• THGFans

    This is the First Annual Hunger Games that I did. There would be a lot of twist in this games that you wouldn't expect. Watch Out!

    And I will not be doing reapings, training, and whatnot because that bores me and takes too long. I want to get straight to the action!  AND PLEASE SUBMIT TRIBUTES NOW ! Thanks :)

    • Starts from Capitol to District 13.
    • No fighting. Obviously
    • Do not get mad when your tribute dies. 27 will have to die. Deal.
    • Advise your tribute!!!
    • I will accept submissions, they will last for 2 days then they will be reopened.
    • Max of 3 tributes per user (this may change at a later date.)
    • It will be first come first served HOWEVER this does not mean that your tribute is guaranteed that spot. If a better tribute com…

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