District Male Female
1 Marvel Glimmer
2 Cato Clove
3 District 3 Male District 3 Female
4 District 4 Male District 4 Female
5 District 5 Male Foxface
6 District 6 Male District 6 Female
7 District 7 Male District 7 Female
8 District 8 Male District 8 Female
9 District 9 Male District 9 Female
10 Crippled boy District 10 Female
11 Thresh Rue

Peeta Mellark

Katniss Everdeen

What if Katniss died in the bloodbath instead of the boy from district 9? What if the careers killed Peeta and didn't let him join their alliance? Maybe if that happened then the 74th Hunger Games would have gone something like this:

Day 1: Cornucopia Bloodbath

In Katniss' POV:

I know that I probably won't win these games, but I have to try for Prim. I nervously sip a glass of water and hold Cinna's hand. I know my hand must be shaking a lot because I don't even notice when I drop my glass of water and barely hear it shatter on the ground. Everything is spinning and as I step on my plate I take a big gulp and look around as I'm raised into the arena.

In District 9 Male's POV

The arena is divided into a few different sections, but I look at the cornucopia instead of focusing on that and spot a bright orange backpack that could be very useful. I have to get ready to sprint for it because I am a very slow runner. The gong rings out and I head towards it.

In Clove's POV

Everyone is still looking around the arena, but I am looking directly at all the tributes I get to kill. 23 in all. I see a half dozen of sharp looking knives and rush towards them when the gong rings out. All of us careers are ready and start killing right away. I'm perfect with throwing knives, which is why I was thrilled the capital supplied us with amazing ones. I look around and spot that disgusting girl from 12. Girl on fire will soon be dead, I think. My hand clutches a knife and I send two straight for her head while she fights for a backpack with a boy. They both hit her straight on. One lodges into her skull and the other goes into her back. The boy is shocked and sprints away before I can kill him, but he knows we will find him.

In Rue's POV

I am near the cornucopia and only have time to grab a pouch and a slingshot near me. I quickly run away and climb up a big tree. I hop through them to get far away from everyone else.

In Marvel's POV

I grab two spears and get to work on killing tributes. One is perfectly thrown and pins a weak, pathetic 13 year old girl into a tree. She moans and spits up blood, as I laugh and chuck another at a boy about my age. He is skinny, but could still be a threat, so I send my other spear through his skull. I smile as I look for more weapons to kill with.

In District 4 Boy's POV

I might be the smallest career, but I can still win this. Careers usually do. I reach for a trident and join the other careers. One of my allies has killed a girl with a sword, and I notice too late that her district partner has a knife, which he throw at me without deciding.

In District 7 Boy's POV

I throw a knife at one of the careers as revenge for killing my partner. The handle hits him and I take another knife. This one wedges itself in his forehead and he falls down onto the ground.

In Cato's POV

I see the pathetic little boy from district 4 fall. Saw that one coming, I think to myself. I look for the killer and spot a boy about 17 holding a few throwing knives. He aims one at me, but I bat it out of the way with my sword. His eyes widen in fear, but he doesn't back down. He starts running, but he isn't fast enough to escape my sword from plunging into his chest.

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