This is the First Annual Hunger Games that I did. There would be a lot of twist in this games that you wouldn't expect. Watch Out!

And I will not be doing reapings, training, and whatnot because that bores me and takes too long. I want to get straight to the action!  AND PLEASE SUBMIT TRIBUTES NOW ! Thanks :)


  • Starts from Capitol to District 13.
  • No fighting. Obviously
  • Do not get mad when your tribute dies. 27 will have to die. Deal.
  • Advise your tribute!!!
  • I will accept submissions, they will last for 2 days then they will be reopened.
  • Max of 3 tributes per user (this may change at a later date.)
  • It will be first come first served HOWEVER this does not mean that your tribute is guaranteed that spot. If a better tribute comes along and wants that spot then I have no problem putting them there. To ensure that this doesn't happen make sure your tribute has a backstory of more than 2 lines.


This are the required requirements [LOL]





Appearance (lunaii)



Weapons (2)

Strengths (2)

Weaknesses (2)

Fears (2)

Token (optional)

Alliance (can be filled out later - be aware that to form an alliance with a tribute not your own you must ask the owner of the other tribute)

First Hunger Games

The Second Rebellion failed and Katniss, Peeta, Enobaria, Johanna, Annie and the rest of the rebels was executed. So, President Snow wants to resume the Games starting from 1st Hunger Games. WELCOME TRIBUTES!

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