As you may remember from my last games there was an announcement

There will not be 24 tributes this year, there will be 32

Please give name, age, appearance, history, weapon, skills, weaknesses, strategy, personality, and token


District 15- TheMysteriousGeek

Gwenyth Macbeth
Alexi Jones
Name Gwyneth Macbeth Alexi Jones
Age 15 18
Skills Is a good climber, and she's agile and stealthy. She prefers hiding to combat. She is very good at making traps. Sword, Bow and Axes. Not only that, he isam ridicuosly strong, and Ihe is a brilliant leader and tactician.
Weaknesses Very supersticious, and not that strong. Definitely stealth and agility
Strategy Hide and kill only when necessary. Join and lead the careers.
Weapon Ice pick, blowgun and darts Sword, Bow and Axes.
Token A bag of salt (taken away) Doctored picture of him winning the games
Personality Supersticious and nice but very quiet and she doesn't stand out that easily. I am just awesome (Aka: The Grand High Jerk)
History She works illegaly as a hunter and trapper in the wilds of District 15, as her father is disabled and cannot work, and the rest of her family abandoned them after a tricky divorce. I have just trained to be in the Games, ignoring the rest of my family, just so that I can win these one day.
Death Boiled alived Punched in the head

District 14- The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

Ophid Carne
Demon Axewood
Name Ophid Carne Demon Axewood
Age 12 16
Skills She is good in fast paced close combat fighting. Being able to use a knife with skill. She is also agile, so is good at avoiding swings of the blade. She is very petite and is great athletic, very fast. He is very strong, preffering to fight in close range, rather than distance fighting. He is very intelligent, and has quite a few strategies hidden up his sleave.
Weaknesses She isnt that strong, or skilled with that many weapons. And that paired with his rubbish accuracy she needs to get close to hurt tributes, so has to fight. She is also not that good a swimmer or that good at allying with tributes. Other than his strength and strategy, most other things are his weaknesses. He isnt that fast, a good swimmer or climbing. He can have a temper, and make wrong desicions but most times he is level headed.
Strategy She wills stick with the careers, and will be the one who protects bass. Keeping there. She will stay loyal, and will not give up. He will stick with the careers, playing a minor role, so that he isnt noticed. And can sneak off at any point in the games, even the bloodbath if he has to, and he knows when he has to.
Weapon Long Knive and Dagger Scythe and Axe
Token A small gold necklace None
Personality She is like any kid, calm and wants to have a good time. She is very care-free, relaxed and kind. Very honoust and trusting. She has morals, not high enough to stop her killing in the games, but high enough to stop her going mad, and killing all living things she sees. There is only one word that really describes Demon, and the word is secretive. No one really knows him, as he always prefered to be alone. He is intelligent, and very kind but still never told anyone anything about his life.
History 14 was a very varied District, as it was spread across loads of little islands. She lived on one of the smaller ones, way out of the way. On reaping days, she has an 8 hour boat ride to get to the main island, and she had to make an 8 hour journey, on boat, to the centre island. Just to see if she was safe. And sadly for her, she only had to make this trip a single time, as the first time she entered the square her name was called. She was shocked to see no volunteers, as in 14 they are a common sight. But she was alone, and had to slowly walk up to the stage, and accept her fate. The fate that she was entering the games. She didnt cry, she just stood there alone, silent. Hoping not to be noticed. Demon was dedicated to his work, he lived on a farm deep in the fields, helping keep mutts from the different games. It was a hard job, but atleast it kept him busy. And out of school. He lived with his 3 sisters and younger brother, and they all chipped in. Other than eachother, they really never saw anyone else. Being that secluded didnt help their social skills, but it kept them in line. They only ever really ventured outside the farm when the reapings came about. Since he was the 2nd youngest, he had to watch his sisters go through it. His oldest sisters, twins, who were both 9 years older than him were done with the reapings before he and his other sister, and brother were started. And were both there to see him reaped.
Death Jugular cut with a sword

District 13- Nightlock Kryptonite

Piper Quinn
Harley Swoop 9
Name Piper Quinn Harley Swoop
Age 18 13
Skills Her stealth, her loyalty and her running He has trained with blowdarts all his life and he is very accurate and is also very intelligent so he is good at thinking on the spot
Weakness Fire His attatchments to his family; Death. And he is Claustrophobic.
Strategy Hide with her alliance member until the final 8 and then come out of the shadows as a killer Be evasive. Don't run into the cornucopia because he is sure to die, just run away and stick to the trees, while pick-pocketing other tributes but not killing them, then in the final 8, Start killing and aim to win for his sisters and brother. His cuteness will make him unnoticed so he will not be a threat to the bigger tributes, but slowly reveal that he will do everything it takes to see his family again AND
Weapon Bow and arrow, Throwing Knives, and a Sword Blowgun, knife
Token A diamond that was passed through her family A scarf hat his grandmother made for him
Personality A very happy, spaced out girl, she is easy to make friends with and is extremely quick and she wins cross country every year. Her plan is to make a 2 person alliance with a younger girl and hide out until the final 8, where she will let her darker side out and kill whoever tries to hurt her alliance member and in the final, she is willing to commit suicide so the alliance member will win, but if she dies, Piper will turn into a un-stoppable killing machine and then win. She will make the alliance at the Training centre but at the bloodbath she will run for her life in the other direction A happy, tiny bit geeky boy. He is very caring but can be evil and devious. He is also very sly so the other tributes wont see him because he can seem so weak, but really, he is very strong
History She has had the perfect life and nothing has gone wrong. She trained with a bow and arrow so she is a good marksman. She volunteered for her sister and has kept a smile on her face just to say that she is alright. Just a normal boy from 5 who has two sisters, a brother and a dad. His mum was electrocuted when he was 8 and still has flashbacks of that moment. Considering he is the oldest, Harley took out tesserae for the rest of his family which left his with loads of names in the bowl, but his 12 year old sister was reaped and he couldn't just stand and watch while his sister was put to death, so he volunteered. He wants to win the games so his family will not lose another member.
Death Spinal cord punctured

District 12- KEWLBEN

Nina Adams
James Turner
Name Nina Adams James Turner
Age 14 18
Skills She likes Running and Plant identification. Running and Traps
Weaknesses She can't swim because there is no lake or ocean near her place. He can't swim because there is no lake or ocean near his place and making alliances.
Strategy Seduce the males and befriend the Females then manipullate them to fight each other when it is in the final two Play the game seriously. Avoid as many people as he could then when it is Top 10 he will trap tributes then torture them until they die.
Weapon Bow & Arrows and Dagger. Throwing Knifes and Slingshot
Token Black Silk Ribbon. His Mother's Silver Necklace.
Personality Nina is a rebel, she talks a lot, she gets in fight sometimes and likes to seduce people to do things for them.. People Call her "Sexy Rebel" She hates girls that is very shy and smart. But she is a clever person. James is not very sociable and friendly. He is silent always but he thinks deeply. He is a smart person and he will do anything just to get what he wants.
History Nina is the daughter of the new mayor.. Her family is wealthy and they help the seam to develop.. Nina's parents are helpful to everyone but Nina is the rebellious kind of a person because she said to her parents that "You shouldn't help those poor people they have to make their lives better themselves" after she said that she locked herself in the room and remained silent.. She doesn't have to take the tesserae because she is rich but she has to because it is not allowed to not to take a tesserae. James lives in the Northern Part of the District 12 , Which means the Peaceful part of District 12, James' Parents died in a strong cyclone he is only left with his little sister. He hunts at the forest using slingshot. He got whipped many times but it has no effect on him.
Death Arrowed in the heart

District 11- TehOnlyUmbreon

Midnight Masquerade
Silver Clock
Name Midnight Masquerade Silver Clocky Clockson
Age 17 16
Skills Knives, fists. has a taste for blood. Bloodthirsty, speed, agile, strong, fast reflexes
Weaknesses Dislikes water Pocket watch constantly ticks.
Strategy At night she will hunt people down while still trying to survive. Kill people if they find you and try to stay alive as much as you can.
Weapon Knife, fists. fire making things. Double knives
Token None The pocketwatch in his eye.
Personality Acts innocent and cute but is actually psycho and is a killer at heart Clocky is the "cool" type. He is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detatched, and sometimes threatening when he wants to. He normally won't do anything that doesn't have any benefit for him. He is also calculating, knowledgeable, and scheming, although not a bad person.
History Midnight was dark even as a child, usally drawing pictures of her holding a bloody knife over her parents and the moon was usually high up. this caused her parents to tie her up when she slept. one night they tied her up but the candles burned the ropes and Midnight snuck into her parents rooms and saw her dad wasn't in bed. Midnight grabbed a bundle of string and sewed her mothers mouth shut so tight she couldn't breathe from her mouth. her mother woke up and tried to scream and tried grabbing at Midnight's throat but she couldn't because midnight tied her mothers arms and legs down. Midnight pulled her mothers shirt and grabbed a candle, Midnight saw the fear in her mothers eyes and put the candle over her mothers chest. she began to burn her mothers breasts and she tried to scream.  midnight looked at her mother and laughed. when her father came up he saw Midnight burning his wife. he ran at midnight and tried to tackle her but midnight jumped out of the way and he hit his head on the wall causing him to pass out. she tied her father to her mother and walked to there parents closet. she saw a Black masquerade mask and put it on. she also saw a black dress and put that on with a pair of black heels. she walked to her father and snapped his fingers off. here you must be hungry. and she shoved his fingers into his fathers throat and tied his mouth shut. she grabbed a knife and cut into his chest. she pulled out his small intestinei like macaroni art and she wrapped his intestine around her parents throats and pulled hard. she heard them stop breathing and there pulse stopped. hahahahahahahHAHhaA she laughed and walked out of the house she grabbed her parents oil supply and poured it all over the house before lighting a candle and throwing it at the house, and her house set fire. she saw peacekeepers running to the house so she hid in an abandoned house and stayed there. she is also friends with Clocky and cole . A 12 year old boy sat in his room, holding a small silver pocket watch he got from his father. down stairs he heared his step father yelling at his mother why didnt you get the paper cheryl! and he heard his mother scream, he gripped the pocket watch. his step father always yelled at his mother for stupid things, most of the time its food some of the time its not getting the paper. he heared multiple slaps from his father hitting his mother, he gripped the pocket watch and walked to the stairs. he let out his anger and yelled stop it! stop it right now! he heard his step father steve stomp up the stairs what did you say you little fvck! and he punched him, when silver got up his right eye was blind fvcker blinded my right eye. he clenched his fist and punched steve in the nose, he heard a cracking and blood rush out of his fathers nose, he stumbled back and fell down the stairs. silver ran into the bathroom and locked it, he gripped the pocket watch and he stared at it's hands slowly turning, listening to the ticking for what seemed like an eternity.he took out one of his knives as it heavily dripped blood onto the counter. he grabbed the pocket watch."Time makes you live through the torture." he said, slowly bringing the knife up to his eye."Slowly progressing through life, being controlled by society." he started to slowly dig it in to his eye."until you find you no longer have a purpose." he felt her eye start to relent from it socket, blood pouring in the sink."It's a viscous circle." he felt it dangle out of his socket, a sharp pain where it was connecting in his head "Time does not speed up, nor does it slow down, it is violent." he grabbed onto the cord of his eye, and tore it right off, the eye falling in the sink. "It makes you live through the torture over, and over again." he started to place the clock in his eye. "unable to fast forward away from it." There was a squishing sound, and drips of blood, until it seemed like the clock fit perfectly in his socket. "I am Clocky." he heared a banging on the backroom door and his step fathers yelling open up! and clocky walked out laughing like a maniac.hahahaha hello father. he gripped his fathers shirt and punched him, steve noticed the clock in his eye what the.. but clocky interupted your time is up... and stabbed him. 4 years later and his name has been in the bowl so many times. he still has the clock in his eye

District 10-Wesolini/TehBlakDeath

Velia Caror
Laine Cotin
Name Velia Caror Laine Cotin
Age 16 18
Skills Velia is able to transform the pain she receives in the games into a empty feeling. Her emotions can be cut off her. She won't show any emotions. She knows how to provide her own food source into the arena because she lived alone in the woods for years. None
Weaknesses Groups of people are a weakness. When she only spots a human being being close to her she will freak out. She will start running away and in the worst case scenario she will kill. Her physical strength has also been damaged a lot, by her dad but also by the years she lived on little food. None
Strategy She will run away from the bloodbath. Kill, kill, kill!
Weapon Knives and Whips Anything
Token Nothing. She doesn't want a thing that will remind her of her home. None
Personality Velia is closed, closed as much as possible. She is shy and usually doesn't speak, not even when somebody asks her something. Her mind is her only friend. She loves to be alone. Being around a lot of people makes her uncomfortable. Her face tells a million things when you look at her. When she sees a group of people she usually find another route to pass them. Just like Wire.
History Velia lived in a happy family. She worked with her parents her two brothers on the farm They lived their lives. They enjoyed every day with each other and talked a lot. Untill one day. Velia's father started to drink a lot. He became an alcoholic and usually became mad for nothing. Velia usually was the victims of his abuse. She got whipped several times untill her back was covered in cuts and wounds. Her mother was too afraid to do a thing. Velia cried night and day. She usually went to hide somewhere but when her dad found her again he would punch and kick her. Her life turned in a living hell. She had no place to go. No school, she never made friends. Meanwhile she learned to convert pain in a nothing, like feeling nothing. Nobody could stop her dad. Her mother and her brothers tried but he kept going on. Velia felt lonely and betrayed. She left her home to go and live in the woods where she managed to stay alive. Her biggest fear turned out to be other humans beings. Every year she went to the reaping, praying that she wont be reaped. A week before another reaping day her father found her in the woods. He dragged her to his house by pulling her hair. The torture started again. Velia cried and cried. When it was reaping day, Velia didn't hesitate for a second and she screamed the words: 'I volunteer as a tribute.' The whole crowd went silent when she walked upon the stage. He's a Career that got turned on drugs by rapists. He stopped 2 years ago, but since he used it for a year, he's slightly fragile.
Death Impaled by a markhor

District 9- Wesolini/Kman528

Kiara Himura
Name Kiara Himura Jarcus Pollish
Age 15 16
Skills She is amazingly got at hiding. This is because she is really small and can easily hide behind/inside things. Further she is relatively experienced in camouflaging her body to blend in with the arena. Jarcus is good with many weapons that could involve harvesting wheat due to his background in District 9, also he is good with camouflage and staying hidden.
Weaknesses Due to her size and her skinny body she has a lack of physical strength. She isn't muscular or strong. Kiara is easily scared, due to her young age and size she can be seen as the easy kill and she fears that. She gets extremely paranoid in the arena. Jarcus has never swam before, he isn't the strongest and isn't the fastest.
Strategy She won't even bother about the bloodbath. She would immediately run off and find a good place to hide. Make an alliance with another tribute and stay hiddn for a while, than after a few days kill his ally so that people in the Capitol will see that he isn't a weakling and tat he can gain a good amount of sponsors. Then for the rest of the games stay hidden until the final few and then attack with no mercy.
Weapon Blowgun Anything that could harvest ex: Scythe or a sickle
Token A wheat bracelet that he made.
Personality Kiara is a kind girl. She cares for her fellow humans. She doesn't hurt anything, she won't even hurt a fly. She usually tries to cheer people up and keep them laughing. Her warmth and cosiness easily spreads among people. Jarcus is a very out going young man, he always tries to please everyone no matter the task. He is very kindand a very happy soul. Jarcus is one of those people who never stops smiling and is always theankful for what he has and not for what he doesn't. People most describe him as charming.
History Kiara was born in a decent family in District Eleven. She enjoys her life like it was. When she was eight years old she went over to the orphans where she would play with them and bond with them. She slowly started aging and finally join the staff of the orphanage. They welcomed her with open arms as she keeps continueing doing her job. This is where she learnt a lot. She found out she was quite artistic and started painting a lot, even going as far as teaching the small children how the create beautiful pieces of realistic art. Next to that she played a lot of hide and seek which made her aware how to hide in the hardest places to be.

One day, when she was heading back to her home, she got by a group of boys that were around 25 years old. They were wearing knives. She ignored what she saw and kept walking towards her home untill she saw the same group running back with blood on their knives. She now started to worry a bit since they came from her family's house direction. When she reached her home she saw a puddle of blood and a trail of blood leading to her kitchen. She saw her mother there, laying with all kinds of stab wounds over her whole body. Kiara screamed for help but nobody rushed to help her. Her mother died a few minutes later and Kiara went into a depression, even going as far as attempting suicide. Her father kept by her side for years as she was slowly recovering from her depression. A month after she finally snapped out of her depression, her name was drawn from the reaping ball and she went into the Hunger Games. To face her fears but to survive.

Jarcus grew up in District 9 his family owned a huge field that Jarcus worked in on weekends and when he wasn't in school. In the fields Jarcus became very good with a Scythe, he used it always when harvesting the wheat and he grew very atached to it so he knew that if he was chosen for the Hunger Games that he would most likley use a Scthe. Over the years Jarcus was one of those people who lost many of his friends to the Hunger Games, none of them came back, none of them came close to victory. So to avenge them Jarcus volunteered in hopes for victry for his friends.
Kills James C.
Death Brainstem severed

District 8- PrezzieSnow9704:)!/Nate777

Harley Anne Quinn
Gerrit Khones
Name Harley Anne Quinn Gerrit Khone
Age 17 14
Skills Deception, Disguise, Manipulation, Assasination, killing, weapons. Climbing, swords, swimming, knives, hand to hand combat, running, hunting, gathering, poisoning, ok with a bow and arrow. He is very good looking.
Weaknesses She was physically abused by her ex-boyfreind so she is very weary of men, but will still use them to her advantage. He is afraid of the games and dying. But most of all getting attached and not impressing his siblings.
Strategy Seduce a Male Career into becoming her sidekick and then kill everyone with them, then kill the career. He wants to stay hidden throughout the Games but he knows his siblings will kill him -if the Games don't- if he doesn't get in the Careers. His second choice is to go out and be hidden in the arena. He is thinking about a possible ally. Try to impress his siblings.
Weapon Sword or Crossbow. Sword
Token None All of his Sibling's pass token.... The famous Khone bracelet. It is a gold bracelet with big letters Khone in the middle.
Personality Harley is a sweet girl, really freindly and nice. But she has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong from her past experiences and it often gets her into trouble. He is nice and understanding
History Harley used to be an innocent, sweet little girl. She used to have loads of freinds and be one of the most popular girls in the district. Then she Met Joe Kerr. He was a bad guy. He abused his past girlfreinds. He was nice to them for a couple of months, then he turned into a monster. The same happened with Harley. But she was too scared to leave him, he said he would track her down and kill her. She put up with his abuse for months. On his 18th birthday Harley made him a cake to celebrate. This was a feat in itself because she was exactly well off. But instead of being grateful and loving Joe decided to mash Harley's face into the cake. And something in Harley snapped. After Months of Abuse she used the kinfe she was going to cut the cake with, to cut Joe's throat. From that moment on Harley became a quiet physco. She acted normally around her freinds except she withdrew slightly. But inside or when she was alone, she repeated that sequnce of events over and over, 100 times a day. On her way home one day she saw a man slap his daughter in the face. She marched right over and demanded to know what the need for that was. He spat on her and told her to go and mind her own business before dragging his daughter into their house by the hair. And that same thing snapped in Harley again. Later that night she raided the costume store and stole a mask and some other stuff, and she found her fathers old Hunting crossbow. She got into her disguise and went to the mans house and knocked on the door. His Daughter answered the door, with a black eye forming. Harley askjed the girl if she could speak with her father and the girl obligated, and went and got him. As the father opened the door, Harely Smiled, Waved and then sheot the crossbow bolt right up his nose. His daughter said nothing but thank you. From that point on Harley is on the lookout for anyone who is being abused and kills the abuser. He is the brother of 3 older victors. All his siblings are living legends. They are all victors. Sally the oldest, Winston -his brother- the second oldest, and Marrie being the third oldest are all big in the Capitol. They are ruthless killers. They train Gerrit 24/7 so he can live up to the family name. He hates training and the game so once he told them that, and in return they beat the Sh** out of him. He was in a coma for 3 weeks. When he woke up they said if he ever talked like that again, they put him in a permanent coma. And that he has to go in the Games by 14 or else he wont live till the age 15.
Death Mauled by jaguar mutt

District 7- EmpressOreo

Krystal Calcite 9
Jay Sonenclair
Name Krystal Calcite Jay Sonenclair
Age 17 17
Skills Strong swimmer, great climber, far distance combat, plant recognition. Jay is very sneaky and sly, and is normally quiet and stealthy enough so that you probably wouldn't be able to know that he's around if he creeps up on you. He's also pretty quick; not the fastest, but he's rather agile and lithe and is usually not easily caught up to if he's running unless his pursuer is faster than him. He can jump high as well as climb, as he does fairly well with tall heights. He's also spectacular with plant recognition and is good with survival skills.
Weaknesses Hand-to-hand combat, can run fast but only for a limited distance. Jay can't swim whatsoever, as he has a basic fear of rushing water or fast currents and has always avoided most bodies of water due to that fear. He's also not the strongest, and is actually rather small and a bit skinny for his age. He's not good at making allies, as he's more of a loner and secludes himself from others. He's not great at hand-to-hand or close combat, either.
Strategy Krystal will stick with her alliance. Hide, and view the fighting from afar. Don't provoke the Careers, and avoid any tribute that poses a threat. Split up with her alliance when it comes down to the final few. Jay will do his best to remain hidden, only attacking other tributes if they threaten him first.
Weapon Throwing knives, throwing axes, throwing daggers - pretty much anything that she can throw from a distance. Jay hasn't had experience with most weapons; however, he learns that he's pretty good with knives during training, either slashing them out at his enemy or throwing them from a far distance. He can also use a dagger - even though it's small, he says it can also be one of the most deadliest of weapons.
Token A silver ring with her nickname, "Krys" carved into it. Given to her by Taylor. The black, scorched-tipped scarf that his mother had sewn for him for his birthday before she died. (taken away)
Personality Krystal is not super generous and sweet, although she isn't blood-thirsty and malicious, either. I suppose you could say she's right in between. She's friendly and bubbly. She's most certainly not a loner, and a lot of people like her. A good aura surrounds her, and she's very trustworthy. However, she's also very ambitious. When her name was called at the reapings, she felt sad and fear for her life, but her tears slowly transformed into a new determination. She was going to do anything it took to come back home to District 8, even if it meant killing another tribute. She's not like the Careers, of course - she doesn't kill at random. But she will kill in order to defend herself. Jay is quiet and prefers to keep to himself, making him more of a loner than a sociable person. After his mother's death a few years ago, he hasn't really gone far beyond the area around his house. The only reason he has to leave the comfort of his empty home is to go out and buy some food with the little money that he has. He's misunderstood and often gets angry over the smallest things, but if he trusts you enough, he'll return to his normal self, how he was before his story became twisted and dark; sweet, friendly, and understanding.
History Krystal was born to two loving parents on the very edge of District 7. Although she's closer to the slums, she's not exactly what you would call poor. She's well fed and taken care of, but she's not exactly wealthy, either. She doesn't go around wearing nice clothes, and she thinks winning the Hunger Games could prove to be an advantage as her family needs the money. She has an older sister named Katelyn that would often teach her long distance combat in the forest outside of District 7, and also how to swim and climb. Krystal will pass down this knowledge to her younger sister, Autumn, when she's old enough. Krystal has also formed a pretty good friendship with the mayor's daughter, Taylor, over the past few years. One week when Krystal was 15, her mother, whom was a teacher at the nearby elementary school, went on strike for a bit because the school shut down, therefore her parents were paid less often. Krystal thought about taking the tesserae, but Taylor told her it wasn't a good idea, and secretly went to their house during the night and gave them food until Mrs. Calcite was able to find another job. When Krystal is reaped for the Hunger Games, Taylor tries to volunteer, but Krystal gives her a look that tells her not to. Jay was born as an only child to two loving parents on the outskirts of District 8. Although they were poor, his parents did their best to take good care of him and he was very happy during his younger years. Once he was old enough, his parents had to go back to their jobs in order to earn enough money to keep themselves fed. His mother didn't want Jay at the house alone, as he was still young at seven years old, and she asked him if he wanted to help her out at the textiles factory where she worked. Jay asked her about the factory, and she said that you could create any outfit you wanted. She knew this would earn Jay's approval, as he'd always watched the Hunger Games as a kid (just the Pre-Games events, not the actual games) and he told had told his parents about a year earlier that he wanted to be a stylist for the Capitol when he grew up. He agreed to helping his mom out at the factory. When they arrived, the people Mrs. Sonenclair worked with gasped and stared wide-eyed at Jay, the little, innocent boy that was holding his mother's hand and looking around at the working adults in astonishment and they almost effortlessly sewed clothes together and made them creative and appealing. One of the workers frighteningly explained to Mrs. Sonenclair how a factory wasn't safe for a young kid like Jay, as accidents occured every now and then. "He might accidentally poke himself with a needle," her boss said. "Or a fire could start out of the blue. That's happened before." Jay's mother didn't listen to them, however, and she took her son to the factory with her every day. She taught him how to sew clothes together and use a needle and thread. He seemed pretty talented with what he was doing and eventually, the other workers in the factory got used to him.

One day, Jay came to the factory from his school with a cold. He was coughing and sneezing, and he had a slight fever. His mother seemed a bit jittery, and noticing that her son was sick, she told him he could return home and that she could handle the work herself for the rest of the night. Jay reluctantly set down the shirt he had been working on. He bid his mother farewell, told her he loved her, before heading for his house. When he was just barely five yards away from the factory, he could hear the sound of an explosion. He spun around and stared in horror at the building he had just been standing in a minute ago, now engulfed in flames. He raced back to it, steamy tears rolling down his face and burning his cheeks. The smoke stung his eyes and the flames licked at his skin as he reached out his hand and placed it on the front door. It swung open and he stumbled inside, dodging the flames as best as he could. He walked as fast as he could towards his mother's workroom and gasped when he saw the line of fire that covered the doorway. He took a deep breath before pushing himself through, screaming as nasty red burns formed on his arms and neck. He spotted his mother, folded up against the wall. He ran over to her despite the terrible sensation on his skin, and he placed his ear to her heart, eyes widening when he couldn't hear the steady beat of her heart. He could hear the sound of sirens from outside the building; Peacekeepers were coming, along with an ambulance. However, he didn't think he could move, he didn't think he could leave his mother's corpse. He wanted to join her. He didn't want to live the rest of his life without her. He grabbed an almost finished black scarf off of the nearby table. Mrs. Sonenclair had been working on it before the explosion, before she died. He saw a card attached to it, and more tears built up in his eyes when he saw that it read: For Jay: Happy Birthday! His birthday had been in two weeks. His mother had been planning to give this to him. He rubbed the scorched tip of the scarf in between his fingers before burying his nose into the ebony cloth and staining it with his own tears. Just several moments later, he passed out due to smoke inhalation.

Death Stabbed through the eye and out the ear

District 6- EvilHariboMadness

Ruby Hyrglass
Ares Jones
Name Ruby Hyrglass Ares Jones
Age 15 16
Skills Speed, Intelligence, Determination and Aim. Intelligence, Aim and small knowledge of eadible plants
Weaknesses Underestimates herself, Will trust ANYONE in the arena, Her close combat skills lack severely, She is too shy- she'd never venture out in the arena, and people get annoyed with her random depression. Isn't strong, limited knowledge of eadible plants and close combat skills
Weapon Throwing Knives or Technology Throwing Knives or Throwing Axes
Personality Ruby is very care-free and happy. Nothing can get her down- she always finds a positive. Many people, when they meet her all come to the same conclusion- girl who doesn't know a thing. But, Ruby has spent her whole life studying. She is smart, and would reveal it to those who knew her, or bothered to stick with her, as she did her crazy girl plan. Though, saying that she is care-free would also be lying, Ruby can get depressed VERY easily, so she tends not to let herself get attached to ANYONE Can be calm and collective at times, but anger him, and he'll be an unstoppable rage or anger, until he hurts those who made him angry- much like his name sake. He gets angered very quickly, thus only having a few friends, but manage to get close to him, he's one of the nicest, funniest and lovable person one could meet.
History Ruby was born to two District Three Victors. She was the third born, following her brothers, Spyrit and Raven- by three years. When she was five, the kitchen of her house set fire, setting the house ablaze. Spyrit and Raven watched as their mother and father handed Ruby to their mother's brother, and then burning to death themselves. Ruby's mother was only weeks away from having Ruby's younger sister. Growing up, Ruby did nothing but study, to get rid of the depression that her parent's deaths had caused. Her brothers went out, forgetting about the deaths, but Ruby stayed at her Uncle's house, making gadgets. Her favourite one she had made was a gadget that could blind people, the same device that blinded her best friend Shallow, when she and Ruby were both ten. Soon after the blinding, Ruby blinded herself in the right eye, due to guilt. She lives with her uncle, aunt, cousins and brothers. Ares is the second born of a poor family from District Three, following after his older sister Felicity by two years, and then being born before his twin sister Aimee-Leigh by 5 minutes, and their younger sister Melanee by three years. Growing up, Ares' parents tried their best to make their children's lives enjoyable, yet failing most times. His father hated Ares and his sisters as they weren't as smart as he had visioned them to be. When Ares was 10, his father was killed a factory accident, killing 50 other men and women. His mother- following her husband's death- tried to support her growing family, whilst being pregnant with her final child, before she was shot in the stomach due to her late husband's dream to be the next Mayor of District Three. His family moved in with their mother's sister, and were given a better life. Ares and Aimee-Leigh started to train for the games at the age of 11. When they were 15, their sister, Felicity was reaped and was taken into the Games. Their family waited on bated breath as they saw each day, with their sister surviving, until the other tribute- a District One female- gave up looking for Felicity, and went to sleep in mid afternoon. Felicity won her Games by jumping on the other girl's neck, killing her. When she returned home, Felicity, Ares, Aimee-Leigh and Melanee moved into the District Three Victor's Village, in which they've lived ever since.

District 5- Beetee19/JabberJay78

Celeste Ryder
Neon Nightshade
Name Celeste Ryder Neon Nightshade
Age 12 14
Skills Celeste is very intelligent for her age and is exceptionally skilled at deceiving other tributes. She will try to use what she calls her 'cuteness factor' to get a good ally or two. Works as an assasin for the Capitol, giving him the killing skills he needs for the games. He can use nearly any weapon but prefers axes and tridents.
Weaknesses Being just twelve, Celeste has a size disadvantage. She is also not very strong in close combat.
Strategy Try to get into a small alliance using her cuteness. If she likes them, stay with them. If not, kill them all in the middle of the night except her brother. Do this a bunch of times, and hope one of Charlie's bombs finds the Career alliance. Figures the Capitol will let both live if they are the final two. Work alone, as he always does, and kill whoever he sees. However, the emotional part of him wants badly to find a girlfriend in the arena.
Weapon Knife Axe
Token Earrings None
Personality Appears to be cute, smart, happy and easy to get along with; such is usually the case. However, every so often, she can also become a mischievous, backstabbing traitor. Very quiet and never shows his emotions. However, he is very emotional on the inside, when the inside of him is actually accessed. Everytime he kills someone for the Capitol he dies a little inside.
History Celeste consistently performs near the top of her class. She is very pretty, and many boys have asked her out. She turns them all down. When she was 9, she stole a quarter from her mother and bet it on a young girl from 9 to win the Hunger Games. When she did, Celeste won $10 and is now convinced she knows everything. She claims she had a dream in which she foresaw not only herself getting reaped, but coming out of the Games alive. She now feels ready to make that dream a reality. An orphan in District 5 who lives off of Capitol money. He works for them as an assasin. Neon hates the capitol severely and plans on defying them as a last act before he dies in the games (unless he somehow wins). However, he still carries out their killing because he needs the money. What he doesn't know is that his parents were killed by the Capitol.
Death Torso slashed

District 4- Iron Berry/TheFakerChild

Hylia Forme
Luke James
Name Hylia Forme Luke James
Age 17 17
Skills Hylia is well muscled and fast. She could easily beat any of the other Career girls in a fight, maybe some of the weaker career guys. Hylia is the fasted in her school, and the fastest girl in the Career academy. Running, swimming, killing, climbing
Weaknesses She's not too clever, and she's very stubborn. Hunger
Strategy Get the bow net trident first aid kit food warmth and protect his district partner...KILL PATRIOT BLUEMOON
Weapon Spears, Throwing Knives and hand to hand combat. Trident, net, bow
Token Columbus' birth stone, an Emerald. It's a stud in her right ear. Necklace

Hylia isn't the most arrogant of District 4's girls, nor the prettiest (not by far). But she is the most skilled, certainly. Hylia's feet are on the ground, and she can't let anyone lift them off. She must win the games, no boys or friends will distract her. Hylia hasn't had a good upbringing, but she's determined to make this up to her little brother by giving him the best upbringing she can. Hylia is immediatley nice to anyone who even mildly reminds her of her brother; she assumes the worst about them, because everyone assumes the worst about her. She's from District 4, why isn't she a huge slut? Why does she care about nothing other than her looks, why isn't her hair a luscious red? Hylia hates the Capitol, and all their assumptions of how the District 4 females are scantily clad, good looking red heads, and how the boys are topless, rugged looking copper haired boys. They kill in painful ways and die painful ways. They're not real careers; they're just a bit of fun before District 2 wins. Hylia knows the way the Peacekeepers stare at her, knows that there is no mercy in Panem. She's determined to win...No, not determined. Certain she will win.

Brutal but sweet to who he cares for

Hylia was 7 when she realised life wasn't fair. Her Mother, Seltia, had given birth to a little boy. She didn't know who the father was, but Hylia just thought she didn't care. Hylia had never had a Father, and her and Mommy had gotten on fine. Mommy had a good job, and everyone respected her. She went out with all the men to go deep sea fishing. Lately though, she had been very upset. Hylia was sure it had to either do with the little boy's Dad or Mommy's job. She hadn't been going to work, she'd just stay home moping. She supposes it was bad luck that killed Mommy as soon as the little boy was born. And no one was there and she was the only one to name it. Hylia was angry and confused so she named the little boy 'Columbus.' Why? Because that was the little boy's father. At least, that's what the certificate said. Then they were in a Foster home, and they were hit amd beaten and it's blurred. Hylia was only 7, what was she meant to remember. She just remembered no Mother and a man named Columbus. At 11, she is let out. Living in a home herself, looking after Columbus. A woman checks up on them every so often and lends them money, but Hylia must make most of it herself. It never lasts as long as she says it will. And suddenly there's the new aspect of the Games, and the tesserae and the Victor. Oh the Victor. So she trains and trains, and suddenly the amount of money gets bigger and bigger. Hylia knows why: she's being payed for Entertainment. For getting sweaty in front of the trainers in tight sports bras and because they know she'll volunteer. So she looks after Columbus and acts like a Mother to him. Then she volunteers. And she will win, and she will show them all. Hylia isn't the girl running around in tight clothing for money, for Entertainment. She's Hylia Fome, and she'll kick your ass.

Luke is 17 and he and his 16 year old girlfriend since they were 3 and 4 fell in love at the young age 13 and has cared and loved her since. Luke was first started training at the age of six he is one of district 4 golden boy
Kills Jay
Death Guts extruded Lung collapsed

District 3- JabberJay78/Tehblakdeath

Syren Song
Wire Elec
Name Syren Song Wire Elec
Age 17 17
Skills Manipulation, Singing, Making traps, Luring tributes, Tridents, Swimming, Poisons Wire is a very smart competitor, as well as strong, for having hunted illegally for 3 years. Wire is also fast.
Weaknesses Afraid of heights, can't socialize or attract sponsors. Isn't skilled with weaponry, only traps. While Wire is fast, he can't swim well, and is a bit merciless, which may hurt his chances at making allies.
Strategy Work alone. Set up tons of traps and lure tributes into them by attracting them with her stunning voice. Run in, grab a vest of knives or any weapons he can, then run off and snag a pack or two. During the day, sleep, but stay alert. At night, KILL!
Weapon Her voice Anything that can kill, he'll use, but he prefers knives.
Token None A picture of the arena he made for the 7th HG.
Personality Sadistic, Ruthless, Manipulative. She usually doesn't talk much, but when she does, she never says anything nice.  He's a nice guy, sarcastic, yet funny and charismatic.
History Since she was a kid, she always wished she lived in District 4, and resented being surrounded by so many electronic-obsessed "geeks," as she calls them. She is a loner and hates everyone around her, including her parents. Her wish to live in District 4 led her to teach herself how to swim in a local pool. She is also an amazing singer, and a good strategist. She isn't afraid to kill other tributes, but isn't skilled enough with combat to do it by herself. Wire is a technical kid, having made arenas for the Capitol for quite a while, in exchange for immunity to the games. He continued this for quite a while, but one year he stopped. The Capitol made all the names in the bowl his, as revenge.

District 2-PumPumPumpkin :3/Yugimoto1

Kumiko Cinder 9
James Cottin
Name Kumiko Cinder James Cottin
Age 16 15
Skills Knife, cooking
Weaknesses Spiders
Strategy Will try to kill competitiors first, so when the competitors are killed, the weaker ones will be easier
Weapon Shuriken Knife
Token Jabberjay
Personality Happy, cheary
History Born in District 2, to rich family.
Kills Neon, Kiara
Death Arm severed

District 1- AxedFox/Beetee19

Alric Gould
Name Pinkie Hera Alric Gould
Age 16 18
Skills Hand-to-hand combat is her main skill, can kill opponents with her bare hands and feet. Acrobatics is her secondary skill, able to leap and pounce over her victims, tricking their mind. She can whirl with swiftness, leap higher than cats, and can somersault for hours on end without breaking a sweat. She's very fit, very deadly, and very cocky. Alric is in great physical shape after many years of training and can handle weapons well. His ability to quickly make wise decisions will help him out in the arena. He's a smart kid who knows how to handle pressure well.
Weaknesses Swimming, having had never learned how to swim in her life. But if the arena requires swimming, she'll suck it up, then give it her best. She could also work on long-distance weapons, as it's not her strong point. In a more relaxed type of situation, Alric can often be a little unsure of himself. He'll likely find it difficult to find an ally because he keeps almost all of his thoughts to himself.
Strategy Kill, kill, kill. No matter who, no matter when, and no matter where, she will kill. She won't ally with the careers, but will find an ally to later betray. She'll appear cheerful, kind, and compassionate, but once finally they earn her trust, she'll turn on them and mutilate them with her instruments of torture. Will continue this act until a low number of tributes remain, then will take down every last competitor until she claims the crown. Alric WILL NOT, under ANY circumstances, join the Career alliance. He knows he'll likely struggle to gain sponsors with his personality alone, but he hopes his training score can make up for it. Once he gets in the arena, his plan is to grab the closest weapon (again, preferably a sword) he can find and possibly a backpack and make a run for it, as he knows the Careers will probably be after him. Always keep close to water during the games, but don't stay in one spot too long. Keep the Careers on edge if they're hunting for him. He would probably be willing to ally, but only if approached by a tribute he can cooperate with.
Weapon Tomahawks and war axes. Can wield a sword or katana if she needs to. She's also not bad with a machete, and can claim a kill or two with a dagger. He's trained with many different types of weapons in Career Academy, but he would most likely prefer to get his hands on a sword.
Token A crimson rose, which contains jagged, iron thorns tucked behind the petals. She can unclip the rose from her hair, and can ram it into flesh in order to wound or kill. If she can get her hands on a tomahawk or axe, she'll probably just ignore the rose. (taken away) None
Personality Cocky, obnoxious, sometimes cheerful, and extremely sadistic. She's been a snob her whole life, and doesn't plan to change to please others. Bullies many girls at school, but is often made fun of herself for her name. She's vindictive, gruesome, and mysterious. You wouldn't expect a girl like Pinkie to volunteer, but you would expect her to go far as she is a force to be reckoned with. Doesn't train much for the games, so she's kind of lazy. But one words sums her up. Threatening. Alric is kind of a quiet and shy guy. He doesn't like to share most of his thoughts with others, and he feels as if he works better alone. The inside of his mind likely contains many fascinating secrets, but they will stay there. On the inside and the outside, Alric is extremely dedicated to whatever he does, and he knows he must go into the Games with that same mentality. He must remain watchful and observant so that, if possible, he can learn the strengths and weaknesses of his fellow tributes.
History Pinkie grew up bathing in luxuries, from the minute she was born til the minute she was reaped. Her mother, a bank robber in the Capitol, is extremely rich, and visits District 1 regularly to give Pinkie's father bags and bags of money. At school, Pinkie doesn't do too well, finding it hard to concentrate as she daydreams about the bags of money at home. Pinkie doesn't have too many friends, and often bullies and hurts other girls at her school. Pinkie lives an average life, a few friends here and there, and like every other District 1 female, stinking rich. She was reaped, but planned to volunteer at the age of 18. Alric was born to a fairly well-off family in District One who enrolled him in Career Academy at a young age. He instantly grew attached to it and became one of the most dedicated workers at the Academy. However, upon reaching the age of 12 where he could be reaped, the possible consequences of his actions began to weigh in on his mind. The following year, when his older cousin volunteered for the Games and was killed, he finally decided he would not be volunteering as he had planned. However, Alric, afraid of showing weakness to his fellow classmates at the Academy, continued to show up for regularly scheduled training sessions throughout the next few years. His classmates saw him grow as a prospective tribute even more, and he was considered the sure choice to win the nomination for his year. However, the day he turned 18, he informed the Academy that he would not be volunteering. This created a lot of new enemies within his district and amongst his peers, and he backed out of what would have likely been a stable alliance in order to work on his own. Alric was reaped the year he was supposed to volunteer, so nobody stepped up to take his place.
Kills Alexi, Gwenyth

District 0- Hybrid Shadow

Hollow Breeze 9
Patriot Bloodmoon
Name Hollow Breeze Patriot Bluemoon
Age 12 16
Skills Because of the effects of the drug, Hollow has become increasingly more stronger, physically and mentally. She is smart and her small stature will lead people to underestimate her. She would act weak, before inserting her knife into the throat of a tribute. She has already gone through pain and isn't afraid of death. She welcomes the concept. With his synthetic eye, he can see practically everything due to his heightened vision. It is like it has no limit, proving it to be very useful thing to have. He also has amazing aim and with his synthetic eye and his aim plus a slingshot, he will be an amazing sniper you have to watch out for.
Weaknesses Despite how perfect she may seem, Hollow does have weaknesses of her own.  She can't swim and and is a terrible climber. He isn't strong. He can't lift heavy things and he prefers long-ranged over close-ranged weaponry. He also has a deep fear and hatred of whips, turning frozen at the sight of one, even if the holder has good intentions.
Strategy He'll think of a strategy along with the rest of his alliance or by himself to defeat the careers and the other tributes. He'll constantly be cautious, hardly trusting anyone even his allies.
Weapon Knife, Poison Slingshot, Blowgun
Token None None
Personality When you see Hollow, you would only see a little girl, frail compared to the rest of the world. But when you look into her sapphire blue eyes you notice something. Pupiless, round orbs that stare into your very soul. What used to be that frail little girl is gone, replaced with a being of evil and death. She is mute, saying nothing but even without the ability to speak, her hollow eyes are enough to make you shiver. The reason for her being mute is having no tongue, all that is left is just a simple stub. The old Hollow is dead, all that remains is a shell of her former being. And she craves blood. Patriot is a very mysterious person. He speaks in a hushed tone and when people ask about his eye patch, he tells them he lost it which is true but at the same time, it isn't. He dislikes it when people ask him the same thing over and over again (EX: His eye patch), so he cringes whenever someone does that. He enjoys moon-gazing and he loves space, saying he would like to go out and live on the moon. His adopted-parents say it is a child's dream but Patriot has the whole thing, his graphs, theory and everything all planned out. He is very good at making strategies and he is a great leader but he lacks the social skills to communicate and he keeps many secrets, deeming himself as untrustworthy to others. He also sometimes falls in a gaze at random moments for no reason.
History Hollow once was a happy child, her voice not yet taken from her. The day her tongue was taken from her is a day she'll never forget. She was just running around, playing with her father. She was young, young and ignorant. She bumped into a man and fell down on the cold floor. She began to cry, not noticing that the man she bumped into was the head peacekeeper, a sadistic, unforgivable man. And what he was about to do was one of the most unforgivable acts he would ever commit. He picked up the fallen Hollow by her hair and yelled, "Who's idiot daughter is this?!" Her father panicked and went up to the man. He bent down to his knees and begged the man to let go of his daughter. The head peacekeeper smirked as he put his gun on the father's head. His eyes went wide and any attempt to prevent the shooting had failed. The peacekeeper pulled the trigger and the man collapsed. A bloody crater had formed from where he was shot and Hollow screamed. The man threw her on the floor and Hollow's world turned black. She later awoke in a room, a chamber. The head peacekeeper laughed that evil laugh of his and he approached Hollow, who was finely strapped onto a metal bed of some kind. He whispered in her ear, "This will only hurt for. . . a very long time.", as he forcefully opened her mouth. Hollow expected the worse and tried to close her mouth but she couldn't. She had been sedated. The man slipped the small blade into her mouth and he cut away at something. Hollow couldn't feel the pain she was in and she quickly spit out what looked to be a bloody lump. Then, she realized. It was her tongue. Hollow couldn't cry at the time but surely, salty tears would've fallen to the ground. She could no longer scream. She could only do so in her mind now. Her voice, one of the thing she treasured most in the world, was taken from her. No longer could she sing when she felt the joy of happiness and no longer could she wail when she felt the pains of sadness. It only takes a simple spark to start a fire and Hollow's fire had been lit. The head peacekeeper no longer had a use for her so he decided to kill her now. He put his hand to where his gun is but it was no longer at his side. It was now in the 5 year old hands of Hollow. She was but a young girl but vengeance gave her the strength to pull the trigger. And that is exactly what she did. She fired the gun at the man who killed her father, the one who stripped her of her voice. The man could do nothing but stare as the bullet slid through his heart. He coughed up blood as he fell. His body was now coated with his crimson fluid, which mixed with the blood of the many he had killed. Hollow managed a small, weak grin as she fainted. She later awoke to find herself in a Capitol facility. Apparently, peacekeepers had arrived at the scene. They brought Hollow to the Capitol as some things had been. . . planned for her. They experimented on Hollow and slowly, they chipped away the remains of her sanity. Hollow had to endure the pain every day, constantly being shocked and dumped in water. The Capitol was using her as a lab rat. They were testing to see the effects of a drug. This drug enhanced the user's strength and intelligence. That part was true. Hollow was now stronger than a grown man, her IQ being among the hundreds. Unfortunately, there were side effects as well. Hollow's pupils had faded away, disappearing along with her personality and sanity. She grew a lust for blood and often banged on the doors, commanding that they give her someone to kill. The scientists that had worked on the drug were horrified by the progress of insanity Hollow was acquiring. They had to get rid of her, and fast. But little did they realize how much the drug gave Hollow. This would lead them to their deaths. They approached Hollow with a needle, saying it would help her even more. But Hollow was no longer that idiot of a girl she once was. She knew their plan and she too, had formulated something. She took the needle but she threw it at the head of a scientist. He screamed as the needle went through his eye, distracting the others as they tried to get the needle out of his head. Hollow found a knife and she stabbed a person in the back before slitting the throat of another. She was faster, stronger, smarter then anyone in the room. The chamber was now stained a deep red as Hollow escaped to her district. At the time, the reapings were taking place so she volunteered, anticipating the gore she would cause. Patriot grew up with his parents, his actual, kind and loving parents. He still had his original eye and he always went out to gaze at the moon with his parents. Then, something happened. Patriot, only 5 years old, was running around, not paying attention to what was in front of him. He bumped into a peacekeeper. The peacekeeper looked at Patriot and he yelled, "Who's dumbass child is this!" His parents stepped forward, saying he was theirs. The peacekeeper scanned them and smiled. He said, "Look's like someone is getting whipped today!" He presented them to the District, announcing their names. Then, he and his comrades started to whip Patriot's parents. They cried in agony but they tried their best to hang on. Patriot screamed and he tried to run to his parents. But then a peacekeeper went in front of him and he whipped him hard, giving him his scar. For Patriot, everything turned black as his parents screamed for him. Patriot then awoke to find himself strapped to a metal bed. He winced because of his injury as he called for his parents. No reply. Then, someone opened the door. He said his parents had sadly passed away. Patriot looked at him, at first he didn't believe him but he cracked moments later. He began to cry and cry as the doctor grabbed a long sharp needle. "There, there," He said, "It's alright, I'll make you feel better with just a small amount of pain." He came forward to Patriot, who was still crying and unsuspecting, as he slowly jabbed the needle inside Patriot's neck. Patriot cried out in pain then he turned numb and he was in a daze. "Just one more thing. The doctor smiled at him as he brought out a scooper of some sort and a synthetic eye. He slowly took out Patriot's right eye with the scooper. Blood leaked from his socket as the eye fell to the floor with a small plop. Patriot screamed in the inside, he was losing a lot of blood. The doctor then cleaned out his socket and he put in the synthetic eye. It's mechanics let it be stuck inside Patriot's eye. It turned on, letting Patriot see in his right eye again. The eye glowed a vibrant yellow. Patriot quickly regained his composure, like he was revived and pumped with steroids, and he grabbed a nearby knife and he plunged it inside the doctor's heart. He ran away, grabbing a medical patch and he covered his false eye with it. When he was about to faint from the cold, he was saved by a middle-aged couple. They treated him like shit and a slacker but Patriot had a new family even though the guy was a prick and the woman was a lazy bitch. He started having an ideal, to go to the moon. He planned everything out but this was just a distraction. He wanted revenge for his dead parents. He grabbed a ball of ice and he dipped it in gasoline. He lit it and he fired it with his slingshot, going straight inside the peacekeeper's quarters. They blew up and fire went ablaze. He was seen, however, and he was turned in. The doctor, who managed to stay alive by making himself an android, had him volunteer for the Hunger Games as he wanted to see the capabilities of the eye. Having no choice in the matter, he did.
Kills Hylia, Luke, Piper Nina


Arena 9
The arena is a mountain with supplies that increase in value as you ascend, but the dangers also escalate as you ascend

At the base is the Cornucopia, hot light, orange blanket, rock trap, sand paper, emery paper, polluted water, ice, blunt shuriken, grass, 1 inch spike board, 4 grapes, black blanket, rope, barbed wire, and a slingshot.

On the next level is a bungee cord, ground cinnamon, iodine, oranges, bear trap, raspberries, awl, dagger, backpack, hook stuck to the ground, spikes, throwing knives, 3 foot plastic square, gauze and medical tape, electrical trap, razor wire, a shuriken, tar piy, backpack, 4 light beams, brick, and trench.

After that there are bananas, a net in a backpack, club, mesh torch, knife trap, embedded captive bolt pistol, long embedded blade, nightstick, spikes, throwing knives, a hammer, a knife, another hammer, backpack, bident, 2 shurikens, water bottle, whip, embedded nails surrounded by a trench, blowgun and darts, backpack, and a coal trap.

On the next level is 3 shurikens, a water canteen, net, geothermal vent, throwing axe, flashlight, backpack, mace, book of matches, poison in a backpack, hypodermic needle, pharmacy medicine, a deep puddle with a live wire in it, pot, tomahawk, and pillow.

Next level has a backpack wirth anthrax spores, boiling lake, lake with leeches, a javelin, backpack, bow and 3 arrows, 4 shurikens, erect blade, staff, needle blowing out air, another staff, ice pack, sleeping bag, and lantern.

Next level contains a dry ice block, night vision goggles, spear, chain and hook, hydraulic spike trap, flower with toxic pollen, a plate that gives off a beam of pure radiaton when stepped on, liquid nitrogen pit, scythe, and camouflage kit.

Next level has quicksand pit, motion activated spike trap, bayonette on a stick, shield, backpack, tent, extremely priceless necklace (to drive the tributes mad with greed), sickle, first aid kit, and meteor hammer.

Next level has a rapier, capitol medicine, trident, labrys, scimitar,  air mattress, propellor, castor bean plant, and trap.

Next level contains a sword in the stone, nightlock bush, hundreds of grapes, rosary pea seed bush, and capitol meal.

Top level has a grenade, two nitrogen cannons, a tall metal pole, and a lava pit.


Black Masquerade Mask

Black Masquerade Mask

Gray T-shirt
Red Pullover

Red Pullover


Baggy Gray Shorts


Animal Picture Abilities
Jaguar Mutt
Jaguar Mutt
Are as fast as a cheetah, have sharp claws, and their pattern will make people dizzy at the sight of them.
Markhor Mutts
Markhor Mutt
Have sharp stiff antlers that can pierce through Plexiglass and have strong hearing senses
Pegasus Mutts
Pegasus Mutt
Can use their wings to propel heat waves like a solar flare, but not as powerful.
Capybara Mutts
Capybara Mutt
Leave a white trail behind them and are attracted to the smell of humans.

For each tribute you have 2000 to spend


Bow and 1 Dozen Arrows- $425 and $50 per extra arrow

Small Knife- $250

Large Knife- $325

Sword- $950

Scimitar- $1000

Meteor Hammer- $500

Grenade- $2000

Spear- $525

Club- $375

Nightstick- $350

Trident- $750

Pitchfork- $800

Mace- $300

Whip- $200

Cat O' Nine Tails- $350

Axe- $600

Thowing Axe- $500

Rope- $150

Blowgun and Dozen Darts- $350 and $40 per extra dart

Tomahawk- $400

Hatchet- $400

Scythe- $750

Ninja Stars- $75 per star

Glass Bottle- $100

Crossbow- $1500

Sickle- $775

Chain and Hook- $800

Hurlbat- $825

Labrys- $700

Scimitar- $850

Switchblade- $350

Flail- $325

Pickaxe- $1000

Hook Sword- $900

Katana- $1000

Rapier- $800

Kestros- $475

Bident- $700

Javelin- $550

Slingshot- $250

Knobkierrie- $450

Butterfly Knife- $375

Quadspear- $1250

Bayonet- $750


Shield- $750

Armor- $1500

Helmet- $375

Gauntlets- $300

Gas Mask- $900


Air Matress- $850

Sleeping Bag- $500

Pot- $300

Hypodermic Needle- $175

Inhaler- $100

Painkillers- $450

Pharmacy Medicine- $675

Capitol Medicine- $1250

Gauze- $300

Backpack- $475

Flint- $225

Pillow- $100

Night Vision Googles- $750

Swiss Army Knife- $750

Lantern- $800

Flashlight- $700

Blanket- $250

Binoculars- $450

Fiberscope- $600

Fishing Rod- $400

Filled Water Bottle- $300

Filled Water Canteen- $500

Mirror- $200

Chariot Rides

District Chariot Design Tribute Outfits
0 The chariot is a transluscent purple and prjecting a black light. Patriot is wearing a motion capture suit that covers his entire body and the balls on the suit reflect a blue beam of light. Hollow is dressed in a light long light blue dress that has several layers and she wears a crown with ice crystals
1 The designers were so focused on the tributes they forgot to design the chariot Pinkie has her hair dyed magenta, wearing all pink, has her skin died pink, and is wearing pink gloves to exaggerate her name. Alric is dressed in a light green tuxedo.
2 The chariot is black elipses forming a quarter sun on each side James is wearing clothes and face paint that makes him look like a sarcophagus and Kumiko is hiding inside an iron maiden.
3 Their chariot is shaped like a game console with the controllers moving the chariot Siren has wires entangled in her hair to look like snakes and is wearing an out of date dress. Wire is wearing virtual reality googles and is holding a video game gun
4 The chariot is covered in various colored scales and includes fish tails hanging off leaving a trail behind them Both tributes are wearing scuba suits and holding harpoons with fish speared on them
5 The chariot is covered in photovoltaic cells, but the chariot itself is powered by a jucier blade spinning a wire coil around a magnetic juicer. Celeste is wearing a black feathery dress with feather arm gloves and sock garders. Neon is wearing a peacekeeper outfit and holding a fake AK-47
6 The chariot is running on kerosene and has plane wings attached Both tributes are wearing the uniforms for the Games this year, which they don't know.
7 The chariot is covered in foliage like the tributes themselves are, except there are live animals like squirrels and birds on the chariot Both tributes are wearing ghillie suits and holding sharpened branches.
8 The chariot is designed as a bulldozer to represent the lack of flora in District 8. The chariot is made of bedrock. Harley is wearing a school uniform that is very uncomfortable but she pretends she likes it. Gerrit is wearing a black cloak and holding a scythe, but he's not like the grim reaper. The cloak has red tattoos running across them.
9 The chariot is designed as a seed drill machine and the chariot is leaving a trail of seeds behind. Kiara is wearing a black corset along with black skinny jeans. Jarcus is wearing a tweed suit with seeds stitched into the fabric.
10 The chariot is designed as a normal chariot except for one thing, there is a large grain silo on the back of the chariot slowing it down holding everyone up Both tributes are wearing black leather jackets and sunglasses. They are also wearing leater pants and boots. Their undershirts are white.
11 The back wheels are larger to make it resemble a tractor and the exhaust pipe is giving off smoke from the biofuel it runs on. Both tributes are wearing clothes, but it's hard to tell what type of clothes they are wearing because both of them are covered head to toe in topsoil. The only other visible thing is the hypnosis watch Clocky is swinging in front of the audience
12 A screen runs across the chariot that's a heart rate monitor and the tributes heart rates are shown on the chariot as it moves by. Nina is wearing a white dress with a red cross on the back. Two metal rods twist up the dress to her neck. James is dressed as a hitman and is holding a scaplel and bag of strychnine
13 The chariot is made of uranium and to protect the tributes is lined with lead. Both tributes are wearing full body hazmat suits that have a place for people to see their faces.
14 The chariot is designed as the lab the capitol uses to create their muttations. The viewing audience doesn't know what it is. Demon is wearing a fur coat and enormous sharp ram horns. Ophid is dressed as a panther that is pitch black. She's also wearing poisonous fangs.
15 The chariot is made of glass and the wheels on the axle are causing the chariot to screech as it moves Gwenyth is wearing a rock climber outfit and a bungee cord is strapping her to the chariot. Alexi is covered in a glass coating shaped like his skeleton.

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Hollow 1
Patriot 12
Pinkie 12
Alric 11
Kumiko 12
James C. 6
Syren 1
Wire 4
Hylia 1
Luke 5
Celeste 10
Neon 0
Ruby 5
Ares 9
Krystal 4
Jay 2
Harley Q. 3
Gerrit 1
Kiara 4
Jarcus 4
Velia 1
Laine 4
Midnight 6
Clocky 10
Nina 1
James T. 11
Piper 12
Harley S. 10
Ophid 10
Demon 7
Gwenyth 9
Alexi 3


Day 1- Odds: 32 to 1

The plates rise and all the tributes look at each other, some nervous about their competition. The gamemaker announces "Let the 9th Hunger Games begin." Ten seconds before the gong rings, everyone looks for who is their first target. The gong rings and all the tributes start running. Alexi shoots off his plate like a cannon and gains the early lead on the other tributes. He starts heading to the mouth of the Cornucopia, when he decides to kill his District partner to strike fear into the other tributes. Alexi runs towards the Cornucopia and finds a hatchet. Knowing Gwenyth could be right behind him, he grabs it. He starts to believe that Gwenyth is right behind him so he spins around swinging the hatchet hoping to hit her. The hatchet misses the tribute's head by 2 inches. Alexi prepares to hit Gwenyth again when she gets up. The tribute gets back up, turns out the tribute is not Gwenyth but Celeste Ryder. Alexi isn't remotely scared because he has the size advantage. He backswings the hatchet into her temple knocking her directly to the ground. He kicks her ribcage knocking her back. Alexi decides "I was going after Gwenyth, but you'll do." He swings his hatchet right towards her neck, right when he collapses backwards and hits the ground. Gwenyth removes her foot from the back of his knee and yells "What's your problem? She's only 12." She takes a pickaxe and swings it like a golf club towards his head. Alexi, determined to stay alive, chops her inner right elbow with the hatchet and she loses grip with her right hand. She tries to do it with her left arm, until Alexi gets up and chops her left to and she loses ability to use her left arm. Alexi takes pickaxe and sweeps her left foot out from under her and she hits the ground. Alexi pulls out his token and brags "Look at this picture, here's the future of me winning. You'll be the first to go and after that they'll die off one by one."  He tries to lift up the pickaxe but it's heavy.

Pinkie is running as fast as she can picking up the weapons first to defend her. She finds brass knuckles and a knobkierie. She socks James C.'s leg and he starts limping , but is able to get away. Pinkie looks around searching for her target. She discovers her target.

Alexi has lifted up the pickaxe and the only reason Gwenyth is on the ground is because he pinned her with his foot. He tries to bludgeon her with the pickaxe when he is knocked over. Alexi discovers the pickaxe lodged in his chest, luckily it didn't puncture his lung. He tries to find out what knocked him over and he discovers a club. A tribute pounces him and is holding him down he looks and discovers the tribute is Pinkie and she's holding up her fist with the bras knuckles on them. He tries to escape so Pinkie picks up his head and bangs it on the ground stunning him. She bellows "This is for your District getting away with not being in the games for 8 years." She blows her fist into his head. "This is for picking that fighting with me in training." She punches him again. "And this is for thinking you could beat me." She lands the final blow and he stops struggling as blood flows out of his head. She helps up Gwenyth and informs her "Consider this a charity. You owe me big time for me saving you." She goes off to kill more tributes as Gwenyth takes her pickaxe and a loaf of bread and runs away. Celeste gets up still trying to breathe properly.

Wire is staying on the outskirts of the Cornucopia trying to find something decent to live off of. He picks up a wire and a backpack. He also finds a knife and flees from the Cornucopia. As he's running  towards the grassy area, he gets too close to the action and a tribute tackles him. The tribute tells him "I wanted to hunt at night, but since you're here I might as well not pass up an opportunity. Like Wire, she has a knife as well, but hers is bigger and longer. The tribute tries to slash Wire's neck, but he is able to move enough for her to get his cheek. He escapes but the tribute grabs his legs and he falls over. He flails his knife around trying to get her and the tribute whallops his arm knocking the knife away from him. The tribute swings their knife and Wire uses his arm to block it and the two have their arms wrapped around the other's. Using all his might, Wire swings her arm to the ground crushing her hand and letting go of the knife. The tribute grabs Wire by the neck, takes wire, wraps it around his neck and starts tightening it. Wire can feel the wire pressing against his skin and about to go through. He takes the tributes knife and cuts the wire freeing himself. He flees taking the 2 knives and a tube like object running towards the grassy area. The tubes turn out to be a glow stick and Wire sarcastically says "Yes, a 12 hour light is essential in the games."  Wire feels a cut in the front of his neck. The tribute turns out to be Midnight and she says "I can't believe I lost my knife. They got to have something else.

Velia is running from the Cornucopia heading uphill and the mountain gets steeper and steeper until she slips and starts tumbling down gaining momentum as she tumbles. She tumbles towards a sharp blade with 3 points and Velia tries to get up right as she tumbles towards the blade which winds up cutting through her neck severing the carotid arteries and jugular veins. she bleeds profusely. Her tumble is stopped by a row of spikes which impale here left arm and she bleeds to death.

Several tributes are scuffling with each other. Luke is trying to kill Patriot, but Hollow, Syren, and Demon are accidentally protecting him. Jay is desperately trying to protect himself from being trampled or punctured having gotten into the fight by accident. Syren accidentally steps on Jay's chest causing her to lose her balance and topple over taking Hollow and Demon down with her Patriot takes the chance to tackle Luke and steal his crossbow and night vision goggles. Luke hollers "Alright, whose fault was that." Jay is able to pull himself out from under the pile of people and Luke is able to figure out he was the cause of it. Jay is able to grab a Swiss army knife ready to defend himself from Luke, or run. He gets up and Luke hook punches his temple and Jay falls right on top of Hollow. Hollow bucks Jay right off of her and drives her elbow into Jay's trachea and Jay tries to catch his breath as Hollow pulls out a mace and bludgeons his face. Luke comes in and throws Hollow to the side. He takes out a sickle and drives it towards Jay's bleeding face. The sickle goes through Jay's right eye and comes out his right ear. Hollow is pissed at Luke for stealing her victim. Luke and Hollow try to fight each other. Hollow swings her mace and Luke tries to sever it with his sickle but only blocks it. He swings her arm off to the side and she swings the mace back at his head, but he swerves to the right and it strikes his left shoulder. Hollow thinks she killed Luke so she leaves.

James Cottin is still trying to get over being attacked in the leg by Pinkie. James starts heading towards the mouth of the Cornucopia with his machete ready to hunt tributes. At the mouth of the Cornucopia he sees Alric taking his time packing his goods into a crate. For some reason he's the only tribute from a career District at the mouth. James starts sprinting to take down Alric. Meanwhile Neon is nervously walking to the mouth as far away from the action as possible when suddenly James C. accidentally takes him down. James C. gets up and helps Neon back up as well. Before he can thank James C., James gets his machete and slashes Neon from the right shoulder getting his right lung, live, stomach, pancreas, large, and small intestine along the way. Before Neon dies he asks "What did I ever do to you?" James C. callously responds "You ruined my element of surprise, see Alric's getting away you bitch." James C. is continuing his pursuit of Alric. Suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his arm. he looks and sees a dart and nearby he sees Kiara holding a blowgun. Kiara runs over and breaks her blowgun of James' head angry at him for how he remorselessly killed Neon. She exclaims "Fuck, I forgot the poison." James C. responds "Well you're about to get a taste of my venom." Kiara replies "That is the most-" The machete enters the front of her neck and reaching the brainstem. The machete exits her when she falls backwards. James C. tries to run away, but when his feet try to separate he collapses with nbolas tied to his ankles he tries to put his right hand out, the one the machete is in, to break his fall. His bodyweight overcomes it and his left bicep hits the machete and his body doesn't stop moving until his left arm is severed. He starts bleeding profusely when Jarcus comes over and says "Looks like he was taken out by his own weapon guess I won't need to use my pitchfork."

Hollow is pissed off Luke ruined her first kill, but is proud because she still think she killed Luke. She promises herself she'll kill at least 2 careers before the Bloodbath is over. Hollow has her mace but she wants more which is hard to find since most of the supplies are on the mountain and many supplies from the Cornucopia have been taken by other tributes. She decides to head to the mouth. While walking she sees the bodies of Neon and Kiara jealous of who killed them and wants to kill them. At the mouth she sees the shock of her life. Luke is at the mouth of the Cornucopia alive and mostly well with Hylia by his side stacking supplies for their career alliance. Hollow picks up a labrys and sprints to them. Hylia turns around and sees Hollow. She loads a spear in a kestros, spins it around and flings the spear at Hollow so she swerves left and cuts the spear in half with her labrys. Hollow jumps up and pounces on Luke's back as he's bent over. Hylia gets a second spear and thrust it towards Hollow's heart, which Hollow deflects with her labrys. Luke twists his body and Hollow topples over. Hylia tries to impale Hollow again but she dodges. Hollow axes Hylia's foot nearly cutting it in half. She then gets up and axes Hylia's gut 3 times. As Hylia holds her stomach, Hollow severs Hylia's hands and intestines fall out of Hylia's torso in several parts. Hollow steals Hylia's kestros and spear. Luke runs away and Hollow uses the kestros to hurl a spear at Luke. It penetrates his back and comes out his right pectoral collapsing the lung. Hollow has reached he goal. Hollow takes a Capitol Meal and follows the drags marks made by Alric's crate. Only 24 tributes remain.

Kumiko makes it to the mouth of the Cornucopia and sees a rope. She pulls it and a part of the ground opens in the Cornucopia and jaguars start coming out of it and leaving. Kumiko quickly makes the connection and questions "What have I done?" One jaguar sees her and tries to chase her but she climbs up the inside of the Cornucopia which the jaguar can't climb but takes a peek out of the top of the Cornucopia and luckily the jaguars are away from the Cornucopia. Harley Q. sees Kumiko out of the Cornucopia so she runs over to kill Kumiko. She realizes the jaguar is in there too late partially because its pattern is so blinding. She tries to run, but it pounced by then mauled  by said jaguar. The jaguar leave and Kumiko gets out pleased the jaguar is leaving her alone, but is horrified when she sees Harley Q.'s corpse being dragged away by the jaguar mutt.

Clocky is escalating the mountain with his supplies, a double knife, and lantern hoping to get as far away from the Bloodbath as possible. His goal is to make it to the top of the mountain where most tributes won't bother to follow him. He also sees a metal rod at the top of the mountain and hopes its a sign that that's where he's supposed to go. He's running up when all the sudden, he is unable to move his foot. He looks down and is shocked to discover his foot impaled by a hook embedded in the ground he tries to extract his foot, but can't. When things seem like they can't get worse. He heres a growling and yellow and black pattern appears, it's a jaguar mutt. The jaguar leaps toward Clocky, but he swerves, takes his double knife, and stabs the jaguar mutt in the neck. Next, the jaguar mutt tried to bite his hand off. Before Clocky can lose his hand, he stabs the jaguar in both eyes and it releases leaving gaping wounds in Clocky's bloody hand. The mutt tries to bite Clocky and he grabs the jaguar's jaw holding it open. The jaguar slowly overcomes the grip bringing his hands closer together. When Clocky's fingers touch, Clocky gets a rush of adrenaline and pries the jaws open. The jaguar tries to attack Clocky's skewered foot and he fights back. Somehow, the hook rips out of the ground and it's 18 inches long. Clocky flees the scene as fast as he can, which isn't very fast because of the hook in his foot. Before the jaguar mutt can pursue Clocky, it loses consciousness from blood loss.

Demon is trying to find supplies from the Cornucopia. A lot of them have been taken making the count low. He continues looking when he finds a sword. He grabs it at the same time as Piper. They both start arguing over it. "It's mine." "No, I had it first." "You tried to take it from me." "No if you had been looking you'd see my hands touched it first." "Well I gripped it before you." "Give me it." "No, it's mine." They both start pulling on the sword and let go sending the sword flipping through the air. Demon falls over and the sword hovers over him. It falls and he rolls over before it can impale him and the sword gets embedded in the ground. Piper runs to get it. Demon sees her running and grabs her ankle tripping her. She falls over and Demon leaps for the sword; to which Piper responds with an elbow to Demon's trachea. Demon recovers surprisingly quickly so he grabs Piper's head and cuts her face on the sword repeatedly. She tries to get out, but Demon has her by the hair. She forces her head hard enough to break free, though Demon ripped out some of her hair in the process. Piper collapses to the ground and Demon stand on top of her chest. Demon then proceeds to stomp on her neck until he loses his footing and falls off to the side. He is unlucky enough to have the side of his neck brush against the edge of the sword and slices his jugular vein. Blood starts spew out of his neck. Demon tries to desperately stop th bleeding with his hand, but it's in vain. Piper gets the blood out of her eye and sees Demon bleeding. To make sure he's not faking bleeding, she watches him die and once she checks to see if he's dead and confirms it. She holds up the sword in triumph and says "I have the lethal weapon." Her eye widen, she lets go of the sword, and collapses completely on top of Demon's dead body, and a puncture wound is seen in the back of her neck. Behind her Hollow gloats "Nothing to brag about but was totally worth it." She grabs whatever she can find remaining at the Cornucopia and the Bloodbath is over.

Ten cannons fire soon after that and that night, tributes are exhausted from one of the most strenuous Bloodbaths ever. Many of the tributes are too tired to look at their supplies. Clocky, who has spent a while walking, finds night vision goggles, and finally decides to stop near them. Higher up the mountain, he sees an air mattress. Desperate for a good sleep, he climbs up. As he's escalating, a large spike drives upwards nearly hitting him. Clocky is stunned. "What was that?" He tries to go up and the spike reappears. He brushes away some foliage and discovers  a motion sensor  and a holder for the spike. He cautiously puts his hand over the sensor and the spike reappears. Wire comes up and sees Clocky. Clocky asks "Who are you?" and holds up his knife. Wire responds "Wire, don't kill me." Clocky replies "I'm too tired to." Wire falls back and Clocky pushes him out of the way. Wire questions his reasoning for that. Clocky shows him the mechanism of the spike and Wire thanks him. Clocky asks for help to remove the hook. Wire says "Um this hook is designed so it can't be pulled out. We have to push it out. Wire cleans the hook with his towel and iodine. Wire tells him "Don't scream." Wire starts pushing the hook through his foot and Clocky tries to hold back screaming. Finally the hook is pulled out and Clocky thanks him. The two agree on an alliance.

Laine climbs up the mountain trying to get as far from anyone else as possible. Laine sees a light and musters his strength to run toward it. He sees a figure and pulls a small knife out. He sees an animal he can't recognize, it is a markhor mutt. When Laine sees it, he is dazzled by the light, but is still holding his knife, the markhor feels threatened and drives its horn through Laine's chest puncturing his heart and his cannon fires.

Gwenyth is looking for Pinkie in hopes of making an alliance with her to thank her for saving her life. She's been looking for a while but hasn't found her. Gwenyth finds Pinkie next to a large flower. She goes over to Pinkie and says "Pinkie, I'm so glad to see you I just want to thank you for saving my life." Pinkie darkly responds "Good because it's time to pay up." Gwenyth asks her excitedly "So you wanna be in an alliance." Pinkie reaches for her knobkierie and tells her "Well let's just say I know who's next to go." Gwenyth asks "Who?" Pinkie swiftly hits Gwenyth in the temple with her knokierie and says time to find that water I saw earlier. She starts dragging an unconscious Gwenyth, but stops, runs to something, picks up what turns out to be a necklace and arrogantly says "What a perfect prize for me when I win." She continues dragging Gwenyth my her legs and the ground and the friction forms abrasions on her  back. She starts regaining consciousness, but by then, Pinkie has bought her to a bubbling body of water and pushes her into it and it is scalding. The heat instantly gets Gwenyth to realzie what's going on. She asks "What are you doing?" Pinkie replies "You owed me and it's time to pay up." Pinkie holds down Gwenyth in the scalding liquid for several minutes and a cannon fires.

That night at 11:58 PM the anthem plays and the 13 tributes who died have their faces projected.

Day 2- Dwindling Chances

Patriot is up in the early morning unable to sleep. As he's walking he rechecks the gym bag he got in the Cornucopia to make sure he didn't leave anything behind.  He has a deflated air mattress, tent, large bag of dried fruit, loaf of bread, fiberscope, and helmet. He's lost nothing, but he realizes that the helmet is on top  of the bread. The bread is compacted a little bit, but not too badly. He puts on the helmet to prevent getting hit in the head. Patriot gets the sense he's being followed so he checks behind him and sees nothing. The more he walks the more he feels like he is being followed. Finally, he looks and sees a white trail behind him. He looks down and sees a white capybara. Believing the capybara made the trail he fires an arrow at the capybara and just misses it. Patriot runs away diagonally to the trail to make sure no one follows and finds him. Patriot tries looking around for something. He starts walking up the mountain hoping he can get a better view of other tributes. As he's walking, he finds a puddle releasing a white gas. As he approaches it, he feels colder. He puts his crossbow out in front of the cloud of gas and feels the crossbow. He screams in pain and some other tributes decide to follow the scream to get their first kill. Patriot moves away from the puddle and sees 6 tributes thanks to his night vision goggles. Patriot prepares his back up arrows to kill them all if he has to. Patriot has the advantage being at higher elevation than them. One tribute gets close to Patriot, so he fires the crossbow and it enters in the left side of their chest and hits the tribute's heart and the tribute collapses and a cannon fires. Other tributes flee and Patriot retrieves his arrow and discovers the tribute is Nina. The hovercraft takes her body away and he notices the arena is getting a little brighter. He looks and sees the sun rising. Because he is looking into the sun with night vision goggles, it burns his eyes and he takes them off.

Kumiko is walking by herself hoping to find something she could use to protect herself. She hasn't forgotten about the jaguar mutts she has accidentally released into the arena so she knows she needs to find something that can fight that off too. She continues walking across the lower level of the mountain. While walking, she finds a brick near four lights that somehow beam a blue light in a perfectly straight line. Kumiko is well aware of the fact that the brick won't be the best weapon to fight off, but since she has no weapons she decides it's better than nothing and takes it with her. Despite making it to the mouth of the Cornucopia, Kumiko has surprisingly few supplies which are an empty tote bag, a shield, and a loaf of stale bread. She eats some of the bread and without thinking, decides to touch one of the lights.

Three pairs of eyes notice that there are only three lights visible instead of four. Two of those who saw it, Ruby and Ares, decide to go after her. Kumiko is surprised that the lights aren't some kind of trap made by the gamemakers. She gets back up and one of the ones who saw the lights finds her. It is a jaguar with a blinding pattern. While Kumiko is walking she sees a shadow not too far away. The fact the sun just started rising makes her unable to see the jaguar's pattern so she wasn't blinded but also didn't know what it was. Thinking it's a tribute, she runs away from it and the jaguar chases her easily catching up with her Ruby and Ares arrive and watch as Kumiko is mauled by the jaguar mutt. Soon after, a cannon fires. The jaguar stops and turns its attention to Ruby and Ares who aren't to far. It goes after them and they start to run. The jaguar is catching up to them so Ruby starts running faster just in the nick of time because the jaguar has caught up to Ares and mauled him. Ruby is able to get out of the jaguar's sight before the cannon for Ares fires.

Day 3- Not Like The Others

Death Chart

Placement How They Died
32nd. Alexi Jones Punched in the head
31st. Velia Caror Blade cut into her neck
30th. Jay Sonenclair Stabbed in the eye
29th. Neon Nightshade Torso slashed with machete
28th. Kiara Himura Brainstem severed
27th. James Cottin Left arm severed
26th. Hylia Forme Intestines severed and extruded
25th. Luke James Lung collapsed
24th. Harley Anne Quinn Mauled by jaguar mutt
23rd. Demon Axewood Jugular cut by sword
22nd. Piper Quinn Spinal cord punctured
21st. Laine Cotin Impaled by a markhor mutt
20th. Gwenyth Macbeth Boiled in scalding liquid
19th. Nina Adams Arrowed in the heart
18th. Kumiko Cinder Mauled by jaguar mutt
17th. Ares Jones Mauled by jaguar mutt
1st. Winner

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