belt. There are 23 screens, each showing the death of a different tribute from the previous games. A large antennae sticks from the back which is where the signal for the videos is being obtained.
4 Both tributes are in swimsuits. Jenna is in a red bikini and is wearing a transluscent turquoise veil over it. Leon is wearing a full body wet suit. He is also holding a large surfboard with the District 4 emblem on it. The chariot is designed similar to a hovercraft. Live fish are swimming freely inside. There are also pipelines on the outside of the chariot pumping water at a rapid rate like a tidal current. The fish sometimes get sucked into the pipelines and are pumped through. The fish aren't bif enough to clog the pipes.
5 Both tributes are wearing motion capture suits. Lark has also painted his body light blue to make himself look like a member of the capital The chariot is electric blue and has loose live wires hanging off of it. The chariot is pushed by a spinning magnet releasing sparks as it moves along.
6 Tundra is wearing polar bear feet gloves and boots. Her face is outlined in powdery white face paint. She is also wearing a white fur vest. Petrol is wearing a full body polyester suit. The chariot has razor sharp wheels that can cut through sheet metal. The chariot is powered by a steam engine that has a device inside to change the color of the steam and surrounds the tributes.

Almond is dressed similar to Paul Bunyan. He is wearing a navy blue flannel button shirt. He is wearing jeans and a belt. Almond is holding an fake axe as tall as him. Addie is dressed in a ruffled green dress that makes her look like a pine tree.

The chariot is covered in heavy foliage. The foliage covers part of the tribute's faces. Pine fresheners are hidden in the foliage to give it a District 7 smell.
8 Alexa and Furry are both dressed as Peacekeepers, but with an added addition to their outfit. For Alexa has vines spiraling up her arms that are made of the fake grass used in golf. Furry is flipping off the Capitol and on his finger are polyester rings. The chariot is colored in the color spectrum. The colors go in order from red to vermillion to orange to amber to yellow to chartreuse to green to cyan to blue to indigo to violet. The colors are all neon and luminescent. The front has narrow spotlights protruding out of them.
9 Selena is dressed like a black cat. Her claws are 3 inches long and her tail is as thick as her hair. Harvey is dressed like a Siberian Husky. He is wearing a removable arch that makes him look like he has carnivore teeth. Selena's fur is covered in glitter that makes her black coat sparkle. The chariot is shaped like a tractor with a large one pass  plow on the back. The entire chariot is painted light gold. The emblem of District 9 is engraved on the front.
10 Aurora is covered in dazzling amber and vermillon feathers that make her look like a phoneix. Synthetic flames originated from the feathers and go all th way hanging behind her. Fake ashes continue to fall from the feathers. Russell is covered in fake orange fur similar to a tiger. There are stripes made of fine black powder going across the fur. The chariot is designed in a leopard print pattern. Surrounding the tributes, is a chain fan with vines hangin from the inside. Fake birds are perched atop the fence chirping the anthem of Panem over and over.
11 Both tributes are dressed as oxen. The fake fur falls over both tributes eyes so they can't be seen making them look more mysterious. They are also wearing cardboard hooves. The chariot is designed with animal patterns. The chariot itself is cow pattern. The back has large peacock feathers. A skunk stripe is on the bottom. Chicken feathers are glued in various places on the chariot
12 Knight and Bradley are both dressed as paramedics. Bradley is holding cardiac defibrillators and rubbing the two paddles together. Luckily they aren't on so no one will get hurt. Knight is holding a bowl of real and bloody animal organs. He swishes them through his hands. The chariot is designed as the bottom have of an ambulance. On the back of the chariot is a blaring siren. A fake cadaver lies between the two tributes.

Interviews: Flicka Geisen

Tributes/ Questions

Question 1

Answer 1

Question 2

Answer 2


If the appearance of a tribute is a prime factor in deciding who wins, which male and female would have the best chance of winning? Haha. Well, firstly, the only good looking one here is me. Everyone else, well, they look as poor as thier lifestyle. Anyways, I suppose I have to choose. For the guy, Leon, I guess? And for the girl, Selena, District 7. I guess. But I'll still slaughter both of them. Selena, you better hope you have nine lives, because you're the first one I'm going to gut. What type of Muttation would you be most afraid to see in Arena and why?

A clone of one of these other tributes. The thought of their faces is horrific. Hahahaha hahahahahahah ahahaha.


What weapon in the Arena allows the victim to have the most slow and painful death and would you resort to it? It really depends on the wielder of the weapon. Some may torture their victims, some may not. Oh well. I think a curved blade, for instance, a scythe or sickle, would be pretty painful. But the absolute worst, would be a chain and hook. The perpetrator could dig the hook into you whilst throttling you with the chain. I personally would resort to the weapon. Who would be the last person you would ever want to kill and why? I guess you're talking about the tributes? That's a hard one. There's no one I wouldn't mind killing. Maybe Temperance, because if I came out alive I would never be forgiven by her friends and family. 


Do you believe that the idea of a Career Alliance has become useless now that it's ben shown it almost never works? Of course! Dad if your listening too this and I bet you are the truth is that the career Alliance is shit and I know this year is going to suck this year Because we have the wolf boy, the blondie who is the snake charmer, the cross dresser who is too gay to gay to function, the stupid girl who is scared of the masked man and finally Leon, the guy I can stand. So yeah the Career Alliance is useless. What quality of yours do you think made the best impression on the Capitol? Hmm back at home I think I am so ugly, I look like a demon but people say I am hot, so I will say my looks and my confident attitude!


You clearly freak out the Capitol as a crossdresser. Do you think that quality of yours will make you victim of a Gamemaker trap made solely to get rid of someone who creeps them out? Hmmm, those Capitol bitches be jealous of Chrissy's sexiness so yeah there jealous of my sexiness, so watch out Panem I am pretty sure that I will be the next victor! Which tribute do you find most attractive? Hmm if I am gay If I was straight I would go for Logic but I hate her choice of fashion but I am crazy for that Russell, his ginger hair weeds look good while flowing in the wind, his green eyes are like emerald and I could list alot about him. Russell is just to sexyyy *Does a blows a kiss*


Do you think any tributes are smarter than you and if so which one or ones? I don't want to sound overconfident or anything, but please. I've been the brains of my district ever since I was a little girl. And even if there was someone smarter than me in the arena, I wouldn't be able to tell you who, because I'd rather not get to know any of the other tributes anyways. It's quite obivious brains beats brawns. Do you think there is ever a situation that bypasses that theory? Perhaps. Obviously, if you were punched or kicked to death or something, there's no way smarts could get you out of that situation, but typically, thinking logically and being intelligent is the way to go.


You clearly made an idiot of yourself on the Chariot ride. I believe that by doing that, other Tributes won't worry about you. Which tribute do you think you'll have to keep a close eye on despite doing that? Temperance, that girl from District 1... I mean, she's a snake charmer. What the hell, man. If there are no storms in the Arena, what would be your idea to produce electricity? It depends on what kind of arena I'm in. I can't really answer that since I wouldn't know. But I'm sure I'd be able to figure out a way.


Do you feel the outfit you wore was a tactic made by a pedo in the Capitol? Or do you think your stylist just wanted you to get attention with it? I think a little of both. I think my stylist what to appeal to the pedophiles in the Capitol so they made me wear it. Being from a District that heavily involves swimming, I don't mind my outfit. I don't like how it was used for the Capitol's sick sexual pleasure. Who would be the ideal Final Four for you? Makeshift, Arvird, Chandler, and I. Makeshift is an idiot, Arvird is too timid to kill, and Chandler is seen as a freak by the Capitol so I think they would be the easiest to take out and win.


Where would the best hiding place be for you? Hiding place? HIDING PLACE?! The games aren't for hiding, they're for killing! Those other puny tributes can run and hide as much as they want, but I promise you that I'll always be on the move with my careers at my side, looking for my next victim. And that is how I'll win. Who do you think the first tribute to die will be? Probably one of those puny twelve year-olds. Some stupid tribute who thinks they can just run up to the cornucopia and grab some of our precious supplies. All I know is whoever dies first, I can guarantee that I will be the one to spill their blood.


An old saying is like father like daughter. If this saying is true do you think you have a better chance of being a victor? No, in fact it worsens my chances because people will believe that his skills were passed onto me and will kill me first so they don't take the risks. My dad is putting a lot of pressure on me, so I don't know if that will help. It's quite clear that the Cornucopia is the most death filled event in the games. If they want entertainment, why do you think they let so many deaths happen initially? I have no idea. Maybe they didn't intend on it being the event with the highest death rate abd once it became it, there was nothing they an do.


Will you miss your parents in the arena? No... I... will never miss them...ever. I won't say anything about them either... yet...  Do you think the Games have ever been rigged before the reapings to ensure victory to a specific District? Of course. The gamemakers always have their favorites... [winks]


You came from District 0, a District that had never been part of the Hunger Games. What's the hardest part of going from not worrying about a battle to the death to being in one? Well, I guess when I lived in District 0, I have safety...but my life was kinda boring, it was the same thing...I know its not good to be fighting to my death, but it will give me a thrill I have never before...and really I can be one of the first ever people to represent District 0 in a game...and if I win I can do both them and District 6 proud. Do you believe any of the Tributes outfits during the Chariot rides made a mockery of something, and if so which and how? No. I really was happy, as I loved District 0 and the chariots gave me a chance to show what I was really life, as to be honest you cannot think of District 0 and not see the colour white. It showed I was proud of my can I complain about that.


What do you think the average of all the Training Scores will be and who do you think will score lowest? Usually it is around a 5 or 6...but as for lowest...I guess I do not know the tributes well enough to guess this, but usually it is a lower 8 or 11...maybe it may even be a Career, I really have no clue at all. As more and more tributes die not only do your chances of winning increase, but also your chance of dying next. Which do you focus on more and how does it affect your gamplay? Well...your chance of winning are good...but they are always so small...1 in 24...1 in 8...even 1 in 4...but your chances of dying next...everyone but the victors dies...meaning those odds are so hurtful...they are so...I really dont know what to say...the drive me nuts...they can haunt you so much...and ruin your, turn you into a wreck...


Do you think the fact District 7 females make it far into the games makes your odds higher? Yes! Because District 7 knows survival and how to handle a weapon. We live in the wilds remember?? We can hunt and Chop trees using axe that's why my Favoured weapon is the axe :) Do you have any events in your life that you can remember that could bring you into the spirit of the competition? You know my life is hard I have no friends and I din't know why.. And I will prove to them that I am a useful person when I win.


Which of your two Victor mentors has been a better guide for you in the games and which one's experience makes you understand how serious of a situation you are in? My male mentor, the female ones have been mentoring my district partner. It's well known that more wood in an arena makes the games more interesting. Do you think it's also better for District 7 tributes? I think it does give us a distinct advantage. District 7 citizens practicly grew up scaling trees.


If you're not in an alliance, do you believe you're not targetted because the alliances are more of a concern or are you at greater risk because you're an easy target? I don't know how to answer that, depends on who the alliances are. If it's a strong one like the Career pack than of course they'll take out the Alliances so they don't have to worry about them later. If you have one as weak as the alliance last year, which somehow had the winner, then they're going to be taking out the loners to prepare themselves against the Careers. Do you feel the fact that last year both tributes being among the first 5 killed tainted your chance for sponsors? Those tributes were weak and deserved to die if they were weak enough to get eliminated first. It's quite obious Furry or I will win, most likely me so I don't know why our chances would be tainted with idiots like last year's tributes.


You insulted the entire Capitol on public TV. Do you think they will try to get back at you for that, or do you think that kind of defiance is what they want to see? It doesn't matter, they wouldn't bother their time with me as a District 8 tribute. The sponsors will easily want to sponsor me because of how awesome I was and the sponsors are what's going to win me the Games These tributes tokens are a memory of home. Do you think it wouldn't be wrong to sacrifice your life to protect it? It's not just wrong it's stupid. You're going to lose it when I kill them so why waste your life on a stupid trinket.


Your birth was an accident. Does this make you care less about whether or not you die? Of course I care if I die. i still have soooo much to live for, I made a promise to Lillian that I would look After Holly and I intend to try my hardest to fulfil that promise. Do you believe last year's tributes made a better impression on District 9? Yes. No one really understands the labours and the things that go on in District 9. It is incredibly exhausting place to be so for both tributes to come out and get 12's was amazing. They both did well in the games as well with both getting into the final 10 and Finley getting into the final 8 was amazing. I just hope I can repeat that this year but without Harvey.


Which tributes would need to be killed in the Cornucopia to give you a better chance of emerging victorious? Almost definitely the D1 and 2 duos. The district 4 male and furry Anderson. But Selena is min. *shouts at Careers* any of you scumbags touch her and I will peel the skin from your bones while you watch and make you eat it. * crazy laugh* If tributes can survive by running away from the Cornucopia, why don't more do it then wait for people to clear out? Because then they know there will be no other tributes to distract the careers which would make them the main focus and easily killable.


In a dire situation, what would be your last resort for food? If I couldn't hunt or scavage at all...tree bark, I suppose. It's not bad for you at all, or so I've been told. Well, most kinds. I'd have to pick out the right tree, but I could manage that. What would be the worst possible Arena in the Games this year and how would you protect yourself from the elements of the arena? I suppose I'm not all that used to cold weather; that could be a problem. I'd have to make sure to find not only a way to keep myself warm, but also a consistent source of food. It's difficult to search for it in those conditions. And I'd have to keep in mind that the wind can be as dangerous as any temperature.


It's illegal to train for the games, but do you believe that the tools used for raising livestock can be a replacement for training? I don't think anything can be a replacement for true weapons training, but I could see how it would help. At the very least, you're building strength and endurance. You need it if you're going to deal with livestock. Do you think the tributes should be allowed to bring a live animal into the games? Well, if Aurora and I can bring bulls, and everybody else is stuck with a house cat or something...haha, no, I don't think so. It would be interesting, but it would take away from the Games. We're here to find out who has the most talent and courage, not who can train an animal the best.


If a tribute becomes ill do you believe they are an easy target or best to be saved for last? They are an easy target. If you wait too long they could get better and become a tougher opponent final battle, not that anyone chance against me. How does it feel switching from a life of hard work to relaxing for a few days? It's nice to get a break. I need to make the most of my short childhood which could be shortened by the Games, maybe it's not worth it.


Without uniforms this year, how do you think tributes will resort to not drawing attention to themselves from their outfits? As long as there is an area with heavy foliage, it should provide decent protection for tributes. Some might hide underground as long as it doesn't crush their chest. Which is more important to have in the Games? Food or Weapons? Food of course. Weapons will only come in handy when you're being attacked, but food can help you while you're in hiding.


Do you believe you Chariot Ride outfit made you look harmless? No. I believe it is a way to show the citizens the selection this year. As if I would ever look harmless. *rolls eyes* I really just want to knock some heads. Why is your name Bradley if you're a girl? It's obvious that my dad wanted a boy. An he was too prideful and arrogant to think of another damn name. *huffs* Yeah.


Did Thistel's victory last year make you more comfortable about being a 12 year old in the games? Well I've never watched a games before but why should I have ever felt uncomfortable playing games? It's just a game, after all...right? How many days will the Games last? Hopefully a really long time! These games sound really fun, and the food and clothes that these oddly-dressed people keep giving us are a lot better than the stuff we have back in District 12!

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Temperance 4
Lucifer 2
Amme 5
Chandler 6
Logical 4
Makeshift 6
Jenna 1
Leon 12
Jay 9
Lark 7
Tundra 8
Petrol 1
Addie 10
Almond 7
Alexa 5
Furry 4
Selena 7
Harvey 5
Aurora 9
Russell 8
Raquel 9
Arvird 6
Bradley 9
Knight 1


Day 1- Putting the Big in Beginning

The Gamemaker, Ludum Factorem makes an announcement "I have a sad announcement to make, this the last year of the Hunger Games." All the tributes are excited and he continues, "Having 24 tributes. Only the winner this year will get what I mean now let the Games begin. " The gong immediately goes off. Makeshift, who was too distracted to hear the announcement, is ahead. He stupidly goes as close to the Cornucopia as he can. He grabs 2 gym bags, a wire, and a tent. Temperance runs after him to kill him with the axe she got. Makeshift notices the cliff  and gets nervous. Temperance is gaining on him.  Makeshift trips right near the cliff and starts sliding down. He should've died, but lucky for him, he landed on his tent and started sliding down like a sled. Makeshift is having too much fun sliding down to realize how dangerous his situation is. He hits the lower level and the momentum of his trip causes him to hit the ground so hard, he dislocates his shoulder. Temperance thinks Makeshift has died and goes back to make up for lost time.

Lark starts scouring the Cornucopia hoping he learned a few things in the Capitol.  While searching, he gets ambushed by Leon. He flips him to the ground and puts a sword to his neck. Lark grabs a shuriken and throws it in Leon's shoulder allowing him to escape with a fluorescent backpack and plastic box of raspberries. While running away, he accidentally runs into Russell and tackles him. Lark apologizes and runs away before Leon can catch and kill him. Leon goes chasing after Lark and steps on Russell's chest. He looks down and sees Russell. Leon thinks for a moment and tells Russell "You know, I was going to take down Lark, but I just remembered you got a higher training score. This is my only chance to take you down, your the better target." Russell tries to reason with him "Wouldn't it be better to make me your ally since you got a one." Leon tells him "My final placement will be one, so no." He stabs Russell right through the glasses and eye killing him. Leon robs him of what he got, hops over the river, and heads towards the zipline.

Tundra is watching as fights break out at the Cornucopia. She looks at tributes trying to figure out what to do. She sees Logical get away with only fishing gear and some crackers. Tundra decides to just grab whatever she can find. She gets a backpack, the only crossbow, a hunting knife, and air mattress. Temperance throws a spike on a  4 square inch board into her leg. She tackles Tundra and tells her "Say hello to my snake. It will constrict you and kill you slowly and painfully." A snake slithers out of her hair disguised as a hair lock. Tundra flips Temperance over, takes the snake, and puts a knife to it. Tundra tells her "Let me leave or the snake gets it." Temperance reluctantly agrees and Tundra gives her the snake back. Temperance starts talking to her snake "Don't worry, we'll kill her later." She turns around and Tundra, to be safe hurls Furry at her knocking her to the ground. Temperance screams "Get off my you freaky stalker." She tosses him aside, gets up, and asks him "What is wrong with you?" Suddenly, she notices the deep open knife wound in the back of his head that Tundra gave to him. Tundra hops the river with the knife and air mattress in her backpack. Tundra starts heading towards the zipline, when Leon, who was also headed towards the zipline, discovers her he arrogantly says "Two for one." He starts pursuing her. Tundra sees Leon and starts running even faster. Leon is catching up to Tundra, when he steps on a tile, triggers a trap, a copper ball on a plank flies up, and hits him in the forehead killing him. Tundra looks back and sees Leon dead. She grabs a fruit from the tree, and takes a ride down the zipline. As she's riding down, a branch slices through her hand  and she falls off. She catches a break because the fruit she grabbed broke her fall, while squishing it as well. Tundra is bummed she lost food but elated to have survived the Cornucopia Bloodbath.

Petrol and Bradley keep focusing on each other for different reasons. Petrol is planning on killing Bradley first and Bradley is seeing through his idea. Bradley isn't worried because Petrol got a one in his training score Petrol takes a club and starts planning his attack. Bradley gathers an awl, a water canteen, and book of matches. Bradley starts running for the cliff when Petrol steals her water canteen, and puts the strap around her neck. He releases it when she turns around. She sees him with a club and a blanket. She bursts into laughter and asks "How can you hurt me with a blanket?" Petrol whips her with her planket causing her to flinch in pain. Bradley tries to retaliate with her awl. With every thrust, Petrol uses his club as a shield protecting him from each attack. She finally scores a hit in his pelvis which causes him to whack he rover the head with his club. He pushes her back with his foot causing her to roll down the steep cliff. The more she rolls, the more head trauma she rolls down the cliff. When she finally hits the bottom, her head is severly traumatized and Bradley is dead.

Chandler is in the mouth of the Cornucopia looking for a grenade seeing as he's a prime target for the Capitol. He has obtained a scimitar, a thick sleeping bag, a blindfold, and hiker sized backpack. He takes a broomsweep to the legs and almost falls over. Before he can find out who is ambushing him, he gets caught in a headlock by Lucifer. Lucifer tells him "You are a freak by the Capitol's perspective, this will get me major credit from them." Lucifer pulls out a switchblade, and hits the button. He thrusts the switchblade at Lucifer's ear. Chandler is so nervous he pulls out a move he's not sure is allowed. He bites Lucifer's arm so hard, he bleeds out. While Lucifer was recovering from his bleeding, Chandler ties his hands together and starts trying to over power him. Lucifer starts breaking through the blindfold and Chadler gets the strength to spin him around and toss him across the arena. Lucifer accidentally steps on a plate that expels a poisonous gas. He inhales enough to disorient him and he stumbles to the river falling in. He is swept away by the current, falls over the waterfall, and lands on a metal wire that cut through his abdomen causing him to bleed out. Chandler takes this as a sign he needs to get out and flees the Cornucopia.

Aurora runs away with a net and spear and collides with Jay. Jay says to her "I promied my dad I'd do decent." Aurora begs for her life and after some time, Jay agrees under one condition. She helps take down a tribute. Aurora charges at the tribute, throws the net on him, and pulls it back tripping him to the ground. Jay says to the tribute "Alright Arvird, your time is up." Arvird asks "What are you doing?" Jay answers "You got a relatively high training score for someone of your age, weakness, district, and timidity. You got higher than the Career tributes and I ain't trusting you." Arvird freaks out and starts stuttering while explaining "I don't I don't know how I got the score either. I'm not strong trust trust me. I'm better for a final opponent." Jay exclaims "Shut up." She takes out a knife and gives him a Glasgow smile. Arvird screams in agony and starts trying to reason with her "I'm too young to die, really." Jay shouts "Liar Darcy last year was 12, Knight is 12, Makeshift is 13, and one or both will die." Aurora pulls out her spear. Aurora stabs Arvird through the top of his head and out his gooch at the same time Jay stabs him in the heart. They pull out their weapons and dump Arvird's body off the side of the cliff. Aurora ask "Don't you think that was a little extreme?" Jay replies "Maybe, but I wanted to make one people would remember." Aurora replies "The Capitol definitely won't." The two part ways. Aurora away from the Cornucopia and Jay to get a tomahawk and small backpack.

The two District 7 tributes are going throguh the Bloodbath believing they are going to win. Almond mutters "Okay this year, I'll be the first District 7 male to win." He runs towards the mouth and takes a labrys. In the mouth, he grabs a sword, crate of fruit, and gym bag. He starts climbing up the inside of the Cornucopia to hide. He peeks out and notices no one fighting not realizing most of it is going on to the sides. As he climbs back up someone pulls his leg and brings him down. Amme wraps her arm around his head and starts chatting with him. "Hello pretty boy, District 7 is really looking good this year isn't it with all its winners." Almond responds "I guess." Amme tells him "You do know how only one District 2 tribute won these games ever since they restarted for District misbehvior huh?" Almond replies "Yeah, I know." Amme continues "It means a lot of people are going to go after District 7, it would be nice to get another District 2 victor. District 7's history in the games and your training scores make you great choices to win. Do you know where I'm getting at?" Almond guesses "You want to ally with me because you think I'll be good for your image with the Capitol so you can win?" Amme tell him "Not quite." She pulls out a scythe a jams the blade through the roof of his mouth and into his brain. She pulls it out and says "It means in order for District 2 to win, District 7 must go early. Goodbye Almond." Addie is pursuing Knight as practice for when she starts killing more tributes, seeing him as a practice dummy. Knight trips over a backpack, rolls over and is sitting down. Addie is standing right in front of him with a tomahawk and tells him "Don't worry, this will only hurt for a second and you'll never feel pain again. Knight panics and looks around. He finds a rapier, dives towards it as she tries to hit him with her axe, and he scrambles towards it. Addie misses and yells "You wanna do this the hard way?" She tries again and Knight gets the rapier. Knight slice the head off the tomahawk and stabs Addie in the heart. She starts bleeding around her pericardium (heart sac) and when he pulls it out that blood is released out her sternum and she collapses dead.

That night, 8 cannons go off. The remaining Careers gather around near the whirlpool and start discussing strategy. Suddenly, Selena comes out and asks to join them. Amme blurts out "No, no more Career alliance, okay? Have you noticed the Career alliance has never won. That's because all the other tributes team up andd take them down. We think we're making the smart choice, but all we're doing is keeping the greater competition for last when we're hungry, weaker, and possibly injured. There is no point in the Career alliance anymore. All a Career alliance does is make us easy targets. If you want to set yourselves up for death fine, but I'm out." Selena slams her hatchet into Amme's back splitting her ribcage open. She runs away with the supplies. Chandler finally loses it "What is your problem? All she did was tell the truth and you tried to kill her. You really think you can win when the Capitol doesn't want a sociopath like you winning? I'm gonna do them a favor right now." He takes his scimitar, stabs Selena in the lung, and runs off with his supplies. Temperance and Jenna start talking not caring about Selena who is coughing up blood. "You think she's right Temperance?" "Now that I think of it, yeah she is right. I have all the alliance I need see ya Jenna. Good riddance, Selena." Nine cannons fire. Chandler goes to Amme who's trying to climb up the cliff "Wait, Amme." He starts talking to her "You were right, everything you said was right. Don't worry I'll help you through your ordeal." Amme claims "I might not last long." Chandler tells her " I won't either, the Capitol has it out for me, but look I'll do everything I can to make sure you win before they kill me, okay." Amme says "Thanks."

At 11:58 PM the faces of the dead tributes are projected. Everyone can't help but cheer when they see Almond and Addie have died. Amme is happy to see Selena is dead. Makeshift thinks to himself "Maybe I'm going to win."

Day 2- A Dose of Irony

Makeshift wakes up in his tent happy that he is not dead. He decides to look inside his gym bags to see what he got at the Cornucopia. First, he looks in the red bag. He finds a life jacket, fruits, nuts, a liter of water, rope, barbed wire, blowgun with 5 darts, and a flashlight. His second green one contains two fiberscopes, gauze, a lantern, three tranquilizer darts, a vial of poison, and a sleeping bag. Makeshift has no idea what time it is so he needs to scope out the area. He cuts flaps in three sides of his tent with one of the darts. Using his fiberscope, he peeps out each hole. In the first hole, he spots Temperance setting up a trap involving wire and a propane tank. The next hole showed the cliff. The final hole, he sees Logical fishing on a bridge. She casts her rod and the high pressure current yanks the line right off the rod. The force causes her to lose grip of the fishing rod and it's swept out by the current. With no weapon, Makeshift sees her as no threat. To be on the safe side he poisons his darts, takes his tranquilizer darts with him and blowgun. He leaves his tent careful to avoid Temperance. When he exits, he encounters a porcelain white unicorn. Dazzled by its beauty, he tries to pet it and it stabs its horn through Makeshift's hand. Makeshift runs away with the unicorn chasing after him. He collides with Logical and the bridge starts collapsing under their combined weight. Luckily, they get off the bridge before it gives way. Makeshift apologizes and flees. The unicorn stops before it can cross the bridge. Logical tries to recover from the fall and starts talking. "How did they get a unicorn in the arena? They don't exist." What Logical doesn't know is, she's being watched by Jay. While Logical is distracted, Jay gets a handful of dirt and ambushes her. Jay shoves dirt down Logical's glasses and pushes her near a depression. Logical almost falls in, but saves herself at the last second. Right then she receives a 300 degree burt of steam causing severe burns to her body. She collapses and tries to catch her breath, but dies. A cannon fires.

Aurora is at her station on the higher level. She feels good about having survived the first day. She has set up her area of stuff she got at the Cornucopia which include a spear, stale loaf of bread, a plastic helmet, and a lantern. She takes a fruit off the tree she's near and eats it. She has no idea, she's being stalked. Inside one of the pit traps, Raquel lies in wait of attacking her. She got a decent supply including a bear trap, night vision goggles, a pill bottle labeled "Capitol Medicine Only use for severe infection.", two Capitol meals, rope, a large spike, three throwing knives, and an inflated air mattress. Raquel sees Aurora's attack on Arvird as an attack on District 11 and wants to take her down to save her own butt. She ties the rope to the spike and hurls it, embedding the spike in the ground. She climbs up and lies in wait of Aurora. Aurora eats her fruit and later needs to defecate from the laxative effect of the fruit. She looks for somewhere to go and almost falls into a pit trap. She says to herself "I'll regret this." She starts using the pit trap as a toiler and Raquel makes her move. Right as she finishes, Raquel towers over Aurora saying "You're next." Aurora quickly fixes her clothes, puts her helmet on, and starts running. She passes by her base and grabs her spear. Right as she's running, she triggers the pit trap Raquel was in. She falls head first and lands on the air mattress saving her from breaking her neck. Raquel starts throwing her knives at Aurora, missing each time. Aurora wants to retaliate by throwing the knives back at her, but doesn't want to risk missing. She considers living there until she realizes Raquel could easily climb down. She finds her spear and has an idea. Aurora throws her spear at the ground right under Raquel. The dirt collapses and Raquel falls down with the air mattress breaking her fall. While Raquel is experiencing ground shock, Aurora climbs up the rope with her spear. Raquel recovers and throws a knife at Aurora lodging it into her back. After which, Raquel chases her back up the rope. Aurora has a plan. She waits till Raquel gets out and jumps off the cliff, onto a ridge ten feet below. Raquel, too stressed to think straight, goes down the zip line. While riding, Raquel looks back and realizes she's been tricked.She is subsquently attacked by branches she's slamming into. Raquel let's go and hits the ground. She says to herself "Ow, I swear I'm going to kill that girl. Aurora is happy to have Raquel's supply.

Amme and Chandler are hanging out on a large fern. Chandler asks Amme "So, are you feeling better?" Amme responds "Yeah a little, but I'm having a little trouble breathing." Chandler tells her "Don't worry we'll get our sponsor gifts soon." Amme questions "Do you really think the Capitol would allow you to get sponsors?" Chandler says "Harsh, but true. I'm going to make sure I beat the Capitol and prove to them I can win even if they are rigged." Amme replies "It's so unfair that they would target primarily you, why not Furry he insulted the Capitol." Chandler points out "He's dead, but maybe they could attack Tundra, she's an easy target since her District has never participated." Amme says "I guess, I'm hungry what do you got?" Chandler opens his box looks at what he's got. He tells Amme "This is odd." Amme asks "What is it?" Chandler pulls out what looks to be beef jerky and Amme asks "What is that?" Chandler thinks aloud "I don't know. It looks like beef jerk, but it doesn't smell like it. Maybe the Capitol poisoned it to kill me." A slightly blurry view of Chandler and Amme is seen. It's the leader of the bison herd. They are enraged to see Chandler holding bison jerky. The leader heads them to attack. Amme and Chandler decide to throw the jerky away. Chandler asks "What do you want?" At that moment, a herd of bison come in and start to trample Chandler. In the midst of the ambush, a cannon fires. After what seems to be an endless attack, the herd clears and she looks at Chandler's dead, battered, and trampled body. After the hovercraft takes Chandler away, Amme says "Capitol if you're watching this, you got what you want now leave me alone."

Temperance is at her area and she says to her snake "Okay almost done." She climbs up the wall with the wire in hand. She makes it to the top and then climbs the Cornucopia and puts the wire erect on top of the Cornucopia. She realizes she forgot her rope. Temperance goes back down, grabs the rope, an dwhen she gets back up she is exhausted. She ties one end of the rope to the wire and the other is placed inside the flamethrower. She slowly slides back down and says to her snake "Everything is in place. Once lightning hits the wire at the highest point of the arena it will conduct the electricity to the propane tank which will explode and the fire will attract tributes. That's when I take them down. Or some idiot will activate the flamethrower burning the rope and the heating will be conducted through the wire, heating up the propane tank, with the same results. Now we get far from the propane tank to avoid dying, but close enough to be quick to get there." They go near the whirlpool and lie in wait. While waiting, the unicorn that attacked Makeshift returns to kill Temperance. Not afraid, Temperance singals her snake to ambush the unicorn. it constricts the unicorn long enough for it to pass out and while unconscious, Temperance shoots down the unicorn with a bow and arrow. The snake returns to Temperance, and as she's cogratulating it, Chandler's cannon fires startling Temperance enough to accidentally toss her snake in the whirlpool sucking it under. Temperance is devastated knowing she lost her snake and that it was her fault. She now has to win without her snake.

Jenna is sitting around bored and wondering if she should reconsider breaking the alliance. She realizes she never got water at the Cornucopia and understandably feels like an idiot. Jenna looks around for water. She knows she can't try to drink the river water because she'll get swept away. She continues looking and discover a body of water teeming with aquatic plants. She tries to get some water, but there's too much plant life to get in. Jenna tries using her body weight to remove the plants, but she soon discovers, there's so much flora, you can stand on it without falling through. Jenna gets frustrated and realizes she has a clawed glove. She grabs it and returns to the lake. She starts clawing through the plants. It's a struggle, but she slowly gets through the aquatic plants . Right as she reaches the water, the now weakened plants collapse under Jenna's weight and she goes underwater. She tries to climb back up, but winds up plugging the hole with ripped plants blocking her only escape. She desperately tries to surface, but the plants leave her trapped underwater. Jenna cannot breathe and tries to get out, but she can't rip through the plants. She soon loses consciousness and a cannon fires after. The District 4 female has ironically died by drowning.

Makeshift returns after hiding from the unicorn and discovers Petrol circling it to kill the person inside. Makeshift wants to hide in his tent, but can't. He decides to kill Petrol with his darts. He grabs a dart and shoots Petrol causing him to collapse immediately. Makeshift runs back to his tent, but not before removing the dart from Petrol. What Makeshift doesn't know is Petrol isn't dead. He had accidentally shot Petrol with the tranquilizer dart not the poisoned one.

That night at 11:58 PM, they project the tribute's faces, but no one looks because of the day they had.

Day 3- Coming Into Place

Amme is more exhausted, but is confident that now that Chandler is dead, the Capitol will leave her alone. She is looking through what Chandler had, when she is proven wrong. Another porcelain white unicorn has come to kill Amme. The unicorn drives its horn into Amme's rib and she decides to fight back. She scrambles and fights 4 shurikens. She throws them at the unicorn embedding them into the unicorn's side, in nonfatal areas. The unicorn goes too far when it starts eating Amme's food. She uses this opportunity to take down the unicorn. She pulls out a sword and decapitates the unicorn. Afterwards, she comes to the realization that the Capitol has it out for her, so she decides to switch her tactics from offense to defense. She searches the arena for an area to stay safe for the time being. While wandering, she finds a tree that stands out from all the others with its bright leaves and floral vines. She decides that's the perfect area to set up her area. She retrieves her supplies and starts setting up traps. First, she weakens the strength of the vine with a serated knife, and then she hooks one end of a bungee cord on one end and the other onto a branch so anyone who gets near it will get whipped by a vine. Next, she makes a mannequin of herself that would look like a silhouette of her in the dark. She places it near a pile of branches so anyone who gets close to it will get stabbed or cut. Then, she sets up tripwires around the compound with spear heads in front to stab whoever trips over one. Finally, she gets a bow and arrow and uses a rope to tense the wire and hold it back. Amme then uses the slack of the rope to make a tripwire so anyone who sets it off will get hit with an arrow. Amme gets her mattress and lays down confident that she'll be safe until the games are over as long as she rations her food and water out proportionally.

Tundra is still doing what she's been doing since after she nearly died, digging away the cliff to make a shelter to hide herself in the depression. For the past few days she's been living off the limited food supply in her backpack. For water, the salty waterfall provided her a lot of water. The water has also been making her sick. She has seen what Temperance has been doin gfor the past few days and fears she is next. She knows Makeshift is in his tent, but sees as too much of an idiot to be a threat. Petrol is still unconscious and Tundra thinks the District partnership will spare her, but she won't take her chances. She finally gets deep enough that it is an efficient shelter. As Tundra is positioning herself, Petrol wakes up after being unconscious. With no memory of being knocked out, he forgets he was patrolling the tent and leaves. Tundra panics and constructs a barrier of rocks. Petrol passes by without noticing Tundra. Tundra is relieved that she's safe, until she vomits and starts feeling extremely dehydrated.

Harvey and Lark are hiding inside the Cornucopia they made an alliance after the Cornucopia, each for a different reason. Lark sees Harvey as the weakesy player and by allying with him until the end where he can kill him easily and win. Harvey allied with Lark because he knows Lark's secret and he knows if Lark wins, the Districts will see it as the Capitol rigging the games so they would rather have him win to keep their reputation. They start talking about what they saw yesterday. "I saw Temperance carrying a wire towards the Cornucopia and a rope towards something sticking out of the ground. Do you know why she might do that?" Lark replies "No, but I know it can't be good. Should we check it out?" harvey says "I don't know it could be a trap. We should both go because there's no way she can take both you and I down." Lark agrees and they start following the copper wire. They reach the cliff and they have trouble following it. They start slowly going down. While descending the cliff, one of the rocks Harvey was holding onto falls off causing Harvey to fall down. He gets lucky and lands on a ridge. Lark comes down and since he doesn't want to take on Temperance all by himself, he stays with Harvey until he gets better.

Temperance is still devastated at the loss of her snake. It was her primary weapon and without it, she is more vulnerable. She looks through her supplies to see what she can do. She sees multicolored lights in the distance and decides to follow them with a scimitar and lantern. The lights start moving faster and she runs faster until it turns around and collides with her. She exclaims "What's the big idea?" She notices a large, nearly golden reindeer. The each end of the antlers are lit up in spectrum order. She hopes it isn't deadly and the reindeer nuzzles up to her. She yells "Get off." Temperance looks at her scimitar and formulates a plan. "This reindeer runs pretty fast, and the lights will attract tributes. I bet if i use it as mode of transportation, I'll be unstoppable. But first I'll need a test subject." She leads the reindeer back to her campsite. Then, Temperance gives it some food to earn its friendship, it works. Temperance gets onto the reindeer and says "Alright Cobra, let's go." The reindeer starts going full speed and Temperance nearly loses her grip. She's hoping to find Jay who she thinks may be a threat. Temperance sees a tribute in the distance and she commands it to go after them. She gets closer and closer to the tribute. She tries stabbing the tribute. Temperance lands one good stab in the lung, but the tribute is still moving. Temperance makes Cobra take a u-turn and during it, Temperance decapitates a tribute, a cannon fires. Temperance says "Okay, let's see what loser I killed. She holds up the tributes decapitated head and says "I don't know who this is." She throws the head off and seconds later the hovercraft carries Alexa's beheaded body away. Temperance says "You did pretty good, but we need to fins tributes that are actually worth my time.

Raquel is escalating the cliffside to get back at Aurora. With her arms cut up, it's harder for her. She has seen a lot of what's happened that day, like Temperance beheading Alexa. Raquel makes it to a ledge and looks behind her. She notices Petrol trying to kill Amme, but he sets off a tripwire and gets hit in the shoulder with an arrow. Amme wakes up and tries to find whoever set off her trap, but Petrol has run away by then. Raquel starts trying to escalate the cliff again, but is too tired to. She's halfway up soo she decides to continue the next day.

At 11:58 PM the only tribute who died that day has their picture projected into the sky.

Day 4- Setting The Trigger

Amme is sleeping and starts having a nightmare. She starts flailing her arms and legs in fear. Amme is dreaming that it's down to her and Makeshift in the Final 2. She has Makeshift right where she wants him, but before she can win, the Capitol comes down and tells her "We can't let one of Chandler's allies win." They kill her and Makeshift is declared the winner. She wakes up relieved to know it wasn't real. The sun's starting to rise, so Amme decides not to go back to sleep. She stretches and accidentally presses back on the bungee cord. The vine snaps, swings around, and lands in Amme's mouth. She starts inhaling pollen from the flowers that contains nitrobenzene. The substance starts making it hard for her to breathe. She tries to catch her breath, loses her footing, and gets cut up by the branches. Amme is now bleeding and she asks "Can things get any worse?" Two seconds later, it starts pouring and she exclaims "I hate *gasp* the Gamemakers." She starts wondering aimlessly out of confusion from blood loss and difficulty breathing. Amme is sure to grab her knife so a tribute doesn't try to kill her. As she walks, something from her past starts to catch up with her. Back on the first day, Selena threw an axe at Amme's back. When the axe impaled her, it split a few ribs open and also caused a small tear in the lung. With each breath, the lung's expansion widened the tear in her lung. The more she breathed; the harder it was for her to. The combination of lung irritation, a tear in the lung, and blood loss is causing insufficient oxygen to go to her brain she starts feeling faint. Amme says to herself "I wonder if my dream was foreshadowing." Amme finally gets so dizzy she loses control of where she is walking and when she comes close to a flower bush, she passes out. This flower bush had sharp petals that punctured her skin and had enough toxins put into her body that the toxin travelled through her bloodstream and weakened the vessel walls until they burst and a cannon fires. Chandler's alliance is over.

Jay is examining to figure out where the dead tribute is. While searching, she finds a dead Amme limp on a bush. She examines the body to make sure it’s dead while being careful she doesn’t get punctured. She assures herself Amme is dead and the hovercraft takes Amme away. Jay believes that since Amme is from District 2, she’ll have a lot of supplies. Jay finds Amme’s hideout and as she approaches, she trips over a wire and impaled with a spearhead in the shoulder. Luckily, she survived, but proceeded with caution. Jay is careful to take enough to survive, but not so much she has trouble lugging it around. She takes a Capitol meal, machete, and bunch of bananas and puts them in a backpack. Before leaving, she also puts a blanket and pillow in as well. She takes a case of throwing knives and carries them with her. She goes to the cliff side to practice. As she’s practicing, Temperance is hunting for Jay. She finds her and says “Let’s go.” Jay is retrieving her knife, when Temperance comes out. Temperance tries to decapitate her, but misses and cuts through the bridge of her nose. Jay throws a knife at Temperance which she deflects. Temperance tries again, but fails when Jay ducks. Jay embeds a knife in the reindeer’s leg, stunning it long enough for Jay to make her escape. Temperance removes the knife from her reindeer’s leg and starts chasing after Jay again. She can’t find her, so she crosses the bridge and goes back to watching her trap.

Raquel continues escalating the cliff. She says to herself “I don’t know what Aurora is doing with my equipment right now, but she’s dead when I find her.” The rain starts eroding soil from the cliff, making it harder for Raquel to get up. Several times, Raquel nearly falls several times. She finally reaches the top where she finds Aurora. She mutters “Idiot.” Raquel goes up to Aurora, steals her spear, and stabs her shoulder. Aurora turns around and Raquel says “So Aurora, you didn’t think you would see me again did you? One person doesn’t steal from me and get away with it. You may have had an easy day yesterday, but now it’s over.” Raquel retrieves her spike on a rope and swings it at Aurora. Aurora gets the spear out and deflects the spike. With every attempt Raquel makes to impale Aurora with the spike, Aurora deflects it. Raquel swings the spike with all her might, and knocks the spear right out of Aurora’s hands. Raquel believes she has the advantage, until the heavy rainfall causes her to lose grip. The spike and rope fly into the river and are swept away by the powerful current. Aurora tells Raquel “Well, I still have the helmet, so looks like I have the upper hand. Raquel starts chasing Aurora ready to strangle her with her bare hands. Aurora starts running. Raquel slowly starts gaining on Aurora, when the rain causes Aurora to slip and fall. Unlucky for Aurora, she landed right on top of the pit trap, which collapses under her weight. She falls headfirst confident the helmet will save her. When Aurora hits the ground, her neck snaps killing her and a cannon fires. Raquel arrogantly says “See no one gets away with stealing from me.”

Petrol is wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what he was doing last. He wanders around looking for it. He comes upon Amme’s former hideout, but it doesn’t ring a bell. He approaches Makeshift’s tent and starts remembering what happened. He was getting ready to rob Makeshift’s tent when he was knocked out. Petrol goes over and cuts the side of Makeshift’s tent open, and subsequently pulls Makeshift out. Petrol slips and falls allowing Makeshift to run back into his tent and come out with barbed wire. He tries pressing it into Petrol and Petrol cuts the wire in half. Makeshift starts whipping Petrol with the wire. Petrol has had enough. While Makeshift is whipping him, Petrol grabs the wire to pull himself up and knock Makeshift to the ground. Petrol puts his arm around Makeshift’s neck and pulls him up. Petrol makes a deal with him “Okay, here’s the deal. You give me your tent and everything inside, and I will let you live this one time.” Makeshift denies, and Petrol severs Makeshift’s vocal cords miraculously not killing him in the process.  Petrol asks “Now do you agree?” Makeshift reluctantly agrees. As he makes his way into the tent, Makeshift steals the blowgun and darts and tries to shoot one at Petrol. Petrol deflects the dart with his knife and throws it at Makeshift. Makeshift jumps, embedding the knife into his pelvis, and Makeshift runs while limping. Petrol realizes that by cutting the tent open he has left himself in blatant view of other tributes. He understandably feels like an idiot.

That night, Harvey and Lark start continuing down the cliff. It is raining even harder now making it harder for them to descend the cliff. They hear thunder and soon after a blue flash. Harvey points out “Okay since when does lightning come after thunder?” Lark replies “Maybe there was lightning earlier, but we didn’t see it.” The rocks Harvey is holding onto give way and he slides roughly down the cliff. When he hits he says “I’m okay.” Harvey starts following the wire. Temperance notices him and is elated believing her trap will work. Harvey finds the propane tank, and he starts getting suspicious. On the upper level, lightning strikes with the highest possible conductor, the wire Temperance placed on the Cornucopia. The electricity travels through the metal wire igniting the propane tank resulting in an explosion. The force of the explosion knocks Harvey almost into the river. The rain saved him from burning to death, but the flare of the explosion left him with severe burns on 96% of his body. Shrapnel injuries were serious, but somehow Harvey is still alive. Temperance wakes up Cobra and rides him to Harvey’s paralyzed body. When Temperance arrives, Harvey can’t see her, but he knows Temperance is there. Temperance tells him “I see you met my trap. I’d like you to meet my new animal companion, Cobra. I lost my snake the second day and this reindeer has been transported me to various spots to kill tributes with this machete. And guess what, you’re next. Harvey, in a vegetative state, can only watch in horror as Temperance splits his face and head open with the machete. Harvey’s cannon fires. Someone has watched the entire thing. Tundra, in her hideout witnesses the whole thing and is terrified that Temperance is only a few feet away from her. She hopes she will leave, but Temperance decides to rest there for the night exhausted.

That night, the tributes faces are projected into the sky, and Ludum Factorem makes an announcement. Attention final 8, congratulations on making it this far. Tomorrow we will have a feast at the bottom of the waterfall. There you will find a backpack with your name on it. In there you will have 5 supplies that will help you out most. This will not be nearly as easy as it sounds, good luck Lark, Jay, Temperance, Makeshift, Petrol, Raquel, Knight, and Tundra. Raquel and Lark start racing down the cliff and everyone knows tomorrow will be the fight of their lives.

Day 5- Left Hanging

After four days in hiding, Knight finally gets out of his hiding location. For the past few days he’s been hiding in the tree branches with almost no food and little water. With very little energy to go on, he makes his way to the waterfall. To avoid detection, he stays in the branches. He passes by Amme’s former hiding spot and thinks it would be better for him there. He changes his mind when he comes to the realization that the feast bag is designed for solely him. The activity is making him hungrier and thirstier. He sees Temperance and Tundra near each other. He decides to kill them both and rob them. He walks over and Tundra. Tundra panics and shoots an arrow at Knight, missing him by an inch. Tundra gets up with her knife and tries to slice Knight’s neck. Knight stops her with his rapier. The two start dueling careful not to wake anyone up. Tundra corners Knight between the water and cliff. He starts climbing up the cliff and slides back down landing behind her. As Tundra turns around, Knight cuts Tundra’s wrist causing her to lose grip of her knife and fall over. Knight puts the rapier to Tundra’s sternum and starts slowly puncturing through it. Temperance starts to wake up and Tundra tells Knight “If you do kill me, Temperance will have woken up and she will kill you. She blew up Harvey yesterday, so imagine what she could do to you.” Knight panics, takes the rapier out, and starts running or at least the closest thing he can get to running. Tundra starts running too with nothing but her crossbow. She catches up to Knight at the other side of the bridge and start looking for the feast supplies not knowing where they are.

Raquel continues her descent of the cliff. With Aurora dead she has no one she needs to kill. While descending she sees something hanging off the wire of the waterfall. She slides down the cliff a little further and notices they are bags. Turns out, the Gamemakers have hung the bags on the metal wire. Raquel feels an advantage because she’s the only one on the cliff. She races down causing abrasions on her legs. The precipitation from the previous night caused her velocity to increase. Lucky for her, she had slowed herself down low enough to reach the bags. She sees each one labeled left to right Tundra, Knight, Temperance, Lark, Makeshift, Raquel, Jay, and Petrol. Raquel is frustrated on how she is on the left side of the cliff and her bag is closer to the right side. She considers stealing Tundra and she says to herself “Tundra’s is probably the least useful. She tries to figure out how to get to hers. She wants to use the bags like monkey bars to get to her own, but knows that the Gamemakers had probably made sure the tense wire couldn’t hold a human’s weight. She was wrong as it held Lucifer’s weight on the first day. With no other options, she goes with her initial plan. She tries to grab the bag, but the waterfall made it wet and slippery. When Raquel grips the bag with both hands, they slip off and she slides down the cliff and hits the bottom lucky to survive. 

The feast begins with Makeshift trying to throw rocks at the wire to knock his bag over. He keeps on hitting other’s bag. He lands a perfect nail on his own bag and it plummets down the waterfall. He catches it with his blowgun and flings it back to himself. He decides to watch everyone else.

Tundra is climbing up the cliff when a knife comes near inches of her head. Before she looks behind her, a second knife embeds the blade 1/8 through her spinal cord. This injury causes her to fall backwards and not be able get up. As Tundra tries to get up, Jay attacks her. Tundra asks “Where have you been the past 4 days?” Jay responds unlike you I wasn’t hiding.” Jay stabs the immobile Tundra in the tricep. Tundra pleads for her life “Jay, I’m from a District that’s hasn’t participated in the Hunger Games before. Can you please cut me a break?” Jay responds “You have been cut a break. You have been near Temperance for days well aware she was there and she didn’t kill you. That’s too lucky considering her actions. I promised my father I’d uphold his legacy by winning the games and you are the easiest target. Petrol sees his District partner in trouble. To look loyal and good in front of the public, Petrol pulls out Makeshift’s rope he stole from him yesterday and whips it at Jay. Jay finches and notices Petrol whipping her. Jay grabs the rope the next time Petrol whips her with it and starts pulling it hoping to get Petrol swept away by the current. Petrol is resisting, but slowly going over the edge. It’s a tug of war between the two. Finally, the rope snaps and both are propelled backward. Tundra starts barely getting away and Jay is not going to let her get away so easily. She looks around, realizing her knives are gone. She scrambles for them when she cuts herself on something. She notices it’s a bird with sharp tail feathers. Jay grips it tight and says “This bird is unlucky to be rigged by the Capitol or I wouldn’t be using it.” She races back to Tundra stabbing her in the back of her head until her cannon fires. Jay then starts worrying about the bags.

Raquel and Knight are both squabbling on the cliff while trying to get to the bags. Raquel says to Knight “You’ve been completely inactive for 4 days. You don’t deserve to win.” Knight brags “I took out a District 7 tribute. Did you take out anyone?” Raquel responds “Yes, Aurora.” She then pushes down Knight and he falls off, but not before grabbing onto Raquel’s leg taking her down with him. When they hit the ground, Raquel is sitting on Knight. He screams “Get off me.” Raquel pulls out Aurora’s spear and tells him “You really think I’m going to let you get away with doing that. Prepare to see what the games are really about.”

Temperance is escalating the cliff when Lark catches up to her. Temperance asks “You really think you’re going to beat to it?” Lark responds “The Gamemakers actually would want me to win so yes.” Temperance asks “Why so bitter?” Lark acknowledges “I saw what you did last night. You destroyed Harvey, my ally’s, body with an explosion then killed him.” Temperance points out “Oh please, if I didn’t kill him he would’ve gotten trampled before the feast. I did him a favor.” Lark replies “It’s not a favor when you caused the accident. And you only did it because your initial plan failed. For all I know you could’ve known the person would survive the explosion. I’m not going to let you get your bag.” When they reach the wire, they start trying to shove each other off. Lark remembers something about the arena. Lark loosens one of the rocks Temperance is holding onto. She slides down far enough to execute his plan. He removes the closest rock to the wire and starts beating the wire with it. Temperance is climbing back up and Lark hits even harder and harder. The wire finally snaps and Lark shoves it. Petrol’s bag falls into the water and once the wire goes vertical, all the other bags start plummeting, onto Raquel’s head. Each 5 pound bag going at 29.4 meters per second squared hits Raquel on the head doing more extensive damage to her skull. When the fifth one hits, her brain hemorrhages and soon after the last one hits Raquel’s head her cannon fires. Temperance’s and Jay’s bags had fallen into the water after hitting Raquel. Knight gets his bag and runs. Temperance pushes Lark all the way down the cliff and Lark thanks her. Lark grabs his bag confident he got the best bag. Temperance, Jay, and Petrol start fighting over bags. Jay and Petrol start yanking Tundra’s bag and it rips open. Jay gets a liter of water, Capitol medicine to cure Tundra’s infection from the salt water, 2 knives, and 3 arrows. Petrol gets a tent and a camouflage kit. Jay steals Raquel’s bag and leaves. Petrol leaves with what he has and Temperance is flabbergasted at not getting anything.

That night Makeshift goes back to his tent and Petrol pops out. Petrol says “Okay listen, you can have your tent back. I got a better one, but I’m keeping the barbed wire and poison.” Makeshift is pleased and looks at what he has in his bag. Makeshift got a canvas tent, 2 dozen pre-poisoned darts, a club, a Capitol meal, and four yards of razor wire. Knight discovers in his bag is nothing but food and water, which he appreciates. Jay finds in Raquel’s a trap kit, gauze, iodine, a helmet, and gloves. Lark has the most useful bag. Inside is a full map of the arena with descriptions on everything, a grenade, an oddly shaped blue fruit with a note that says “Eat this and you won’t need to eat for seven days”, two gallons of water, boots that can’t leave footprints, and a cross bow with 30 titanium arrows.

At 11:58 PM, the projections are shown, but no one looks as they know who died that day.

Day 6- Revelations

Petrol is griping about what he got at the feast “I can’t believe I got almost nothing there. I swear these games are out to get me. He realizes everyone is on the lower level and decides to go to the upper level. He packs up his tent and uses his camouflage kit to disguise himself. He climbs up the wall disguised as foliage and needs to get up before the sun fully rises. He makes it to the top and starts looking around. He gets some water from the river and spits it out as soon as he realizes it is salt water. He hops the river and starts looking around for supplies left behind. He stands on a pit trap and gets off before it collapses. He notices that Raquel’s supplies at the bottom. He considers jumping down to get them, but stops when he realizes the trip will be one way. He continues to look around and sets of the copper ball trap. Petrol panics and cuts clean through the trap. He keeps the copper ball. Realizing that the place is a death trap, he leaves and crosses the river again. Petrol heads towards the Cornucopia and when he gets there, he finds some supplies left behind from the Bloodbath, a tomahawk and small rope. He comes up with an idea. “If I tie the metal ball onto the handle of the tomahawk, it’ll increase its momentum, so when I throw it, it will kill. He contemplates on what to do with it. Petrol makes his decision; he throws it off the cliff and sends it plummeting to the lower level hoping someone on the bottom will get hit. Petrol goes across the river and rides the zipline down to the lower level to see who gets hit. Petrol is smart enough to grab onto a branch to prevent himself from being sliced up by the branches.

Temperance is asleep next to her reindeer. The illuminating lights make her an easy target. While sleeping, a parachute fails to open and hits Cobra causing him to flinch and kick Temperance in the chest. Temperance wakes up and yells “What’s your problem?” She receives another parachute. She opens both and finds a scimitar and a whip. She whips Cobra awake and says “C’mon, we have a District to take down.” She rides Cobra over to Makeshift’s tent, where it starts to have trouble moving. Temperance looks down and discovers that the razor wire Makeshift had was set up. The more Cobra moved, the more its legs got ripped open. Temperance starts whipping Cobra and tells him “C’mon man up, you cannot be so useless to get out of that. Cobra struggles to get through, but in time does. While Makeshift is asleep, Temperance stabs through the tent and at Makeshift’s shoulder. He wakes up and starts scrambling to get out causing the tent to collapse. Makeshift gets tangled in the tent and starts struggling. Temperance is having trouble trying to get to Makeshift. With each swing, Makeshift dodges. Temperance swings her scimitar one last time, and decapitates Makeshift, killing him. Temperance is prideful of herself and she sees Knight running away. Temperance says “Two for one.” She guides Cobra to start chasing Knight while whipping Cobra to go faster. When she gets within decent proximity of Knight she whips him which slows him down. She swings a few times and misses. Temperance takes one final swing at Knight’s neck, and a tomahawk embeds itself in Temperance’s head, a cannon fires. Petrol’s tomahawk found its target and took out Temperance. Knight is relieved that Temperance is dead.

Lark starts following the map of the arena. “Okay, so over here is a flower bush that has poison filled petals, there is a tree that has a poison vine wrapping around it, that’s the pile of sharp branches, over there is the lake of aquaculture where Jenna drowned on Day 2, and those are the geothermal vents.” He crosses the bridge and starts naming the sites there. “There’s the steep sand slope, there are the poisonous flowers, there’s the whirlpool that got rid of Temperance’s snake, the spiny tree plants, and hot mud pit. Lark starts resting at the bridge and meets up with Jay. Lark says “Don’t you think of killing me Jay.” Jay replies “Don’t get your knickers in a twist; I’m tired to kill anyone. I got no sleep last night. What’s that you have there?” Lark hides the map and says “Nothing.” Jay confronts him “Let me see it.” Before Lark can show her, the map is blown out of his hands and into the water and is swept away by the current, but not before Jay gets a good look at it. Jay asks “Is that a map of the arena?” Lark lies “No.” Jay demands “Okay, I want to know what is going on and why you got such a valuable item or you’re fish food.” Lark reluctantly agrees to tell her. “Okay, so I’m not who you think I am. I’m a creation by the Capitol made from past tribute Revenus. I was sent into these Games for a reason even I don’t know. Before I came in, the Capitol promised they’d do their best to make sure I win. At the feast, I got the best bag possible and there was a map inside.” Jay gets furious “You’re a frikin cheater! I can’t believe you. You know what, forgot sparing you I’m going to” The bridge starts cracking and Jay asks “What was that?” Lark mentions “The map said this bridge isn’t meant to hold two tributes so it must be collapsing.” Jay jumps off and before Lark can, he sees two parachutes coming. Jay tries to warn him “Wait La-. Ah, forget it he deserves it.” Lark starts jumpig up and down causing further damage to the bridge and it collapses. Lark is swept away by the current and crashes into the forcefield, a cannon fires. Knight sees the whole thing and sees Petrol come down the zipline. Knight and Petrol are on the left side of the arena and Jay is on the right.

Jay is aware of what’s going on. She is upset because her supplies were on the other side. She had set a trap, but it didn’t matter since she couldn’t attack the victim. She wanders around aimlessly and finds Makeshift’s old tent and supplies. She says to herself “This is better than what I had.”

That night at 11:58 PM, Makeshift’s, Temperance’s, and Lark’s faces are projected. It’s down to the Final 3. Knight Castle of District 12, Jay Syna of District 5, and Petrol Mallard of District 6.

Day 7-Winner Lose

Knight is busy trying to avoid Petrol. He knows that Jay and Petrol are against each other so as long as he avoids Petrol. Knight starts searching around for anything of value. His bag is of no use as it only contains food and water. As he’s searching, he finds the zipline and thinks of climbing it. As he starts climbing it, the wire starts digging into his hands. He tries to hold on, but falls onto the pile of sharp sticks which cut and stab him. Knight screams in pain and Petrol hears him. Petrol starts searching for him and finds him as Knight starts trying to get back up. Petrol says “You know we’re the only two on our side. Knight asks “What do you mean Jay is still in it?” Petrol responds “She won’t be after I finish you off and Jay is over the river. Don’t think of hopping over there because the river is too wide and I want to take you out myself.” Knight starts running looking for his rapier. Petrol mutters “You want to do this the hard way.” He starts pursuing Knight. Knight realizes he left his rapier in the tree and goes up to retrieve it. Knight prepares to jump down and realizes he can take down Petrol from the trees. Petrol continues searching for Knight. Petrol is right under Knight and that is when Knight jumps down and stabs Petrol. He misses and gets it down his arm and tackles Petrol. The force of the tackle rips the rapier out of Petrol’s arm. Petrol retaliates with fury. He flips over Knight and pins him down with a knife to Knight’s neck. Petrol acknowledges “This is going to hurt you beyond more than it will hurt me.” Knight tries to move his arm and gets his right arm free. Knight grabs the rapier and stabs Petrol’s leg causing Petrol to get off him and Knight runs away. Petrol chases after him and Knight decides to stop running and start fighting. The two duel it out with Petrol landing no hits in Knight, but Knight stabs Petrol in the femur and rib. Knight moves back and gets caught in a net. The day before, Jay had used her trap kit to set up a net. Knight was trapped in the next and Petrol tells Knight “So, who do you want to win now?” Knight replies “Who’s the lesser of the two evils?” Without answering, Knight is stabbed directly in the heart by Petrol. The cannon firing catches Jay’s attention and she now knows it’s down to the Final 2.

Petrol goes to the river bank and yells “Hey Jay, it’s just you and me so come on out and fight.” Jay hears this, gets her knife and dart, and goes to the river bank. Jay asks “So it’s just you and me. Where’s Knight?” Petrol answers “I took him down a couple of minutes ago; I’m not as weak as you thought I am.” Jay replies “I can’t believe someone who got a 1 would actually be in the Final 2.” Petrol exclaims “How are you that clueless?” Jay responds “What are you talking about?” Petrol shouts “I knew I could beat every tribute in this arena. I only got the low score so people would leave me alone and I could conserve my energy. All the tributes stood no chance okay? I beat them easily and I’ll beat you.” Jay responds “It’s not over yet. I have a relative who was a past victor and he implemented strategies and facts. If anyone is going to win, it will be me.” Petrol demands “Come over here and fight me then if you believe you can beat me.” Jay tells him “No way, I’m not crossing the water.” Petrol responds “Fine, I’ll beat you through starvation and dehydration. Knight left his supplies and I’m going to use them to outlast you even if it takes me days. You can’t drink the water because it’s so salty. You saw what happened to Tundra.” Jay points out “I have her bag which contains medicine; I can drink the water and not feel ill effects. I have the upper level to come back down and kill you.” Petrol warns “You really want to take the long route and give me time to set up a plan. Jay begins throwing poison darts at Petrol, but he dodges each one with ease. Some darts go into the ground, while other darts dig into the flesh of unicorns, reindeer, and quetzals. After 24 throws, Jay is out of darts. Petrol arrogantly asks “What are you going to do now?” Jay runs to the base of the waterfall, jumps in and starts swimming across. The current crashes fish into her and a few feet from the forcefield, she gets out, soaking wet and freezing. Jay says “Let’s go.”

Jay tries to slice Petrol’s throat, but Petrol jumps back. Petrol kicks Jay in the shin and she falls to the ground and Petrol goes in for the kill. Jay stabs Petrol’s leg hitting bone and providing time for her to get up and run. Petrol runs after her and calls her a coward. This drives Jay mad and she goes back. The two start swinging their knives at each other hitting the knives. Both realize it’s not working. They try to think of strategies. Jay retrieves a dead quetzal and decides to try what she did to Tundra. Petrol starts slicing up the quetzal from tail to head. Petrol grabs Jay’s arm and cut her down the radial nerve. Jay gets out of his grip and is bleeding heavily like Petrol is. Petrol starts feeling faint so he cuts of a dead unicorn’s horn and tries to use it as a spear. Petrol thrusts the spear, and Jay catches his arm and spins it around until he tosses the horn into the current. Both are feeling faint now. Jay gets Petrol in a headlock and Petrol headlocks her back. Petrol says “You *breath* won’t win.” Both start trying to go at each other’s necks. They are on the verge of passing out from blood loss and insufficient blood flow to the brain. They get closer to their necks and one finds enough strength to jam the knife into their opponent’s neck and sever their opponent’s trachea. Jay collapses and a cannon fires. Petrol is dead and Jay is on the verge of passing out. Jay Syna is the winner of the 8th Hunger Games.


Tribute/Placement Death Method
24th. Russell Ferribe Stabbed through the eye
23rd. Furry Anderson Stabbed in the back of the head
22nd. Leon Rivers Hit in the head by copper ball
21st. Bradley Heathers Rolled down cliff
20th. Lucifer Storm Stomach cut open by wire
19th. Arvird Autumn Stabbed in heart and through his body
18th. Almond Birch Got orally impaled by scythe
17th. Addie Bentham Stabbed in the heart
16th. Selena Kyle Stabbed in the lung
15th. Logical Queen Burnt by steam
14th. Chandler Fishler Trampled by bison
13th. Jenna Rod Drowned
12th. Alexa Kennedy Decapitated by Temperance
11th. Amme Ilorenzo Fell into a posion flower bush
10th. Aurora Mendoza Broke her neck
9th. Harvey Dent Head split open
8th. Tundra Magnolias Stabbed with a bird
7th. Raquel Pinelea Skull crushed
6th. Makeshift "Shift" Oblivion Decapitated
5th. Temperance Frost Her head got embedded with a tomahawk
4th. Lark Genalt Hit the forcefield.
3rd. Knight Castle Stabbed in the heart
2nd. Petrol Mallard Trachea severed
1st. Jay Syna Winner

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