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  • Tacosalad1127

    This is a spoof of the hunger games. So enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wake up on the floor of my house. Well, actually it is the front lawn. That was a crazy party last night. Some guy is on our front door step with a pink flamingo. I make him leave and then go to find Pig. She is probably the fattest little girl in all of Panumb. She is even fatter than those people you see in hot dog eating contests. Of course she competes in those and always wins, but that isn't the point. Her hair is as beautiful as our bathroom floor and her eyes are the color of our cats butt. So in other words she is very pretty. I push her off the couch of our living room, but she doesn't move because she is too fat. I throw a pillow at her and she doesn't move. I start coo…

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  • Tacosalad1127

    District Male Female
    1 Marvel Glimmer
    2 Cato Clove
    3 District 3 Male District 3 Female
    4 District 4 Male District 4 Female
    5 District 5 Male Foxface
    6 District 6 Male District 6 Female
    7 District 7 Male District 7 Female
    8 District 8 Male District 8 Female
    9 District 9 Male District 9 Female
    10 Crippled boy District 10 Female
    11 Thresh Rue

    Peeta Mellark

    Katniss Everdeen

    What if Katniss died in the bloodbath instead of the boy from district 9? What if the careers killed Peeta and didn't let him join their alliance? Maybe if that happened then the 74th Hunger Games would have gone something like this:

    In Katniss' POV:

    I know that I probably won't win these games, but I have to try for Prim. I nervously sip a glass of water and hold Cinna's hand. I know my hand …

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  • Tacosalad1127

    So it has been a year since I joined the wiki. Actually a year and ten days, but I forgot. I'm sorry I keep ending games midway, but I have been super busy. Any way so when are your guy' year anniversaries ir when were they already? Leave a comment please of when it is or was so that we can see who joined on the same date or day of a different year. Could be cool I'm not sure. (As a side note this was made on my new kindle fire. Which I am and just bought today =D)

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  • Tacosalad1127

    "And remember class, tomorrow there will be a new thing here in Panem." Said my boring teacher Mrs. Smith. I wasn't really paying attention to her considering how boring history was, but I probably should have. I lay half asleep with my face in a textbook and pretended to be focusing really hard. "Anyway" she continued. "Tomorrow in each of Panem's 12 districts there will be an event called The Reaping. In The Reaping one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts will be chosen to compete in a fight to the death. The Capital has decided to punish us for rebelling."

    Jimmy Harris raised his hand. "Yes" said my teacher

    "What exactly do you mean by a fight to the death?" He asked in that annoying squeaky voice of his.

    "All I know is that 24 …

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  • Tacosalad1127

    Ok guys. I know I am kinda on an off the wiki, but I just got this great idea that there could be a quarter quell and the arena would be in Santa's workshop and on the northpole. I hope you guys all submit tributes. Only 2 a person though, so don't submit a ton. K, hope you guys like my idea and please submit fast! COMMENT FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JK, but you will get a sponsoring opportunity. You can pick two items to send your tributes. OR one big item.

    I will try to post a question daily and whoever is first to answer correctly wins the top prize. Second place gets one small item of their choice. And third place I will pick.

    1Carpen Shim (17)

    1Shimmer Goldstone (16)

    2 River Rhodes (17)

    2 …

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